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It was a cold night when I stepped out of my car in front of an old friend's house. She was a year or so younger than me, and while we had been acquaintances in high school, talking to her about college and giving her life advice online had lead to us becoming better friends in the past few years. We had hung out a couple of times during semester breaks, though this winter she had told me that she wanted to see me, first thing. The weirder part was that she had been sure to mention that we would be totally alone, her family was out of town for a few days. She and I had fooled around once or twice but it had never felt right, for some reason though I felt like something good might happen tonight.

I rubbed my hands together and blew on them as I walked up to her house, snow crunching lightly underneath my feet. I knocked on her door when I got to the porch and waited only about a minute for her to open the door. Brittany was a tall girl, maybe an inch taller than me, and thin. Her cute face was framed by long platinum blond hair that matched her lily white skin. She was wearing tight jeans with some stylish rips in them, and a light t-shirt despite the cool weather. In one of her hands was a large glass of wine. Brittany smiled at me as I stood trying not to shiver on her porch, “Hey you,” she said sweetly.

“Hey Brit,” I responded as she stepped away from the door to let me inside, “I didn't think it would be this cold tonight.”

She just smiled and wrapped her arms around me as she closed the door, her light pink lips rested against my cheek and then she whispered, “That's alright, I'm sure there are lots of ways we can keep warm.”

I laughed, caught somewhat off-guard by her strong come on, “Yeah,” I said, turning to return her kiss and finding myself meeting her lips.

“Let me get you something to drink,” She then slipped away, and I removed my coat watching her walk away. She had a beautiful ass that could only be described as like a peach that you just wanted to bite into.

I walked into her living room, there was a fire roaring and the lights were dimmed. There were a few blankets on the couch and I just smiled as I looked around the room. Brittany came back and smiled as she handed me a drink, “How was your drive back?”

“Oh ya know,” I said, “Long.” I sipped the wine she had given me and smiled. It was smooth, and warming, though for some reason I found something about it off.

“Poor thing,” Brittany said as she gently wrapped an arm about me, and gave me another kiss on the cheek.

I smiled at her as she stayed close, looking into her piercing blue eyes I could tell where her intentions were for the night. Still trying to play it all off calmly I said, “You're pretty playful tonight aren't you?”

She then nibbled my ear and whispered, “Oh you have no idea.” I nodded, smiled, and took a long pull from my wine glass. This time though I could definitely taste that something was off.

“Hey,” I said about to ask her if she tasted anything funny about the wine then I found myself coughing. My stomach felt like it was suddenly being churned about, and I felt very weak. All I heard as I passed out was Brittany giggling.


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