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      I had just finished class and was heading in to work. I enjoyed being a cashier at McClanahan’s Fleet, a retail fleet store that I was working at to support myself while I was at college. I had just got a job there a few months ago and was finally beginning to really get to know people, which made work far more enjoyable. The really nice thing about working at McClanahan’s was that the store employed a ton of attractive college girls. And because I was fortunate enough to be a cashier, I got to talk with lots of them. Unfortunately for me, I had found out that most of the said college girls were in relationships.

      Despite the fact that every girl I hit at work on was taken, it seemed I was getting no real luck at college either. I thought about this a bit as I pulled into the employee parking lot. While disconcerting at face value, I decided that it didn’t really bother me much- I wasn’t truly looking for a serious relationship. It would be something nice to pass the time, but ultimately I could get along ok without one. However, I was admittedly an unabashed rake of man. I liked the company of the ladies, and I knew it. So I lied to myself, and tried my best to convince myself that I wasn’t lonely.

      I locked my car and walked inside the store. Jaunting into the employee break room, I clocked in at the time clock and headed back downstairs.

       As I headed down to be assigned to a till, I ran into my supervisor, Diane Pritchard. Diane was a beautiful lady, who was tall and busty. She looked like she was about thirty or thirty five, but I knew she was probably over forty. Diane wasn’t a manager, but she was the department head for cashiers, so in a way she was like my boss. Yet she was so friendly that I didn’t feel extremely tense around her. She was holding her clipboard and she peered over her glasses and smiled at me.

      “Hey Joe, nice to see you today,” she greeted me.

      I was one of the few cashiers that went out of their way to make conversation with Diane. She seemed to really appreciate it, and often sought me out to make small talk when things got slow at work.

       “Hey Diane. Are you working the floor today?” If she was working the floor I would be seeing a lot of her as she dealt with common cashier problems that arose throughout the day.

       “You know, I am,” she replied cheerfully, as if she knew we’d be likely talking a lot later that night.

       “That makes my day to hear that.” At first glance one might accuse me of sucking up to my “boss”, but I honestly meant what I said. After getting nowhere with the women my own age it was nice to get some female companionship.

       She smiled and blushed slightly. “Oh thank you sweetie. You’re going to be on 12 today.” She pointed to the register I was assigned to and went back to her clipboard.

       I fired up my till, hit the light on the lane and got to work. I always thought that among cashiers my age that I had a good work effort. It was initially the reason Diana and I had started a bit of a friendship in the first place- she had noticed I worked hard and complimented me on it. From there we had developed a budding friendship that had grown over the past few months. It was weird to think I was friends with a woman who was likely twice my age, but I was.

      It was a busy morning, and I had a near constant rush of customers. One man paid with an extremely large check, which needed to be verified by a supervisor. I called Diane over to clear the man’s check.

      I watched as she strode across the store and entered my lane. She leaned across and began the standard procedure of inspecting the check, to be sure it wasn’t counterfeit. Devilishly, I snuck a peek at her top, to see if it had exposed her chest at all. I was surprised to find that it had, and her round breasts were hanging loosely down exposing her sexy cleavage.  I gazed into the bust of a fully mature woman and greatly enjoyed the view.

      Diane finished and handed the check to me, and I was careful not to get caught peeking. I ran the check through and thanked her.

      Throughout the day I periodically needed to call her over. I piggishly scoped out her figure the entire time when she was preoccupied. She was pretty hot, with her dishwater blonde hair, green eyes, and pretty pink nails. Yet after a while, I began to feel weird. Diane was probably 20 years older than I was. I wasn’t entirely sure she would appreciate all the attention I was giving her, had she known about it. Essentially, I knew I was acting like a pervert, and the guilt was getting to me. Regardless, I knew I was just a lonely guy who had suddenly realized how attractive his boss was. I resolved that I would stop sneaking glances from here on out. That would be the gentlemanly thing to do.

      The afternoon rush of customers ended shortly thereafter, and the night began to wind down. An elderly lady came through my line with a few large bags of birdseed. She needed my help to lift the bags to ring them up, and she had put them on the bottom rack of her shopping cart.

      It wasn’t much of a problem, so I went into the lane and stooped over to find the barcodes on the bags. Here’s the thing- in between the lanes cashiers have mirrors that allow them to see what’s in the lower rack of carts, to catch shoplifters. As I bent over my eye caught this mirror, and I could see what was going on behind me.

      Surprisingly, I saw Diane walk by nonchalantly. She spied me out of the corner of her eye, stopped, and quite deliberately scoped me out. I could tell she didn’t know I was watching, and the look on her face was unmistakable- she was definitely checking out my goods.  I didn’t know whether to feel complimented or violated. I guess I got what was coming to me.

      I continued about my work, acting as if nothing had happened. However I did resolve to keep a closer eye on Diane Pritchard in the future. A part of me was pleased that at least one woman thought I was something to look at.

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