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Parental Myrmidon


Invisible Ink



                Samantha and I were once again impatiently waiting up for our daughter Katherine again. This had been the third time in as many weeks. We gave her a warning the first time, grounded her the second time. This time, we figured it was time to take out big guns. We were going to hit her where it hurts most. We were going to take away her cell phone, and take away her internet.


                In fact, we had already done so. I had taken liberty of setting up a secured wireless network and locked out my daughter’s computer. Once Katherine gets home we plan on taking her phone away. This is just the last straw. We had grown tired of her games. She was coming home late all the time, when she was at home she was complaining about how horrible we are for not buying her car.  Then, then get this. When we suggest perhaps if she got a job and showed the tiniest bit of responsibility we would consider helping her out with the purchase of a car. We are suddenly the bad guys.


                Can you understand that? I know I certainly can’t. However, as we were sitting up watching Jimmy Fallon as we waited for our daughter the oddest thing happened. Samantha was the one who saw it first actually. It was a blue streak of light speeding across the sky. She ran to the window and I followed closely behind her. We watched in a bit of awe as it seemed to illuminate the entire sky.  It was beautiful.


                The splendor erupted as if it were part of a fireworks display. The light was so bright it caused us to blink several times.  We both stumbled backwards a few steps blinded by the eruption of light. We called to each other a briefly asking if the other was okay. However, our questions quickly faded into oblivion as our vision returned.


                Samantha and I stared at each other unable to believe the spell that had befallen us. The situation so foreign, so unbelievable we figured that this had to be some kind of magic trick or illusion. We were just grasping at straws at that point. As our minds reached out to somehow make sense out of what had happened. We hugged each other tightly as tears fell from Samantha’s eyes.


                “Greg, Greg, what has happened to us.” She said as hugged me tightly and cried into my shoulder. I looked about our living room which had been transformed from a modest middle class living room of a two story home you would see in any typical American home into something out of a science fiction movie.


                Everything had grown to gargantuan proportions. The sofa, the chairs, the piano, everything was now simply titanic in size and scale. The living room furniture which loomed above us made us appear to be nothing more than rodents in our own home. The views were unreal and this entire reality in comprehendible.  I tried to remain strong and optimistic as Samantha continued to cry and blather on about nonsense.  I knew that if I broke down at this point it would only make the situation worse.


                Samantha finally regained composure sometime later and I had already taken stock of the situation at hand. We had obviously shrunk, as it’s highly unlikely the entire world increased in size and only we remained the same size. It was only a matter of time until Katherine came home. She would surely come across us. What I hadn’t come up with yet is where we go from there. As I haven’t ever heard of this happening so I’m unsure how medicine could really help us. The other thing I wondered about was how widespread this was. Did everyone shrink like this? If so we might not ever see Katherine again. The thought of my little girl out there alone shrunk was enough to bring a tear to my eye.


                The fumbling of keys filled the air as I heard the front door unlock. A wave of relief hit me as I knew that my little girl was okay. She was still normal. As the front door opened I watched her tiptoe in quietly shutting the door behind her. Samantha and I both shouted at Katherine for help however this was the first time that we had really spoken aloud. What we didn’t count on was the meager amplification of our voices.  They were easily drowned out by the sounds coming from the television.


                What happened next was something that neither of us was prepared for. Katherine moved directly towards us. We knew she hadn’t seen us and was completely unaware of our presence here. I pointed towards the coffee table leg to Samantha however, before either of us could move the black boot of my daughter stomped down what appeared to be just yards in front of us. It was an astonishing feat. She moved what looked to be a mile or so in just a blink of the eye. I barely had gotten the thought of we should take cover and here her foot was stomping down just before us.


                Katherine flipped off the television while taking another step, this time her other foot came down just behind us. The shockwaves were enough to send both Samantha and myself onto our rears staring straight up the seemingly endless legs of my daughter all the way to the panties of our daughter. It was a terrifying and incredible moment all at the same time.


                What felt like seconds later however were the already distant footsteps of Katherine heading up the stairs to bed. I knew we had lost our chance for the night, and the idea of navigating the house in the darkness wasn’t how I wanted to spend the night. So we did the only thing we could really do and that was take shelter beneath sofa and wait till morning. As in the broad daylight Katherine would surely see us. We probably should have done this in the first place.



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