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A dangerous friendship.

I dedicate this to my friend Peter I hope you get some pleasure from the words I have written even though our desires differ in many ways x.

This is a personal interpretation of two kinds of fantasy, this is how I would envisage my version to end, I hope you all get something from it thank you.

Peter walked into the room the noise immediately apparent to him, he looked around the air was filled with the smells of perfume; he inhaled the aromas they were intoxicating.
The room was large well furnished the plush red carpet and ornate walls captured your attention, 10 round tables were laid neatly around the floor space the room size enabled equal spacing between each. There was a large bar to the left the men and women congregating there buying drinks and chatting among selves a band played soothing music in the other corner the melodies teasing you. This was a very expensive place he had spent a lot of money to get into this exclusive venue, he still wasn’t sure if this was for him
He estimated there were about 50 men and women enough to make up 25 would be couples, he sighed to himself, this was all new to him.
He made his way to the bar to get himself a drink, “a bit of Dutch courage” he muttered to himself, he found a space and sat on a bar stool. He people watched checking out the woman to see if any caught his eye, there were slim ones and plump ones, some were pretty others were gorgeous he shook his head...why was he here, how had he ended up in this situation. His mind drifting back to his failed relationships quickly going over each one trying to work out where they had gone wrong.
He could see that friendships were already being forged between some of the more adventurous ones; this meant less choice for him and others like him. He scanned the crowded room his eye’s finally coming to rest on a single female sat quietly in a corner alone, he stared at her looking to see if she were was with someone.
He was intrigued! She was certainly a looker her dark hair hung down onto her shoulders her minimal makeup immaculate, the long dress she wore clung to her voluptuous figure hugging her rounded breasts. He stared at her everyone else fading into the back ground becoming smaller to him his mind now focused on the dark haired beauty sat alone sipping her wine.
Amanda scanned the room Peter stood out this lonely lost soul in this melee of sexual fervor emanating across the room; she stood up and walked over to him.
”hello I’ve noticed you’ve been sat here for a while your eyes firmly fixed on me, and yet you have made no attempt to come over and introduce yourself I’m curious as to your reasons why, after all is that not your reason for being here this evening.”
...Peter was caught of guard he wasn’t prepared for this type of questioning from a stranger no matter how young and beautiful she may be he liked to be in control.
He stammered momentarily lost for words this surprised him somewhat.
“I’m sorry i didn’t mean to stare it’s just that ...you are a very attractive woman and yet no man has approached you?”
She laughed. “That’s because i own the bar silly this event was organised by me to help men and women find a partner, although it seems not all my guests are here on the hunt for someone new.”
Peter was observant he had already started to find out more about this woman from the clues in front of him he hated himself for being this way but found it impossible to change.
A wedding ring on the left hand a dead giveaway, she wore a necklace with a framed picture of a man in its centre around her neck. She seemed confident and contented and yet she was here talking to him why?, The questions came flooding in. Damn he was doing it again why he always needed to know the answers before the question had been asked, he pinched himself angry at his own thoughts.
Before he could ask the answer was given of her own free will. “my name is Amanda and yes i am married and yes i am happy, you are asking yourself why am i here talking to you aren’t you.” He nodded his reply the words once again had run away leaving him speechless she was very perceptive.
“I’m sorry Amanda I am very rude my name is Peter you are right. I mean about the questions that you so eloquently answered for me it’s the ring... it’s obvious to me that you wear it to show your devotion to your partner.”
She smiled “do I Peter… surely a wedding band signifies the love you feel for your partner? Have you learnt so much about me in so short a time I have only shared a few sentences with you and yet you already assume everything in my life is happy.” He was captivated by her she gestured to the woman behind the bar to bring a bottle of wine over to her table.
“Would you care to join me Peter seeing as it is I who you intend spending the evening with.”
Her forwardness surprised him it seemed she liked to be in control to, he followed her over to her table and sat beside her. The conversation flowed with ease they had so much in common with each other and then there was the stories they both wrote, each with a similar theme but Amanda’s ending in tragedy. They both found this fascinating that two people who had just met had written stories on the same subject.

They spoke about many other things as the evening slipped away each competing in their own private game trying to evaluate the others emotions.
The nights end came quickly creeping up behind them stealing time away, putting an end to the game of cat and mouse that they had found themselves playing.
Peter felt a sadness her company would be missed this was the most exhilarating night he had spent with a woman the damp patch in his underwear bearing witness to how she had made him feel. She was mysterious and yet so open he had read the first chapter of her book the pages lay open before him. He needed to continue this adventure; he threw caution to the wind and asked Amanda if he could see her again. She gave him a knowing smile “damn it she already knew his question before his words had formed” he could see that she was enjoying herself teasing him as a cat would with a mouse. They exchanged e-mails Amanda keen to explore her new friends psyche she looked forward to finding out more about him what made him the way he was, she had already discovered a lot about the man from their first evening together.
“Call me tomorrow Peter here’s my phone number maybe I shall take you to a special place for a picnic.” He wrote down her number his hands shook his excitement evident.
“What would I bring Amanda a bottle of wine?”
She smiled at him ...“you need only bring yourself Peter that’s all I need to enjoy our picnic together. Our day alone shall be memorable it’s been a long time since my last picnic. We used to have them every Sunday when i was a child I’m sure you shall enjoy it Peter”.
He gave her kiss on her cheek the smell of her perfume filled his senses she bid him farewell until the next time they met, Peter’s heart beat loudly in his chest the walk to his car seemed like a marathon his mind was filled with emotions.
They e-mailed each other constantly during the coming weeks they talked about their stories and how they felt about each others different desires the picnic not mentioned again. Peter felt that like he was under the spotlight Amanda’s constant questions and analytical messages scared him somewhat. Why had the picnic not been discussed he was disappointed.
Her moods swung back and forth like a pendulum questions demanding to be answered, but he had the measure of her, he was used to dealing with a woman’s strange viewpoint. He answered wisely frustrating her constantly never giving much of him self away. Three weeks had passed before the picnic was mentioned the weather had turned the forecast was very good so the Saturday was arranged, Amanda sent him a map with the location on how to get there he was puzzled by this why didn’t they travel together? Once again the alarm bells sounded in his head.
His sleep was disturbed his dreams filled full of Amanda’s stories, he would wake up his body covered in perspiration, they seemed so real to him the stains in his underwear confirming his arousal. He began doubting her... he had agreed to meet with her at a place of which he had no knowledge of the date now set, what if she were some mad woman who intended killing him. He tried to go back to sleep pushing his fears away, after all she was so small compared to him… come on Peter what are you thinking, he laughed at his foolishness.
The next day whilst sat at his desk he phoned Amanda to arrange a time, having done so he continued working his thoughts focused on the Saturday when he would once again be able to try and unravel the blanket that shrouded this woman in mystery.

Amanda put the phone down the sunlight bathed her semi naked body in invisible waves of heat; she rubbed her stomach purring like a cat that had just got the cream. Her thoughts drifting forward to the Saturday she rubbed her hairy slit the sticky discharge already lubricating her sex in readiness, she closed her mind to the outside world and drifted into her own sanctuary, she was already at the meadow her thoughts reached out to Peter drifting along the tall grasses the hands of time on side. She floated along the hedgerows looking down at the tranquil scene below her sex now demanding satisfaction. Her fingers were buried deep inside coaxing her orgasms to come out to play, the walls of her vagina coated in the clear lubricant the excess spilling from her onto the bed sheets. She moaned with pleasure as each wave rippled through her body at what was soon to come to pass, her excitement grew the pleasure becoming pain as she struggled to come down from the this land of dreams. She thrashed about on her bed her body covered in perspiration every muscle playing a part in her hunt for sexual gratification, time moved forward sleep took control breaking the cycle of orgasmic pleasures.
Saturday was soon upon her she awoke early to prepare for her treat; it had been a long time since she had indulged in this activity her excitement flowed through her body like an electric current through a cable. She prepared the picnic food the suns rays warming her kitchen as they danced in and out of the open window.
Amanda showered before getting dressed, she opened the wrapper taking out her new cotton bra and panties the soft material felt nice against her skin, she had chosen a long white flowing summer dress it hugged her figure it had four stitched panels separating it into sections with lacy strips forming the panel covering her chest, it stopped just short of her feet, she was sure Peter would appreciate her choice of clothing. Her bra and panties were just visible through the material, Amanda felt sexy she knew he would analyse her, the clothes she choose being important to him for his fantasy to work, she wasn’t going to disappoint him when they met again. Her make up was minimal again done only to please her new found friend’s hidden desires. She had learned a lot from him in the last few weeks, she found him a worthy challenge to her the war of words sometimes causing discord between them.

Peter was busy preparing himself for his little jaunt with Amanda, he had butterflies in his stomach he was excited unsure of what the day was about to bring, he suspected it would be life changing in some way she was very excited about her special place. This intrigued him somewhat he reread all her e-mails looking for clues trying to break into the mind of this fascinating woman shrouded in mischievous ways and deep rooted desires. She was unpredictable this much he knew, but she was also clever in the way she chose her words never really answering a question only giving back what he needed from her to be satisfied with her answer. He chose casual attire the weather influencing his choice; he wanted to feel comfortable in this prickly heat.

Peter drove the 40 miles into the open country side to meet with his new found confidante; he pulled in to a small car park Amanda’s black convertible already there.
She got out her white dress shimmered in the bright sunlight the suns rays penetrating the material her legs silhouetted against the white of her dress, he stood open mouthed staring at her, she smiled Come along peter this basket is far too heavy for me to carry.
He picked up the woven basket and walked with her into the meadow the air was filled with scent of flowers a warm breeze kissed the blossoms as they swayed gently back and forth, the scene before him was captivating. a carpet of blue pink and red flowers danced together elegantly in the breeze butterflies floating by the suns rays sending beams of light down to greet them.”Wow this is something else”…she smiled at him and held his free hand, Peter squeezed it gently.
They walked deeper into the meadow up a small hillock beyond which was path made from stones a small wooden structure was nestled amongst the rose bushes it was painted white although it looked tired and worn now 8 pillars supported an ornate roof the circular pergola was covered in blossoms a large lawned area surrounding it enclosed by neat flower beds and low stone walls covered in shrubs of all colours, it was a heavenly scene.
“Mm I must say Amanda this is indeed a wondrous place, how did you find it?”
She opened the basket and placed the large blanket onto the soft grass,” Why Peter its been mine since I was a child, my parents used to bring me here for my picnics, its been in my family for generations”.
He smiled at her should have known better this woman was always surprising him this wasn’t any different. He stared at her as she organised the food on the patterned blanket she had made a wonderful spread, they sat together tasting the food and enjoying each others company. Minutes turning into hours the words flowed from them mixing together, teasing answers and creating yet more questions.
Amanda asked him about his fantasy as she handed him a bowl of fresh fruit, Peter explained in great detail his fantasy, she smiled the damp patch in her knickers getting bigger the he described how things should end in his world. This of course was not how she envisaged his fantasy to end; she had plans for her picnic guest, plans which would not be to his liking. This fact turned her on even more after all its much more fun when the quarry disagrees with the outcome. Peter tucked into the fresh fruit his fate now sealed.
Amanda now relaxed, she stretched out onto the blanket her breasts lying flat against her chest her nipples just visible through the material the stitched edge of her cotton knickers outlined through her dress. She oozed sex her lips were full her deep blue eye’s looked huge Peter watched her intently her breathing had become shallow.
he studied her unaware of the minute changes already occurring deep within his body his molecular structure the cells of his body altering changing into something new .
Time was on side for Amanda all their futures now one, a body lost never to be found no more dreaming of whispering tongues and portals of hope. Soon Peter would be no more nothing would link him to her, his world of dreams and fantasy the life to live his soul lost to us taken above to heavens sanctuary never to be seen in the flesh of man.
Peter noticed the changes to his form the clothes now hung from his muscular frame they were heavy pulling on him as he shrank even more, Amanda waited patiently for the process to complete its cycle… time was on her side.
He looked at her a pleading in his eyes!!!Disbelief at what was happening how...why… was she doing this to him the trust now broken only his well being mattered. He had to get away from her his instinct to live kicked in he looked around for possible ways to escape her.
Amanda smiled watching him as he formulated an escape plan, she was amused by this after all she had the advantage, she knew every shrub and hiding place within the confines of this secret garden no escape would be possible.
The pile of clothes rustled as Peter tried to escape the now redundant clothing, he ran across the tall grass into the shrubbery Amanda watched his progress. She made no attempt to move the meal still being digested inside, the sun felt warm against her skin.
Peter looked around for a better place out of her sight aware that other the creatures within the garden also posed a problem, he would make nice meal for one of gods creatures at least they only ate for the hunger not to gain pleasure from him. He ran across the grass towards a large clearing there were loads of places to hide amongst the thorny bushes of pink and red roses, he went deep inside the largest one and hid near its base.
He waited watching her lying seductively on the blanket, she caressed her breasts her other hand rubbing her crotch through her cotton dress, she moaned with pleasure. Peter was afraid why hadn’t she come for him...she seemed so confident had he missed something, he looked up there was no way she could reach down to grab him.
Amanda sat up and looked in his direction she walked towards the roses and started moving the flower heads to peek inside checking each bush in turn until she found him.
”hello little Peter that’s a really good place to hide all those thorns to protect you” Something was wrong the fact that she was unable to get to him didn’t bother her. She walked back to the picnic basket and picked up a pruning tool Peter wasn’t sure what it was from where he sat, she came back over and proceeded to cut the lower branches of the bush being sure to lay the around it forming a circle from which he could not escape.
Peter scurried around trying to find another way out but Amanda blocked every escape route before he could take advantage of it. Eventually he had to admit defeat the bush now had no protection from her she reached in and grabbed him.
”Come along now Peter its time for our friendship to end, I’ve enjoyed these last few weeks you have kept me entertained with your version of events. Now its time for me to let you experience my version mmm.”
She licked his body the salty taste sending her sex wild, Peter’s penis reacted to the softness of her tongue she licked his body teasing him stroking his erect member he lost control Amanda took his gift and swallowed it, she smiled back at him Peter looked into her eyes pleading with her.
Nothing she was emotionless her eyes were empty vessels eating was on her mind, she lifted her dress and rubbed Peter’s body against the damp cotton of her knickers she smelt of sex he felt the warmth of her orgasm as her fluids spilled into her gusset she was enjoying his fear revelling in his pain. He felt lost and alone no one to comfort him he prayed to his god seeking solace from him in his hour of need. Amanda lifted him up to her mouth her tongue came out to greet him she licked his body tasting for the last time, her orgasms taking control she smiled at her victim for the last time he had been a worthy meal. She opened her mouth wide allowing Peter a look inside, her tongue undulating within saliva dripped from her teeth her body already prepared to receive him.
She pushed his feet in between her lips and begun sucking him slowly inside, her thumb worked her clitoris her fingers buried deep within her wet tunnel here milky fluids run between her fingers gravity sending it between the cheeks of her bum .Peter looked on helpless this was surreal to him as he watched himself being eaten alive by this dark haired beauty who he called his friend, why? How could this have happened… yes he had a fantasy but not to end like this?

Amanda watched his fear as his body was slowly dragged into hers the questions in his eyes demanding to be answered, but this time none would be given all the answers already written, no more games to play with each others words only the facts that lay before him. Peters head touched her lips Amanda kissed his face for the last time as she finished what had been started and sent Peters squirming body into hers to be digested and turned into her waste.
She screamed out her body now in control her orgasms becoming one she laid on the soft bed of green her dress around her waist her fluids forced out in rivers of pleasure soaking the ground beneath her.
Peter struggled inside determined to fight …but then she had her prize, trapped deep inside her the acids already setting to work, his skin burned the smell of digested food filled his lungs all his tomorrows taken away from him. His pain giving pleasure just as she had told him countless times before, he felt foolish how he could have been so stupid all the warning signs were there for him to heed, and yet still it all ends here.
Amanda fell asleep exhausted Peter no longer felt inside.
she awoke an hour later her stomach still once more, Peter ‘s body dissolved into paste the nutrients removed she stood up her bladder full she pulled her knickers down and urinated on the ground, she smiled to herself satisfied Peter no longer important to her she had enjoyed him whilst he lived this was all that remained.
She removed her dirty knickers and packed away her picnic then left this wondrous place filled full of memories like these, she wondered when next she would visit to end another’s dream.

The end.
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