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The normally overconfident Rhonda couldn’t help but feel a little nervous as she set up her “death ray”. She knew that her devious plot had been planned out perfectly, but still, she was almost certainly about to face a real super hero. Even an experienced super villain would have second thoughts about such an encounter. Still, the 17 year old genius wasn’t going to throw away months of scheming just because of a little nervousness.

Situated atop a skyscraper, Rhonda had a perfect view of the streets below, and more importantly would be able to see the true target of her little plan. After flicking a strand of her long black hair out of her eyes, the young scientist turned and aimed her death ray into the streets and activated it. Instantly a destructive laser erupted from the device and struck the unsuspecting crowds below.
Rhonda watched in amusement as chaos broke out beneath her. Cars exploded, people fled in blind panic, and fires burned...it was just the kind of scene that the twisted young lady had hoped for. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for the reaction to take place that Rhonda had hoped for. Flying in at high speeds was the all too predictable Supergirl.

Watching from the skyscraper, Rhonda’s lip curled in contempt as the blonde hero used her super breath to extinguish the raging fires. Once the situation was well under control, Supergirl looked up and immediately saw the obviously placed death ray. Tensing her powerful legs, she leaped into the air effortlessly and flew to the top of the skyscraper. Without hesitation, Supergirl tore the destructive machine to pieces as easily as if it were made of mere tissue paper.

Now that the threat had been eliminated, the young hero, kitted out in her trademark red spandex shorts, sparkling blue spandex cheerleader top, and waste-length red cape, turned her attention to Rhonda.

“Aren’t you a little young for the whole villainess thing”

Rhonda just sneered, she was wearing blue spongey open sandals, a tight black denim skirt which reached half way down her thighs, and a low-cut sports vest under an open black hoodie. “I could say the same thing about you...Superfool.” Rhonda said. Despite spite her genius, she was not one for witty banter.

Rolling her eyes, the blue and red clad hero simply retorted, “Clever...never heard that one before.”

Before Supergirl took another step though, Rhonda made her move. Taking a small greenish globe from her backpack she tossed it to her enemy, “Catch!” She said.
Instinctively, the Girl of Steel snagged the little ball out of the air and watched as it broke in her mighty hand. Almost immediately, the sphere’s green contents stretched out covered Supergirl, shrinking her to the petite size of three inches tall. Taking in her giant sized surrounding, the tiny heroine rolled her eyes again and sighed. This wasn’t even close to being the first time she had been shrunk, and probably wouldn’t be the last. Her hair and clothing completely soaked in the sticky goo, Supergirl leaped into the air and prepared to knock the cocky wanna-be villainess clean out.

Much to the tiny girl’s surprise though, she got less than a half inch into the air before crashing back on to the ground. The fall caused Supergirl to graze her bare knee. Feeling painful little tears well up in her eyes, she rubbed the slight injury for a second before a horrifying revelation dawned on her: she was hurt!

Booming, mocking laughter thundered above the astonished Supergirl. Rhonda didn’t even bother hiding her glee as she watched the pathetic sight near her feet. Even though she had anticipated a victory, she couldn’t have dreamed that it would have been this easy...or satisfying.

As Supergirl nursed her sore knee, she noticed a dark, ominous shadow fall over her. Looking up she stared into the arrogant, smiling face of the suddenly not so harmless seventeen year old. A little panicked, the caped hero scurried away, but unfortunately she no longer had the benefit of being able to use her super speed.

Rhonda allowed her prey to run for a few seconds, since there was no way that her tiny little legs would allow her to get too far away. Supergirl started feeling a little confident after running for a minute or so. She thought that maybe she was a little faster than she first thought, until a giant sized sandal slammed down in her path.

“What’s the hurry, Not-So-Supergirl”, Rhonda said gloating.

Startled, the miniature hero doubled back around and slammed head on into the giantess’s other foot. While Supergirl was stunned, Rhonda slipped her sandal off and clenched the defeated hero's head in between her big and second toes.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you sweetie, but your superpowers are going to be unavailable for a few hours. Hope that’s not a problem”, Rhonda said, taunting her helpless foe.

Unable to resist messing with what had been, until just a few minutes ago the strongest being on Earth, the raven haired giant flexed her toes around Supergirl. Supergirl let out an empained gasp as the air was crushed entirely out of her lungs, the toes curled around her neck and pulled her body firmly against the giant sole. She began to try and claw her way out from between Rhonda’s powerful toes and Rhonda, not wanting to finish her prey off just yet, released her grip a little, allowing her blue and red mouse to fill her lungs again.

“*cough cough* ughh, foot cheese” Was all Supergirl could choke out as her head leaned weakly against Rhonda’s smooth toes.

“heh heh heh” Rhonda chuckled “looks like were going to be having quite some fun over the next couple of hours” And with a sadistic grin, she lifted Supergirl with her toes and slipped her sandal back on, the toe strap pressing Supergirl deep into the gap between Rhonda’s toes, Supergirl cried out but she was muffled as she was crushed into the strap and the flesh of Rhonda’s soft foot forced its way into her mouth.

Rhonda giggled in a sickly sweet manner, her face showing uninhibited pleasure. She walked into the shack housing the building’s stairwell and descended to her bike waiting below. Her bike was small and pink with a white basket on the front, she climbed onto the saddle and looked down to a green plastic container sat just on the front of the handle bars. Inside was a woman, by the look of her one of the hookers who sometimes hung around the area.

“Heh, typical America” she sneered, unsurprised “why do you waste your time protecting a bunch of idiots, religious zealots and criminals?” Rhonda said looking down at Supergirl and giving her another series of playful squeezes. She took hold of the orb, which had shrunk and captured the would-be thief of her bike, and held it up to her eye. The tiny woman inside was screaming and begging, but could not be heard from outside. Then the woman saw Rhonda’s eye catch a gleam and narrow towards her, suddenly and with no provocation, Rhonda began shaking the ball ferociously, her legs spread for balance as she sat on her bike which put yet more pressure onto the trapped Supergirl. Inevitably there was a wet crunching sound from the ground as Supergirl’s legs from the tops of her thighs, down were now being ground and smeared into the spongey, grime-stained blue insole of Rhonda’s sandal.

Rhonda, however, was preoccupied with her current toy which, even through the sound-proof plastic, could be heard thudding off of the insides as the poor victim’s body was being smashed to pieces inside. She finally stopped after a minute or so, the walls of the once-transparent green orb were almost totally coated with a deep, deep red. Rhonda smiled evilly as she got off of her bike, opening the orb and letting the barely-recognisable body of the woman slide out and down to the ground with a feeble ‘splat’. Lifting a sandal over the body, she slowly lowered her foot down, and ground down the remains, before scraping them backwards. A sudden flush of heat erupted between her legs and she remembered why she loved being so evil.

With a few calming breaths, Rhonda composed herself and began the ride home.

Rhonda pulled into the garage to park her bike and retreated into her home with her green security device in hand, she had to clean it out and besides, she didn’t want it going off on her parents. The last thing she wanted to have to do is to explain how their sweet, piano-playing angel could be capable of creating such a device, or, for that matter, demonstrating any display of unsupervised intelligence.

Rhonda rushed up to her bedroom, trying not to stand too heavily on Supergirl as she went. As she ran into her room she allowed herself some childish glee as she threw herself down onto her large soft bed. Unfortunately as she kicked off her ‘unoccupied’ sandal and started to remove the one containing Supergirl, she noticed the coldness of the air hitting the wet skin of her right sole.

She grimaced, letting the sandal fall to the floor as she spread out her toes to let Supergirl’s body drop with it, however small woman was well and truly crushed into the sticky crevice of her big and second toe.

Rhonda peeled the remains of the miniaturised heroin off of her smooth foot, pinching her between finger and thumb by her cape and a little of her hair as she raised the mangled body up to her eyes, the actions caused the barely breathing Supergirl to squeak faintly.

“hmm, so you’re still hard to kill, even when most of your powers have been stripped! Quite commendable!” Rhonda exclaimed as she inspected the girl.

She hurried off of her bed and began searching for the hidden wall panel in her large walk-in wardrobe. She pulled out a deep, wide steel drawer with a number of completed chemical concoctions and picked one up labelled ‘Rubberiser’

“this should do the trick” She said to herself quietly before laying the 3inch girl in a wide Petri dish. She poured the liquid over Supergirl, then thinking quickly, made sure there were no bone fragments left on the sole of her foot. She didn’t want to play with a half broken toy…

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