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Emma had been at the club for about two hours when a couple of drunken guys had managed to corner her. They were pushy, constantly asking which one of them she thought she would rather go home with that night. She was uncomfortable and a little scared as both guys had insisted on buying her drinks and neither would leave for long enough for her to get rid of them incase they were spiked.
Thats when it hit her!
If they were going to spike her drink, then she would have to spike theirs first, but with something a little more special. She had planned on using the powder on a girl she knew and hated, but tonight she would have to wait for her little doll. Tonight she would be having a different kind of fun. She got a little closer to one of the guys as his friend went off to the toilets, leaning her body up to him and taking the ruby red lipstick from her handbag. Applying it slowly for him as she gave him large doe eyes and opened her mouth wide to him as she ran the lipstick smoothly across her supple lower lip. Emma saw his gaze lower from her large brown/green eyes, staring at her lips, teeth and tongue. She teased him a little by flicking the tip of her tongue out and licking gently around the edges of her lips.

The guy was beside himself, and spun round to see if his friend had seen what had just happened, and Emma made her move...

Pulling the base off of the lipstick she tipped a small capsule into the open bottle the over excited man infront of her was holding and it quickly dissolved on contact with the alcohol. Not noticing a thing he turned back to Emma grinning like a fool and took a huge gulp of his drink. Emma cringed a little, she was nervous as the pill hadn't been in the drink for long, possibly not long enough to have mixed with the taste of the man's beer, but as he wiped his mouth and smiled again, she could see in his eyes he'd had enough not to have noticed, though she could make a safe bet he was about to have a very sobering experience!
As the chemical went to work, the guy felt ill and told Emma he was about to go to the toilets. Thinking fast, she caught his arm
"No, you should come sit over here with me! You've just had too much to drink!" she said, trying not to sound too desperate to get him to do what she wants.
The guy nodded in response and went to sit in the corner of the club, it was a dark club and most of the lights were centred around the middle of the room so the corners were even darker, Emma turned to see if anyone was looking, but most people were too caught up with what they were doing or getting their next drinks, and when she turned back to check on her first victim, she saw he had already shrunk about 2 feet and was visibly getting smaller!
The guy's head was a mess, he couldn't tell what was happening as the room blurred into a mix of colours and sounds, nothing made sense and his cloths were getting heavier and heavier.... and bigger!
As she saw the guy struggling to maintain his grip on reality, Emma watched as he got smaller and smaller, taking the time to stand over him so he could see the comparison as he descended down past her legs, finally she kicked the man's pile of cloths towards the wall then bent down to rummage through them for her first prize. As she grabbed one leg of the jeans that were crumpled up she shook it about, not noticing at first in her hurry that a small 5 inch guy had flown out of the end and rolled underneath her. As the tiny man started to come to he looked about him, not able to use his limbs yet as he still struggled to clear the fog in his head, which was made even tougher by what his brain was telling him he was seeing. Looking to either side of him he saw two huge, smooth bare feet stood in thin-soled black strappy sandals which wrapped half way up to two calves, the heels which moved about so close to his tiny body were the height of him and twice as wide! As he followed the legs back over the top of his head his eyes bulged with utter disbelief as he realised he was directly underneath a pair of black lacey panties, which moved about above him as this giantess moved about while she was throwing something around infront of him.
Emma grew impatient and a little worried that she wouldn't find her tiny man, she began throwing the items of clothing under one of the tables and reached to cover them with a couple of jackets. As she reached across to throw one last jacket over them, she lost her balance, dropping backwards and landing flat on her backside.
"Dammit" She thought to herself "I hope that hasn't ruined my dress"

The tiny guy was getting his senses back, he couldn't believe he was just a few meters from some giants girls panties as she crouched either side of him, the back of her skirt barely reached the ground and occasionally brushed against the top of his head as she leant forward a couple of times. Then all of a sudden there was a violent jolt above him and everything around him seemed suddenly unstable as his 'ceiling' began to fall! One of the girl's legs shot forwards and he found himself right between her legs as his vision became black....

As Emma remained seated flat to the floor for a minute whilst she made sure she didn't have any muck on her hands where she braced her fall, then she sat up a little and brought her knees up and checked her legs, she seemed to be clean, which was a great relief, but then she felt something very strange... yet somewhat familiar. It was like a small pressure pushing in just behind her sex, with a barely noticeable wriggling feeling. Her cheeks flushed a little, then a lot when she remembered why she knew this feeling! She had found her tiny! She allowed herself a sly and satisfied smile before she looked about her for anyone who might be watching, sliding her hips back and forth slightly.

As the soft fabric and cushioned skin made impact on the tiny man, its pleasures were short lived. An unbearable amount of pressure befell the tiny man and his ribs were instantly compressed, forcing the air trapped within him to try and push its way out of his sides, as Emma's body smothered his face so heavily it was impossible to breath the air out. Quickly the heat became another unbearable factor but he was not given the mercy of death, the girl had luckily landed either side of him and he only held a fraction of her weight on his frame. Blind panic and the burning in his chest made him wriggle frantically, not caring what would happen if she realised he was underneath her, just wishing he would survive. He felt her shift as she sat up and brought her knees up, this uncovered his head from underneath her crotch as he tried with all his energy to wriggle free and get some air. Just as he was about to black out, a new surge of pain shot through his body as he felt the giantess begin to gyrate her hips, grinding him into her and cracking his ribs and one of his arms to pieces. This was the last thing he would know... for now.

The second guy came back from the toilets to see his friend had disappeared, and for a moment he thought the girl they had been chatting up had gone with him, though when he looked further into the corner they had been near, he saw the girl getting to her feet and putting something into her little handbag. With renewed enthusiasm he made a bee-line for her. As she turned around to find him once more holding his drink, she jumped and quickly shut her bag, throwing it unceremoniously into her piled up coat on the floor under the table.
"Oh! Hey!... uhh" She began nervously
"Tony" He said, cutting her off "My name's Tony".
Tony had wondered where his friend had gotten to, but if he was honest with himself he didn't much care, his dick was doing the thinking for him right now and all it wanted was her.
Emma smiled a fake smile, trying and failing to make it seemed like she cared to know his name, but the smile when she saw him take a gulp out of his friend's drink was definitely genuine. Taking Tony by the collar of his shirt, she moved him round and sat him on the stool and no sooner had she done so, the pains began to set in on her second prize.
Tony began to feel very uncomfortable, then a feeling as though a thousand needles had just been washed through his blood stream set in. His thoughts started to go hazey and blobs of black began to fill his sight, he looked to Emma, her wide excited eyes looking down on him.
"Wha...? wait... looking down...? What's going on?" he said incoherently
"Well, you've been wanting to get into my pants all night... if your lucky, that's just where you might end up!" Emma said with evil glee as she watched her second victim dwindle down to around 6 inches
"hmm" she thought "he didn't shrink as much as his friend... maybe the dose was too diluted.."
She shrunk without a second care as she sifted through the guy's cloths to pick him out of them, he lay in the same state as his friend had, limp and confused. She turned her back to the room and bought him up to her face, whispering to him, her hot breath flowing sweetly over his naked body
"You're no use to me like this Tiny, i'm gonna need you a little more rigid later..." She giggle, revealing her sharp white teeth to him whilst his head hung mere centimetres from her humid dark mouth. She couldn't help but give him a small lick before she smiled again and quickly moved to shove his cloths to the floor, picking up her handbag and ramming him into it on top of his broken friend.
Just as though nothing had happened, Emma picked her coat and bag up and moved them to a different part of the club, before going about her night, drinking and dancing, barely able to contain her excitement about the entertainment to come....


End of Chapter 1

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