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Story Notes:
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“Hey babe I’ll be over about 5:30 can’t wait to see what you have to show me.” The first voice on the answering machine was Dana’s boyfriend; TJ was a good guy, 21 years old and never done a thing wrong in his life, TJ was good to Dana but he bored her.


“Yo Dana I’m coming to pick you up at 6 be ready it’s gonna be a wiilld night tonight!” The second voice was that of Nathan, Dana’s new found interest. Nathan was one of the wild ones, the kind of guy that eventually would wind up shot or in prison by the age of 25; Dana just wanted him to release her from the boredom.


When TJ arrived right on time, like he always did, Dana had already prepared a special drink for him. “That didn’t taste like a normal soda Dana.”


“Its new only has one calorie”


“Hmm, I think I’ll stick with regular”


“Well it’s all I have and I’ll be hurt if you don’t drink it all”


That seemed odd to TJ but he was trusting to the point of it being a character flaw, so he downed the drink.


**25 minutes later**


Dana was starting to get worried that powder was supposed to work in 10 minutes or less… Nathan would be here soon, not on time of course she could count on that.


“I shoulda worn a belt today my pants are loose.”


That was all Dana needed to hear from TJ to ease her mind. In fact seconds later all that appeared to be left of TJ was a pile of clothes lying on the couch.


Dana picked the pants up and laughed at the tiny unconscious form that rolled out of the right pants leg. She knew He’d be out cold for at least a few minutes so she used this time to dispose of the clothes and call a tow truck for his car. When TJ finally awoke he was staring at the largest pair of cowgirl boots he had ever seen he knew those boots he had bought them for Dana, size 10 wide. He moved his line of sight farther north and saw two pillars extending out of the boots up to a jean mini skirt and higher still to Dana’s face smirking down at him.


“What happened? Dana! Why am I naked? Why are you huge?! Oh my God… You’re not huge, I’m small!” TJ was in panic mode, his brain trying desperately to process his new size may be she drugged him, may be it was a hallucination, and may be it was real…


“UGH I THOUGHT WE HAD SPRAYED FOR BUGS THIS MONTH” Dana’s voice was like thunder as her boot lifted over TJ’s tiny form. She couldn’t hear his scream but she could see him panic and try to crab walk backwards out of the shadow of her foot. “HAHA C’MON TJ DO YOU REALLY THINK I’D MAKE IT THAT EASY ON YOU? WE’RE GONNA HAVE FUN TONIGHT. NOW I HAVE TO GET READY WHERE CAN I PUT YOU?” Dana’s hand came down swift and gave TJ no opportunity to escape the last thing he saw before the world went dark was Dana’s lips and the last thing he heard was “I OWN YOU NOW. YOU’RE TOO SMALL TO FEND FOR YOURSELF.  YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A TOY NOW, WELCOME TO HELL.” Then the mouth opened up and the world went dark, and wet.  


 I'm TJ and unfortunately this is just the beginning of my story...


Chapter End Notes:
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