Lessons in Seduction from Little Sister by Tiny Jedi

Guy, 19, has the shrinking disease, and his sexual thoughts shrink him.  His 16-year-old sister offers to seduce him to strengthen his resistance to sexual thoughts.  But she has her own plans for fun after he shrinks.

Size reduction as small as 1 inch.

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Introduction by Tiny Jedi

I wasn’t planning on writing anything for a long time, but I had some ideas.

Special Thanks to sm7in and Yougts for inspiration.


< Introduction – Part One >

Guy sat on the sofa of his boyhood home.  God, I’m horny.  I’m so fucking horny.  No, I have to control my thoughts… or I’ll start to shrink.

            He waited anxiously holding his sweaty palms together.  His mother was in the other room.  And his sister?  Well, she was going to arrive any minute.  Guy was 19 and his now 16-year-old sister, Laurissa, hadn’t seen him for 4 years.  That’s because Guy had left to go to an all-male school shortly after the uncontrollable size loss first began.  It was known as the shrinking disease.

            It wasn’t always like this for Guy.  He used to think sexual thoughts about girls at school or look at sexy pictures of women online without it reducing his height.  Before he got the disease, he was a typical teenager — he even had a shrinking fetish.  How’s that for ironic?  And it was a fetish he had shared for the longest time with his younger sister.  The only thing was, Laurissa enjoyed imagining that she was the one shrinking the boys...  she was the giantess.  Whenever there was something on TV, a movie or a cartoon, or a video game that had shrinking in it, Guy and his sister excitedly talked with each other about what they saw or experienced.  It was a hobby they were both enthusiastic about — they even explored role-playing with each other by co-writing stories about male characters that shrunk down or female characters that grew.

            Guy’s mother, Carol, looked out the window.  “Your sister should be here any minute.  I don’t know why you’re acting so nervous.”

            He looked over at the plump, pleasant woman in her mid-forties.  His mother never had an effect on making him shrink, because he was not sexually attracted to her.  That’s not to say she wasn’t beautiful… she certainly was… but more in a kind parent sort of way.

            “Mom, I’m only a little nervous… because you told her just yesterday about my disease — less than 24 hours ago.  It’s not like she’s known for years like you and me.”

            “Your sister was very understanding when I spoke to her on the phone.  Actually, she seemed very knowledgeable about your disease.  Though… I’m not completely sure she believed me when I said you have it.  She seemed skeptical.  Oh — she’s here!”

            Guy watched his mother walk over to the front door, opening it.  Okay breathe, he thought.  This doesn’t have to be weird.   Sure Laurie and I both grew up sharing our fantasies of size change.  But Mom doesn’t know that I have the fetish.  It’s still Laurie and my secret.

            “Okay, here is your sister… Laurissa!”  His mother smiled, holding out her hands like presenting a guest on a game show.

            Guy’s eyes suddenly bulged as he saw the teen step into the house.  The last time he saw his sister she was a scrawny 12-year-old.  Now at age 16, her body had completely transformed… curves everywhere.  His jaw dropped, overwhelmed by his sister’s hourglass figure which exploded into his consciousness.  Laurissa was wearing skintight black leggings that hugged her wide, womanly hips… tapering to a small waist… and her short tight-fitting white T-shirt stretched to its limit by a pair of very large and proud breasts.  Her dark leggings showed off her powerful thighs and calves… long and sculpted — obviously she worked out or played sports.

            Oh, my God… his thoughts raced.  She’s… she’s… become super hot.  How did this happen?

            His gaze lifted as he saw his sister’s gorgeous face.  He remembered his sister had always been cute with full lips and lovely green eyes.  But now she was stunning like a Victoria’s Secret model, and yet it was obvious that it was still his sister who he had grown up with.  She still had dark-brown almost black hair, but it was longer, flowing elegantly down to just short of her waist.  His eyes then met Laurissa’s.  And he gulped as he heard her girlish yet naturally seductive voice.  “Well, Guy…  Aren’t you going to say hi to your little sister?”

            All of a sudden, the all-too-familiar tingling sensation overtook Guy’s body as his height reduced by a full foot and a half in about one second.  His eyes had not left his sister’s, and he witnessed her reaction in real time.  It was a look of genuine surprise at first… then quickly transitioning into an understanding… her open mouth then closing as a little, subtle smirk formed.

            “Oh —” his mother exclaimed.

            “It’s — it’s all right, Mom,” he quickly spoke.

            “Well, just use your medicine.”

            “I know, Mom.  No need to get worried about it.  I don’t think I’ll shrink anymore.  I have it under control.”

            Laurissa stepped closer to her older brother, crossing her arms as she looked down, standing taller than Guy for the first time in her life — more than a head taller.  “I can’t believe it’s really true, Mom!  Wow!  You weren’t joking.  Guy really truly… has the shrinking disease.  It’s… it’s like incredibly, super rare.  This is… amazing!”

            “Your brother hasn’t fully learned to handle his shrinking… not all the time.”        

            “I have it under control, Mom,” he said, sounding annoyed.  “I haven’t shrunk for a long time.  I was just… surprised to see… um, Laurie… uh…”

            “Guy, you obviously knew I was coming,” his sister said.  “Well… it has been four years.  I suppose seeing me again all grown-up excited you.  I know how the shrinking disease works.”

            “Don’t flatter yourself, little sister.”  He began to walk up the stairs.  “I just need my medicine, and I’ll be back to my normal height.”

            As he went up the steps he heard Laurissa reply, “Okay, big brother… I’m just glad you have it ‘under control’ as you put it.”

            Guy hurried to the second floor and walked down the hall.  “Damn it,” he uttered under his breath.  I can’t believe Laurie saw me shrink… and it happened right after I looked at her once.  Just once!  If she hadn’t turned into such a hottie with big boobs I never would have shrunk.

            Stepping into his old bedroom, Guy approached his dresser and took a small bottle which had darkened glass.  He removed the dropper and squeezed a tiny dark-blue drop onto his fingertip, proceeding to consume the liquid.  After a minute, he had returned to his original height.

            He took a deep breath in… and exhaled.  Exiting his room, he returned to the stairs and walked down.  He spotted his sister and mom sitting on the sofa in the living room.

            “Oh, sweetie — come on over and visit with us.  Laurissa was just telling me how excited she is to see you after so long.”

            He noticed his sister smile.  She always had a nice smile, but now she seemed even more beautiful and captivating, her white teeth perfectly straight.  “Yes… come on, Guy,” Laurissa said, in a bubbly, playful tone, patting the sofa cushion beside her.  “Four years is much too long to not see you, big brother.  You remember how close you used to be with your little sister?”

            He stepped over to the opposite sofa, sitting down.  “Uh…” he said.  “I had to start going to the all-boys’ school… otherwise it would have been too distracting, and I would have never finished high school.”

            “You see, honey,” his mother said, turning to her daughter, “Guy not seeing you was not intentional.  It’s what the doctors strongly suggested we do, at least until he became acclimated to his new… situation.”

            “Oh, no, Mom.  I understand why he went to the boys’ school.  He can get too… stimulated… by girls.”  Guy watched as his sister casually uncrossed and re-crossed her legs the other way.  Turning toward her brother, she looked directly into his eyes.  “I can only imagine how difficult it’s been for you to live a normal life — knowing that at any moment you could shrink down.  And we both know… you definitely wouldn’t want that.”

            As Guy’s mother stepped over to the fireplace to look at the family pictures, he noticed his sister’s calf begin to rock slowly up and down… her shapely legs looking incredible in her black formfitting leggings.  Guy closed his eyes, feeling the tingling starting to emerge within his body.  It was sort of like sensing a sneeze was building… and the desire to fight it but knowing it was inevitable.

            “I-I-I… I need to be excused.  Sorry, Mom.  Sorry, Laurie.”  He abruptly stood up and hurried over to the staircase, heading back upstairs to his bedroom.  He entered, shutting the door.  He never had a lock on his door growing up, but for the first time in his life he wished he did.  He glanced in the mirror…  Oh, I only shrunk a few inches… but it’s good I got out of there when I did.  Taking a dose of his medicine, he sat down on his bed.

            A couple minutes later he heard a knock at the door.  “Um… Come in.”

            The door slowly swung open, and his sister stepped inside.  “Hey, sorry about that… you know, teasing you,” she said.  “I didn’t realize how sensitive you’ve become.”

            Guy looked away, staring at the floor.  “I’m fine.  You don’t need to worry about it.”  He then blurted out, “Why were you flirting about me shrinking while Mom was sitting there?”

            “Easy, Guy,” she said, crossing her arms.  “Mom still doesn’t know about your shrinking fetish… our shrinking fetish.”  She stared at her brother for a couple moments as he continued to look away.  “I have no intention of telling her.  I was just playing with you.”

            “Well…” he said, his voice agitated.  “I don’t want Mom to know that I like that stuff… and especially now that I have the shrinking disease.  It’s embarrassing.”

            “Oh, come on,” she cooed, brushing the top of Guy’s head, messing up his hair.  “Don’t worry, little brother.”

            “Hey!  Don’t call me that.”

            “What?  Why are you…?  You don’t like me calling you ‘little’ brother?”

            He sat there in silence, staring at the wall.  The quiet lasted less than ten seconds… yet for Guy it seemed to drag on for an eternity.

            “Okaaay…” she said.  “I thought… since you like the idea of shrinking.  All the times we talked about size change in cartoons and video games and different websites… that this would be a dream come true for you.”

            He glanced toward her, but not looking her in the eye.  “Not with my sister.  I… I-I-I don’t want to be shrunk with my… sister.”

            “All right.  I guess I can see where you’re coming from, Guy.  It’s not like we’d have to do anything… sex-related.  It would just be like years ago when we shared a mutual enjoyment of giant women and little men, you know.  We’d use our imaginations like we used to when we were kids.  But instead of simply talking about it… we can now do it for real.  Mom said you can shrink really small.”

            Guy breathed out, still not looking at her.  “Yeah, well…  It doesn’t help that you’ve become…”

            “I’ve become what?”

            “The way you look now… being 16 with such big… you know.”

            Laurissa giggled.  “Well, I’m used to looking this way, Guy.  I understand my body has changed a lot since you last saw me when I was in elementary school…  But I’m in high school now.”  She paused for a moment, and then added, “You know, big brother… I’m a DD cup.”

             Hearing his sister speak those words, he immediately shrunk by a foot.  Standing up, he rushed over to his medicine, beginning to put a droplet on his finger.

            “So, that’s your… antidote?”

            “Yeah, yeah…” he mumbled, focusing on taking just a single droplet.  “If I don’t take it… I don’t un-shrink.”  He consumed the blue liquid, turning around.  To his surprise, he watched as his sister walked out of the room, gently closing the door behind her.


< Introduction – Part Two >

An hour later…

            Getting up from his bed, the 19-year-old opened his bedroom door, and stepped out into the hall.  He walked down to his sister’s bedroom and peered inside.  Laurissa was not there, but the room with its pink and white décor exuded a femininity that caused Guy to shudder.  It was like the colors and stuffed animals and girlish everything had a power over him simply by being in its presence.  If he lingered, staring too long, he didn’t know for sure whether or not he would become aroused and shrink.

            He headed downstairs to the first floor, noticing his mom and sister over at the kitchen table.  “What’s up, Guy?” Laurissa said cheerfully.  “Mom and I are just having a little lunch.  Hungry?”

            He hesitated for a moment, and then said calmly, “Sure.  That’s sound good.  It’s been a while since I ate cereal for breakfast.”

            As he sat down at a plate already set out for him, his mother dished him some pasta and chicken.  “Guy, help yourself to some fruit salad, too.  Did you know your sister has been an honor student for four years in a row?  She got all A’s this year.”

            “Thanks, Mom.  No, I didn’t know that.  That’s impressive.”  Glancing over at his sister’s plate, he noticed she was just starting to eat the fruit salad.  There were pieces of watermelon, berries and cantaloupe.

            “It’s really good,” Laurissa said.  She took another bite of fruit and smiled.

            “It looks good,” he replied, smiling.

            “So, Guy,” his mother said.  “I was telling Laurissa that now you will be living at home with us again.”


            “Do you want to share with your sister why you decided to do that?”

            “Well…” he said, feeling uneasiness as he looked at the model-like beauty of his sister’s face.  Come on, you can do this.  Don’t chicken out now.  You’re just looking at her face.  This is not sexual.  Concentrate.  Concentrate.  “Umm… so as you know, Laurie, I finished high school a year ago.”

            “At the all-boys’ school,” Laurissa commented, nodding.

            “That’s right.  That’s how I finished school.  There, I had my shrinking under control, because I wasn’t distracted by girls.  It would have been impossible — like truly impossible — for me to complete high school if it was co-ed.”

            “Huh… I didn’t know it was that tough for you to be around girls.  Is it… difficult to be in my presence, even though I’m your sister?”

            “Yes!  Absolutely yes,” he answered emphatically, beginning to blush, feeling embarrassed by his honesty.  “I mean — it is my responsibility to control my thoughts and not have sexual thoughts.  Yet, the thoughts are automatic.  And as you already know, it makes me… umm… uh…”

            “It makes you… shrink,” his sister said, unable to resist smirking.

            “Yeah.  So, umm… basically, I can’t live at the boys’ school anymore having graduated.  And I can’t function in society which is full of young, attractive women, and I have to live out my days here… alone.”

            “It’s not that bad,” his mother said.  “You have your practicing so that you can improve.”

            “What’s that, Mom?” Laurissa asked.

            Carol turned toward her daughter.  “If your brother concentrates enough… the doctors say he can learn to desensitize himself to stimuli that he finds sexually arousing.”

            “Which seems to be everything,” he said in a depressed tone, looking down at his plate.

            “Well,” Laurissa said, “I’ve read online about the shrinking disease, long before I knew you had it.  It can be done.  There is hope.”

            “Yeah, yeah… it’s not that easy, little sister.”

            Laurissa laughed.  “It’s funny you still call me little sister… even now with your disease, which makes you little.”

            “Honey,” her mother chimed in.  “Remember what we discussed.”

            Guy watched his sister turn to face him, her green eyes looking into his eyes.  “Mom doesn’t want me to take advantage of your condition.  I’m supposed to be as ‘non-confrontational’ as I can be.”

            “I’m fine, Mom,” her son said.  “Laurie hasn’t done anything that I can honestly complain about…. yet.  My shrinking is my fault.  I’m just too lazy to practice concentrating — all the concentrating and focusing.  I’m sick of not making any progress.”

            The table was silent for a few moments, when Guy abruptly stood up.  “Thanks for the food, Mom.  I’ve lost my appetite.”

            He went up to his room and lay down on his bed.  After about fifteen minutes, he heard his sister’s girlish voice.  “Hey, Guy… how about you visit me in my bedroom?”

            He put the pillow over his face.  “No.  I’m asleep.”

            “Big brother… I want to talk with you.  I have an idea that will help you make progress with being around girls.  You want to have a girlfriend some day, right?  Have a job and your own apartment?  Have friends who are girls, too?”

            “I… guess…” he answered, removing the pillow from his face.  “No… you can’t help me.”  He shoved the pillow back over his face.

            Laurissa stepped closer, grabbing the pillow, tossing it off to the side.  “In my room… one minute.  I’m not playing around.”  She then marched out of her brother’s room.

            Lying on the bed… his thoughts whirled in his head.  Whoa… I didn’t see that coming.  I’ve never seen Laurie like this before.  She’s acting like she’s the big sister.

            “Okay, whatever,” he finally said, grunting as he sat up… walking out into the hall.  Entering his sister’s room, he saw the beautiful teen sitting on her pink bed, her athletic legs crossed in her dark leggings — her foot bouncing up and down.

            Guy gulped… shutting his eyes.  He heard his sister speak.  “Fine, I’ll stop moving my leg, okay?  Is that why you closed your eyes?”


            “Okay, I stopped.  Sit down.”

            He sat down on the very edge of his sister’s bed, his eyes seeing his sister’s feminine décor… posters of boy bands and horses… and stuffed animals.

            “I can help you, Guy… you just have to trust me, all right?”


            “All right.  Listen.  You can learn to not get overwhelmed by things that turn you on, but it’s going to take a lot of effort and practice.  And also time.”

            “Yeah, well… I’ve tried concentrating.”

            “Not with me you haven’t.  I can train you.  I can be your teacher.”

            “How… exactly?”

            “Well, it will be a gradual, incremental approach.  You know how I trained in gymnastics and also played soccer… and how my abilities over time got better and better?  So, too, you can get better at not letting your thoughts shrink you.”

            “I don’t know,” Guy started to whine.

            “I will teach you.  Okay, little brother?”

            “Hey!  I said I don’t want to be called —”

            “You don’t want me to call you little?  Then prove to me that you won’t shrink.”

            Guy looked into his sister’s eyes.  “I’m… listening.”

            Laurissa grinned.  “You can learn to resist thoughts about sex, but you need to be tested.  It’s like exercising a muscle.  To help you build up your tolerance for sexual thoughts, I will seduce you.”


            “You’ve already shown that you find me stimulating to look at.  You shrunk two seconds after I walked in the front door.  That’s got to be a record.”

            “Okay, Laurie, it’s never happened that fast before, I admit.  But if I really, really concentrate, then I can talk to you and not shrink.”

            “Are you concentrating now?”


            On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard are you concentrating, Guy?”


            His sister giggled.  “This is going to be so easy.  I haven’t even started seducing you yet.”

            “Yeah, well.  I think I can handle it.”

            “Okay, but if I’m going to do this, big brother… make your mind stronger by really testing you… then I want some conditions set before we begin.”

            “What kind of... conditions?”

            “Let’s say I flirt with you and it makes you shrink… then I don’t want you using your antidote, your medicine — not until you’ve gotten as small as you can possibly get.  No using it after shrinking just a little bit.”

            “No way, Laurie!  The smallest I shrink is 1 inch.  That happened only once four years ago when I was tested at the doctor’s office to see how small the disease would make me.  That’s right before I got the medicine.  I’m not letting you —”

            “Do you want to learn to talk to girls?  Learn to only shrink when you want to, not when your body tells you to?”

            Guy thought for a moment.  “Yes, but…”

            “These are the rules, okay?  And I also want you to be the smallest size for… let’s say, an entire day.  Twenty-four hours.”

            “That’s outrageous,” he said, standing up.  “I was thinking at most one or two minutes.”

            “Let’s say, one hour,” Laurissa countered.  “Every time you shrink to 1 inch tall, I have you for a whole hour before you’re given your medicine to restore yourself.”

            Guy sat back down, appearing to think it over.  “Fine.  One hour.”

            “And I can do anything I want with you when you’re shrunk.”

            “Come on, Laurie.  Anything?  It has to be within reason.”

            “Of course,” his sister said and smiled.  “So, have you accepted my conditions?”

            “All right.  But I’m only doing this to get better at controlling my shrinking.  And one day I can get a girlfriend.”

            “That’s right, big brother.  Now get out of my room.”


            “Your first lesson in resisting seduction starts tomorrow… after Mom has left for work.  I want to have complete privacy when you’re practicing with me.”

End Notes:

Thanks for reading.  This was a relatively long introduction to the story.  Going forward, I thought I’d try a new episodic format similar to TV shows.  Each episode would be composed of 3 parts or chapters.  And at the start of every episode, Guy would start off normal-size and end up getting shrunk down to 1 inch.  This is because I like the act of shrinking being repeated over and over.  Let me know if you enjoyed this by leaving a comment.

Episode 1 Chapter 1 ... 1-25-17 by Tiny Jedi

Guy looked up… up… up.  “No…  No!  This can’t be!”

            His little sister was towering before his eyes… gigantic… colossal… humongous!

            “No!” he screamed.  “No!  I’m too small!  No!”

            Suddenly his eyes opened, his heart beating like a jackhammer…  His mouth open, he glanced over at the door as he lay on his bed, his skin soaked in sweat.

            He saw, standing in the doorway, Laurissa.  “Hey, big brother… I heard you shouting.  You must have had a nightmare or something.”

            “Oh, uh…” he uttered, finally realizing it was only a dream.  “Yeah, uh…”

            “I heard you shout, ‘I’m too small.  No.’”

            Guy started to feel his face turning very warm as he blushed.  “Umm… oh, yeah… I’m not sure what I said.”

            His sister giggled, stepping further into her brother’s room.  “Well, it’s now tomorrow… and Mom just left for work.  So, when you’re ready, come into my bedroom, and we’ll start with your training.”

            “My training?  Oh, right.  You were going to help me practice resisting my sexual thoughts.”

            The 16-year-old smirked as she crossed her arms.  “I’m going to enjoy seducing you, big brother… or should I say… little brother.”

            Guy heard his sister laugh as she sauntered out of his room — catching a glimpse of her amazing ass in her tight blue jeans.  Oh, no… I feel myself tingling.  Calm down.  Breathe… Breathe… Okay… okay.  Guy sensed the shrinking feeling leaving him as he re-opened his eyes.  It may have been just a dream… but what if it happens for real?  What am I going to do?

            Getting out of bed, he walked across the hall into the bathroom.  After taking a pee, he quickly brushed his teeth and splashed some water on his face.  He put on some new clothes and then headed to his sister’s bedroom.

            Looking into her room, he heard her voice… which had a playful girlish quality to it.  “Come on in, bro.  You don’t need to be afraid.”

            Stepping inside, he saw Laurissa sitting on her pink bed, her legs crossed.  She was wearing blue jeans, a long-sleeved black T-shirt, and white socks.  “I thought I’d wear something more conservative for your first time… so as not to make you too excited and obsess about sex.  Take a seat.”

            “Oh, okay,” Guy’s voice wavered, as he sat down on a black leather armchair in the corner of the room, about six feet from where his sister sat on her bed.  He watched as Laurissa picked up a large notepad, while clicking a pen in her right hand.

            A focused look on her pretty face, she stared for a moment at the paper.  “Hmm…”  Her eyes lifted as she looked at him.  “Oh, this is just your case file if you’re wondering.”

            “No, it’s not, Laurie,” Guy said casually, levity returning to his demeanor as he relaxed, sitting back.

            “Oh, you don’t think so, big brother?”  She pointed at the notepad as she annunciated clearly, “Well, it says right here — your name is Guy… you’re 19… you live just down the hall from me… and… oh, my… oh…wow…  I didn’t see this before.”

            “Wh-what?” he asked.

            The gorgeous 16-year-old’s green eyes locked onto her brother.  “It says… you have the shrinking disease.”

            Guy observed his sister’s full lips gradually curl into a smirk… the sort of smile that said, ‘I am going to relish every second of this.’

            “Uhh… umm…”  He swallowed hard.

            She looked back down at her pad.  “Not just that… it also says that you find your sister to be really… really hot.”

            “Come on,” he said, leaning forward.  “It doesn’t say —”

            “And it says you can’t resist your sister’s big boobs.”  The teen laughed as she flashed the blank notepad at her brother, and then set it down at her side.  She tilted her head as she cooed, “Though it is true, big brother… isn’t it?  You didn’t expect your little sister’s boobs to grow to DD size.”

            “I, uh…umm…” he mumbled, his eyes now glued to the prodigious mounds that pressed out from his sister’s shirt.  He watched her arms reach up as she pulled her long dark locks back, proceeding to put her hair into a ponytail.

            As she finished adjusting her ponytail, she said softly, “Don’t worry, big bro… I don’t mind you looking at my breasts.”

            Suddenly Guy felt a tingling through his whole body as he shrunk by half a foot.  “Oh, shit,” he muttered.  He looked forward as Laurissa smirked again.  “Laurie, I have this under control… I-I-I just need to concentrate.”

            She uncrossed her legs — re-crossing them the other way.  “I’m just sitting here, Guy, talking with you.  We haven’t started yet… but you seem to be already losing the battle with your thoughts.”

            “Okay, I’m ready then,” he said, frustration in his voice.  “Let’s start.”

            “Fine.  We’ll start.”  She smiled, leaning forward slightly.  “Guy… the fact that you shrink is a good thing… we both have a fetish for size fantasies.  But the problem is that you can’t control when you shrink.  You can’t live a normal life right now with other people, young women in particular.”

            “Yeah, that’s pretty much it,” he said, nodding.

            “So, big brother, we have to figure out the amount of me seducing you that will not shrink you… and then gradually increase my seduction of you so you can learn to resist your thoughts.”

            “I-I-I… I don’t know.”

            “Guy, you agreed to this, remember?  This will help you get comfortable with sexual thoughts.  You will build up a tolerance so that it takes more and more of me seducing you for you to actually shrink.  Okay?”

            “I… I guess.  I mean, my thoughts, Laurie… when I get horny… my body starts tingling and it’s hard to stop from shrinking.”

            “Exactly,” she said, smiling.  “Now stand up, and walk over to your little sister.  I want you to touch my thigh.”


            “You heard me, Guy.  We are figuring out how much you can handle without shrinking.”

            He reluctantly stood up, like a shy kindergarten student asked to approach the teacher’s desk on the first day of school.  He slowly stepped over to the teen on her bed, looking down at his sister’s crossed legs in her blue jeans.  Laurissa then leaned back, her arms propping herself up.  He heard her giggle cutely.  “Come on, big brother… I don’t bite.  Though… I do remember you telling me you liked mouth play.”

            “Hey!” he said.

            “I’m just teasing you, Guy.  Seriously, you’re not even going to be touching my skin.  You’ll be touching my jeans.  Go ahead.”

            “All right… but this is only so I can learn to be stronger than my sexual thoughts.”  Taking a deep breath, he extended his hand.  His fingers slowly slid across the top of Laurissa’s thigh… his mind focusing on the tactile sensation of the soft cotton caressing his fingertips.  All of a sudden, he noticed his sister’s calf beginning to bounce… rocking up and down slowly.  He heard her pleasing, feminine voice, “Are you having fun touching me, little Guy?”

            He gasped as every cell in his body instantly tingled — his height plummeting by a few feet…. leaving him at 2 feet tall.  His eyes widened as he panicked, his gray T-shirt having become unbearably large, touching the floor.  Slipping out of his pants, he ran toward his sister’s bedroom door, nearly falling as he tripped on the bottom of his shirt.

            “No!” Laurissa said firmly.  “No, you are not getting out!”

            Suddenly he saw his sister’s blue jeans — her towering, shapely legs stepping in front of him creating an impassable wall.  The door swung closed, and he heard the sound of it being locked.

            “Let me out!” he shouted.

            Laurissa put her hands on her curvaceous hips, peering down at her sibling who was normally taller than she.  His height reached only to the bottom of her thighs, barely taller than her knees.  In a tone as if speaking to an unruly toddler, she said, “No, little Guy.  It is not time to go.  Your big sister is still teaching you.”

            Looking up at his sister who now appeared 16 feet tall, he shouted, “I don’t want to be small with my sister!  I like shrinking, but not with my… sister.”

            Leaning forward as she gazed down, she crossed her arms.  Speaking with authority in her voice, she said, “Little bro, you shrunk because touching me turned you on.  If you didn’t enjoy it and get horny, then you never would have shrunk.”

            “Well, I’ve had enough!  I-I-I want to use my medicine.”

            Laurissa, ignoring her brother’s protests, bent down and lifted her sibling underneath his arms, holding his ribcage between her hands.  Stepping back over to the chair, she set him down… his T-shirt draping over him like a tent.  She kneeled down, speaking softly, “It’s okay, Guy.  We learned that touching me, at least for now, is too much for you.  It makes you shrink.  We’ll just try something less sexually stimulating, all right?”  Her eyes took in the surreal view that her older brother was literally only 2 feet tall.  She continued, “No shrinking antidote until you’ve shrunk as small as you can shrink… and not for an hour after that.  You agreed to this, remember?”

            Guy was breathing rapidly.  “I know I said that, but… I don’t want you to have even more control over me.  What if you don’t let me use my medicine if I shrink even smaller?”

            “Guy, I’ll let you re-enlarge… when we agreed.”  She stood up, her buxom teen body rising high above her brother’s head.  She sauntered back to the edge of the bed, sitting down… crossing her legs as she began bouncing her socked foot.  She smiled and said, “Let’s try this again, little bro.”

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Ep 1 Ch 2 by Tiny Jedi

Sitting in the enormous black leather chair, the armrests rising above his head, the 2-foot-tall Guy waited as his younger sister continued gazing upon him.

            “You look so cute with your T-shirt bigger than you,” Laurissa said cheerfully.  “Your head pokes out so adorably.”

            “Can we get on with it?” he said, not wanting to shrink further, but also not wanting to hear his sister’s comments about his size.

            “Of course,” she cooed.  Guy watched as her calf began to gently rise and fall, her blue jeans hugging every curve of her sculpted legs.  “So, little bro… at least for now, touching me is out of the question.  It will only make you shrink… smaller… and smaller… and smaller.”

            Guy rolled his eyes.  “All right.  I know.  Are you even trying to help me, or are you just having fun?”

            “It can be both,” she answered, smirking.  “Let’s try something less arousing than you actually touching me.  Okay… close your eyes.”  She watched as her brother took a few seconds, obviously giving her direction some thought before finally deciding to shut them.  “Good.  Very good…  Now don’t worry.  Just listen to the sound of my voice.”

            He listened as his sister’s words entered his mind… her voice extraordinarily feminine, soft, and sensual.  Whoa, he thought.  Laurie’s voice is almost too much to handle… just her voice by itself.  She sounds like someone who does phone sex for a living.

            “Very good, Guy,” the 16-year-old said sweetly.  “You can relax.  We’re simply going to have you visualize what I say.  Just be as honest with me as you can.  Can you do that for me?”

            “Yes,” he responded, his voice already sounding much calmer.

            “Good… very good.  Now imagine that it’s yesterday.  I walked into the house.  And you saw me for the first time in four… long… years.  Do you see me in your mind?”

            The 2-foot Guy sat relaxed, dwarfed by the leather chair.  “Yes, I see you clearly.”

            “How do you feel?”

            “I feel… surprised.”

            “Why is that?” she said softly.  “Why are you surprised?”

            “Because… you look so different….”

            “How do I look different?”

            “You’re… you look… grown-up.”

            “Good.  Yes.  How does my body look grown-up to you?”

            “You… Your hips are… you have hips that are very…”

            “Yes?  My hips are…?”

            “So very… curvy.  I feel my heart racing.”

            “It’s okay.  You’re doing really, really well.  You can relax.  This is only happening within your mind… within your thoughts.”

            Guy took a deep breath.

            “What am I wearing?” she asked, her calming voice smooth as silk.

            “You have black leggings that girls in high school wear.”

            “Yes…?  You’re doing so well.  And…?”

            A tingling began to permeate every cell in his body as his height shrunk by a few more inches.  Laurissa then said, “Don’t mind how your body feels, Guy… focus on your thoughts…  What about my leggings that you see?  How do they make you feel?  Just say what first pops into your mind.”

            A smile crept to her brother’s face, before he finally responded, “Horny.”

            “My legs are making you horny?”

            “Yes… but then I looked at your boobs.  Your T-shirt is so tight that I can’t look away.”

            “Why can’t you look away from my shirt?”

            “Because…”  His breathing quickened as it became shallow.  “Because I didn’t know your boobs could get so….”

            “So… big?”

            “Yes,” Guy responded.

            “And…” his sister started to say, when suddenly she witnessed his height shrink down to less than a foot.

            Sensing his body disappearing within his T-shirt, Guy opened his eyes.  “Holy shit!” he exclaimed.  He climbed out the neck hole, and ran to the edge of the seat, desperate to climb down and escape — having totally forgotten that his sister’s bedroom door was both closed and locked.

            He perceived the enormous presence of his sister’s body as she neared.  And then he felt his torso being compressed as he was lifted, his feet leaving the surface of the chair.

            Holding his naked body up in front of her face, she gasped, “You’ve shrunk smaller than my dolls.  This is awesome!”

            The now 9-inch-tall Guy pushed with all his might on his sister’s tree trunk-sized fingers.  “No, let me go!”

            “You’re just so small…  I can easily hold you in one hand.”

            Realizing his struggle to free himself was producing zero results, he panted trying to catch his breath… his arms relaxing.  “Laurie…”   He looked at his sister’s gorgeous face… her head as tall as his entire body.  Her long eyelashes batted as she blinked… and then she grinned.  She had a beautiful, mesmerizing smile — the kind of smile that took boys’ breath away, instantly developing a crush.

            And then he felt his feet being set back down upon the leather seat…  His sister’s body lowered as she kneeled… her head just above him, peering down.  “Looks like I have a new toy brother for my doll collection.”

            Guy watched his sister’s eyes glancing up and down his little form.  “Laurie!” he shouted, covering his genitals with his hands.  “I’m naked!”

            “Yes,” she said, smiling.  “Having little brother shrink out of his clothes is just an extra perk.”  She giggled and then gently tapped the top of his head with her fingertip.

            Still covering his privates, he suddenly started to blush a deep red, his face becoming extremely warm.  And he knew he was blushing as the smirk on his sister’s face continued to grow.

            “Well, well… I’m surprised that you shrunk just from imagining my body.  I’ll definitely have to remember this for the future.”

            “Yeah… so what!” Guy said angrily.  “It’s not my fault that you’re super hot.”

            “So, little bro, you’re saying that I’m ‘super hot’?”

            “No…  I mean…” he struggled to finish his thought.  “You’re… just forget it.”

            Guy looked down, but then felt compelled to return his gaze upward — the giant 16-year-old smiling down at him.  His sister truly had the allure and look of a model with exquisite, feminine features.  She had stunning emerald eyes… sculpted cheekbones… a cute perfect nose… and mischievous-looking voluptuous lips.

            And then without warning, he saw Laurissa’s tongue slowly begin to lick her upper lip from right to left.  The teen lowered her body even further so her giant face was down at her brother’s level.  “If you saying I was ‘super hot’ was just a mistake… and you don’t truly think that… then you should have absolutely no problem looking inside your sister’s mouth.”

            “Come on…” Guy’s voice trembled.  “I-I don’t have to play this.”

            He watched as Laurissa’s full lips parted… revealing her perfect white teeth… her giant pink tongue.  “Ahhh…” she moaned.  “Do you like what you see… little brother?  I’m so much bigger than you.  Much, much bigger than you.  I bet my tongue… could beat you up.”

            His entire body began to tingle as his height suddenly shrunk from 9 inches straight down to his smallest size… a mere 1 inch tall.  He stared upward… his sister’s erotic face seeming to have enlarged to epic proportions… her head now towering 50 feet high.

            “Oh, yes…” Laurissa’s sensual voice sounded.  “Yes!  Oh, fuck yes.”  She began to laugh in a throaty, pleasure-filled way.  “Oh, my, my, my… little… little… little Guy.”

            She plucked Guy up betwixt her thumb and fingertip, raising his miniscule naked form before her beautiful green eyes.  “Now, little bro…  Mmmm… it looks like I finally have you at an inch tall.  I always wanted to be the BIG sister.”

            Guy stared at Laurissa’s 5-story face in all her beauty and overwhelming proportions.  Her eyes were as tall as his whole body… as were the lips of her luscious mouth.  Unable to speak, his thoughts rushed through his mind.  No… No… This can’t be.  How could I have let Laurissa shrink me all the way down to 1 inch?  She’s too big!  She’s too fucking huge!  Much too huge!

            The 19-year-old boy suddenly shouted, “No!  No!  Put me down!”

            Laurissa gasped as she grinned.  “Oh, your voice!  It’s so incredibly tiny and cute.”  She dangled him before her eyes.  “Remember, little bro… I can do anything I want with you.  Well… my power is too great with you at this tiny, pathetic size.  It’s not like you could ever hope to stop me.”  She laughed to herself.

            He struggled in vain, watching his sister’s green eyes devour his tiny body.   And then he was lowered down her face as her white grin gleamed before him… her perfect teeth looking impossibly large.

            He yelled, “Give me my medicine!  Right now!” 

            His sister giggled cutely.  “Oh, no, no, no… little Guy.”  Holding him close to her lips while she spoke, “Remember all the times growing up that you told me you wished to be inside a girl’s mouth?  You even showed me the collages on your computer.  Remember?”

            “I know!” he shouted.  “But… but you’re…”

            “I’m your sister?  Well…”  She began to repeatedly bump his tiny frame against her pillowy lips.  “Who better to tease you?  I know your little size fantasies better than anyone.”

            His miniature hands, the size of a head of a pin, bounced off her lips.  “No!  You can’t do this, Laurissa!  I’m still a person!”

            His sister’s giant tongue flicked out, caressing her brother’s bare chest and belly.  “But…”  She giggled, her giant white teeth grinning.  “What if I want a little brother-sized snack?  Maybe I should trap you inside my tummy?”

            “No!  Please!  Don’t eat me!”

            She laughed and then lifted her sibling back up before her eyes.  “Your big, big, big sister is just having fun with you.  I know you secretly like this — even if you protest otherwise.”

            “Let me go, Laurissa!  I don’t want my sister to dominate me!”

            The teen placed him into her left palm, closing her hand as she stood up.  She smirked as she slowly stepped over to her dresser… pulling open a middle drawer.  She lowered and tilted her hand, coaxing her inch-tall brother onto the soft, satin fabric inside.

            Where am I? he thought.  A sweet floral scent pervaded his nostrils and lungs.  And then he realized he had been put inside his sister’s underwear drawer.  Layers of brightly colored and white panties surrounded him, stacked high one on top of the next like a landscape of lingerie.

            He heard the teen’s sultry, girlish voice above him.  “Oh, and one more thing, little bro…  About you using your medicine to regain your size?  I’ve changed my mind.”  The drawer then abruptly moved as it slid all the way shut.

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Ep 1 Ch 3 by Tiny Jedi

The flowery scent of laundry detergent permeated the darkened drawer in which his sister kept her assortment of panties.  Standing 1 inch tall, Guy’s bare feet stumbled across the satin fabric, falling as he landed face first.

            No… he fretted in his mind.  Laurie said she won’t let me use my medicine at all.  No… no… living out my days in my little sister’s underwear drawer is not acceptable.

            “Laurie!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.  “Laurie!  Let me out of here!”  It’s no use.  My voice is too small… too quiet to be heard outside of her dresser.  And then he recalled that his mother had said his sister had been going by her full name, Laurissa, for the past few years, unlike when they were growing up and he always called her Laurie.

            He screamed again, as loud as he possibly could, “Laurissa!  Laurissa!”  He fell to his knees the stacks of her panties towering, looming over his place down at the bottom of the drawer.  “Laurissa!  Laurissa!  Laurissa!”

            He breathed deeply, catching his breath, his fists clenching.  “No… no, no, no!”  He exhaled.  Maybe she’s just teasing me… but then again, if she wanted to keep me this size forever, there’s nothing stopping her.  She could just say to Mom that she hasn’t seen her brother for a while and deny that she knows where I am.  At 1 inch, it would be easy for her to hide me for as long as she wants…  I’m so small… and Laurissa’s so… so… so very gigantic.

            Naked and powerless, the 19-year-old’s face dropped into his hands.  Time seemed to stand still, hopelessness beginning to pervade his tiny mind and body.  And then all of a sudden, the drawer slid open — light filling the space within.  He heard his sister giggle.  “Miss your big sis… little Guy?”

            He squinted as he looked upward at his sibling’s enormous, beautiful face peering down into his prison.  “Let me out, Laurissa.  Please, please, I beg you!  I beg you!”

            She smiled.  “Oh, you’re already begging me, are you?  You’ve only been in there ten minutes.”

            Ten minutes? he thought.  It felt much longer than that he was sure.  His mind attempting to reorient itself… he felt his body being lifted out of the drawer as he was then held in front of his sister’s gorgeous face.  Her head 50 feet tall, he was helpless in her grasp, his tiny feet hanging as he was held loosely between her thumb and index finger.

            She giggled cutely as she continued to dangle her sibling.  “Now I have you… right where I want you.”  She giggled again.  “Oh, don’t you see, Guy?  This is how our relationship was always meant to be.  You as my tiny, shrunken brother.”

            His heart was beating faster and faster with every syllable his colossal sister spoke.  He forced the words from his mouth, “Y-Y-You won’t let me use m-m-my medicine?”

            Bringing him even closer to her face, she answered, “I told you… I changed my mind about you returning to normal size.”  She studied her brother’s reaction as she gradually began to smirk.  And then she added, “Hmm, I suppose… I could give you a chance to win your size back.  What do you say we play a little game of hide-and-seek?”

            Guy’s head lifted, the sound of hope returning to his voice, “You mean, you will let me use my medicine?”

            “Oh, no,” Laurissa purred.  “I didn’t say that at all.  But if you hide and I count to, say 100, to give you plenty of time.  And if I don’t find you in… two minutes… then you can be re-enlarged after the hour is up.  But if I do find you in less than two minutes… then you will never, ever be bigger than you are now.  You will always be my little inch-tall brother.”

            His sister’s instructions whirling about in his head, he suddenly found himself lowered down onto the tan carpeting of his sister’s bedroom floor.  “1… 2…3…” her girlish voice boomed.

            Guy looked skyward at the mind-boggling height of his sister’s curvaceous body… she rose up and up and up… hundreds and hundreds of feet.  She looked like a teenage skyscraper.

            “4… 5… 6…”

            His miniscule frame then automatically darted across the carpet.  The wind rushed past the skin of his naked physique.  Come on.  Run, he thought.  Run.  Run.  Run!  Maybe this is all a game… or maybe she will never un-shrink me, but I’m not taking any chances.

            Guy looked off to his right and saw the space beneath his sister’s mountainous bed.  The opening below the bed was 40 feet high, about half a foot to his sister.  No, it’s too obvious to hide under her bed.  It’s the first place she’d look.  His eyes darted over to the shelving by the wall, which held his sister’s large book collection.  It was much further away, but looked to have nooks and crannies to disappear within.  He sprinted, beginning the long trek across the open space.

            “38… 39… 40… I’m going to get you, little bro.  Time is running out.  41… 42… 43…”

            Oh, no… why did I choose the bookshelf.  It’s much too far.  Guy suddenly came to a complete stop, his eyes hurrying every which way.  “Damn, it!  Where can I hide?  Shit!”  He then started running back the way he came, vulnerable as ever in the middle of his sister’s floor.

            “61… 62… 63…  You better have found a good hiding place, little Guy.  I’m almost at 100.”

            He slammed on the brakes again, turning back toward the bookshelf, running at full speed — faster than ever.  “Shit.  shit.  shit,” he uttered, hearing his giant sister as she happily counted.

            “86… 87… 88… 89… 90…”

            Guy sprinted as he approached the bottom of the shelves.  Come on!  Almost there!

            “94… 95… 96… 97…”

            I’m not going to make it!  Come on, please, make it!

            “99… 100!  Ready or not, little brother… here I come!”

            Guy darted onto the lowest ledge of the wooden bookshelf… his diminutive body slipping in between a pair of towering paperbacks.  He breathed laboriously in and out, his lungs on fire.  “Oh, god… I’ve never run so hard…  Shit!  I hope she didn’t see me.”

            “Hmm… I wonder…” his sister said playfully.  “Where could little brother be hiding?  Is he… under my bed?  Or hiding over by my bookshelf?”

            The 16-year-old moved with exaggerated footsteps across her room, purposely allowing her footfalls to shake the floor.  Boom! … Boom! … Boom!  She then got down on her knees and peeked underneath her bed, scanning meticulously for the tiniest of movements.  “Well…” she spoke loudly.  “It looks like little brother’s not under my bed.  And I know my closet is much too far for little, tiny brother.  Maybe… he’s by the bookshelf, but that’s still pretty far away.  I’ll definitely have to check over there.  But first….”

            Guy’s heart racing incredibly fast, he attempted to squeeze further back behind the books, each one 40 to 50 feet high.  Oh, no… it’s just a matter of time before she checks where I’m hiding.  I have to get out of here.

            After looking carefully beneath her nightstand beside her bed, the teen stood up.  “Well, that means only one thing.  You did run all the way to my books.”  She laughed as she moved closer to the bookshelf.  Boom!  Boom!  Boom!

            Guy heard the sound of books beginning to slide off the shelf.  In a singsong voice, he heard his sister call out, “Liiii…ttle… bruuuu…therrrr…”

            And then Guy heard a loud swoosh sound as several of the giant books were pulled off the shelf simultaneously.  “Aha!  I found you!  I see you little bro hiding behind the shelf by the wall.”

            “Ugh!  No!” Guy grunted as he was captured between his sister’s giant fingertips… lifted up before her beautiful countenance.  He watched as she grinned.  “Yes… I found you.  And it took less than a minute.”  She chuckled to herself.  “You know what that means, don’t you?”
            “Please, Laurissa.... please…”

            “Hush, little one.”  She closed her hand around her brother as she sauntered back to her pink bed… and then stretched her long, shapely body as she lay down on her side.  Then sitting back up, she bent her knees, setting her socked feet on top of the bed.  She placed Guy atop her right knee.

            The little naked man appeared disorientated as he realized that he was a hundred feet above his sister’s bed, the height of a 10-story building.  Sensing his sister’s leg swaying from side to side, he grabbed onto her knee’s blue jeans for dear life.

            “Well, I did find you super fast.  But maybe you can make it up to me by being really quiet while I read my magazine.”  The 16-year-old reached over to her nightstand and grabbed a copy of Seventeen.  She opened it, flipping to a specific page.

            From the top of his sister’s knee, Guy was then lifted off and placed onto the girl’s belly as she lay down on her back — her shirt having been pulled up to just below her breasts exposing her remarkably toned midsection.  He heard her giggle, saying, “There, now don’t make a peep… and lie down next to my navel.”

            Doing as he was told, he lay down beside her bellybutton… his naked flesh pressing onto his sister’s warm, smooth skin.  Taking a deep breath, he thought, What is Laurissa doing?  I’m not sure, but I better stay quiet while she’s reading.

            The teen flipped the page, arching her back as she stretched her abdomen.  Smiling, she said, “Very good… little brother.”

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Episode 2 Chapter 1 ... 2-6-17 by Tiny Jedi

Sitting in the kitchen with the morning sun stretching across the table, Guy held his spoon, looking down at his bowl of Cheerios.  He was surprised that yesterday his sister actually let him use his medicine after an hour and get back his size.  Guy’s mother was standing by the counter, busy preparing her lunch before heading off to work.

            “I’m about set to go, Guy.”

            “Yeah… okay…” he mumbled, his mind distracted.  All the 19-year-old could think about was having spent nearly an hour on top of his sister’s toned abs… the two of them in silence as she read her teen magazine.  What Guy didn’t want Laurissa to know was that he was so incredibly quiet for so long because all of his mental energy was focused on not getting sexually turned on.  While he had laid naked at 1-inch atop the smooth skin of the teen’s belly, her body heat radiating all around him… he was shocked when he noticed an erection forming.  How could she arouse me like that?  She wasn’t doing anything.  She just had me on her stomach…and we weren’t talking or anything.  How could my sister… my SISTER… give me a boner?  At least I made it disappear before she noticed it.  From now on, I won’t get another erection from Laurissa.  Period.

            The sound of footsteps came running down the stairs as his buxom 16-year-old sister suddenly appeared… sauntering over to the kitchen.  Guy glanced up seeing the remarkably attractive brunette before he looked back down — feeling his sister rub the top of his head.  “Morning, big brother…  Morning, Mom.”

            “Oh, hello, sweetie,” her mom answered.  “So, did you have a chance to visit with your brother yesterday?”

            “Oh, yes.  It was… how would you say, Guy?  Informative?”

            Laurissa noticed no reaction in her brother as he kept staring at his bowl of cereal.  She continued, “It had been so many years since we saw each other, and Guy couldn’t help himself.  He just had to come into my room and share his true feelings with me.”

            “Oh, that’s nice, honey.”

            “That’s — that’s not what I did,” Guy interrupted.

            “Really?” his sister answered, giggling, crossing her arms as her eyes met her sibling’s.  “Well, I’m sure you had fun looking through my books… not to mention spending some quiet time with me while I read my magazine.”

            Guy turned away, not wanting to look into his sister’s green eyes longer than he had to.  He took a bite of his cereal.

            “Well, it’s wonderful,” his mom said, “that the two of you are getting along with each other.”  Turning to her son, she added, “And you’re doing a great job, Guy, keeping your shrinking under control while living with your sister.”

            “Um… yeah,” he said.

            “Well, I’ll see both of you later.  I’m off to work.”  She walked over to the front door and exited the house, the door closing behind her.

            Guys swallowed hard, sensing that the large, middleclass house had just two inhabitants… once again alone with his sibling.  He started to eat his Cheerios faster.  As his sister sat down with her own bowl of cereal, he quickly slurped the last of his milk and then stood up.  He returned the bowl to the kitchen sink.

            “You know, big brother, we can practice today… if you want?”

            “Yeah, uh… I don’t think I need it, little sister.”  He walked past her.

            “Little sister?”  Laurissa laughed.  “So, what?  You’re saying that you won’t shrink if I seduce you again?”

            He turned around, crossing his arms.  “That’s right.  I won’t shrink.”

            His sister smirked.  “I know you would shrink, Guy.  Really… really small.”

            Guy walked over to the stairs, hearing his sister’s girlish voice.  “When you’re ready… I’ll be in my bedroom, big brother.”

            He ran up the stairs and headed to his own room, shutting the door as he plopped down on his bed… breathing out in an irritated huff.  Putting his hands behind his head, he thought, Who does Laurie think she is?  Thinking her brother can’t resist her flirting with him.  Yeah, well, I can resist her.  It doesn’t matter that she’s now super hot.  She can’t make me shrink anytime she wants.

            He suddenly got up and left his room, heading down the hall.  He then spotted his sister who was just coming up the stairs, a bowl of cereal in her hands.  He stopped in front of his sister’s room.  “Laurie,” he said firmly, “I know I can resist you.  I’m ready to try again.”

            “Wow, that was fast,” she commented, walking past him and entering her room.  “Come inside.  Just let me finish my breakfast.”

            Guy stepped into the room of pink blankets and heart-shaped pillows… posters of horses and boy bands… girlish decorations and stuffed animals.  Just being present in her bedroom was like being swallowed by his sister’s teenage mind.  Guy took a deep breath as he once again sat down in the armchair in the corner as his sister sat on the edge of her bed, crossing her legs.

            “How long are you going to…?” he asked impatiently.

            “Until I’m done with my cereal?  What — are you wanting to take a swim in my milk?”

            Guy looked down, grimacing from his sister’s comment.  “Fine.  I can wait.”

            A couple minutes later, Laurissa set the bowl aside.  “As you can see, Guy… I’m wearing very conservative clothing: blue jeans instead of shorts… a sweatshirt… I’m basically doing this so you don’t get too horny.”

            Guy laughed.  “I think I can handle it.  My little sister can wear whatever she wants.”

            Laurissa tilted her pretty head, smiling.  “Correct me if I’m wrong… but didn’t you shrink to 1-inch-tall just yesterday… and I was wearing jeans and a long-sleeved shirt at the time.”

            Guy touched his face nervously.  “Th-That’s because… I wasn’t ready.”

            “Oh… I see.  You weren’t ready.”  She giggled.  “And are you ‘ready’ now, big brother?”

            “Of course,” he answered, his attempt at confidence failing him by the cracking of his voice.  “I mean, I know I’m stronger at resisting sexual thoughts… stronger than I was before.”

            His sister gazed into his eyes.  “Well, before I strip off these clothes… let’s chat a bit, okay?”

            “Y-Y-You said… y-you’re going to s-s-strip?”

            “Not to worry, bro.  I have my summer clothes under this… shorts and a tank top.  It is hot outside after all.  You needn’t worry that your sister would be totally nude in front of you.”

            He watched his sister smirking, knowing that she already had him in the palm of her hand, so to speak.  He touched the collar of his T-shirt as he swallowed… beginning to fidget in his seat.

            “Big brother, are you… all right?”

            “Sure.  Sure.  Never better.”  He repositioned himself in the chair, trying his best to appear comfortable.

            “All right,” she said, crossing her legs the other way.  “So, Guy… I did some calculations using both of our heights.  And it turns out…”  A big grin beamed from her beautiful face as she spoke enthusiastically.  “When you shrink all the way down to 1 inch… that makes me just over 400 feet tall from your perspective.  Isn’t that awesome?  Making you tiny is so much fun!”

            Guy anxiously touched the top of his head, and then touched his face.  His voice cracked as he spoke, “400, you say?  I-I-I remember you looked super tall.  Oh — how about we skip the small talk… I mean… the regular talk… not small talk… just… two family members talking… you know, just…”

            “This isn’t… making you uncomfortable, big brother, is it?”

            “Oh, no… no.  I’m fine.”  He nervously touched the side of his head.

            “Okay, we can skip breaking the ice with conversation.”  He watched his sister slowly stand up, grasping the bottom of her sweatshirt as if preparing to remove it.  She paused, gazing down at him.  “Don’t worry… I have a tank top underneath this.”

            “J-J-Just a second,” he quickly said, motioning with his hands for her to stop.

            “Guy, it’s summer…  I’m not going to wear this hot sweatshirt all summer.”  She crossed her arms as she lifted the garment upward… exposing the skintight black tank top beneath.  His eyes widened as Laurissa lifted the sweatshirt up and over her beautiful brunette head… his sister’s DD’s bouncing slightly while she moved her arms to fully strip off the bulky sweatshirt.  He watched her then toss the sweatshirt onto the floor… her big breasts jostling within her top.

            He started to feel a tingling feeling wash over his whole body.  And there was no amount of will power that could reverse the deluge of erotic imagery he had just witnessed.  His height immediately diminished as he shrunk down to 3 feet tall… his now much-too-large clothing draping over him.

            Guy saw his sister gaze down at him as he sat before her… a smirk on her full lips.  “Is this too stimulating for you… big brother?”  Her fingertips grasped the zipper of her blue jeans.

            His eyes fixated on his sister’s toned upper-body… he observed her magnificent boobs stretching her top to the maximum.  He was speechless.  And then… zziiiiiiiipp.  His sister tugged on her blue jeans, her pelvis moving side to side as her jeans slid down her wide, curvaceous hips.  A pair of short cut-off jean shorts hidden beneath… now hidden no longer.

            Holy shit! he thought.  Laurie has perfect legsHow can they be so perfect?  He gawked, his eyes glued to the sculpted masterpiece of his sister’s long, powerfully built legs… shapely and muscular… toned and athletic.  Her lightly tanned skin appeared smooth as silk… her muscles flexing naturally as she lifted her leg to remove the jeans from her left foot.

            She turned around as she giggled, giving Guy a front-row seat to her round, shapely butt… her curvy hips narrowing to her small waist.  As she lifted her right foot, stepping out of her jeans, she cooed, “I’m just wearing summer clothes, Guy.  Lots of girls at the mall dress like this.  It’s good practice for you to get used to seeing what girls wear.”

            Tossing her jeans onto the floor, she slowly turned around… but her brother was not there… just a pile of his clothes resting on the chair.  She stepped closer.  And then she slid her long elegant fingers inside her brother’s T-shirt.

            She snatched up the tiny naked form between her fingertips… lifting her sibling’s 1-inch body high up in front of her face.  She smirked, her emerald eyes flashing.  “Well, well… little brother has become fun-size again.  And I thought you said you weren’t going to shrink.”

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Ep 2 Ch 2 by Tiny Jedi

Guy’s naked, inch-tall body was helpless between his sister’s fingertips.  There was nothing… nothing he could do to escape playtime with his skyscraper-sized sibling.  And it still troubled him that he was obviously attracted to his teenage sister’s gorgeous face and body.  He could not deny her seductive curves that had been imprinted forever upon his psyche.

            He finally wrestled up the courage to speak to the titanic teen, his feet still hanging in thin air… hundreds of feet above the carpeting of his sister’s bedroom.  In his high-pitched voice, he shouted, “You can’t keep shrinking me, Laurissa!  I won’t let you!”

            His sister grinned, dangling him before her face.  “I didn’t shrink you, little bro.  You shrunk you.”

            “Th-That is… just playing with the words.  You knew I was going to shrink when you started taking off your clothes.”

            She snickered, lifting her brother even closer to her stunning green eyes.  “I’m still dressed, aren’t I?  It’s not like I took my jean shorts or tank top off.  I can’t help it if you shrunk from me seeing me wear my normal summer clothes.  This is what high school girls wear.”

            “Y-Y-You… You are acting like this is none of your doing.  It’s all your fault, Laurie, for being so… f-f-for looking… well… you know.”

            “No… tell me,” she said, smirking.  “I want to hear how little Guy views his now big… bigBIG sister.”

            Struggling in vain to free himself from her thumb and fingertip, he shouted, “I’m not… I’m not going to say how super hot you are, Laurissa!  Obviously you are.”

            “Oh, so it’s obvious?” she asked, with a big smile.

            “I-I-I didn’t mean to say that.  I meant to say that I shrunk because there are parts of your body that are hard to ignore.  Wait.  I-I-I didn’t mean to say….”

            “Well, little brother…” she cooed.   “I’ll let little you explore the parts of my hard-to-ignore body for yourself... but first…”  She took him over to her bed, setting his itty-bitty form down on her pink blanket.  She kneeled down so her chin was close to the bed’s surface.  “I’ll be right back, little Guy.  And if you run away… our quality brother-sister time will not just be an hour… it will be all day.”

            Guy listened to the 16-year-old giggle as her enormous, curvy body rose up to a standing position… just over 400 feet tall.  He watched his younger sister’s body as she walked away… her shapely hips swaying… her long, athletic bare legs looking amazing as she exited her bedroom.

            Guy stared at the open door.  Last time he was shrunk this small, the door was closed and locked.  But now… it was wide open.  If only it wasn’t his sister who had him alone and shrunk in her bedroom.  Any pretty girl other than his sister and Guy would be eager to explore her giant body.  Too bad he was too afraid to talk to pretty girls… not to mention able to keep his height if he were to try.

            “Laurissa thinks she can tease me and I’ll just stand by and do nothing.  Well, I’m getting back to my room and getting my medicine.  I don’t care if it’s high up on my dresser.  I can do this, I think.  I hope.”

            Running across the football field-sized bed, it took half a minute to arrive at the edge.  Looking down, he felt himself feeling lightheaded.  Oh, no… how am I going to get down?

            Just then his sister re-entered her bedroom.  “You weren’t trying to escape… were you?  Well, you didn’t get very far.”  She chuckled as she plucked her brother from the blanket.  Sitting down on her bed, she set Guy on top of her right thigh.  She held a white bowl of plump blueberries before him.

            “We’re going to play a game of exploration.  Go on, little bro.  Take one.”

            The bowl tipped as several of the bright blue spheres tumbled to the edge.  He walked over and grunted as he picked up a single 3-foot-in-diameter berry.  “Shit, it’s too heavy,” he uttered as he toppled over.

            He looked up seeing his sister giggle.  “Silly little brother.  You took the biggest one.  That’s much too big for someone as tiny and weak as you.”  She reached down and selected the smallest one in the batch, lowering her fingers before Guy.

            The berry was about the size of a small beach ball.  He tested its weight in his hands realizing it was not too cumbersome.  He then heard Laurissa’s voice as she spoke in a more seductive tone than usual.  “I want little brother to climb his big sister’s body.  All you have to do is carry the blueberry up to my mouth.  Simple, isn’t it?”  She smiled, extending her legs… and then set her naked brother down on the carpeting in front of her white socked feet.  “Here is where you start.”

            The 19-year-old looked at his sister’s giant toes wiggling within her socks.  He heard his sister giggle again.  “Come on, little Guy.  When we were kids we wrote a story about a boy shrinking and then climbing a giant girl.  Remember?  Well, now you get to climb your sister for real.”

            Guy stared at Laurissa’s giantess-sized feet, knowing he had to go along with her game.  The sooner he accomplished this task, the sooner he could be in his room using his medicine.

            He stared upward, seeing his sister’s knee over 100 feet above him.  He took a deep breath as he climbed up onto her toes — her big toe over half his height. With the blueberry under his arm, he nearly fell over as his sister’s foot began to arch.  Regaining his balance, he continued to climb carefully up along Laurissa’s foot.  After a minute he came to the top of her sock, just past her ankle.  Her leg was slanted just enough to allow him to climb her.

            He noticed his sister’s giant feminine hands reaching down as she caressed her shapely calf.  “Playing soccer has given me strong legs.  Ever since we were kids, I fantasized about you shrinking and then climbing me.”

            Taking a deep breath, Guy pressed his body against the smooth skin of his sister’s shin.  There was just enough friction that he could ascend his teenaged sister.  He climbed up and up… inch by inch…. slowly making his way up her leg.

            Pausing, he saw her knee still far off in the distance.  He momentarily glanced downward, his mind shocked at how high off the ground he already was.  Oh, no… what if I fall.  I just have to reach my sister’s knee.  I can do it.

            He struggled to climb higher still.  And when his arms and legs had given his last, he finally reached the curve of her knee.  He pushed the blueberry up onto Laurissa’s thigh as he collapsed.  He felt his sister’s powerful quadriceps flexing underneath him as his sister extended her leg.  “Ooh, you’re doing so well, little brother.  You made it all the way to your big sister’s lap.”

            Determined to complete his task, he got up and ran with the berry across his sister’s enormous thigh.  He finally crossed over to her jean shorts, when he heard her laugh.  “Even if you climb up my tank top, little bro, do really think you can make it beyond my big boobs?”

            He glanced skyward.  The bottom of her mountainous breasts was another 70 feet up.  I’ll have to deal with Laurissa’s breasts when I actually get there.  All of a sudden, Guy felt his genitals beginning to feel a bit too good.  Oh, no… he thought while glancing down.  He saw his cock starting to turn into an erection.  “Shit,” he said out loud.  “Not now… not with my sister.”

            He swallowed hard as he pressed on, continuing his ascent, doing his best to not think that he was climbing in the direction of his sister’s giant breasts… which he knew were really big even when he was normal-sized.  Focusing on the climb and nothing else… he ascended his sister’s black tank top, the fabric clinging so closely to her abdomen he could feel the heat of her body.

            He climbed and climbed… and climbed… inch by inch… by inch…  His arms tiring, he looked up and realized the massive wall of his sister’s tits pressed outward extending far over his head.  It would require the skill of an expert climber to hang underneath his sister’s enormous breasts… and that’s just to reach the point of climbing vertically once again.

            I can’t do it… Laurie’s tits are too huge.  But as Guy feared all hope was lost, his sister’s colossal body began to move as she leaned back on her bed, arching her back, her boobs now jutting upward toward the ceiling.

            “Is that better, little bro?  Mmm… now you can climb all over your sister’s DD’s.”

            The teen’s mounds rose up, towering over his inch-tall frame, her top hugging closely to the prodigious curves of her breasts.  Guy paused to catch his breath before beginning the climb onto Laurissa’s bosom.  He glanced down, and to his shock, he didn’t just have a slight boner… his cock was fully stiff and throbbing.  No… no, this can’t be!  How can my sister manipulate my sex drive like this?  What if she sees my boner?

            “Come on, little bro,” she flirted in her teenage voice   “Big sister is waiting for you to climb her big, big… big boobs.”

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Ep 2 Ch 3 by Tiny Jedi

His inch-tall body trembling as he stood at the base of his sister’s bosom, Guy glanced down once more seeing his full erection.  Damn it… It must have been the friction from climbing up Laurissa’s abdomen… I’ll just have to hold the blueberry in front to hide my boner.

            Guy began to climb upward.  The skintight black tank top held the shape of her bosom incredibly well.  It was obvious he was climbing up his sister’s enormous breast, despite her being clothed.  As he inched his way upward, he heard Laurissa’s flirtatious giggle.  “Having fun, little bro?”  She stretched, arching her back while lying on her bed.  “I bet growing up with your shrinking fetish, you never knew one day you’d actually be shrunk and scaling the heights of your sister’s DD’s.”

            Guy grunted as he continued upward…  Finally he got onto his feet as he marched the rest of the way to the top of his sister’s breast.  And then he caught the image of her face… as gorgeous as it was gigantic.  “Quite the little climber you are, little bro,” she said, giving an exaggerated sexy wink, her mouth open slightly.

            Concealing his boner behind the blueberry, he paused catching his breath.  “I-I-I’m just… delivering this blueberry to your mouth… and then I’m done with your game.”

            “Oh, little Guy…” she said amorously.  “Don’t you like climbing your big sis?  Little brothers should climb their big sisters more often.  It brings siblings so much closer together.”

            He couldn’t believe just how much his younger sister was playing up the parts of his shrinking fetish.  He grimaced knowing that she was purposely pushing his buttons.  She knew his fantasies better than anyone in the world… and right now there was nothing he could do but listen to her teasing.

            He watched as she tilted her head back, her long neck stretching.  “Well, my little delivery boy.  Big sister’s mouth is waiting.”  She parted her lips in anticipation.

            Guy walked down the slope of her breast, and then arrived on the bare, silky skin just below her collarbone.  He knew Laurissa could feel every single step of his bare feet on her skin.  He glanced back momentarily — his eyes stunned as he saw the opening in his sister’s tank top… her epic cleavage rising up before his tiny eyes.

            Struggling to turn his gaze away from the mesmerizing view, he felt his heart rate having instantly accelerated… sensing the uncontrollable pounding in his chest.  His breathing having quickened, he held steadfast as he marched on toward the base of his sister’s neck.

            He took a deep breath, holding the blueberry underneath his arm.  I just have to climb up Laurissa’s neck… up over her chin… and I’m home free.

            He pressed his body onto the soft smoothness of her skin… beginning his climb up her neck.  He could feel the intense warmth of her skin as he pressed all of himself into the act of climbing her.  Oh, no… my boner isn’t going away.  If anything, it’s getting harder.  I can’t stop my arousal with all the friction.

            And then his whole body vibrated as Laurissa’s vocal cords began to speak.  “Oooh… you’re so… very… verylittle.  Aren’t you?  You’re so little… little brother.”

            Damn it, he thought.  She is only making my boner worse with her talking about my size.  But I have to get up there… Come on… I can do this!

            As Guy’s hand reached upward to his sister’s chin, his arm suddenly slipped.  “Oh, no!” he shouted, watching the blueberry fall, bouncing as it rolled.  It rolled and rolled… and then the berry stopped right at the entrance of his sister’s cleavage.

            Dropping back down along his sister’s collarbone, Guy breathed a sigh of relief.  His tiny feet ran over towards the blueberry, bending to pick it up when he heard his sister’s voice, her head tilting back forward to face him.  “Well, well… can you imagine if it actually rolled in between your sister’s boobs?”  She giggled, adding, “I would have had no choice but to order you to go in after it.”

            Then without warning, he found himself lifted up high into the air… Laurissa’s titanic body moving as she sat up straight.  She crossed her legs as she dangled Guy before her face between her fingertip and thumb.

            He observed his sister’s flawless beautiful smile.  “Here, let me help you,” she cooed.  Her full lips separated… her enormous tongue extending before his eyes.

            Holy shit, he thought, as his body was brought right up close to the side of the teen’s giant wet tongue.  He could see the texture of her glistening pink muscle as Laurissa moved it slowly from side to side… curling the tip slightly.

            He hesitated, seeing the profound size differential in front of him, his heart rate at its maximum.  Her tongue was nearly twice as wide as he was tall… and he was suddenly all-too-aware that the blueberry was not the only thing that could be considered ‘bite-size’.  As he looked into his sister’s cavernous mouth, he quickly placed the berry onto her tongue, careful that it wouldn’t roll away.

            Her tongue receded inside as her voluptuous lips closed, and she began to chew.  “Mmm…” she moaned.  She raised her brother back up in front of beautiful green eyes.

            Guy then saw her eyes flash as they widened.  Oh no… he thought.  I still have an erection.  And my arms are pinned down.

            “Is that…?  Oh, my…”  Her sexy voice sounded with girlish glee.  “This is just too perfect.  Little brother has a little boner.”  She giggled, saying, “Oh, don’t worry.  It looks big… considering how teeny-tiny you are.”

            As his body was rotated in front of her eyes, Guy shouted, “No!  It’s not what it looks like!”  He was helpless before her beautiful, seductive emerald eyes while they examined his arousal.  He was at full salute… his hard-on pulsating.  And he could tell she was in no hurry to put him down.

            “Laurissa!” he shouted desperately, feeling his face turning extremely warm… no doubt turning bright red.  “I said it’s not what it looks like, Laurissa!”

            “Oh, is that so?” she finally answered, continuing to examine him.  “It looks like… you got a boner from your little sister.  And it looks like it’s not going away.”

            He remained silent… not just from his embarrassment, but not knowing how to respond to his younger sister’s statement of fact: His boner was not going away.

            All of a sudden, Guy felt the teen’s long fingernail caress the underside of his erection, causing his cock to wobble in front of him.  He gasped as he felt himself squirt a little cum.  “Laurissa, I’m serious!  Please!”

            “Fine,” she said, placing her brother into the palm of her left hand, and lifting him in front of her face.  “But I want to talk about this, little bro.”

            Guy stood, still blushing, awkwardly attempting to cover his little throbbing manhood.  He knew that his sister’s 50-foot-tall gorgeous face and head was not going to make his arousal disappear.  “There’s nothing to talk about,” he said.

            His sister giggled again.  “I think your boner is saying a lot more than you are willing to admit.  Well… is it my body that is making you turned on?  Or is it because you are an inch tall?”

            “Laurissa!” he said, feeling uncomfortable with the whole topic.

            “Maybe it’s… both?  Well, little bro, I find your attraction to me to be very cute.”

            “I’m not!” he shouted. “I mean, I am!  I mean… it’s your fault, Laurie!”

            “How is it my fault that you’re attracted to me?”

            “Because you grew up to look the way you do!  You’re not supposed to be this… this… this hot.  You’re my little sister.”

            Guy watched a smirk come to the giant teen’s lips.  He sensed within himself the desire to stop talking… the need to stop talking… but he continued speaking anyway.  “Laurie, the doctors thought it was best I don’t spend time with girls because of my disease… and then I finally meet you again when you’re age 16… and you…”


            “You know!” he shouted. “Those legs and hips…that butt… those big tits… your face!  Okay!  Satisfied?!”

            His sister appeared as though she were fighting off a huge grin… gazing quietly at the brother in her palm.

            “Hey!” Guy shouted.  “Just because I can see that you’re gorgeous… just like everyone in the world who is not blind can see how beautiful you look… that doesn’t mean I should act on it.  It’s super obvious that you’ve grown up to be extremely hot.  Okay, I said it — you’re extremely hot, Laurissa.  But incest is taboo.  I don’t want to have sex with my sibling… with my sister… even if you’re super sexy.”

            “Well, Guy…” she cooed.  “Then why is it, that you still have a boner while your ‘little’ sister holds you in the palm of her hand?”

            “Umm… uh….” he uttered.  “I guess…”

            “I know what turns you on, little bro.  I know all your little fantasies.  We grew up talking about shrinking and giantesses… until it was well past our bedtimes.   It’s just that you didn’t know you’d end up with the shrinking disease.  No one did.”

            She then got up off her bed, and sauntered over to her dresser, opening the drawer.  She lowered him inside.  “Maybe my panties will help put your size fetish in perspective.  What you’ve really wanted your whole life, little bro… is to resist someone who is irresistible.”  The drawer then slid shut.

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Episode 3 Chapter 1 ... 7-21-17 by Tiny Jedi

Guy was relaxing on the sofa on a Monday morning.  The 19-year-old’s mother had left for work an hour ago.  And his younger sister?  She had been out with her girlfriends for the entire weekend and wasn’t expected back until Tuesday at the earliest.

            Guy figured that Laurissa was giving him a ‘break’ from shrinking.  After all, she did have him down to a single inch not just once but twice.  On two consecutive days, he couldn’t resist his sister’s allure and his height consequentially dwindled leaving him at the teen’s whims and mercy.

            He still couldn’t believe that his sister was now 16… and that her body had developed the way that she had.  “Curvy to the extreme” was how Guy had previously thought about her figure.  She had obtained her driver’s license just one week ago, and she could now go wherever she pleased whenever she wanted.

            Guy yawned, stretching his arms out at his sides.  He had a whole summer day all to himself.  He was about to stand up… thinking he’d head over to the kitchen and check out what’s in the fridge… when suddenly the front doorknob was turned, being unlocked.  His eyes bulged, witnessing his sister enter the house.

            He could feel the throbbing of his heartbeat — hearing it pounding in his neck.  “Oh — uhh…” he uttered, his voice stumbling.  “L-L-Laurissa.  Y-You’re home a day early.”

            The stunning teen simply glanced over at her brother, brushing her long brunette locks being her right ear… a subtle smirk upon her lips.  “Mm-hmm,” she said, followed by an amused, girlish giggle.

            The surprise of seeing his sister was a bit too much for Guy.  As he watched her move past him into the kitchen, the teen’s wide hips swaying in her short cutoffs, a slight jiggle of her large breasts in her tight-fitting white tank top… Guy felt a wave of tingling rush over his whole body, and he abruptly sat up straight on the sofa.

            Calm down!  Calm down! his thoughts shouted in his head.  Breathe.  Relax.  He took a deep breath in… and then exhaled.  He felt that the grip the shrinking disease had on him was beginning to subside.  He breathed out… calmly… slowly.

            Guy leaned forward, bending his neck, unable to see his sister as he heard the opening and closing of kitchen cabinets.  Shit, he thought.  I can’t believe I almost started shrinking that fast.  It’s only because I was totally caught off guard.  Not expecting her till tomorrow.  He then spoke aloud, “She seems to be getting even hotter… if that’s possible.”

            “Did you say something?” Laurissa asked, returning to the living room, a tall glass of lemonade in her hand.  She took a seat about eight feet away, crossing her athletic, shapely soccer-legs.

            “M-Me?” he stammered.  “No, nothing.”  He looked down, not wanting to take in more of the image of Laurissa than necessary.

            He heard his sibling’s sensual voice as he continued to stare at the floor.  “It sure is… hot… don’t you think?”

            “What?  I didn’t say that… I mean, right now I didn’t call you ‘hot’.”

            “Guy, I’m talking about the weather outside.  Being summer, you know.”

            Guy smiled sheepishly.  “Of course, Laurie.”  He looked up momentarily seeing the teen take a sip from her glass… her blue eyes looking directly into his.  His gaze immediately fell away, back down to the living room carpet.

            A long pause filled the room… when his sister finally broke the silence… shattering it completely.  “So, when are you going to be my little inch-brother again?”

            Guy touched the back of his head, feeling himself squirm on the sofa cushion.  Thursday he had been shrunk by his sister.  Friday he had again been shrunk by his sister.  Saturday and Sunday she was gone, having fun out with her friends… so he was his normal size.  And now Monday… with his mother having left for work… how was he to respond to his sister’s bold and direct question.

            “Guy, I asked you when you will be shrunk and in the palm of my hand again.”  Her voice was not as demanding as it was playful, and he knew that his sister loved the shrinking fetish since she was a little child the sane as he did.  It’s just he never knew that shrinking would become a reality with his flesh-and-blood little sister.

            “Uh, Laurie…” he began, keeping his focus downward.  “I appreciate your help in building up my tolerance so I stay normal size longer.”  And then, when he should have kept staring pathetically at the floor, he bravely looked at his sister only to see her nonchalantly stretching her arms out while stretching her midsection, her back arching.

            “Oh, my…” he uttered, seeing the grandeur of his sibling’s DD’s pressing up against the thin fabric of her top.  He saw her smile.  And then his body tingled as he shrunk down over a foot in front of his sister.

            “I-I-I need to go,” his voice cracked, rushing off the sofa and over to the stairs.  He yelled back, feeling the need to justify his use of the shrinking antidote, “This doesn’t count.  We’re not doing it now.  Maybe later.”

            Having quickly ascended the stairs he headed down the hall to his bedroom… shutting the door behind him.  He carefully took a single drop of his medicine on his fingertip, and then proceeded to swallow it.  Sitting down on his bed, he breathed out, his height soon returning to normal.

            After a few minutes, he lay down.  His eyes had just shut when he heard a knock at the door.  “Yes?” he grumbled, his voice sounding annoyed.

            The door swung open, though he was facing the opposite direction and didn’t see his sister’s entrance.  He felt the weight of her body as she plopped down beside him.  Her bubbly teen voice teased, “Oh, come on big brother.  Don’t be like that.  You know you like shrinking a lot.”  She paused, adding, “I know you do.”

            He listened to her cute giggle, an irresistible seductive quality to it.  He could feel something new within himself.  It was arousal.  And it wasn’t from looking at his sister as was the case usually.  This time it was simply her words… her attitude… the ideas about her shrinking him that was creating this strange feeling.  And he felt it deep within his core.  It was a sensation of both longing and terror… intimacy and destruction.  The way a moth is drawn to an open flame was how he pictured the feelings within his mind.

            He abruptly sat up, uncomfortable with the imagery he imagined.  Laurissa then got off the bed and began to leisurely step about her brother’s room.  “I don’t come in here that often,” she commented.   “Could be fun to have you tiny and helpless in your own bedroom.  Wouldn’t you say?”

            Guy laughed nervously, attempting to deflect the notion.  “Um, no.  I don’t think that would be fun at all.”  He watched his sister’s gaze fall on him as she gave him a playfully angry look.  “Nice try, big brother.”  She stepped closer… slowly, deliberately.  Her right knee came to rest along Guy’s left thigh, pressing down into the surface of his bed.  She repeated herself, “Nice try… big… big…brother.  Do you like being my big brother, Guy?”

            He swallowed, his breathing suddenly having become shallow, his heart speeding up.  “What… Wh-What are you talking…?”

            “Oh, nothing,” she replied, smiling.  “I just want to see if I can shrink you with my words alone… turn you on with your own size fetish.”

            He stared at the breathtaking beauty of his sister’s face.  Her mischievous full lips, her elegant cheekbones, the temptation of her captivating blue eyes.  He gulped, sensing the laser-like hold she possessed as she continued gazing into his eyes.

            “You’re doing so good, big brother.  See?  You haven’t shrunk even though I’m wearing the same type of summer clothes that made you get smaller and smaller last time.  Our lessons are helping you.  Practice works.”

            Guy laughed nervously.  “Th-That’s because I’m purposely not looking at what you’re wearing… not for more than a second at a time.”

            The teen giggled, moving her buxom body closer, looking down into her brother’s eyes.  “Well, I’m sure you couldn’t have lasted this long a few days ago.”

            Her deep blue pools were penetrating his psyche.  Look away, he thought.  I can’t.  Why can’t I look away?  “Laurie…”

            She lowered he body as her hip and ass pressed onto the bed’s surface… their eyes now at an equal level.  “Is that better?  Do you feel less overwhelmed by me not looking down at you?”

            He swallowed again, unable to answer.  How can Laurissa control me like this?  It’s her beauty that has me under her control.

            “Tell me, Guy,” she cooed.  “Have you always liked being the big brother growing up?  Did it give you pleasure being bigger than your sister?”

            His breathing was incredibly shallow… his mouth agape.  He sensed that his palms were sweating.  “You can’t, Laurie… have this much power over me… simply by saying stuff.”

            She laughed quietly, smugly.  “Big brothers… are meant to… become… little brothers.  Isn’t that right… little Guy?”

            The erotic inflection in her voice as she uttered ‘little’ before his name was evidently too much as his mind went off a cliff.  His body was overwhelmed with its tingling sensations, and he began to shrink in front of and so close to his sister’s position on the bed.  He instantly shrunk the usual foot or more… but his size reduction didn’t stop there.  He kept shrinking and shrinking… smaller and smaller… tinier and tinier…. and it all happened rapidly right before his teenaged sister’s gaze.

            And then he was swallowed up within his T-shirt and shorts.  He immediately knew he had shrunk down to his smallest size of 1 inch in height.  Oh, no! he thought as he listened to the rustling sound above his head… his sister’s fingers beginning to search his clothes.  And then his naked body felt the caress of giant fingertips, his sister’s sensual voice saying, “Little… little… little… little brother.”

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Ep 3 Ch 2 by Tiny Jedi

Laurissa has me!  There’s no way she’ll let me return to normal size until she’s had her fun.  Guy felt his naked body being compressed as he was lifted up and out of his T-shirt.

            His head spun as he was raised high into the air, his inch-long body dangling as the now familiar sight of his sister’s gorgeous billboard-sized face came into view.  Between her thumb and index finger he struggled with all his might, but to think he could defeat a teenaged girl who was hundreds and hundreds of feet tall was unrealistic to say the least.

            Laurissa laughed smugly.  “I knew I’d have you small again.”  Moving her feminine hand, her wrist gently bent back and forth as Guy’s itty-bitty legs swayed from side to side.  “I never said it before, little bro, but you getting the shrinking disease is the best thing that could have ever happened to our relationship.  I absolutely love having you tiny.”

            Guy knew that his younger sister had always enjoyed the size fetish, just as he did, but her enjoyment of it seemed to be taking a more personal turn — an almost incestuous turn of events.  The 19-year-old stared into his sister’s giant blue eyes… his heart racing a mile a second.  “Laurissa!  Laurissa!” he shouted in his squeaky, high voice.  “You know I’m not a toy!  Right?  Just because you made me shrink again doesn’t let you —”

            His sibling cut him off, saying, “That’s right, little Guy, I did make you shrink… again.  And it was easier than I thought to turn you on.  I didn’t even have to strip.  But I can always do that if your tolerance gets too high.”

            Guy was speechless as he continued to dangle helplessly in front of his sibling’s face.  Strip?  What is she talking about?  Even if she is incredibly hot, she’s still my sister.  Guy blinked as he shouted once again — his tiny voice barely audible, “Laurissa!  I am an adult!  I’m over 18.”

            The girl smirked.  “Yes, and it pleases me how our roles have reversed.  You’re older than I am… and yet I have all the power.  You’re the big brother… but I can hold you in the air effortlessly like this… like you weigh nothing.”

            His sister’s teasing was beginning to cause excitement in his genital region, and he was desperate to stop his arousal.  Anything to make his mind go blank.  Guy grunted as he struggled in vain to free himself.  “Let me go!”

            “Come now, little bro.  Is that anyway to treat your sister who is the size of a goddess to you?”  She giggled bringing him close to her mouth.

            Guy gasped as the teen’s full lips parted and her wet pink tongue snaked out… slowly running across her upper lip.  The next thing he knew his sister had extended her enormous tongue, his diminutive form being pressed into its tip.  He instinctively grabbed hold of the moist, warm muscle… not wanting to fall… and then he was aware that she was no longer holding him with her fingers.

            His naked form crawled desperately further up onto his sister’s tongue — sensing that she was moving it gently from side to side.  He heard her vocal cords vibrate as she said, “Ahhhhh…” lifting her tongue slightly up and down.

            Hearing her girlish giggle again, Guy was completely focused on maintaining his grip, the front of his body firmly pressing onto the top of her tongue.  The next thing he knew was the sensation of footfalls, feeling the ‘thud’ of his sibling’s steps.

            He seemed to be losing his slippery grip, but then he turned his head and suddenly saw the reflection of his sister’s beautiful face.  She was looking in the bathroom mirror, and he saw the surreal image of his nakedness atop her giant extended tongue.  Oh, wow, his thoughts raced.  Oh, wow…  The image of being on his little sister’s tongue combined with feeling the heat and wetness beneath him began to raise his libido to another level.  Oh, no!  This is not happening!  My dick is starting to become a boner… again.  Laurissa choosing to keep me on her tongue for so long isn’t helping.

            “Ahhhhh…” his sister teased again, and then giggled.  She began to speak with Guy holding on for dear life, but her words did not come out clearly.  She returned her tongue inside her mouth… pausing for a moment.  “There.  That’s better.  I can speak clearly with you inside my mouth, little bro.”

            Darkness enveloped him as her mouth closed.  Oh, my God!  She actually brought me all the way in!  This can’t be happening!  Guy shouted, “Laurissa!  Laurissa!  Laurissa!”

            A sliver of light entered as she answered him, “Yes, Guy?  You’ve never been inside your little sister’s mouth before, have you… big brother?”  Her seductive laughter sounded from deep within her throat, surrounding her brother from every direction.  “I was thinking about this all weekend while out with my girlfriends.  I just knew I would get to trap you in my mouth sooner or later.”

            Guy started to shout in protest, but then his sister’s lips sealed shut, leaving him once again in total darkness.  Lying on his side atop her tongue, he sensed Laurissa’s movements… deliberately moving her tongue and him gently from side to side… lifting him up slightly and then back down.  He felt down along his genitals, sensing his cock had become a full erection, and he held his hands around it to protect it, which only made him more aroused.

            She seemed to be in no rush to let him out.  Time within his sister’s mouth went on and on… and on.  And then he heard soft, seductive moans… one after the next… rhythmically rising and following.  Guy took hold of his cock, unable to resist pumping it.  Damn it!  This isn’t fair!  Laurissa can’t do this to me.  But I need the release.

            “Ohhhhh…” his sister cooed.   Her teen voice was already naturally erotic-sounding, even when she was simply speaking normally… when she wasn’t even trying.  But now she was using her God-given talents to the fullest… moaning purposefully… deliberately making her brother feel small inside her.

            “Mmm… little bro.  I’m going to lift you up… play with you along the roof of my mouth for a while.  So, hold on, little Guy.”

            Guy was lost in rapture, stroking his cock.  He then felt the slippery wetness of the top part of her mouth as his shoulder and back slid along… forward and back… forward and back.   Oh, my… oh shit…  He continued pumping away on his rock-hard dick as he finally ejaculated the first part of his jizz.  It gushed out.  “OhhhhLaurissa…” he moaned.  “Laurissa…  Laurissa…”  He didn’t want to cum because of his little sister — but he knew he needed to.  His arousal was past the breaking point, and he was completely helpless to stop it.  Oh, wow…  Oh fucking wow…  He continued to blast out gush after gush of thick cum.  And yet he knew that what was a big load to him was far less than a single drop to his titanic sibling.

            Laurissa’s moans seemed to slow right around the time he was finishing his business.  There was the sound of pleasure and satisfaction in her voice.  “Ooooh… Ohhhh…  Yes.  Does little brother like being trapped in his big sister’s mouth?  What if I never let you out?”  The teen giggled, gently moving her brother around her mouth with her tongue… along the sides of her smooth teeth… and back up to the roof of her mouth — holding him there for ten seconds before starting all over again.

            A few minutes later… light suddenly poured into his sister’s cavernous mouth.  Guy took a deep breath as he felt his inch-body being taken hold of.  He blinked as his eyes adjusted to the new surroundings, squinting from the influx of bright light.  After a moment he saw Laurissa’s huge white grin.  “Did you enjoy being roommates with my tongue, little Guy?”  She laughed happily and confidently to herself.

            He noticed himself being lowered into the palm of her hand.  And as he stood naked, he was lifted before the beauty of her face.  His cock was still extremely hard, and this realization caused his face and cheeks to blush horribly.  He attempted to cover his genitals, but he was simply too aroused.

            “Looks like my tongue wasn’t the only happy roommate.  Did you play with your cock while inside your sister’s mouth?  Come on, little bro.  Tell your big sister the truth.”

            He knew his arousal was more than obvious — hiding it was futile.  He shouted, annoyance in his tiny voice, “Yeah, okay, fine!  I did masturbate.  I did orgasm.  So what!”  He watched a subtle smirk begin to form on Laurissa’s voluptuous lips… until it had become an obvious smirk… and then she was grinning.
            His sister laughed softly to herself while she continued to grin.  She brought her brother close to her lips.  “I’m glad you jerked off, little bro.  It pleases me… greatly.”

            Then holding her palm further away, Guy’s eyes scanned the enormousness of his sister’s 50-foot-high head.  She had flawless beauty… a truly erotic quality to the shape and proportion of her facial features.  Oh, my God, he thought.  Her face… just by itself… is sufficient to bring a man to orgasm.  How can she look that beautiful?  He tried to turn away, but her magnetic presence continued to hold his gaze captive.

            And then she abruptly said, “Oh, I forgot I have a surprise!  But let me first wash you off.”  She walked over to the sink in the bathroom, and proceeded to douse her inch-brother under the faucet.  Drying him in a towel, she returned to her own bedroom, setting Guy down on the pink blanket of her bed.

            Guy stood, curious, observing his towering sister as she stepped gracefully over to her closet.  From this vantage point, he could fully see the hourglass figure she possessed… every curve hugged by her skintight and revealing summer clothing.  She then quickly turned and jumped happily as her large breasts jiggled in her top.  “Look what I found, little bro.”

            Oh, no, Guy thought.

            In his sister’s hand she teasingly displayed a large glass jar, measuring 6 ½ inches high, the type used for canning.  “I found it under the kitchen sink a few days ago,” she said cheerfully.  “And it has a metal lid, too, so little brothers can’t escape.”

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Ep 3 Ch 3 by Tiny Jedi

Laurissa smiled looking down, standing before her naked inch-tall brother who was atop her bed.  Holding the glass jar in her left hand, she tapped a fingernail on its surface.  “This could be the place I keep you when you’re naughty… or maybe, when you’re extra nice.  How’s that sound?”  She plopped down, sitting beside little Guy as he toppled over, tumbling down the bed’s indentation toward his sister’s athletic right thigh.

            Hearing his16-year-old sister giggle at his misfortune, Guy struggled back to his feet as he looked upward.  “Laurissa, please!  You’re so much bigger than I am.”

            She snatched up her brother between her thumb and fingertip, holding him right up close to her model-like face.  “Oh, yes.  I am… much, much bigger than you, aren’t I?  And this jar must seem really big to you, too.”  Setting Guy back down on top of the pink bedspread, she placed the jar close to where he stood.

            The glass container was over 6 times Guy’s height, and he stared upward, his eyes wide.  He then saw Laurissa’s long fingernails as she caressed the glass… flirtatiously running her nails up and down… up and down.  She cooed, “Remember when we were little kids, Guy?  You loved looking at those collages online of men trapped in jars just like this one.”

            Guy crossed his arms.  “Yeah, of course I remember.”

            His towering sister gently tapped him on top of his tiny head, continuing to speak down at him.  “Your fetish is to be helpless… and controlled.  I already know little you enjoy this sort of thing.”  She leaned in closer as Guy took a nervous step backward — his sister’s nearly 50-foot-high face now at more intimate distance.  She teased, “I… absolutely love… men trapped in jars, too.  As much as you do.  Probably more… much more.”

            The look of his sister’s giant blue eyes, her long dark lashes…. her full pouting lips as she spoke every syllable… Guy unconsciously, automatically felt his genitals begin to feel a bit too good as his dick started developing into a boner.  Oh, shit, he thought.  I have to keep my libido under control.  She’s my younger sister!  At least I don’t have a full erection yet.

            He watched the 16-year-old as her nails resumed fondling the side of the jar — from the base at the bottom… all the way up… nearly 40 feet… to its large opening.  Guy exhaled, having forgotten to breathe momentarily… and then took a deep breath in.

            And then he witnessed Laurissa’s elegant hand as she gently tipped the jar, using only the tip of her middle finger… gradually lowering the glass building onto its side.  Guy knew the mouth of the jar couldn’t be much more than a few inches, but from his diminished inch-tall perspective it appeared about 20 feet in diameter.  And then he heard his sister’s girlishly sexy giggle as she lowered her titanic body and then her head, resting her chin upon her blanket.  “Well…” she said, smiling.  “Do I have to trap you in there… or are you going to walk in voluntarily?”

            Guy stared anxiously up at his sister’s beautiful, 50-foot-high head.  He could feel his sibling’s smugness as she laughed to herself… the self-satisfaction in her voice at once both incredibly erotic to him and at the same time disturbingly vexing.  It both pleased Guy and infuriated him that his sister basically knew everything about his shrinking fantasies.  They had shared all their thoughts about the subject when they were children.  His sister knew exactly how to push his ‘arousal’ button… and being an inch tall made it remarkably easy to push that button again… and again… and again.

            Guy defiantly crossed his arms once more.  He didn’t want his sister to control him just because she felt like it.  “You know, I’m thinking…” he said and paused.  Finding his backbone, he then demanded, “I’m older than you, Laurissa.  I’m still older than you, so there is no way that I’m going in there.  That’s final, Laurissa.”

            His sister smirked, her chin still resting on her pink blanket.  “Oh, really?”

            “Uh… yes…” his voice wavered.  “I mean, I am the older brother… and, uh…”

            Before Guy knew it, his body had been plucked off his sister’s bed as his sister’s colossal body sat up tall and straight.  She lifted his tiny form high up in front of her blue eyes.  She spoke with unlimited confidence, “You’re right, Guy.  You are the older brother.  But…”  She giggled, continuing, “You are also the… little brother.  The very, very… very… tiny… little brother.  Isn’t that right, Guy?”

            His torso held firmly between his sister’s thumb and fingertip, Guy realized he was in no position to make demands.  “Okay!” he yelled with his high-pitched voice.  “You’re right, Laurissa!  You’re right!  I’m really, really little.  I’m super small.  I’m sorry, okay.  All right?”

            Guy watched as his sister gently bit her lower lip, obviously relishing every single second of their one-sided ‘sibling interaction’.  Her eyes flashed, speaking amorously, “Well, little bro… I’m glad you can admit how the order of our family goes.  Being older doesn’t make you in charge, does it?”

            Guy knew his sister well enough that she hadn’t the slightest ill will or desire to harm him.  But that didn’t mean she couldn’t play the role of the dominating sister.  He heard her say again, this time with more force, “Does it?”

            “No, no, it doesn’t,” he answered submissively.  “My being older doesn’t make me in charge, at all.”

            The teen smirked and then dangled Guy from side-to-side so his little legs moved limply about like the tiniest of rag dolls.  “I love being so much bigger than you, little bro.”  She moved her long, gigantic body so her feet were resting on the bed, her back arched, her left arm propping herself up.  Placing her brother on top of her bosom, her tank top bulged showing the immensity of her DD breasts.  “My boobs are much, much too large for someone as itty-bitty as you...”  She giggled, adding, “But somehow I think you won’t mind.”

            His eyes widened seeing the mountainous pair of twin globes rising on either side of him.  Oh shit.  Oh, no.  Just being in that wonderful place on his sister’s shirt, on her bosom… it was too much for Guy.  He had lost all control over his erection.  His cock had swelled to rock-hard level, and it throbbed… aching with desire as he held it in his hand.

            His sibling noticed him holding his boner in his hand.  “Mmm… I see my ample breast size turns you on.”  She quipped, “Well, that was fast, little brother, even for you.”

            The 19-year-old felt his face becoming incredibly warm as he continued to gaze longingly at his sister’s mounds, the sense of being ‘dwarfed’ by them as they loomed large around him.  His erection no longer a secret, he dared to venture out, carefully climbing upward toward Laurissa’s collarbone.  As he passed over the cotton-polyester of her tank top onto her smooth, silky skin, he glanced backward.  “Holy shit!” he exclaimed.  His eyes were inundated with the epic image of his sister’s cleavage… her round, massive DD’s gently pressing together within a lacy red bra.  The view was simply too much — and he began to stroke himself without remembering having ever made the conscious decision to do so.

            He panted as he felt climax nearing… his hand having pumped for only a minute.  Without warning, he felt his upper body compressed as he was lifted upward.  The next thing he knew he was being lowered down inside the glass jar.  His mind completely aware of the change of scenery, he still continued with his masturbation, desperate for release.  He carefully found his footing as the jar was tilted back upright.  And then his head jerked upward as he saw Laurissa’s pretty face peering down at him.

            “The memory of your big sister’s big boobs will keep you company.  I see that you’re still jerking off even down inside there.”

            His hand rapidly stroking his dick, Guy still looking up at his sister while she looked down at him, he gave forth his first shot of cum.  And it was intense, despite having ejaculated earlier when his sister put him inside her mouth on her tongue.  He exploded another shot of cum…. and then another.

            He moaned, as he looked down at his junk, “Oh, yeah… oh…”  He heard the sweet, feminine giggle of his sister echoing throughout the glass prison and he knew she was still watching, and it only heightened his arousal.  He squirted a few more times… until he had given all of himself and more.

            He breathed out, trying to catch his breath.  He then realized his sister was walking across her bedroom while she carried the jar… his little body moving slightly up and down with each giant step she took.  And then he heard a ‘thud’ as he felt the jar being set down on a shelf.  His eyes darted about, seeing his sister’s enormous books on either side of him.

            He heard his sister’s sensual voice, “Now you’re my prisoner, little bro,” followed by a throaty laugh of victory. 

            Guy then saw that she was walking back toward her bed, but the image was distorted by the glass.  He could still make out all the objects in her super gigantic bedroom: her desk and chair, her bed and nightstand, her stuffed animals and music posters on the walls, as well as the many soccer trophies she had on display — yet it was obvious that he was peering through the wall of a glass jar… a jar about as high as a 4-story building.

            He walked a dozen feet closer to the wall, touching the glass, impressed by the spaciousness within the jar.  Hmm, I wonder when Laurissa is going to return me to normal size.  It’s got to be close to an hour.  Right?  I mean, we had deal.  My sister can’t keep me trapped in here forever.   Or can she?

            Guy looked out seeing his sister lying on her bed on her back, her legs crossed with her socked foot bouncing.  She appeared to be looking at her phone… at least that’s what it looked like through the distortion of the glass.  And then he heard her beginning to hum, her pleasingly girlish voice filling the room and jar’s interior.

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Episode 4 Chapter 1 ... 8-10-17 by Tiny Jedi

It was early Tuesday morning and Guy had just gotten out of bed.  He stretched his arms, glad to be normal size — especially after what happened yesterday.  Shortly after his sister had placed his inch-tall body into the glass jar and set him on the bookshelf… she ended up leaving her bedroom.  Guy knew she was just teasing him — but then she did not return for almost 2 hours.  Guy was understandably upset, since the agreement with his sister was she could only have him shrunk for 1 hour.

            It turned out that Laurissa had a legitimate excuse for being as late as she was.  She had gone to meet with a friend, and on the way back to the house to re-enlarge her brother, there was a minor car accident that had completely stopped traffic on the highway — and she had no choice but to arrive back at the time she did.  Still, Guy felt the shrinking ‘agreement’ had been pushed too far, and he was unhappy with his sister the rest of the day.

            Heading down the hall, Guy thought to himself, I bet Mom hasn’t left for work yet.  He went down to the first floor, and passed through the living room, spotting Carol in the kitchen.

            “Hey, Mom,” he said, entering the kitchen and opening the cabinet for a bowl and cereal.

            “Oh, hi, honey,” the kind-hearted and plump woman answered.  “You’re up early.  I usually don’t see you before I head out the door.  I often see Laurissa, though.”

            Pouring some Cheerios into a bowl, he added some milk and helped himself to a seat at the table.  Taking a bite, he said, “Yeah, I sometimes miss you by five minutes.”

            The sound of footsteps came running down the stairs.  Guy didn’t turn around as he heard the girlish and bubbly voice of his sister.  “Hi, Mom.  About to leave for the office?”

            “In 1 minute,” Carol replied.  “Just grabbing some stuff here.”

            Guy saw his sibling in his peripheral vision, still feeling a bit steamed about being imprisoned in his sister’s glass jar for nearly 2 hours.  Without warning, he felt Laurissa caress his shoulders, sliding her hands up to massage his back near his neck.

            “Hey, quit it,” Guy snapped, turning briefly and then resumed eating his breakfast.

            “Something wrong?” his mother asked.

            Laurissa grabbed a banana from the kitchen table, and started to peel it.  “Guy is just a little upset.  That’s all, Mom.  Nothing you need to worry yourself about.”

            “Well, all right, dear.”

            “A ‘little’ upset?” Guy parroted his sister’s words.  “I’m more than a little upset.”

            Having finished unpeeling the banana, Laurissa, replied, “No, I’d say I used the right word: Little.  I mean, really, you don’t need to make a big deal out of it.  I said I was sorry.  It wasn’t my fault the traffic was horrible in the middle of the day.”

            Guy had seen his sibling take the banana from the table, and so was not going to look in her direction for fear of being unexpectedly aroused.  “Sure, whatever,” he said.

            “Well, I have to go,” his mother chimed in.  “I don’t know what this is about, but… Guy, if your sister apologized, then you should accept it.”

            “I… guess,” he slowly responded.

            “All right, shake hands,” Carol said quickly.  “Show me that everything is good between you two.  And I mean right now; I’m in a hurry.”

            Guy turned, holding out his hand half-heartedly as his sister took it and shook.  “There,” his mother said happily.  “Now we will have peace in this house.”

            His mother hurried to the front door and had left before Guy knew it.  His 16-year-old sibling then sat down at the table.  “Mmm… this banana is surprisingly good.”

            “Ha-ha,” he answered.  “You already had me shrunk 3 times.  Sorry, little sis, but I think I’ll head upstairs and take a long shower to relax.”  He slurped the rest of the milk from his bowl, and got up, placing it in the sink.

            As he passed by his sister, she teased, “No really, big brother… I wasn’t kidding about this banana.  It tastes really good on my tongue.”

            Guy hurried over to the stairs and ran up to the second floor.  He realized he hadn’t even once looked to see what his sister was wearing.  That’s how much he was not in the mood to be his sister’s shrunken brother.  Maybe he would have shrunk from glimpsing his gorgeous, busty sister, maybe he wouldn’t have.  He just didn’t want to risk it.

            Stopping in the bathroom, Guy shut the door, and turned on the water to the shower, pulling open the sliding glass door… the type that’s partially blurred for privacy.

            He had taken off his T-shirt when his sister entered the bathroom — shutting the door behind her.  “I already brushed my teeth, big bro.  I just need to take a shower.  I’m going to go out with my girlfriends today.”

            “No way,” he answered.  “You came up here, because I explicitly said that I was going to take a long, relaxing shower.  You’re just trying to… to…”

            “To what?  Shrink you?  Come on, Guy.”

            Guy just stared blankly at his younger sister.  He finally replied, “I’m taking a shower first, because I said I was going to.  And you can get as wet as you want after I’m done.”  He motioned for her to turn around.  She then sighed and turned her head as he removed his shorts and entered the shower, sliding shut the shower door.  He breathed deeply, feeling the warm water running down his back.  His mind was a bit off-balance having noticed how extremely hot his sister looked… her tight-fitting T-shirt which accentuated her large breast size, not to mention how her boxers closely hugged her wide hips.

            “You know, big brother,” he heard his sister say just outside the shower door, “it would be faster if we… both… used the shower at the same time.  I wasn’t kidding that I was going to go out with friends.”

            Guy laughed to himself, knowing full well what his sister was up to.  Over the sound of running water, he said, “Nice try, little sister.  Not… going… to… work.”

            “I don’t know what you mean, Guy.  So, umm… big brother, you’re not mad at me anymore?  You know me being late was not intentional.”

            Guy washed his chest with a bar of soap as he called out, “No, we’re good.  I know you couldn’t help it with the surprise traffic.”

            After a few moments had passed, his sister added, “That makes happy… because I wouldn’t want you to be angry with me while I’m squeezing little you between my big boobs.”

            The sound of the bar of soap landing on the shower floor was more than a little obvious.  A few seconds later, his sister asked, “What do you think about that?”

            Guy stammered, his mind obviously focused on his sister’s comment, “Wh-Wh-What do I… breast about… I mean think… you know…”

            Speaking loudly for her brother to hear over the water, she said in an even more seductive tone, “Because… if you’re shrunk… like really small like you get.  Just an inch tall.  And say I wanted to push my big DD’s together… while you’re between them… that would be fun, wouldn’t it?”

            Guy — not even seeing his sister — suddenly shrunk down by just over a foot.  Shit, he thought.  Please not now.  This can’t be happening.  He exhaled.  Come on, I am strong enough to resist my sister simply talking to me.  It doesn’t matter what she says… I won’t let her control my size.

            Having seen her brother’s silhouette reduced, she smirked.  “You doing all right in there… little brother?”

            Guy yelled back, “That’s big brother to you!  And I’m perfectly fine.  Thanks for asking.  Can’t talk now.”

            “So… you’re saying you don’t mind if I talk and you just listen?”

            “Why would I mind?” Guy answered quickly.  “I don’t mind.  It’s not like I’m afraid you’ll shrink me.  I can’t even see you.  Of course, I don’t mind.”  Shit, he thought, having completely lost where he was in his bathing routine.  Why did I say that?  How could I be so stupid to say that?

            “Oh, good,” Laurissa replied.  “You know I was thinking about rubbing some of that body wash on my boobs…  If I came into the shower right now, would you help wash your big sister’s boobs?  I can see that you already shrunk a little.”

            Guy’s heart began to pound within his chest… his breathing now rapid and shallow…  “Uh… uh, don’t come in… I’m not done.”

            His sister cooed, “But, Guy, come on.   I’ve already taken off my shirt.  And my bra isn’t going to stay on much longer.  My boobs are so big.  Really… big.”  Seeing that he wasn’t shrinking, she added, “And my nipples are getting so hard with anticipation.”

            Laurissa then saw her brother’s form behind the shower door rapidly decrease in size.  It appeared as if he dwindled all the way down… completely vanishing.  The teen smirked, laughing softly to herself.

            Guy was in full panic mode — the shower stall having suddenly become this enormous vast expanse… a deluge of water rising up his now inch-tall frame well past his ankles, approaching his knees.  Oh, God.  Oh, God.  This is totally not happening!  My sister knows I am turned on by her.   I can’t hide that she shrunk me to an inch!

            The 19-year-old’s eyes darted around.  There was no way he could climb up the wall of the shower.  It was only about 4 inches to the bottom of the closed sliding door… but that was 20-30 feet from his perspective, not to mention it was slippery from all the rushing water.  And then how would he get out of the bathroom… down the hall… to his bedroom… and he could never in a million years reach his medicine high up on his dresser.

            He began to hyperventilate, breathing quickly in and out as if he were running a marathon and decided to sprint the whole thing.  His legs trembled… his knees feeling weak.  He then heard the shower door rolling as it began to slowly slide open.  A huge shadow suddenly eclipsed the shower floor and he looked upward — his little sister’s bare athletic, sculpted legs seeming to rise up forever.  He had yet to crane his neck to see just how high her body went up into the sky when he witnessed her bare foot stepping into the shower.

            He heard his sister’s powerful voice, like that of a goddess, “I hope you don’t mind that I’m butt-naked.  Not like you have a choice… little bro.”

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Ep 4 Ch 2 by Tiny Jedi

Guy watched helplessly as the towering 400-foot 16-year-old stepped fully into the shower — a torrent of hot water rushing across the shower floor.  Craning his neck backward, his eyes followed the contours of Laurissa’s lightly tanned body skyward… her strong, shapely calves rising up and up and up… seeming to rise to an impossible height.  And even higher still… her powerful, sculpted thighs… the result of playing on soccer teams year after year.

            The 19-year-old boy ran through the flood of gushing water for fear of being stepped on as he approached the shower wall.  His sister’s girlish voice boomed from high above like gods of Olympus, “Nowhere to run, little Guy?  Well, I’ve only begun my shower.  You’re not going anywhere soon.”  He heard her giggle, clearly amused with his predicament.

            Guy’s back against the wall, he knew his sister was right… there was no escape.  The cascade of hot water flowing down his sister’s curvaceous, athletic body filled the shower with a steamy mist.  Guy’s head tilted back even further as he saw the true height of his family member… all the way the up… hundreds of feet.  He saw the bottom portion of his sibling’s DD breasts which jutted outward like enormous planetary globes.  Holy shit, his thoughts raced.  I can’t believe Laurissa is actually taking a shower while I’m shrunk in here.  But she knows exactly what she’s doing.  And there’s no way I can stop her.

            His sister turned her body as she stepped carefully, letting the entirety of her gorgeous physique be drenched in the relaxing hot spray.  She wet her face and head as she pushed back her long dark locks which tumbled down past her mid-back.  “Mmm… little brother,” she cooed, without even a glance downward, “this feels so good.”

            The inch-tall boy had to continually keep his balance as the water level was almost as high as his knees, and it rushed like a raging river.  Yet his mind was fully focused on his goddess-sized sister… her voluptuous and toned figure which rose like a skyscraper.  Her impressive athleticism was matched only by her natural curviness.   And the boy’s eyes widened as he watched his sister take hold of a giant plastic bottle with a pink hue.  She then set the bottle back on the shelf as she proceeded to run her hands along her neck and toned shoulders… the milky body wash quickly foaming into a lather that began the slippery journey downward.

            Guy observed as white, wet suds followed every subtle curve of Laurissa’s buxom figure… down her big boobs which jiggled slightly as her arms moved… down her toned abdomen and along her small waist… and then following the curves of her wide, womanly hips…  His sister turned around as her perfect, round ass was caressed by her soapy hands… the suds sliding down her muscular thighs… and down the contours of her strong, shapely calves until the shower floor turned white with the suds of frothy body wash.

            The feminine scent of perfumed body wash entered Guy’s nostrils, just at the moment he looked down at his own body.  He gasped seeing that he already had a full-on erection.  It wasn’t in the beginning stages of forming — it was throbbing and rock-hard.  Oh, no…  No, no, no! he thought.  I have to make this go away!  Guy grasped his cock and suddenly felt a rush of arousal, and he knew it was like his libido had a mind of its own.  His body was betraying him.  There was no way he was going to tame his raging hard-on anytime soon… and the image of his colossal sister’s wet, soapy body was like gasoline on the fire of his hormones.

            All of sudden he heard his sister’s pleasing voice.  She spoke flirtatiously, speaking in baby-talk, “Ooh… is little, little brother ready to have some fun?”  She giggled, saying, “Your big, big sister wants to play with little, inch-sized you.”

            Guy watched as his sibling then turned to face his little spot down near her feet.  While she had largely ignored his presence up until this moment, she was now focusing all of her attention down at the insignificant height of her older brother.  She placed her hands on her curvy hips, teasing, “I just can’t get over how tiny you’ve shrunk… big brother.  Did you know it’s a real turn-on for me?  Seeing big brother so very tiny... so helpless and weak.”

            He couldn’t believe his beautiful, skyscraper-sized sister was speaking down to him while she was totally nude in the shower.  It seemed unreal like a dream… too surreal… yet it was happening.  From the level of his sister’s feet, he saw her foot suddenly rise upward as she took a step closer to him.  BOOM!  A huge wave of water knocked him off his feet… and he was swimming for a moment when all of a sudden he realized he was in his sister’s grasp.  He felt himself being lifted…his head spinning as dizziness took hold… his vision a blur of flesh tones and light.

            And when his eyes finally adjusted, he found himself in the now all-too-familiar position of being dangled… helplessly… between his little sister’s fingertips, her gorgeous model-like face dominating his field of view.

            She giggled most pleasurably.  “Well, well, well… little bro.  It looks like I once again have you… right where I want you.  Oh — and what is this?”  His sister smirked as her eyes grew large with delight.  “Your little cock is already standing at full salute.”

            Guy couldn’t help but blush.  He knew for certain that he was turning a bright red as his face suddenly felt extremely warm.  His embarrassment growing, he shouted out in anger, “Let me go, Laurissa!  You can’t do this to me!”

            She snickered, dangling him even closer to her beautiful blue eyes.  “Oh, but we have a deal, don’t we?  When you shrink… after you’ve gotten smaller and smaller and smaller… I have a full hour to do whatever I want with you.  And our time has only begun.”

            Guy knew if he had only not shrunken so small, he might have a case to make… but being an inch tall, it was too late.  His mind kept obsessing about the fact that his little throbbing erection was still wagging in front of his sister’s pretty face.  She kept smirking.  And Guy could tell that she was devouring it with her eyes.  Guy shouted, “It’s not what it looks like, Laurissa!  I am not attracted to you!  Not at all!”  The moment the words left his lips, even he himself couldn’t believe how unbelievable his lie sounded — but he was desperate, and lying was all he could muster.

            The teen laughed, her perfect white teeth gleaming as she grinned.  “But, little bro… you’ve already told me you find me super hot, remember?  You must be really turned on to have your own little sister give you a boner.”  She giggled, adding, “And your boner doesn’t seem like it’s going to disappear anytime soon.”

            Guy stared into his sister’s captivating eyes.  “Fine!” he yelled.  “Fine!  I lied, okay?  You’re super hot… but I can’t help getting turned on when I see your whole body naked.”

            He watched his sister raise an eyebrow.  “Well,” she cooed, “I have just the thing your little cock is craving for.”  Guy suddenly found himself set down on the shelf along the shower wall.  His eyes bulged as he realized he was now at breast-level to his sister… the eroticism of her wet DD’s beyond his imagination… their already prodigious size being amplified tremendously by his having shrunk.  Guy’s mouth agape, he stared like a fool.  Laurissa’s huge round melons glistened gloriously, water droplets streaking down, following the sensual contours.  Her perky boobs heaved majestically… proudly… defying gravity in their sublime, epic grandeur.

            His sister shook the plastic bottle of body wash hard… her big boobs jiggling.  She then squirted a pink dollop of liquid soap in her left palm, setting the bottle back down.  She then picked up her brother between her thumb and index finger.  “Don’t worry, little bro.”  She giggled, saying, “I’ll be gentle.  We’re family, after all.”

            The next thing Guy knew, his entire body was drenched in the flower-scented body wash, and he felt his body being caressed as he was slid up and down the side of his sister’s long, elegant neck.  He heard her moaning, feeling the vibration from her vocal cords… his flesh immersed in the sensation of Laurissa’s hot, wet skin.  He was slid up and down… up and down… the left side of her neck…. and then the right side.  And then over to the front of his sister’s neck as she tilted her pretty head back.  She cooed, “This feels sogood.  So fucking good.  Mmm…little brother.

            Oh, my God, he thought, feeling the intense stimulation to his boner   Holy shit!  Oh, God!  Guy’s cock was on a ride to Wonderland.  His sister’s youthful skin was super soft and super smooth, and combined with the moisturizers in the body wash, the friction was at the optimal level for genital stimulation while not pushing him to immediate orgasm.  “Oh, God…” he breathed.  “Oh, God!  Oh, God!”

            And then he discovered that his ride was heading southward.  Down… down… down.  All the way down.  His inch-long body was massaged onto the top of Laurissa’s foot.  Up to her ankle and then back down to her pretty toes.  And just as he had developed some positional awareness on his sister’s titanic body… he found that she was sliding him up the front of her shin… and then along her muscular calf… her skin like the softest silk.

            He heard his sister say, “And now… my thighs,” and then giggle.  The little man was rubbed up and down his sibling’s muscular, athletic right thigh… and then on to her left side.  The sheer power that his sister’s soccer-playing legs possessed was beyond Guy’s comprehension… she was all-powerful to him.  His little erection was in constant stimulation.  Deliberate… focused… sexual stimulation.

            His sister guided his little form around to her tight, muscular butt, pressing him firmly into her flesh... and then up along her shapely hip he was glided… over to his sister’s front side.  Out of the corner of Guy’s eye, he then saw his sister’s navel as he was being given a tour of her toned abs.  Up and down… up and down… and then he found himself being brought further down.  Much further down.  And he knew he was entering Laurissa’s ‘bikini zone’.  It lasted only a few moments, but he knew she was rubbing him sensually in her most sensitive region.  And he learned that his sister had waxed her pubic area completely.  She was silky smooth from head to toe.

            Guy gasped sensing his cock was on the verge of erupting.  He grimaced, knowing he could only hold out for so long.  And then the little Guy was brought up his sister’s abdomen and then pressed along the underside of her massive mammary.  First pressed into her left breast… his body being slid along the curvature of her huge tit.  He felt his cock being stimulated to the breaking point as he was slid back and forth… up and down… all around his sibling’s majestic mountain.  And then his boner felt the protuberance that was his sister’s erect nipple.  His tiny hands slid across her large areola… and then up and over her nipple.  Again and again… and again… his sister gently massaged him on her nipple… lingering on this landmark of her bodyscape.

            Guy’s teeny-tiny frame was then brought over to her right DD, and he was once again given the full tour of his sister’s giant mammary.  Her right breast was given as much time and loving attention as her left.  And then finally after leaving her right nipple he found himself in a most intimate of settings.  His little sister, cradling her big boobs with her left forearm, had placed her brother down into her cleavage… deep within so that Guy was helplessly surrounded by her big teen boobs.

            Guy looked up seeing Laurissa’s beautiful face peering down at him.  He saw her smirk.  And then she said, “Remember when I spoke about squeezing you, little bro?  Get ready to be squished between your big sister’s big… huge boobs.”

            And then Guy’s whole body felt the pressure of her hot boob flesh… compressing him in her warm embrace.  She continued to hug him… trapping him totally between her large breasts.

            Guy’s little mind couldn’t handle his sister’s titillation any longer, and his cock exploded like he had never exploded before.  He pumped his cock, but it seemed it was going to keep erupting volcanically whether he touched himself or not.  His sister’s body heat, her slippery smoothness was all around him… enveloping all his five senses… from the taste of body wash on his tongue, to the sound of his sister’s girlish laughter as she continued to firmly press her tits together.  He ejaculated over and over and over.  He gushed all of it… all his tiny sperm.

            It seemed to last forever… but just before Guy felt the conscious thought that he would once again need to breathe, his sister released the vice of her mountainous twin globes.  Guy blinked, taking in a deep breath of fresh air, once again seeing the stunning countenance of his sister’s downward gaze.  She smiled warmly at him.  Her alluring teen voice fell upon Guy’s ears, “This is how our relationship can be… little brother.  For as long as you want.”

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Ep 4 Ch 3 by Tiny Jedi

The inch-tall Guy was set down on the bathroom countertop, his sister having just gotten out of the shower.  He stared mesmerized by his sister’s naked body.  Directly in front of him was her curvaceous womanly hips and pelvis, which exuded the female form perfectly with all its sensuality.  His instinctual mind lusted over the erotic view before him — his eyes rising up the tapering of his sister’s hips to her narrow waist…. up her toned midsection… his eyes ascending to her heaving giant orbs which were glorious in their shape and size… her firm nipples jutting outward.

            Peering down, Laurissa placed her hands on her shapely hips… her lightly tanned skin still glistening from the wetness of the shower.  Her pleasing teen voice spoke down to him, “You’re so cute, little bro.”  She giggled, saying, “We’ll have to do this again very soon.”  Guy watched in awe as her large boobs jiggled as she reached for a towel behind her and then began to wrap the large white fabric around her physique.

            Having secured the towel, she plucked her brother up between her thumb and fingertip, raising him up nearly 200 hundred feet instantly to the level of her model-like face.  She grasped her wet dark-brown hair with her free hand, pulling it back and out of the way.  She smiled, saying, “I’ll tell you what… my little, little brother… I really do need to stop by my friend’s house.  She wants to borrow some things of mine.  So… I could put you back in the jar while I’m out of the house.  Or…”

            Guy was lost in the 16-year-old’s natural beauty… the way his sister’s expression changed with the feeling behind every sentence… the way she smiled cutely… how she gently bit her lower lip when she was excited and full of anticipation.  Her attractiveness was sublime… literally breathtaking… and it was all so effortless and automatic for Guy’s ‘little’ sister.

            Laurissa continued, “Or… instead of being trapped in the jar while I’m out, you could have a chance to use your antidote right now.”

            Guy was astonished that his sister would even suggest such a thing.  It had been at most half an hour since he shrunk in the shower.  “Laurissa,” he said, his voice most tiny sounding, “wh-what are you suggesting?  I can be normal size, right now?”

            His sister giggled, bringing his naked body to her luscious lips… kissing him.  Raising him before her eyes, she answered, “Silly little brother… I’ll give you a chance to get normal size — but you’ll have to earn it.  Otherwise it’s off to the jar for little you, and I won’t be returning for much longer than an hour.”

            The next thing he knew his sister had lowered him hundreds of feet all the way down to the bathroom floor.  The shift in perspective was profound and immediate.  Guy stared upward as his skyscraper-sized family member loomed large above him.  He gulped, sensing his heart rate quickening.  His thoughts raced — words entering his mind like ‘humongous’ and ‘towering’ and ‘Goddess’.

            “All right, little Guy…” she cheerfully spoke, leaning forward, placing her hands on the front of her thighs, “All you have to do is run to my bedroom… before I get there.  And don’t worry; I’ll give you a big head start.  I still have to finish drying off my body and get at least some of this water out of my hair.”

            Guy looked up, up, up as he hesitated… his body flooding with adrenaline.  The realization was building that the time to move and move fast was now at hand.  His eyes shifting from his 400-foot sibling toward the bathroom exit… his legs leapt into motion, now in an all-out sprint, hurdling his naked form across the giant bathroom tiles.  The air rushed past his skin, and the distance to the doorway to leave the bathroom quickly seemed incredibly far away — more than the distance of a football field.

            He had sprinted for only seconds when he heard his sister tease, “Better hurry You know, little bro, I’ll be coming to get you.”  Guy heard her booming, girlish laughter… and he felt a strange feeling of both exhilaration and anxiety at hearing his sister speak to him in such a manner.  His gut was suddenly overwhelmed by a hundred butterflies, while simultaneously feeling the euphoric pleasure of anticipation.

            He remembered years ago, growing up with his sister, that he explained his size fetish to Laurissa.  It wasn’t so much a one-time event where he spelled out exactly what his turn-ons were — instead the two of them naturally shared their fantasies, their stories, their ideas about boys shrinking and girls taking advantage of the resulting size differential.  It was a melding of the minds among inquisitive children, a sharing of fantasy and emotion.  Anything was possible and nearly everything was explored — at least from a little kid’s perspective.  As a child, Guy’s imagination was on fire, revolving around and obsessed with the concept of shrinking.  Only now he had the shrinking disease.  And only now, Guy and Laurissa’s bodies were at the age of sexuality, having not seen each other for years while Guy was away at the all-boys’ school.  A whole new world was just beginning to open up for the two teen siblings.

            Guy sprinted, his tiny arms pumping as his little legs carried him as fast as they possibly could.  Come on! he yelled within his thoughts.  I’m nearing the bathroom door finally.  Come on!  Hurry!

            The 19-year-old crossed over from the hard bathroom tiles onto the tan carpeting of the hallway.  His pace slowed dramatically as he grabbed his side, his lungs feeling the burn of exhaustion.  “Shit,” he uttered.  He could see his own bedroom off to the left… the doorway was huge, rising up hundreds and hundreds of feet.  It was much closer than his sister’s room.  But he knew the only way to get to use his medicine was to make it to Laurissa’s room — and to arrive first.

            He turned the corner and quickly ran in the direction of his sister’s room, pushing himself forward.  Soon his pace had changed from an extreme sprint to more of a slow jog.  It was all he could muster.  At least I’m still running, he thought.  Just don’t stop!  Keep going!

            While the effort to exit the bathroom was a good football field’s distance, the hallway was another three times further to his final goal.  He felt he had been running forever, but he ignored his discomfort, his body and legs having entered a more sustainable pace.  His mind flashed back to the time he had spent… just minutes ago… in the shower with his titanic naked sister.  It created a profound ambivalence in him.  She was his little sister, after all… a family member.  It was undeniable to Guy that Laurissa possessed qualities far beyond the average high-school girl… hips, boobs, ass… voluptuousness not meant for mere mortals.  She possessed a stunning, infectious beauty… and a mind both intelligent and curious while exhibiting an insatiable need for creative pleasure… especially as it related to shrinking.  His younger sister was more than he could ever handle.  She was, to put it simply… far, far out of his league.

            Guy could see that he was about halfway down the enormous hallway, and he didn’t know if he’d make it.  This was his original family home, and it was surreal to say the least that he was now running away from his younger sibling whose height seemed more that of a supernatural deity than a human being.  Lost in his thoughts, Guy all of a sudden heard his sister call out.  “You better be getting close, little bro… I’m coming!  Your super big sister is coming.  I’m going to catch you.”

            Guy jerked his head around as he ran.  He witnessed his sister’s titanic figure wrapped in a white towel as she emerged from the bathroom.  She appeared even more colossal to Guy, though he knew it was just his worrying mind playing tricks on him.  His sister’s footfalls were still well behind the inch-tall teen, and his head snapped back, looking forward as he started to sprint like never before.  “Fucking go!” he shouted to himself.  “Go, damn it!  Now!  Go!  Go!  Go!”  His legs aching, he found new energy he didn’t know he had… the air flying past his face and naked form.  He could see the entrance to his sister’s room not far away.  I think… maybe… I’m going to make it…

            The booming footfalls continued to approach… growing louder… growing bigger.  “Ohhh… look at how adorable little brother is.  Aww… Does Guy really believe he can get away from his big sister?”

            He heard Laurissa’s throaty, sexy laughter… but he kept sprinting at full speed.  I’m so close!  Come on!  I can do it!  I’m so fucking close!  Come on!  He felt his sister’s footfalls shaking the floor.  BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM!

            Then without warning, less than a foot from the entrance to his sister’s room, Guy slammed into what seemed like a brick wall, and he fell down onto his back.  His vision returning to normal, he looked up and saw the teen’s giant palm blocking his path, rising up about 20 feet.  Undaunted, Guy leapt to his feet, and sprinted around his sister’s outstretched fingers.  He heard Laurissa say, “Not so fast, little brother!”  And his bold plan of action was quickly squashed as Guy felt his sister’s fingertips pressing into his torso.

            “No!” he shouted.  “No!  No!  No!”  His head became dizzy as he was lifted hundreds of feet up, up, up into the air.  And when he finally could see clearly, his sister’s thumb and fingertip held him before her gorgeous face, her full lips smirking as he dangled.

            “Did you really think you could escape your big sister?” she said triumphantly.

            “No, you can’t capture me, Laurissa!  I want to use my medicine now!”

            She laughed arrogantly, her amusement overflowing.  “Really… little bro?  Well, that’s not going to happen.  You’re my little prisoner now, aren’t you?”  She laughed again as she placed Guy into her left palm, her long fingers then closing around him.

            Guy sensed that his sister was moving… most likely into her room, he thought.  And then a few moments later, Laurissa opened her hand, taking her brother and lowering him into the large glass jar.

            Finding his balance, Guy’s head tilted upward, seeing his pretty sister peering down at him through the round opening.  He could see that she was smirking.  Her naturally seductive voice vibrated within the glass chamber, “You’re so small, Guy.  And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.  You’re just too small.  I own you.  You’re my property… my little pet brother.”

            Guy was mostly sure that his sister was just ‘playing the role’ of the cruel sister.  But he couldn’t know for certainty.  “Let me go, Laurissa!  I was so close to being first to your room.  It’s not fair!”

            His sister snickered, saying, “But you weren’t first, were you?  I won.  You lost.”

            And then Guy saw his sister screwing on the jar’s metal lid… several small holes present for air flow.  The glass jar made the sound of being set back onto her bookshelf.

            Guy ran over to the transparent wall just as his sister tapped on it with her long fingernail.  She giggled, saying, “Don’t have too much fun in there, little bro.”

            He looked through the distorted image of the glass, seeing his gigantic sister walk over to her closet.  She removed her towel.  And then she proceeded to put on a bra and top… followed by a pair of skimpy panties and short shorts.  After a minute of checking her phone, she grabbed her purse and simply walked out of the room.

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Episode 5 Chapter 1 ... 8-30-17 by Tiny Jedi

Standing in the kitchen, Guy poured himself a tall glass of ice water and immediately began to take a long drink.  It was late Thursday morning, and his mother had left for work hours ago.  It was another very hot day outside — fortunately there was air conditioning in the house.  But Guy didn’t feel comfortable and cool… his hormones were on fire within him.

            His 16-year-old sister shrunk him 2 days ago… that’s when she decided to take a shower with her 1-inch brother.  Guy, now normal size, had been obsessing about the experience for 2 long days… the thought of her wet, perfect body… and how she squeezed him between her big boobs was constant arousal to him.  It took all his mental energy to not shrink.

            Guy tilted his head back as he finished his beverage, ice cubes falling into his mouth.  He began to chew the ice.  Damn it, he thought.  I’m so fucking horny.  And Laurissa hasn’t said a single thing about shrinking for 2 days.  It’s like she knew my memories of her hot body would drive my libido crazy.  She must be ignoring me on purpose.   I can’t stop thinking about her big breasts.

            Guy set his glass down on the counter, and then walked through the living room over to the staircase.  He started to head up the steps, when his eyes were startled by the image of his sister heading down the stairs.  Guy’s eyes watched her shapely, athletic legs as she neared… her hourglass figure obvious in her skintight clothes.  And then his eyes were drawn to his sister’s large bosom in her skimpy T-shirt as her DD’s bounced with her every step.  She walked past him as Guy continued up the stairs — his mind still fixated on her jiggling boobs.  Guy then gulped as he felt his body tingling… his height suddenly reducing by over a foot.

            His eyes widened as he gasped, now aware of his size change.  He heard the sweet, sexy voice of his sister as she reached the bottom of the steps, “Feeling small, Guy?”  She giggled.  “I hope the stairs aren’t too big for you.”

            Guy turned, saying with annoyance, “No, Laurie, the stairs are not too big for me.  And I’m not ‘feeling small’ as you put it.”  He hurried down the hall, heading straight into his bedroom.  It had been the first time in the last couple days that he had lost control of his sexual thoughts to the point of shrinking  Actually he was surprised he lasted as long as he had, given the degree of erotic imagery in his mind.

            Having taken his medicine, Guy sat down on his bed, knowing his height would return momentarily.  He pressed his hands onto his forehead as he breathed out.  “Damn it,” he muttered, recalling his sister’s big bouncing boobs.  Why does she have to be so… well-endowed?  How am I supposed to live in the same house with Laurissa when she looks like that?

            The 19-year-old’s height having returned to normal, he turned his body as he was about to lie down on his bed — his sister then knocking on the door, which was already halfway open.

            “How’s my big brother feeling?” she asked, casually walking over to him, placing her hands on her curvy hips.

            Guy sat up straight, answering but not looking directly at his sibling, “Great… I’m doing really great.”

            “So…” Laurissa began, “why haven’t you come into my room lately?  Don’t you want to practice?”

            Guy looked up at his sister’s beautiful face.  “Yes, I want to practice… get better so I don’t shrink automatically.”  He paused and then said, “I thought you were pretending to be disinterested in shrinking — you know, to tease me.  Either that or you really weren’t interested.”

            Laurissa laughed.  “You thought I was…?  No, Guy, I was just giving you some time off.  You know I’m always interested in shrinking... especially when it comes to shrinking you… little brother.”  She smiled and patted him on the head, before spinning around and beginning to walk about his bedroom.

            Guy took a deep breath, his vision having taking in more of his sister’s voluptuous figure than he intended.  Holy crap, Guy thought.  I always knew Laurissa loved the idea of shrinking boys… but I never knew she would get so much pleasure from shrinking her brother.

            His sister looked at the items on his shelf.  She spoke without turning, “Guy?”

            “Yeah?” he said.

            “Why did you shrink… earlier?  When I walked past you on the stairs?”

            Guy felt his heart rate increasing, his arms and chest tightening.  He could feel his palms beginning to sweat.  Did Laurissa see me looking at her boobs?  I think I stared a little too long.   “Umm… why did I start shrinking?”

            His sister still not looking in his direction, replied, “Yes, Guy.  I want to know precisely what made your body begin the process of shrinking.”

            Guy stammered, “It-It-It… it’s… umm… well, there could be many reasons, I’m sure…”

            He saw his sister in his peripheral vision as she turned to face him, and then stepping right up close to where he sat on his bed.  He felt her knee playfully bumping into his.  “Guy… I think… you saw my boobs bouncing.  And that’s what triggered your body to start getting smaller.”

            Guy’s body froze in anxiety.  His innermost thoughts had magically become the possession of his gorgeous sibling.  “I-I-I mean… you can think that… Laurie.  But so what if I saw your breasts bouncing… and it turned me on.  I-I, uh…”

            He looked up, seeing his sister smirking as she placed her hands on her hips.  “I knew it, big brother!  You don’t just like it that your little sister has big breasts… you really, really like it.  You have a fetish for shrinking and a fetish for big tits.”

            “What?!” Guy said, feeling himself starting to blush.  “That’s… that’s absurd.”

            Laurissa grinned.  “You’re the worst liar, big brother.  When I had you trapped between my DD’s in the shower, you must have been in heaven.”

            Hearing his sister speak so explicitly about her breasts, Guy suddenly shrunk by a foot and a little more.  His face was extremely warm and he was certain he was turning a deep red.  He nervously touched the top of his head.  Desperate to regain control of the situation, he exclaimed, “Hey!  I don’t’ remember saying we were going to practice!”  He stood up, painfully aware of the fact that his younger sister was now a full head taller than he was.

            He quickly walked over to other side of his room, hearing his sister’s girlish giggle.  “Guy… you told me you want to practice, remember?”

            Not daring to look at his exceptionally attractive sibling, Guy said emphatically, “Yeah!  Practice!  It’s like you’re shooting fish in a barrel.  It’s too easy for you to turn me on and shrink me!  Because the way you look.”

            His sister didn’t say anything in response.  It’s like she was agreeing with him.  It seemed to Guy that his sister was finding it effortless to arouse and shrink him.  Why else would she ever agree to re-enlarge him an hour later?  It could only have been because she knew she could easily get him back down to his 1-inch size at her whim — and their mother would continue thinking everything is normal.

            Guy slowly turned his head, glancing at his dresser.  He then rushed over, just as his now-taller sister grabbed the small bottle of his shrinking antidote.  “Hey!” Guy shouted.

            His sister, holding the bottle high and out of reach of her brother, answered, “Remember, little Guy, we agreed no medicine until you’ve shrunk all the way down.  And not until I’ve had my fun with you.”

            Guy grimaced… knowing he agreed to the terms.  He then abruptly jumped up, attempting to seize the medicine bottle — though his sister was too fast and he didn’t even get close.  “Come on, Laurie,” he whined, looking up at her.  “Just let me use my medicine.”

            “No, we had a deal,” she answered, looking down at him.  “Besides, I love being the big sister.”  She smirked, adding, “And I really, really love being the big, BIG sister.”

            Guy sensed his body tingling again… hearing Laurissa speak in such an unrestrained, fetishistic way.  He closed his eyes as he stepped over to the corner of his room, breathing slowly in and out… attempting to calm his libido.  Come on, he thought.  Relax.  So what if my sister is now aware of my fetish for big boobs… And my sister obviously has big boobs.  I am strong enough to resist her seduction.  I have to be.

            “Oh, little brother,” she called out teasingly.  “I promise you won’t regret shrinking this time.  Just get really small for me, okay?”

            “Not going to happen, Laurie.”

            “I know you, Guy.  You want your little sister to be really BIG.  Just as much as I want you to be really tiny.”

            Guy chuckled.  “I think you’re enjoying shrinking me a little too much,” he said, still not looking at her.

            His sister’s voice took a more seductive tone.  “But you want it, little bro.  I remember reading the stories you wrote when we were kids.  You want… you need… a girl who gets your fetish.  A girl who desires you shrunk more than anything.”

            Guy smiled, shaking his head — amazed that the younger sister he grew up with now possessed the sophistication to know him better than he knew himself.  He turned to speak, “Laurissa —” but his eyes were met with the teen peeling off her top as her toned belly was exposed… followed by a black bra which presented her large heaving boobs, revealing ample cleavage.  Her overflowing breasts appeared as though they would spill out of her bra.  They looked so big... so plentiful.

            “Oh… shit,” Guy uttered.  He knew he was already as good as shrunk.  It was impossible for him to reverse the chemical process that had begun in his brain.  The imagery of his sister’s bountiful bosom had already done its work… and it caused his whole body to tingle as he started to be reduced.  Down… down… down… he shrunk.  It happened quickly as usual, and before he knew it, he was an inch tall… his now-enormous T-shirt and shorts covering him.

            The 19-year-old boy scrambled about in a futile attempt to escape… one last moment to assert his independence.  He heard his sister’s laughter.  “Oh, don’t worry… my little, little Guy.”  He could feel her giant footsteps as she moved closer.  Boom! …  BOOM! … BOOM!!

            He listened to Laurissa’s fingers searching his clothes.  He then felt the familiar sensation of his naked body in the grip of his sibling’s giant fingertips… and he heard her powerful teen voice.  “Now I know your secret, little bro.  You’re obsessed with your sister having big tits.  This time… I’ll give you some hands-on playtime.”

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Ep 5 Ch 2 by Tiny Jedi

The inch-tall Guy felt incredibly dizzy as Laurissa stood up to her full height… his little body secured between his sister’s thumb and fingertip.  He blinked several times as his eyes adjusted, finding himself once again — tiny and helpless — before the gorgeous face of his 16-year-old sibling.

            Laurissa was wearing only a black bra and black short shorts.  Her left hand was on her hip, her right hand holding Guy high in front of her pretty face.  “Well…” her sensual voice breathed.  “You must be feeling small now, hmm?  Really, really small.”  She giggled cutely, smirking.

            Guy fought to free himself, his intellectual mind knowing with certainty it was impossible, but his instincts not ready to give up.  “Laurissa!” he shouted as loudly as he could before her 50-foot-high head — his voice sounding tiny and high-pitched as ever.  “Let me go, Laurissa!  I didn’t say I wanted to practice!  Okay, maybe I did — I don’t remember….  But just let me use my medicine and…”

            His sister’s laughter boomed in amusement.  “Oh, little Guy… Do you really think you can tell your little sister what to do, now that she is the BIG sister?”  She laughed again, dangling him teasingly as his tiny frame swayed to and fro before her eyes.  “Just look at how fragile you are… so weak and adorable… so little.  So very, very little.”

            He stared into her mesmerizing blue eyes… forgetting for a moment that he was upset with her.  “Uh… umm…  I forgot what I was going to say.  I mean, no!  As your older brother, I order you to let me use my medicine!  And, Laurissa, I mean right now!”

            His sister laughed again.  Guy then realized that his view was changing as his naked body was lowered.  And then down below his tiny feet he saw his sister’s prodigious boobs, her mountains heaving in her black lacy bra.  The sight took his breath away, his mouth wide-open.  His eyes overwhelmed… his mind in awe… he then knew exactly what his sister was doing with him.

            “There you go… little brother,” she said seductively.  “You’re going to be nestled… nice and snug… between my big puppies.”

            Guy’s inch-body felt the compression as his sibling’s massive boobs enveloped him.  He looked up seeing that he had been placed deep down inside Laurissa’s cleavage — her push-up bra pressing her DD’s firmly together.

            “Laurissa!  Laurissa!” he shouted, his voice muffled.  Damn it! he thought, struggling to stretch his neck as he looked upward.  I can’t really tell how high up her breasts go… but I must be really far down.  Her breasts are just so huge!  He glanced downward, his body immobilized by the great weight of his sister’s melons.  I can’t see the bottom… I’m probably in the middle somewhere.  He banged his itty-bitty hands against the wall of boob flesh.  Just then Guy felt a rush of stimulation in his genitals.  Oh, come on… not now.  I have to clear my mind of all thoughts about sex… or else…

            His sister cupped the sides of her large bosom as she gave a loving squeeze.  Peering down, she cooed, “Does little brother still think he’s in charge?”  She giggled, saying, “Maybe in charge of being helpless.”

            Laurissa smirked as she walked confidently out of her older brother’s bedroom.  As she sauntered down the hallway, she adjusted her bra strap, pulling on it, making sure her sibling got the full experience of being hugged by her DD’s.  She walked all the way to the stairs and then proceeded down the steps… her boobs bouncing as she went.

            Arriving in the kitchen, she opened a cabinet… taking a small plastic bottle in the shape of a bear. Returning to the stairs, she quickly ran up… her heavy breasts jiggling even more.  Heading down the hall she entered her own bedroom.

            Guy suddenly felt his naked body being seized as he was lifted up and out of his sister’s cleavage.  He heard her alluring, feminine voice, “Did you enjoy the ride?”

            He squinted, his eyes adjusting to the increase in light.  He realized he was now in the palm of his sister’s hand as she held him before her breathtaking countenance… a smirk on her full lips.  “Is that…?” Laurissa cooed.  “Mm-hmm.  Little brother definitely enjoyed the ride.”

            Guy looked down and saw that his cock had become hard and erect.  Oh, no, he thought.  It’s like Laurissa has total control over my penis.  Her big breasts are too stimulating for my mind!  But she’s my sister!  My little sister!

            He then found himself being set down on Laurissa’s enormous bed, her soft blanket like a football field painted in pink.  He gazed up at the towering teen… her flawless beauty and curvaceous figure stimulating his overworked libido.  She looked amazing wearing her short black shorts… a black bra… and nothing else.

            Placing her hands on her wide, mature hips, the teen peered downward at her brother.  “I’m going to play a little game with you.  You’ll like it because we used to play it as kids.  But first… I’m going to put something on… and take something off.”

            Guy watched… his eyes unable to look away at his sister wearing her bra.  She then spun around as she playfully stepped over to her dresser, opening the drawer.  Guy observed his sister then turn around holding up a pair of long white socks with three dark-green stripes near the end.  “These are what I wear for soccer practice, or for games.  Lucky for you… I washed these last week.”

            His titanic sister gracefully lifted her leg as she pulled one sock up… the sock rising to just below her knee.  She then started with the second sock.  Guy touched his head — his mind unsettled yet strangely enticed by watching his sister dress.  Her knee-high soccer socks accentuated the power of her sculpted thighs and calves.  He had always found athletic girls to be fascinating… and his sister’s buxom body was the epitome of strength and athleticism.

            Lost in the sensuality of his sister’s movements, he then heard her speak in an even more seductive tone than usual.  “And now… something to take off.”  He watched from the bed, looking upward, as his sister reached behind her back, beginning to unfasten her bra.  Oh, my God! his thoughts raced.  This isn’t how we used to play as kids!  Laurissa is definitely making her own rules.  But Guy continued to stare… his eyes fixated as his sister’s bra suddenly loosened… the straps falling down her toned shoulders.  His sister smirked as she slowly pulled her bra down.  With one hand, she then let it drop to the floor… exposing her beautiful DD’s… exquisitely shaped with perfect-sized, round areolas.

            Guy’s jaw fell off, his eyes bugging out, as he witnessed his sister’s elegant hands as she grabbed her big breasts, squeezing and kneading them erotically.  She then cupped them underneath, gently lifting them up and down as they jiggled, purposely causing them to playfully bounce into one another.  Guy watched as his colossal sister then stepped close to the bed.  He quickly found himself having been snatched up as he was lifted before his sibling’s stunning beauty.

            Amid the girl’s fingertips, he was loosely held.  “Now you have a taste of the reward you’ll get if you win our game, little bro.  I thought we could play ‘I Spy’, which we both enjoy.  Remember playing that during car trips?”

            Guy blinked again, trying to focus.  “Y-Y-You want to play ‘I Spy’?  But… but y-y-you’re topless.”

            Laurissa smiled.  “Is that… a problem?  I know you’re attracted to my boobs, especially their large size.”

            “Uh…” Guy uttered.  “Um, that’s not a problem… I guess.  I mean, how am I supposed to get rid of my erection if I keep seeing your… your really big… ah…?”

            Laurissa giggled, stepping over to her dresser picking up the plastic bottle shaped like a bear she had retrieved earlier.  “I guess, little bro, you’ll just have to remain turned on.  But don’t worry.  This honey I got from the kitchen is also part of the reward.  Lucky you, I found out about your secret fetish for big tits.”

            Guy gulped at hearing his sister’s words.  Who knew that after years of living at the all-boys’ school, he would be in such close contact with a girl who was essentially perfect?   Busty… athletic… and gorgeous.  His teen sister was like a mischievous goddess — obsessed with shrinking and sex as much as he was… if not more.

            Sitting down on the tan carpeting of her bedroom, Laurissa placed the small bottle of honey down near her socked feet.  Guy glanced at the bottle, just as he was set down atop his sister’s knee… her legs bent as she sat on her butt.

            “Okay, little bro… do you want to go first?  Or should I?”

            Guy was speechless, his mind still enthralled by how spectacular his sister looked topless.  His eyes seemed super-glued to the beauty of her giant boobs.  “Okay...” his sister said.  “I guess you’re preoccupied.  I’ll go first.  But remember you have to guess what I’m thinking — it doesn’t matter if your answer makes sense.”

            Having snapped out of his daze momentarily, he looked up at his sister looking down at him.  “Uh… yeah, I remember,” he somehow managed to say.  “I have to guess what you are thinking.”

            His sister smiled.  “Good, little brother.  All right… the first one will be really easy for you.”  Guy watched as she glanced about her bedroom before speaking, “I spy with my little eye… something that starts with the letter U.”

            Guy turned around, taking a deep breath… his sister’s epic boobs still front-and-center in his mind.  Damn it, think… think…  Stop thinking about her boobs for one second.  He then spotted the picture on the wall.  “Oh, I know!” he answered energetically.  “Unicorn.”

            Laurissa smiled again.  “Yep… okay, now your turn.”

            Guy looked around, and then said loudly so his high-pitched voice was audible, “I spy with my little eye… something that starts with the letter P.  I don’t think you’ll ever get this one, Laurissa… not in a million years.”

            “Is it ‘poster’?” she asked.

            “Damn it… you got it.  Laurissa, we played this so much as children, you already know what I’m thinking.”

            “Well, you are pretty predictable… at least sometimes.”

            “All right… your turn,” Guy said.

            His sister glanced around… touching her right breast for a moment so that it was pressed closer to her left breast.  “I spy with my little eye…” she began, “something… that starts with the letter S.”

            Guy tried his best to stop looking at his sister’s boobs… finally able to turn and face the rest of her room.  Standing atop his sister’s knee, he said, “Umm… umm… I think…”

            “Anytime, little Guy.”

            “I’m thinking.  Okay?  I’m thinking.  Umm… is it… your ‘shelves’?”

            “Nope.  Try again,” she said and giggled.

            “I don’t know… I can’t think straight.”

            “Do you give up?”

            “Fine.  I give up.”

            “I was thinking ‘speaker’… you see the one I connect my phone to, to play music.  Why did you give up so soon?  You have unlimited guesses.”

            “I know.  I-I-I just can’t concentrate when my sister’s boobs are so big and so close.”

            His sister smiled.  “All right… I’ll tell you what, little bro.  If you can guess what I’m thinking right now, I’ll let you win.  All right?  I spy with my little eye… something that starts with the letter… B.”

            Guy, still standing atop his sister’s knee, turned to look around his sister’s room.  He took a deep breath.  Well, if I get this one, I’ll win… and I’ll get the reward which I’m a little nervous about.  But if I lose… I don’t know what the consequence will be.

            “Is it…” Guy started.  “Is it… your ‘bed’?”

            “Good guess, but no.  Try again.”

            “Uh….” Guy said, holding his hands on top of his head, appearing to think really hard.  “Oh, I’ll get this one.  Don’t tell me.  Umm… uh….”

            “Time’s up,” his sister announced.

            Guy turned around.  “Hey, we never had ‘time’s up’ before!”

            “I know,” she answered.  “I just wanted to see you squirm.”

            “Ha-ha.  Very funny.  Okay… the answer is ‘bookshelf’ or just ‘book’.”

            “Nope… and nope,” she said, giggling.

            “Oh, great.  Uh…I can’t… I seriously can’t think of it.”

            “So, little Guy… are you admitting defeat?”

            He gazed up at his sibling, throwing up his tiny arms.  “Fine.  What is it that starts with the letter B?”

            His sister leaned in closer, lowering her knee.  Speaking amorously, she said, “I suppose it wasn’t entirely fair… given that it’s not part of my bedroom.  It’s part of my body.  She leaned her chest forward even more… her huge boobs now hanging in front of and on either side of her 1-inch brother.

            Guy gulped.  His sister spoke softly, “Does little brother ‘get it’ now?”

            And before he could answer, his sister lifted him, placing him between her large breasts… pressing them together.  He completely disappeared.  She laughed, continuing to squeeze her mounds together.  Finally, she released her hold on Guy…and she set him back down next to her knee.  “Not to worry, little bro.  I’ll still give you the reward, because I really want it, too.  But first you must satisfy my other desire of seeing little you climbing on my feet… exploring my socks I play soccer in.”

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Ep 5 Ch 3 by Tiny Jedi

Guy’s little inch-body was set down on his sister’s bed as she turned and energetically stepped, almost skipping, over to her closet.  He glanced down at his erection.  He still had a raging boner, which he had ever since his younger sister shrunk him and decided it would be fun to put him in her cleavage.

            His gaze returned to the 400-foot sister before him.  She was wearing her short black shorts along with her knee-high white soccer socks with the green stripes.  She was not facing him at the moment, though she was topless.  Her toned, athletic back looked amazing… as well as her worship-worthy ass… not to mention those wide hips that just wouldn’t quit.  I’ll never get rid of this boner, Guy thought.  Not when my sister looks like that.

            Laurissa spun around, her large breasts naturally bouncing.  Holding her blue and white soccer ball, she smiled, saying, “You’re lucky we played ‘I Spy’ instead of soccer.”  Guy watched as his towering sister sauntered over to his tiny spot on her bed.  She kneeled down, her gorgeous face still high above him.  “Little bro, if we had played soccer… I would have totally dominated little you.  Even if you were normal-size, I would have kicked… your… butt.”

            Guy suddenly felt goose bumps run down his naked 1-inch frame.  The playfulness in his sister’s sexy voice was pushing his arousal to the next level.  Without even thinking, he uttered, “No way, Laurissa!  I would have kicked your butt!”  He immediately regretted his statement, even if it was all in jest.  Oh, no!  Why did I say that?  I’m an idiot!  I’m in no position to talk like I could defeat a Godzilla-sized girl!

            His sister giggled.  “Oh, really?  That’s what you think, huh?”

            Guy breathed a sigh of relief, sensing that his sister wasn’t the least bit offended by his words.  “Uh… yeah…” he replied, never knowing that arguing with his sister could be sexually stimulating.  “Laurissa, I totally could kick your butt at soccer… even when I’m an inch tall.”

            The teen girl laughed, evidently enjoying the flirtatious banter as much as her diminutive brother.  She stood up and turned her body as she stuck out her curvy ass.  “You mean this butt, little bro?”  She pretended like she was going to sit down, but just let her ass hang in the air over Guy.  “You’re far too small to kick my ass, little Guy.  But…”

            The next thing Guy knew, his sister had picked him up and was massaging her butt with his little body.  “I’ve been playing soccer since I was five years old.  You haven’t played on a team ever.”  Continuing to slide him all over her ass, she said, “Do you like my butt, little brother?  I love being so much bigger than you.”

            She then held Guy up in front of her pretty face.  “Well?” she asked.  “Do you still think you can kick your big sister’s ass at soccer when you’re 1-inch tall?”

            Guy blinked, still amazed to have been in close contact with her butt.  His senses returning, he simply answered in his high-pitched voice, “Yes.  Yes, I do.”

            His sister giggled cutely.  Bringing him to her soft, pillowy lips she kissed him.  Then holding him before her blue eyes, she said, “Maybe you’re right, little bro.  I should be very scared of tiny, little you.”  She stepped over to the center of her bedroom and sat down on the tan carpeting, allowing her giant soccer ball to roll over into the corner.

            As Guy was set down on the floor, he found himself between his sister’s white-socked feet.  Her feet were exquisitely feminine, and he remembered were quite dainty, but now they appeared to be 50 feet long.  Her socks fit tightly, and showed off the contours of every subtle curve… including her toes.  Guy tilted his head upward as he saw that his sibling’s knee-high socks rose up 100 feet… the height of a 10-story building… nearly five times as tall as their family’s house.

            “Come on, little brother,” she cooed.  “I won our game… now show me the little explorer that you are.”

            Guy’s heart began to pound… his breathing quickening.  Still with his hard erection, he climbed onto Laurissa’s toes.  The cotton socks had the fresh scent of laundry detergent… though he knew these were the very same socks that his sister used to battle it out on the soccer field with all the other high-school girls.  His mind suddenly had a flash of imagining his sister dripping sweat as she sprinted down the field in her green and white uniform.

            He shook his head, trying to clear his mind.  Why am I thinking these thoughts?  I never fantasized about Laurissa playing soccer before.  Sure, she has matured physically since I saw her years ago.  Not to mention her legs are incredibly strong from all the running and kicking.

            He began to climb up the front of her foot near her ankle, the sock’s fabric providing easy access upward.  His tiny frame continued up and up and up.  The soft friction of her socks against his boner was driving him crazy.  “Oh, shit,” he said to himself.  He looked down, thinking, I’m not even halfway up.  Laurissa is just so gigantic!

            And then to his relief, his sister gently lifted him off her shin, saying, “I already know you’re a good little climber, Guy… but I want you down at my feet.”  He then discovered that his sister had re-positioned her body so her thighs were spread out, her knees bent so the soles of her feet pressed against one another.  And that’s where he found himself… stuck between the bottoms of his sister’s feet.  He heard her feminine voice say, “You’re so cute, big brother.  Having you so helpless, climbing the soles of my feet.  It’s like I’m above you… in every way.”

            As the 19-year-old boy attempted to move about, his every action was countered by his sibling’s tilting of her feet.   She cradled his inch-body… teasing him with her giantess-sized feet… gently caressing his bare skin with her socks.

            Realizing his sister was effortlessly controlling his body… sliding him along the underside of her feet, Guy squeaked, “Hey!  I can’t get out of here!”

            “I know,” she spoke softly.  “You can’t escape, can you?”

            Guy grunted as he again reached to pull himself out of the hollow his sister’s feet made… but he was no match for 50-foot-long feet and his retreat was blocked as gravity shifted and he tumbled back to his sister’s opposite foot.  She continued to toy with him like this for a few minutes longer until Guy seemed to be exhausted, and a little more than frustrated.

            She picked him up between her fingertips and then stood up as she walked over to her bed.  She took the small plastic bottle of honey from her shelf and set it down on her pillow, positioning it near the edge of her bed.  She lowered Guy onto the tip of the honey bottle, having removed the tiny plastic cap.

            Guy looked feverishly around, clinging to the cone-shaped spout, when he heard his sister giggle.  He observed the towering and topless teen as she kneeled down close to where he was… her goddess-sized boobs front-and-center before him.  He felt his breath escaping him — the overwhelming thought of his entire body being so much smaller than his sister’s breasts.

            The teen girl’s voice seemed to take on a more adult and seductive tone.  “Aren’t you glad, little brother… that I’m still giving you your reward even though you didn’t win our game?”   She laughed softly to herself.  “I could have just put you in a drawer and forgotten about little you.  And though it’s a lot of fun to trap you inside things… I am also a girl with desires.  Sexual desires.”

            Guy held onto the bottle’s tip as his jaw then dropped… his eyes witnessing his sister beginning to play with her big tits right in front of him.  Oh, my God! he thought.  Oh, wow!  I can’t look away.  Her breasts are too amazing!

            She squeezed her big boobs together… holding them there.  She kept pressing them together as she giggled, saying, “Do you like this, little bro?  When I hold my DD’s together?  Your big sister’s boobs are so big, aren’t they?  And you’re such a little… tiny… 1- inch brother, aren’t you?”

            Guy swallowed hard, not believing the direction his sister was taking this.  His stomach churned with anxiety… remembering his sister had learned his secret fetish for large breasts.  And now she was using this knowledge — along with the fact that she was so well-endowed — to her full advantage.

            Laurissa then suddenly released her giant-sized boobs as they bounced, swaying back and forth for a moment.  Their youthful perkiness combined with their impressive volume made an irresistible sight to behold.  Guy couldn’t look away if his life depended on it.

            “Ooooh…” she moaned, her elegant hands cupping the bottom of her boobs, squeezing and releasing them over and over… her long fingers pressing into her soft mammaries.  She then began to playfully bounce them together as she gently smacked the sides of her tits with her palms.  They bounced and bounced and bounced… the physics of her boobs creating a display both hypnotic and erotic.

            And then Guy noticed his sister leaning forward as her massive breasts hung sensually around the bottle of honey of which he clung.  Guy was at the center of it all.  She moved her torso forward and back, her breasts gently bumping the bottle’s tip… caressing it over and over… and over.

            Guy’s mind about to explode, he then discovered that he had been snatched up as Laurissa lay down on her bed on her back.  She placed her brother on top of her left breast.  “Ooooh, little brother… ready to have some fun?”  She arched her back as her breasts pointed skyward… her nipples firm and erect.

            Guy fell to his knees, staring longingly at his sister’s pinkish-brown nipple.  He moved closer to the 2-foot-high protuberance.  Just then a streak of honey poured down onto his sister’s nipple… rolling down…. dripping onto her large areola.  Guy looked up as his sister continued squeezing the bottle… allowing the golden nectar to drizzle all over her humongous melon.

            “Oh, God… oh, wow…” Guy breathed, as he walked on his knees closer.  He then lay his hands on his sister’s nipple — gasping as he watched its size suddenly increase by half a foot.  He began to rub his boner against her nipple.  His balls were begging for release and the friction he felt, humping the 16-year-old’s nipple… his sister’s nipple… was just so damn pleasurable.  He heaved his pelvis, fucking the side of her nipple — one hand pressing on his dick, the other keeping his balance on the top of the nipple.

            He saw the tip of Laurissa’s long finger caress the side of the nipple he was pleasuring himself on… and then he watched giant droplets of honey oozing off her long fingernail.  “Mmm… keep fucking me, little brother.  You’re doing so… fucking… good.”  Guy watched as his sister lifted her honey-drenched fingertip to her mouth, beginning to suck on it.  She gave out a girlish giggle.

            It was enough to push him over the edge and he suddenly blasted out his cum… it gushed in a thick spurt.  “Oh, fuck!” he exclaimed, ejaculating again and again.

            He heard his sister’s sensual voice, “Yes, little Guy… give me all of it!  Don’t save any of it.  I want all of your cum.  You’re so little, aren’t you?  You’re so fucking small… so tiny… so tiny and little on your sister’s nipple.  My big, big nipple.”

            “Holy shit!” Guy yelled.  “Holy God, fuck, shit!”  He continued to orgasm, his sister’s words driving him to cum more than he ever thought possible.  He was so turned on — his libido demanding every last sperm must exit his balls.

            And then finally, his mouth open as he panted, he stopped, having given all of himself and more.  His eyes took in the breathtaking view of his sister’s mountain range… round and smooth… rising up proudly, her glorious feminine globes... as if beckoning to be worshipped.

            Guy then became aware that Laurissa had picked him up… placing him in the palm of her hand before her glowing goddess-beauty.  The teen giggled gleefully, her beautiful smile radiant as she grinned.  “You… little brother… have pleased me greatly.  And now that you shrink… we can do anything.”  His sister’s voice then softened to a whisper, “Imagine the possibilities.”

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Episode 6 Chapter 1 ... 2-2-18 by Tiny Jedi

Guy tossed and turned, his sheets damp with sweat. “No…” he mumbled.  “No, you can’t… you can’t be this big.  You’re too big.”  The 19-year-old’s eyes feverishly moved beneath his eyelids, his brain deep in REM sleep.  He fists held tight to his blanket, trembling… his heart pounding.

            “No!  No, don’t eat me, Laurie!”  Guy’s eyes shot open, the bright morning sun shining in his room.  Breathing in and out rapidly, he blinked seeing that he was sitting up straight in his bed… his body still shaking in fear.  Noticing his sister sitting over at his desk, her legs crossed, Guy blurted out, still dazed, “Wh-what you doin’… uh…?  Why are you in my room?”

            Laurissa stood up, nonchalantly placing her hands on her womanly hips.  “You’ve been talking in your sleep… big brother… for like ten minutes.  I could hear you way down the hall.”

            The boy rubbed his eyes, exhaling, doing his best not to blush.  “Yeah…” he replied.  “Yeah, like it matters.”

            Still standing, looking down, his sister added, “And you said some very interesting things.  Like what’s this about you saying, ‘Don’t eat me, Laurie’?”  She stared intently at her older sibling, her smirk growing as she watched his face turn beet red.

            Guy nervously touched his forehead.  “Uh… I-I-I didn’t… I didn’t say that.”

            The girl crossed her arms across her ample bust.  “Oh, you totally said that.  I can quote my big brother: ‘No, don’t eat me, Laurie.’  And you yelled it like you were really scared that I might eat you.”  She laughed happily, and said, “Should I tell you the rest of the stuff you revealed during your nightmare?”

            “Shut up!  Just shut up, Laurie,” Guy said loudly, his embarrassment shifting to annoyance.  He threw his legs over the side of the bed, pretending to stretch, hoping his sister would pick up on his desire for her to exit his room.  Maybe I shouldn’t have told Laurie to shut up, Guy thought.  It always puts her in a bad mood when I say shut up.

            “I’m not leaving, big brother,” the teen breathed, her voice suddenly a bit lower and more seductive.  She stepped over to where her brother sat, bumping her left knee into his right thigh.  “Not leaving until you apologize… my big brother.  You like being the big brother, don’t ya?  But you know that can change… in an instant.  And when I become the big, BIG sister… you don’t want me to be pissed, now do you?”

            Guy sat silently.  He had purposely not stared too long at his sister’s curvy body, fearing the consequences to his stature.  He cleared his throat, “Fine, whatever.  Get out.”

            “You didn’t apologize!”

            “So, what?” Guy answered.

            The 16-year-old stomped her foot.  “Ugh!  You’re unbelievable!”  Then she paused for a moment before saying, “Ohhh… I see what you’re doing.  I totally see what you’re doing.”

            Guy glanced up, his mind registering the epic beauty of his sibling’s model-like face.  Oh, my God.  She is so gorgeous.  And her perfect body is still in her pajamas… if pajamas are boxers and a skimpy top.  Guy then said aloud, “I’m not doing anything.  I don’t know what you’re talking about, little sister.”

            Laurissa snickered and then marched toward the door.  She spun around before exiting, as Guy’s gaze met hers.  She motioned to her open mouth with her finger, extending her tongue.  “That’s where you’re going, Guy.  In my fuckin’ mouth.  Even if you do apologize, it’s already too late.”  The teen then leaned forward slightly as she spoke seductively, her voice like a phone-sex operator, “I’m going to eat you all up, little boy.”

            Guy heard his sister giggle as she disappeared into the hallway.  He took a deep breath and exhaled.  He closed his eyes, but he knew it was too late.  Guy’s height abruptly reduced by a little more than a foot.  “Shit,” he uttered, standing and walking over to close his door.  As he took his small bottle of medicine from the desk, he thought, I should have apologized when I had the chance.  She used to tell me to shut up all the time when we were little kids.  Can’t I say it now that we’re older?

            Guy’s height then slowly returned to normal, and he put on a different T-shirt.  All of a sudden, Guy’s heart rate spiked, his breathing becoming shallow and fast as he recalled the events in his nightmare.  Oh, God… his thoughts raced.  Why am I feeling this way?  His palms began to sweat as he clenched his fists, and his body literally shook in fear.  He quickly sat down on his bed, attempting to breathe calmly in and out.  “Oh,” he said quietly to himself.  “I’m having an anxiety attack.  Why is that?  There has to be a reason.”  The more he recalled the events in his nightmare — his little sister the size of Godzilla and about to devour him — the more his panic increased.  “Oh, shit…” he said with a knowing exhale.  It has to be my subconscious revealing itself.  I’ve always had a shrinking fetish, but I’ve also always been secretly fearful of being shrunk by my sister.  It’s only because Laurie grew up to be extremely hot that my mind didn’t realize the true power she has over me.  Her gorgeous body has been temporarily distracting me from the trauma and fear of being shrunk down by her… but she’s still the same sister I fought with as children.  She always had to get her way.  And now I feel the fear of zero control…being helpless in my sister’s hands.

            “Oh, my God,” the boy said, touching his cheek.  “I can’t let her shrink me again.  I’m feeling all my suppressed fear at once.  I must have been in shock before, because now I feel only helpless and vulnerable.”

            Guy stepped anxiously over to his door, opening it.  If I talk to my sister, she’ll understand, right?  I’ll just say I emotionally can’t be shrunk anymore.  Yeah, no big deal.  Guy moved down the hall, and looked into his sister’s bedroom, seeing her curvaceous figure standing beside her dresser.  He spoke timidly, “Um… e-e-excuse me, big sister… I mean, little sister.”

            She glanced at him, her beautiful face giving him a confused look.  “Okay… so, you came to apologize — even though you made me angry on purpose just to feed your fetish.  Just to get off on me being pissed before I shrink you.”

            “What? Oh, that’s what you thought I was doing.  I guess I was doing that — but I didn’t fully realize th-th-that was uh… what I was doing.  I must have been doing it subconsciously.  Because honestly, truly I don’t want to make you angry.  Not at all.”

            The teen laughed, saying, “Sure big bro… whatever you say.  I know you love being dominated   And me being angry, like really angry with you, is something we haven’t explored.  Just know I’m into it.  I love to role-play… and if you want to make me a little upset in real life, go for it.  It’ll just add to my pleasure after you’ve shrunk to a tiny, pathetic inch.”

            Guy breathed in deeply, feeling his anxiety building.  “About you shrinking me down… Sis.  I don’t think… uh, um… that I can….”  He observed his sister strip off her top, leaving just her bra cradling her DD’s.  “Oh, shit,” Guy uttered, immediately looking down at the carpet.  His eyes closed, he felt the tingling sensation.  It slowly began to pass.  It was like a wave washing over him, and he just barely managed to not be swept under the water.  Relax.  Come on, relax.

            “I’m going to take a shower,” he heard his sister’s girlish voice.  “Wanna come along?”

            “No, no, no,” he blurted out, still looking down, his eyes sealed shut.  “Laurie, can you put your shirt back on, please?  I can’t think straight.”

            “Guy, I already took my bra off.  You’re a little late.”  She giggled, and a moment later she sauntered past her brother patting him on his chest and then the top of his head.  She whispered in his ear, “After I get all wet, I’ll come downstairs… and we can have something to eat together.  And remember where you’re going, little bro.”

            Guy felt overwhelming fear while simultaneously aroused by his sister’s sexual advances.  He sensed his sister move past him… hearing the bathroom door closing shut a moment later.  Finally feeling that he was not at risk of shrinking at that very moment, Guy opened his eyes, seeing his sister’s bedroom around him.  Everything screamed ‘teen girl’… pinks and purples with black and silver… stuffed animals and books... teen music posters.  Off in the closet, he could see his sister’s soccer ball on the floor.  It made him think of how athletic his sister’s legs were… her whole body so toned and voluptuous.

            His sexual thoughts overtaking his mind once more, he hurried out of his sister’s room, and went down the hall.  He suddenly felt hungry and he headed downstairs.  After pouring himself some Cheerios, he sat down and began to eat, while thinking, I have to tell her.  I can’t do it anymore.  She shrunk me at least five times.  Isn’t that enough?

            About 30 minutes later, his sister came quickly running down the stairs.  Guy was still sitting at the kitchen table, and he saw she had put her long dark locks in a ponytail, which accentuated the flawless beauty of her face.  She was wearing her usual skintight summer clothing which flattered her phenomenal hourglass figure.

            Guy looked down at the table before starting to say what he had rehearsed in his mind, “Laurissa… uh, thank you for shrinking me these past several days, but five times is enough.  I’ve learned enough.  And I need to tell you that my suppressed childhood fear is emerging and I have too much fear to be shrunk by you.  Fear because you’re my sister, my family member.  So, thank you, and that’s it.”  He expected his sibling to immediately protest or laugh or make a snide remark.  But there was only silence which seemed to last forever.  Guy finally looked up, seeing the 16-year-old glaring at him.  Her toned and voluptuous body looked hotter than hell, her arms crossed defiantly, her blue eyes like lasers into his soul.

            He uttered, “Aren’t you going to say something?”

            She finally spoke in a serious tone, her displeasure evident.  “You have a fetish, Guy.  And I have a fetish for little guys.  I have a fetish for making you little.  That’s enough.”

            He began to squirm in his seat, saying, “I-I-I know… but things have changed.”

            “What?  Overnight?  You got to be kidding me.”  She put her hands on her curvy hips.  “You still owe me for telling me to shut up.”

            “I’m sorry, okay?  I’m really sorry for saying shut up.”

            “No, that’s not enough.  I told you where you’re going.”  She opened her mouth and then snapped her white teeth shut… grinning at him.

            A wave of tingling flooded Guy’s body.  No… this can’t be happening.  Not now!  I told Laurie that my fear is too much.  My suppressed fear is coming out.  No!  I’m going to shrink…Laurie is too arousing!  Guy then shrunk down a foot and a half.

            He heard his sister say, “Aww… is Guy becoming little again?  Looks like my big brother is going to become little brother.  Again.  But his antidote is so far away upstairs.  Too bad.”

            I have to get up! he thought. I have to get to my room!  Guy then darted out of the kitchen, barely making it past his sister’s clutches.  He ran across the living room, hearing his sister’s angry voice close behind.  “No fucking way, bro!  You’re not getting your medicine this time!  You’re shrinking to an inch for sure!”

            “Shut up, Laurie!” Guy yelled as he tripped running up the stairs.  “Just shut the fuck up!”

            “Oh, you’re SO going to get it, Guy!  You can’t escape your big sister!”

            And for whatever reason he became aroused at that moment… whether it was being chased by his younger sister… or the genuine anger in her teen voice… or the choice of words she shouted — whatever prompted it… Guy started to shrink again.  And he shrunk all the way down just as he entered his bedroom.  He found himself naked and lost beneath the pile of his clothes — a mere inch tall.  Damn it!  No… no, no, no!

            Girlish, sadistic laughter sounded above Guy’s tiny head.... gradually becoming louder and louder.  And he knew this time was not like the last five times.

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Ep 6 Ch 2 by Tiny Jedi

Beneath the smothering weight of his normal-sized clothes, the 1-inch Guy heard his sister continuing to laugh triumphantly.  Fear was overtaking him like never before — his heart racing a mile a minute… his breathing out of control  “Damn it!” he uttered, gasping for air.  My sister is going to get me.  I can’t stop this fear I’m feeling.  I have to escape these clothes — it’s my only chance!  Once she has me, it’s all over!

            “Ooh…” his sister cooed, bending down to the floor.  She caressed the top of the pile of Guy’s clothing with her fingertip.  “Little brother?  You know I’m a giantess again.  I’m so big.  So very, very BIG.  So much bigger than little bite-size you.”  She giggled on purpose, continuing, “I’m definitely going to have to put you in my mouth, little bro.  You know how much your sister loves oral.  Maybe I’ll swallow you.  Now that would be so much fun!”

            And then out of the corner of her eye, the 16-year-old spotted a little human-shaped and nude figure moving along the carpeting.  Laurissa smirked.

            Hurrying as fast as his tiny legs would carry him, Guy sprinted across his bedroom floor.  Go!  Come on!  I don’t think she’s seen me.  Off in the distance, in his relatively clean room, he noticed the closest place to hide was underneath his bed… and he kept running at his fastest, though it seemed to be taking forever.

            “Hmm…” his sister said in curious tone.  “He’s not in here.  Huh…  Well, that’s very strange.  I swear I saw him shrink right in this exact spot.”

            Guy darted beneath his bed… the opening just over half a foot high — about 40 feet from the boy’s perspective.  He gasped voraciously… greedily taking in the oxygen.  “Oh, shit!” he exclaimed.  “I can’t breathe… I need air.”  Guy felt his anxiety gripping him like never before.  His whole body was in panic-mode, and he had no control to stop it.  “My fear must have been delayed, suppressed, the first times Laurie shrunk me.  I have must have been in shock back then.  Because now I feel nothing but fear.  Damn it!”

            From well under his bed, he watched with intensity as his sister’s hand grabbed his clothing in her fist, and then angrily let go.  “You little fuck!” her girlish teen voice roared.  Guy watched, realizing she stood up, only able to see just above his sister’s ankles, her pink socks with the white stripes clinging to her once dainty, now gigantic feet.

            Guy listened to his loud heart beat, his breathing still fast and shallow, his eyes watching… waiting.  And then his sister’s right foot came down as she stomped the carpeting.  BOOM!!!  The entire floor of his bedroom shook, and Guy struggled to keep his balance, despite being in the relative safety under his bed.

            His sister laughed to herself.  “Oh, so you think you can get away from me, do you… little bro?”  She began to pace about her older sibling’s bedroom, her socked feet always in view from Guy’s hiding place.  “Guy? … Oh, Guy...?” her voice taking on a more sexy tone.  “You know this is the first time you successfully got away from your big sister.  You must be really afraid, huh?”  She stepped over toward her brother’s closet, pausing as she looked down at her brother’s shoes, comic books, and old toys that were scattered about.  “Guy?  Looks like you don’t care much for your action figures anymore.  They’re just sitting here on the floor collecting dust.  Someone could step on them by accident… crush them under her foot.”  She laughed, continuing, “Of course, you’re much… much smaller than whatever G.I. Joe this is.  They’re all just little guys to me.  And you’re the littlest little Guy, aren’t you?  My little inch-brother.”

            The boy, trying to be as quiet as he could, listened to his loud breath — his heart pounding in his neck.  His sister’s pink-and-white socks stepped back over to the middle of his room.  He could feel the weight in her slow, deliberate steps.  Boom! … Boom! … Boom! … Boom!  She stopped in front his dresser, saying, “Too bad your room is so clean, little bro, huh?  I mean… there aren’t exactly a lot of hiding places.”  The teen giggled, slowly moving with heavy footfalls back toward the closet.  Boom! … Boom! … Boom! … Boom!

            Oh, shit... Guy thought.  Laurissa hasn’t found me yet, but that could change very quickly.  I need to get to some place else.  Should I run out?  I don’t know.  He leaned forward in preparation to run, when all of a sudden the teen girl’s giant steps moved quickly and directly in front of his bed.  Boom!  Boom!  Boom!

            Guy heard his sister say, “Okay, now I’m just getting angry.  You said you were feeling afraid.  Well, how much fear would you feel if your sister got not just a little angry, but like super, super angry?  You’re too small, little brother, to handle all my anger… all my BIG anger.  I’m too much for you.  You do not want to see me furious.”

            Guy slowly stepped toward the opening… toward his sister’s feet.  It was like his body was moving by itself.  And then he emerged out in the light, and he squinted as he craned his head backward.  His tiny body trembled as his eyes went up… up… up… following the athletic contours of the teen’s strong and shapely calves… up her powerful soccer-thighs… her womanly hips… her ample bosom in her tank top…. all the way up to the height of his sister’s gorgeous face… as she peered down at him.  His sister towered over him, standing 400 feet tall — the height of a 40-story building! 

            She put her hands on her curvy hips, saying, “Feeling small, Guy?”  She smirked, letting a giggle escape her lips.  “You look really small from up here.  I guess you didn’t want me to get even angrier with you than I already am, huh?  Just to let you know — I saw you run under the bed.  I just love teasing and torturing little brother.”

            Guy then saw his sibling’s enormous body bending as he was picked up between her fingertips.  His head spun in a dizzy whirl… colors blurring all around him.  And then he found himself before the teen’s breathtaking beauty… her stunning blue eyes, her full pouty lips, her contoured cheekbones.  Guy gasped… his fear fresh in mind, it was like seeing his sister’s billboard-sized countenance for the first time — a strange feeling of being terrified and really turned on at the exact same moment.

            She smirked, raising an eyebrow.  Dangling his naked body between her thumb and forefinger, she spoke, “Now what was it that little bro said just before he shrunk down?  Oh, I know. You told me to ‘shut up’… again.  I count four times this morning.”  She tilted her wrist slightly causing Guy’s itty-bitty legs to sway back and forth.  “Well…?  Too afraid to speak up?  You remember where naughty little brothers go, right?”

            Guy observed himself being lowered down his sister’s giant pretty face… until he was directly in front of her exquisite, luscious lips.  The inch-tall boy watched as Laurissa’s pink tongue snaked out as she moaned softly… her tongue slowly running across her upper lip from left to right… and then back… slowly… from right to left.

            “Please no!” Guy shouted in his high-pitched voice.  “Please, I’m too small!  I’m too scared!  Don’t eat me!”

            His sister continued to dangle him close to her lips as her mouth spoke, “Don’t eat me — is that what you said?  Just like in your nightmare?  Well, Guy, I can’t promise I won’t eat you.”  She pressed his tiny naked frame upon her soft, plump lips… kissing him over and over again.  And then she tilted her pretty head back, slowly sliding her sibling down her long neck.  “Mmm… I’d love to swallow you, little bro.  Feel little brother fight me as he goes down my throat.”  She lowered him further, caressing the skin along her collarbone… and then slid Guy down the front of her top… teasingly moving him back and forth and around her large breasts.

            Guy felt himself lifted again, and the next thing he saw was his sister’s mouth open, his tiny body being inserted.  And then everything turned dark as his sister’s teeth and lips closed shut.  Without his sight, he could feel his sister’s hot, wet tongue beneath him, like an enormous bed, as her powerful muscle contorted, moving from side to side.

            Laurissa giggled as she stepped out of her brother’s room… walking happily down the hall to her own room.  She plopped down onto her bed, scooting her sexy ass back toward one end.  She sat up straight, her legs bent with her feet in the middle of the pink bedspread.  She waited a minute until finally parting her lips as she removed her older brother from her mouth.

            Guy coughed, squinting… realizing he was now held in his ‘little’ sister’s cupped hands.  “Did you have fun on my tongue?  Pretty awesome how nimble and strong my tongue is, huh?”

            Guy stood up.  Speaking in his tiny, shrunken voice, he pleaded, “Laurissa, I’m sorry!  I never should have told you to shut up!  I’m totally sorry!”

            Laurissa grinned, displaying her perfect white smile.  “I bet you are, little bro… now.”

            “No, seriously, Laurissa.  I feel this fear like I didn’t have before.  I fear that you’re never going to re-enlarge me.  But I need that.”

            His sister smirked.  “The thought did cross my mind after you pissed me off.  I could just throw away your medicine.  It’d be really fun to keep you as my personal Jolly Rancher candy to suck on.”  She smiled at the thought… and then noticed her brother trembling.  “Aww… you really are frightened.  What’s wrong, little guy?”

            Guy shook in fear.  “I don’t know,” he answered.  “I remember how spirited and unruly — even uncontrollable — you were when we were children.  I’ve always been a little afraid of you… afraid of your temper… your anger.”

            His sister laughed.  “You were afraid of a little girl?  That’s so cute.  I’m sure you never thought you’d get the shrinking disease.  Now I’m so powerful and gigantic and have total control over you.  My little finger could beat you up.”  She smiled, and then brought her hands to her lips, kissing Guy.  “Here… let your BIG sister help you relax.”  She began to make out with his inch-body… her lips lovingly caressing his skin.

            Guy felt the warm embrace of his sister’s mouth… her lips and tongue toying with him.  He could feel the heat from her minty breath, having brushed her teeth less than half an hour ago.  “Oh,” Guy moaned, feeling himself being lost in sister’s full and teasing lips.  She truly understood how to play with a shrunken guy’s emotions… even if, to Guy, she seemed too eager to cross the line of what he was comfortable with for the sake of her own whims and pleasure.

            Several minutes of making out, and his sister then said abruptly, “Well, I think it’s time we get something to eat.  Don’t you agree?  You seem more relaxed now.”

            Guy was about to respond in the affirmative when all of a sudden he was plucked from his sister’s palm and tossed back inside her mouth.  “I think this is as good a way to carry little brother to the kitchen as any.  And I’m not giving you a choice.”  The teen smiled as she giggled, sliding off her bed and exiting her room.

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Ep 6 Ch 3 by Tiny Jedi

Laurissa happily skipped down the hall and then proceeded down the stairs, her big boobs bouncing as she went.  Walking into the kitchen, she opened the fridge.  “Hmm… now what should I have for breakfast?  What do you think, little bro?”

            Guy, just an inch tall and trapped in his sister’s mouth, was being tossed about... played with relentlessly by his 16-year-old sibling’s tongue.  At that moment, the front door was unlocked, and Guy’s mother stepped into the house.  Laurissa turned — her eyes wide seeing her mom.

            “M-Mom… you’re home early,” she said, moving into the living room.  “It’s still morning.  Y-You’ve never done that before.”

            “Oh, hello to you, honey,” her mother replied.  “I called your phone, and left a message saying I left my important briefcase on the counter.”  She walked over to the kitchen, spying her briefcase.  “Oh, yes, here it is.”

            “Huh, I must have left my phone on vibrate,” Laurissa commented.

            The plump woman in her 40’s re-entered the living room.  “Problem solved,” she said, smiling.  “So, how you enjoying the summer, honey?”

            “Oh, um, it’s been enjoyable.”  Laurissa smiled, pressing her tongue — and her brother — into her cheek.  The teen then lifted Guy up to the roof of her mouth as she began to suck on him.  “Well, I have to say, Mom, I’m totally surprised you stopped by.  Not to say I’m not glad to see you… back… so early.”

            Her mother looked curiously at her daughter.  “What’s wrong?  Did something catch on fire?  Are you or your brother hurt?”

            “Mom, come on.  No, nothing’s wrong.”  Laurissa snickered, her tongue wagging from side to side within her mouth.

            “Oh, good,” her mother breathed a sigh of relief.  She added, “You’re getting along with your brother, right?  It’s only been a week since the two of you have been living in the same house together again after all these years.”

            “Sure, Mom… you don’t have to worry about little — I mean, Guy and I are getting along really well.  He’s been quite the sweet little treat to visit with.  It’s like candy in my mouth.”  The teen smirked.

            “Well, I’m glad to hear that.  I guess the two of you have grown out of your sibling rivalry stage.”

            “Totally, Mom.  That was so long ago.”

            Her mother smiled again.  “Well, I should be going.”

            “Well, if you have to get back to work, I understand.”

            Her mother walked over toward the front door, briefcase in hand, pausing for a moment as she turned.  “You know, I really should go upstairs and say hello to your brother.  I’ve been meaning to ask him how he’s been doing with his struggle to not shrink around girls.”  Her mother then said quietly, “Just between you and me… I was worried my daughter’s attractive face and… um, assets… might push your brother over the edge and he’d be shrinking every day.  Like all the time.”

            “Oh, Mom,” Laurissa said, blushing.  “I’m not that hot.  Well, maybe I am, but you don’t have to worry about Guy.  He knows not to lust after his own family members.”

            “Honey, he’s really sensitive to this stuff.  Even the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is too much for him.”

            “I’ll tell him you said ‘hi’,” Laurissa said with a smile, gesturing toward the door.

            “Well… all right.  See you, tonight.  Love you.”

            “Bye, Mom. Love you, too.”  The teen slowly shut the front door, turning as she pressed her back up against it.  She exhaled in a huff.  “That was too close.  Not like I couldn’t come up with some plausible story if I was forced to explain his absence.”

            Laurissa then opened her mouth, extending her pink tongue as she lifted Guy up, holding him before her beautiful face.  “Little bro, I could hear you calling out for Mom to help you.  I’m not pleased.  Lucky she couldn’t hear little you.”

            Squeezed between his sister’s thumb and fingertip, Guy struggled in vain.  “Laurissa!  Don’t you, ugh… think I’ve paid my punishment for telling you to ‘shut up’?”

            “Fuck no.  I’ll tell you when you no longer ‘owe me’.  Besides, it’s your own fault that you shrink from looking at your hot little sister.”  She placed Guy back inside her mouth, her full lips closing shut, as her tongue got back into action.  The teen energetically stepped over to the kitchen, moving on the toes of her socked feet.  Opening the fridge, she sighed.  “Now then.  Ooh, this looks good, little bro.”

            Laurissa picked up a metal pie tin which had a single slice of French Silk pie.  Putting it on a new plate, she grabbed a fork from the drawer.  She proceeded to the stairs and marched up to the second floor.  Arriving at her bedroom, she locked the door behind her.  She sat down at her desk, setting the plate before her.

            Guy squinted as his tiny inch body was placed directly on the plate beside the giant slice of French Silk.  Looking around to familiarize himself with the new surroundings, Guy looked up at the 20-foot-tall piece of pie with its thick layer of fluffy chocolate, topped with a hearty amount of whipped cream.  All of a sudden he heard his sister gasp.  “Oh, my!” she cooed, followed by a pleased giggle.  “I think, is it…?  Oh, yes!  Little brother has a little boner.”

            Guy glanced down, and indeed he had a raging hard-on.  “No… damn it!” he said to himself.  The teen boy was then lifted, his tiny torso compressed between his sister’s fingertips… and he found himself before his sibling’s breathtaking blue eyes.

            Laurissa giggled again.  “Ooh... being in my mouth made you a happy little brother, didn’t it?” she said with a grin, turning his miniature body slightly from side to side.  She continued to scrutinize his tiny member, then said, “Can you imagine…?  If Mom knew all that we’ve been doing?”  Laurissa laughed softly.

            Guy stared at his sister’s gorgeous face… and he knew his erection was certainly not going to lessen while in front of the teen’s incredible beauty.  Her erotically feminine facial features were serving only to stiffen his hard-on.  He called out in desperation, sure that by now he was blushing to the extreme, “Please, Laurissa!  I can’t….  I can’t make my boner disappear!”

            His sister smirked.  “Now why would we want that, silly little bro?  The fun’s just starting.”

            The 19-year-old boy suddenly found himself being lowered close to the piece of pie… his boner then being dipped into the whipped cream.  As he was raised back up before his sister’s face, a generous glob of thick cream clung to his tiny genitals.

            Guy watched helplessly as his sister licked her lips in anticipation — her blue irises gazing intently at his groin.  He was then brought right up close to the 16-year-old’s exquisitely full lips… and her mouth spoke, “I know one way to relieve you of this boner… my little, itty-bitty brother.”  Guy saw his sister grin and then he felt his cock being caressed by the tip of the high-schooler’s massive tongue.

            “Ohhh,” Guy moaned, the view of his sister’s giant mouth before him, her hot tongue gently licking his dick again and again… and again and again.  “Oh, shit!” he exclaimed.  “Laurissa… oh, fuck… Laurissa…!  You’re going to make me…!”

            Guy then found himself being set down on the plate beside the towering slice of pie.  His sister giggled as she picked up her fork and proceeded to eat the pie as if nothing else was going on.   The boy watched as the giant fork pressed onto the plate... its tongs making the sound of metal against ceramic.  He observed his colossal sister as she took bite after bite.  “Mmm… this is so good,” she commented, glancing downward.  “Oh?  You’re still horny?  Did I only make your cock… harder?”  She giggled as she set her fork down.

            She picked him up, lifting him before her pretty teen face… her eyes studying his erection.  She tilted her wrist causing his dick to sway from side to side.  She giggled, saying, “All right… I admit you’re adorable at this size, little bro.”  She then said quietly, almost in a whisper, “Let’s see if we can get you to cum for BIG sister.”

            Guy saw himself being lowered again toward the French Silk.  This time not only his erection but the entire lower half of his body was dipped into the smooth chocolate layer of the pie… along with more glistening white cream.  As he was lifted to his sister’s waiting lips, he heard her speak in a most seductive tone, “I hope your big sister is not too much for you.  I know I’m so much bigger than you… little, little… little brother.”

            Guy moaned, “Ohh… ohhh…” as he could only watch as his beautiful sister’s wet, pink tongue moved closer… the heat from her mouth radiating… enveloping him.  Her tongue continued to lick gently.  She kept licking… and licking… and licking… and licking his rock-hard cock.  Guy’s eyes rolled back in his head feeling the pressure of her enormous tongue against his relatively tiny dick.  He then gasped as he felt himself nearing orgasm — and just then he saw the he was being lowered back to the dessert… his throbbing dick being dipped deeply in the whipped cream.  It was like he was flying as his sister teasingly held his body along the surface of the pie… continuing to move his erection back and forth and all around through the thick and rich cream.  He heard her sweet and sexy teen voice, “Does that feel good?  I love it when little bro gets turned on… and I get to play with his boner.”

            He was then brought back up before his sister’s gorgeous face.  He was in awe as she smirked at him, her face glowing with teen lust.  “Maybe I will throw away your medicine.  This is too much fun.”

            Guy’s eyes widened as he exclaimed, “Laurie… you can’t….”  Before he could utter another word, the whipped cream-covered boy was being licked by the teen’s eager tongue.  She licked her brother’s erection and balls.  Licked… and licked… and licked.  Over and over and over again.  His cock at that moment exploded out a stream of thick semen… his sperm blasting out of his shrunken body.  He moaned in ecstasy, “Oh, God… Oh fuck, yes!  Oh… oh…

            His sister kept licking his genitals… all of her attention focused on the single task of optimal orgasm.  And Guy was indeed lost in orgasmic heaven… cumming again and again.  He shot his load over and over… and then again… until finally he moaned as he shot out the last of his sperm.  “That’s all of me!” he shouted.  “Oh, wow… Laurissa… oh, wow… You’re amazing!”

            She lifted her exhausted brother in front of her face.  She grinned, saying, “I knew you could do it, little Guy!  Your little sister is fun when she’s the BIG sister, isn’t she?”  With a cute giggle she brought him to her pillowy-soft lips, planting a big kiss covering his whole body.  Then dangling him before her eyes, she said, “I know you were afraid earlier… and I’m glad you overcame it to ejaculate for me.  But…”

            Guy saw Laurissa softly bite her lower lip, then she said, “But I actually… like it… when you fear me.  I love having you fear your little sister becoming BIG.”

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I don’t know when I’ll be continuing this story.  I just wanted to update it with a new episode.  Thanks for reading.

Episode 7 Chapters 1-3 ... 7-19-18 by Tiny Jedi

Here are all 3 chapters for episode 7.  I don’t know when I’ll write the next episode, but I hope you enjoy this episode all the same.  And if you like this story, please leave a comment.  One-word comments welcome.  I appreciate all of them.  Thanks!

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A gentle summer breeze caressed Guy’s face as he walked down his neighborhood street.  The sun had just come up, and this was the 19-year-old’s third outing away from the house in three days.  His younger sister may have been using his weakness of shrinking in her stunning presence for her own selfish benefit, but he couldn’t argue with the results.  He was, for the first time in years, confident enough to be outside… in the land of girls.   He hadn’t seen anyone remotely as hot as his sibling, but he knew it was possible and a risk he always used to avoid at all costs.

            He took a deep breath of fresh air, finally nearing his house.  Minutes earlier, he had seen his mother’s car as she left for work — not to return until late that evening.  A queasiness struck the boy’s stomach while going up the front steps.  He knew it was anxiety… not from being outside in nature, but from what lay asleep upstairs... to be more precise, the sleeping 16-year-old sister who would soon be awake and have mischievous plans of her own for how her brother should spend the day.

            Guy reached for the handle to the front door when all of a sudden the door swung open forcefully without his touching it.  There she stood, in her glorious curviness, her skimpy pajamas with short shorts and a tight-fitting top… showing a lot of skin and leaving little to the imagination.  Guy took one look at the teen’s big boobs, which had swung and jiggled as she had thrust the door open, and Guy couldn’t help but lose some height.  Usually taller than his sibling, he was now a head shorter than she was, Guy’s clothing having become loose-fitting.

            Laurissa snickered, smirking.  “Figures, big brother.  You would shrink the moment you see your sister’s big boobs.”

            “Hey, it’s not my fault,” Guy responded, following his sister inside, shutting the door.  “I’ve improved… like a lot.”  He started to head upstairs.

            His sister smiled as she eyed his journey up the stairs.  “Yeah, you’re going outdoors for once.  Amazing… for little you.  Um, I mean big brother.”

            Approaching the top of the steps, Guy turned.  “Laurie, I’m actually cured, which means —”

            She cut him off, “Which means, Guy, we have to double our efforts.  And you’re most definitely not ‘cured’ as you foolishly put it.”

            He was about to go down the hall to his bedroom, but turned in disgust, having been corrected by his younger sister.  “Yeah well, little sister, you know what?  This was the third time I went for a walk outside.  Twice you didn’t know about, so there!”

            Guy watched his sister at the bottom of the steps as she crossed her arms.  “Guy, I purposely didn’t shrink you the past couple days to give you a break… after all, you were so tiny in my mouth for a long time.”  She glanced to the side, laughing to herself.  Then looking back into his eyes, she said with a stern voice beyond her years, “My bedroom.  Five minutes.  Oh, and bring your medicine.  And you better not make me wait.”

            He watched the beautiful brunette, her long locks flowing as she stepped away out of sight.  He proceeded down the hall, mumbling, “Who does she think —?  I mean, really.  I’m the older brother… three years older.”  Arriving at his bedroom, he took the diminutive bottle of blue liquid from his dresser.  Careful to take just a drop, he was soon his normal-sized self.  Having taken a quick trip to the bathroom, he headed down the hall.

            Entering his sister’s room, he saw the buxom teen as she sat with her shapely legs crossed on the very end of her pink bed.  A simple wooden chair was in front of her on the other side of the room.  “Take a seat, my soon-to-be little pupil.”

            His sister’s sexy girlish voice, by itself, was jarring enough that he felt for a moment he would shrink right then and there.  That would have been embarrassing, he thought.  At least Laurie doesn’t have that much control over my size.

            “So,” he began in a sarcastic tone, “we’re doing it like before?  What — is your bedroom a classroom or something?”

            “Yes,” she replied, watching Guy sit down.  “And I am your teacher.  Your Teacher of Seduction.”

            Guy anxiously touched the back of his head. “Whatever,” he said defiantly.  “I told you, Laurie.  I’m cured.  It doesn’t matter if you can still shrink your brother.  And I’m sure you can.  But —”  Guy suddenly stopped talking as he looked at his sister’s crossed legs… his eyes taking in the slow up-and-down rocking of his sister’s shapely, muscular calf.  And then her legs uncrossed, being crossed the other way… and her leg resumed the same hypnotic undulating motion with her other calf.  He gulped, watching the subtle bounce of her socked foot as her leg continued to rise… and fall.  Slowly.  Up… and down.   Up…. and down… over and over.

            “You were saying?” she asked sweetly.  “What was it you were telling me… big… brother?”

            Guy continued to stare at his sibling’s alluring foot and legs — abruptly shaking his head back to the present moment.  “Oh, I… I forgot,” he answered.  “Did you ask me something, Laurie?”

            He heard the sound of his sister’s playful giggle.  “Come on, Guy,” her voice now increasing in seductiveness.  She stood up tall as she looked down at her seated sibling.  Resting her hands on her voluptuous hips, she continued, “I’m happy I helped you improve.  What are big… I mean, little sisters for?”

            He swallowed hard as his sibling’s curvaceous hips and strong, shapely thighs moved slowly around to the back of his chair… feeling his cheek being softly touched by her fingertips.  His breathing was fast and shallow, and he nervously thought, Don’t shrink.  I have to show her how far I’ve come.  He then observed as his sister’s beautiful body came around, stepping close in front of him.

            She paused for a moment, placing her hands on her hips.  And then Guy glanced up, their eyes meeting.  She said, “Good… very good.  You have been looking at me, rather than just closing your eyes like you used to.  I can see that you’re getting more comfortable with being around an arousing female body… and my body is as arousing as they come.”

            Guy’s eyes fell from his sister’s gorgeous model-like face down to her skintight top and heaving breasts.  He quickly looked away, but the chemicals in his brain had already done the deed, he felt the secretion of hormones and the tingly throughout his whole body.  His height instantly shrunk by over a foot.

            Laurissa giggled.  “I guess your sister’s DD’s are still a weak spot for you.  Isn’t that right, my big brother?”

            As he began to open the medicine bottle in his hand, he heard his sister say, “Yes, go ahead, Guy.  Take your medicine.  That’s why I told you to bring it.  Normally, we wouldn’t let you re-enlarge so soon.  But as your wise and beautiful teacher, I wanted to try a little experiment with my brother.”

            Having returned to his full size, Guy looked up, saying, “What are you talking about?  An experiment?”

            “Yes, silly,” she answered, with a giggle.  “You want to be in a relationship with a girl someday, right?  Have a girlfriend and spend time with her while you’re normal size?”

            “Uh, yes, of course.”

            “Well, you can’t just look at her, can you?  To be in a relationship also means to spend time touching and caressing her.”

            What? Guy thought.  Touching? Caressing?  Is she implying what I think she is?  I can’t…I mean…I’m normal size now… and she’s my sister!

            Laurissa leaned forward so her deep blue eyes connected with Guy’s eyes.  “Do you want to… touch… your sister?  You can if you want.”

            A strange feeling surged from the top of his skull down to the bottom of his feet, and then the tingling started and he shrunk once more down a foot and half.  He fumbled the bottle of medicine, taking another dose of blue liquid while hearing the sultry giggle of his younger sibling.  This isn’t happening, he thought.  I didn’t sign up for this.  I just wanted to get some control over when I shrink — not feel up Laurie.

            And at that moment, he felt his hands being moved.  His sister’s hands were guiding him.  And he then felt his palms caressing the warm, smooth skin of his sister’s powerful, soccer-sculpted thighs… both her left and right legs.  “Oh, shit,” he said frantically, his height once again dwindling.

            “That’s okay, big brother,” she cooed.  “Just take your magical medicine again… as many times as you need.”

            He fumbled again with the bottle, but soon he was restored to normal, only to feel his sister taking his hands, directing them down her silky shapely legs.  Guy closed his eyes, hearing the teen say happily, “You like that I play soccer, don’t you?  I like that it makes my legs super strong and super powerful.”

            Guy’s height couldn’t maintain itself, and as he sat there, he shrunk yet again.  “Oh, fuck.  Damn it,” he said with frustration, hurrying to take the right dosage of blue liquid on his finger before he shrunk even smaller.  “Laurie, I’m using a lot more than I do normally.”

            “I know, Guy.  That’s why it’s called an experiment.”

            “I know, but —”

            “What’s that?” she replied cutely.  “You want to touch my butt?”

            “Wait.  What?  I didn’t —”

            Before he could complete his sentence, his sister had spun around and her womanly hips and shapely ass were being teased in front of his bulging eyes… his sister holding his hands once more as she gave him a tour of her perfect derriere.  “Oh, God!” he exclaimed, shrinking once more — quick to use the restorative dosage.

            Not a moment later, his hands were plastered once again on his sister’s butt while she slowly, rhythmically thrusted her pelvis back and forth in a circular motion, arching her back… her hands holding firm, making sure her brother got the full experience.  Guy had never felt a girl’s butt before, and certainly not his sister’s.  He had seen his sister’s butt countless times since he had been living at home in the same house as her… and as extremely amazing as her firm, muscular butt looked, it felt even more incredible in his grip.

            The teen giggled, teasing, “Oooh… big brother, you’re having your way with me, aren’t you?  You’re such a big, strong man with your sister’s butt in your hands.”

            Guy’s volition remained in the control of his sister’s guiding hands… his palms being rubbed up and down and all over her round, soft-yet-firm cheeks.  And then his sister decided to sit down… right in her brother’s lap.  She exhaled, moaning, “Ohhh… you don’t mind your little sister sitting here, do you… big brother?”

            Guy’s eyes were wide with shock, his mouth agape as his sibling began to grind her butt into his lap… feeling the weight of his sister’s hot body… purposely pleasing his genitals.  “Oh, my… oh, my God!” he breathed, sensing himself shrink while simultaneously administering himself with liquid antidote.  It was as if he were getting into a rhythm of arousal, shrinking, and re-enlargement.  Again and again, the boy would sense his body being overwhelmed with sexual stimulation… the gyrations of his little sister’s pelvis… her fleshy, muscular butt rubbing hard in his lap.  Over and over… and over and over...

            Taking his medicine again, he said loudly, “Laurissa… I’ve used over half my medicine!”

            His sister got up, and without a word, she swiped his antidote from his hand.  She turned, sitting back down as she resumed rubbing her big rear-end into her brother’s genitals.  “It looks, big brother, my experiment was a complete success.  You’ve maintained your size… but not for long.  It’s time I make you little brother.”  The teen laughed with a loud, throaty sound like a villainess.

            Guy gasped feeling his genitals being pleasured way beyond what he what accustomed to while normal size.  His erection was stimulated to levels he didn’t know was possible for someone with the Shrinking disease.  But then he shrunk again.  First a little over a foot… quickly followed by another explosive tingling sensation.  He knew there was no return from this second shrinkage… and his body was diminished… smaller and smaller… tinier and tinier… all the way down to 1 inch tall.

            He struggled to climb out of his now giant clothing… only to see his sister’s butt now epic size hovering just above him.  To his horror, he saw her butt moving closer, down on top of him.  He squeaked in desperation, “Laurissa!  No!  I’m too small!”



“Where did big brother go?” the teen said with a giggle.  Her sexy ass suspended just above the seat of the chair, she mused, “He was sitting right here just a moment ago.  His clothes are here, but no big brother.  Huh… Oh, well, I might as well sit all the way down.”

            “No!!!” Guy screamed.  He could only watch helplessly as her skimpy, pink and white pajama shorts came closer until her butt came into contact with his inch-sized body.  The weight was instantaneous and smothering.  Oh, God! he thought, the wind knocked clear out of his lungs.  Laurissa is big as a skyscraper and she thinks it’s fun to tease me with her giant butt.  I need to get free, now!

            “Oh what’s that, little… tiny… itty-bitty person underneath my butt?”  She giggled gleefully, saying, “It must be little brother.  Yep.  He’s much too small to escape his sister’s giant butt.  Isn’t that right, little bro?”

            The weight seemed to intensify as Guy pushed up with all his tiny strength against the fleshy butt cheek.  It felt like a building had been dropped down upon his chest.  It’s no use!  I’m at her mercy!  I can’t…  I can’t breathe!

            Guy was about to pass out, but then all of a sudden his lungs expanded as he took in a deep helping of air.  The darkness changed to the brightness of his sibling’s bedroom, the morning sun shining.  And then as Guy blinked, still gasping for oxygen, the 50-foot-tall face of his sister came closer — her stunning beauty once again taking his breath away without his permission.

            “Aww… you didn’t like that, little bro, did you?”

            He attempted to speak but only coughed, which sounded more like a pitiful squeak.  Seeing his sister’s full lips curl up into a smirk in response to his coughing, Guy felt his irritation return.  “Laurissa!  This is not acceptable!”  He fought to get to his feet atop the chair seat — not adding much to his elevation, but still effective in making his point, so he thought.  Pointing upward at the five-story-high pretty head, he shouted, “Laurissa!  You’ve gone too far!  And you know what… I am still the big brother, and I —”

            His words were cut short as his torso was squeezed between his sibling’s thumb and the tip of her index finger.  His vision instantly blurred as his head felt a rush of spinning.  “Ohhh… no…” he mumbled, feeling nauseous.  He knew he was being brought up high… very high… as his sister stood up.  And then his vision cleared… and once again, he was in the all-too-familiar predicament he had found himself in many times before — right up close to his sister’s beautiful giantess-sized face.

            Held loosely, Laurissa dangled his naked inch frame before her blue eyes, letting his tiny legs sway to and fro.  A triumphant giggle escaped her lips.  “Well, well, well.  Looks like big brother has become little brother… yet again.  I do adore making you little... Guy.  I love making you an inch tall.  It’s such a fun size.”

            Guy’s animosity now seemed to have evaporated away by the sheer beauty of the 16-year-old… surprising him once again at how remarkably gorgeous she was.  She had exquisitely feminine bone structure that exuded an erotic, captivating quality.  His sister’s face being gigantic only seemed to multiply her beauty, taking her attractiveness to levels beyond that of normal life.

            “Y-Y-Y-You…” Guy stammered.

            “M-M-M-Me,” she mocked.  “Yes, I am your BIG sister now, little bro.  And I love holding you so close to my face… making you feel extra small.”

            “Laurissa, please… you can’t sit on me like that.  You’re too big!”

            The teen grinned.  “I am BIG, aren’t I?  Well, from your dinky little perspective.”  She brought Guy up to her voluptuous, pouty lips and planted a big smooch, covering him from head to toe.

            Guy powerlessly fought off the kiss, yelling, “No!  No!  You can’t just kiss me and pretend you didn’t just sit on me… with your b-b-butt.”

            The teen walked over to her bed and sat down on her side, curling her bare legs.  She set Guy down on top of her hip.  “You sure seem obsessed with my butt, little bro.”

            “Th-that’s not the point,” he replied, frustration in his high-pitched voice.  “You’re being more dominating than usual.  Like before when you were putting me inside your mouth for way too long… and now crushing me with your butt.”

            “There it is again.  Guy, you really can’t stop thinking about your sister’s butt.  You’re such a little pervert, aren’t you?”  She smiled, winking at him, before nudging her brother with the long nail of her finger… causing him to tumble backward down her hip where he grabbed hold of the fabric which clung to her ass.

            Guy heard Laurissa’s laughter as she said, “There.  Yes.  Now you can climb on your sister’s butt, too.”

            “Damn it,” he said, under his breath.  Having stabilized his fall, he realized he was halfway down his sister’s right butt cheek.  Come on… he thought.  I just need to get back up to Laurissa’s hip and I can really tell her off.

            Guy couldn’t see his sister’s face from his vantage point, but he could hear that deceptively sweet voice as she cooed, “Oh, you have such tiny hands and tiny feet.  I love how you feel on my butt.  Little brothers should climb their big sisters more often.”  She giggled, adding, “Oh, Guy, don’t misunderstand me.  You’re right that I’m being more dominant than when we first shrunk you.  But my answer to you is… I’m big and you’re little.  You can’t stop me.  You can’t stop me from living out my size fantasies.”

            Guy grunted as he finally neared the top of the cliff… his sister’s ass rounding up to her hip.  He got onto his feet and ran down her hip to the top part of her thigh, seeing his sister smirking at him.  Guy shouted angrily, “Is that so?!  You can do anything you want?  Dominate me anyway you see fit?”

            She continued smirking for several seconds more, finally saying, “That’s what you agreed to, remember?”  She brought her long glossy nail of her index finger over to her brother, gently pushing him, forcing him to grab hold of her fingertip.  She lifted him up bringing him close to her stunningly beautiful countenance.  “Remember our agreement, little bro?”

            Struggling to hold on… one hand on the teen’s fingertip and one on her nail… he grunted as he tried to speak, “Y-Yeah… I remember.  Ugh… I also remember that what you… ugh… do to me while I’m shrunk had to be within reason!”

            His sister laughed boisterously, bringing her fingernail and Guy even closer to her face.  “Well, since I’m so… so… so much BIGGER than you, little bro… that makes me in charge of what I do with you.  You’re too small to have a choice.”  She moved her fingertip teasingly up and down, smiling as she watched her naked brother struggle with all his strength to hold on.  She smirked, giggling as she set the shrunken boy down atop her pink bedspread.

            Guy felt the bed quake as he witnessed the teen’s gargantuan body sit up straight and then stand up.  He stared upward as his sister turned to face him.  She then began to strip off her top.  He gulped seeing the incredible size of her jiggling boobs within her lacy white bra.  She then took off the shorts she used for pajamas, revealing a flowery pair of pink and white panties which clung to her womanly hips.  Seeing the extreme contours of his sister’s buxom body, Guy couldn’t help but blurt out, “Oh, fuckin’ wow!”  Why did I say that?  Damn it, I’m not supposed to say that out loud!

            His sister giggled.  “‘Fuckin’ wow,’ huh, Guy?  Is that what I heard you say?”

            “N-N-No… I didn’t say…  I mean, yes… I did say that, but it was an accident.  So it doesn’t really count…”

            “Settle down, little bro.  It’s totally okay that you’re attracted to your hot sister.  I love that you enjoy my curvy body.”

            “I-I-I… I know,” he said, blushing… his eyes wide as he continued to stare upward in awe.  “Obviously, you’re very… curvy…. like you said.  Your word… not mine.”

            Laurissa laughed to herself.  “Okay.  Whatever you say, little Guy.”

            He watched as the teen spun around, her shapely hips and toned butt and thighs looking super incredible.  She stepped across the room over to her dresser, opening the top drawer.  She turned her head, her long dark-brown hair flowing down her back.  “I’m keeping the rest of your medicine in here for now.  But I also wanted to show you something.”  She spun back around with a smile, her big boobs jiggling.  In her possession was a pair of long, red and white striped socks which she held out in front of her, moving them teasingly from side to side.

            Guy’s jaw dropped.  “You… you want to show me your socks?”

            She happily skipped over to the bed, peering down at the diminutive brother.  “Lucky boy, you can watch your Big Sis put them on.”  She giggled as she plopped down hard on the edge of her bed — the earthquake causing her brother to fall on his face.  Seeing him start to get up, she then lifted her leg and began to slowly slide the toes of her right foot into the sock.  She glanced down over her shoulder before she pulled the knee-high sock up all the way, the fabric stretching around her shapely, muscular calf.  She then began to put on the second sock.

            Guy shouted upward in his super small voice, “Laurissa!  Excuse me, Laurissa… you know I’m not into feet.  Right?  I mean, you already know that.”

            She simply answered, “Of course.”  As she pulled the second sock up to just below her knee, she added, “Isn’t that the point of domination?”
            Before he could wrap his brain around his sister’s response, he found himself having been plucked from the bed and placed down on the carpeting of her bedroom floor.  He blinked while standing amid her feet, seeing her red and white striped socks ascending up… up… up — her knee rising 100 feet overhead.  Looking up even higher, he saw his sister’s smirking lips as she peered down.

            “Ready to climb… little brother?”  She giggled.  “You have to do it by yourself.  I’m not going to help you.  Just know that if you don’t please Big Sister… you’ll end up under her foot.”

            The boy ran quickly to the side of his sibling’s foot, beginning his ascent.  Oh, shit, his mind raced.  I’ve never been under Laurie’s foot before.  How humiliating!  I just have to focus on climbing my sister and I should be fine.

            The 19-year-old was managing to climb at a good pace with the cotton texture in his hands.  He quickly passed the teen’s ankle… and then as the climb took on a more vertical ascent and his arms grew fatigued, the pace began to slow.  Guy’s breathing finally started to be labored, and he looked down.  “Whoa!” he exclaimed.  I’m like 30 feet off the ground, maybe 40 feet.  And I’m not even halfway to her knee.

            His heart beating fast, his nakedness clinging to the bottom part of his sister’s calf, he heard the teen’s girlish voice, sounding more seductive than usual.  “Mmm… you’re quite the little climber, aren’t you?  Yes, you are.  I like little brother climbing me… my body is so BIG and you’re so little.  So small.  So tiny.”

            Damn it, he thought.  She sure is taking advantage of the situation.  He looked up, holding tight to the candy cane-striped sock.  Come on… I can do this.  I’m getting closer to Laurie’s knee.

            As he continued to scale the height of the cliff, he saw his sister’s long nails as she caressed her sock, the area right around him.  “Ooooh… you’re slowing down, big brother.”

            “I am not!” he lied, his arms feeling exhausted.  “I’m just, um, taking a break.”

            He heard her sultry, sexy laughter.  “Oh… I see.  Then by all means… keep climbing your little sister.  She’s so much BIGGER than you.”

            Guy kept focused and eventually he had arrived at the top of her sock.  “Finally,” he uttered, while breathing hard. “But how am I supposed to get up there… to her knee?”  He hesitated as he tested his miniature hands upon her skin.  She’s too smooth and the climb is too straight up and down.  His anxiety building, and his muscles burning with fatigue, he yelled, “Help!   I can’t… the slope is too vertical!”

            He suddenly felt himself being removed from the cliff as he was lowered back down… all the way down to the carpeting.  “This does not please Big Sister!” the voice boomed from above his head.  The next thing he saw was the bottom of the teen’s gigantic socked foot as he was knocked onto his back… and then the weight of her foot pressing down.

            Ugh, he thought.  This can’t be happening!

            He heard the sound of his sister laughing.  “No!!!” he shouted.  “No!  Let me go!”



Guy’s tiny inch of a body was being crushed between the carpet fibers and the cotton sock from the sole of his sister’s foot.  Her sock was new and smelled of laundry detergent, but his mind was squarely focused on the immense weight which seemed to flatten him like a pancake.  And then as the weight lifted, he shouted, “No!!!” only to have the pressure return compressing his lungs preventing his ability to scream.

            I have to get out of here, he thought.  But how?  Laurissa could easily crush me if she wanted.  She must be pressing really lightly from her perspective… but to me it feels like a skyscraper fell on me.

            He heard the unmistakable voice of his sister, which oddly his brain was beginning to sexualize with her every word.  “Not so tough now are you, big brother?  And not so big.  I’m the BIG one.  So very BIG.”  She giggled, saying, “How does it feel to have your little sister so BIG?  So much bigger than you… holding you down beneath her foot.  This must be soooo humiliating for you.  Your little sister owns you… under… her… foot.  This is so much fun for me.  I love it!”

            Finally the pressure lifted, but just barely.  “Laurissa!” he shouted.  “Please!  I’ll do anything you want!”  His ability to talk ceased as her foot’s weight returned.

            “What’s that, little bro?  Your voice is too small to understand when I’m pinning you down under my big foot.  All I hear are tiny squeaks… cute, tiny, adorable squeaks.”  She giggled as she kept her brother victim beneath her foot.  Another minute passed… and she then lifted her foot, setting it down beside him.

            Guy gasped for air, voraciously breathing in and out.  He sat up, taking a minute to settle himself.  The inch-boy looked up at the giant sister above him.  Seeing her grinning down at him, he heard her say, “I like dominating you.”  She smirked and added, “I like shrinking you… I like teasing you… and now, big brother, my new favorite hobby is dominating you.  I’ve shrunk you so many times that I think I’ve earned the right to be your giant dominatrix.  Don’t you agree?”

            Guy stared upward, speechless, at the towering 16-year-old girl who was his sister.  She was beautiful beyond compare… and had always loved to get her own way when they were kids.  But in listening now to the words of his little sister, the giantess, he simply did not know what to think.  What was he supposed to think?  The past weeks, ever since he moved back home and started living in the same house with his sister, and she and he started with these shrinking games.  It had all gotten out of control   How did it so quickly get out of control?  He didn’t know.

            “Well?” he heard her girlish voice, waking him from his daze.  “Don’t you agree that I should be your giant dominatrix?”

            “I, uh…” he uttered.  And then after a seemingly endless pause, he said, “I… don’t know.  You’re my sister.”

            Laurissa giggled.  “Aww, that’s so cute!  Of course, I’m your sister, silly.  But I also love being your dominatrix… your really BIG dominatrix.”

            Before Guy could utter another word, he found himself having been picked up… snatched from the carpeting and lifted high into the air.  His sister’s giant fingers had wrapped around him, trapping him within her fist.  All of a sudden he heard her voice really loud as she whispered to him close to her lips.  “I’m going to give you a reward for letting me dominate you.”  He heard her cute giggle and he knew she was really excited about something.

            After less than a minute, he blinked realizing he was being set down on the edge of the white bathtub, located just down the hall from all the family bedrooms.  The sound of rushing water startled the inch-tall boy as his head jerked to the side.  He saw his little sister’s athletic and curvaceous form looking absolutely stunning.  Wearing only a bra and panties, she was leaning over the bath, testing the temperature of the water as it gushed out of the faucet and down into what appeared like a football stadium-sized bathtub.

            Guy noticed the teen’s long dark locks had been put up into a ponytail.  And then she glanced over with a smile.  “I’m going to have so much fun with my little bro.”  From his place on the ledge of the tub, he watched the teen stand up tall.  Gazing down at him, she smirked, beginning to strip off her bra, the straps falling down her toned shoulders.  And then her bra cups came loose as she removed the lingerie from her bosom... tossing it to the floor.

            Guy’s eyes jumped out of his head, his sister’s DD”s looking immensely big.  They were proud and perky… jiggling and bouncing slightly with the movement of her athletic and lightly tanned body.  She paused for a moment, grasping the sides of her tits while peering down at him.  She squeezed them together as she shook them up and down, saying, “You like ‘em really big, don’t you, brother?  I know what you like…little, little Guy.”

            She lifted her big boobs before abruptly releasing them as they bounced again.  Then turning around, her back to her brother, the teen leaned forward slightly so her butt stuck out.  She ever so slowly slipped her panties down her wide hips… and then down her powerful, shapely thighs.  Lifting her foot, she tossed the panties to the side.  She then turned back around, placing her hands on her hips as she gazed down at her tiny brother.

            Guy gawked, his mouth open, his eyes glued to the image of female perfection… skyscraper-sized female perfection.  His sister’s hourglass figure was completely nude, not a shred of clothing to be seen.  Guy’s eyes traced the path down his sister’s statuesque body… down her perky, ample chest… down her toned midsection… small waist and full-figured hips.  And then he saw the beautiful pussy of his sibling.  She was clean-shaven… silky smooth.  He sort of had gotten a glimpse when she showered with him… but now he was given a really good look at his sister’s labia.  And she was as gorgeous downstairs as she was upstairs.

            The teen stepped closer, bending down along the side of the tub.  Her beautiful 50-foot-tall head now close to him, she said, “Go on.  Jump into the bath, little bro.”

            Guy walked to the very edge and looked down.  His stomach turned at the sight of the distance to the water — it was like falling from a six or seven story building… 60 or 70 feet down.  He gulped, taking a step back.

            The next thing he knew he had been lifted up as he heard his sister’s voice.  “Guy, falling when you’re shrunk so small is not the same as when you’re normal size.  Here, let me put you on my tongue and you can dive off.  I’m sure you remember practice diving when we were little kids.”

            He then became aware that he was standing on his sister’s outstretched tongue as she moaned softly, “Ahhhh…”  He heard her giggle as he took in the view of the back of his sister’s throat.  He turned, thinking to himself, Just breathe, Guy.  I can do this.  His thoughts flashed back to the memory his sister had mentioned.  They were so young when he first learned to dive at that community pool.  And now he was transferring those skills in a most unique way.  He closed his eyes and jumped off the tip of his sister’s tongue.

            Time seemed to slow as he felt suspended in air for an eternity.  And then… SPLASH!  He entered the water in a relatively competent dive.  The loud sound of water rushed around him, and he quickly began to kick having oriented himself which way was up.  And then his head surfaced as he gasped… the sound around him returning to a crisp clarity… his sister’s voice welcoming him back.  “Awesome!  I’m so proud of my little Guy!”

            He couldn’t help but smile a bit at his success.  And as he treaded water, he looked up… the towering 400-foot-tall sister above him.  “Oh, shit,” he said.  He watched his sister bend over as she shut off the faucet, her big boobs hanging and bouncing.  And then standing up tall, her naked form stepped gracefully into the water.  The level of water around Guy began to rise and fall.  And then with the entrance of her second foot… the waves grew larger, more violent.  He was at the far end of the tub, and he struggled to keep his head afloat as he witnessed the 16-year-old’s titanic, curvaceous figure as she lowered herself… sitting down, letting the ocean of steamy hot water wash over her.

            “Ohhh… this feels so fucking good.  I love taking baths, little bro.”

            Guy was fighting to keep his head above water, the waves still unstable and unpredictable.  His anxiety rising, he felt compelled to shout.  “Help!  Laurissa!  Help!”

            And as his head went under, he suddenly felt himself being lifted.  He blinked, clearing the liquid from his eyes, realizing he was now standing on his sister’s lean, toned stomach as she lifted herself above the water level.  Her massive globes were on display directly in front of him, and they glistened as water droplets streamed down the curved sides.  His head tilting higher yet, he saw those stunning blue eyes.  He couldn’t see his sister’s entire pretty face due to the size of her boobs, but her eyes were locked on him as she spoke. “You can climb up your sister’s big breast if you want.  Would you like that?  I have a very important job on the top of my boob that is perfect for little brothers.”

            Guy didn’t hesitate as he ran to the base of her right breast, his 1-inch height dwarfed by his sister’s melon-sized mammary.  As he climbed up, the wetness providing extra friction, he felt a pleasurable sensation in his genitals.  Looking down, he saw that his cock had developed into a boner — not just a bit... it was a complete erection.  Oh, great, he thought.  I’ve only started climbing her breast… I can’t make my boner disappear.  And Laurissa is bound to see it when I reach the top and I’m so close to her face.

            He scaled the bottom portion of the teen’s DD boob… one hand, followed by the next.  His erection seemed to be getting even harder with the constant rubbing against his sister’s smooth skin.  Shortly later he was nearing the top of her breast, and the slope, the angle of ascent, became more manageable.  He stood up as he ran over to his sister’s pinkish-brown areola, which was more than twice as wide as he was tall.

            “Very good, my little brother.”  The teen giggled, and began to speak in a sort of baby-talk, as if her brother were only 2 years old.  “Does little Guy want to wash his BIG sister’s nipple?  My whole body is much too humongous for a boy as teeny-tiny as you…. but I think your extra tiny hands would be just perfect for washing my nipples.”

            Guy saw his sister wink down at him as she reached over and took a plastic bottle of body wash from the bathtub ledge.  She turned it upside down and gave it a good shake before flipping open the cap and dispensing the tiniest of dollops on her big breast, close to the edge of her areola where Guy was standing.  She then squeezed a normal amount into the palm of her hand.  “I will wash the rest of me, while you do your important job, okay?  And don’t think for a second I didn’t notice that boner of yours, little brother.”  She winked again.

            Guy answered with a smile, glad his sister was playing nice rather than crushing him under her butt or foot.  He stepped over and picked up a handful of body wash… a drop to his sister was enough to fill both his hands.  He moved closer to her nipple as he lowered himself onto his knees.  He began to massage and caress his sister’s nipple.  It was already pretty firm, but it seemed to grow bigger and harder as he continued to touch and fondle it.  By the time he had built up a good bunch of suds, her nipple was approaching 2 feet tall.

            “Oh, God,” he said under his breath.  “I really need a release, but I still have her other nipple to wash.”  He looked up and shouted, “Okay!  I’m ready!”

            His sister giggled with glee.  “You are?  Well… since you did such an awesome job with my right nipple.  I think I’ll hire you to do my left.  That’s if you don’t mind your sister being your boss.”  She picked him up and gently set him down on her opposite breast.

            Guy grinned, his dick throbbing, and he quickly got to work.  He noticed his sister washing her sexy legs with body wash as his hands began to stimulate her left nipple, its size and firmness increasing rapidly.  He spent a couple minutes making sure he did a thorough job, not wanting to miss a spot.  He smiled, suddenly realizing just what he had been doing these past few minutes.  It was surreal to him… almost an out-of-body realization.  I can’t believe this happening, he thought.  My sister is so kinky.  She’s a pervert just like I am… and it’s… it’s wonderful!  I don’t like being controlled by my sister, but this is amazing!

            To his surprise he was abruptly lifted, his tiny legs dangling as he was set down far away into the warm water.  He started treading water, his eyes darting about, trying to figure where he was.  He turned his head, seeing that his sister’s beautiful face was a couple hundred feet away, and behind him, about the same distance away, his sister’s lovely toes stuck out from the ocean depths.  He then glanced down into the clear water, seeing that he was directly over his sister’s pelvic region.  It then dawned on him, what was going on.  Oh, no, he thought.  This is not good.

            While he continued treading water, he heard his sister say, “You know… Guy.   You’ve been my big brother for so long.  And then you went away to school for years and we didn’t see each other.  And now that you’re back, and you have the Shrinking disease, and my body has grown up… we have more opportunities than ever.”

            Guy felt his muscles tiring, and he knew he couldn’t tread water forever. He shouted as loud as he could so his sister might understand him.  “That’s great!  Laurissa, how about you take me to my room?  I think it’s been an hour!”

            “An hour?” she said, eyeing her brother’s diminutive form on the water’s surface.  “No.  I don’t think it’s been that long.”

            He gasped for air, spitting out some liquid as he did his best to stay afloat.  “It feels like an hour!”

            “What’s wrong, little, tiny bro?  You were so eager to touch your sister’s nipples.  It gave you a boner.  Are you saying you don’t want to… fuck… your sister?”

             He couldn’t believe his sister’s words.  Did she just say that?  I can’t believe it.  I don’t know how to respond.

            There was a pause for nearly ten seconds, when Guy finally, awkwardly squeaked out a reply, “I… I don’t think we should have sex.  Because… you know… we’re family.”

            “Huh… so that’s what you think?” she answered, more than a little annoyance in her voice.  She lifted her left knee slightly above the water level… pausing for a moment.  “I think us fucking… while you’re shrunk… is the next logical step, don’t you?  I mean, you don’t want to be a virgin forever, little bro.  I can help you with that.”

            Guy didn’t know what to say.  His arms and legs felt like they were going to give out.  I can’t keep treading water.  What do I do?  And then from beneath him, his sister’s pelvis began to emerge, like an enormous submarine returning to the ocean’s surface.

            His little inch-body was stretched out as his sister’s vaginal lips emerged directly beneath him, lifting him high up and clear out of the water.  She arched her back, her legs bent as she observed her brother’s nakedness upon her womanhood… his body dwarfed by her labia.

            “No!” he squeaked, panicking, his hands and legs struggling all about his sister’s wet feminine folds.  His desire to fight was only increasing her arousal, and she moaned deeply, “Ohhhh… yes.”

            Guy finally managed to clear himself from his sister’s trap, clawing his way over to the place where her thigh connected to her pelvis.  He was still close to her pussy as he witnessed his sister’s long, elegant fingers beginning to rub her clit.  She was rough with herself, already approaching climax.  Guy watched as her vaginal juices wetted her fingers as she plunged them in and out of herself.

            “Are you sure, little bro? … I mean, I won’t force you, but… I think we’re already way past the point of incest.”

            Guy looked down, seeing that his erection was rock-hard, and seeing his sister masturbating up close… he involuntarily dropped to his knees and started jerking off himself.  His eyes were filled with the images of a side of his sister he had never experienced.  She was reaching raw, orgasmic pleasure as she moaned, “Unnnnhhh… Ohhh…. Unnnnhhh… Ahhhh!!!!”

            Guy pumped his cock as he ejaculated.  Sperm gushed out in spurt after spurt… his eyes transfixed by the feminine spectacle just a few meters away.  He kept shooting his cum… again and again…. and then he breathed out in exhaustion.

            His sister’s intensity subsided at nearly the same time as she began breathing in slow, satisfied moans.  “Ohhh… Mmm…  Mmm…”

            Guy then was suddenly snatched up and brought over to the gorgeous and giant face of his sibling.  She dangled him as she spoke confidently, anger still in her voice, “I want to have sex with you, little Guy.  I let you just watch this time.  But I’m a girl with needs.  I have size fantasies I want to explore, just like you.  Us fucking is high on that list.  I promise you… we will fuck, little brother.  I won’t wait forever.”

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Episode 8 Chapters 1-3 ... 8-3-18 by Tiny Jedi

I’ve included all 3 chapters for episode 8.  I hope you enjoy it.

- - - - -



A female voice was calling to him.  His consciousness leaving the dream world… the 19-year-old was swept along… returning to his life in suburbia.

            “Wake up, sleepyhead,” a girlish voice said.

            Guy’s eyes began to flutter, his mind still groggy.  And then his heart began to pump with great force, panic setting in.  His thoughts rushing — that moment between fully awake and still half asleep.  Am I shrunk?  Where am I?  That sounded like my sister!

            “You’re going to like this, brother… I promise.”

            And then Guy’s eyelids shot open, as he suddenly sat up in bed.  His breathing erratic, his eyes darted about feverishly.  “Oh,” he exhaled in relief.  “I’m not shrunk. Thank God, I’m not shrunk.”

            His 16-year-old sister came closer, plopping her curvy body down on the edge of his bed.  She caressed the top of his head, saying sweetly, “Not shrunk?  Oooh, we can fix that, can’t we, big brother?”  She giggled, tapping him on the nose with her fingertip before stepping over to the middle of his room and kneeling down.

            Guy turned his head to the side, getting a better look at the floor of his bedroom.  Spread out all over the carpeting was a sort of city made entirely of Lego bricks.  There were over a dozen buildings ranging from a few inches tall to half a foot.  The structures were of all different colors… red, gray, blue, green, black, yellow, white... the plastic bricks having originated from many different Lego sets, and now having been combined in new ways.

            Guy noticed at the center of the miniature town was a castle-like structure about 12 inches high, easily the tallest building by far.  “Oh, the Great Hall from Harry Potter!  You found it?”

            His sister answered, “I found it all in storage downstairs this morning.  The Great Hall was still assembled, but everything else was just in pieces.”  She motioned to the very large clear-plastic bin along the wall which was still one-fourth full of miscellaneous Lego bricks.

            Guy took in the view of the Lego city… complete with homes and vehicles and little Lego people scattered about.  “This must have taken a long time.  I don’t remember you coming into my room.  What time is it?”

            “It’s already past noon.  You were sleeping forever, big brother.  I tried to wake you up a few hours ago when I started working on the city, but you mumbled something like you needed more sleep.  I guess all the shrinking you’ve been doing has worn your body out.”

            Guy watched as his beautiful sister, kneeling upon the carpeting, reached down and picked up a tiny Lego person… displaying it in the palm of her hand.  “I used a ruler to measure these little ones.  And they’re about 1 ½ inches, or slightly more.”  She grinned at her brother, saying, “You know what that means, Guy?”

            He frowned, knowing what his sibling was implying.  “Yes… fine, whatever.”

            His sister laughed, saying happily, “It means my brother shrinks smaller than Lego people!”  She laughed again.

            “I don’t care,” he answered back, with annoyance.  “I don’t care!”

            His sister took the Lego figurine from her palm and began to dangle it before her pretty face, speaking in a playful tone.  “I captured you, little Lego person.  You can’t escape me.  Because I’m a giantess.  Mmm… are you afraid of me being a giantess?  You must be terrified.  I’m such a BIG girl.   And you’re just a teen-tiny, itty-bitty Lego person.  I could destroy your whole town.  And there’s nothing you could do to —”

            “Will you fucking stop that?” Guy interrupted, his voice sounding extremely agitated

            “What the hell is wrong with you?” his sister answered, starting to stand up.  She tossed the plastic Lego man down onto the carpeting, and then placed her hands on her shapely hips.

            Guy saw the sexy curves of his sister’s body, still wearing her skimpy pajamas.  He turned away.

            “Well?” she said impatiently.  “I’m waiting for your explanation, big brother.”

            Guy got off his bed, and immediately stared down at the floor.  He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, anxiety building at the thought of confronting his sister.  In his peripheral vision, he could tell his sister had crossed her arms in disgust.  Oh, great, he thought.  What have I done now?  I should have just left it all alone.  But I’m sick of my little sister controlling me.

            “It’s… it’s nothing,” he replied nervously.

            She snickered.  “Sure didn’t seem like nothing to me.  You told me… Guy… to ‘fucking stop that.’  What’s that all about, huh?”

            He then looked into his sister’s eyes, saying emphatically, “Yesterday, I was shrunk and you took a bath with me… remember that?”

            His sister rolled her eyes.  “I think I would remember that.  It was yesterday.”

            “Yeah, well.  I’m telling you now, little sis… when you told me that we’re going to have sex sooner or later.  I’m saying that’s not going to happen!”

            Guy watched the expression on his sibling’s face change from confusion to confidence, her lips curling into a smirk.  “Oh… I see now,” the teen said.  Returning her hands to her wide hips, she continued, “Me teasing that little Lego man reminds you of when I tease little you.  I make you feel powerless.  And the idea of us fucking… when you’re shrunk so tiny… makes you feel even more powerless.  Isn’t that right, big brother?  I do enjoy making you feel small and powerless.  It makes me feel big and powerful.  It’s really not your choice if we fuck.  I’m just giving you time to think about it.”

            When Guy and his sister were growing up — before he got the Shrinking disease — it was mostly peaceful… that is, as long as their size fantasies were about other people, real or imagined.  Whenever his sister would tease him about her shrinking him or her having control over him, that’s when tempers would flare and their sibling rivalry would resume.  It had always been that way.  For many years, they enjoyed sharing their common passion for size change, but certain topics remained emotionally charged… like incestuous shrinking.  Guy getting the Shrinking disease changed everything.

            “Laurie, you can’t have sex with me when I’m shrunk without my permission.”

            The teen smirked.  “I don’t see how that’s much different from what we’ve already been doing — you playing on my body.  Like I said, big brother, it’s not your choice.”

            “It is totally my choice!” he yelled.  “Having sex with my sister is crossing the line.  You can’t dominate me like that.  Fuck you!  Fuck you, Laurie!”

            “No, fuck you, Guy!” she yelled.  “I spent all morning building with Lego’s.  You hadn’t seen them for years.  You could have at least thanked me.  And now you’re acting like a total asshole!”

            Guy felt a tingling sensation in his body.  What is that? he thought.  I can’t shrink from this.  Laurie is not even seducing me.  She’s arguing and shouting.

            “Guy, I am so sick of your fucking attitude!  You always acted mean like this when we were kids.”

            “No!  I didn’t,” Guy yelled.  “You’re the one who wants to shrink me… control me!  Fuck you, Laurie!”

            “Shut up!” his sister screamed.  “Fuck you, Guy!  Fuck you!”

            Suddenly Guy shrunk by over a foot.  He blinked, completely surprised… and then looked up into his sister’s beautiful face.  His mouth open, he uttered, “How did that… happen?”

            “Whoa,” she replied.  “You must be getting turned on… by my anger.”

            “No,” he quickly said.  “I don’t —”

            “Yes, yes,” she interrupted.  “Big brother gets horny from my anger.  Wow.  Just wow.”  She laughed.  “This is so awesome!”

            “Get the fuck out of my room!” Guy shouted.  He tried to physically push his little sister out the door, but now being a head shorter than she, it proved a bit difficult.  “Get out!  Get out!” he yelled again.

            “Whatever,” his sister said, walking out into the hall.  “I was done wasting my time with you anyway.”

            Guy stepped into the hall.  “Laurie, don’t fucking come in my room again!  I don’t need your help.  I am 100% done with you shrinking me!”

            His sister stopped and turned around, her anger rising, “Fine!  Fuck you… little brother!”

            “And don’t call me ‘little brother’!”  He slammed his door shut.  He heard his sister yell, “Fuck you, Guy!  Fuck you, little brother!”

            He hurried over to his dresser, his arms and body shaking with emotion.  He carefully took a dose of his blue antidote, swallowing it.  He looked at the bottle, seeing how it was over half gone.  “Stupid sister making me use all my medicine.  Wasting my medicine with her games.”

            He sat down on his bed, his height soon returning to normal.  Laurie’s anger really did shrink me, he thought.  I get aroused by her anger.  This is horrible.  And she knows, too.  She was standing right there when it happened.  He breathed in deeply… and exhaled.  Now both my sister seducing me and getting pissed off at me are problems.  Just great.

            He lay down on his bed.  He was lost in thought for over an hour.  And then all of a sudden his bedroom door swung open and his buxom sister stepped inside.  Guy looked over and saw that his sibling was wearing a black skintight dress which came up to just above mid-thigh.  She was wearing dark stockings and a pair of black high heels.  Her hair was up, done in a sophisticated style, and her make-up with dark eyeliner and red lipstick made her look more mature than her 16 years.

            “I’m going to an award ceremony for my soccer team,” she said.  “Everyone’s dressing up and there’s a dinner, so… anyway, I won’t be back for 3 or 4 hours.  Just sayin’.”

            “All right,” Guy calmly replied, still angry but trying to act aloof.

            The door shut and Guy thought, Wow!  She looked totally amazing.  Not that I would say that out loud.  She already knows she’s super hot.  Doesn’t need me to boost her already sky-high confidence level.

            And then an idea popped into Guy’s head.  Laurie’s going out and won’t be back for hours.  Yes… I can do this.  Totally.  He waited for five minutes and then it sounded like his sister had exited the house through the front door.  He ran out of his bedroom and down the stairs, looking out the living room window.  “Laurie’s car is gone,” he said quietly to himself.  He then ran back up the stairs, down the hall, and entered his bedroom.  He carefully shut the door.  He stepped over to his dresser, taking the small glass vile of blue medicine.  Holding the bottle, he anxiously thought, All right.  How am I going to do this?  I always wanted to play with my Lego creations down at Lego people-size.  This is going to be so cool!

            He kneeled down on the carpeting, setting the bottle of antidote on the floor next to the wall.  “I can easily get it when I need to re-enlarge,” he said to himself.  And then he closed his eyes, trying to think of something sexy.  Come on, he thought.  I have to think of what I saw on TV or something…  He then began to fantasize about his sister’s DD breasts.  He pictured in his mind how big and perfect they were.  And suddenly Guy began to shrink… first just over a foot, but his height soon diminished further as he became smaller and smaller… littler and littler… all the way down to a mere 1-inch tall.

            Climbing out of his giant pile of clothing, Guy was wide-eyed as he saw the Lego city.  He was just at the entrance.  All the bright, colorful plastic-brick buildings that used to be a few inches high were now rising up 20 feet into the air… some double that at 40 feet.  And then off in the distance, he noticed the Hogwarts Great Hall from the Harry Potter Lego set.  Before it was about 12 inches tall, but now it rose up over 70 feet… equal to a 7-story building.  He admired the castle-like structure… its beige Lego-brick exterior and dark-gray roof with dark-gray spires.  “Wow…” he uttered, smiling big, “it’s almost like I’m in the movie.”  He immediately began to sprint toward the center of town.

            As he ran across the carpet of his bedroom, feeling the air rushing past his naked 1-inch body, he took in the view of all the different Lego buildings.  Hours earlier his sister had made more than a dozen homes of different shapes and colors for the Lego people.  And there were tiny plastic Lego cars, which now looked like real car-size vehicles — only they had exaggerated black rubber tires with plastic steering wheels and blocky plastic frames.  And the Lego people had garages to keep their cars in.  It was a toy world come to life.

            “Oh, wow!” Guy grinned as he finally approached the Hogwarts Great Hall, staring upward in awe.  And then he spotted the Harry Potter Lego figure, propped up along the wall of the giant building.  Guy ran over, and soon remembered what his sister had said before.  The Lego figurines stood about 1 ½ inches tall… which made this plastic Harry Potter about 9 feet tall.  “Whoa, I guess I really do shrink smaller than I thought.  Little Lego people are giants to me.”

            And then Guy stopped and listened.  Is that…?  It can’t be.  Guy heard the sound of someone having entered the house.  “Oh, shit!” he exclaimed, his eyes looking anxiously around, trying desperately to remember what to do.  “Oh, yeah… my medicine.  I put it way over by the wall.”

            Guy started to run.  His heart about stopped as he heard the loud sound of his bedroom doorknob being turned and then the skyscraper-sized door started to open.  He heard his sister’s girlish voice, now deeper sounding, as she stepped into his room.  “Big brother, they canceled the award ceremony.  My friend called me and let —”  The teen paused for a moment.  “Oh, um, Guy?  Where’d you go?”  She then looked down, seeing the pile of her brother’s clothing on the floor, and beside it, the small bottle of his blue antidote.



His heart accelerating to the level of all-out panic, Guy stared up at the 400-foot sister who was standing just inside his bedroom doorway.   His hands sweating, he listened to his rapid breathing as he began to hyperventilate.  Oh, no, he thought.  She’s looking down.  She sees my clothes on the floor… and no!  No!  My bottle of medicine.  No!  No!

            His fears confirmed, he watched the towering teen as she bent down, taking his clothing in her hand.  He heard her say, “Huh… that’s strange. Big brother’s T-shirt, underwear, and shorts are just sitting here in a pile on the floor.  And… what’s this?  His re-enlargement medicine is on the floor next to the wall.  Hmm…how did that happen, I wonder?  Well… I better take the bottle and put it back up very… very high on his dresser.  I’m sure big brother wasn’t naïve enough to shrink himself… not after he pissed me off.”

            Guy heard his sister giggle as she stood up to her full height… taking the small bottle over to the dresser.  “Oh shit,” Guy exhaled, speaking quietly to himself.  “Obviously she knows what I was doing… but maybe she’ll just walk out of my room.”  Guy observed the titanic teen in her tight-fitting black dress with dark stockings as she walked in her high heels toward the door.  Guy held his breath… only to observe his sister slowly shutting his bedroom door.

            No, no, no!  She totally knows.  No!  Fuck!  Guy darted over to the other side of one of the Lego people’s houses… hiding along its red brick structure with plastic yellow Lego flowers near the tiny entrance

            The sound of the skyscraper-sized door clicked loudly shut, and the teen spoke, “Well, well, well.   Isn’t this a pleasant surprise, wouldn’t you say… little brother?”  She giggled, her black high-heel shoe with 3 ½ -inch heels taking a step forward into the Lego city.  The floor trembled beneath her… Boom! … Boom! ... Boom!

            Guy could feel his heart pounding in his chest and neck.  He tried to slow his breathing, but he couldn’t calm himself as hard as he tried.  “What am I going to do?” he fretted.

            He listened to his sister’s enormous voice as she slowly stepped between the Lego buildings.  Boom!  Boom!  “I’m still angry with you, Guy.  Very angry.  And don’t think I didn’t see you run behind that Lego house with the flowers.  Yes, that’s right, little bro — I saw you.  And you’re in deep shit with Big Sister.  I’m a huge Giantess now.”

            Frozen in fear, Guy continued to hide in vain.  There’s nothing I can do!  Maybe I could grovel and apologize for everything that I said.  I don’t know what else… I need a plan.

            “It’s funny, little bro,” the teen mused, taking slow, deliberate steps amongst the miniature Lego structures.  Boom! … Boom! … Boom!  She laughed to herself.  “It’s amusing to me that you… got turned on… earlier when I was shouting in anger at you.  Don’t you think that’s kind of… kinky?  I mean, I like it.  I like you getting aroused by sister’s BIG anger.  What would you think if I told you that my anger is growing right now… bigger and bigger?”

            Guy heard the sound of Lego bricks being crushed, and he peeked out around the corner.  He saw his sister’s black high-heel shoe demolishing a nearby building… its walls collapsing and roof breaking into pieces.  His sister laughed in a menacing tone as though she were a super-villainess who had found a way to grow and grow until she was taller than everyone and everything else.  “Ah ha-ha… I LOVE being a giantess!  Crushing little buildings under my feet.”

            The bottom of her shoe came down upon another Lego house… its walls and roof crumbling under the immense weight.  “Guy, I bet you never knew you’d hide in a city where your little sister is the size of Godzilla.  And she slowly terrorizes all the tiny people.”

            He watched as the teen’s giant, feminine hand came down… her long, elegant fingers plucking several Lego men from the carpeting.  She then dropped them all on the floor in a group… the sole of her high-heel shoe coming down on top of them… the sound of plastic being crushed.  From his vantage point, he could see the little Lego parts, the yellow hands and heads coming apart — his sister’s amusement growing as she laughed.

            She continued to grind the Lego men into the carpet, saying, “Now what was it you said to me, little bro?  Oh yeah.  You said, ‘Fuck you,’ to me multiple times — right to my face.  Maybe I should crush you…Guy.  I certainly am angry enough to stomp you under my shoe.”

            Without thinking, Guy sprinted off across the carpeting through the Lego city.  He just knew he couldn’t remain in the same place.  As he ran toward the Great Hall, he noticed the entrance and darted inside.  He heard his sister laugh.  “Really?  Really, little bro?  You’re hiding in Harry Potter’s Great Hall?  You do know since I didn’t shrink you — you shrunk yourself — that I am under no obligation to restore you to normal size.  Our agreement of one hour doesn’t apply here.”

            “Oh, shit,” Guy said, burying his head in his hands.  Laurissa’s right.  We never agreed to what would happen if I shrunk myself.  And now she’s a giantess!

            It was dark within the spacious Great Hall, only small amounts of light filtering in through the windows several stories above Guy’s head.  Then the ground began to quake.  Boom! … Boom! … Boom!  And then total, dead silence.  Guy could hear his fast, nervous breathing… in and out… in and out… in and out.  Finally he couldn’t take it, and he screamed at the top his lungs, “I’m sorry okay!  Laurissa!”

            He heard the teen’s throaty, sadistic laughter.  She continued to laugh and laugh.  All of a sudden the enormous Great Hall was lifted from its foundations as Guy tumbled, falling and sliding down the plastic floor.  He could sense that the entire structure was being lifted up into the air.  And then the roof of the building was torn off as bright light was cast everywhere… and the gigantic, gorgeous face of his sister peered inside… smirking down at him.  “You can’t hide from your Giant Sister.  I am HUGE!”

            Guy shouted upward, his squeaky voice sounding pathetically small, “Laurissa!  I’m sorry!  I’m sorry for saying ‘fuck you’ to you!  I was stupid!  I’m sorry!  I’m so very —”  His words were cut short as he was snatched from the building’s interior.  His inch-body being compressed, his head spun as he became extremely dizzy.  But this time he wasn’t going up… he was going down.

            And then he blinked, desperate to regain his bearings.  He was down on the carpeting.  He slowly stood up, only to see the teen’s black high-heel shoes right up close to him… looming large at 35 feet high.  Her 3 ½-inch heels were 20-foot pillars that rose high above his tiny head.  Guy craned his neck, looking up in awe and terror… His sister’s voluptuous body went straight up… 400 feet… a look of malicious anger on her beautiful face as she glared down at him.

            She placed her hands on her womanly hips… her voice powerful like thunder as she spoke.  “I should just squash you under my foot after the way you talked to me.”

            Guy fell to his knees, trembling.  He begged, “No!  No!  D-Don’t … please!  Please don’t crush me!”

            His sister laughed.  “You are pretty pathetic, little man… down at your sister’s feet… groveling beneath me.  But I still want to stomp you.”

            Guy watched as the teen lifted her high-heel shoe, his eyes in horror as her foot came down with great force.  BOOM!!!!!  The ground shook fiercely… a loud deafening sound as Guy fell down landing on his side, his body sprawled out.  He blinked in disbelief that he was still alive.  What?  What happened? he thought.  He then saw his sister’s enormous shoe just a couple meters from where he was lying.  She stomped the ground close to me.  I don’t think I could survive another one of those.

            His thoughts were then replaced with his head once again spinning in a whirl… colors blending into a blur.  “Ohhhh… my head,” he uttered as he was lifted up… up… up.  And then he felt his body being compressed, seeing his sister’s gigantic, model-like face up close as he was held snug in her fist… just his tiny head and shoulders poking out.

            “How does it feel, little bro, when I hold you like this?”  She grinned, baring her perfect white teeth.  “If I squeeze a little harder, you’ll go splat in my fist.  Do you have anything you want to say to your BIG sister?”

            His lungs compressed, Guy coughed out a reply, “I’m — s-s-sorry.”

            “And…?” she said, her eyebrow raised.

            “And I won’t act like I did again.  I was a complete idiot.”

            “Well, you would say anything in your tiny and weak position, little bro.”

            Guy then watched the teen’s full lips twist into a smirk… just before her mouth opened wide.  He suddenly found himself within the warm, wet interior… his naked body being tossed about on his sister’s powerful tongue.  “No!!” he screamed.

            Oh, no! his mind panicked.  No, no, no, no!  I can’t be trapped inside my sister’s mouth again.  Not again!   He felt the teen’s tongue teasing and toying with his 1-inch frame… his strength nothing compared to her all-powerful tongue.  He felt his body lifted up to the roof of her mouth as he was mercilessly pinned there… his tiny arms and legs fighting the futile fight.

            The struggle with his sister’s insatiable tongue seemed to last forever… when all of a sudden light entered her mouth and Guy squinted as he peered out, his body exhausted as he lay on her tongue.  And then her mouth spoke, “Oh, big brother, I LOVE having you on my tongue.”  The teen giggled.  “Isn’t this super awesome that a girl can do this to her older brother?”

            Guy stared out her mouth, and then realized where he was… or rather where his sister was.  The teen was looking at herself in the bathroom mirror… opening her mouth, examining the shrunken family member within.  “Ahhh…” she said, sticking out her tongue as she moved her brother from side to side.  She giggled.  “Oh, yes… you are so precious, little bro, when I see you clinging helplessly to my tongue.”

            Guy fought to get to his feet, only to land back down on his side as his sister teased him by lifting her tongue up and down.  He shouted, “Let me go, Laurissa! … Laurissa!  Laurissa, you can’t do this to me!”

            She giggled.  “Of course, I can, little Guy.  I’m so much BIGGER than you.  And besides, I’m still not done punishing you for the things you said to me.”

            “Laurissa, I said I was sorry!  Please!  Please!”

            His sister continued to hold her mouth open… eyeing her little prisoner   She then closed her mouth and smiled, reaching down onto the bathroom counter, picking up a tiny tube of lipstick.  Removing the cap, she began to reapply her red lipstick.  Her mouth open, she ran it along the top and then bottom of her luscious lips.  Then closing her mouth, she pressed her lips together as she evenly spread the shiny crimson color.

            “There.  That’s better,” her girlish voice said.  “Does little Guy like when his big sister wears lipstick?  I usually just use clear lip-gloss.”  She heard a tiny squeak in response from her brother, but her mouth was partly closed and his voice was too small to understand.  The teen giggled, her fingertips reaching inside as her tongue stuck out.  She removed her sibling and set him down on the counter, so that he was lying on his back.

            Guy coughed, unable to sit up, seeing his body pinned down by a pair of giant fingertips.  “Laurissa… ugh!” he grunted.  “What are you —”  And then his sister’s 50-foot-tall head appeared over him… her face gorgeous, her stunning blue eyes outlined in dark eyeliner, her pouty lips gleaming with red lipstick.

            “Tell me, little brother, are you going act like you did before if I decide to re-enlarge you?  Saying ‘fuck you’ to me and all your mean shit.”

            Still hopelessly pinned down, he yelled, “No, Laurissa, I won’t!  I promise!”

            “I wish I could believe you, little bro,” she said sweetly.  “But you could just lie to me… tell me what I want to hear.  I’ll have to punish little you some more, so you’ll stop being mean to your younger sister.”

            “No, I’m not lying!”  Guy then looked in horror as a big gob of saliva began to emerge from his sister’s mouth.  Her full lips were parted slightly as she pushed the spit out with the tip of her pink tongue.

            His eyes wide, he screamed, “No!!!” as a long strand of saliva hung from the girl’s mouth and began to coat his bare skin.  Soon his midsection was completely covered.  The warm spit was oozing down the sides of his ribcage, smothering him.

            His sister gathered up some more saliva from under her tongue, and she leaned in close… her voluptuous red lips right above the boy.  She let strand after strand of spit leave her mouth and cover Guy’s tiny legs and arms… just his tiny head left untouched.  He continued to protest, “Please, Laurissa, please stop!  I’m sorry for what I said!”

            And then his sister’s pretty head rose up, still holding her brother down.  “Is that anyway to speak to your goddess?”

            Guy gasped hearing his sister refer to herself as a god.  Is my sister being serious or is she just role-playing?  I don’t know, but I need to stop her!

            He watched helplessly as the teen pushed her tongue forward again, a big glob of clear, bubbly saliva slowly extending from her mouth… the lump of spit landing right on Guy’s face.  He struggled in vain… his inch-long body now 100% beneath his sister’s warm, gooey spit.



Guy couldn’t breathe, his whole body trapped under the thick spit of his sister as she continued to pin him down with her fingertips.  For a moment, it felt like he was in a dream state.  He was still alive, but looking out through the saliva… everything distorted… shapes and colors.  And sound was absent as though he were underwater.  For a second, it almost seemed peaceful, but his mind immediately returned to the horrific, terrifying predicament he was in.

            And then he felt his body being lifted… and a rush of lukewarm water flowed all over him.  He coughed, hearing the faucet turned off, and he saw himself being dried off in one of the giant-sized bathroom towels.

            Everything went dark and he realized he was trapped inside his sister’s closed hand.  He could sense the gravity and weight of her enormous footfalls.  And then, 10 seconds later, light returned as did his vision.  His head looked anxiously to the left and to the right… realizing he had been transported to his sister’s bedroom, and he had been placed right on top of his sibling’s thigh in her lap as she sat on her bed.

            The teen was still wearing her short black dress with dark stockings.  She crossed her athletic legs as she leaned back, resting her hands on her pink blanket.  She giggled and said, “I always wanted a little brother.  I just never knew he’d be so… so… so little.”  She giggled again as her crossed leg began to bounce slowly up and down.

            Guy got to his feet and looked up.  He saw the all-too-familiar smirking lips of his sister… his mind-numbingly colossal sister.  The teen’s body was like a skyscraper… just curvy to the extreme with a large bust, voluptuous hips, and a stunning face.  Visions of the girl’s incredible beauty almost made the torture he endured worth it… almost.  His mind was still in a daze, but he began to feel intense anger welling up from his core.  She was, after all, his family member… his younger sibling.

            He shouted, “Laurissa!  I am going to tell you what is going to happen!”

            “Oh… okay,” his sister answered, feigning submissiveness.  She nodded and smiled.  “Tell me what’s going to happen, big brother.  I really want to know.”

            “First, I want you to take me to my room.  And I don’t mean an hour from now.  I mean right now.  And second, you won’t just leave me on the floor so I have to climb my dresser to get my antidote.  No, you will nicely retrieve my medicine from my dresser, because you are the one who took it from the floor where I originally put it, and then you put it up so high that it’s out of reach for me.  So… okay… um…”

            “Is that it?” his sister chimed in.

            “Oh, no, I’ve just gotten started, Laurie.  You will apologize to me, and you will —”

            His speech was cut short as he was snatched up between his sister’s thumb and fingertip… his inch-tall frame brought up high before her gaze, not the slightest look of amusement on her beautiful face.  She dangled him in front of her blue eyes.  “I think you’re done, little bro, making your little, tiny demands.”

            Guy grunted, struggling futilely to free himself.  “No, Laurissa!  No!  No!  You can’t have all the power!”

            His sister giggled.  “That’s right.  I do have all the power.  That’s because in our relationship, little brother, I am all-powerful.  When you are shrunk, I am God to you.  I am Goddess Laurissa.”

            Guy continued hanging pathetically from his sister’s fingertips.  Did she just say that? he thought.  She did.  My sister is 16 years old and she called herself Goddess Laurissa.  I can’t believe it.

            “I’m n-n-not… calling you my goddess.”

            “Well,” she answered sharply.  “Then I’m not re-enlarging you.  Ever.”

            Guy opened his mouth about to say some fighting words, but then he paused.  And for a moment — a brief moment — he felt strangely aroused… a sexual and taboo pleasure in his brain.  To never be allowed re-enlargement… to be his sister’s shrunken older brother for all time… to always be smaller… much, much smaller than his sibling so as to fit in the palm of her hand like a toy — it seemed a weirdly tantalizing yet impossible scenario.

            Guy finally answered, “Yeah… right.  Mom would never let you do that.”

            She lowered her brother slightly down her face, so her full lips were directly in front of him.  She said, “Why does Mom need to know?”

            Guy’s eyes widened as he continued listening to his sister.  “I’ll just say I don’t know where you went.  It will be a mystery.  I’ll say you went for a walk and never returned… yeah, he must have shrunk and got eaten by a snake.  All the while you’ll be hidden in your sister’s bedroom where no one will ever find you.  You’re certainly small enough to keep hidden.  I could keep you in my purse whenever I go out.”

            Guy dangled between her fingertips, speechless.  He then heard his sister add the words, “Or maybe when I go out, I could put you in my cleavage… nice and snug between my big boobs.”

            All of sudden, Guy didn’t know if his sister was being serious or being facetious.  He responded, “Ha-ha, Laurie.  You would never keep me shrunk forever.”

            She raised him back up to her big blue eyes.  “Are you sure, little bro?  Think of how I’ve dominated you so far — all the ways you never expected.  Holding you under my foot… sitting on you with my butt… putting you inside my mouth… drowning you under my saliva.”

            Guy gulped, not sure what to believe.  “Yeah, okay.  I think it’s time you took me to my room.  I definitely won’t call you ‘Goddess.’”

            “Fine, be that way,” she answered in annoyance, “but you have to get your medicine all by yourself without my help.  You can start your journey to your bedroom by climbing down your big sister’s body.”  The teen placed her brother near the top of her head, so that he was forced to grab hold of her hair above her forehead.

            “Hey, wait!” the naked boy cried desperately.  “How am I supposed to get down?”

            His sister uncrossed her shapely legs and crossed them the other way, beginning to bounce her foot.  “Not my problem, little bro.”

            Guy’s breathing quickened… panic setting in.  His heart pounded as his eyes darted about, looking left and right… and then down.  He had always been a little afraid of heights… and now atop his sister’s head, hundreds of feet up, he felt the dizzying sensation of the loss of control.  Holding tightly to his sister’s dark locks, he shouted, fear in his tiny voice, “Help!  Laurissa!  Help!”

            His sister snickered.  “Silly brother.  Just climb down my face.  Use my hair like it’s a rope from gym class.”

            “Wait!  I can’t!” he shouted.  He listened but his sister didn’t answer him.  Damn it! he thought.  Just because I won’t call her Goddess, she forces me to climb down her body.  Well, fine!  I can do this… I just need to focus.

            The inch-tall boy took a single strand of his sister’s dark-brown hair, feeling it in his hands.  It did seem like it was ideal for climbing.  He lowered the long lock of hair so it fell down his side, and he began to descend his sister’s forehead.  As soon as he had started the motion of lowering himself, his weight seeming manageable, he had a glimmer of confidence.  Hey, maybe I can do this, he thought.  And then below him, he saw the top of his sister’s well-manicured dark eyebrows, and his heart sunk as he remembered this was no ordinary mountain to scale.

            His sister’s girlish voice took on a more seductive tone.  “There you go, little brother.  That’s right…   Yes… Climb down Big Sister’s face.”

            Guy could hear his heart beating faster, his anxiety returning.  “I just need to concentrate,” he said to himself, gritting his teeth.  “Come on, I can do this.”

            He continued down the 50-foot-head of his sister as he passed her eyebrows, approaching the top part of her perfect nose.  He then saw his sister’s enormous blue eyes on either side of him.  Dark eyeliner accentuated their lovely shape, each eye as big as his entire body.  He could see the teen’s long eyelashes, which looked like giant black horns arching out.  He nervously exhaled… for he was scaling a sister of epic, monster size.

            The teen’s giggle seemed louder than usual as Guy began to climb down his sister’s cute nose.  He heard her say, “You feel so small on my nose, big brother.  It tickles.”

            “Yeah, well…” he said, his breathing already labored.  “I’m just trying to make it to my room to get my medicine, because someone won’t help me.”

            Guy saw his sister’s mouth below him as she grinned.  She laughed, saying, “And miss out on all the fun of you climbing on my face?  Oh, no, little Guy, it is much better this way.”  She laughed some more.

            He continued down to the bottom of the girl’s nose, when all of a sudden he thought, Laurissa’s mouth could cause problems for me, especially if she uses her tongue to capture me.  I think I better try to go around.  In an almost heroic feat of acrobatics, Guy pushed off with his bare feet and propelled himself off his sister’s face while simultaneously sliding down her long hair.  He suddenly gripped the hair tightly as he found himself now below her mouth, his naked body crashing into the teen’s chin.

            He looked up, seeing his sister’s full lips directly above his head.  “Oh, little brother,” he heard her say, “I was looking forward to eating you again.”  She pouted her lips.  “Oh, well… I’ll just have to eat you next meal.”

            Guy was out of breath as he dangled precariously next to his sister’s chin.  “I’m not your food, Laurissa!  You can’t treat me like I’m a grape or something.”

            His sister’s gorgeous face then smiled big, her white teeth showing.  “Of course I can, little bro.  You are the size of a grape, after all.”

            Guy grunted in frustration as he started to lower himself below his sister’s chin.  Being controlled by his sister like this was vexing to him.  Though, he was glad the strand of his sister’s hair was long enough that he could potentially reach the teen’s lap without too much of a headache.  He began to descend below his sibling’s face… and for the first time, he realized he was suspended in the air.

            All of a sudden, his sister arched her back as she reached behind herself.  She unzipped her black dress.  Then she pulled down the top portion of her dress as she exposed her white, lacy push-up bra… her DD’s heaving majestically… her bra pressing her tits together.

            Guy was being moved about in the air as he clung to the rope, his body spinning as he looked down.  His eyes bugged out as he saw his sister’s cleavage.  “You have got to be kidding me,” he said aloud.  “This is so unfair!”

            The teen giggled.  “Aww, am I being unfair to you, little bro?  My boobs are so very BIG, aren’t they?  And your body is so very little.”

            Guy, not sure what to do, continued to climb down his sister’s hair.  I have to think of something! he worried.  Maybe I can minimize the time I climb over her breasts… and I can get back to my bedroom and antidote sooner.  Guy then remembered that it was his fantasizing about his sibling’s big boobs, in order to play in the Lego city, which caused him to shrink in the first place.  “Damn it… poetic justice.”

            He slowly lowered himself down, and it soon became evident that he was headed straight toward the space between his sister’s tits.  “I can’t… I can’t go around,” he said.  “Her boobs are too big!”   His brain working overtime to find a solution, he all of a sudden was bumped by his sister’s long fingernail… knocking him off his security rope.

            Guy fell… bouncing off his sister’s soft, perky boob… then bouncing a couple more times as he was swallowed up by the teen’s cleavage.  “No!!!” he screamed, his tiny squeaking voice disappearing into the void.  And then Guy realized he was no longer falling.  His little inch-frame was caught between his sister’s pair of colossal orbs.  Her skin was smooth as silk… her body’s heat radiating against his naked flesh.  He anxiously stared upward… seeing that he had fallen a long way.  And then his sister’s beautiful, model-like face peered down at him… her red lips turning into a smug smirk.

            Guy shouted upward, “Laurissa!  You can’t do this to me!  I demand that you return me to my room!”

            Her girlish voice giggled as she gazed down at her prodigious bosom cradled by her white bra.  “First, little brother, not only can I do this to you…. I am doing this to you.  Second, don’t forget that you shrunk yourself.  I never had any intention of letting you use your antidote after one hour.  And third, who are you to demand anything from your goddess?  Hmm?”

            Guy breathed out, knowing his younger sibling had defeated him.  He had lost and lost pitifully.  He wasn’t even able to climb down past his sister’s boobs.  And even if somehow he managed to make it to the floor of his sister’s room, how would he ever have climbed up the dresser in his own bedroom?  All his plans now seemed to be wishful thinking at best… impossibility at worst.

            Guy begrudgingly swallowed his pride as he shouted upward, “Okay… you are my goddess!  You are Goddess Laurissa!”

            His sister’s smile grew into a beautiful grin, while she eyed her tiny family member between her big boobs.  “Say it again, little brother.”

            “Goddess Laurissa, I am sorry for being a jerk earlier.  If you would please help me out of your cleavage… we can move on from the fighting we’ve been doing.  Please, Goddess Laurissa.  All-powerful Goddess Laurissa.”

            Guy watched his sister cutely purse her lips as she thought it over.  “Well, I am known to be merciful on occasion.  Not often… but when it pleases me.  Your goddess is both beautiful and wise.”  She reached between her boobs and retrieved the wayward climber, lifting him up to her gorgeous face.  She gasped, saying, “Little brother!  Is that?”

            Guy looked down, seeing he had a full boner.  He immediately blushed, his face turning bright red.  “It’s not what it looks like,” he said.

            “Oh, no, it’s exactly what it looks like, mister,” his sister playfully teased.  “You’re not going to use that line again.”  She got up off her bed and walked over to the shelf.  From the top shelf she took the large glass canning jar she had used weeks earlier.  She unscrewed the lid which had air holes, and placed her brother inside… and then screwed the lid back on.

            Guy tumbled down to the bottom as the jar was tilted back to an upward position.  The naked boy ran across the spacious glass floor, pressing his hands against the wall, the outer world appearing a bit distorted by the thick glass.  He struggled to maintain his balance as his sister returned the jar back to the shelf.

            “Laurissa!” he shouted at the top of his lungs, knowing his voice was most likely too tiny to be understood.  “How long are you going to keep me in here?”  He banged on the glass with his fists.  “Laurissa!  Laurissa!  Mom won’t be back for six hours.  You know that’s a long time, right?”

            Guy observed his sister’s perfect hourglass figure as she sauntered back to her bed… her dress half down, her big boobs and bra still exposed.  The teen sat down as she reclined onto her side.  She crossed her shapely legs as she picked up her phone, seeming to lose all interest in the older brother trapped in the jar.  She smiled as she swiped her thumb across her phone’s screen.

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Episode 9 Chapters 1-3 ... 8-24-18 by Tiny Jedi

Here are all 3 chapters of episode 9.  I hope you enjoy it.

- - - - -



It had been five days since Guy’s little sister had played “Giantess” in his bedroom… demolishing the Lego-brick buildings with her high-heel shoes.  All the while he had to fend for himself, standing a mere 1 inch tall on the floor.  He resented how she took advantage of the situation.  And later on she had punished him… using him as a toy on her tongue.  Afterwards, he had spent six hours in his sister’s glass jar on her shelf.

            He was extremely upset for a couple days… but soon his anger was replaced by his libido.  He did his best to not get overly aroused, but all he could think about was his sister’s incredibly hot body.  And specifically… her amazing big boobs.  He kept thinking about boobs… boobs… boobs. 

            Oh, God, I am soooo horny, he thought, while sitting on the sofa in the living room.  At least I haven’t shrunk for 5 days.  I refuse to let Laurissa think she’s won.  But I just can’t stop obsessing about those big boobs of hers.

            Guy got up and walked over to the stairs, ready to head up to his room.  He was startled as his buxom, 16-year-old sister came running down the steps.  She was wearing a skintight top and shorts… her DD tits bouncing.  The sight of “mammaries in motion” was too much for Guy’s already fragile and horny brain… sending his height down more than a foot.

            His beautiful sister hopped down the last couple steps, now standing a head taller than her brother.  She giggled, and said, “Hey, big… I mean, little brother.  How’s the weather down there?”

            Guy went past his sister, hurrying up the stairs.  “I’m still not talking to you,” he grumbled.  He rushed up the rest of the steps and walked down the hall, entering his bedroom.  Closing the door, he took his bottle of medicine from the dresser.  Having taken a dose, he lay down on his bed… his size soon restored to normal.

            After about 10 minutes, there was a knock on his door, and his sister came inside.  Guy noticed she had changed her clothing to a pair of blue jeans and a gray sweatshirt, her long dark-brown hair tied into a ponytail.

            “I thought I’d wear something less… arousing… for you.  Because, big brother, I wanted to talk with you.”

            Guy sighed, sitting up on his bed.  “Fine.  Whatever.”

            He was looking down at the floor as he felt the weight of his sister’s body press down on the edge of his bed.  And then he heard her say, “Well, let’s talk about what happened just minutes ago… you know, when you shrunk.”

            Guy turned and looked at his sister’s gorgeous face… her stunning blue eyes looking into his eyes.  “Yeah, so what,” he said.  “I shrunk.  It’s no big deal.”

            His sister continued to gaze into his eyes.  “Obviously, Guy, you shrink.  You have the Shrinking disease.  But this has happened before — you shrinking while you’re coming up the stairs at the exact same time that I’m coming down the stairs.”

            “Yeah, yeah…” Guy said, turning away, looking back down at the floor.  “It’s because I saw your… you know…”

            His sister giggled.  “You saw my… ‘you know’?  What’s that?”

            Guy anxiously touched the side of his head, still looking down.  “Do I have to spell it out for you, Laurie?  They were jiggling… like a lot… when you came running down the stairs.”

            “My big boobs?”

            “Yes, of course.  Your big boobs, Laurissa.  I mean your boobs, which happen to be big.  Whatever.”

            “Well, well…” she answered, her girlish voice sounding a bit more sensual.  “It seems I have power over my brother with my big boobs.”

            Guy felt his heart rate increasing, sensing his hands beginning to sweat.  He wanted to say something in retort, but his mind was too flustered.  Instead, he said nothing… feeling his face turning very warm.

            “Oh… are you blushing, big brother?”

            Guy heard her giggle, and he responded, “No.  I-I-I don’t think so.”

            He was startled as he felt his sister’s warm hand touch his bare knee.  “It’s okay that you like your sister’s boobs.  And that you like that they’re so big.”

            Guy swallowed hard, feeling his arms and legs beginning to tingle.  He shut his eyes, desperate to calm his body.  He quietly said to himself, “Don’t shrink.  Don’t shrink.  Don’t shrink”

            His sister giggled again, saying, “But wouldn’t it be cute if you did shrink, Guy?  That would be sooo adorable.  I mean, you haven’t shrunk for a long time…”

            “Five days,” he answered.

            “Yeah, you’re improving, big brother.  Looks like my lessons are helping you build up a tolerance to sexual stimulation.  That reminds me… how did you shrink yourself five days ago?”

            Guy gasped, remembering that it was by fantasizing about his sister’s breasts that he was able to shrink himself.  Oh, no, he worried.  I thought I could keep that a secret forever.  Laurissa must not know that I’m not just turned on by her boobs, but am completely obsessed and fascinated by them.

            “Guy?  You remember… you shrunk yourself so the Lego city was not just toy-size but was real-size to you.”

            “Yeah, yeah,” he replied, trying to be dismissive.

            “So, did you watch something online?  Or did you think about something in your mind?”

            “I thought about something,” he answered, immediately grimacing.  Why did I say that?  Damn it!  I’m so stupid.  I should have just said nothing.

            “Ohh,” his sister replied.  “What you fantasized about must have been really hot to shrink you all the way down to 1 inch.  What was it, big brother?  I’m curious.”

            Guy glanced over at his sister’s beautiful face.  Their eyes meeting… his eyes immediately fell as he looked down at her gray sweatshirt.  Her top concealed her breasts, but it was still obvious that she possessed an ample bust.  Realizing where he was staring, Guy quickly looked away… beginning to stare at the wall.

            “Hmm…” his sister said.  “Did you… no.   You didn’t… did you?”  She giggled, caressing her brother’s knee with her fingertip as he continued to look away from her.  “Oh, Guy… tell me.  Were you fantasizing about your sister’s large breasts in order to shrink yourself down?”

            All of a sudden, Guy’s height began to dwindle as he sat on the bed… shrinking by over a foot.  He gasped, saying, “Oh, no!”  He jumped off the bed and started to run over to his dresser.

            “No!  No!” he heard his sister yell as her now larger body suddenly blocked him… standing a head taller than he was.  “You’re not getting your medicine, little bro.”  She took the small bottle of blue liquid from the dresser and then stuffed it down through the opening in her sweatshirt.  She smirked as she looked down, putting her hands on her shapely hips.  “If you want it, little bro, you’ll have to go into my cleavage to get it.”

            Guy turned around, throwing his hands up.  “You’re being so unfair!  Laurissa, I thought we were just talking… not you seducing me.  I didn’t know we were practicing.”

            “Little brother, you shrunk.  That’s all that matters.”  She giggled, adding, “Well?  Do you want to shrink even smaller and go into my cleavage to get your medicine?  You were fantasizing about your sister’s big boobs five days ago, right?”

            Guy turned back around to face his sibling.  “Yeah, so what!  I thought about your big tits in order to shrink to an inch so I could play in the Lego city.  It’s not like it matters!”

            His sister grinned.  “I knew it!  I knew it!  You admit it!”

            Guy grimaced, suddenly realizing his sister had tricked him into revealing the truth.  “Wait!  Wait… I didn’t mean to say —”

            “Too late, little bro.  It’s out there now.”  The teen began to walk confidently about her brother’s bedroom.  “So, out of all the sexy things you could have imagined in your mind to shrink yourself… you chose your sister’s boobs.”  She laughed loudly.  “This is so awesome how totally… totally obsessed you are with my big boobs.  I love it!”

            Guy listened to his sibling continuing to laugh.  He walked over to his bed and sat down, feeling awkward by the fact that he was a head shorter than his younger sister.  His discomfort returned as the teen then plopped her curvy body down onto the bed just a few feet away from him.

            She leaned forward.  “So, little brother… what’s your plan to get your medicine?  The bottle is squeezed between my big boobs right now.  If you shrink to an inch, I’ll let you climb down into my cleavage to get it.”

            A feeling of ambivalence washed over Guy’s mind.  He felt so aroused by his sister’s teasing about her breasts… yet at the same time he couldn’t stand the way she was controlling him.  His conflicted brain suddenly snapped under the stress — not just from the moment, but from the past few weeks of being shrunk again and again by his sister.  He lunged forward and slid his hands underneath his sister’s sweatshirt, attempting to reach up and grab the little bottle.

            His sister jerked backward, shouting, “Guy!  You can’t do that!”  They struggled for a moment… his sister finally taking hold of her brother’s wrists, holding them out in front of her.  It quickly became evident to both of them that with his sister’s larger body mass, she could easily “woman-handle” him if she wanted.

            “Fine!  You win!”  Guy said, getting up… only to sit back down on the far edge of his bed.

            His sister stood up, looking down at him.  She just stood there, not saying anything at all.  And then Guy glanced over and watched as his sister in her blue jeans and sweatshirt, suddenly pulled her top up and over her pretty head.  He observed as her big boobs jiggled in her white bra as she completely removed the sweatshirt, tossing it down on the carpeting.

            Guy swallowed, feeling his body starting to tingle again — not sure if he could handle it much longer.  His breathing began to quicken as he saw the teen’s hourglass figure step closer.  He watched as she leaned forward slightly, revealing the little bottle of blue liquid between her big tits.  “Do you want it?   Hmm?”  She then sat down on his bed…. leaning backwards as she arched her back, her bust heaving.  She reached down into her cleavage and retrieved her brother’s antidote… beginning to slowly slide the small glass bottle on her lean, toned midsection.  Guy continued to stare as his sister’s long, elegant fingers lifted the bottle up and down… from her navel up to the bottom of her bra… and then back down to her navel.  Over and over she slowly caressed her athletic abs with her brother’s medicine.

            Guy opened his mouth, about to say that he wanted the antidote, when he noticed the teen lifting the bottle back up to her bra.  His sister giggled.  “I’m holding your medicine at breast-level, Guy.  Do you like it when I hold it at the level of my big breasts?”

            Guy felt his body tingling more and more, and he closed his eyes, trying to control his fast heart rate by consciously slowing his breathing.  He opened his eyes, seeing the little bottle dangling precariously from his sister’s fingertips just over her cleavage.  She continued, saying, “Guy, if I knew you were so in love with my DD boobs… I would have held you at breast-level more often.  When you shrink to an inch, I’ll have to make sure you spend a lot of time at breast-level.  Would you like that?  Do you like the idea of me holding you at breast-level?  You’d be at the level of your sister’s big… big breasts.”

            Guy closed his eyes, feeling a surge of tingling through his whole body.  He opened his eyes again, just at the moment his sister slipped his antidote back down into her cleavage.  He saw how her large, luscious boobs hugged the little glass bottle.  And then his sister’s fingertip and long nail pressed down on the bottle’s top, so that it completely disappeared from view… deep down inside the teen’s cleavage.

            “Oh shit,” Guy said, feeling his body tingling uncontrollably.  All his practice to not shrink over the last few weeks was not enough to stop him from shrinking now.  His body quickly dwindled in size… smaller and smaller…. littler and littler.  He shrunk and shrunk and shrunk… all the way down to 1 inch.  The pile of his giant clothing was smothering him on top of his bed... as he struggled to climb his way out.



Guy fought to get free from his giant clothing…. as if there were even the slightest chance he could escape his sister’s control of him.  And then he felt his body being compressed as he was lifted up and out of his clothes.  His head spinning, he was lifted up… up… up.  There was a blur of colors… and then as his vision returned to clarity, he saw that he was being held between his sibling’s fingertips… directly in front of her gorgeous, model-like face.  Her big blue eyes flashed at him as she smirked.

            She laughed as she gazed at him.  “Did you really think you weren’t going to shrink all the way down, little bro?  Five days is much too long to not have my little family member at an inch tall.”

            Guy struggled in vain, his naked body dangling, his arms and legs flailing.  In his miniature, high-pitched voice, he shouted, “Laurissa!   No… ugh… you can’t!  Laurissa!  Let me go!”

            The teen giggled, her eyes devouring the movements of her brother’s tiny, defiant body.  Then with her other hand, she reached down into her cleavage and pulled out the small bottle of blue antidote.  She lifted her hands in front of her face — her right hand holding her 1-inch-tall brother, the other holding the glass bottle.  She dangled both of them, saying, “My, my, my… look at what we have here.  Little brother is soooo close to his medicine, but he can’t get it, can he?  Aww… too bad.”

            Guy stared intently at the bottle which was a few inches tall.  It’s right there, he anxiously thought.  But how am I supposed to get it?

            The teen brought her hands closer together so her brother was almost able to reach out and touch the bottle.  “Isn’t this fun?”  She giggled cutely.  “You know, little bro, I might have let you use your medicine early.  That’s before you tried to wrestle it away from me.  I think that little action of yours makes the whole 1-hour limit null and void.”

            Guy turned his gaze from the antidote over to the teen’s 50-foot-tall head.  “Laurissa, you can’t!  But I never actually got the medicine from you.”

            “You tried.  And I’m saying you broke the rules.”

            “B-B-But, you can’t,” Guy pleaded.  “I already spent 6 hours in the jar in your bedroom.”

            “That’s a totally different situation.  And I was justified in keeping you small then, just as I am now.”  She walked over to her brother’s dresser and opened the top drawer.  Guy watched as his sibling placed the bottle of blue liquid into the drawer and then closed it shut.

            The teen lifted Guy back up to her beautiful face.  “Since you’re so obsessed with your sister’s DD’s… I’ll let you spend some quality time between them.”  She lowered her older brother down between her boobs as his tiny voice squeaked in protest.  She made sure he was nice and snug, her pushup bra allowing him to be held in place deep within her cleavage.

            Guy’s naked body felt the heat from his sister’s giant soft breasts.  The teen’s skin was smooth to the touch as if Guy were wrapped in warm, silk sheets.  He craned his neck as he looked up, and he noticed he was really far down.  And then he saw his sister’s pretty face as she peered down at him.  She giggled, and said, “You don’t mind your little sister storing you in her cleavage, do you?”

            “Laurissa!  I can’t move!”

            She giggled again.  “Silly brother, that’s because my boobs are so big.  And I know how you love ‘em big.”

            “Laurissa!  Please!  Please let me out!”

            His sister ignored his plea, saying, “Last time you got a boner.  Remember?”

            Guy was about to shout, when he glanced down and saw that his cock had already developed into a full erection.  “Damn it,” he muttered to himself.  He looked back up and shouted, “Laurissa, you win!  You can let your big brother go now!”

            “Big brother?”  She laughed, saying, “How about I squeeze little brother to show him how small and weak he is.”  She pushed on the sides of her tits, firmly pressing them together.  She waited for about 30 seconds and then released them.  “Well?” she said.

            “I’m little!  Okay, I’m little brother!”

            She giggled.  “That’s right… you’re just a little brother in my cleavage.  Now don’t you get lost in there, little Guy.”  And then his sister’s beautiful face disappeared as she stopped looking downward.  Guy could sense that the teen was moving as he felt her enormous footfalls… her big breasts bouncing with her every step.

            Guy sighed.  I still can’t get over how much Laurissa’s body has grown.  She’s super, extremely curvy.  When I saw her many years ago, she hadn’t even started puberty.  And now she has DD’s for God’s sake.  I still think that’s too much power for a 16-year-old girl… and that’s before she shrinks me.

            His sister walked down the hall and over to the stairs.  Wearing just her blue jeans and her white bra, she went quickly down the steps to the first floor of the house.  The teen smiled as she sauntered through the living room… and then entered the kitchen.  Opening the fridge, she said, “Now what do I want to use?  Yes… oh, yes.”  She glanced down at her busty bosom.  “I found some whipped cream, little bro.  I’m going to have some creamy fun with little you.”  She grabbed the can of whipped cream and then closed the fridge.

            She ran back to the stairs, and then ran up to the second floor — her large boobs in her bra the whole time going bouncily bounce-bounce… jiggling with the movement of her athletic, youthful body.  She danced a little, swaying her wide hips and toned arms, as she went down the hall, entering her own bedroom.

            The teen closed her door, smiling as she reached between her breasts.  Snatching her family member in her fingertips, she lifted him to her lovely face.  She giggled as she saw the throbbing little erection of her brother.  “And… there it is,” she said in her girlish voice.  “I leave little Guy alone in my cleavage for one minute and he gets a boner.”

            His face blushing horribly, Guy said, “Yeah, well… I can’t help it that your huge tits gave me an erection.  But I just think it’s wrong that I get so, so, so turned on by my sister’s boobs.  Even if they are really big boobs.”

            Still holding him in front of her blue eyes, she said, “Oh, Guy, there’s nothing wrong with you liking your sister’s big boobs.  It means you’re a red-blooded man.  I have absolutely no problem with you enjoying my big tits.”

            Guy stared in awe at the beauty of the teen’s 50-foot-tall face.  “Really?” he said.

            “Mm-hmm,” she answered in a seductive tone.  “No problem… at all.”

            Guy couldn’t help himself as he reached down and started to stroke his hard cock.  Suddenly aware of what he was doing directly in front of his sibling’s eyes, he stopped and moved his hands to his sides.  He blushed even more.

            The teen giggled as she set her brother down on top of her pink bedspread.  “You’re cute, little bro.  And I know you don’t like being dominated too much… but let’s have a little fun.  Let’s role-play, okay?”

            Guy watched as the titanic teen kneeled down on the carpet — her ample chest now just above his head.   “How about…” his sister began, “I’m your dominatrix/girlfriend and you’ve been paying me to dominate you… but then I tell you I want to give you a special thank-you for being such a sweet client.  And you’re obsessed with my big tits like in real life.  And I say I want to give you a freebie because I really love it, too.”

            Guy blinked his eyes.  “Whoa, that’s quite the imagination you have.  Yeah, sure, I guess.”  Guy looked down at his still rock-hard cock, and then he looked back up at his towering sister.

            The teen smirked as she gazed down at him.  Her girlish voice all of a sudden took on a much more mature and sultry tone.  “Gooood… I’m so glad you want your freebie, mister.  I’ve been waiting all week to give it to you.”

            Guy swallowed hard.  Oh… oh wow, he thought.  Is this really happening?

            The teen winked down at him as she reached behind her back.  Guy saw as his sister’s bra straps suddenly sprung loose.  And she let the straps fall down her toned shoulders.  “I hope I’m not too… big… for you, little mister.”  She giggled as she pulled the white bra down from her chest… her gorgeous globes heaving.  Their colossal size seemed to defy gravity… perky and round… truly a display of massive, feminine melons just waiting to be touched and enjoyed.

            Guy’s eyes were bugging out of his head, his jaw having fallen.  His sister’s big boobs seemed to be only getting hotter and hotter every time he saw them.  He gawked, drooling as he saw his sister’s 15-foot-wide brownish-pink areolas… so perfect and round…. and her nipples already firm and erect.  His hand involuntarily went down to his crotch as he started to touch his throbbing dick.

            She moaned, “Oooooh…. Mmmmm…  Does little mister like it when I squeeze my big boobs together… like this?”  She pressed hard on the sides of her breasts.  She kept squishing them together, giving Guy a good long look.  “It’s so much fun to squeeeeeze my tits together.”  Still holding her soft boobs firmly together, she said, “Would the little man like to play a game that involves my big boobs and whipped cream?”

            Guy suddenly felt weak in the knees as he lost his balance, almost falling over.  Regaining his footing, he answered, “S-S-Sure… I mean, that sounds good.”

            “Mmm… good,” his sister breathed, lifting her massive mammaries... holding them there… then finally releasing them as they bounced back into place.  “It pleases me greatly that my favorite little client is into this.  I’m all wet just thinking about playing with little you on my big boobs.”

            Guy was speechless as he was plucked from the blanket… his sister’s curvy body standing up as she sat down on her bed.  The teen lay down, arching her back as she leaned on her elbow.  She flexed her abs and then placed Guy on her toned stomach as she peered down at him.  Guy watched as the teen took the can of whipped cream, shook it hard, and then squirted a teeny-tiny amount on her navel.

            She looked down at him, saying, “Little mister, your job is to taste the whipped cream wherever I put it on my body.  You’re too small to eat all of it…. so just get a taste of it, and see where I put it the next time.”

            Guy smiled as he ran over to the teen’s bellybutton and began to eat the whipped cream.  It tasted rich, and smooth, and delicious.  He heard his sister say playfully, “Up here, little man.”  He looked over, seeing his sibling begin to spray some cream on the nipple of her left breast.

            Guy started to run up the teen’s athletic belly, her stomach muscles still flexing.  As he went up her abdomen, he witnessed how her giant melons seemed to get bigger the closer he got.  Finally he approached the base of her left DD breast… its height and massive size making him feel extra small.  The inch-tall boy began to climb.   His erection rubbed along his sister’s smooth skin as he went up… but there was nothing he could do about that.  His dick was rock-hard and not disappearing anytime soon.

            His tiny body clung to his sister’s mammary as he pressed himself into her warm, soft flesh.  He continued up… and up… and up…20 feet up until finally the slope of ascension began to level off just enough that he could carefully stand and run up the rest of the way.  Holding his cock in his hand, he ran over to the teen’s nipple and fell onto his knees, beginning to lick the 2-foot-tall protuberance.

            After 30 seconds, the teen cooed, “Very good, little mister.  Now… can you get over here?”   Guy watched as she squirted the can of whipped cream onto her opposite nipple… her right nipple.

            Guy smiled at his sister’s mischievous mind.  “Twin peaks…” he said.  “I think I can handle two mountains.”  He started to climb down the side of her giant breast.  He was careful not to lose his footing.  The warmth of her breast, along with the physical exertion, Guy noticed he was starting to sweat.  As he reached the bottom of the girl’s boob, he wiped his brow with the back of his arm.  “Going up,” he said as he ran over and began to scale the teen’s right DD.

            He climbed his sister’s big breast… up… and up… and up.  He was out of breath as he finally neared the top.  He slowly walked to her nipple as he kneeled down, beginning to fondle her nipple as he licked the cream.  He couldn’t help himself as he thrusted his pelvis, rubbing his boner against the side of her nipple.  Immediately, sperm began gushing out in a thick stream.  Squirt after squirt he ejaculated.  “Ohhh,” he moaned, the pleasure so intense after such long foreplay.

            He shot out the last of his cum as he stood up.  Seeing his sister taking the can of whipped cream, she said, “How ‘bout one more, little mister?  I’ll make it worth your while.”  Guy watched as the teen turned the can over and squirted a tiny dollop on her chest between her boobs.

            Guy smiled, never having known how tiring yet exhilarating mountain climbing could be.  He ran to the edge of the teen’s breast and began to descend her luscious globe.  After some time, he finally reached the bottom of her breast, and he stepped down onto level ground.  He walked over to the glob of whipped cream, reaching down as he took some in his hand and put it in his mouth.  It tasted wonderful… even if his muscles were exhausted.

            He then heard his sister’s sexy, girlish voice.  “Looks like you walked into my trap, little man.”

            Guy’s head jerked left and right as he saw his sister’s giant boobs beginning to close in on him.  There was no time to escape and his sister’s big tits squeezed him… gently at first, just enough to capture him… her warm flesh coming up to his shoulders.  He heard the teen giggle, and then say, “Little mister, I thought you knew better not to linger between a girl’s boobs.  Especially really, really BIG boobs.  I think I’ll just… crush you between my tits.”

            Guy shouted, “Wait!  No!  Laurissa!  Laurissa, stop!”  His voice was silenced as the teen’s ample bust completely enveloped him… her booby flesh squeezing and squishing him hard.   She laughed to herself as she kept pressing her big boobs together…not relenting in the slightest… wanting to give her older brother the full experience.



I can’t breathe! Guy’s mind panicked.  I’m trapped between my sister’s giant boobs… and she’s crushing me super hard.

            The massive volume of the teen’s DD’s continued to smother the 1-inch boy… his sister’s hands eagerly pressing them together.  She laughed in amusement.  “Oh, yes,” she gloated.  “Yes, yes, yes…  This is how I love dominating you.”

            Guy’s body squished like a pancake, his lungs felt the urgent need for air.  After a minute had passed, his sister’s enormous boobs released him and he gasped... voraciously taking in the new oxygen.  He breathed loudly in an out… in and out.

            His sister picked him up, as she sat up on her bed.  Dangling him in front of her beautiful face, she grinned at him.  “Are my big boobs too much for you?”

            Guy shouted, “Laurissa, you don’t play fair!  I like boobplay, but you take it too far.  Way too far!”

            The teen snickered.  “Oh, come on little bro.  You still need to learn that I do what I want… when I want.  I’m the bad girl.”  She laughed again as she rotated her wrist left and right… her brother’s tiny legs swaying back and forth.  “You may pretend that you don’t like having your sister control you… but deep down, it’s what you really want.”

            Guy fought to free himself from his sister’s fingertips, his little arms swinging.  “I do not!” he shouted.  “I hate being controlled by you!”

            The teen giggled.  “Well…” she cooed, her voice instantly becoming super seductive.  “How about I give little brother a time-out on my nipple?”  As she kneeled on her bed, she brought Guy’s inch-body to her right nipple, his teeny-tiny hands pressing against the firm, 2-foot-long protuberance.  She began to loosen her grip, forcing her brother to grab hold of her nipple.

            Guy gasped as he hung on for dear life… his naked body dangling, his arms up over his head.  “Help!’ he screamed.  “Laurissa, help!  Help!”

            She smirked as she leaned forward slightly allowing her large breasts to hang so Guy was just barely holding on.  “Aww… what’s wrong, little Guy?  I thought you liked your big sister’s nipples.”

            Guy continued to cling precariously to the erect nipple… unable to pull himself up, his hands barely holding on.  “Laurissa!  Please!  I beg you!”

            The teen giggled as she gently bit her lower lip.  “Ohhh… you’re so adorable, Guy, when you’re utterly helpless.  It’s so much fun to dominate you with my big tits.”

            “Laurissa!” he shouted desperately.  “Help!  Help!”

            The teen took him onto her fingertip as she lowered him down onto her blanket.  Guy looked up at his sister’s towering body… wearing her blue jeans and nothing else.  All of sudden he watched the giant girl reach forward… her strong, slender arm grabbing her white pillow… plopping it down in front of her.  She picked up her brother and placed him about a foot in front of the pillow.

            Guy observed the titanic teen as she leaned forward resting her hands on either side of the pillow… her DD’s hanging down.  She smirked down at him.  “Do you like to watch, little bro?”

            The teen lowered her chest further so her giant, round melons came into contact with her pillowcase.  And then she moaned, “Unnnhhh,” as her big juicy tits began to press firmly into the pillow as she slid her body slowly to the left… and then back slowly to the right.

            Holy shit! Guy thought.  I can’t believe I’m watching this.  How can my “little” sister be this hot?  She’s too fucking hot.  I can’t handle it.

            Guy continued to gawk, his mouth open.  His giant sister’s torso undulating as she lowered her heavy tits… grinding her boob flesh into the pillow... letting her big boobs slide to the left… and then her body lifting as her boobs swung and she again lowered herself… pressing her mammaries hard onto the pillow as she slid them back to the right.. Back and forth… back and forth… she kept rubbing her big boobs onto her pillow… again and again… and again.

            Guy was then snatched up in his sister’s hand… and he suddenly found himself to be standing right on top of her white pillow.  He stared up… seeing the teen’s gigantic hanging tits swaying from side to side.  He heard her giggle.  “My little brother likes the bad girls, don’t you?  Bad girls are more fun.”

            And then Guy was knocked down by his sister’s enormous breast.  He felt the super heavy weight as his body was smashed into the pillow.  The weight of his sibling’s breast was unbearable, but to his surprise it suddenly lifted as she began to rub her boobs into the pillow the same way as she had presented to him before.  Her massive tits teased him as she grinded her hanging DD’s back and forth… back and forth.   Again and again… and again.

            Squished by the oppressive weight of his sister’s overly friendly big tits, Guy then blinked as the giant girl rose back up to a kneeling position.  He watched as his sister picked up the can of whipped cream off the bed.  She gave it a good, hard shake as her boobs jiggled.  And then she tilted the can and sprayed out a generous amount all over her big breasts… squirting for several seconds so she was covered in whipped topping.

            The teen gazed down at him as she giggled.  “I hope I’m not too much for you… little Guy.”  He then witnessed as his sister’s beautiful, elegant hands began to caress her towering, giantess-sized body.  Her hands kneaded her huge soft, perky boobs as she spread the whipped cream all around… and then down onto her fit and toned abdomen.  Her lean stomach muscles flexed as she smeared the white cream all over her abs.  Guy watched as the cream dripped down the contours of her belly onto her blue jeans.

            Guy felt he was going to faint from his eyes absorbing so much sexual stimulation all at once.  Then suddenly he found himself picked up…. his tiny naked body being rubbed along his sister’s midsection close to her navel.  She slid him over her smooth, whipped cream-covered skin… all over her lean stomach… and then up… up…up… to her large, heavy tits.  The teen used her brother’s body to spread the whipped cream… all over her giant globes.

            Guy then saw himself being rubbed along his sister’s areola and then up and over her firm nipple.  “Oh, shit,” Guy said, feeling overwhelming pleasure in his genitals.

            And then he realized he was being held loosely right in front of the teen’s gorgeous face.  She giggled, and said, “Looks like your boner likes bad girls, too.”

            He glanced down seeing his erection throbbing… appearing as though he was on the verge of climax.  He blushed… speechless.  And then his sister brought his whipped cream-coated body to her voluptuous lips…and her giant, pink tongue snaked out.  She licked him.  Not once… but over and over and over.  She licked and licked and licked — her long, mischievous tongue teasing him long after she had licked the last drop of cream from his tiny body.

            Guy then found himself in his sister’s palm as her long fingers closed around him.  He could tell that his sister was walking somewhere… as he sensed her heavy footfalls.  He heard his sister’s sweet voice as he was brought close to her mouth, “I’m going to take a shower, little bro.  And lucky little you… you get to watch.”

            About 10 seconds later, he saw himself being set down on the bathroom counter.  His eyes took in the view of his topless sister covered in whipped cream.  He observed as the teen unzipped her blue jeans, pulling them down her wide hips.  She lowered them further… exposing her perfect, muscular legs... and then she kicked her jeans to the side.  Guy watched, mesmerized as her large breasts jiggled as she then removed her panties… leaning forward as she stepped out of them.

            The teen grabbed her brother and stepped into the shower.  Guy heard the sound of water gushing as he realized exactly where he was… standing on the shelf along the shower wall.  He blinked his eyes in amazement as water flowed down his sibling’s DD breasts.

            He heard her girlish voice.  “I put you at breast-level, little bro.  Lucky for you the shelf is at the perfect height for you to view your sister’s big boobs.”

            Guy watched as the teen’s hands touched her giant orbs… slowly rubbing and caressing them as the whipped cream washed away.  His sister turned to the side as she let the steamy hot water run down her toned back.  She moaned as her brother watched on.  “Mmm… ahhhh…. oh, yes.... this feels so good.”

            The teen turned back toward her sibling.  “Looks like you still got a boner, Guy.  I don’t mind if you touch yourself while I wash my big… BIG boobs.”  She giggled as she picked up the plastic bottle of body wash… giving it a hard shake… and then squirted it directly onto her breasts.

            Oh, God, Guy thought.  This is too much.  This is too fucking much.  His hand went down to his crotch as he started stroking his hard dick.  He began to pump his shaft faster… and faster… his eyes glued to the salacious sight of wet boobs.  Body wash foamed up on the teen’s giant globes…. her fingertips massaging all around her breasts and then she caressed both of her nipples at the same time.

            The teen spoke down to him, “You love being at the level of my breasts, don’t you, little bro?  Yes… you are at breast-level.  And you love that I am your big sister.  Isn’t that right?  You love how BIG I am… how BIG my boobs are.”

            Guy stared as his sibling grasped the sides of her soapy tits and began to press them together… letting her boobs squeeze as she slid her hands forward — only to repeat the process as she squished her large, wet and soapy tits together again and again…. and again and again.

            Guy’s eyes rolled back in his head, as he felt himself ejaculating.  He pumped his cock faster and faster.  “Oh, God…” he breathed.  “Oh, God, yes…”  You are so perfect, Laurissa.  How can you be so perfect?  You are my sister… but you look like a goddess.  Your boobs are so perfect.  Sperm exploded out of his cock… shot after shot of cum was violently released from his balls.  He squirted and squirted.  “Oh, God!” he exclaimed.  “Oh, fucking God… yes… yes…

            Guy continued to stare, shooting the last pleasurable drops from his boner… his sister shaking her boobs up and down in front of him.  She continued to jiggle her big boobs as she started to squeeze them together again.  Guy finally collapsed on the little shelf… breathing hard as he smiled watching the teen still playing with her giant tits.

            His sister then turned as she shut off the water.  She giggled as she quickly spun back around, her breasts wobbling.  “Well!  That was fun to get my boobs all nice and wet.  And you seemed to enjoy masturbating to my big tits, didn’t you?  Mm-hmm.”  She picked him up and set him on top of her left boob... above her nipple.

            Guy pressed himself firmly onto the teen’s giant breast, careful that he wouldn’t fall.  His titanic sister stepped out of the shower, taking a large bath towel that was along the wall.  She patted herself dry and then wrapped the towel around her torso… covering her little brother so he was snug between her big boob and the towel.

            She giggled as she walked out of the bathroom.  She went down the hall to her bedroom.  And then taking her brother from her breast, she bent down and opened the bottom drawer of her dresser.

            Guy suddenly found himself in the place where it all began — his sister’s panty drawer.  The inch-tall boy breathed in the fresh scent of laundry detergent… his eyes staring up at the giant stacks of his sister’s panties all around him.

            And then the teen spoke down to him as he looked up at her.  “Since we’re not doing the 1-hour limit… you’ll get to spend a long time with my panties.”

            Guy shouted upward, “Laurissa, I’ll do whatever you want!  You can’t leave me in here!”

            The teen smirked down at him.  “Yes, you will do what I want, little bro.  My panties will keep you company… giving you a hint at what’s to come.”  She then shoved the drawer shut.

End Notes:

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The next part — episode 10 — is the last episode… a sort of season finale.  It marks the end of what I’m calling “Season One”.  The good thing is that I’ve already finished writing it.  Please leave a comment if you enjoyed the episode you just read.  I’ll post episode 10 when people have had a chance to read episode 9.

Episode 10 Chapters 1-3 ... 8-29-18 by Tiny Jedi

I’ve included all 3 chapters of episode 10.  I hope you enjoy it.

- - - - -



It had been a couple days since Guy was last shrunk by his 16-year-old sister.  As he stood in his bedroom, the bright, early-morning sun shining through his window, he recalled his time spent as a prisoner in his sister’s panty drawer.  She did finally let him out, hours later, before their mother returned home.  But the message his sister had sent was loud and clear… she was determined to have sex with him when he was tiny-size.

            Guy breathed out anxiously, putting on a new T-shirt.  Well, he thought.  I guess I’ll head downstairs and say hi to Mom.  She probably hasn’t left for work yet.

            He walked out of his room and down the hallway to the staircase.  He proceeded down to the first floor of the house.  He spotted his mother, Carol, standing in the kitchen.  She was a kind and lovely woman who was also on the plump side… and Guy felt no sexual attraction to his mother.  And he was glad, for it was one less thing to worry about.

            As Guy walked through the living room on his way to the kitchen, he noticed his beautiful sister sitting on the sofa.  She was looking down at the phone in her hand.  She was wearing very short white shorts and a black tank top.

            Wow, Guy thought.  Laurissa has perfect legs.  They are so shapely… muscular and feminine.  Guy began to feel a tingling sensation in his body.  Whoa, I better stop looking at my sister’s legs before I start shrinking.

            He walked into the kitchen as his mother greeted him while she was busy putting some papers together.  “Hello, Guy.  You’re here just in time.  You caught me just before I leave for work.”

            “Hey, Mom,” Guy said, sitting down at the kitchen table.  He poured himself a bowl of Cheerios and started to add the milk.  “I thought since I was awake so early in the morning, I’d see you before you go.”

            “Oh, I appreciate that, honey.  You’re very sweet.”

            Guy noticed his curvy sister walk into the kitchen.  She moved behind him as she began to caress his shoulders.  “Yes, Mom… my big brother is very sweet.”  The teen kissed him on the cheek and then giggled as she sat down in the opposite chair at the table.

            Guy’s face grimaced.  “Whatever, Laurie.  I just want to eat my Cheerios in peace.”  He took another spoonful and began to chew.

            “Are you two getting along all right while I’m away at work?”

            “Yes, Mom,” his sister answered.  “Everything is fine.”

            “That’s good to hear,” their mother replied.  She turned toward her son.  “Guy, I am so impressed at how you’ve handled yourself these past weeks around your little sister.  She is quite attractive… and I don’t think you’ve shrunk once.”

            Guy opened his mouth about to say something, when his sister beat him to it.  “Yes, Mom… Guy continues to be the perfect gentleman.  He doesn’t stare at my butt or my breasts…”  She looked at her brother, speaking quietly, “Or my legs… like this morning.”

            Guy’s eyes suddenly widened as he began to blush, the spoon of Cheerios still in his mouth.  Their mother gathered her work supplies together as she said, “Well, I’m heading out the door.”  She stepped over to her son, patting him on the back.  “Good thing you don’t shrink around your sister.  She might put you in a shoebox and keep you as a pet.  I’m only kidding, Guy.”

            “Yeah, we know you’re only kidding,” his sister said, and giggled.  She then looked into her brother’s eyes.  “I’d have to stop calling him ‘big brother’ and start calling him ‘little brother.’  But that would be so inappropriate on so many levels.”  She giggled again.

            The 19-year-old boy turned as his mother walked toward the front door.  His mother said, “I won’t be back until late this evening… as usual.”

            “Bye, Mom,” his sister called out.

            The front door closed, and Guy resumed eating his cereal.  He could see his pretty sibling in his periphery… the house now completely silent.  He listened to the sound of his teeth munching the Cheerios.  A full minute had passed, when his sister abruptly said, “I think today is a good day for us to have sex.”

            Guy dropped his spoon as it made a loud ‘clang’ sound in his bowl.  He nervously attempted to pick up the milk-covered utensil, but it suddenly seemed unwieldy and difficult to control.  He heard his sister’s girlish voice again.  “Yes, I’ve made up my mind.  I want you inside me today.  I’ll shrink you… and then we’ll do it.”

            He glanced over and gazed upon the incredible beauty of his sibling’s face.  She had a smirk on her full lips.  Guy looked away as he anxiously took another bite of his Cheerios.  He said defiantly, “Laurie, I am going to finish eating my cereal.  And then I’m going to my room and spend time reading my video game magazine.  You can’t shrink me today.”

            “Sounds like you have your day all planned out, big brother.  Is your video game magazine as interesting as this?”  Guy saw his sister lean back in her chair as she scooted her butt forward.  She then lifted her shapely legs as she put her lovely bare feet onto the table.  Guy watched as the teen began to caress her strong and sculpted calf muscles.  He heard her giggle, saying, “You love your sister’s sexy legs, don’t you, Guy?  And you love how me playing soccer makes my legs so powerful… so strong… so curvy.  Mmm… so curvy.”

            The tingling shot through Guy’s body like lightning as he shrunk down more than a foot.  “Damn it, Laurie,” he breathed out.  He stood up and immediately marched toward the stairs.

            He heard the teen’s girlish voice, “What’s wrong, Guy?  Is your little sister too hot for you to handle?”

            Guy turned, stopping at the foot of the stairs.  “I’m not attracted to you at all, Laurie,” he lied.  “I think you’re ugly and, umm… and I think you’re not sexy at all!”  Damn it, he thought.  Why did I have to say that?  Stupid… I’m so stupid.  He then saw his sister starting to stand up, her furious eyes glaring at him.  “Oh, I am so going to shrink you down now!”

            Guy’s heart skipped a beat as he sprinted up the stairs.  He stumbled at the top step, frantically getting up as he then ran as fast as he could down the hall.  Reaching his bedroom doorway, he glanced over and saw his sister coming up the stairs.  Their eyes locked for a moment, and Guy darted into his room.

            It was like time then slowed as Guy tried to figure out what to do.  He reached for his bottle of blue medicine, and then paused, thinking, If I re-enlarge myself, Laurissa will just shrink me down again.  She just has to take her top off, and my height will plummet.  No… I need to trick her.  I need to make it so she can’t find me.  And later, I could have Mom re-enlarge me like she did years ago when I first got the disease.

            Knowing his sister was to enter his bedroom at any second, he shut his eyes and imagined his sister’s DD boobs…. so big… so bouncy… so beautiful.  Guy’s size suddenly diminished down… down… down.  He shrunk to a mere 1 inch tall.  The naked boy climbed out of his clothing quicker than he had ever done.  He sprinted across the carpeting, soon arriving at the 15-foot-tall baseboard along the wall, just inches from the doorway.

            Just then his sister’s giant bare foot came through the entrance as she stepped into her brother’s room.  BOOM!   BOOM!  BOOM!  “Guy, you better not have taken your medicine!  I am so angry!”

            Guy stared upward from behind his giantess-sized sibling.  The teen’s shapely legs went up… up… up… rising up to her womanly hips.  Her total height rose into the sky at an ominous 400 feet tall.  Guy didn’t blink as he sprinted from the baseboard of his room out into the hallway.  He felt the wind against his bare skin as he ran at his top speed down the hall.  Oh shit!  Oh shit! his mind raced.  What have I fucking done?  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  No, it’s still the best plan.  I just have to hide long enough until Mom gets back from work… 9 to 10 hours from now.

            As Guy sprinted across the carpet of the hallway, he could hear his sister’s girlish but slightly deeper voice.  “Guy...  Oh, Guy…?  Where are you hiding?  I saw you go into your room.”  Guy heard an extra loud ‘BOOM’ sound, and he figured that his sister must have stomped the ground in a fit of rage.  “Ohhh… okay, I see,” she said.  “You didn’t use your medicine to make yourself big again, did you?  No.  You did the opposite.  You stupidly shrunk yourself to an inch thinking you could escape me… your BIG sister.”

            Guy finally approached the entrance to the bathroom as he ran over.  He noticed the opening along the door where the hinges attach to the frame.  He slipped through the 4-foot-wide crack easily, hiding himself behind the door.  He peeked out, when all of a sudden, he felt the ground quake from his sister’s enormous footfalls… watching her heavy, giantess-sized feet as she walked past the bathroom door, continuing down the hall.  He heard the teen laugh, saying, “You want me to hunt you down?  Fine.  But I’m going to take off some of my clothes to make it more fun.”

            Guy listened to his loud breathing… in and out… in and out…. his heartbeat still running a mile a minute.  What is Laurissa doing?  he thought.  I saw her go down the hall.  Maybe she went into her room.  I don’t know.  But she said something about taking her clothes off.

            Guy remained frozen behind the skyscraper-sized bathroom door… waiting… waiting… waiting.  He could feel his forehead and his palms sweating profusely.  He wiped his brow with the back of his hand.  “Damn it,” he said to himself.  “How long has it been?  Can I hide here forever?  It must have been at least 2 or 3 minutes.”

            The inch-tall boy slowly crept out of his hiding place and tiptoed over to get a better look down the hall.  Guy gasped, his skeleton just about jumping out of his body as he witnessed his 400-foot sibling coming out of her room.  His eyes bugged out seeing that the teen had removed her shorts and top.  In fact, she was only wearing a pair of skimpy pink panties.  Nothing else.  No bra… nothing.  The teen’s perfect hourglass figure was on full display… her curvaceous hips… petite waist… and ample bosom.  Guy could see his sister’s bare breasts jiggling with her every giantess-sized step.

            Guy darted back into the bathroom… sprinting over to the crack along the door.  He slid into his hiding place as he carefully poked his tiny head out.  The ground beneath him began to tremble as he watched his sister’s bare feet as she stepped past the bathroom door.  BOOM! …  BOOM!!! … BOOM! … BOOM … Boom… Boom…

            “She must be going back to my room,” Guy whispered to himself.  “It makes sense that she thinks I’m probably still in there, since she saw me go in.  Now when she comes out of my room — thinking I’m no longer in there — that’s when I need to sneak back in.  I’m sure she won’t search the same place twice, right?”

            Feeling confident in his plan, Guy snuck over to the doorway, hugging the bathroom wall with his 1-inch frame.  He breathed out.  Wait a second, he thought.  Maybe I shouldn’t go back to my room.  Isn’t it obvious that I would go into my bedroom since it’s “my room”.  No, no, I can’t start second-guessing myself.  My sister said she’s going to fuck me for God’s sake.  There’s no room for error!  Damn it, Guy!  You can’t make any mistakes!

            And then all of a sudden Guy saw his titanic, scantily clad sibling step out of his room.  BOOM … BOOM … BOOM.  He heard her say, “Hmm… I guess little Guy isn’t in his room.”  She then spoke loudly, “When I find you, little bro… you are soooo going to get it.  You’re only making your Big Sis angrier… and angrier… with every second that passes and you’re still hiding from me.  You know you can’t hide forever.”

            Guy’s tiny head poking around the corner, he watched the towering teen as she began to walk away from his position.  “She’s going to look in Mom’s room,” Guy whispered.  “Now’s my chance.”  Guy started to sprint toward his own bedroom as he stared up in awe at his sister’s ass, seeing how her pink panties clung to her round, muscular butt cheeks.  Her panties weren’t technically a thong, but they were pretty close on the “barely there” scale.

            Seeing his giant sister disappear into his mother’s room, Guy suddenly slammed on the brakes.  No!  I can’t go into my room, his mind panicked.  Laurissa will find me!  I have to go hide in Laurissa’s room.  She’ll never think I made it all the way there.  There’s time — she just started looking in Mom’s room.

            Guy began sprinting in the opposite direction… his tiny body running as fast as humanly possible.  The hallway seemed impossibly large… almost a football field’s distance just in the width of the hall.  The amount of carpet Guy had to traverse to get to his sister’s room soon seemed more of a challenge than he had first imagined.  After a minute of sprinting, he suddenly slowed down… coming to a complete stop.  “Damn it,” he complained, sensing a cramp as he held the side of his stomach.  “I’m about halfway there.  Come on, you can do this.”  He started running again… his body lurching forward, fighting through the pain.

            Without warning, Guy heard his sibling’s feminine voice as she spoke in a loud and confident tone.  “There you are...”  Guy jerked his head around as he saw the Godzilla-sized beauty far off in the distance, standing in the hall just outside their mother’s room.  He heard the teen laugh in a sexy, throaty, almost sadistic way.  And as his sister began to march toward him, Guy all of a sudden felt a surge of adrenaline as he turned back around — running for his life.



The wind against his naked body, the 1-inch Guy was in an all-out sprint down the hall — his larger-than-life sister fast approaching.  He felt a strange pain in his stomach caused by anxiety… a sort of desperate panic mixed with sexual arousal.  As he flew across the carpeting, his eyes glanced upward to the skyscraper-sized door of his sister’s bedroom.  I don’t know if I can make it there! his thoughts rushed.  I need to hide!

            He heard the teen’s loud laughter…. then her sexy voice saying, “Oh, yes… look at little, tiny brother running from me.  I’m coming to get you, little bro!  Your Big Bad Sister is going to get you.”

            No! he panicked.  No, no, it’s too far to run!   He heard his sister’s enormous footfalls coming up from behind him… much louder than before — and he knew she was purposely stomping her feet.  BOOM! … BOOM!! … BOOM!! … BOOM!!

            Guy’s arms and legs kept pumping as he sprinted…. and then suddenly the ground was shaken violently as his sister’s bare foot slammed down beside him.  BOOM!!!!!  The 19-year-old boy fell down hard as he hit the carpet.  He watched his arms and legs flail as he rolled end over end.  And then… finally… his body came to a stop.  He craned his neck as he stared up at the 400-foot-tall sister.  The teen’s buxom, athletic body was showing a lot of skin… her bare DD breasts jutting out… a pair of pink panties her only item of clothing.

            Guy’s tiny frame trembled uncontrollably as he watched his sister place her hands on her wide, womanly hips… her gorgeous face glaring down at him.  He watched as the teen’s lips curled into a smug, satisfied smirk… listening to her deep, throaty laughter.

            He desperately started to scoot his butt backward, his eyes transfixed as he stared upward.  He knew the possibility of escape had ended the moment his sister noticed him from across the hallway — but out of an instinctual sense of survival his body kept moving ever so slowly backward.  His tiny body quivering, he screamed, “Laurissa! … Laurissa, please!”

            He heard the teen’s sultry voice.  “Did you really think by shrinking yourself, you could escape me?”  She laughed, and said, “Once again, Guy, you are smaller than small.  Naughty little brother so helpless… down at Big Sister’s feet.”

            All of a sudden Guy saw his sibling’s 50-foot-long foot lift as it came quickly down at him.  He was knocked hard to the ground… the teen’s big right toe coming to rest on top of his 1-inch frame… just his tiny head poking out in front.  “I can’t… breathe,” he struggled to say.  “I-I-I can’t….”

            “Oooooh,” she cooed.  “Your voice is too small, little Guy.  All I hear are tiny, little squeaks under my toe.”  She giggled… smiling down at him.  After 30 seconds, she finally said, “What’s that?  You want to tell your big sister something?”

            Guy felt the oppressive weight lift, as he gasped, breathing in deeply.  Without warning, he was plucked from the floor, Guy feeling his head spinning as his vision blurred.   A moment later, he blinked his eyes seeing that he was hundreds of feet up… dangling in front of his sister’s incredibly beautiful, model-like face.  He heard her giggle again.  “I never get tired of holding you like this in front of my face… seeing your tiny legs sway back and forth.”

            He could only stare in awe at his sibling’s natural beauty.  The 16-year-old’s face seemed to glow with radiant, youthful splendor — her facial features so feminine and refined, while at the same time giving an aura of eroticism… of animal lust.  His sister was the type of girl whose countenance literally took the breath away from boys and men alike.

            The teen continued to eye her little prize, when suddenly she gasped.  “You have got to be kidding me!  Are you getting a boner right now… from me holding you in front of my face?   I was just chasing you a moment ago.”

            Guy looked down, and indeed he now had a full erection.  He felt his face become extremely warm, and he was certain he was blushing bright red.  He opened his mouth, trying to speak, “Uhhhh… uhh… umm...”

            The teen giggled, dangling him from side to side in front of her blue eyes.  “So, little brother… does that mean you were lying before when you said you weren’t attracted to me?”

            “Yes!  I was lying!” Guy said emphatically.  “I’m stupid, Laurissa.  You’re not ugly at all.   I think you’re sexy and super hot, okay?”

            The teen whispered, “I know.  You already told me your true feelings weeks ago.”  His sister placed him into her palm as her long fingers closed around him.  She sauntered into her bedroom… sitting down at her white desk, placing her brother on the desk’s surface.

            Guy stood there, his eyes in awe as the teen cupped the bottom of her huge, perky breasts, gently lifting them up and down.  “You love my hot body… you need my hot body.”  Guy then watched as she leaned forward… her heavy mounds coming to rest on top of her desk directly in front of her miniature brother.

            Guy gasped as he was taken between his sibling’s fingertips.  He then felt as his body was lifted… and he was slid all around his sister’s soft and smooth globe… her left breast and then over to her right.  And then Guy watched as he was moved along the teen’s firm 2-foot-long nipple so that his boner was bumping up against it.  Guy exhaled with pleasure, “Oh, wow… Oh, fucking wow…”  He began to involuntarily orgasm as cum suddenly exploded out of his dick.

            He squirted a couple times more when he found himself being set back down on the desk, his sister saying, “I don’t want you too satisfied, little bro.  I still want you inside of me.”  Guy watched as his sister’s titanic body stood up… her skimpy, pastel-pink underwear rising in front of him, looking amazing on her womanly hips.  From this close distance, his eyes noticed that her cotton panties had little red teddy bears… and along the waistband, there was a tiny satin pink bow — only half an inch wide, but still half of Guy’s height.

            Guy suddenly panicked, turning as he ran away… across his sibling’s desk.  He didn’t get very far — the teen’s giant, feminine hand coming down blocking his retreat.  He crashed into her hand, falling down as he felt himself being picked up.  “No!” he shouted.  “No, Laurissa, you can’t have sex with me!”

            His sister held him before her pretty face.  “Little bro, we’ll start with my panties on, okay?”  She giggled as she stepped across the room and climbed onto her bed.  She sat her butt very far back so she had plenty of room, setting her brother down on her pink blanket in front of her.

            Guy’s eyes widened as he watched the teen spread her giant legs wide open.  He was snatched from the blanket and he saw himself being brought over to his sister’s right thigh.  He felt her smooth, warm skin as he was slid up and down her muscular thigh muscles.... down along her powerful, shapely calf… and then back up her knee.  She slid him down her massive quadriceps muscle… and finally over to her pelvis.

            Guy then became aware that he was set down on his sister’s blanket, right in front of her panties.  His miniature body was dwarfed by his sibling’s colossal pelvic region.  He was standing only an inch away from her underwear— from his perspective, less than a couple meters.

            He breathed in and out nervously… his eyes taking in the view.  He looked up at her panties and saw the outline of her giant vaginal lips… the cotton fabric appearing to have become significantly wetter than just a moment ago.  He heard the teen’s girlish voice.  “Don’t be afraid, little bro.”

            Guy looked way, way, way up, seeing his sister smirking down at him.  His voice cracked as he shouted, “Laurissa… you’re my sister!”

            She giggled again.  “And you’re my brother.  Don’t worry, little Guy — it’s not like you’re doing anything wrong.  I want you to touch me.”

            His lungs breathed in his sister’s pheromones as he took a step forward.  He hesitated… and then he reached out with his hand.  He felt the moistness of her pink panties.  He rotated his hand as his eyes studied the glistening liquid on his fingers.

            “Having fun down there… little man?”  Guy swallowed hard, and began to climb the teen’s panties — the childhood memory of climbing the rock wall at the local community center popping into his head.  His tiny hands gripped the damp cotton panties as his body went up.  He could clearly see the contours of her lips as he scaled his sister’s vulva.  He had climbed to about 15 feet up, and he glanced down, pausing…. unsure about what he was doing, his brain in conflict with his actions.

            Guy’s head turned back upward as he suddenly noticed his sister’s hands moving along her wide hips… her thumbs slipping underneath the straps of her panties.  He stared, seeing the teen begin to teasingly pull down and stretch her underwear…her hands alternating as they moved in a circular motion.  He heard her giggle, saying, “I think it’s time we take this to the next level.”

            His eyes wide with panic, he shouted, “No!  Laurissa, what are you doing?”

            She giggled again, still pushing and pulling on her underwear.  “Ohhh…” she moaned.  “Doesn’t little brother want me to take off my panties?  But I really, really… really want to.”

            Guy panicked as he hastily started to climb downward.  He shouted as he descended, “Stop!  Laurissa, don’t —”

            Before he was halfway down, the sheet of pink cotton beneath him began to loosen and fold… and he watched himself being lowered downward.  His sister slid her panties down her curvy hips and onto her muscular thighs.  Guy then found himself picked up between the teen’s giant fingertips… noticing that she had slid her body to the edge of her bed.

            The teen slid her undies down her shapely calves… removing them as she tossed the moist lingerie to the floor.  She stood up and walked across her room, setting her 1-inch sibling down on her shelf next to a giant stack of books.

            Guy’s heart was beating super fast… his mouth open as his eyes anxiously observed the colossal teenager.  She was totally nude as she stepped happily over to her desk… reaching down and picking up a long piece of white string.  She sauntered back to her bed, glancing over at her bookshelf, saying, “I’ve been obsessing about this all week.  And now it’s finally going to happen.”

            He watched his sister’s athletic, curvy body as she climbed onto her bed… her big tits swaying back and forth, jiggling up and down.  Rising to a standing position, she reached above her head to a hook that had been screwed into the ceiling.  Removing the small decorative glass unicorn from the hook, she replaced it with the end of the string.  Securing it to the hook, the rest of the string fell downward, stopping just inches from the bed’s surface.

            Guy continued staring up at the teen’s towering figure as she stepped off her bed… and then moved toward him.  He instinctively put his hands up defensively as she grabbed him from the shelf.  The next thing he knew, his sister was moving him about in her long, giant fingers, the end of the string being tied tightly around his 1-inch frame like a tiny harness.  And then his body was released, only to be suspended above the pink bedspread, the front of his body facing downward.  Guy was 6 or 7 inches above the bed, but from his perspective it appeared he was 40 feet up — the view from the top of a 4-story building looking down.

            His sister’s knee pressed down onto her bed, as she bit her lower lip.  “Ready or not, little bro… here I come.”



Guy pulled desperately at the harness-like white string around his torso.  It was just a normal string, but to his tiny hands, it felt like an overwhelmingly thick rope.  And it was tied tighter than it needed to be, though his arms and legs were free to flail about as he struggled… his brain in all-out panic mode.

            He heard his sister giggle with girlish delight as her voluptuous 400-foot-long totally naked body began to position herself on top of her pink bedspread… her full-figured hips bumping up against her 1-inch brother, causing him to swing back and forth, as she began to slide her pelvis underneath him.  Guy was jerking his head to the left and right, his eyes witnessing his sister’s giant legs opening wide… her muscular, soccer-sculpted thighs looking unbelievably massive and powerful.

            Guy’s frantic eyes looked back down as he gasped, seeing his sister’s gorgeous vulva being positioned directly below him — only an inch away.  The teen was clean-shaven, silky smooth… her giant labia about 15 feet long.  He shouted at the top of his lungs, “No!  Laurissa, you can’t!  No!!!”

            He heard the teen’s throaty laughter.  Her girlish voice then said, “Ooooh… what’s wrong, little bro?  Afraid your big sister’s pussy is going to eat you?”

            Guy’s body facing downward, he had to lift his head as far as he could to see his sister’s pretty face.  He looked into her blue eyes, seeing that she was looking back at him.  Her left eyebrow raised and then she smirked.  He shouted, “Let me go, Laurissa!  You can’t do this!”

            “What?” she cooed.  “I can’t do this...?”  All of a sudden, Guy felt his whole body pressing into the teen’s vaginal lips as she lifted her pelvis off the bed.  The teen’s skin was smooth and soft… the heat from her lips instantly warming his miniature body.  Guy pushed as hard as he could with this hands and bare feet, trying to create at least some separation.  But the more he struggled, the more it seemed like he was in quicksand… his sibling just toying with him as she raised and lowered her pelvis so that her brother would spend the maximum amount of time fighting her.

            Guy was thrashing about, his itty-bitty hands and feet constantly in contact with the teen’s giant labia.  He heard his sister laugh in an incredibly smug and satiated way.  “Looks like you’re having a little problem there, Guy.”  She kept teasing him with her pussy, her pelvis adjusting to her brother’s pathetic attempts at escape.  The teen swiveled her hips slightly left and right, causing her brother’s feet to begin slipping down between her feminine folds.

            The 19-year-old boy gasped, realizing that he was now knee-deep within the teen’s hungry lips.  To the diminutive Guy, his sister’s beautiful pussy was like a giant, greedy monster.  It symbolized what he feared and hated the most — being dominated and at the mercy of his younger sister to the point that she was all-powerful.  As he fought to stay outside his sister’s womanhood, he sensed that this was all too easy for her… so effortless.  He had become his sister’s toy, quite literally… and a sex toy at that.

            His body snared by his sibling’s trap… he heard her say, “Mom keeps telling us we need more quality family time, Guy.”  She giggled.  “Yes, I think this counts as ‘quality family time,’ don’t you?”  She began to moan, “Mmm… unhhhh…  My big brother looks so helpless in my pussy.  After all these weeks, I’m still astonished that you shrink to 1 inch tall.  Unnaahhhh…  Guy, you’re making me so wet.”

            His sister moved her pelvis slightly further down the bed so that her brother’s teeny-tiny hands came into direct contact with her swollen clitoris for the first time.  The teen’s hips bucked as she threw her head back, moaning loudly, “OhhhhOhh, fuck yes!  Yes, yes, yes!”  She looked back down her naked body, eager to realign her brother with her most sensitive spot.  She smiled seeing that her brother still had plenty of fight left in him, and then she gasped as his feather-like fingers reluctantly made contact with her clit again and again… and again and again.  She eyed him… adjusting her hips for optimum stimulation.  “Unnahhh,” she breathed.   “Mmm… unhhh… unaahhhhh… unaahhhhh…”

            Guy pushed hard against the teen’s clit, unable to free himself from the seemingly endless battle — their sibling rivalry never having been quite like this.  The bottom half of his body coated with his sister’s vaginal fluids, his fear finally turned to anger, and he shouted, “Stop it, Laurissa!  Stop doing this to me!  I’m not your sex toy!”

            He heard the giant teen burst into laughter.  “Oh, that’s so cute of you to say, little bro.  Because that’s exactly what you are.”  His sister breathed in and out… in and out… finally reaching down, taking her brother into her left palm.  She sat up as she lifted him to her beautiful face.

            Guy felt so angry, his tiny fists clenched, but seeing the extraordinary beauty of his sister’s countenance, he was immediately disarmed.  There was something magical and powerful about the alluring contours and perfect shape of his sibling’s face.  He heard the girl’s naturally seductive voice.  “That was so much fun.”  She giggled, adding, “Looks like your cock had fun, too.”

            He looked down and gasped seeing that he had a raging hard-on, hearing his sister giggle again.  How can this be? he thought.  My sister dominates me and I hate it, and then I get a boner.  This can’t be happening!

            He shouted up at his sibling’s 50-foot-tall face, “You can’t use me like you … you… own me or something.  I’m not your property, Laurissa!”

            She giggled.  “Well… it’s easy to mistake you as my property when you’re so adorably small.  So very, very small.”  She smirked down at him.  “I have another game I want to play with little you.”

            “No!” Guy shouted, throwing up his tiny arms.  “No!  No!  No!”

            “Aww…” she cooed.  “You’ll love it.  Well… I know I’ll love it.”

            Guy paused for a moment, suddenly blurting out, “I bet it has to do with your… your…”

            “Yes, little bro, you will be touching my pussy.  Just think about it.”

            His sister began to untie the string from her brother’s 1-inch body.  Then she set him down on the bed as she stood up to her full 400-foot height.  Her nude body sauntered across her bedroom to her closet.  Guy stared at his sister’s womanly hips… which rose up to her small waist.  Whoa, he thought.  Look at that amazing butt.  Damn it… Why does my sister have to look like that?  She’s too hot.

            The 16-year-old leaned forward slightly as her butt stuck out, appearing to be searching for something in her closet.  She slowly stood back up… her head turning to the side as she glanced back.  “Enjoying the view, little bro?”  Guy saw as she gave her perfect ass a slap with her right hand.

            The teen picked up a small cardboard box.  She spun back around… her big boobs bouncing all around as she energetically stepped back to her bed.  She plopped her gigantic body down while simultaneously snatching up her brother in her hand.

            Guy blinked, trying to reorient himself.  He then stared at the box his sister was holding.  It looked to be about 6 inches long and 4 inches wide, and the two ends had been cut out so that it formed a hollow structure like a tunnel.  He watched her set the box down onto her blanket, as she said, “Let’s play a little role-play game, okay?  Your job is to go down the hallway, which is this cardboard box, and then answer the door, which is my pussy.  It’s pretty simple, but it’s really important that you answer the door when you hear the knock.”

            Standing in his sister’s palm, Guy crossed his arms defiantly.  “I’m not playing anymore of your games.”  All of a sudden, Guy sensed his genitals being touched and he looked down seeing that his boner was resting on his sister’s long fingernail.  He watched as she teasingly lifted his cock up and down.  He heard her giggle, saying, “Come on, little Guy… it’ll be fun.”

            Guy backed away, pushing against the giant fingernail.  “Whatever,” he said.  He paused for a few seconds, and then looked up.  “I’ll only do it if you promise you won’t put me inside you.”

            His sister pursed her lips cutely, thinking.  “Well… we’ll see.”

            The next thing Guy knew he was being set down on the bed near the box’s opening.  The box was pointing directly toward his sister’s crotch, pressing up against her skin… her legs spread open.  “Now when you hear the ‘knock’ sound,” she began, “you need to run right away down the hall.  And you have to find the doorknob… which is my clit… in order to answer the door.”

            Guy looked down, touching the back of his head as he blushed.  “I don’t know…”  He looked back up.  “You guarantee me that you won’t put me inside you?”

            His sister ignored his question as she said, “Now, Guy it’s super important you answer the door — because it’s your job.  You’re a doorman at a hotel or something, and it’s the best job you’ve ever had and you definitely don’t want to get fired.”  His sister then knocked her knuckles on the top of the cardboard box.  She pretended to act as she gasped.  “Oh!  Did you hear that?  There’s someone at the door.  Quick!  Go and answer it!”

            Guy reluctantly began to walk into the box.  He heard his sister say, “Hurry!  Hurry!  You don’t want to be late answering the door.”

            Guy started to jog as he went through the darkened passageway.  His eyes beginning to adjust to the lack of light, he noticed the walls were about 25 feet wide… and the ceiling was just as high.  He smelled the familiar scent of cardboard as he ran… and after about 10 seconds, he could just barely make out the outline of his sister’s giant labia.  He reached out and touched her skin, immediately hearing his sister gasp.  He heard her say, “Very good.  Now climb up and find the doorknob.  Hurry!  You don’t have much time.  You don’t want to lose your job.”

            In the twilight, Guy pressed his naked body into his sister’s feminine wall... his tiny legs and arms climbing upward.   What am I doing? he thought.  I can’t believe I’m doing this.  But at least Laurissa won’t put me inside her.  At least I think she might have agreed to that.

            Guy climbed… hand over hand… hearing his sibling’s feminine voice.  “Good.  A little farther… you’re almost there.”  When he reached a height of about 15 feet, he heard her say, “Stop right there.  You’re doing awesome.  Now feel around so you can find the doorknob.”

            He began to search everywhere with his fingers as he clung to her pussy.  Without warning, he heard his sister begin to moan.  “AhhhhOhh…  Oh, yes… keep doing that.  You have to keep touching the doorknob.  It’s your important job, little Guy.  Doormen are very important… how else would… ahhhh… people be let into buildings?”

            Guy rubbed his itty-bitty fingers all over her clit for about 30 seconds, when all of a sudden everything became bright as he noticed the box was pulled away.  His sister’s giant fingertips lifted him up to her 50-foot-tall pretty face.  The teen’s voice sounding seductive and confident, she spoke as someone who had absolutely no doubt about what she wanted… about what she deserved.  “Your Goddess is pleased with you, little man.  And now you will taste my sweetness inside my pussy.”

            Guy watched himself being lowered down his sister’s body… until he was dangling right in front of the teen’s twat.  He gasped as his sister’s other hand reached down spreading her lips wide open with a pair of fingers… his little eyes getting a good long look at the teen’s pink inside  He could see her juices dripping out of her wet cunt… drizzling down her skin.

            His eyes wide with shock, he finally screamed, “Nooo!!!!!”  He heard his sister laughing… and while it disturbed him greatly, he also found it strangely arousing… his mind lost in a jumble of incest and domination.  His “little” sister had become more than he ever thought possible.  She was a teenage goddess who controlled him to the point of no return.

            Guy suddenly saw himself being inserted into his sister.  His screams were muffled as he took in a mouthful of vaginal lubricants.  He fought desperately, his whole body struggling as he felt himself being repeatedly squeezed on all sides.  He felt his sister’s giant fingertips pressing hard against him, and he knew she was plunging him in and out of her vagina… over and over … over and over again.   He could only breathe but for the briefest moment as the darkness shifted to light… and then immediately returned to pitch blackness.

            He felt his skin drenched in his sister’s juices as she rammed him in and out of her cunt… and for a moment, for a reason he did not fully understand, his mind recalled his childhood visit to the water park for a school fieldtrip.  His body smothered in the teen’s natural lubrication, it was almost as if he was reliving the ride on the waterslide ending with the plunge into the pool as his head would go completely under.  His thoughts then rudely returned to the reality that was happening to him… but his miniature body had stopped fighting, resigning itself to the fact he was only an inch tall… and he never in a million years could defeat his sister who was the size of a skyscraper.

            He was shoved in and out, over and over along the entrance to her vagina.  And then as he was plunged deep within… his sister’s vaginal muscles contracted as the air was knocked out of his lungs.   He felt his body squeezed as the teen clamped down hard on him.  She rubbed her clit as she reached blissful orgasm… her brother being repeatedly hugged inside of her.

            And then… finally… it stopped and Guy realized he was outside of his sister while lying on top of her skin … right next to her giant labia.  He could hear the teen’s satisfied moans as she breathed loudly in and out.

            Guy sat up slowly, feeling exhausted, noticing that his sister was lying on her back.  He looked across the length of the teen’s bodyscape… seeing the athletic contours of her stomach as it rose and fell with her breathing… his sister’s giant boobs like mountains on the horizon.

            He exhaled… his hand seeming to move all on its own as he reached down and he began to rub his genitals.  No!!!! his brain screamed.  Laurissa, you can’t do this to me!  You can’t have ALL the power.  He watched in disbelief as his cock quickly developed into a boner… becoming rock-hard seconds later.  “No!!!” he shouted.  “Why do you have to be so fucking hot?”


* End of Season One *

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