The Goddess of Love by The Shrunken Scholar
Summary: When Aphrodite, the goddess of love, becomes bored one day; a young man will get his deepest desires. Will the goddesses fun be too much for him to handle?
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Chapter 1 by The Shrunken Scholar
Author's Notes:
This is the first story I ever posted on this site. I'll be the first to admit that it's pretty rough, but it holds a special place in my heart. Maybe someday I'll give it the rewrite it deserves. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!
The Goddess of Love: Chapter 1

Aphrodite , The Goddess of Love , was bored yet again. It was early in the day and she had run out of things to do already. Her version of " fun " was quite mischievous. Just then a thought came into her head. She would have some fun with a human ! Not just any human a teenage boy ! " Oh , " she thought " this will be fun". Aphrodite peeked down through the clouds and picked a high school at random.

Jonathan was about five minutes away from passing out. Ms. Henderson , Jonathan's Biology teacher, was talking about cells. Jonathan had already learned about them in Medical Science so he was especially bored. Jonathan was an average student , not super popular but not a loner either. He was somewhere in between. Jonathan did reasonably well in all his classes except for math , he hated math. Jonathan was a sophomore in high school so nobody took much notice of him. He was of average build and height. One thing made him different than his peers though. Jonathan had a foot fetish. He was never sure where it came from but he had one and he was fine with it. Of course no one knew he did. He kept it to himself. Currently he was trying to get a good look at a girls feet. Alexis was a fairly short girl so naturally she had small feet. Alexis was also a very good looking. She had black hair that went past her shoulders and was slightly tan. Jonathan was never sure what nationality she was, but he didn't much care. Alexis was gorgeous. She always wore flip flops , which Jonathan loved about her. She'd always slip her feet out of her flip flops and mess with them. Oh , what Jonathan wouldn't give to massage her feet. But that would never happen Jonathan and Alexis didn't talk or interact at all. He was stuck admiring from afar. " Oh you poor boy , what if I could fix that for you ? ". Jonathan started and looked around no one was looking at him , then where had that come from ? " Dear child , I am speaking to you in your head. No one can here me but you". " And who are you ? " Jonathan thought very confused " Am I going crazy ? ". " No, you're not going crazy. And I am Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of Love ! I'm here to do you a favor". Aphrodite said pleased. Jonathan's eyes grew wide " Um .... I'm sorry but that seems pretty crazy .......... Do you have any proof ?".

Suddenly Ms. Henderson stopped talking , as did everyone else . Jonathan looked up quickly. Ms.Henderson was standing absolutely still in front of the board , her mouth open as if she was about to say something. After a moment she still didn't move. " Ms. Henderson ? " Jonathan turned to his table partner Allen. " Allen ? " Allen was still as well staring straight ahead. Jonathan waved his hand in front of Allen's face, no reaction. Jonathan stood up slowly. Everyone in the class seemed to be frozen in place, unmoving. A flash of light exploded at the front of the room. Standing in the same spot , smoke rising around her was a woman. The woman was blonde and had olive colored skin. She wore a white toga and knee high gladiator sandals. Gold bracelets adorned her wrists, along with a golden ruby necklace. She was tall and had a large smile on her face. " Hello Jonathan " she said happily. Jonathan recognized her voice , moments ago it was in his head." A-A-Aphrodite ?" Jonathan said shakily. " Yes ! That's me ! " Aphrodite said walking towards Jonathan quickly. Jonathan involuntarily took a step backwards. " Ah don't be scared dear boy , I'm here to make your wishes come true ! " She said arriving in front of Jonathan. Aphrodite snapped her fingers and a plume of white smoke blew around Jonathan. Waving his hand and coughing Jonathan cleared the smoke.

" What was t- " Jonathan snapped his head down and saw he was wearing nothing but a white toga and was barefoot. " What's all this ? " Jonathan looked up expecting to see Aphrodite but what he saw made him scramble backwards and trip. In front of him were two giant sandal clad feet. They were the size of school buses ! Jonathan looked up and saw they weren't just any feet they were Aphrodite's ! She was smiling down on him. Her huge hand started to descend toward Jonathan. Jonathan threw his arms up. Aphrodite picked him up with two fingers by the toga , raised her hand and plopped him in her other hand. " What'd you do to me ! " Jonathan yelled. " I'm giving you exactly want you want ! " Aphrodite said walking to Alexis's table and dropping Jonathan on it. " Now don't you like this young lady and her little feet ?" Aphrodite said making her massive face level with Jonathan " And don't lie I know you do , I heard your thoughts". " Y-Yes I do ! But what's that got to do with you shrinking me ?! " Jonathan yelled. " Okay here's the deal Jon , YOU like this girls feet and I'm the goddess of love so I'll let you be with them. Today is Friday so I'll let you stay with her the weekend. On Monday everything will be normal again she won't remember anything. Don't worry about your parents I'll handle them. Now while you're shrunken you'll be indestructible , so she can't squish you by accident. You'll get to play with her feet all you want. Does that sound good ? ". Aphrodite stood up looking pleased with herself. Jonathan thought about it , this was everything he ever wanted ! And it was being offered to him ! But there must be some price he'd seen enough movies to know that. "What's the catch ? " he yelled up. " No catch Jon , this is for both of our enjoyment I'm bored , you like feet , we all win. Look do we have a deal or not ?" Aphrodite said frowning. Jonathan thought for a few minutes , but he couldn't resist temptation. " Alright , deal ! " he shouted happily. " Perfect" Aphrodite said picking him up and bring him under the table Alexis sat at. Jonathan was dropped between Alexis's big and second toe , her nails were painted red, roughly. When he stood up Alexis's toes came up to about his waist. " Holy crap , a little ago her toes were no taller than my fingers, now they're almost as tall as me ! " he thought poking one. " Oh you're still too big , you'll need to be smaller to hide under her foot until she gets home then I'll make you this size again" Aphrodite snapped again. Jonathan began to shrink , soon enough Alexis's toes were a canyon surrounding him. " Get somewhere safe ! " Aphrodite yelled. Jonathan ran to a alcove under the skin between Alexis's toes and settled in on the soft flip flop material. " Get ready for the best weekend of your life Jon ! " Aphrodite smiled.

After Aphrodite disappeared time started up again. Ms. Henderson started talking again. Whispers could be heard from students. These were quite loud for Jonathan at his microscopic size. No one seemed to notice that Jonathan was not in his seat. " I guess Aphrodite did take care of it" Jonathan said aloud.
Alexis began to scrunch her gigantic toes, Jonathan flinched from the sound of it and looked around. " How long am I gonna be down here ? " he wondered. Shortly before Aphrodite had contacted Jonathan the clock had said 2:03. It was Jonathan's last class of the day and let out at 2:20. " Well I guess I'm stuck here" Jonathan laid down on the titanic flip flop. It still felt odd being so tiny to Jonathan , it was going to take some getting used to. Especially lying down between a girls huge toes , which admittedly gave him a little bit of a hard on. It was obvious Alexis took care of her feet they looked soft and without dryness. All around Jonathan was the smell of coconuts , which was probably the scent of a lotion.

After a while of admiring the view around him , the school bell rang loudly. Suddenly Alexis's titanic toes lifted and pushed together. Jonathan started to roll as the flip flop lifted off the ground. He caught onto the soft material and held on for dear life. The foot landed back on the ground loudly , shaking Jonathan violently. As the foot lifted off again Jonathan yelled in his head " Aphrodite !". " Yes ?" Aphrodite said with a slight giggle in her voice. " I'm gonna get knocked off of Alexis's flip flop if this keeps going ! Help !" Jonathan yelled still clinging. " Alright I'll help " there was a giggle and the distant sound of a snap. Jonathan's world went black and he could see nothing but darkness. Jonathan suddenly found himself staring up at Alexis's legs and chest and the bottom of her chin as she walked. There was still a small tremor but not as bad as before. " She put me on top of Alexis's foot ? " Jonathan thought confused. Jonathan tried to look down and found he couldn't . He tried to turn his head and nothing happened. " What the hell ?" Jonathan thought trying to raise his arm and nothing happened again. Come to think of it Jon couldn't even feel his arms or legs or anything else ! " What'd you do ! " he yelled his breath quickening. " Heh heh weeeeelllll I turned you into the girls foot" Aphrodite said laughing.

" WHAT ! " Jon screamed " WHY ?! ". " So you wouldn't fall off , now you can't lose her. No one can see or hear you except me , to every mortal that sees you you're just a girls foot ! Hahahahaha" Aphrodite was obviously enjoying herself. " How long will I be like this ?! " Jonathan thought frightened. " Still until the girl gets home , then I'll turn you back into your tiny self again " Aphrodite said with less excitement " well you have fun now Jon-Jon". Jon realized the conversation was over. As Alexis's foot Jon had no control over himself. Every time she took a step he felt a slight pressure on what should have been his back but was now Alexis's soft sole. He could feel whenever she scrunched her toes ... it was oddly relaxing. Currently Alexis's was walking with a friend and talking about some homework assignment. " Alexis ! Over here ! " a woman's voice said from somewhere Jon couldn't see. His field of view was limited. Alexis waved goodbye to her friend and picked up her pace. She arrived at a white car and opened the door then got in. " Hi mom " she said happily. " Ahhh so that voice was her mom" Jon thought. The mother and daughter began a normal after school conversation. Alexis slid her feet out of the flip flops and crossed them at the ankles. She dug her toes into the carpeting of the car. Jon could see and feel Alexis's other foot on top of him. Alexis's sole dominated Jon's view. " We'll this isn't all bad " he thought happily.

After a while the car drove up a slight incline and stopped. " We're home ! " Alexis's mom said and Jon heard a car door open and close. Alexis got out of the car , walked into the house, and then into her room. All the while Jon could still only see Alexis's legs and chest. Alexis plopped her back pack down and sat down on her bed. She started to slid her feet out of her flip flops, Jon's world went black again. When he opened his eyes he found himself tiny and human . He was laying down on his back on Alexis's flip flop. He looked up and froze. Alexis was staring right at him. " Is t-that you Jon ? " she said shakily.
Chapter 2 by The Shrunken Scholar
Author's Notes:
Here's chapter 2 re-edited

" Uh Yes ... It's me Alexis" Jon said feeling suddenly nervous. Jon hadn't even thought of how Alexis would react to all this. He doubted she would go for it. " Why are so small ? And on my shoe ?" She said still sounding scared. Oh god ! how would Jon explain his size and why he was laying on her flip flop ? " Go ahead , tell her Jon I'll just erase her memory. Tell her I shrunk you." Aphrodite's voice said in Jon's head. What else could Jon say ?

Jonathan quickly retold his tale to Alexis. He left out the part about himself having a foot fetish of course. He made it sound like it was by random chance he was shrunken. All the while Alexis's face became more disbelieving. " Alright , so why are you wearing that white thing ? " Alexis said frowning. " It just sort of appeared on me when I shrank" Jon said feeling the toga , which was actually quite soft. " This all seemed a little crazy Jon , I mean a Greek Goddess came down to Earth just to shrink you and put you in my shoe ?" Alexis said. " Ummm a little help here please ? " Jonathan thought. " Call upon me out loud , I'll prove my power and existence to her" Aphrodite answered sounding slightly angry. " Aphrodite ! " Jonathan yelled aloud " please come forward and reveal your power".

Suddenly Alexis made a surprised sound. Jonathan looked up at her, but she was already looking down. Jon followed her gaze and just about fell over. Alexis's feet were steadily beginning to grow. Her toes ballooning and feet elongating. Alexis looked on in horror whimpering quietly. Despite his shock Jon found himself slightly turned on by it. Alexis's feet seemed to have a mind of their own. The toes were wriggling quickly. " Ah ! Please Aphrodite I'm sorry for doubting you ! " Alexis yelled. Just as quickly as they grew Alexis's feet began to shrink back to normal size. Jon found himself slightly disappointed. " Honey ? Are you alright in there ? " Alexis's moms voice called. Jon could hear massive foot steps coming down the hall. " Oh crap , wait here " Alexis said getting up. Her gigantic sole flew over Jon's head. " Where am I gonna go ? " he thought sarcastically. Alexis came back into the room a few minutes later. She carefully stepped around Jon , who was still standing on her flip flop. Jon couldn't take his eyes off her pretty toes. " Alright , my mom is leaving for awhile and my dad doesn't get home until like 10. Sooo ... you're stuck like this until Sunday night ? " she said. " I suppose so " Jon replied. " What should we do until then ? " Alexis asked. " Well first could you ... pick me up ? It's starting to hurt my neck starring up at you like this" Jon asked shyly. " Oh ! Um sure " Alexis said lowering her hand " Climb on". Jon scrambled onto her hand and stood up. It felt odd to stand on skin.

Alexis raised him to eye level " Better ?" She asked. " Much " Jon replied. " Would it be alright if I carried you out to the living room ? I usually watch TV after school" She asked politely, holding her hand as steady as possible. " Yeah , that's fine. I do that too" . Alexis bent her fingers to shield Jon . She got up and walked out into the living room. Jon held onto her pointer finger to keep balance. Along the way Jon admired Alexis's house . The place was huge , even if Jon wasn't tiny, the walls were white, and everything looked fairly expensive. Alexis lowered her hand onto the coffee table and Jon hoped off. The TV was huge ! A large expensive looking flat screen sat in front of him. It was like a movie screen. Suddenly the TV turned on. " You alright with MTV ?". " Yeah that's fine". Alexis propped her feet up on the coffee table without thinking. Jon was mesmerized. She clenched and unclenched her toes slowly , enjoying the show. Jon badly wanted to run up and rub and kiss those feet. But he held himself back , who knew how Alexis would react to that ? She may freak out.

Alexis noticed Jon staring at her feet. She pulled them off the table " Sorry that must be weird for you ". " No , no it's fine I don't mind" he said walking towards her. " Okay then , if you don't mind " she said putting them back up next to each other. Jon sat down criss cross apple sauce. He pretended to watch TV but he was really watching Alexis's feet out of the corner of his eye. The TV turned off without warning, Jon turned to Alexis " Why'd you turn it off ?". " Alright , I'm just gonna come out and ask you. Ever since I found you you've been staring at my feet Jon and I even found you in my shoe". Jon's eyes widened " Yeah so ? " he said defensively. " Oh god she noticed I'm an idiot !" Jon thought. " Do you like my feet Jon ?". Well there it was, the question that would ruin all of this. Alexis would think he was weirdo and make him leave. " Damn, I didn't even get to rub them ... might as well tell the truth". " Fine , yes I have a foot fetish. That's why Aphrodite shrank me so I could play on your feet and rub them. I'm sorry, I never should have done this" Jon said lowering his head. " No ... Don't be sorry Jon". Jon looked up confused. " No ones ever liked my feet before. It's sweet in a weird way. Jon ... would you like to rub my feet ?".
Chapter 3 by The Shrunken Scholar
Author's Notes:
I'm trying to work on the format. I know that the first two chapters were probably annoying to read. I hope this is better.
The Goddess of Love: Chapter 3

Jon just about fell over with surprise. Did Alexis really just ask him to massage her feet ? This was totally not the reaction he was expecting to his confession.

" Oh , don't be silly Jon. I'm making Alexis like the idea. She wasn't sickened. But she wouldn't have gone for it. Now she's all yours ! " Aphrodite said happily.

Jon wasn't sure how he felt about Alexis being manipulated like that, but his desires got the better of him. " Of course I would ! " Jon said beaming from ear to ear.

He walked over in front of Alexis's titanic soles. He stared up at them in wonder. " Aren't you a little too small ? " Alexis said fanning out her feet to see him.

" Yeah , I guess I am " Jon said looking down at himself " Aphrodite ? I need your help ! ". Jon found himself starting to grow , soon enough he was slightly taller than Alexis's feet themselves. " Okay sooo where should I start ? " Jon asked realizing he was getting another hard on. " Hmmm how about the toes " Alexis said spreading them out. Jon reached up and began rubbing Alexis's toes. Now they were slightly bigger than his head. Jon felt his stiffy growing harder as he rubbed. " Jon ! That feels great ! " Alexis said beaming.

" Glad I can help ! " Jon said moving to the next toe. This continued for a while longer. Jon moved to Alexis's soles , he dug his hands in and started kneading her skin and muscle. Jon felt a familiar sensation in his loins. " Oh no , not now , not here" Jon said releasing the giant feet and covering his nether regions. " What's wrong Jon , why'd you stop ? " Alexis fanned out her feet to see Jon. " Umm I gotta go ! " Jon closed his eyes and thought hard " Aphrodite get me outta here ! ". There was no answer from the goddess. " Aphrodite ! " Jon yelled in his head. It was too late . Jon came right then and there , right in front of Alexis. Jon felt absolutely ashamed of himself.

He had no control when he started rubbing those beautiful feet. Jon hung his head in shame " I'm sorry Alexis ". " Don't worry about it Jon I understand " Alexis said putting her feet back down " You like feet so they turned you on". " B-but I made a mess on your table and its pretty nasty" Jon said looking at the puddle in front of him. " It'll clean right up , come here I'll show you " Alexis lowered her hand onto the table and Jon climbed on , still covering his crotch. " Don't worry we'll clean that up too " Alexis giggled. Alexis went into her kitchen and grabbed a paper towel. She went back into the living room and wiped up Jon's little mess. She returned to the kitchen and threw the paper towel. " There that simple , now your turn " Alexis put Jon down on the counter. Alexis put a stopper in the sink and filled it up with a little water. Then she put in some soap and mixed up so there were bubbles throughout it. " Alright take off the toga " Alexis said turning back to Jon. " What !? " Jon exclaimed incredulous. " We don't want it to get wet , that's all you have to wear. And you're not jumping in the sink I'm gonna drop you in". " You can't seem me naked though ! " Jon yelled up at her. " Come on Jon , we're gonna have the whole weekend together, it was gonna come off eventually right ? And you can't really fight me , can you ? ". As if in answer Jon felt himself shrink back to his original shrunken height. " Dammit Aphrodite " Jon thought " Alright looks like you win Alexis ".

Jon shrugged off the toga and stood there letting it all hang out. Alexis giggled and said " Not bad for a little guy hehe". Alexis picked Jon up and gently lowered him into the sink. Jon quickly scrubbed his crotch clean and called up for Alexis. Alexis picked up Jon and set him on the counter. Jon slid back into his toga. " Let's head back to my room Jon " Alexis said picking Jon up. Alexis carried Jon to her room and set him on her bed. She sat down in the center of the bed in front of him. " Okay, I have a favor to ask you Jon " Alexis said smiling down at Jon. " What is it ? " Jon asked surprised. " Do you think you could ask Aphrodite to shrink me too ?" Alexis asked twining her fingers.

" What ? Why would you want that ? ". " I don't know , it just seems fun. And I feel kinda bad that you're shrunken alone. Plus we still have a few hours alone , it'd be something to do" Alexis said encouragingly. " Well I suppose it couldn't hurt and it could be sorta fun" Jon thought. " Alright Alexis I'll ask but first lets get off the bed don't wanna get stuck up here" Jon said walking to Alexis's already outstretched hand. Alexis set Jon on the floor and stood to her full height in the front of him. Jon looked her over from head to toe marveling at her size. He stopped at her feet and continued to stare. Alexis big toe came forward and poked him in the chest, knocking him over. " Hey nows not the time to be admiring , we'll have time for that later " Alexis said smiling down at him. " Alright , " Jon said smiling himself " , Aphrodite ! Would you please grant this girls request ? ".

They waited a moment and nothing happened. " What's wr- whoa ! " Alexis's head started to go down. Her arms and legs receding into her clothes. Her feet becoming smaller and smaller. Soon enough all that was left was a pile of clothes where Alexis stood. A few minutes later Alexis still hadn't appeared. " Alexis ! You in there ?" Jon yelled walking towards the clothes. Jon saw movement in the leg of the shorts. A tiny figure fell out of it. Jon walked up to see a naked Alexis standing up. " Whoa ! This is actually cool ! " she said looking around at her giant room. " Alexis , your uh clothes ... " Jon said pointing at her chest. Alexis looked down and screamed , quickly covering her chest and nether regions " Where's my toga !". " Ha ! It's only fair you saw me naked ! And may I say for a little lady you're not so bad yourself" Jon said sticking his tongue out at her. Suddenly a toga appeared on Alexis , but she was still barefoot like Jon. " I guess Aphrodite was on my side" Jon said smugly. Now that they both were shrunken Alexis was shorter than Jon again , just like when they were normal sized. She only came up to a few inches below his shoulder. " Well , " Alexis said walking up to Jon " , what do you wanna do now ?".
Chapter 4 by The Shrunken Scholar
Author's Notes:
Here's chapter 4! Please leave a review! I can't really tell if you guys like this story or not. I don't want to continue this if you guys aren't enjoying it.

The Goddess of Love: Chapter 4

Jon thought about the question and had no answer to it. " I'm not sure , what do you wanna do ? ". " Let's walk around the house I guess it could take a while though" Alexis said already walking towards the door. She stopped in front of her giant white flip flops. " Oh my gosh ! I can't believe these are mine ! Now I could sleep in one " she said getting on top of one and standing in the middle. She walked to the toe section. " Wow, these are MY toe prints ! They're bigger than my head !". Jon had joined her on the flip flop. She turned around " Oh, that's right you rode on this to get here didn't you ?". " Yep". " Wait that means you down here with my foot ! How'd you not get crushed ?" Alexis said walking up to Jon. " Well when we're tiny like this we're also indestructible , but I did almost get knocked off sooo Aphrodite turned me into your right foot until we got to your house" Jon said scratching the back of his head , blushing. " Really ? ". " Yeah it was weird but not totally unpleasant " Jon smiled at her. " Humph, I bet foot boy " Alexis continued walking to her bedroom door. " I resent that ! " Jon yelled running after her.

The two began walking to the living room , it didn't take as long as Jon thought. Soon enough they were standing on the floor between the coffee table and the couch. " I don't think we thought this through all the way " Jon said starring up at the couch. " Whoa ! Look it's my mom shoes ! " Alexis said pointing under the coffee table. Under the table were a pair of huge black flats. Jon and Alexis walked over to them , Jon noticed them smelled of lotion just like her daughters feet. " Wow , this is really weird. She only wears them when she's relaxing in the house. This is just too weird" Alexis said still keeping her distance from the titanic shoes. " Um Alexis what size shoe does your mom wear ?" Jon asked. " If you must know she wears a 14" Alexis said crossing her arms on her chest. " Whoa ". Jon was shocked , he didn't even know they made that size in women's ! " Yeah , bigger than me and my dad. But don't get any ideas foot boy , my mom would freak out if she saw you ! And you're all mine this weekend " Alexis poke him in the chest.

" Speaking of that what size do you wear Alexis ? " Jon asked. " Size 5 " Alexis said lifting her leg and twirling her foot around. " Petite feet for a petite girl " Jon chuckled. " Oh shut up , how are we gonna get on the couch ? ". " Time to ask Aphrodite , Aphrodite ! Please get us on the couch ! " Jon called out. In the blink of an eye the two were standing on the couch. Something else appeared though. A picnic basket and a blanket , proportioned to Jon and Alexis's size. " What's this ? " Alexis kneeled down by the basket. " A gift from the goddess of love I guess" Jon said sitting on the couch across from Alexis. Alexis laid out the blanket and opened up the basket. Inside was a liter of soda , cups , grapes , bread , butter , and butter knifes. " This is pretty nice " Jon said opening the soda. " Good thing it showed up , I was getting hungry" Alexis said cutting the bread. The TV suddenly turned on to a movie. " Oh ! I love this movie " she exclaimed. Alexis leaned back and crossed her legs in front of her , already eating the bread. Jon handed her a cup of soda " Lets watch it then " he leaned back.

The two sat and ate while watching the movie. When the two were done everything disappeared. Towards the end of the movie Alexis put her feet in Jon's lap and wiggled her toes, smiling. Jon took the hint and started rubbing them. " Oh my gosh this is almost as good as the last one , but I still like you small " she laughed. " We still have two days together" Jon said smiling. Slowly the sky became dark without the two noticing , and time flew by. While Jon rubbed Alexis's feet he got yet another hard on that poked at her heels. Jon stopped and blushed. Alexis , still watching the movie , just smiled and wiggled her toes some more. Jon started up again. A few minutes later lights flashed by the window. Alexis started and looked at the clock " 9:30 ! That's my mom ! I have to get big right now !". As she said it Alexis grew back to normal size and was back in her normal clothes. She flicked the TV off and scooped Jon up roughly. Alexis ran into her room, closed the door, and jumped on her bed. She put Jon in a drawer in the nightstand by her bed. " Sorry ! " she said closing the drawer. Jon was plunged into darkness. He sat down on whatever was in the drawer , probably socks, and grinned. " This is the best day of my life " Jon thought and flung himself backwards.
Chapter 5 by The Shrunken Scholar
Author's Notes:
For some reason I can't add anymore categories to the story. So fair warning this story is mainly about feet. I'm going to add this chapter and one more today

The Goddess of Love: Chapter 5

Jon heard a knock on Alexis's door from his hiding place in the drawer. After a moment Jon heard Alexis and her mothers muffled conversation. Jon heard the door close and the drawer was tugged open. " Hey foot boy " Alexis said picking Jon up. She set Jon down carefully in front of her. " Sorry about that , I didn't want my mom to see you" Alexis sitting criss cross applesauce in the center of the bed. " It's fine , so what do we do now ? " Jon asked pacing in front of Alexis. " Well I usually go to bed pretty soon". " Alright , so where am I gonna sleep ? " Jon stopped pacing. " I had an idea about that actually " Alexis said smiling already. " Let's hear it". " Well I sleep on my stomach and don't move much so I thought you could sleep on my foot ". Alexis said excitedly.

For the second time that day Jon just about fell over from shock. He hadn't thought this day could get any better , he was wrong. " Y-yeah that sounds great ! " Jon said. " Okay well hold on " Alexis reached to her nightstand and plucked out a tissue " Don't want you to get cold". She gave Jon the tissue and told him to walk towards the edge of the bed so she wouldn't hit him. She turned off the lights and laid down on the bed. " Well climb aboard and get comfortable" Alexis said looking at Jon. Jon walked across the bed to Alexis's right foot. He climbed on top of it, laid down on her soft sole, and pulled the tissue around himself. " You comfortable down there ? " Alexis called. " Yep ". " Alright see you in the morning " she said happily. Fifteen minutes later Alexis was out cold. Jon was laying there smiling to himself. Yet again he had a hard on. He admired how soft Alexis's soles were , they were quite comfortable actually. Soon enough he went to sleep too.

Jon woke up bleary eyed. He rolled over and realized he was still on top of Alexis's foot. He pulled the tissue off and stood up on the bed. From the slight snoring noise he knew Alexis was still asleep. Jon walked in front of Alexis's gigantic upturned toes and put his tiny foot on her big toe. It started to twitch , so Jon took his foot off. He plopped down and watched the ATV sized toes in front of him. A sudden urge came over him. Jon leaned forward and licked Alexis's big toe. It didn't taste bad at all , it really had no taste actually. Jon leaned back and waited for Alexis to wake up.

A half hour later Alexis woke up , she told Jon to wait where he was. She went to the bathroom and had breakfast with her parents. She came back some time later and gave Jon some small pieces of bacon. " So I'm gonna go somewhere with my dad we'll be back in a bit " She said getting dressed . She told Jon not to look. Jon turned his head " You're gonna leave me here ? ". " I can't take you with me too dangerous , no I'll leave you in here" She said kneeling in front of him. " Fine" Jon said slightly disappointed. " Don't worry we'll have fun later , okay ? And here I'll put you on the floor so you can hide easy, just in case". " Alright , bye" She said closing the bedroom door behind her. With that Alexis was gone and Jon was left alone. He went and sat in Alexis's huge flip flop. " This isn't what Aphrodite promised" he thought sadly.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and two giant sandal clad feet appeared in front of Jon. Jon looked up and saw Aphrodite smiling down at him. " Well I do hate to disappoint" she said picking him up. " Whoa ! What are you doing ! ". Aphrodite carried Jon out into Alexis's living room and sat on the couch , still holding him. " While Alexis is gone I still need to entertain myself Jon. And I thought of a great way". Aphrodite said with a wicked grin. " What do you mean ? " Jon asked getting slightly scared. Aphrodite reached down and pulled out Alexis's moms size 14 flat. " Oh god " Jon said his eyes widening. " Teresa needs some foot love too Jon , they never get attention ! ".

Aphrodite dropped Jon into the flat on his back. Jon tried to get up and found he couldn't. " Ah,ah,ah Jon-Jon you aren't leaving Teresa's feet until Alexis gets home. Hahahahaha" Aphrodite disappeared. Alexis's mom came into view and sat down on the couch. She sighed and pulled her flats out with her toes. Jon fought violently but to no avail. The last thing Jon saw was Teresa's titanic foot sliding on top his tiny, trapped body.
Chapter 6 by The Shrunken Scholar
Author's Notes:
Last one for the day! Jon gets introduced to Teresa's feet! Please leave a review!

The Goddess of Love: Chapter 6

Jon looked on in horror as the massive foot descend on him slowly. " Aphrodite ! , " Jon yelled in his head " , get me outta here !". " No can do Jon-Jon , while Alexis is away you need something to do and I need something to watch. Also, I need to keep my promise of a feet filled weekend for you " Aphrodite started to laugh in Jon's head. " This is just wrong ! Why Alexis's moms feet ? It's weird ! " Jon said. Teresa's foot settled on top of Jon , blocking out all light. Jon's face was smushed up against her sole. Jon was ashamed to admit he actually liked it. It smelled quite nice in the shoe and Teresa's sole was softer than her daughters. Jon felt pressure on his chest and assumed Teresa was getting up from the couch. Jon felt the pressure rise and fall. So shes walking somewhere, Jon thought.

After a few steps the pressure was all on Jon again. Jon figured she was sitting down again. Jon laid in the darkness, Teresa's sole covering his entire body. After minutes of this Teresa's foot started to leave the flat. Jon his body was rising with it. He was stuck to her foot ! Jon thrashed around violently but it was no use." Sorry Jon-Jon I magically bound you to her foot , the only way you're getting off is if she takes you off herself. Jon flipped over so that his back was to Teresa's sole. Teresa had kicked off her shoes and crossed her ankles under the computer chair she sat at. Jon thrashed about once more, it still didn't work. Jon realized Aphrodite had made it so there was only one way off this big foot.

Jon began to tickle the foot. There was giggle from overhead and felt the foot and himself rising up. Teresa put her foot , sole up , on her knee. She gasped " Who are you and what are you doing on my foot ?! ". Jon recited his story but this time made it seem as if he had gotten trapped in Alexis's shoe and had been hiding until he got stuck to her foot. Teresa grabbed Jon in her fist and held him up to her face. " So your name is Jon and you're stuck like this ? " she asked. " Yes , I am , " Jon tried to move his arms but they were pinned at his sides " , could you please let me go ? ". " Listen Jon I'll let you go if you do something for me" Teresa said putting Jon back down by her feet. " What do you want ? " Jon didn't like where this was going. " You will rub my feet for as long as I want then I'll let you free" Teresa said beaming.

Aphrodite ! She was controlling Teresa ! But Jon knew he had no choice. Aphrodite would have her way. Teresa stood her feet up on the ankles. Jon noticed the similarities between Alexis and her mom. They both had long jet black hair and were slightly tan. However , where Alexis's feet were a few feet ( relative to Jon's size ) taller than him Teresa's absolutely towered over him. The size 14 feet were height of street lights, Jon was slightly afraid . As Jon got closer he felt that the two monsters were putting off heat. " Can I be a bit bigger for this Aphrodite ? " he thought. No answer , he was doing this exactly how he was. Jon put his hand on the monster and it sank in , he pulled it out to see a tiny white handprint left behind. " Get to rubbing " Teresa called down typing on a keyboard. Jon dug his hands in and started rubbing. Despite the wrongness of it all Jon's hard on was back again. He couldn't help it , he was rubbing the biggest feet he'd ever seen in his life ! ( no pun intended ). Even with the age difference Jon was reminded of Alexis's feet , something in the shape of the toes he guessed.

Twenty minutes later Jon was pouring sweat from the heat of Teresa's feet. Teresa peeked down at him " You look hot Jon take a rest ". Jon plopped down on the carpet. " Oh actually while you're sitting down , " Teresa her humongous foot on top of Jon " , lick my foot". Jon struggled under her foot " No ! ". " If you don't do it I'll never let you go " Teresa stated coldly. Jon weighed his options. He knew he had none at all. Jon closed his eyes and licked. It didn't taste bad either , but not good at the same time. He hated the idea of what he was doing. Teresa began to laugh. Jon opened his eyes and he was staring at a ceiling not a giant women's sole. He was back on Alexis's bed ! " Did you have fun Jon-Jon ? ". Jon bolted upright and saw Aphrodite's huge face in front of him. " What the hell was that !? " Jon yelled walking across the bed to the goddess. " Some fun at your expense. Don't worry I was controlling Teresa and now she doesn't remember any of that. As for you Jon if you tell Alexis about any of that I'll turn you into Teresa's foot for the rest of your life . You got it ? " Aphrodite's smile was gone. Jon cringed and agreed. " Good choice Jon-Jon " Aphrodite disappeared. Jon sunk back down to the bed , he was tired and sore from his adventure with Alexis's mom. He officially hated Teresa's gigantic feet. Another thought went through Jon's head , " I think I'm gonna be Aphrodite's play thing forever". Minutes later Jon passed out from exhaustion.
Chapter 7 by The Shrunken Scholar
Author's Notes:
Jon and Alexis continue their weekend of fun!
The Goddess of Love: Chapter 7

" Wake up sleepy head ". Jon opened eyes and saw Alexis poking his tiny feet. " Hey , cut that out " Jon kicked her finger away and stood up. Alexis laughed and sat down on the edge of the bed next to Jon. " So what'd you do while I was gone ? " Alexis asked picking Jon up. Jon sat down on her hand , putting his legs out in front of him. Jon had a flashback to Teresa's feet and Aphrodite's warning. " Just worked my way up here and took a nap". " I was wondering how you got up here ". " I climbed up the lamp wire on your nightstand and jumped to the bed". " Oh , alright so what do you wanna do today little man ?". Jon put a hand on his aching chest. Aphrodite may have made him indestructible but he still felt pain. " How about we just take it easy ? " Jon asked. " Alright , how about some TV ? " Alexis said scooting back to the headboard of her bed. She picked up a remote and flicked on the TV in front of her bed. She reached down and placed Jon in between her big and second toe in a sitting position. " There ya go , the seat of honor " she said smiling down at him.

Jon loved his new place. He put his elbow up on Alexis big toe and watched TV . His hard on made yet another appearance , but Jon didn't care this was great ! Four shows later Jon looked down at Alexis's sole beneath him. It was slightly black from dirt and grime. " Hey Alexis ? Your foots all dirty " he called. " Yeah , it's cuz I wear flip flops all the time. I've been meaning to wash them". Jon hopped down from his heavenly perch. " What are you doing ? " Alexis pulled up her feet so she could see Jon. " You've done a lot for me since I got here Alexis. Lemme do something for you". " You want to wash my feet for me ? " Alexis asked frowning. " It's the least I can do". " Alright , how do you wanna do this ?". Jon told her his idea. " Hey that doesn't sound half bad ! " Alexis said getting off the bed. Alexis picked Jon up and and put him on her shoulder. " Hide in my hair " she said walking out. " Mom ! I'm gonna take a bath ! " she called. " Alright ! " Teresa answered. Alexis ducked into the bathroom , closed and locked the door , and put Jon on the sinks counter. " I'll start it up ". Alexis waited for the water to get hot then put in a stopper. She put in some soap and let the tub fill up , then turned off the water. " You're gonna need to be bigger, " Alexis said leaning down to be eye level with Jon " , don't want you to drown or anything".

" True, indestructible doesn't mean water proof ". Jon asked Aphrodite to make him bigger. Jon shot up to about a foot tall. " Much better " Alexis said standing up. Alexis stepped back and started to pull off her shirt. " Whoa ! Whoa ! Whoa ! What're you doing ? " Jon yelled. " Oh come on, you saw it all yesterday when I shrank. I saw all your stuff yesterday too. And don't even lie your perverted teenage boy mind likes it " Alexis replied still taking off her clothes. Soon enough she was totally naked. Jon had to admit , he did like what he saw. Alexis put her hair up using various clips. " Alright , now it's your turn foot boy". Jon hesitated , he didn't want to be naked while washing Alexis's feet. Certain ... things could happen and he would be very embarrassed. He came up with a much better idea. Jon sent his thoughts out to Aphrodite. Within moments Jon's toga was gone, replaced by a pair of swim trunks. " Ahhhh , you're no fun " Alexis frowned. " Sorry , but I don't want accidents". " What acci- oh , that " realization dawned on Alexis's face. " Yeah " Jon looked down nervously. " Alright , well in we go " Alexis said her smile returning. Alexis slid her hands under Jon's arm and picked him up like a toddler. Together they climbed in. Alexis put Jon at the end of the tub where her feet would go. Jon's small feet couldn't reach the bottom of the tub without his head getting too low. Jon had to tread water. Alexis slid in and put her feet on both sides of Jon.

" I suppose we didn't think this through very well , " Alexis said flexing her toes happily " , how are you gonna wash my feet if you're in the water ? ". Jon asked Aphrodite for one last thing. He started to rise out of the water all on his own. Jon suspended in mid air all by himself. " Whoa ! " Jon threw out his arms expecting to fall , but he didn't. " That's amazing ! " Alexis exclaimed. " There , " Jon said still wobbling slightly " , now I can wash you're feet easy". Alexis reached behind her and handed Jon a brush. He had to use both arms to hold it. " Enough talking , lets get started ! " Alexis smiled at Jon. Jon dipped the brush in the soapy water. He began scrubbing Alexis's feet clean. As he worked Alexis leaned her head back and relaxed. Jon worked the brush across her sole , down her heel , and in between her toes. After a good bit of time , Jon was done. He floated backwards and admired his work. Alexis's sole was back to its original tan color, no longer browned by dirt and grime. " All done Alexis ! " Jon called up happily. There was no answer from the giant girl. " Alexis ? " Jon floated upwards. He smiled to himself.

Alexis was sleeping silently , her head on her shoulder. Jon started to float towards her face to wake her up. But an idea crossed his mind. Jon's smile became mischievous. " Oh , this is going to be fun " Jon thought floating in front of Alexis's face. He sent his thoughts out to Aphrodite.
Chapter 8 by The Shrunken Scholar
Author's Notes:
What is Jon's mischievous idea? Time to find out!
The Goddess of Love: Chapter 8

Alexis woke up suddenly. She felt an odd tingling sensation at her feet. " Jon ? " she called down. She spread her feet out wide. She had expected to see Jon doing something to her feet but he was gone. Jon ? Are you down there ? " Alexis said rising up in the tub. Jon still did not appear. " Ok, this isn't funny Jon. You can come out now, you got me" Alexis said becoming slightly worried. After a few moments Jon still didn't suddenly appear from thin air and laugh like she hoped he would. " Oh god ! Jon ! " Alexis began sifting through the soap suds and water. " He must've fallen in ! " she thought frantically. Alexis looked for 10 minutes. She got out of the tub and checked again. The tiny boy was nowhere to be found. " Where could he have gone ? " Alexis wondered getting frightened " Maybe Aphrodite took him away ? ". Alexis called out to the goddess " Aphrodite , I'm sorry for bothering you but where is Jon ?". There was no reply from the goddess. Alexis suddenly heard a laugh.

She spun around. " That definitely sounded like Jon but I don't see him" she thought. " You're right that was me ". It was Jon ! " Where are you !? You scared the crap out of me ! " Alexis said in a hushed tone. " Heh heh funny story actually. I wanted to play a prank on you so I asked Aphrodite to do something for me" Jon answered sounding nervous himself. " What'd you ask her to do ? ". " Um , I asked her to make me your foot again. I figured it was the best hiding place" Jon laughed nervously. Alexis's eyes snapped down to her bare feet. There was nothing different about them that she could see. Same red polish and small soft toes. " You see while I'm like this I can control your foot just like you but that's it , only your foot. And we can talk to each other with our minds". Alexis's toes on her left foot began to wriggle around without her making them do it. " That was a dirty trick Jon ! " Alexis thought loudly. " I'm sorry I just couldn't pass up the opportunity ". " I'm gonna get you back for this , Jon. But for now we're going back to my room. We'll finish talking there" Alexis wrapped a white towel around herself.

" I'm really sorry Alexis , I shouldn't have done it " Jon said sadly. " Not now Jon " Alexis retorted angrily. Alexis slid her feet into a pair of slippers. She flung the bathroom door open and stormed to her room. Jon felt every time Alexis stomped her foot. " Thank god she's wearing these fuzzy slippers or this would hurt ". Alexis stomped into her room and closed the door. She locked it , then flipped off the slippers. She threw herself down on her bed and stretched her legs out in front of her. In the moments of silence that followed she glared at her left foot. The foot started to squirm around. Finally Alexis spoke " Get out of my foot Jon ". Jon sent his thoughts out to Aphrodite. He appeared in front of Alexis's feet , hanging his head. Alexis immediately snatched him up in her hand closing her fist around him gently. " That was really messed up Jon , I thought you were dead " Alexis eyes were watery. " I know , I don't know what I was thinking. I just wanted to play a little prank ". " I was so worried about you ! " Alexis brought her fist up to her face with Jon still grasped in it. A few tears began to spill down her cheeks. " Oh , Alexis please don't cry. I know I'm a terrible person , but please don't cry because I was being an idiot" Jon hugged Alexis soft cheek. They stayed like that for a few minutes. Alexis's tears getting on Jon , but he didn't care. Eventually Alexis took her hand away and opened it up. Jon stood up in her palm. " I'm still gonna have to get you back for this , and I think I have an idea" Alexis said wiping her eyes.

" Whatever it is I'll accept my punishment " Jon looked up at her red face " I'm such a douche bag for making her cry " he thought. " First of all , get really small ". " Okay " Jon called on Aphrodite. He shrank down to about 2 inches. " That'll do. So tonight me and my parents are going out for dinner and since I don't want you to be lonely. You'll be coming with us". " That doesn't sound that bad " Jon said noticing he was back in his toga. " Ah , but you'll be spending the night in my shoe under my foot " Alexis said grinning. " Still doesn't sound horrible " Jon beamed up at her. " We'll see foot boy". Alexis got off the bed and took off the towel , she put on a black sparkly blouse and jeans that didn't reach her ankles. She turned back to Jon and plucked him from the bed. She knelt down in front of her favorite pair of black Toms. " Flats ? This wont be bad at all ! " Jon called being placed inside the shoe. " Walk down to the toe section and lie down little man " Alexis said giggling. Jon did as he was told . Alexis's gigantic toes followed him in , they fell right over his tiny body. They clenched and unclenched on top of Jon. " Some punishment this is ! " Jon thought happily.
Chapter 9 by The Shrunken Scholar
Author's Notes:
Jon receives his " punishment " with a twist.
The Goddess of Love: Chapter 9

Alexis rose up to her full height. Inside her shoe she felt the tiny body of Jon under her toes. She clenched her toes around him again. " This isn't much of punishment , but whatever he'll enjoy it " she thought leaving her room. Alexis walked out into the living room and plopped down in a recliner. Her dad , David , was sitting on the couch watching some history show. " So are we gonna go soon ? " she asked. " Yeah , your mothers getting ready right now ". Fifteen minutes later Alexis's mother came out dressed in a gray t-shirt , black yoga pants , and black flip flops. " Alright , let's go ". On the car ride to the restaurant Alexis continually massaged Jon with her toes. She could have sworn she left his small hands rubbing back. Soon they arrived at the little family owned Italian restaurant they frequently went to. They got a table for three and placed their orders. While her dad told some boring work story , she slid her foot out of her right shoe.

Jon had thoroughly enjoyed his time in Alexis's shoe. Her toes had rubbed him the entire time. Although , at times , he felt slightly claustrophobic he still loved every moment of it. He even sneaked a couple kisses. But now the foot had stopped walking , and the toes just lay on top of him. Suddenly the toes lifted off of him and started sliding back up the shoe. Light flooded in , making Jon squint involuntarily. At the opening to the shoe the big toe stopped and tapped a few times , then disappeared out the opening. Alexis wanted him to come out. Jon walked to the opening and looked up , from his hiding spot he could see Alexis's knees and the bottom of a table. " So we're at the restaurant , why does she want me to come out ? " Jon wondered. He jumped and caught the fabric that was the side of the shoe. It dipped down from his weight and he hoisted himself up. He jumped and landed on his feet on a brown cement floor. He looked around and realized he knew the restaurant. He'd been here a few times , the food was pretty good. He also noticed Alexis's moms gargantuan feet just a little ways away from him.

They were crossed at the ankles and her toes were bent so the flip flop wasn't touching her giant sole. Jon cringed remembering his encounter with the two monsters earlier in the day. Despite his slight fear of her , Jon had to admit Teresa was very good looking. She kept herself in shape obviously , and her hips were big. Her breast were also quite large. Jon also liked how she didn't put any toe nail polish on , he preferred the natural look. Jon heard a soft smacking sound behind him. He turned around and saw Alexis was tapping her foot impatiently. Jon walked over to the beautiful, dainty foot. Now Alexis's toes came up to the midsection of his chest. He patted her pinky toe to let her know he was there. Her other foot came up a tapped the top of the foot Jon was standing next to. As if to say " Climb aboard ". Jon quickly scrambled up her pinky toe and stood on top of her foot.

Jon took another look around the restaurant. It was empty except for Alexis's family , an old man , a married couple , and the staff. If there were more people , they might've seen tiny little Jon on Alexis's foot. Jon saw a large pair of black shoes walk up to the table , hesitate a few moments , then leave. " Looks like the foods arrived " Jon said. He sat down on top of Alexis's foot and lied down. After awhile Alexis's other foot came up and poked Jon. Jon got up and saw the foot tapping her shoes. It was time to go. Jon slid off Alexis's foot and started walking to her shoe. The distance sound of a snap echoed through Jon's head and then a giggle. " What now ? " Jon thought exasperatedly. Alexis's shoe seemed to be getting bigger , no , Jon was getting smaller ! He ran to the now much larger shoe and jumped trying to reach the edge. He was too small ! Jon watched in horror as Alexis's titanic foot slipped back into the flat , he was too late ! Alexis started to stand up from her chair. " No, no, no , what do I do ? I can't get left behind ! " Jon twirled around and saw his only option.

Teresa's massive feet were still crossed under her seat. Jon wanted to start cursing at Aphrodite , but knew it wouldn't help his situation. Aphrodite wanted him to hitch a ride on Teresa's giant peds. He knew there was no other way. Jon ran to the flip flop and hopped up onto the shoe. He was now in between Teresa's big and second toes. He was so small he could walk under her second toe. He walked underneath it for shelter and laid down. He grabbed onto the spongy flip flop material. This was gonna be a bumpy ride.
Chapter 10 by The Shrunken Scholar
Author's Notes:
Time to take a ride with Teresa's feet!
The Goddess of Love: Chapter 10

Teresa rose from her seat. The underside of her toe pressed down as she started to walk , nearly touching Jon's back. The ride wasn't as bad as it had been with Alexis. Teresa walked slowly , with graceful steps. Jon was still mad about Aphrodite's surprise. She knew he now wanted nothing to do with Teresa's size 14 beasts. But Jon also he had no say in the matter. If Aphrodite didn't get her way who knew what she would do to Jon. While Jon reveled in his anger , Teresa had made it to Alexis's dads car. Her toes scrunched up over Jon as she lifted her foot into the car. Once inside the car she put her feet up on the small carpeted wall under the dash. Jon crawled out from underneath her toe. He rolled over so his back was on the flip flop. He put his feet on the space between Teresa's big and second toe , and his hands on the sides of either toe for balance.

From his new position Jon saw Teresa was sitting in the passenger seat with her eyes closed. To his dismay he couldn't see Alexis in the back seat. Jon carefully considered his options. He thought about sliding down the behemoth that was Teresa's foot to the floor and then crawling under the seat to get to Alexis. No, Jon could get stuck or lost or there could be no way out from under the seat. And Jon didn't like his chances of getting back onto Teresa's foot if his idea didn't work. Jon would stay where he was.

Alexis was enjoying having Jon under her toes. It was much more fun than she thought it was going to be. Alexis looked out the car window and realized , with some disappointment , they would be home in a few minutes. The SUV pulled into the driveway and parked. Alexis was the first out of the car , she didn't want Jon to get claustrophobic in her shoe. Her dad opened the door and Alexis rushed to her room. She shut the door and sat down on the edge of the bed. She slipped her foot out of her right shoe. She waited a moment but Jon didn't appear at the opening to her shoe. " Okay , you can come out foot boy. You've had your fun " Alexis called playfully. Still Jon didn't come out. " I swear if this is another prank you are so dead " Alexis said picking up her shoe. She looked inside it , the shoe was empty. " This isn't funny Jon " she called out. Jon didn't start speaking in her head or suddenly appear. Alexis began to feel sick. What if she had left him at the restaurant !

Jon sighed , still staring up at the underside of Teresa's large toe. Once the family had got home she had gone into her office and sat down at the computer. She had been here for awhile now. Teresa started to get up. " Where are we going now ? " Jon wondered. Jon realized with excitement she was going to Alexis's room ! She knocked on the door and after a moment Alexis opened the door ! Jon crawled out from his hiding place and saw Alexis's bare feet just inside the door. Jon stood up and hoped off the flip flop , running into the room. He ran past Alexis's feet and to the foot of her bed. After a short conversation Alexis closed the door. She turned and walked to her bed and sat down. Jon ran around the corner of the bed. Alexis had her head in her hands and she was crying. " Oh god , she probably thinks something bad must've happened to me " Jon thought sadly. He truly hated seeing girls cry. Especially when he caused it. Jon ran up to Alexis's feet and hugged her toe. Alexis lifted her head and looked down. She gasped with surprise and reached down to gently pick Jon up. " I'm so glad you're ok ! What happened ? " she said wiping her eyes. Jon told her the story but made it seem as if it was an accident , not Aphrodite's cruel joke.

" You had to ride with my moms feet ! Oh , I'm so sorry I should've made sure you were in my shoe " she cried holding him to her face for the second time that day. " Don't worry it wasn't your fault it was mine. I didn't get in in time. " Jon said wiping the wetness away from Alexis's cheek. " I'm just glad you're okay ". The two sat in silence for a bit. Alexis pulled Jon away from her face " So , what should we do now ? ". " How about we call it a night , it's been a long day ". " Okay " Alexis got up and turned the lights off , and then put pajamas on . She laid down on her back on the bed. Alexis placed Jon on her chest. " You can sleep up here with me tonight " she said grinning. " Fine with me ". Jon sprawled out on the giantesses chest. And that's how the two went to sleep.
Chapter 11 by The Shrunken Scholar
Author's Notes:
So begins Jon and Alexis' last day together. We're getting pretty close to the end!
The Goddess of Love: Chapter 11

Jon woke up suddenly. He snapped open his eyes for no apparent reason. He lifted his head and knew he was still on Alexis's chest just above her bosom. " Maybe I've died and gone to heaven. It's a better explanation than a Greek goddess coming down from Olympus to grant my wishes. Albeit with her own twists" Jon thought. Jon rose up slowly , not wanting to wake up the giantess. He stood to his full minuscule height. He stretched his arms and yawned. Jon turned to the nightstand beside Alexis's bed. The digital clock on it read 12: 00 in the afternoon. Sun light filtered through the slats covering the bedroom window. Doing an about-face Jon walked to the edge of his " bed ". He jumped off the edge and landed on the soft mattress below. He bounced and rolled a few times before coming to a stop. Jon hoped up and began walking down the length of the bed. Once he reached the foot of the bed he stopped and starred up at Alexis's petite feet. " Times almost up Jon-Jon ". Jon started and looked around. He knew that voice all too well. A snap echoed through the room.

" Up here Jon-Jon " Aphrodite called. Jon looked up and saw a blonde haired woman about Jon's height sitting atop Alexis's big toe. She still wore her white toga , knee high gladiator sandals , golden bracelets , and large red pendant. Jon immediately started to scowl " What do you want Aphrodite ? ". " I just wanted to remind you this is your last day with Alexis. Tonight at midnight you will be returned to normal and sent home. Alexis will remember none of this " Aphrodite smiled to herself. " Yeah , I know " Jon mumbled. The tiny goddess floated down from the giantesses toe. " Don't be so down , Jon. You should enjoy your final hours with her , instead of focusing on your dislike of me ". Jon snapped his head to Aphrodite. She knew how much he disliked her ? Of course she did , she's a goddess. She knew everything. " Look , I'm sorry. I really appreciate all you've done for me. But all that with Alexis's moms feet. That's not what I wanted ". " I don't think you understand Jon. It doesn't matter what YOU want , it's about what I want. I'm doing this for my entertainment " Aphrodite began to frown. " You're never gonna leave me alone are you ? " Jon asked sullenly. " Honestly ? Probably not , but I can't be sure. Enjoy yourself today Jon. I promise I won't pull any tricks " Aphrodite giggled.

And with that the tiny goddess disappeared in a puff of smoke. Alexis suddenly began to stir. She leaned up and yawned loudly. She looked down at Jon and smiled " Good morning , little guy ". " Good morning " Jon smiled back despite his bad mood. " You wanna have some breakfast ? " she asked rolling off the bed. " Yeah , that sounds great ". Alexis laid her hand down , palm up , on the bed. Jon climbed aboard and sat down. Alexis walked to the door and opened it slowly. After a moment she said " Looks like no ones home ". Alexis carried Jon into the kitchen and set him on the table " So , what'll it be ? ". " Um , I don't know. Whatever you want I suppose ". Jon had noticed that while he was shrunken he didn't need as much food as usual. He'd eaten very little while at Alexis's house and hadn't been truly hungry since he'd been shrunk. " Let's go with a traditional classic " Alexis said walking to a cupboard. She returned with a package of Pop-Tarts. " Haha that's fine with me " Jon grinned. He hadn't had a Pop-Tart in a long time.

Alexis sat down and opened the packaging. She tore off small pieces for Jon and took large bites for herself. The pair talked and laughed telling stories from school about teachers and other kids. Eventually they both finished. Alexis threw way the foil. " I think you should wash up again. You were under mine and my moms feet for awhile last night ". Jon agreed. Alexis filled up the sink and put soap in. She lowered Jon in and he began washing himself. When he finished Alexis dried him off with a hand towel. She then carried him to the living room and set him in her lap. " Alright, so I actually have an idea for what we can do today " Alexis said beaming down at Jon. " Let's hear it ". " I texted my mom. Her and my dad are gonna be out all day. So we'll have plenty of time to do it ". " Well tell me what it is and we will " Jon said his curiosity peaking.

" First , you need to be normal sized ". Jon called on Aphrodite and within seconds he was normal size but still in his toga. " Second , we need a big , open , and secluded place ". Jon asked Aphrodite for this request. In the blink of an eye the two stood in a giant , empty warehouse. " Now I'm really interested. Just what do you have in mind ? " Jon wondered aloud. " Third , I need to be in a full outfit. Shoes and everything. Not my pajamas ". Clothes suddenly appeared on Alexis. A pink t-shirt , dark blue jeans , and a pair of white Vans. " Okay , this is perfect " Alexis grinned. " Now tell me you're idea ! " Jon yelled playfully. " Aphrodite can shrink and grow things right ? ". " Yeah , you've already seen that " Jon said confused. " Well , I want her to grow something really big this time. Not just a little bit , a lot ". " Tell me what it is and I'll ask her ". Alexis took a few steps back and held up her arms. " I want her to make me grow " she said with a nervous smile.
Chapter 12 by The Shrunken Scholar
The Goddess of Love: Chapter 12

Jon's jaw dropped without him meaning it to. " Are you serious ? You really want that ? " he asked still slightly shocked. " Yes , I do. This is our last day together , right ? I wanna make it the best one yet " Alexis replied still grinning nervously. " Are you absolutely sure about this ? " Jon asked wearily. He couldn't help thinking how Aphrodite would take advantage of this for one of her tricks. " Look Jon if you don't ask her I will. And I think she'll do it " Alexis said putting her hands on her hips. Jon had no doubt the goddess would. " Fine , I'll ask her " Jon conceded. " Oh ! But ask her to do it slowly. I don't wanna just shoot up. We have plenty of time for it to be slow ". Jon stood in silence for a few moments " Okay , let's do it ". Jon sent his thoughts to Aphrodite. Jon took a step back , not knowing what to expect. Nothing appeared to be happening to Alexis. She certainly didn't shoot up. " Well , " Jon whispered " , how do you feel ? ".

" I felt a weird tingling feeling for a few seconds but then it disappeared " Alexis said looking down at herself. " You did want it to be slow ". " Yeah , true. Well I guess we don't need to be here just yet. This is for when I get really big , " she indicated the large warehouse " , for now let's go back to my house ". The two suddenly appeared back in Alexis's house. " I guess I don't need to ask Aphrodite for anything anymore. She's doing it herself ". " Well until I start growing , lets watch TV " Alexis said sitting down on the couch. Jon and Alexis sat and watched an over the top action movie for awhile. " Alright , my shoes feel smaller on me and so do the jeans. Stand up , let's check my progress ". Jon stood up and faced Alexis. When they were both normal height Alexis came up to a few inches below Jon's shoulder. Now , she was staring at Jon's throat. " Yes ! It's working ! " Alexis squealed happily. " Yeah , it is. I've been meaning to ask ; just how big do you wanna get ? " Jon asked reluctantly. " Oh , you'll see , " Alexis's smile widened " , now lets have Aphrodite speed it up a bit ".

In seconds Alexis's eyes were level with Jon's. Still Alexis continued to grow. Barefoot , Jon's height was about 5'10. Alexis was a foot taller than Jon now. In the process Alexis's shirt had torn , her jeans had torn in places and were inches above her ankles. Her toes had poked right out of her shoes. Alexis started growing again. Alexis's feet exploded out her shoes , quickly covering up the tattered remains. There was a loud snap ; Jon could only assume it was Alexis's bra. Her shirt ( and bra ) fell to the ground in tatters as well. Her jeans had multiple tears and only covered above her knees. The whole time Alexis just stared down at her growing self in shock. " That's enough ! " Alexis yelled. She stopped growing as suddenly as she started. Alexis covered her exposed bosom , blushing. Jon looked up in amazement , Alexis had to be over 7 feet tall. " Wasn't quite expecting that " she breathed nervously. " Me neither ". Alexis shifted around nervously , her devilish grin suddenly returned. " Sit back down at one end of the couch ". Jon did as he was told still mesmerized. Alexis sat down at the other end and brought her new long legs up onto couch. Planting her new , much larger , feet in Jon's lap.

" Growing out of my shoes really hurt my feet ; could you massage them for me ? " Alexis asked still covering her chest with her arms. Jon's eyes widened " O-Of course ". Jon looked down at Alexis's feet. They were much bigger , almost the size of her mothers. Jon's hard on made a appearance yet again. While she was growing Alexis's red toe nail polish and chipped off , leaving only small pieces. Alexis's toes wiggled expectantly. Jon looked at Alexis , she just smiled at him. Jon set to work. He rubbed Alexis's long toes and sole diligently. Her big toe was almost the size of his ring finger ! Jon had his hands on both sides of Alexis's left foot , kneading in his thumbs , when he felt an odd sensation under his hands. He looked closely and saw to his liking that Alexis's foot was still growing as he rubbed. As was the rest of the girl.
Chapter 13 by The Shrunken Scholar
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The Goddess of Love: Chapter 13

Alexis was still growing , slower than a few minutes before , but still growing steadily. Jon watched as the big foot under his hands got bigger. Jon didn't care though. His fetish got the better of him. He continued to rub Alexis's feet. This went on for at least half an hour. Now , Alexis had to bend her knees to keep her legs from going off the couch. Jon could no longer fit his hands around Alexis foot. It was simply too big. It was now almost the size of his chest. Suddenly , Alexis extended her legs forward ; putting her gigantic feet up against Jon's chest and face. " I'm getting too big for the couch. Try to get off " Alexis asked shifting around uncomfortably. Jon rolled out from underneath the monster on his lap. He stood up a few feet away from the couch. There came a loud groaning sound from the couch. Then it broke under Alexis new weight. Alexis stretched her legs out fully. Now her huge feet hung half a foot past the couch. Alexis rose up slowly to her new found height. The ceiling in Alexis's house was pretty high , maybe 10 feet high. Alexis's head nearly touched it.

Alexis looked down at Jon wide eyed. She still covered her chest and had one foot on top of the other. " Okay , I think we can go to the warehouse now " she smiled nervously. Then they were back at the warehouse. " I think I'm gonna need one of those togas. But , please make sure it grows with me " Alexis called out. " Oh , you're no fun at all " Jon grinned mischievously. " Oh , be quiet little man ". The toga had already appeared on Alexis's towering body. Alexis crouched down in front of Jon " Come here short stuff ". Alexis reached out and picked Jon up like he was a child. Jon's arms hung over one arm and his legs over the other. " Whoa , whoa , whoa ! Hold on a minute amazon I didn't agree to this " Jon shouted. " I decided for you " Alexis smiled down at him. " Do you think we could get something more comfortable in here then concrete ? " Alexis called out. A giant , what Jon could only describe as a , cushion appeared on the ground nearby. It was large enough for the giantess Alexis to lay down on , which she did. She put Jon down in her lap.

" I thought being tiny at your feet felt weird. It was nothing compared to this " Jon marveled gazing up into Alexis's giant smiling face. " Well , then you were shrunken. Now , you're normal size and I'm big. Your brain doesn't accept it " . Alexis tucked her long legs under her and cupped her hand around Jon's back. Alexis's hand could now easily wrap around his arms and legs , it wasn't large enough to wrap around his chest ... yet. " My feet still hurt , rub them for me ? " she asked innocently. Jon crawled off Alexis's lap and off the massive cushion. He walked a few feet away and turned around " Alright , give 'em to me ". Alexis unfolded her legs and placed her feet on the floor in front of Jon. The two giants were now slightly bigger than Jon's calves. Her big toe was now the size of a soda can. Jon slid his hands around Alexis's second toe and started rubbing. He meticulously rubbed each and every toe for 20 minutes. After walking on the dirty warehouse floor Alexis's soles had become slightly blackened. Jon put his hands on one of them and kneaded his fingers her into the soft skin. This went for almost another 20 minutes.

With his work done Jon rose from his knees and stepped back in shock. Without his noticing Alexis's foot had doubled in size. From the ground it was taller his waist ! Jon looked up and saw Alexis herself had grown too. " I think I'm ready for another growth spurt ! " Alexis called. The waist high foot in front of Jon started to grow and move toward Jon. Jon was forced to jump onto the foot while it grew. At some point he slipped between the big and second toe. In a few minutes Jon's ride and Alexis's growth stopped. Jon piked his head up and saw the much larger Alexis staring down at him. Alexis still sat on the now much too small cushion. Her head was much closer to the ceiling of the warehouse. Her leg stretched out a lot further across the warehouse floor. " Hey , look ! I have toe jam ! " Alexis voice boomed as she started wiggling her toes.

Jon was hung between Alexis monster toes like a wet towel on its rack. His chest and up on the top side of her foot , his waist and lower on the bottom side. " Little help ? " Jon called up. Alexis reached down and picked Jon up by the back of his toga. She brought him up to her face " I think I've outgrown this place. Lets get out of here ". Alexis started to get up but stopped without warning. " I'm definitely too big for this warehouse , I can't even stand up " she said lowering Jon to the ground. Alexis had to stay crouched in order to not hit her head. " Move out of the way little guy " Alexis boomed as she started crouch walking to the large door of the warehouse. It was actually quite funny looking ; Jon had to suppress a laugh. Alexis made it to the door and hunched lower. Jon walked over and noticed Alexis's gigantic feet and toes were tensed from crouching. Alexis slid the doors open with her massive hands. " Crap , looks like I'm gonna have to crawl through ". Alexis backed up and got down on her hands and knees. She crawled through slowly , shaking the ground and making a lot of noise. Soon everything but her feet had made it through the door.

As they scooted out they nearly kicked Jon. They barely missed as Jon jumped back. Jon hated to think what would've happened if the kick connected. Jon walked out of the warehouse after Alexis. Outside , Alexis was standing at her full height. She had to be at least 20 feet tall ! The two were standing on what appeared to be a boat yard. They were standing on a long concrete platform that stretched down the beach. The ocean was a short distance away. " Hey , look the ocean ! , " Alexis yelled , making Jon wince " , lets go for a dip short stuff ". Alexis merely stepped off the high platform and onto the beach. She then wadded into the water until it came up to just below her shoulders. Jon looked around and saw no one. The place was deserted. Who knew where they were ? But Jon didn't care much at the moment. A beautiful giantess was waiting for him to join her in the ocean. Jon ran to find a way off the platform.
Chapter 14 by The Shrunken Scholar
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The Goddess of Love: Chapter 14

Eventually , Jon found a staircase leading down to the beach. His bare feet took the steps two at a time. He ran to the shore where Alexis had gone in. Giant foot prints were left in the sand. Jon wadded into the cool water. Jon wasn't a professional swimmer by any means. He could , however , manage on his own in the water. He'd swam in the ocean before. He paddled out toward the waiting giantess.

Suddenly her titanic sized foot breached the surface. The toes clenched and unclenched in unison , as if waving at him. Jon swam faster. He made it to the SUV sized foot and climbed aboard. He grabbed onto the pillar of wet skin next to him. Alexis raised her foot out of the water a bit more. Jon held on tighter. " Oh , don't worry cutie I won't let anything happen to you " She boomed down. Alexis bent her leg so her foot was up by her face. She proffered her hand to him. Jon reluctantly hoped down from the foot. " Well , this has been fun " she called. Jon leaned back on her fingers " Yeah , it sure has ". " Sadly , I think I want to be normal sized again " Alexis said dejectedly. " Already ? ". " I wanted to give you a good time , I'm pretty sure I accomplished that " she grinned. " True , you did ". " Let's head back to shore ".

Alexis kept her hand with Jon in it above water and wadded back to shore. When they got close she lowered him into the water. Jon swam to shore himself. When he got there , Alexis was already standing on it. She towered over Jon. If it was anyone else he would've been scared. Jon eyes automatically went Alexis's humongous feet. " Get your last looks " she called down. Jon ran up and hugged her big toe. After a few moments he stepped back. " Alright , Aphrodite. Going down ! ". Alexis started to shrink , her toga shrank with her. Her feet dwindled in size , much to Jon's sadness. Alexis shrank down to normal size. She stood in the craters her large feet left behind. Jon walked up to her " Welcome back to earth ". Alexis laughed " Dork ! We should get back to my house ".

The two were back in Alexis's house before she finished the sentence. The house looked as if nothing had happened. The couch was no longer broken and Alexis's shredded clothes were gone. " Thank goodness we didn't have to clean that up " Jon said. He considered saying god but thought better of it , considering Aphrodite was watching him. Alexis walked over to the window and looked out. " The suns already gone down , how long were we out ? ". Jon's brow creased in irritation. There was Aphrodite's last trick. Jon peered at a nearby clock , it read 10:00. " Let's go to my room " Alexis said already walking to it. Jon walked in and Alexis closed the door behind him. She locked it and turned to him " The nights not over yet , foot boy. Get to shrinking ! ". Jon immediately shrank down before Alexis's feet. They were gigantic yet again. " For once I don't even care that it was without my consent ! " he shouted up. Alexis laughed and bent down to pick him up.
Chapter 15 by The Shrunken Scholar
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The Goddess of Love: Chapter 15 - Finale

Alexis was sitting on her bed. Her back was on the headboard and her legs stretched out in front of her. She was watching some family sitcom. Jon was back in the seat of honor. He sat in between Alexis's big and second toe. One foot up on his knee while he watched the show as well. The foot Jon sat on was crossed at the ankle on top of the other. Jon glanced back at the clock on Alexis's nightstand. The clock read 11:20. Jon's time with Alexis was coming to an end. He had immensely enjoyed the weekend. Even with the occasional trick from Aphrodite ( which weren't all bad ) he'd had fun. Aphrodite had delivered on their deal. After all the time he'd spent with Alexis's feet he knew them well. Their fragrance , the length of her toes , even the small wrinkles. He would miss being with her and them. Somehow Jon knew he wouldn't be returning here anytime soon. " I really hate to say it Jon but I have to get to bed. It is a school night " Alexis said sadly. Jon turned around " Yeah , I understand ". Alexis reached down and picked Jon up. " You won't be here in the morning , huh ? ". " No , probably not ". " Well , I had a really great time with you this weekend. I didn't think it'd be so much fun having a tiny guy playing with my feet. If you ever wanna come back its fine with me " Alexis grinned. Jon hadn't told her she would remember none of their adventures over the weekend. He just didn't have the heart to tell her. " Yeah , I most certainly will " he lied. " As a final favor to you , you can sleep on my foot tonight " she said putting him on the bed. Alexis got comfortable and Jon walked down to her foot and climbed onto the sole. Alexis dropped a tissue on top of him. Jon took it and got comfortable. " Well , I guess I'll see ya around Jon. Good night ". " Good night , Alexis ". Jon laid on Alexis's sole remembering everything they did over the weekend. His hard on made a final appearance. Jon smiled and picked his head up the clock read 11:58. Two more minutes and the weekend was over. Jon looked down at Alexis's foot and kissed it a few times. He laid his head back down and closed his eyes. The clock flashed to 12:00.

Jon sat up suddenly , the bed cover falling off his chest. His alarm clock was blaring loudly. He hit the snooze button. It was 5:30 in the morning , the usual time he woke up for school. He was in his own bed , in his boxers. Not on a huge , soft sole of a beautiful girl. Jon sat and thought. Maybe the entire thing had been a dream ? No , it was way too real. But the Greek gods were just myths , right ? Deep now Jon had a feeling it all really happened , but his logical side rejected it. All Jon knew for sure was he had to get ready for school. He rolled out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

Aphrodite looked down from the clouds on her marble throne. She began to laugh to herself. " Oh , Jon-Jon. You have no idea that the games are just beginning ! "
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