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Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 11 2019 12:07 PM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: Intimate Domain

Stop there Izzy ! Do you really think that Shannon - and Mei- will let you go away like that !

You fool! You shall not pass!

Another great chapter, and I can't wait to read more... and more of Rembrandt. Damn it.

Reviewer: Grandmaster B Signed [Report This]
Date: February 07 2019 6:16 PM Title: Chapter 9: Catch and release/TENSION

Thanks for the updates. As expected of Izzy losing it after meeting Shawna. Also showing that Majors just see Minors as pets even everyone around Izzy just wanting to get into her pants without even trying to change and keep repeating the same mistakes. Was not expecting that ending for chapter 9 can't wait for more.

Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 29 2019 9:48 PM Title: Chapter 9: Catch and release/TENSION

Well, I can almost hear Alejandro berating Lindsey now. That's how good this chapter was to me !

10 sexually tense MAJORS out of 10 !

Reviewer: 4ft9 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 20 2018 2:05 PM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: minor debateable

I cannot wait for more

Reviewer: DarkStarGoddess Signed [Report This]
Date: December 18 2018 3:03 AM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: Don't Call my Name

I wish this website had a better communication feature... oh well another review it is. X3  The numbers might help generate interest if nothing else.


I figured you were being pessimistic to shield yourself, honestly I do the same thing when I post a chapter every 1-2 years so I totally get you (but I will be honest even if I am my own worst critic the criticism can still sting), but I still wanted to spread some holiday cheer just in case, since again your recent stories have brought me a lot of happiness in reading them and playing with the ideas presented.


Oh and not terribly important, but yeah I meant BIG FEMALE little male by F/m... though honestly I was asking if this story contained much BIG FEMALE LITTLE MALE because......... well I do not dislike F/m, but F/f is my preferred cup of tea (more relatable for me), and when I thought this story was going in a more F/m direction I ADMITTEDLY GOT A LITTLE HUFFY and did not read... none of this is important, I was more explaining why I was not able to actually review this story, because I have not read it YET for.... weird reasons of mine as stated above. X3


PERSONALLY I am looking forward to any F/f stories you work on, however I would never tell you to do that; you need to write what you want to write, writing for other's peoples tastes can... lead to issues, I have found.  If your vision is F/m then so be it. :3


I think your proposed idea is interesting though; I get the message might not be good (however you could try to write it so it has a better message... or have them not end up together, or bring in a third party), but I also love the size difference mixed in with relationship drama... I'd probably read it.


No idea if I made any sense I do not know, I have a bad habit of coming to this website REALLY LATE and being a bit fuzzy headed.  Either way you rock and your writing rocks I just want you to know it is enjoyed and appreciated. :3

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 17 2018 11:32 AM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: minor debateable

Wrong again! I read your story. Am I nobody to you :P

It seems Alejandro is a really good people person and managed the situation well.

And also props for the rest, we finally have a real gang fight .

Well, know that I'm looking forward to the next chapter, especially now that I'm lying in bed with a fever.

Thank your for writing and making my day less boring!

Reviewer: DarkStarGoddess Signed [Report This]
Date: December 17 2018 5:03 AM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: Don't Call my Name

I notice a lack of reviews on recent chapters and some pessimism, so I feel like now might be a nice time to add some encouraging words.  ...However I have not read much of this story recently, I should and I intend to but I have not read the story it is corssing over with and well... you know thinking, I am probably off.


I put this story down because I sensed it might go into a more F/m direction (not entirely but some) from wherever I left off, and noticing that the story it is crossing over with is tagged F/m I was just sort of like... eh, I'll see it later.  But I am JUST NOW THINKING I might have written the story prematurely; how much F/m is in this anyways (besides probs next to none like in your other recent stories).


Anyways, the reason I decided to write a little something was just to bolster your spirits a little by sharing that your last two stories, Small and MAJOR/minor, more or less were what got me coming back to this site, and enjoying size fiction at all. Such quality F/f is hard to find here (hell F/f and quality by themselves can be hard to find), so your stories got to me and made me decide to not abandon this place, and finally make an account, which led me to reading a number of other good stories.  I love your ideas for interactions and power dynamics and they gel so much with what I enjoy writing as well, it's made me want to write more myself (... have not done a lot of that between 2 jobs and classes, but sometime).


So even though if it seems like no one is listening, you at least have someone watching your activity and reading... most things... I will probably go back and give this story another go honestly.  I also look forward to whatever else you put out.



Author's Response:

Well first of all I'd like to give a most sincere thank you for your kind words! Roadhog thumbs up emote for you!

Secondly I'm just a pessimist by nature when it comes to the things I create in both writing and drawing. It's how I cope with criticism. Nothing hurts when you are your worst critic. Maybe not the best approach but it's what I got. Also I do try to be a little jovial about it in an attempt a dry humor.

I do know people read my stories. There's some nice little numbers next to the read count that go up a bit when I upload chapters although maybe not as much as they used to, but hey that's the grind! I do this for fun and practice as I work on my true passion of cramming as much g/t stuff possible in a story driven sci-fantasy webcomic that may or may not happen!!

As far as F/m subject matter. I do write stuff like that it's just not how this story shook out too much because the main character's a girl. I also have ideas for more naughty stories too but I'm really bad at writing that and I don't like having too many stories going at once since that's how MrSirk screwed up. Don't read his stories!

I do have this idea for a small guy getting forcefully seduced into a relationship by a larger than life female bully maybe even in the MAJOR/minor world cause I like that size difference. Something kind of like GHX. It would be a little darker though cause it would deal with different forms of abuse and control and maybe wouldn't be the best message overall since the pair would end up together in the end. Just thinking about it gives me ideas. Maybe I'll write that story someday...someday.

I assume F/m means big FEMALE/little male but I'm not sure..I hope this answers your questions.

Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 16 2018 10:22 AM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: With friends like these

Damn... Now I'll have to really work on Sam's speech pattern, right ? It's a good thing I introduced that she can actually speak normally before this chapter came out ! It won't feel like a cop out this way, right ? Right ?

Also, who'se Derrick ? Kidding, even if it's Derek :) And Izzy meeting Helena Beaulac ? And Shawna ! It won't be spark, it'll be the Great Fire of London all over again ! Only, in New Orleans. 'Cause you know... Well, the story's is N.O... Okay, sorry.

As always, a pleasure to read and look at your drawings, so please, keep going strong, but heal well first !

Reviewer: steveg17 Anonymous [Report This]
Date: September 10 2018 9:34 AM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: Don't Call my Name

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Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 31 2018 2:44 PM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: Breakfast Banter

Amazing chapter! This story is not a dumpster fire!

But it seems that I completely forgot to post a review! How lazy of me!

Nice banter between all characters in this story. Also nice that you finally came back to Mei, but it seems like she is way in over her head. Poor Mei.

Good to see that your health is improving. From where I'm sitting it still looks like you are some hyperactive person burtsting with energy, unlike me. Were you even able to sit still long enough for the surgery and the recovery?

Reviewer: Cloud Signed [Report This]
Date: July 26 2018 11:55 PM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: Breakfast Banter

Welcome to the site, a good first chapter. I hope you make a full swift recovery.

Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 26 2018 1:17 PM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: Don't Call my Name

Also, double review because... Mei is here ! Yes ! The conniving, manipulative, smexy Asian from the main series is here ! And she's obviously trying to get Izzy in the bargain with Shannon... and the Matthewson is a shark when it comes to everything which isn't related to Alejandro, so I can see her selling the poor little and afraid Minor to this big bad Yellow Lightning !

Also, the gang going to school is kind of crazy -but less crazy than the alligator's permit. I wonder how I'll manage to fit it in the timeline of New Lives, but I will ! You hear me, I will !

I somehow hope that they'll stumble upon Sammy (especially Mei) just to see if they all have PTSD from Queen Brenda unleashing her psionic abilities on the poor innocent (not) MAJORS around her ! 

Author's Response:

Yes! Mei is back! Not that she really went anywhere. She was on that flight to New Orleans. Turns out it was more for business than pleasure. Not sure she's specifically bargaining for Izzy as I don't think the minor wpuld appreciate being traded in a business deal that has nothing to do with her, but knowing Mei something's probably up. She didn't have to fly to New Orleans for that meeting. In this day and age you can do most business over the phone and internet. Drop an email. Mei! That speaks volumes of Shannon that she'd be willing to sacrifice Izzy for a negotiating advantage though. Ruthless.

As for the gator licence. You planted the seed. I figure that would have to be regulated just to save the gators from getting hunted by hormone crazed MAJOR teens! That's prime Youtube material!Feel free to do with it what you will. 

Thanks for the double comment.

Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 26 2018 11:12 AM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: Breakfast Banter

Damn it ! Another stellar chapter ! Now, I'll have to considerably change the current one I'm writing so it won't come out this week... but not incorporating some of this material would just be too damn moronic from me. Alligator Lindsey-dee it will be !

Thanks a lot for putting your writing here, even if you're still not back to full health. I hope you'll be well soon thought ! I want to read more from you Mr. NotSirk !

Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 10 2018 8:59 AM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: One Little Moment

Damn it, it's harder to write down a comment worthy of your work than a random short story ! It's a testament of how good this chapter was in my eyes.

First, because I really liked how you highlighted the differences between MAJORS and minors. But also because how you expanded on the Ferrand's daily life in a way I hadn't even thought about. Of course Lindsey goes running very early, so as to not bother her brother who needs more sleep and never had much reason to be a morning person. Simple but effective world-building !

Then, I really like how the two L and I are playing each other. I still don't think that Lindsey would be a fitting partner for Izzy, she is too young and bruning hot to be able to keep a committed relationship going (thought Izzy could probably makes it works, or any Minor with some will for it to last). Somehow, I even think that Lisa would be a greater helper for Little Lind to discover her sexuality and all. The sexy Yodamiene to the dashing Lindsey Ferwalker, I guess. 

Finally, I really liked that you gave Lindsey such a gift after all the rough treatment she has gotten in New Lives. Spoiler, but the next chapters will deal with it, and most of her problems will at least start to be dealt with in the upcoming chapters. But my mean streak makes me wait with glee the moment Sabrina will learn about the whole thing, gnyhéhéhé !

Ps: I can't wait to be writing the corssover chapters, so many great characters to toy with that you created, I'm like a child in a toy factory right now.

Reviewer: 4ft9 Signed [Report This]
Date: July 10 2018 7:37 AM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: One Little Moment

Lindsay did deserve something nice

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 07 2018 2:42 PM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: One Little Moment

Good to see an update from you! I hope you're doing well, or at least, better!

Not so nice to see that you're in pain and exhausted :(

Well, at least we have an update for the story!


I really love this story so much!

And you're right, Lindsey deserves something nice!


Also, Thanks for writing even under these circumstances!

Author's Response:

Well truthfully I'm not even a full month from my surgery yet so I'm actually moving a little fast on be writing again. I take that as a sign of good recovery. But yeah updates might be slow or random or not at all for a few months. 

Lindsey's had an incredibly rough time in New Lives. Like wow! Kurogane's got kind of a cruel streak. I figure Izzellah finally being around would at least lift her spirits a bit. 

Thanks for reading under these circumstances!

Reviewer: pixl8ed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 07 2018 6:44 AM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: One Little Moment

I’m very happy to hear you’re doing better.  I was really worried about you and I’m super relieved to see you back.

Pain sucks and I really hope you continue to improve.  I’ve heard that selenium can help healing, you might ask about that.

Speaking of have really captured some sweetness in this scene.  It had a loveliness and a lightness that you have touched on before, but you really mastered in the interaction between Izzy, Lind, and Lisa.  You created an atmosphere of humor and friendship that was a joy to see.

In the past, Lindsay has shown herself to be a “biggies know best” type (the issue with not telling Rando about his flight situation is a good example) so she doesn’t seem like she would be the best choice for Izzy.

However, I truly enjoyed how Izzy made her rethink her prejudices and behaviors.  In this, Izzy is doing a heroine’s job and inspiring those around her to question things that need questioned and maybe even change for the better.  Though she’s doing it passively again...but I won’t bring up the “too passive Izzy” thing again, 'cuz yer sick and all. 

Feel better and keep notes when you feel too beat up to write...and look into voice recognition software, I think it’s a feature on windows 10, so you don’t have to type.

God, I am such a nag....



Author's Response:

Thanks for the well wishes! Eh it's not so bad really, it's mostly just frustrating. Your mind wants to do stuff but your body says "no" or "only for a half hour" or only is your sitting on like fifteen pillows in a very specific way that makes it hard to type". Stuff like that. 

Thanks for the praise on the writing. They've only just arrived so I don't think there should be too much drama yet. I was also trynig to highlight one of the traits of minors which is that they have a sort of calming effect on MAJORS, especially if it's just Lindsey. No Sabrina there to quip at her this morning.....yet.  I'm glad it worked. 

Don't know if Izzy and Lindsey are right for each other. I do know Lindsey clearly has a pretty huge crush which can be sweet but also heartbreaking. Come to think of it Izzellah also has a crush on someone that probably won't work out...Hmmmm.

Can't do much about Izzy being passive yet. She's a guest in someone else's home with an actual giant with an insane amount of power over everyone! As fun as it would be to have Izzy take charge and confront Shannon and steal Alejandro from her and take Lindsey too why not, and rebrand minorthingsmattertoo inot something better, and become a hip celebrity slash trillionaire, need to build up to that stuff.

As always thank you for the great feedback! 

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 21 2018 4:38 AM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: Arrival and Rival

Thank you for adding another chapter. The Lindsey vs. Sabrina is quite funny I think.

And it also seems that there is finally something that got Izzy scared: Shannon. And thats also understandable, there is probably nothing that can really stop Shannon, she'll probably barge right through the average safety room wall or car where a minor would hide from her in case of anger. Luckily she seems really calm and Izzy should really get to know her and it will be ok.

Also where did Mei go?

Author's Response:

Wher is Mei? That's a good question. Like I mentioned there should be a chapter before this one. I just haven't written it yet, but I was sitting on the meat of thes chapter for weeks. Here's some context though. Even though Izzy ran into Mei at the airport Mei was not invited to New Orleans. On the off chance Mei is in New Orleans it's for her own seperate reasons and she wouldn't be staying at Alejandro's. So there's no justifiable reason for her to be there. This is Mei though. She has a habit of showing up to places she's not expected to be. Like a creepy stalker!

Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 19 2018 11:28 PM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: Arrival and Rival

Another great chapter !

In my mind, Alejandro's house wasn't that big, but then again, I guess that Shannon wouldn't really let her lover live in a average house, I guess. Also, she was the one teaching 'Rando how to swim in Dance with Fire... but I guess it can also be that she taught him anew, because he didn't swam more than one or two times at fourteen :p !

Also, great quips between Lindsey and Sabrina! And is it me or Lisa is somehow interested in the Little Lind? At least, i got the impression that she was... or she just wanted to protect her bestie from the unwanted attention of the MAJORS around. 

Izzy and Alejandro... so much sexual tension in the air! What will happen? How will Mei react? When will Alejandro drop his prosthesis at home! COme on man, you're better without it, plus you look more vulnerable and cute.

Finally, Shannon. Stop hijacking peoples' plans to have an appartement or a hotel, come on! I know you want to hook up the two main minors together, if only to prove to Alejandro that you're a better fit (or perhaps that he fit better in you, eh?) than Izzellah, but come on! Plus, the excuse was really lousy, you should have done better! Plus you're still making Izzy really afraid, work on that will you ?

Author's Response:

Oh! Shannon did teach him how to swim! Well I can fix that in a few lines. Makes Lindsey a slightly bigger liar but it's fine! Does Alejandro lose his prosthesis at home? When does he feel comfortable without it? I mean  I tried to imply he was out with Shannon buying up Izzy's reservation. All Shannon's idea by the way! Then they snuck in when they realized everyone was swimming to change into swimsuits.

Lisa's not really crushing on Lindsey because she's more into guys, she's just being spoiled again by taking the nicest room and maybe she senses the rivalry between of two teen rivals! But I leave Lisa open to anything! Lindsey definitely noticed Lisa but is still crushing pretty hard on Izzy!

Oh Izzy and Al! Will it ever work for them!? That would break Lindsey's heart. Oh so much drama! Where is Shannon on all this?! Is she threatened by Izzy? Excited? She is a MAJOR big enough for two, but Izzy's terrified of her!! Also two minors Shannon? That's selfish!

Well Izzy has time to work things out with Shannon. That is if she can even move or speak when Ms. Matthewson's around. It's your fault. You made her grow even bigger! The shock of that alone is making Izzy question this whole thing.

But you'll have to wait. I'm actually leaving today and it will be awhile before I'm up to writing again. I will go correct that swimming part a bit. Thanks for the review. Looking forward to what you do with the characters!

Reviewer: Naoru Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 19 2018 6:43 PM Title: MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: Don't Call my Name

Love is so mean...

Okay, if someone read my review on the latest chapter of New lives, then you know Im a big Lindsey fan, and ot reflects on this; to me Sabrina was really annoying, and a couple of her insults were too mean spirited for my taste, like "Gross man body" is really something hurtful and rather low to say and Im happy that Lindsey had the right quip to it, because no matter how hard she tries, Sabrina cant deny she is Izzy´s step sister now, and thats not something that is easily overcome. Now, I ask you, is it normal on this society to date step siblings/siblings?or is still wrong? In any case I prefer Lindsey way more than Sabrina.


Which at the end of the day doesnt really matter because she has a crush on the man of the hour, Rando himself!I dont know what to think of it. Izzellah´s crush is more than obvious, and if it keeps going obvious it will break Lindsey´s heart. Not to mention she is still rather judgemental(jealous?)of Shannon, which, acording to word of God(Kurogane335) isnt against an open relationship of sorts. Maybe there is a threesome or polyamorous relationship in the future?who knows!well you are the author, so you know ;) As for shippings goes, Im not a fan of Sabrina and Izzy, like Lindsey and Izzy more, and as good as Izzy and Alejandro can be, I dont want him to be away from Shannon in any way. Though there is Samantha Paolini who could be great for Lindsey or Alejandro...and of course Lisa. Lets never forget about Lisa and how Lindsey eyed her.


One more thing, I wanted to ask your permission to rp with others on discord on the MAJOR/minor universe, entirely Ocs, nothing related to characters or events of your stories. And if anyone wants to add me, rp if I get permission, or talk about these series add me!my discord is Naoru #8749 

Sorry for the shameless self promotion, but it would mean a lot to get your approval. You have made an amazing universe and I love it!


Author's Response:

Hey! First off go ahead and rp or whatever you want. You have my blessing if that's what ya need. 

As far as Sabrina and Izzy go. It's probably as looked down upon as it is in real life. I'm not trying to promote incest I just like drama and think the nature of their parents relationship makes Izzy and Sabrina's potential romance more tragic. It's like a soap opera. It's honestly not fair for them and it probably won't work out especially with Gloria being pregnant now. Sharing a half sibling would make things even more awkward. That being said MAJORS are far more open when it comes to minors in general which maybe makes it less taboo to MAJORS. Minors are kind of seen as sex objects to some. Part of it is that minors have short life spans so any romance with one is more celebrated because it will be so fleeting. So there's some MAJOR/minor psychology for you! It's a pretty complex issue and I'm sure some psychiatrist in the universe has written dozens of books on it. That all being said if Izzy announces an interest in Sabrina they would have their parents blessing. It's kind of thier fault the two even met and they kind of set it up to begin with. I'm sure some in society would look down on them though. That's why Lindsey picked at the subject. She went right for the jugular but then again so did Sabrina!

Izzy does have a crush, but also knows Alejandro is engaged and respects that too much. Plus she's very afraid of Shannon. It would take a lot for that to workout. Kurogane might write my characters in his story. Will see what he does. If/when that ever happens. As far as Izzy and romance in general? She's too busy for it at this point in her life. She's open to something happening but she's not actively persuing it and trying her best not to be a tease. 

Thanks for the comment! 



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