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Reviewer: NotSirk Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 22 2018 6:37 AM Title: Her Next Agenda is Retribution

It's clear the "fracture" in Fracture Factor is Justine's mind. I don't even know what to say. I've been desensitized to Justine's actions now. Eating Lewis' mom isn't even the worst thing she's done. I'll tell you what though? She'll have to answer for that one if the God she believes in does exist. Add it to the list. Even killing Lewis would've been a huge leap for her flimsily defined justice, but eating his mom?! You had a mom too Justine! Is she on the hook for all the people you've eaten?! Cause that's way worse than Lewis paralyzing your bro! 

Okay rant over. Honestly I'm kind of glad Justine doesnlt feel too guilty about Marvin or mama Lewis. We've been there and done that with the guilt trips. Al least deluded avenging angel Justine had the illusion of conviction regardless of how temporary that unhealthy mindset was. It's a little frustrating to see Justine still struggling to find her footing and come to terms with what she is, but I think it's a journey. One day she will achieve her final form! And ultimately she'll be better for it. Stable. Confident. Capable. Not necessarily good for the small humans depending on where she ends up on the ol' giantess spectrum between gentle and violent, but she'll either be healthy enough to make ammends for the people she's hurt and the lives she's taken, or she won't care! Humans are food and only the ones she likes deserve to live. Who's gonna stop her? Not me! I thankfully live in a crazy giantess free country.

Reach your final form Justine. Good luck!

Oh and John! Stop being such a bitch! Just talk to Justine! Move! Do something! Take your hot 25 year old widow and skip town with the kids! There's literally no reason to stay in Justine country! Take up the sword! Slay a dragon! Start a shoe shop in the city! I don't know! But your mom was a bitch and cowering in fear is boring. Justine is kind of okay with you and probably won't eat you even if she's hungry. Work with that!

Reviewer: Nothingness Signed [Report This]
Date: February 13 2018 2:15 PM Title: 17th Century Grand Theft Auto

Yes! One of my favorite authors and their story is back! ^.^ 


I hope all is well with you in real life. 


It was nice to see someone else show Justine some kindness outside her friends even though I felt like Douglas partially used her to get back at his rival. It was a shock to me that she didn't straight up devour Russell but I guess it makes sense giving she was feeling guilt at that moment for eating people. 


I am concern about her regurgitating so much. That can't be good for anyone's health. The seen with Marvin was interesting and it made total sense that a teenage boy would be curious about her body. I just wonder if Douglas is going to find out some how if she ate his grandson and how he would react to her now.


Great work as always.




Author's Response:

Real life stuff has been fine, I just sometimes get frustrated with writers block. Thanks for asking.

As for Douglas he is the crafty type so he saw a chance to make a powerful ally and took it. If he knew the whole story of what his Grandson did he would probably be torn as if anyone else had done what he did Douglas would likely say they deserved it. But that was his Grandson so it's hard to say what he would think of Justine. Actually just finding out the fact she ate anyone instead of for say crushing them would likely be enough to impact his feelings toward her.

The process of regurgitation isn't the most kind to the body so she will likely try harder to avoid swallowing people that she might feel bad about later.


Reviewer: NotSirk Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 13 2018 3:44 AM Title: 17th Century Grand Theft Auto

This was a very.....gray chapter.?

The whole encounter with Douglas was so muddy from almost the very start and I think the entire interaction perfecty reflects Justine's fractured mindset. Despite me firmly believing Justine has made an important decision in how she treats humans and percieves them as food, she is still struggling with it. I'm very surprised she regurgitated the two from before and even spared Randall. I think she's trying to establish guidelines for when it's acceptable to eat people even if I think she'll break those lines if pushed far enough. Very interesting development in her giantess philosophy.

As for Douglas? I actually kind of hate him. He's a very polarizing character simultaneously showing Justine the kindness and understanding she's desperate for while expertly manipulating her. Dangerous. I wonder what she'd think if she knew the whole story. Randal was an ass but Douglas may have very well destroyed his livelihood and nearly got him killed! Most justified rivalry to ever exist! And I hope him being an "alchemist" isn't an empty promis. The odds are grim but even a slight hope that Justine can get smaller is worth it. Although I'd personally still keep her larger than humans, just not so large it's too hard to eat. :P.....I wonder how he'll feel about Justine eating his grandson?

Speaking of Marvin he wins a Darwin award. What brain malfunction leads you to think sexually molesting and assaulting a giantess is a good idea?! It almost justifies his death! Another very morally ambiguous moment there and is a orime example of Justine steal seeing humans as a food source. She justified his consumption very easily, although in fairness that is a particular sore spot for her.

Technical advice: The transistion between Justine and Samantha's perspective should be separate paragraphs. It was confusing to read at first. 

Great chapter.


Author's Response:

Thank you for the Technical advice and sorry that how I wrote the change in perspective caused confusion. I will try to keep it in mind for when a transition of perspectives happens in the story. This chapter was longer than I planned and longer than the next one I am planning update the story with. Also there were things that happened this chapter that will lead to her becoming more proactive in the next chapter.

Marvin certainly rubbed salt on the wrong wound there and paid for it dearly. In his case he likely didn't think she would notice and used the fact she would be unaware as justification for taking care of his relatively new urges. If Douglas found out what he did and what happened to him Douglas would likely think he was the biggest fool on earth. On the other hand I am sure he would be upset and not be quite as understanding of Justine's reaction to what he did.

Russel was close to being eaten alive, but I think by just enough of Justine's guilt overcoming her anger she spared him from that fate. However being stuck 40 feet above ground on a tree branch still makes for an interesting punishment after being treated like a toy and nearly sliding down her throat.

Reviewer: whackamole1 Signed [Report This]
Date: February 04 2018 10:49 AM Title: The storm provides misery in spades

At this point Justine might not have much of a choice but to turn back to her town and eat the rest of John's cattle. 5 cows were enough to sustain her in the past, and with a herd of cattle, maybe 40+ cows she could sustain herself for at least a week with careful rationing. She can sustain herself longer if there are other farms in the area. Which means her swallowing the "feeble minded" boy and his father was pretty short term and pointless, but I guess she was too hungry to think clearly, and she probably wanted to avoid John out of guilt. It must be pretty awful from the point of view of the terrified boy in "the belly of the monster" and his desperate and scared as well dad trying to calm him down. I'm hoping that Justine feels bad enough to throw them up in time when she gets to a more filling food source, like John's cattle. And no, she can't eat trees, grass, or leaves, since her body wouldn't be able to digest it, so she needs to eat meat. Or huge quantities of vegetables or bread, which villagers would have difficulty providing even if they wanted to.

I get the impression that Justine's town isn't much bigger than a few thousand people if even that. While her family was probably pretty reclusive considering her father's unpleasantness, some of the people must still recognize her, I'm sure she attended church, which would mean that those who recognize her would know that she isn't a demon since she's been among the townspeople for years. This could backfire on her though, since if they can't hurt her, they could hurt Kevin. Justine, once she has a head clear form hunger pains, should immediately move Kevin, Christina, and Mark to a hidden and out of reach area, just in case. The mob out to get Justine, doesn't really stand a chance against her. The first hint to them that they don't stand a chance would be when they try to summon to watchmen and find only one shaken survivor, the as of yet unnamed guy that she threw up, telling them what happened to the others and how awful it was in Justine's stomach. Soft lead musket balls would most likely shatter on impact with Justine's thick skin, and the men would lack the strength to penetrate deeply Justine's thick skin with swords, pikes, and pitchforks. It would be like baby mice trying to stab someone with snapped off 1 inch toothpick ends. Luckily for the mob, Justine doesn't seem to want kill people, and I don't think she would be willing to kill a priest, so she could probably improvise a creative way to neutralize them without killing them. Heck, she could probably knock over the entire mob just by peeing on them.

If Justine does take over the town, and even if she tries not to kill any more townspeople, and tries to state her case to her fellow residents there will still be begrudging resentment towards her. This resentment would be due to the massive needs of her body, and due to her killing 15 locals thus far. 6 crushed, 9 swallowed, 4 digested and expelled as evidence, 5 still in her intestines. The families of her victims probably will not forgive her easily to say the least.

Some ideas for the story in the short term could include, a focus on the aftermath of Justine's cannibalism. Making sure the remains of the dead got a proper religious burial was a big deal at the time so a retrieval of the 4 bodies Justine expelled earlier would have to be done. The town doctor/early scientist could do a 17th century version of a forensic examination on the bodies of Justine's victims taking notes on the condition of the bodies and the effects Justine's digestive system has had on them. The digestive system wasn't very well understood back then, and science never had a reference for entire human beings going through one. The distraught families of the missing, having to examine the remains and clothing of the victims to make identifications for burial. This could also apply to those she crushed. There could be some perspective from the families of the victims and their turmoil. Brad had a wife and kids (who probably didn't know about his adultery and probably thought highly of him), the families of James and his yet unnamed girlfriend, the emotional perspectives of loss and attitudes towards Justine from the victim's families after this might be worth exploring. Likewise, the families of the watchmen, and that hunter, would have to look at the crushed bodies she left behind and try to figure what is left of who, and they might even demand that Justine release the remains of the 5 still in her digestive tract for a proper burial. John might be forced to reveal what really happened to him and his mother to his sister's, Kevin might even find out that his father never really left like he was told. After 15 dead it might be interesting to take a look at the trauma and perspectives of those involved in the aftermath. If Justine does take over the town, most people would probably deal with her impositions with distrust and resentment, but the families of her victims might deal with indignant hatred towards her, even if she did try to apologize and come clean.

Another idea could be the spy from chapter 14 setting a Imperial intervention in motion. The perspective of imperial nobles, scientists, and advisers, as they discuss a course of action for Justine. Eventually, Justine might have to make a deal with higher authorities, like the German's, and go along with them willingly due to dwindling local resources and a large Empire being able to provide for her needs. Having to go along with being shown off and studied, in exchange for resources for her, and protections for Kevin, Christina etc. As for an idea about another giantess, it wouldn't really make sense for their to be 2 giantesses in the same place. I like the idea of Justine being a lone giantess best, since it keeps the focus on her and those she encounters. But if there is another giantess, it might be something like late in the story it's revealed that say the French or another country also have a giantess of their own.

All in all it's a good to have a character driven giantess story like this one. Too many stories are just quick crush or swallow and forget type stories, but here we have consequences of vore, destruction, and other actions. And reluctant characters, which adds layers of realism. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response:

In the near future I plan a chapter that solely covers the reactions of the town and the perspectives of those who have been impacted by Justine's choices. The Priest will likely change his assumption and find a way to keep the mob together under his leadership. I suspect many people know their odds of actually killing Justine aren't high, but hope there religion will provide divine intervention on the call of the Priest leading them to defeat her.

Though I haven't put a number on it, when writing about the town I tend to think of 1000-2000 people living there. Maybe in the future I could go more in depth on that, but for right now cannon wise this detail hasn't been established yet.

At some point I do plan on the spy from chapter 14 attempt to set intervention in motion, but at least for next few chapters the story will be locally focused. From there in the mid term other big players will likely learn of Justine's existence as time goes on and might give her other offers.

Writing about the families that have suffered losing loved ones due to Justine eating or crushing them would be interesting. Some of them might become so blinded by anger that they attack her on their own despite how suicidal trying to fight a giantess large enough to swallow them whole is. Other's maybe could end up being more passive, but still cause her problems.

The biggest thing about if Justine were to outright take over the town is that Kevin would likely figure out she has killed people and she might desire to avoid this possible outcome. If this restraint was somehow lifted, then her interaction with the town might be more hostile and forward. Effectively Justine would not be as patient before making her domination over them clear. I have thought of a few basic roads or paths the story could go in resolving the relationship between her and the town full of frightened natives. In any case it's unlikely to be a smooth transition for them as they will struggle with both the logistical needs of Justine's body and the emotional toll both her existence and actions place on their minds, hearts and even belief systems.

As always your feedback is detailed and well constructed. Your reviews are a good thoughtful read and I am glad you think the story is doing good.

Reviewer: NotSirk Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 21 2018 11:01 PM Title: The storm provides misery in spades

This was a rough chapter for Justine and her most deplorable kill to date. Especially since it's shown she's capable of hunting. She just prefers eating humans. I think she's reaching a breaking point. You've done a great job of blurring the lines of her choices. We'd all do questionable things to survive in desperate situations. I get a real Donner party vibe from this chapter. That being said I think Justine's just a step away from deciding to eat humans out of convenience. I mean she's already done it. She could've tried more hunting, foraged, are there no crops or fruit bearing trees? She feels like she's starving but I do wonder about that. I feel like starving could easily turn into craving. A very important difference. She's getting dangerous or well...more dangerous. 

Even though she's made these decisions (eating two basically innocent humans) I still don't hate her. I really just want her to get it together and I think she's close. My advice to her if she wants to retain whatever shred of humanity she has left is....try some different food. Normal humans can't digest the amount of raw meat she's been eating. She might be able to get away with eating trees! Not very appetizing but better than the constane existential crisis when eating humans. That or giantess up and decide she going to eat humans to survive! And I honestly think she's already made her choice. 

Author's Response:

It was a taxing day so she likely didn't feel like more hunting would work as her reflexes likely slowed down after a while, making it harder to catch wild prey. As for foraging she might not be an expert on what plants were suited for eating and what could harm her. In the end though Justine most likely deep down knew she didn't yet expend every option and yet chose to eat human's becuase of her cravings.

If my own fetish for vore was the only thing on my mind Justine would giantess up and eat humans to survive, but there many other roads she could take and I don't think she is ready to make such a choice yet. It might even turn out she just doesn't have the stomach to ever eat a innocent human being again.

The latest chapter I have been working on might not be done for some time as I think the writers brick wall has come in at full force to halt my progress on it. That and I haven't felt as inspired to write lately with words being forced from mind to paper at quite the sluggish rate with some day's I haven't been able to write at all.

So again sorry that the next update might not happen for a while longer and really again thank you for your support, feedback and reviews as I enjoy reading them.

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Date: January 19 2018 4:44 PM Title: Her Friend in Trouble

Is that town really big enough to feed two giantesses?

Thank you for writing, I like the story

Author's Response:

Well at least for the time being they only have one to worry about feeding. It's good to know you like the story and thank you for the review.

Reviewer: Nothingness Signed [Report This]
Date: January 18 2018 6:24 AM Title: Her Friend in Trouble

If you decided to put another giantess, maybe she can be a REAL monster that influences Justine. Maybe the other giantess can be the embodiment of Justine's dark side if Justine were to continue going down her dark road. That's just my thought though but like NotSirk said, it's your story.


If you want my opinion, I think it's fine with Justine alone but whatever you do, I'll read this spectacular story regardless. Awesome that Justine saved Christina like that and damn... Burrying that guy was one hell of a punishment. I'd freak out if I was burried alive. O.O 


Love your story as always. I always look foward to a new update. 



Author's Response:

Thank you for your feedback and for such praise as to call this story spectacular. Honestly getting burried alive would be a living nightmare for me as well.


After thinking it over for a few day's I have chosen to keep Justine as the only giantess in the story.

Reviewer: NotSirk Signed [Report This]
Date: January 18 2018 5:39 AM Title: Her Friend in Trouble

Writing Advice: While I'm far from a great writer I can say this. Make sure you have a good reason to add a second giantess. Think of how it will change the story and what purpose it will serve. Is she meant to fight Justine? Join Justine? How does it change the status quo for the better and can the story work just as well without her? 

I know things are calming down at the moment as Justine reflects on the people she's killed and consumed. That's actually a good thing to help the audience recover from the action, but if your worried you don't know what's next it's simple. Justine needs to make a decision. She's been mostly reactionary which is to be expected from turning into a giantess out of nowhere, but she can't go like that forever. At some point she'll have to be proactive in her own destiny or she'll end up starving in the forest. And you've already shown it! She defended herself against those attackers, freed herself from her abusive father, released John and that kid's father (which she didn't have to do), and even saved Christina from a rapist and possibly murderer.

So that's my input. At least for your main character. Justine needs to decide who she wants to be and what she wants to do. For better or worse she's a giantess now and holds a lot of power. How will she use it? Will she become a benevolent guardian? A despicable tyrant? Maybe she'll decide to try and find a cure? Anyway once that's done it will be easy for her to work off other characters. How will John factor in? What about the spy? Is an army coming for her? I'm just throwing out random stuff now but you get it.

I hope this helps or is the feedback you wanted. Regardless of my thoughts remember at the end of the day it's YOUR story. You could have Justine fight a T-rex just for lols! I'd read it!

Author's Response:

Thank you for the writing advice and feedback as it was helpful. My main idea for a second giantess was for her to be Justine's ally, but I have elected to keep Justine as the only giantess in the story. I could change my mind at some point in the future, but at least right now I plan on Justine being the only giantess in the story.

As for if Justine will become viewed as benevolent or despicable to those living in her local community they will likely by a large margin see her as despicable for the time being.

The funny thing about Justine fighting a T-rex is that I could invoke the lab from the first chapter to make a T-rex fight happen, but unfortunately the T-rex will be staying in it's native place in time for the sake of the plot.

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 11 2018 7:36 AM Title: The Priest

It seems this town is dead set on working itself further into trouble by trying to kill Justine.

It is also very nice to see that Justine is having regrets and Mark and Christine being scared of her and trying to calm her down, but it seems that the problem is that there just isn't enough food for Justine.

Thank you for writing this story! I am already looking forward to the next addition.

Author's Response:

I wrote this story becuase it was a fun idea to explore, but thank you for your review. Glad you have enjoyed reading it so far and hope you like the chapter I just posted.


Author's Response:

I wrote this story becuase it was a fun idea to explore, but thank you for your review. Glad you have enjoyed reading it so far and hope you like the chapter I just posted.


Reviewer: NotSirk Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 08 2018 6:05 PM Title: Kevin's denial

Wow you have no fear in putting your characters through a gauntlet of emotionns!

Justine still struggling with her humanity and the guilt of living with the lives she's taken

Kevin in denial at the reality of his sister's crimes and transformation

 Christina struggling with the fear of her friend and the responsibility of Kevin

And of course John consumed with grief and rage contemplating killing a paralyzed man


It really feels like all the characters are at a crossroadsin development and that soon they'll vecome different people entirely. Whether they end up better are worse is up to you. What's clear is that none of them are the people they were at the beginning of this tale. This has been a very riveting read and maybe a little underated on this site. 

Author's Response:

I think the issue is the fact I didn't put as much effort into the story when I wrote the first few chapters as I do now and becuase that is what most people see they don't read the rest. Even taking that into account I didn't expect that many people to enjoy the story and feel lucky for the support it's gotten so far.

Thank you again for the praise of story so far and hope you enjoy the next chapter I just posted.

Reviewer: Nothingness Signed [Report This]
Date: January 07 2018 6:00 PM Title: The Toll

I'm glad John got regurgitated up and it was definitely understandable he was made at Justine since she killed his mom. The scene with Justine praying to God was intense! She's truly battling with herself here. This story gets better and better with every chapter. Have I also mentioned that Justine is hot? ^^

Author's Response:

Honestly there were a number of things I was unsure about with chapter 15 so I am glad you enjoyed reading it as it was quite intense.

Thank's for the review and I agree Justine is hot.

Reviewer: whackamole1 Signed [Report This]
Date: January 05 2018 2:29 AM Title: The Spy of The Holy Roman Empire

Well this thickens the plot. One of the Justine's biggest advantages thus far has been her habit of not leaving any witnesses to her cannibalism, apart from timid Christina. Roger seeing her poop out human remains while swallowing John, and fully intending to warn the town changes things. Roger really shouldn't have any trouble convincing the townsfolk, when Justine leaves evidence behind. All he, the experienced scout, has to do is lead the townsfolk back to the spot where Justine relieved herself and present the evidence. There's no better way to see what she has been eating than to go through her waste, and her waste has the remains of 4 people in it, with evidence they were swallowed whole and alive. The townspeople can't avoid evidence this damning. This would also cause huge anguish for the families of the missing (James, James' girl, Brad) since it would not only confirm their deaths, it would force family and friends to go through the gross, gruesome, and traumatizing task of going through her poop to recover remains for identification and burial. They would also have deep resentment for Justine for the indignity of her literally discarding their people as her crap. Although their resentment towards her would be tempered by their fear of her power, that she can swallow someone whole and alive, have them die inside her, and then perform the indignity of having their bodies come out of her butt encased in a 20 foot log. That kind of fate, and her dominance in being able to do that, should keep the villagers fearfully in check. It would be interesting to see the village's reaction, Mark and Kevin's reaction, and Justine's reaction, to her cannibalistic secret being out in the open. It could force Justine to stop trying to make a good sympathetic impression, and just take over the place.

At Justine's size, not only would she be huge enough to be nearly invincible, her skin thickness would be so great that musket and flintlocks would be nearly useless against her. Muskets and flintlocks simply lacked the piercing power and velocity of modern bullets, soft lead rounds would transfer kinetic energy but would lack piercing ability. Even a very big musket round would probably shatter on impact without piercing her skin. They would also have a very slow rate of fire. This was why bears were considered so dangerous to hunt before modern rifles and bullets, musket tended to only wound them and have them charge. Justine is many times bigger than a bear. Long swords or halberds could maybe pierce her skin, but it would require super strength to drive them in for any depth. It could be like a non venomous spider bite for her. Annoying, but far from life threatening. If she decides to take over the villager's are going to be stuck with her.

Justine showing John her feces, just before swallowing him, is an act of casual, probably unintentional cruelty. She's really driving home the point that he and his mother are, and literally will be, nothing but crap to her. I got to admit that I do feel bad for the character, and Justine should feel bad for what she did to the people she knew (John and Francis). She was the one who cheated and betrayed her promise not to eat him, even after having his mother lick dirt, human blood, and gore off of her. And in hindsight John is probably telling the truth about not seriously expecting to kill Justine with their puny weapons, and that they were just trying to drive her off. She's probably right about him never being able to forgive her if she kills his mother, but she still has time to throw them up if her conscience nags enough at her. Since now everyone will be thinking of her as a monster, a showing of mercy could go a long way in showing otherwise. Time in her stomach would be punishment enough for the 7 in it, and they could warn others just how unpleasant it is in there, and the futility in opposing Justine.

Considering the devastation, from the point of view of a regular sized person like Roger, that Justine causes running into the woods to pee and poop, knocking down so many trees along the way back and forth, and that she has to pee several times a day, poop once every day or two days, and drink and eat an equivalent amount, that even if she manages to take over the town, the locals are going to have to put up with sanitation and supply problems with her. It could get annoying if she's drinking the available water supply, and all they're left with is the same water, after it passes through her "second hand." Although on the bright side, they would never have to worry about another town fire, since Justine could just pee on it. It seems that she might eventually have to go along with another better funded group that would be better suited to sustaining her, which is where I guess the Holy Roman Empire comes in.

Roger and how the Germans/Austrians play along into the story will be very interesting. She would certainly be of immense interest to them, but probably not enough to provoke a war, at least not one that was already ongoing. In 1673 France and England would have been carving up Holland, while Spain and the Holy Roman Empire would have been trying to defend it in the Franco-Dutch War. It's interesting how Roger seems to think that she's a weapon, but doesn't have a clue how this came to be. He would probably be left to assume sorcery or alchemy. His superiors and court intellectuals would probably disagree that the French would have the capability to make someone like her, and the debate between them and their reasons for how she came to be would be amusing, sorcery, divine intervention, supernatural curse, alchemy, "accident of the universe," or her being from a "slumbering race of giants” etc. If they come for her in the future of the story, she might just go with them in exchange for food and protection. If they decide to use her in their military they would most likely use her sparingly as a form of psychological warfare, they would probably try to mostly study her, or maybe she could catch the attention of a prince with fetish interests in her.

Overall, a pivotal chapter, with her secret coming out, this opens the door for many immediate term, near term, and far term storylines. A giantess in an alternate universe's 1600's is one of the better story ideas on this site, and considering how much storyline potential there always is in this world, and your detailed descriptive narrative, this story is an ongoing site highlight that I really hope goes on for a long time.

Author's Response:

Thank you again for your very detailed input and reviews. I expect life will be making things harder to update the story often, but I hope interest in the story stays and that I can keep it going for quite some time as I have really come to like the idea of people from this place and time having to deal with a giantess.

 It would be quite interesting later in the story to write about a wealthy person such as a prince that takes a fetish interest in her. Justine's reaction to such a person would be interesting to see.

Reviewer: NotSirk Signed [Report This]
Date: January 03 2018 6:50 PM Title: The Spy of The Holy Roman Empire

And there goes John and I have to say that one hurts. Justine probably didn't have much of an option there as she probably forced herself into a corner but so far John fills like a real victim, except maybe for the girl James was with but we really didn't get to know either of them. John we knew and he seemed the most capable of tolerance and sympathy , somewhat  forced to attack her by an overbearing and frankly insufferable mother and Justine ate him. A tragic outcome for him. That's my interpretation, but maybe I'm reading too much into it and John. I wonder if Justine will regret what she did to him? I'm not sure she even feels that bad about it. More pity than actual remorse.

I'm eager to see how things develop now that this spy will probably spread the news of Justine's existence. I can easily see her being attacked, used and manipulated, or even worshipped as a deity at this point.

Author's Response:

As for if Justine feels remorse and regret the next chapter getting posted soon should be of interest to see how that develops. If at some point later in the story Justine was worshiped I am not sure what the most likely thought process behind the people doing so would be in context of this era in time. Maybe it would just be fear driven or it could somehow tie into an existing belief system. People at some point might even create a cult around just worshiping her.

John's mother though being easy to hate also cared about him quite a bit in her own way. It felt like a shame her hard headed thinking and backward simple assumption's had her send John out to fight Justine. If she had more restraint or if nothing else if John had made a firm stand against his mother then maybe Justine's rampage wouldn't have included him in her stomach.

I have to say it's been interesting to read how people have interpenetrated the story so far while reading the reviews. Also your input has been great and I am very thankful for your reviews.

Reviewer: Nothingness Signed [Report This]
Date: January 03 2018 6:48 PM Title: The Spy of The Holy Roman Empire

I love this story so so much. Seeing the bones and clothes of Justine's "food" in her waste was a nice way to show this Roger guy she's eaten people. I do feel bad for John though. He really wasn't a bad guy. Keep it up the amazing work and Happy New Years.

Author's Response:

Thank you for wishing me a happy new year's and for the praise of what I have written so far.


Reviewer: officerkc Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 02 2018 5:58 PM Title: The least they could do is be her breakfast

Love this story. Sometimes I have to go back and read to remind myself this isn't present day lol. 


I like how you can see everyone's rationale. Will Justine continue her monstrous path? Can't wait for more!

Author's Response:

I hope that doesn't mean I haven't done well at keeping in theme with the era the story takes place in.

Thanks for the praise of the story and hope you like the next chapter.

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Date: January 02 2018 3:38 AM Title: The least they could do is be her breakfast

Well. This chapter was fantastic and very important. I think Justine has turned the corner into monsterdom. Before this her action could be argued (just a little) but eating a groveling mother trying to protect her son after thoroughly breaking her spirit first...AND enjoying it?! Nope that's pretty bad. And she's gonna eat John anyway. It's been a slow and methodical transformation and I love it! It's not even over yet! She was still hesitant. How long before even that small shred of conscious disappears? I would like to see more of her caring side though because I do believe Justine still has the capacity for it and that adds to her character and actually makes this story a bit tragic. In a day the worlds turned her from an abused girl trying to take care of her brother to a giant cow stealing, murdering, cannibal and if just a few things had went differently. If John and his mom had offered to help, If Christina hadn't lied about James, If John had stood up against his mom. Maybe Justine would've turned the more benevolent route. It might be too late now. What is Kevin gonna think of all this?

John is still alive though so there might be some hope! Although even if she decides to spare him and not swallow him as an after bathroom break snack I don't see him getting over her eating his mom. He probably does want to kill her now! I don't think he really did before but that's in the past now so oh well?

Also just a side note. Fantastic swallowing descriptions. Not really reading this story for the vore aspect but it's enjoyable so that helps.

Author's Response:

Thank you for the praise on this chapter. I also agree Justine has allowed herself to become quite twisted.

A chapter showing her more caring side will be coming soon that might open a path away from monsterdom.

Reviewer: whackamole1 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 29 2017 6:07 AM Title: The witch hunting party of 13

I hope Justine does decide to spare John and his mother, they're local people who she has known for a long time, they were only trying to defend their livelihood, and unlike Brad, John isn't a coward, refusing to abandon his stricken family member. I can see Justine severly punishing them, but not outright killing them. Perhaps she can humilate them as they lie in front of her, she will also surely be taking away the rest of their cattle as a penalty.

I like the descriptions of those struggling in Justine's stomach. They get to witness Justine's rampage from the inside, and they tend to last a while in there provided she doesn't fill her belly with water. It makes sense, since considering how big she is, there should still be some air, even if it's stifling hot and smelly in there. Considering that Brad and the cattle that she ate yesterday are now in her huge intestines, that hunter is going to spend a while in her now empty stomach. Unless she takes a drink.

So far keeping score she has swallowed alive 5 people, 4 are dead and in her intestines, 1 is still alive and just arrived in her stomach. She has also crushed 6 others, bringing her body count to 10 dead and 1 likely soon to be dead.

Author's Response:

My guess is that hunter really wishes he didn't join the "party" having ended up in Justine's stomach. In the new chapter I just posted humilation will be showing up, also the swallowed alive count will be going up.

Thanks again for your support and I hope you enjoy the update.

Reviewer: officerkc Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 28 2017 9:18 PM Title: The witch hunting party of 13

Really a fun chapter. Showing her power after getting attacked. Is she getting more comfortable her power? Love seeing updates with this story! 

Author's Response:

Thank you for the review and hope you enjoy the next update.

Reviewer: NotSirk Signed [Report This]
Date: December 28 2017 7:07 PM Title: The witch hunting party of 13

Well I can't say those people didn't get what they deserved. 

You really capture the motivations of these characters. It's easy to dislike the townspeople because Justine's the main character but I find myself sympathizing with all parties involved. Justine's defending herself from being assaulted and they're trying to protect their property and family. I'm really interested in what will happen to John. He seemed like he might actually have more understanding and empathy than everyone else. Really feels like he's just stuck in a rough situation. I don't really like his mom though.

Justine seems to be liking the taste of human. I wonder what she'll turn into? She's become increasingly desensitized to killing. I'd say part of her might even enjoy it a bit. I'm especially eager for a reunion with Kevin. Will he even recognize his sister or only see the monster she's getting dangerously close to becoming? Still thinking of ways for Justine to feed herself. Mind goes to some sort of agricultural solution but that's more long term and doesn't solve the right now. Plus the amount of free space needed. A whole region devoted to just feeding her. Other logistical things like who's growing them? I don't think Justine knows how to farm.

Other things too. Like Justine's hunger seems slightly disproportionate to her size. She ate two deer, five whole cows, and a handful of humans last night and she still woke up hungry before they'd even finished digesting. How much does she need to eat? What can she eat? Normal humans can't eat raw food without getting sick. Someone really does need to do some research on her. Probably won't happen with everyone trying to kill her tough...too bad.

Author's Response:

With Kevin a number of thing's could happen, he could enbrace who his sister has become, reject her as a monster or deny she has done anything wrong. What path he will choose is something I have been wondering myself. If he does come to reject her as a monster he no longer recognizes as his sister, it wouldn't be an easy choice for him at all and Justine's reaction to that outcome would likely be quite heart breaking.

On the other hand Kevin embracing not only Justine killing people, but her eating them alive would be nearly impossbile as it be against his morals values and who he thought she was.

Lastly Kevin rejecting what he hears about Justine depending on who and how they tell him is also not going to be easy as time goes on for a number of reasons.

As for Justine's hunger I plan on later chapters explaining things in a bit more detail.

Reviewer: whackamole1 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 23 2017 5:37 AM Title: Tall tales

I hope this story keeps going on for a long time. I like that a relatively primitive setting was chosen. If a girl became 200 feet tall in the present, she would very quickly be surrounded by the military and chaperoned off to a guarded location for study, and to be taken care for. Since it's the 1600's she is more invulnerable, but has to fend more for herself and become more wild. Justine is so big and powerful compared to the rest of humanity that even a simple bodily act like her taking a pee is like a mini apocalypse that results in the creation of a "large pond" from the perspective of a regular sized person. Even little things like that are apocalyptic to regular sized people. There's also the logistical needs of her huge body. On a daily basis, she knocks down hundreds of trees, has to drink huge quantities of the water supply, eat a good chunk of a herd of cattle, pee several times, and eventually empty her titanic bowels. She could in a short amount of time, drink away the local water supply, decimate the farming economy, and turn the local woods into a nearly treeless swamp. I like the attention paid to the logisitcs of her presence, and the slowly building dilemma it causes both for her and the rest of the people. It adds realism to the story. And since people spent more time outdoors back then for everyday needs and recreation (fishing, hunting, foraging) and she's 200 feet tall she's going to inevitably have people encounter her wherever she goes, even in the woods. Her presence will get harder and harder to ignore, and with 4 people in her digestive tract, Brad in her stomach, and the first 3 she swallowed alive in her colon, it's only a matter of time before she has to expel them out, and their half digested bodies are discovered. Confirming the population's worst fears about the mysterious giantess. She eats people alive and whole!

Justine seems to be actively making up excuses for herself to eat people. She decides to scare Brad because he stares at her while she's naked. She should be used to people seeing her naked by now, and since she's not going to get any clothes to fit her that's not going to change. And anyone would stare dumbstruck if they were going about another routine day of fishing and suddenly a 200 foot tall giantess walked up to where they were and squatted above them. This was unfair to Brad and Justine must know it. She toys with killing him because he resembles her father in appearance, once again not his fault. Then decides to eat him when she finds out he's an adulterer, giving him a trick question and goading the simpleton into giving the wrong answer, to justify killing him. Granted, he should have been thinking about the potential harm she could do his family but a terrified, confused, and panicked simpleton who had only been fishing a few minutes earlier may not be thinking straight. She didn't seem to know the guy personally so her acting as judge, jury, and executioner was unfair. Deep down she probably knows all this, but she probably just wanted to eat something she didn't have to chew. Since chewing means crunchy, unpleasant, and bad tasting. Eating Brad was a slippery slope on the moral threshold. Although everyone she's eaten so far have committed or have been perceived to committed adultery, and this seems to really set her off. Perhaps personal, or religious reasons for her.

Brad was probably still alive in her stomach when Justine took her long big drink of water at the river. It would be neat to see things from his perspective as Justine's stomach begins to fill up with water. And as he drowns inside her he realizes how small he is when her simply taking a drink is enough to kill him. Ironic since she discovered him by nearly peeing on him, expelling what she drank, and here he is, drowning inside her, in what she just drank.

Switzerland in 1673 would have been split into mostly rural Catholic Cantons and more developed Protestant Cantons, with the feuding superpowers of Bourbon France and Habsburg Germany just across the border. Much later in the story she could potentially play into the power politics of the time, with potential attempts to recruit, study, or use her.

Overall, a realistic story about a giantess trying to get by in a less developed and more rural time and setting, with fewer places to hide, is a great idea and concept for a story, and I hope that this story goes on for a long time.

Author's Response:

I have to say your feedback has been very helpful so I thank you for your input. The logistical challenges Justine faces along with the rest of the town will only increase as time goes on. Tough choices will arise that likely will take both her and the people of the town down path's much darker than anything they could encounter in a nightmare.

Justine getting into the power politics of the feuding superpowers is something I do plan on working into the story at some point. It could range from limited passive study to full blown out war over fearing her existence.

One of the main reason's Justine gets set off with adultery is she ties the act with other types of double crossing someone who loved them. Her father when she was a small child at least from her limited presumptions was a kind loving man. The reality was likely less rosy than she remembers, but starting from when her mother died to what her father started to do after Kevin was crippled made her hate act's she believes are betrayal with a burning passion.

A chapter where Justine feels the need to expel waste from her bowels while unaware a person is watching her is in the works and will happen at some point in the near future of the story. I just hope the way I go about writing it turns out well.

The support I have gotten on this story and the detail of praise I have seen has made me very grateful that I have written a interesting story that people want to go on for a long time. Again thank you for your reviews and feedback it has been a helpful motivator and inspiration for my writing.

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