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Author's Chapter Notes:

If I were to write this story now, I would have likely made this chapter longer or put the first 3 chapters together. 

On March 23rd 2018 a secret lab in Antarctica owned by the US government with a quantum computer get the Quantum fracturing device ready for next set of test runs. The Lead project manager says to the Tech working at the computer interface “Have the quantum entanglement factors been accounted for before trying to make the change. We need to nail this change so the fewest number of people get left behind by the factors of quantum entanglement, we can't have people remembering Berlin was in the middle of east Germany while it's been moved into the middle of West Germany. It will screw up our plans, we have to ensure we can make big changes that no one remembers and that no residuals are left.”

One employee then asks “Didn't we fuck with Berlin last year when we moved it from the middle to the east?”

The Lead manager reply's “Sure but there are a few people that remember that, so hopefully we account for all of the entanglement factors this time. Then we should be getting approval to fry much larger fish as our rewriting of the books of religious text is going slowly but well on track for our goals. I hope our main operator is ready and has made a flawless calculation to ensure that no residuals are left. We need a perfect set of repeatable test before getting approval to the next stage of the project.”

The engineer sitting at the quantum computer interface then types in the command set to start a targeted Quantum fracture to move Berlin. While inputting those commands he makes a comment laughing “ I get a kick out of those poor saps on online forums that know we are fucking with stuff but can't do shit about it.”

The Lead Manager then joked “Yeah those poor idiot's that still remember 4 people in the car when the CIA killed JFK, I don't know how many times we have screwed with that event for kicks. Oh and we even moved Japan up north to Russia but no one cared. Honestly I don't know why the guy's upstairs don't just give us the green light to make the sun green or as I have always wanted to place the UK 50 miles off the coast of New York just to see what the reaction of those who might remember it before the change.”

Then as the script began running one Engineer asked “So in case people do remember the change and label it as an Mandela Effect, what are the details going to be?”

The Lead Manager then replied “Oh well people are so fucking dumb that they will believe what Google and some rewritten history books tell them to believe if the memory overwrite fails. Our bosses are just overly careful honestly. As for the details though we are going to remove the Berlin air lift, but keep the Berlin wall because if that detail is removed even a total fool could tell something wasn't right. The Air lift detail was only needed due to the fact we moved it from the middle of Germany to East Germany, but now we can just make the wall build date 1951 instead of 1961 to make up for the fact it's going to be in what was the middle of West Germany.”

Then one engineer calls out from the other side of the room “There is a severe flaw in the calculations, we will get a large unintended defect if we make the planned change!”

The Lead Project Manager in shock said “Stop the script before the fracture can begin!”

“It's too late sir, it's already made the change.” the engineer working the quantum computer interface replied.

After a few day's one of the engineers discovered the defect and said “While we were able to move Berlin again, we also have what is classified as a legend that says in a village wedged between the mountains in Switzerland that a girl grew into a giant of some kind. One person made a short account of a woman that was 30 men tall and could swallow a man whole.”

The Lead Project Manager then said “Look into it more, but this looks like we lucked out if all that happened was a popular new legend.”

Chapter End Notes:

Is it really just a legend or did the truth get lost over time?

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