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Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 17 2017 12:09 AM Title: Chapter 1: A minor/Surprise

Oh, he wouldn't be really upet. More like a "Oh come on!" moment since he said that he hadn't read SHannon's bio because her products were not targeting minors. Expect some kind of "She spent a whle year in a High School full of MAJORS, shes bound to have learnt some useless things" snarky moments ^^.

Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 16 2017 1:01 PM Title: SPECIAL: Don't Call my Name

Just remembering, because it seems fitting. If the Special chapter is set in the beginning of summer (which I think), it's happening up to six months after Dance with Fire (which is in the early days of winter); by that point, Shannon will have shapen up nough for ALejandro to consider going to New Orleans. Yup, that's a spoiler, but it was a given haha ! By the way, Izzy knowing who Shannon is just like that will great chagrin Alejandro. except him to be extra-snarky with any remarks Shannon could do about it ^^

Also, if you ever end using Alejandro in the "minor's bond-world", I've realized I've never described him, so here is how he would look : almost exactly the same, except that he has his two arms and that his skin on the left side of his body looks cracked, kind of like a windows or a glass could be, the way to represent the loss of his arm in his mind :)

Author's Response:

I'll take this into account. Kinda surprised Alejandro would be upset about that. Shannon's probably the world's tallest billionaire so I figure Izzy would've at least heard of her or maybe seen her on TV. No plans to use the bond world but nothing's guaranteed.

Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 12 2017 10:43 PM Title: SPECIAL: Don't Call my Name

Leaving now... it's criminal. Yup, criminal. I mean, I have so many questions:

-Will Rebecca reveal to Izzy that she is so mean because she's desperate to find the minor who will make her his slave?

-Will Mei bond with Izzy, then the two will break up but Mei will be the ex ready to do anything to get back her former lover?

-What is the Dark Age!?

-Do public transport actually accomodate minors, especially long distance ones (trains, planes, cruiser boats, etc)?

Come on man, you should at least conclude this crossover ! You're killing me here. Also, concerning the canonicity, I consider that all MAJOR/minor tales are canon, as long as mine doesn't contradict your one. So, in doubt, always refer to NotSirk's vision !

Anyway, courage for your IRL and other works, I'll be waiting as long as needed for the rest of this tale ^^

Author's Response:

Rebecca secretly being a huge sub is an amazing twist to her character I might steal! Her whole "power moves" bullshit is just a front because she wants to be dominated by a minor! HAH!

All other questions I can't answer...except the travel one. All public transportation has minor accommodations. Probably more security involved though. The government monitors minor population. It's technically not illegal for minors to travel by themselves but they'd have to have a lot of influence or they'd probably be carted to the nearest police station and questioned where their MAJOR was. It's more trouble than it's usually worth.

Reviewer: pixl8ed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 12 2017 8:56 PM Title: SPECIAL: Don't Call my Name

The crossover event of the year!  Even better than the Thor/Dr Strange fist fight...

Okay, that was pretty awesome.  A peek into a possible future.  It looks like Izzy is accepting Sabrina, oh well.  She is managing to bother me less and less, so...I guess. 

The little family moments were nice.  Your light, comedic writing style was well served by the setting.  I liked Cherry and Chip, but I had to, cherry chip is my favorite cookie.  And that means something.  Heehee.

I have to say I was very disappointed with Izzy’s under-reaction to Gloria’s literal handling of her.  I was hoping for some of those improved quips.  Or at least a good old stream of Izzy-isms.  God, hasn’t that gigantic trollop fallen to an aneurism yet? 

Her moments with dad were super sweet, but super uninformative.  You’ve kind of mastered that art.  Still, it was nice to see them together.  They have such awesome chemistry, it’s really good to see them together and, well, actually enjoying each other’ company.  It’s lovely to really see how they care for and support each other.

Sabby and Al going at it was awesome.  Though spitting?  Her mom would probably frown.  Though Sabrina only seems to rebel when there’s no one around to see it.  I’m reminded of Invisible Boy from Mystery Men who is only invisible if no one’s watching.  That could be the key to her focusing on Izzy who can show her how a real rebel does it.

Nice work.  Sorry to see it end. 

If you’ve enjoyed my reviews, feel free to return the favor and give my story a look and maybe even some feedback. 




PS, oh, I figure MAJOR is always capitalized because it stands for something.  Maybe moronic annoying jerky obnoxious and repulsive.  Or maybe Make agression just offensive reflex.  My favorite is the southern response...Maybe Ah’ Just Oughta’ Run.

Author's Response:

So for one I read your story.....I left some comments.

Glad you liked the chapter. I'll finish the special eventually

I like doing momemts with Izzy and Iggy. Thay don't get many of those because the story is mostly about Izzy at school. If it seemed fairly vague that's kind of the point. The special is slightly in the future, don't want to spoil anything!

It's not the end. Why do people keep saying that? Oh! Because I said I was stopping......hmmmm. Anyways MAJOR is always capitalized because of my arbitrary chapter naming convention I've shoehorned myself into.

Reviewer: AdamX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 12 2017 8:31 PM Title: SPECIAL: Don't Call my Name

Sabrina will be an mma fighter, somehow Izzy will be a mechanic and her spare time probaly learn some form of martial arts because to be honest they both seem way to fiesty to not end up in some sort of full contact activity.


Glad to see her coming around to Gloria in this universe, she doesn't seem as bad as Izzy feared.


Also the world needs more giant goth girls.

Author's Response:

Maybe Sabby will go into mma or something physical like that but I don't imagine Izzy as much of a fighter. She'll scrap if she has to but she's mostly bark, especially in a world where most people are twice her size. Izzy will assurerly be involved with cars even if it's only a hobby.

Reviewer: Cloud Signed [Report This]
Date: December 12 2017 6:47 PM Title: SPECIAL: Don't Call my Name

Like every good writer on this site, I'm happy to tell you that you've passed initiation. You can now be officially admitted to the "Left unfinished Army". A ttruly formidable force filled with beautiful and alluring writing that will always have a cliff hanger, and will never truly be a completed work. Welcome my friend, your unsatisfying ending will rank you in with other legends of your craft in a splendid display of your cliff hanger arts.

Author's Response:

Uuuummm. *looks at MrSirk's profile and sweats* I guess I got in twice! 

Seriously though I have experience with unfinished stories. I'm kind of trying to hold myself to not doing that lately. MAJOR/minors not over I actually stiill have the itch to keep writing. Just stopping for a bit. Problem is I have a ton of other ideas I want to do but I can't do them at the same time or I'll get distracted. MAJOR/minor, the sequel to Small (who knows how long that will be?), I have an idea for actual giantess story with destruction in it. Well there are a couple of ideas for that......You see my problem here. I'll probably complete MAJOR/minor first because I don't like the taste of having two stories going at the same time. I'll be deciding this in the meantime.....probably. 

Reviewer: Some giantess fan Signed [Report This]
Date: December 12 2017 2:54 PM Title: SPECIAL: Don't Call my Name

This canon?

Author's Response:

Pffft! Hah! I feel it's canon...because I wrote it. For me it takes place sometime after Izzellah's first year at Winton High. Like during a spring break or something. But truthfully you'll have to ask Kurogane335. Alejandro, Alaric, Old Creek, ect..... are all belong to them.

Reviewer: smoki1020 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 12 2017 11:42 AM Title: Chapter 1: A minor/Surprise

lovely crossover

Author's Response:

Hey! Thanks! Lovely comment!

Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 11 2017 11:44 AM Title: Chapter 1: A minor/Surprise

I'll put it here, if only to force peoples to read your story, gnyhéhéhé...

Alejandro : 1m83 / 6f

Alaric : 3m15  / 10,3f (should reach 3m25 /10,7f)

Lindsey : 2m45 / 8f (should reach 2m80 / 9,2f)

Ofelia : 2m75 / 9f

Jules : 3m05 / 10f

Andrew : 3m / 9,8f

Derek : 3m07 / 10,1f (should reach 3m20 / 10,5f)

Alexis : 3m07 / 10,1f

Shannon : 4m45 / 14,6f (should reach up to 5m20 / 17,1f, because she has been diagnosed with gigantism !)

Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 11 2017 12:18 AM Title: Chapter 1: A minor/Surprise

Hey, NotSirk, I've a question of life or death. Do Sabrina and Mabel have already blossomed into their adult selfs physically or as they still in this phase where they look like old kids but not yet teenagers ? Since you said in chapter 1 that Sabrina was three heads taller than Izzy, it got me thinking. Can e hope a chapter where Izzellah will actually have to resist not only Sabrina and Mabel's wishes to bond with her, but also her own lust after two two would have become sexy young adults ? I sure hope so ^^

Author's Response:

There still closer to kids then full adults. So's Riri for that matter although I imagine Riri's just a little older. Development wise even though their brains are more mature and MAJORS can grasp concepts like driving, and make sound decisions (when they're not trying to punch each others teeth out) they develop at a similar rate to minor humans until adulthood. The adult period lasts significantly longer though before they become elderly. MAJORS have close to double the lifespan of a minor.

Right now they're in that awkward between kid and teen phase which is why Izzy denies any physical attraction but they could hit full puberty at anytime. Although be warned. A MAJOR in the grasp of puberty is....excitable. Izzy might start drooling though if it ever happens.

And just because:

Izzellah 5'7 

Peter 5'5

Lisa 6'8 (done growing for the most part)

Lee 6'0

Sabrina 7'4 (still growing)

Mabel 7'5 (Sabrina hates this)

Riri 7'7 (Sabrina doe not hate this)

Brenda 8'5 (Still a little short for a MAJOR more commen for a girl)

Gloria 9'0 (Pretty good for an old lady)

Mei 9'3 (Surprise!)

Rebecca 9'5 (Slightly above average for a MAJOR woman)

Braxton 10'1 (Mr. Average)

Darren 10'3 (Mr. Average's older, hotter brother)

Romeo 10'4

Ignacio 11' 5 (Officially classed tall goofball! I'll have to check this because I know I wrote his height in story)

Shannon ??? (An actual giantess?)

These are the working sizes I've written down. Might be subject to change.


Reviewer: Kosmita Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 09 2017 9:23 PM Title: Chapter 7: minor/Bonding

The dynamic between Majors and Minors remind me of Aldous Huxley’s novel, ‘Brave New World’ where there’s a social caste system, and which everyone in their caste is made to love their caste. The Epsilons learn what their role in society is – embrace it, love it, and wouldn’t have any other way. They especially don’t question it. Sure, the Alphas seem to have a great life and get all kinds of perks, but being an Alpha is tough work and really obtrusive, the poor Epsilons would be taught.

Here, we have Minors that are being indoctrinated to embrace their lives. Go to school, but don’t bother trying to master Mathematics, English, etc. By the way, bonding is great for you. By the way, you can live a pretty chill life by just bonding with a Major and sticking with them for the rest of their lives. Dat indoctrination, tho.

And this is why I love Izzy. Nurture vs. Nature. Was Izzy brought up by her father to question life and society? Or is it something innate…maybe instinctive? Izzy is a tough, smart chick in a world not prepared for her. This was illustrated in the chat she had with Lucy after class was over. Why the hell was this Izzy chick so inquisitive when every other Minor just accepted their lot in life? I love how Izzy’s moxie is impacting everyone she encounters in such profound ways.

Personal feelings time:  My favorite characters thus far are Izzy, Sabrina, and Brenda. I need to see more of Brenda! I feel like I’m being jipped here, lol. It’s like your other story, ‘Small.’ I just kept waiting for Izzy and Brenda to finally interact, and it only lasted a chapter! HOWEVER, I have my hopes up for this story because of that unconscious defense Izzy put up for Brenda during her mind-melt thingy. My heart fucking melted! There’s a chance for some Izzy and Brenda action.

Anyway, great story! Keep doing what you’re doing. I can’t wait to see a new chapter!

Author's Response:

Izzy's mostly influenced by her mother who passed away. You'll learn more about her later but Sheila was fairly independent for a minor and Izzellah wants to do better than her. Izzy reminds Ignacio too much of his late wife to really coddle her too much. Letting Izzy have a life is what Sheila wanted. Although letteing her have her freedom is kind of spoiling her in a different way. Now she's used to it and so headstrong she'd fight him every time he tried to step in. Also he's just kind of a sloppy lazy guy except when it comes too working out..

I try to make Izzy not seem too special but I'd be lieing if I said her presence didn't have an impact.

Brenda will return!.....eventually.

Reviewer: Some giantess fan Signed [Report This]
Date: December 09 2017 7:20 PM Title: Chapter 1: A minor/Surprise

Okey! I'm just gonna write down my thoughts on MAJORS here:


Looking at the other reviews, it's pretty clear that most MAJORS are hated by most of the readers; and not without reason. Everything they do is hypocritical! They claim that they want to return the minors to what they once were, yet they view them as helpless children, spoil them and give them no control over their own lives. This causes minors to descent in their fantasy worlds as it's the only place where they are in control, resulting in a vicious circle; the more helpless the seem, the less control they are given and the more they go in their own world, which causes them to seem more helpless in the real world and be given even less control.


The latest chapter pretty much proved Izzellah's theory: minors don't need bonds MAJORS do! Contrary to what the arrogant, and appearantly ignorant, MAJORS believe! In fact, MAJORS need it so much that they even evolved to force minors into bonding with them with the Tier 3. The minors are essentially the only people who can keep the aggressive MAJORS in check.

If I had to guess then I'd say that this aggression is a result of their superior height, strength, and intelligence being a double-edged sword; the human body wasn't meant to grow so big, their brains have to be under a lot of presure trying to regulate it.

The only reason why minors even need to bond with MAJORS is to get around a world not made for them and defend themselves from other MAJORS, which once again proves their hypocricy; MAJORS aren't the solution! Their the cause!


Now, I want to write down what I think about their thinking process. With the revelation that cars were invented by minors, I have come to believe that a MAJOR'S way of thinking is very linear and lacks in imagination and the ability to innovate. In fact, Sabrina's confusion at how Izzellah handled math causes their thinking process to seem almost machine-like to me!

I wonder what effects this all had on society. The story seems to take place in a dystopian future yet the technology seems the same as early 21st century. This means that the MAJORS couldn't invent new technologies or could only improve on what the minors had already made. Sooner or later this will cause society to stagnate, if it hasn't already.


After thinking about all this, I now can't help but think of the MAJORS as a, well... doomed species. With their violent and arrogant tendencies as well as their youner generation taking minors for granted, I can totally see a day coming where they will end up destroying themselves.


(Hope to get a responce!)

Author's Response:

Well..............let's see what hoping gets you:

I don't think EVERYONE hates the MAJORS. I don't for what that matters. (not much). I think a few people are very vocal about it! There is a lot not to like though. I personally see it as a "superior" society trying to fix a mistake. Alternative point of view is they're manipulating and oppressing subclass of their own species they nearly wiped out themselves. Valid perspective.

Minors don't need bonds. I think I've made that clear now. Is that clear? (Seriously if people are confused PLEASE TELL ME!) I would argue that MAJORS don't need them so much as they WANT them but that's a matter of opinion at this point. I only write the story. When people read it, it takes on a life of it's own. I've read many theories on it now and none of them are completely wrong. Unless someone guesses MAJORS are robots. That would be wrong.....unless?...No! I just barely dodged jumping the shark this last chapter. They're not robots. Tier 3's do throw a dramatic wrinkle in the equation.

Ummmm. There was other stuff here and I'll try to remember it but I lost it again. I really hate this whole timing out thing. I'll need to be briefer or start typing these out on a notepad first. DAMMIT!!! 

Okay so necessity is the mother of invention. Minors need more than MAJORS!

I like your justification for MAJOR aggression.

I don't think MAJORS would destroy themselves because that's depressing even though they probably would!

Some bullshit tease about the Dark Age (I am working on it)

Great comment. The End!

FUCK! I hate this comment system!

Reviewer: pixl8ed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 09 2017 12:55 AM Title: Chapter 7: minor/Bonding

Okay...that was weird.  And a little off putting.  Lisa did a sort of 180, character wise, it seemed she was a low ambition and immature ditz, pretty much what you’d expect from a tiny of this world.  I’m glad Izzy has a friend, but Lisa... she’s really kind of a not-very-smart-know-it-all.  Again, Izzy is getting the bottom of the barrel as far as relationships go.  That said, Lisa seems to be changing, inspired by the cool and questioning Izzy.  So I have hope for the halfsie.  She’ll either wind up more discriminating like Izzy or she’s a prime candidate for a role on reality TV.

But, okay, the hugging scene with Lisa and Romeo was kinda’ sweet.

Still not seeing any reason for Izzy to want to bond.  It’s seeming more and more like she’s been getting programmed with biggie propaganda to seek something that is merely a feel good for her but so important to the big morons.  Christina may have the skill to paint the communing portion of it in pretty, innocent colors, but that just makes it seem more and more like a biggie trap to me.  Cuz Lisa seems really quite “lessened” by her experiences.  She’s enjoyed being used by the big dummies, but she has nothing to really show for it.  Where bonded and post bonded biggies seem calmer and more focused. 

Izzy shouldn’t really mind the whole capital letters thing.  TV is always spelled with all capital letters and look how stoopid that is.

Peter’s still a stooge.  Even more so, now that we see he thinks he’s Heathcliff.

Sabrina is even less annoying.   Still think she’s bullocks, but less annoying bullocks.  And I’m liking Mei’s stalker mentality less and less.  

It’s strange, but I liked that Izzy defended Brenda reflexively.  Like she won her conflict with her and is being magnanimous.  It almost makes me hate the walking disaster less.  Though, again, it’s Izzy’s subtle, yet glowing character that the moment reveals that really makes her tale shine for me.

Overall this was a fun to read chapter.  There were a few too many moments of the same old lost and ignorant and confused Izzy but they yielded some laughs so that made them enjoyable.  Your writing was solid and effectively communicated some difficult concepts.  You tackled what must have been a challenging chapter with some style and humor.  Good work.



Author's Response:

Honestly I was very nervous about this chapter! Trying to experiment and write the more fantastical ideas in my head. I'm still not sure it comes acroos well but your points help greatly. I tried to flesh out Lisa more and show that she's as much a victim of the established quo as anyone even and at the same time give her a bit of a mentor role. Yeah she's more like a Monica Steeps than maybe she'd like but I think her and Izzy can teacg each other. At least that's my goal.

I know your getting fed up with Izzy's ignorance but time wise it hasn't even been a week. That's not an excuse but it is a factor. Normally her mom would've (a minor) would've coached her but she's gone. That kind of threw a wrench in things and Ignacio?...well you'll see soon. You might like the upcoming chapters? Izzy's got some words for her papa! Until then this is just who Izzy is for now, but she's asking questions! And no, there is no reason for her to get a bond but now you probably know why MAJORS are hungry for it! 

Peter's a stooge! Still thinking about giving him a chapter though!

Is Sabrina growing on you? She's growing on Izzy! Look out! Although neither of them seem interested in bonding? Maybe Sabrina's slightly more interested then she lets on but? Is she even really a contender now?

Hey you gotta play the game! You think getting a bond is easy? You gotta use your opportunities to your advantage. Bonding with your brother is boring! Izzy's young and trim and smart! Mei's gotta make plays! Pffft. Most MAJORS are like this in some way. Even Mei can't escape it. She's just as thirsty as anyone but is it better to rush Izzy like a rhino or play the long game? You can judge that yourself. Mabel or Mei? Who's more aggravating? 

Anyway thanks for the comment. Don't know when I'll update again. I might have a few more in me before Christmas.....keyword "might"


Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 09 2017 12:23 AM Title: Chapter 7: minor/Bonding

Mind. Blown.

Like, man did I not expect it. The bond's so much more than what I believed it was ! I can't wait to actually read about Izzy first time bonding with a MAJOR, it ought to be some serious rodeo !

You get a ten out of ten mark !

Author's Response:

Well I hope this chapter helps add some context at least. It's basically a free pass to do whatever you want because it's all in your head. There are some serious repercussions though. One could be scarred for life, but your character has some experience with that. Really looking forward to reading more!

Reviewer: AdamX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 08 2017 7:35 PM Title: Chapter 7: minor/Bonding



That was a hell of a read! Like reading Avatar but you won't have to wait almost ten years or more for sequels that don't come. It was brilliantly crafted and a great way to explain bonding to the readers in a more forward sense.


Also Rabbit Izzy is adorable.

Author's Response:

AUSTIN GOT THE STUNNER!!!....I mean, uhh yeah...Lisa got the Izzy. Izzy likes Lisa. Friends. Good for them.

Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: December 04 2017 7:08 AM Title: Chapter 6: minor/Encounters

Damn it...I had promised myself not to, because I've other projects on wikia, more personal and all still waiting in the cold outside but... I REALLY want to write a story in your MAJOR/minor universe now. Damn it ! It would be a rather brutal and short story so I'm not sure you would agree with it (no sex, Rated R and quite honestly I would have to check and be sure it respects this site policies -I think so, but better sage than sorry), so let me know if you want more details here or elsewhere, even if don't how to PM here (if it's even possible!).




Author's Response:

Uhhhhhhhhhh....GO FOR IT! I don't care how brutal it is. Kill someone if you want! Not any of my characters if you want it to be canon. I might even reference it if I like it. I don't know about the terms of this site but people do alot. By the nature of giantess there are many stories where people die..cruelly even. Flattened, eaten, so don't let that stop you. And from the other end many stories are straight up porn with any kink you can imagine, loli, futa, s&m, bdsm, bbm, bbc, abc, cbs...Some of those might be televison channels. Anyway most people just put a warning for courtesy. Although don't let it sidetrack you from other stuff. I've felt the pain of unfinished stories *cough* MrSirk! *cough*

Anyways besides all that! I was gonna say something along the lines of a blatant tease about wanting to post a chapter about the dark age because it's buzzing in my head right now but I won't because it won't fit with the pacing right now sooooo... take that?

Reviewer: Kosmita Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 01 2017 6:00 PM Title: Chapter 6: minor/Encounters

I love this story mainly because of the characters. Izzy is my fav...oh shoot, can I say that? Izzy?

Anyway, I'm glad to see a new chapter added. For a second I thought this story might be abandoned. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to see more!

Author's Response:

Pff I was barely gone a month! Lots of stories and authors are gone for years! *cough* MrSirk! *cough* *cough* Anyway I'm back. I'll do at least one more chapter before Christmas. I like the flow of this story having a series of updates before a small break. 

And yeah you can call her Izzy in the comments, bue be warned! If ever I need a name idea and suddenly a character named Kosmita appears? If they say "Izzy" to her face?! Oh they're getting a slap!

Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: December 01 2017 12:09 AM Title: Chapter 1: A minor/Surprise

First thing first... I love your story ! It's one of my favourite, with GH-X2. I just like NWO stories which go out of their way to truly flesh out a world (especially non-post apocalypse ones).

Now, time to dive into what I want to say concerning the world and then the characters.

1. I can't help but feel that the MAJORS are the result of a super-soldier experiment gone wrong. First because of the Dark Age mystery. If Mei can go out saying that minors evolved through the centuries because they were hunted down, the inability of the MAJORS to even talk about the Dark Age is quite suspect. Furthermore, their abilities (size, strength, low-level psionic powers) and behaviour (highly competitive, prone to resort to violence) really scream "super-weapons" for me. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that if minor were not exterminated proper, it was because some MAJOR leader discovered that, when bonded, minors had the ability to "tame" MAJORS, because so far, the bonded giants seems far calmer and less prone to violence.

2.Excepting the most vile, the Winton and Titzilla for the most part (but also Gloria to some extent, for her sneaky and underhanded behaviour), I find all the other MAJORS to be potentially good for Izzy's personal growth. The poor girl was in a bad position : too sheltered to truly understand her world, too independant to fit into the mold that minor are expected to be, which saddens me because she should have been better prepared. Then again, it's already hard to educate children in our world, so I won't judge her father in hers.

So far, if Izzy has to bond with someone at least for a time to truly learn what it is and be able to go above that, Mei is really my favourite. While she uses her abilities to gauge Izzy, and all MAJORS do the same really, she is the most respectful of her. I don't think she's Endgame, but I really think that both Izzy and her could only grow as characters if they were togethor for a time. Mabel's sister is also a strong contender, if only because I want to learn more about Tier 3 and the feedback her and Izzy now have.

Bonus : if (when?) other independant minor characters are introduced, I expect to see a lot of tensions from the MAJORS. Especially if Izzy and one of the newcomers beging to be attracted to each others. The dynamic of the story will become even more complew, and I like it.

Overall... Keep going strong !

Author's Response:

Thanks for the praise but I'm nowhere near GH-X2 level. Will it ever comeback and finish? I was one of the Jack x Caitlin shippers. I know it was abusive, but Penny was too indecisive and passive. At least Caitlin has passion and clearly wanted Jack! Even if Penny or maybe even a normal girl ultimately would've been better for him. But enough about that.

Super soldier is a little too comic book for me but overall your theroies pretty close. Like Pix close which means I have another one of you on my ass now! :P I like the word "tame" That doesn't mean ANYTHING! i the word *wink* I wasn't winking! I had something in my eye! *wink* 

Izzy has a tough journey ahead of her. Highschool! Will she make it?! With luck and good friend by her side she can accomplish anything! Or you know whatever it's not a big deal. She's sheltered and independent but its just life. Not the doomsday scenario it might look like from the outside. Even if worse comes to worst she'll end up out of school but finding success online or something. 

I don't really know who she'll end up with or if she'll bond at all. At this point I don't know what a satisfying pairing will be if pairing is even satisfying. I mean Sabrina's the obvious setup but their relationships nowhere near that level. So who knows I'm actually interested in opinions on this as the story progresses. Mei seems like a good candidate but she's also pretty well "Manipulative" but not in a malicious way but I still don't think Izzy would like being controlled like that if she ever became aware of it. It's anyone's game.

So thanks for the comment and the support! More chapters coming at some point right?

Reviewer: pixl8ed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 30 2017 3:47 PM Title: Chapter 6: minor/Encounters

     That was a joke, not a burn...I can’t burn on stuff I ain’t read.  Spooky’s implications aside. 
     Fine...I’ll read Small...the first chapter...that’s all I’ll promise....
     There. I’m being open minded...kinda.

     Okay, so, let me get this straight, all that business with the jock douchbags butting heads was a set up for Lisa achieving some sort of enlightenment?  Her greatest ambition is to go to the movies by herself.  That’s quite a leap. 
     Of course, with her recent breakup and seeing Izzy taking her time and being particular ...garnishing tons of attention while she does ... might be enough to wake her up to her circumstances .... her “too loose and it will not play, too tight and it will break” moment might emerge from that. 
     Which, now that I imagine it, sounds pretty cool.

    Hey, Izzy has no standards by which to measure friendship.  I’m happy for her every time she overcomes her desperate loneliness enough to give the stupid biggies the cold shoulder.  But she really has no benchmark for judging how a friend should act.  So, yes, scabby Sabby, maggoty Mabel and Brenda bleh are her best friends...which is just sad. And the whole mind reading thing means they don’t have to work at it...they can just say what she wants to hear.  Really, really sad.  Manipulative Mei and jungle gym Jessica have to gang up on her and really tick me off with their tricks...poor Izzy.  She doesn’t have a bad attitude...she has a legitimate complaint. 

     And if they were doing the right thing, they wouldn’t feel the need to keep their conspiracy from the poor tinies.  They’re scum and they just can’t admit it to fact, Izzy is proving herself way smarter than them, because she figured it out first.  Ha ha..way to go tiny heroine.

   Oh, darn..that’s another long review that was really meant to just answer your answer...god...I am so weird. 



Author's Response:

First  of all I love the nicknames. "Scabby" Sabby, "Maggoty" Mabel. I gotta use one ot those!

I wasn't necessarily talking about Lisa but there's potential there. 

I feel I should clarify that they're all not necessarily reading her mind verbatum. That was something Rebecca did because she's well. Skeevy, sneaky, duplicitous...other words come to mind. But it's more like Izzy's broadcasting a frequency they can all pick up on to different degrees. Someone like Sabrina might be oblivious to it because whatever yo she don't care. But someone like "Manipulative" Mei definitly picks up on it and probably uses it to her advantage. Izzy can turn it off but she doesn't know how because well.....I don't need to give you more ammunition towards Ignacio. He tried dammit! He's a single father of a minor!...Other things that won't garner and sympathy from you!

Oh and you don't have to read Small. I don't care. Different people like different stuff. I don't read everything Jacksmith *because that's an easy example* writes. Honestly I think MAJOR/minors better than Small, if only because Small was the first story I'd written in years and I had to  shake off the rust as it were. I'm far more analytical in evalutating MAJOR/minor and trying to manage mistakes and expectations. 

Also maybe you talk to much but I can't say a damn thing cause pot and kettle you see. This was supposed to be a simple reply too. I could learn from deisel.

Reviewer: pixl8ed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 30 2017 7:16 AM Title: Chapter 6: minor/Encounters

Gawd, I hate that!

Somtimes re-logging in and hitting back space can recover it.  But it's happened to be enough that I just generate my stuff in a writng progarm then cut and paste. 

But the fact that you tried to give a detailed response means a lot.  Thanks.



Author's Response:

Eh. It's probably for the best. I was picking on Peter Silver pretty hard in that post for being fairly lame. You made a comment on Izzy not having any allies that she can relate to or share her circumstance and perspective and Peter's not one of them. He's too entrenched in the status quo. An example of why bonding is so appealing but also everything Izzellah hates about minors in general. I'll might highlight his perspective more. It's not all bad. I'll try to elaborate more if I can remember what I said. 

For one I commented on that harsh burn in your first sentence. It still hurts. 

I've planted some seeds I believe. Izzellah won't be the only minor that has a unique perspective for long. We've actually already met one. Plus she has a bunch of MAJORS fo friends! Mabel and Izzy: Best Friends! 

Uh there was other stuff. More detailed response on the whole evil plan MAJORS have to control and manipulate minors for fun and profit. It's not really a conspiracy but y'know from the outside looking in it seems pretty horrible right? Thye think they're doing the right thing. Maybe they are? Who knows? *shrugs* 

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