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Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 15 2018 10:02 AM Title: Chapter 13: POWER/struggles

Damn it ! A chapter getting out just when I have to go out for work and have to wait all day to make a comment !


First thing first, it was amazing to actually have teenage MAJORS being themselves in the wilds, so to speak. It really helps establish how they see the world and their place in it. I mean, they are assholes, mostly, but clearly they don't even realize that they are like that. It's makes them almost sufferable. The operative word being almost.

Also, I liked Randalf and Izzy's interaction, and Summer turned out to be so much more complex than I thought she would be last chapter. Iggy being furious was also great, especially since it came with Izzellah being all awed by him, since it's so unusual for him to be angry near her (I'm sure he is a lot more often at work !). Even Mei didn't came out as conniving, and more as opportunistic and perhaps a little too infatuated in Izzellah. 

Overall, an excellent chapter, which puts so much pressure on me to release some good quality content for New Lives ! Man, I like it !

Reviewer: AdamX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 14 2018 10:21 PM Title: Chapter 13: POWER/struggles

That Winton kid has a back of the head punch coming...


Summer has definitely added a bit of zest to things and Randy as the levelheaded Obi Won to Izzy's renegade spirit works nicely.


Also Mei, devious devious Mei.

Author's Response:

He won't get it though. He's probably getting laid right now. Jackass.

Everything's all going according to plan. Now I would never insinuate that Mei somehow orchestrated that encounter. That would be ridiculous. How would she even do that? I'm pretty sure Darren doesn't associate with her but still. Hrmmmm. Some stuff has been revealed this chapter. I wonder how Mei factors in? Devious, devious, Mei..........I don't trust her. 

Reviewer: pixl8ed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 14 2018 9:23 PM Title: Chapter 13: POWER/struggles

So...they’re all jerks? 

No.  No.  They stop being jerks after they get old enough? 

Now I’m just confused...

Actually, the opposite.  It’s very clear that you are writer who can juggle multiple layered and varied characters in a story.  I love how, even though they have a kind of consistency of behavior, your characters are different and interesting. 

I mean, if every character interaction leads to the same place, what’s the point?  That happens way too often in our genre.  “The biggie gets what they want” and it get’s called a story.  But you are telling a story with conflict and complications and variety. 

Interesting characters in interesting’s all about how good can you write that...and you are doing a great job showing us that you can write that extremely well.  You don’t have to like all the characters to want to see what happens.

It was really interesting seeing some semblance of consequences in this chapter.  Lots of stories fall apart when the people involve authority figures, but you’ve created a “some are more equal than others” world where “Win-Dumb” would get way too much slack.  And I loved that people noticed it and commented on it.  It may not lead to any lasting consequences (in this case) but the fact that that didn’t pass without comment is refreshing.

I think Izzy should have been more scared...and then more her encounter,  Yes, you’ve established her over confidence time and time again. I just feel now would have been a lesson for her.  She’s bulled her way through things time and time again and being treated that way, being that helpless, would have been awful for her, I think.  I don’t really want her humbled, but she’s come to school to learn... 

Yeah, I know...only been a week.

And...they got flattened by a halfsie...and a realtiy TV star.  Ha ha.  They probably wouldn’t want to show their faces at school for a while anyway. 

But I’m really here to watch Izzy grow as a’s what brings me back.  And I have to say what would have made a dramatic impression on her ,in my mind, wound up underplayed.  I at least would have liked to have seen her articulate her objections as objections, instead of almost empathizing with “Dumb-One Win-Dumb” until it was almost too late.  If ever there was a time to cus and shout, that was it.

The format seemed to be a mix of the usually story form we’ve seen for this tale and the more episodic form you’ve tried.  It works really well in this chapter.  

While I might have a small issue with a short bit of the chapter, I found this chapter very fun, well crafted and complex.  Pix points to you!

Thanks for sharing this are further defining your fascinating world.




PS - Remember, you can write a nice long response as a document then cut and paste it onto the page...then you don't have to worry about timing out.

Author's Response:

They're not all jerks. Just a dramatically appropriate amount as related to the life of the main character!......So yeah they're all jerks. 

You actually raise a very valid point that I think I'll follow up on. Izzellah should have been more scared. I was planning on having her evaluate and react to what happened more next chapter which will still happen, but yeah! She should be way more scared than I thnk I showed. It seemed fine in writing and even editing, but now that you point it out it does lack a little impact. I CAN"T NOT SEE IT!!! So thanks for that!

I think I revealed some key information that might come into play soon. I'm interested if you've snuffed anything out. 

I did enjoy giving the minors a victory. I had to establish sooo much just to get to this point. I had this idea when Lisa was first introduced! It wasn;t necessarily the plan all along butI think it worked out. Very fitting for her character I think and Randalf too. The bond is a two way street! MAJORS may have a natural advantage, but they can still get played. Sometimes the deer kills the wolf....Does that analogy make sense? Not really. I'm bad at being poetic or whatever that was. It was fun, and maybe Izzellah learned something. 

And hey! I earned some pix points. How many before I can cash them in for another chapter of Dark Necessities? Huh?! Huh?! I haven't forgotten! I. Haven't. Forgotten. 

Reviewer: Daxel Signed [Report This]
Date: March 14 2018 9:21 PM Title: Chapter 13: POWER/struggles

Darren the Winton in Winton Heights Winton can die right now. Seriously.
Lisa is badass.
Yes, it is suspicious that Mei appeared out of nowhere but I don't think she would let Izzy go through that awful experience, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. Plus she embodies my giantess and asian fetish all at once. :)
I liked Randalf, he'll be a good ally to Izzy and I want to see Gloria's reaction to Summer given how insecure she feels around other MAJOR females near Ignacio. Yes, I don't like Gloria.

Author's Response:

The Winton in Winton Heights Winton is catching on! That's it I'm done. My message has been recieved. There's no more need to write this story! 

That was a little convenient of Mei wasn't it?....I don't trust her. Something's up here. 

Thanks for the comment. 

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 13 2018 2:07 PM Title: Chapter 12: what/MAJORS/want

Seems like Brenda's lack of confidence in herself really cancels out the apparent advantage she has over the rest in this challange. Mei also seems to lack the skill to backup her overconfidence, this will get interesting.

Also, thanks for adding another chapter, It always brighthens my day when you add a chapter to this story, and I'm to lazy to make a backhanded compliment out of this.



Author's Response:

I can say it won't be as simple as Brenda just wins. I'm really nervous about writing it and making it clever and fun. We'll see. I still have a while before we get there to figure it out. 

Thanks for the comment it brightens might day! 

Reviewer: hadumba Signed [Report This]
Date: March 13 2018 5:07 AM Title: Chapter 1: A minor/Surprise

Hey, how's my favorite writer doing? Hah, not really my favorite but you are in top five I guess in this site?... Anyways, just registered to the site to drop a reviev that you seem to like so much or pretend to like so I feel obligated to do it in consequence of this bad feeling in my gut.

Last few chapters seems to slow the story a bit but I guess its inevitable since you keep introduce new characters, which I like most of them especially the grandma and the stud couple (yeh I will call them that). This new development between them, yes I'm talking about sadomazo thing, seems a bit risky since I belive most people come to this story for the gentle? stuff. Which is ok I guess, a little diversity is always good, you can't just stereotype the whole species and be done with them. This individual characters are the important part, why am I telling you this even though you already know this? because I really like that stuff, I mean the whole dominating thing and whatnot and want you to continue with this. Also not to forget that if they are doing it right they trust each other tremendously which adds to the charm of this story. Now to the part to what end this granny tanunts him in public or tries to show him off even though two out of every three person in state knows she have a young minor husband because of the TV show. I'm sure you have a good explanation for it, or not... I'm sure we can find it on our own even if one of your characters wont phrase it exactly why, I mean we are not that slow, show some faith in your readers.

About your other works you share with us beside your crappy drawings (yes I called them crappy, twice now even, I remember you telling us about tring to publish a comic, which is a great goal, and I can tell from your first doodles to the newer ones quality improved even if its just a bit, what I'm trying to say is practice makes it perfect) oh yes I was talking about your other works before I got side tracked, please dont call them bad or "dont read!" I personally ejoyed them even if they are not finished, there were some cringy parts but it was a minor thing and overal I think they are pretty good all of them, I hope you continue one of them or all? Well I guess its a bit strech.

Thanks for sharing your work, I'm looking forward to a new chapter.

Author's Response:

This comment was strangely uplifting even though I think you backhandedly complimented me like three times. 

And yeah I do introduce new characters a lot. Pay it no mind. It's just a quirk of my writing I'm trying to reel in. The problem is even minor (heh "minor") characters have a name and story in my mind. For example Royce; the math girl that pissed Sabrina off. She was only in one chapter and I don't plan on using her again, but she's named now and maybe that builds an expectation to see her again. I try to make my world seem believable and Izzellah can't just be in class with only Sabrina. So Royce exists. Or if Izzellah wants to go to a library well then a librarian has to exist. Say I right a chapter about Ignacio going to work? Well then he needs coworkers and a boss. Even more new characters! That being said I think I've gotten a good primary and secondary cast of around twelve or so reaccuring characters (about six that actually matter). So I don't plan on adding anymore of real significance. 

Probably won't get a steamy boundary (and ass) shattering chapter where Randalf discovers the joys of being penetrated. Summer resents you calling her a granny by the way. Even though that's exactly what she is! Anyway it doesn't really fit the theme of this story. Also I'm not confident in my ability to write good sex scenes. Maybe in MAJOR/minor: SPECIAL though. There are no rules there! Will get more clarification on Randalf in the next chapter. SHort answer is just because you're famous doesn't mean you want to be peeped at half naked. 

It's also really nice to find someone who enjoyed my older work. It warms my heart. My cold...cold....heart............ I tend not to value my old work so much just because I feel like I'm better now. Not much better mind you, but enough to see all the flaws in my old stuff while not recognizing when I'm making new ones. I'll try not to insult it though. It's all part of the writing process. I'm sure I'll figure out something to do with those old stories. Snapped for example directly played into the writing of Small. 

Thanks for the stellar comment. 

Reviewer: 4ft9 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 12 2018 8:43 PM Title: Chapter 1: A minor/Surprise

Hey I just wanted to say that I love this story. 

I have a request for a drawing if u don't mind, could u draw Izzy and Sabrina?

Author's Response:

Thanks for the comment and the totally doable request. Honestly I should have drawn them more a while ago and this is a good excuse to. I'd look for it but don't know if the drawing will be done before I finish the next chapter. It will happen though!

Reviewer: AdamX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 11 2018 8:21 PM Title: Chapter 12: what/MAJORS/want

Wasn't expecting the Randy bits but his wife definitely makes for an interesting addition to the mix of majors roaming about.


Also I feel kind of bad for Bren, she really seems like a sweet girl that can't control her an episode of the Xmen 90's cartoon.


Also I'd totally bond with Jess, big irish redhead jock girl is too much a gift to pass up.

Author's Response:

Ah yes! I had to show Randy at some point and while I don't think he'll have a huge impact on the story I think his role in the next chapter (which I'm working on right now) will help our Little Izzy in the long run. 

Bren feels kind of bad for Bren. I'm priming her for something big. I hope I pull it off well, although who's saying if that's the best thing for our somber tier 3.

And yeah Izzy wishes she could bond Jess. Clear winner right there right? We already know Izz wants to climb aboard. Oh! But sadly Jessica MacArthur is in a different wieght class and will not be participating in the game. Too bad! 

Reviewer: littless Signed [Report This]
Date: March 11 2018 6:25 PM Title: Chapter 12: what/MAJORS/want

I just got to this story today and binged all these chapters.  I'm quite liking it. I like your style too; you're a good writer. It could use some more salicious scenes as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, I'm hoping for that threesome with Bren and Rebecca. I do like Rebecca. What can I say? I'm a sucker for big boobs. Who isn't? This, despite the fact that she chews and pops her gum.

Author's Response:

Hey thank you. I can't guarantee anything to steamy will come about, but maybe if it appears organically. Unfortunately Izzellah is kind of frosty to others right now and most likely won't be hoping into bed with anyone, but I think somethings will heat up near the end. It's also nice to see a Rebecca fan. She'll be getting a little bit more development too soon. 

Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 11 2018 7:23 AM Title: Chapter 12: what/MAJORS/want

Well; Pix said it all, didn't he ? The last chapters have been a delight because of how insightful they have been. I can't help but notice that Tier 3 doesn't seem to be so happy with their lot, we've got three now (Brenda, Samantha and the one of the M/m one-shot in my random factory thread) and their lives aren't as awesome as other MAJORS think they are. Sometimes, being the apex predator can be tiring !

A little sad to see Summer Bradbury going all domination on her little husband, especially since Randalf clearly still sees her as a mostly positive force in his life. I hope she'll get her act together and realise that as small as Minors are, there is no need for all this violence and humiliation (if it isn't thought after by the Minor) for her to be the overpowering part of her family.

Author's Response:

Yeah being tier 3 may not be such a walk in the park. Eill Brenda come into her role? Who knows? I'm interested in Samantha, she seems more comfortable as a tier 3.

This is one very specific situation that portrays Summer as an antagonist, mostly for humor. She's being forceful but Randalf's being a bit of a coward. They both love each other and he knows he's in no real danger. Don't think he doesn't have a few kinks in bed either. It's all a game they play!

Reviewer: pixl8ed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 11 2018 12:46 AM Title: Chapter 12: what/MAJORS/want

     I have really enjoyed reading chapters 11 and 12.  The “episodic” structure covers a ton of ground character wise and is a bold formatting choice.  It reminds me of Robert Altman’s Short Cuts in it’s style.

     It was refreshing to see Izzy actually preparing and planning.  Yes she got herself in a predicament on impulse, but she put her brain back in gear and made efforts to recover...even triumph.  I love that she’s growing as a character and can take steps to take control of her own destiny. 
     It still seems she’s tied too much of that destiny to being with some idiot biggie, but we’re even starting to see her considering alternatives to that, visions of her independent and living on her own with her own business, in spite of how society has tried to program her.

     I’m a little torn.  It seems like Lisa has de-mystified and de-romanticised bonding for her and while I think she’s done her a huge favor by giving her a grounded perspective, she doesn’t get to find out for herself what all the fuss is about without now being influenced by Lisa’s more jaded point of view.  I would never say ruined, but one of the rites of passage of this world has been made more mundane for her. 
     Still, I think she should be grateful.  Izzy clearly has a hard-won huge intellect for one of her kind and a truly remarkable soul.  She’s not really a heart-centered person it seems.  She’s just been told she’s supposed to be her whole life...she may come to value love and romance, but she’s the type of person it’s much better for her to come there on her own, based on her own experiences, than to come there based on some “imposed norm.”

    A lot of the characters who have been mostly obstacles for Izzy are getting to show us their perspective. 

     Izzy and dad together are still pure magic.  I love seeing them have moments together.  It’s so sweet and loving and they way they support each other...though Iggy does still fall into a lot of the traps of his kind, they have something so good and healthy.  It’s one of the reasons I find the biggies of this reality so sucky... most would call his parenting completely wrong.  And they’d say it because “she has no chance of fulfilling the dreams you’ve allowed her to have.”
    As I’ve said, Izzy is not really a romantic...she just views things form her perspective and by her standards...which, yes, could be swept away by some cruel biggie at any moment. 
     She is strong and she is right, but she is so fragile in this world.

     Gloria getting jealous doesn’t really endear me to her.  Her jealousy is rooted in the fact she’s just viewing Izzy as a trophy here.  Not a shining moment for the wanna be Mrs Iggy.  Kinda wanna see her drowned in motor oil still.
     Though Linda is still a hoot.

    Sabrina... she’s is the prototype “intrusive biggie.”  It’s all about what they want.  And they just have to stick themselves in Izzy’s face....and her head it seems. 
     Okay, really, it’s pretty cool to see her trying to Izzy’s friend.  I like how she’s being less arrogant...for a biggie...and more helpful.  Points to the former big twerp.

    That woman in Izzy’s “house”... that must be mom.  God, what a sad yet sweet detail.  You are a writer with a lot of heart.  I really feel that image.

     In chapter twelve we see Brenda, so sad and vulnerable.  It’s like the girl who told that Winton punk off has been slapped across the nose with a rolled up newspaper and curled up in by her dish... I’m not really in love with the red haired menace, but she seems to have become a much less dynamic character. 
    “Shrinking” her and making her non-competitive takes some of the tension out of the story. 
     I’m not rooting for her...yet.  I think the thing that keeps me from liking her, is not really her fault.  My problem with her is she’s trying to work through feelings of guilt toward an empathic perspective...but she’s constantly getting the wrong kind of affirmation.  Weather her gal pal is telling her there’s nothing wrong with forcing herself on Izzy or her mom is telling her she’s not responsible for her actions...  She’s never going to grow into a enlightened, sympathetic character in this psycho world. 
     Though, I can see her trying...which is worth some pix points.  (Pix could try to collect ‘em all...but I save most of them for Izzy.)

   It was a pretty stunning revelation that Mei was actually just being cocky when she proposed her contest... it makes her seem more interesting as a character that she can be not as smart as she thinks she is.
Not rooting for her though...too manipulative.

   Mabel ... she’s like someone made a person to be a parody of biggies.  Is there a hole to drop her in somewhere?  You can have Sabby’s old title of big twerp.  She’s not using it anymore.

   “The Search????”  More gawdawful televised biggie trash that exploits tinies?  Really?  Watch Deadwood ya morons.  Watch Battlestar Galactica...something...anything but sucky “reality”shows ... we all know they’re scripted by now anyway. 
   Though Randalf might be useful to Izzy...hope hope.

   It really feels like Izzy’s “specialness” has been slowly melting away as the mystique of the biggies has been similarly stripped from them.  The problem is that, as they are revealed to be more alike, they can never be equals.  I will miss the feeling that Izzy had some hidden potential ... something that would stun and surprise us and make all the biggies go Keanu Reeves “whoa.” 

   It seems she’s just an extraordinarily willful human being. 

   But that’s serving the story too.  Now I’m really wondering how she’s going to do in the game she allowed herself to be made a prize in.  If she has any chance of winning, could she actually win the respect of the stoopid biggies?  It would be amazing to have her grin and claim her prize with a “now leave me alone until I say otherwise.”  Tinies rule.

   Thanks for giving us such a fascinating world occupied by such interesting characters.  You have given us something of value and you should know it is appreciated.



Author's Response:

Well thanks. I first experimented with this style back in a old story from MrSirk called "Tales of the New World" echo, echo, echo. Some people liked it. *shrug*.....don't read it, it's bad and unfinished.

I'm still saving a big moment for Izzy and bonding. It's kind of the climax of the story! We'll see what happens!

I like Iggy and Izzy's relationship too! My idea is they're both trying to fill Sheila's shoes for each other in a way. Izzy wants to take care of her pops and he wants to take care of her. I do feel that Iggy's kind of a pushover though, but that's probably because Izzy doesn't have the heart to take advantage of his relaxed parenting. She's responsible. That makes them both lucky!

Even Gloria's not immune to typical MAJOR socio-blah blah bullshit! I think she's trying though. Stories not really about her. She was really just an excuse to show why Sabrina was there. So was Linda for that matter. If Iggy were smart he would've wrangled him a threeway! Haha! I like Linda, but I honestly thought you'd hate her. She's just an overprotective mom who smothers her daughter. Sometimes literally!

It's a struggle to write Brenda sometimes. I don't want her to get away with what she did, but it's also hard to reprimand her. Power is what MAJORS understand and unfortunately (or fortunately) Brenda's at the top of the pile. That's just how MAJORS think. She can almost get away with anything. I compensate by making her punish herself more than society would. She still has a role. will she win this game?! All the odds are in her favor!

Someone has to be the typical MAJOR and I think Mabel does her job well. You should feel bad for her, She's joined s game she knows she can't win just to be included. I think that's both depressing and admirable in a way. I kinda want her to win. Uh oh! Darkhorse!

Uh other stuff but I feel I'm clocking out! 

Thanks for the great review as always!



Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 04 2018 2:12 PM Title: Chapter 1: A minor/Surprise

I don't have anything to whine about the content, so I just would like to thank you for the update!

Author's Response:

Thank you for the comment and not whining, but feel free to whine if you find something whine worthy!

Reviewer: AdamX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 02 2018 7:32 PM Title: Chapter 11: week/END

Izzy is going to need to channel her Batman level mind control to ward off the coming battles.


That said I commend you on the world within the world you've created, I know bonding is supposedly scary at times but the mind link universe does seem very cool if done right/with full agreement etc.

Author's Response:

Hey thank you for the praise. Bonding is scary for how terrifying and enjoyable it can be. It's also just an analogy for sex if it wasn't obvious enough.

Reviewer: Lucia1312 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 22 2018 4:14 PM Title: Chapter 10: MEI'S/game

This chapter was amazing! When are you going to update the next chapter? 

Author's Response:

If by "amazing" you mean short then I agree! I'm actually working on the next chapter now, but I'll be conservative and say a week or so.

Reviewer: Daxel Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 21 2018 9:33 PM Title: Chapter 10: MEI'S/game

I found this story last night and I was hooked from the beginning. I really like Izzy's personality and I'm very courious about the minors history Izzy is trying to uncover.
In general characters interactions are very funny I laughed a lot.
And I know is not the most important aspect of the story but damn I'm rooting for Izzy/Mei.

Author's Response:

Well thanks for youe dedication! I do like writing humor and I'm glad it's hitting with someone. The history will be revealed in slow chunks. It's more of a background detail to Izzellah's story. A side quest if you will.

 You're not the first to be on the Mei x Izzy ship. I'm very curious if that's popular. Mei's supposed to be seen as rather manipulative towards Izzy.

Reviewer: pixl8ed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 21 2018 6:55 PM Title: Chapter 10: MEI'S/game

Okay, at first I was reeeally disappointed in my favorite character.  Izzy has struggled and fought for every bit of dignity she can get.  Then she lets, no insists, that she be a prize in some biggie nonsense.  I really thought that it was cheap and even though Izzy’s thoughtless overconfidence and impulsiveness are well established, I though she was getting better.  This wasn’t just a back slide, this was her throwing out all she’d learned so far AND becoming worse than a minor stereotype.  This was her being worse than she was at the beginning of the story.

And for what?  The prize that she’s wagering her dignity on... well...she’s never even tried just saying “all of you just leave me alone.”

Part of me is going to stick with these opinions.  Part of me is very disappointed to see Izzy performing in a way that seems obtuse.  It’s as though she hasn’t learned anything in the story we’ve read so far.  Like we’ve had 9 chapters of character non-development. 

But part of me can completely see it.  Izzy want’s to earn some respect.  She want’s to gamble and she want’s to win.  She has a point, that the biggies all underestimate her and even disrespect her and that may certainly give her an edge.

So, even though I thought the worst as first, Izzy turning this into a “put up or shut up” moment was endearing.  I was really with her.  It may have disastrous consequences, but it was such a cool moment.

In some ways she’s still being too passive.  She didn’t do any of the logical stuff like demand a “no mental powers usage” rule or any other common sense measure.  Character’s who don’t think are a chore to read, but when you think that’s what you’re seeing and yet they surprise you that’s pure gold. 

Truth to tell, I would see Izzy saying “since you guys all think you’re twice as good as me, you’re  going to wait here 30 minutes while I hide and you’re going to have 15 minutes to find me.”  Then, since they haven’t made any rules, she gets out of sight, goes to her Mustang and drives until she runs out of gas...ha ha...screw you stoopid biggies.  Izzy wins!

Really, Izzy is risking so much, her integrity and respect can’t be recovered when they’re gone, but she seems to feel it’s worth it.  If she loses, she’s just another tiny who get’s used by a biggie in one of these stories, worse, because she set herself up.  If she wins though, it’s not much of prize, but it could mean a little more respect from these stuck up could mean that they would learn something.... it could result in them growing in empathy and understanding... ... ...


Fingers crossed for the tiny heroine....

Great chapter.  Great stakes.  Great set up.  Great suspense that will last until the next chapter.  Or longer. 

Thanks for keeping at it...and your art is just cool.



Author's Response:

I can admit the premise of the game and Izzellah going along with it is a little contrived. My argument would be they were going to fight over her anyway. Much like Alejandro's childhood experience from Kurogane's work, it's just kind of what MAJORS do. One day Sabrina would have a black eye and just stop hanging around when Mei passed by for example. At least this way Izzellah feels she's involved. It's on the extreme edge of her character, probably a significant flaw she should work on. She has nothing to prove!.....but yeah you called me out on it. (darn) 

Also there's still a whole week to go!....And if it hasn't been obvious from the pacing I don't really skip time too much. Seven days over 9 chapters! (Actually that might not be accurate. I'll have to check get it.) Izzy still has her weekend and another week to go! Plenty of time for shit to go down! Although part of me wonders if I should speed things up a bit? Who knows? Surely we don't need to see what Izzy's up to every day!

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 21 2018 3:06 PM Title: Chapter 10: MEI'S/game

Here, a review by the laziest reviewer ever. It took me like a day to submit it.

Seems like some people are really fighting over Izzellah. And a pity that it isn't a physical fight, although Mei is up to something. It also seems as if two of the Majors at least have a very strong advantage over the other two. I wonder what will happen next.

Thank you for writing, and unitl next time!


BTW is Mei based/supposed to be Mei from Overwatch?

Author's Response:

A review is always appreciated even if it's seen as late somehow. Don't fret.

There may still be a physical aspect to this game. I mean we are dealing with MAJORS here. What happens if two find Izzy at the same time? Only one can win after all.......

Thanks for the comment and no Mei isn't based on Mei from Overwatch. It's just a nice name and I like illiteration. I mean my main character's named Izzellah Ignacia Ivory. I'd do it for all my characters if I didn't think it was ridiculous. You can pretend she looks like Mei until I draw her though!

Reviewer: Afroking Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 20 2018 2:56 PM Title: Chapter 10: MEI'S/game

Yay glad to see more of Izzy! really love seeing these characters.

 back a while ago you mentioned going back to your older stories and I gotta say I loved 'Trials'. I know Its been a long time since that story but that was one of my favorite stories from my early years on this site. I would love to see such a good story come back.

Author's Response:

A "Trials" fan! I can't believe it!  That story has a special place in my heart. My first story on this site, it inspired a lot of the things I love today! It deserves a look over. I'm pretty sure some of those characters and ideas will show up again somehow. 

Reviewer: Kurogane335 Signed [Report This]
Date: February 20 2018 2:20 PM Title: Chapter 10: MEI'S/game

Such a tease ! Izzy has a very packed week ahead of herself... but if I'm not wrong, she'll have the week-end for herself, which could be great ! I also like the art, it has to be said ! I hope your computer get fixed soon, so we can have more of your work to peruse !

Author's Response:

Sorry for the short chapter but I was under a bit of a time constraint! Don't worry Izzy has a film to watch, a person to find, a match to see, and a game to win! Lots for her to do. 

Thanks for the kind words on the art. I am eternally grateful! I know my art's not the worst in the world but I know it's far from great as well. I can only hope to improve as time goes on. 

Reviewer: AdamX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 20 2018 1:45 PM Title: Chapter 10: MEI'S/game

The game is a foot or under it...never know with these major folks.

Author's Response:

Izzy might find herself under foot if she's not careful! 

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