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Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: November 26 2018 11:17 PM Title: Epilogue...Remembrance Day

Amazing story. Nice to see where everyone ended up years later. Like Aspen, I'm a little weirded out by Hope being a five-year-old with a teenager's body and hormones. But other than that, nice epilogue. Glad that borrowers are integrating into society. You did a fantastic job with this story.

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: November 21 2018 12:02 AM Title: Chapter 28...A New Hope Pt. 3

Wow, that was epic! I love that one of the chapters was written in reverse. Cool technique. Lots of unexpected moments like Ritchie's death and resurrection. Hope was an interesting character. God-like power with an innocent child's mind.

Ikaros kind of came out of nowhere but I assume there was foreshadowing  for that earlier (been a while since I read the other chapters). I assume this was the conclusion of the story. Excellent work. I enjoyed the world you created, all the mythologies blended within it, and I truly cared about the characters.

Author's Response:

Surprise surprise! It's not the last chapter. The next one his though. The last chapter will show a little of what happened 5 years later and possibly set up a continuation in the future. 

I did drop very subtle hints that a larger power was at work in the two previous chapters. The mysterious voice compelling the girls to bring their children along was the biggest one. As for Ikaros, when Pele described the terrible fallout from her siblings using etherion on one another. Her youngest brother dead and the subsequent vow to give birth to magical races to safeguard the world from etherion. We learned that Ikaros gave birth to the Fae and Pele herself the menehune but the fate of her oldest brother (who gave birth to the Alux) remains to be seen. 

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: November 01 2018 8:55 PM Title: Chapter 27...Revelations Pt. 2

Danica had a rather tragic backstory. I still don't really like or trust her given her murdering numerous shrunken folk in the past. But at least she's trying to redeem herself and seeing the miniature races as people.

Also, I guess I didn't put it together that Ebonheart is not her actual mother. Her mother is simply Ebonheart's host. That's pretty messed up.

(In other news, I was looking at the reviews on this. Am I seriously the only person reading this? Or at least commenting on it? C'mon, folks, speak up! I wonder if the length of the chapters you've posted lately has scared people off. I know it sometimes takes me a while to catch up on this story.)

Author's Response:

Haha! Thanks Pixis. I'm sure people other than you like this story as I get an average of 3000 views per update. Many just don't comment out of shyness (myself included). The way i see Danica is an alcoholic. Starting out trying to impress others (in her case ebonheart), and it just spirals from there. I don't think she will ever truly forgive herself and in the case of trust, I doubt she trusts herself either. Danica had what alcoholics call a "moment of clarity". In her case ebonheart having John rape her. She finally got it that ebonheart would never see her as her daughter but as a tool. A means to an end. 

Thanks for the loyal reviews! 

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: October 09 2018 11:11 PM Title: Chapter 26...Love and Betrayal Pt. 2

Catching up on this - Loved the part where Aspen swallowed Claire. That was pretty hot and quite a trust exercise for them. As for the second half of the chapter, I feel awful for Rose. Quite a horrible experience. Glad they were able to save her. But can they save her mind? Danica turning herself in was an unexpected twist. Curious to see where that goes.

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: September 05 2018 9:35 PM Title: Chapter 25...What doesn't kill us Pt. 2

Quite a sacrifice that Lily has made. Let's hope it's worth it.

Powerful chapter. The flashback to Lily losing her children was heartbreaking. But her kindness towards Susan and the two forest guardians was very moving.

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: August 16 2018 10:40 PM Title: Chapter 24...Phara Pt. 2

Yikes. The hungry ghost legend certainly takes on another layer in a giantess story. Glad they were able to save most of her victims. Interesting conflict with the Yaksha and Mogwai needing to overcome their prejudices to live together.

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: July 26 2018 8:21 PM Title: Chapter 23...the Original Trickster Pt. 2

Aw, man. I was excited about Puck being in the story but now it seems he won't be any longer. Quite a tragic history you gave to the merry wanderer of the night. But I guess like a lot of tricksters and comedians, he was only smiling on the outside to disguise his pain.

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: July 11 2018 9:40 PM Title: Chapter 21...Friend Equals Target Pt. 2

Very timely story with the illegal immigration theme. You did a good job showing the human suffering that many ignore in this issue (albeit suffering brought on by a psychotic light mage who tried to eat them all in this case). Carlos' death was tragic but I'm glad the rest of the family made it.

Author's Response:

Yeah. Personally, I think what's happening at the border is insane. It's gone beyond "obeying the law". Even the UN has denounced it. When I wrote the chapter I knew it would be in Mexico, northern Mexico to be percise. Adding that, it would be silly to ignore the dynamic involved in that region. Just impractical writing. I did my best to give a balanced take on the matter showing that both sides of the argument was recognized. Thanks for you comments. I do read and appreciate them.

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: June 17 2018 9:19 PM Title: Chapter 19...Return to the Land of the Rising Sun Pt. 2

Nice sub-plot. It was cool to see Hikari and the koonago again and to delve into Japanese folklore some more. The various challenges the team faced were like something out of an adventure movie. The sequence with the oni was especially great and I got a kick out of the reference to Issun-boshi (one of my favorites).

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: June 02 2018 11:09 AM Title: Chapter 18...First Shot Fired Pt. 2

Wow, another action packed set of chapters! The invasion by the Final Heaven agents was very dramatic. Nice job on the battle scenes and all the various forms of magic. I liked Keith's trick using the girl to sabotage the Mogwai government. The final scene with the torture and killing of the family in the frozen yogurt was a bit too disturbing for me but it certainly established the ruthlessness of the villains.

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: May 20 2018 8:14 PM Title: Chapter 17...Wedding Blues pt. 2

Nice to see Aspen and Claire finally tie the knot. Very sweet and moving ceremony. The previous chapter with the kidnappers was kind of horrifying but they certainly got what was coming to them.

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: April 23 2018 10:06 PM Title: Chapter 15...Happy Birthday Claire Pt. 2

Quite an eventful birthday. I loved the scene of Claire rescuing the shrunken car and healing the victim's wounds. Very cool. I look forward to seeing what she can do when she unlocks her full Fae potential.

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: April 07 2018 1:15 AM Title: Chapter 14...On the job Training Pt. 2

Finally caught up on this story. Ebony is so evil!

I enjoyed Lawan's training session with her students. Interesting way to prepare them for the dangers of being tiny. My favorite part though was the flashback ators from Keith's past. The way you described the size of the human girl and the little two-inch boy's fear and helplessness was very exciting. Loved the image of a "tarp" from Victoria'' Secret too.

Author's Response:


Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: March 26 2018 6:29 PM Title: Chapter 12...The Yaksha Pt. 2

I've been busy so I'm just now catching up on this story. I've only read through the Yaksha chapters so far. These are legends I'm not as familiar with. I think I've heard of Yaksha but don't remember much about them. And Mogwai I only know from the Gremlins movies (your version will no doubt be quite different). 


In any case, the miniature hidden city was very cool and the battle with the snake was quite dramatic. Nice to see that Keith has a potential mate with Lawan. A good solution for the love triangle he seems to be stuck in. But will Ebony's plot ruin their best laid plans?

Author's Response:

I enjoy reading your reviews. As for Ebony...let's just say she won't be just sitting around.

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: February 26 2018 6:32 PM Title: Chapter 11...Turning Point Pt. 2

I hope Aspen's testimony can change public opinion in favor of the tiny folk. Also curious to see if she can escape Ebony's curse or if her child will end up being taken from her. And speaking of children, nice to see Claire's kid make his debut and survive the chapter. Being swallowed whole by an evil giantess is certainly an unusual way to induce labor.

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: February 11 2018 1:57 AM Title: Chapter 10,,,The Tale of Oberon Pt. 2

Awesome chapters! Lots of surprising revelations and emotional moments. As usual, I really enjoyed your use of folklore, in this case the Sluagh and the Morrigan. The hints of other tiny races that haven't been encountered yet were interesting as well. This continues to be one of the best stories on this site.

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: February 01 2018 10:13 PM Title: Chapter 9...the Menehune Pt. 2

Oberon vs. Pele was a very cool moment. Love the mixing of mythologies. I was not expecting Richie to go with the Homunculi. Interesting twist. 

Speaking of which, I can't imagine what some of those Homunculi are going through. They still have memories of being human. They've barely adjusted to not being who they think they are. And now they're being changed into yet another type of being altogether!

Overall, another good chapter. That last sentence has me in suspense.

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: January 12 2018 11:44 PM Title: Chapter 8...the Homunculi Pt. 2

Wow, that was dark but it ended with a note of hope. Glad that they took the homunculi in, as they were innocent and had suffered enough. That will be interesting now that they have a whole house full of tiny people.

I've never heard of homunculi absorbing the soul of the person they're based on. Is that from the legends or did you create that idea for the story?

Pretty sure I know who was possessing Keith (Oberon I assume?). Intrigued to see how that plays out.

Author's Response:

For homunculi lore I had to borrow from two sources. The German one (which did include Faust and how to create them) and Arabic. The Arabic one goes into more detail as to the nature of them. "Soulless creatures that hunger to be come human" was one quote. "Tiny humans with a fragment of a soul that yearns to be more than it is" was another. As you can see they differ slightly but convey a similar idea. They want to be human. Them eating souls was my play on it. 

Now with this group in the house, they will have a nice part to play in the next chapter. As for Oberon inside Keith...the better question is is it the Oberon of legend or something else? And what did he mean by "vested interest"?


Stay tuned :)

Reviewer: GTSaddict Signed [Report This]
Date: December 24 2017 6:29 PM Title: Chapter 7...Death and Rebirth Pt. 2

I hope Lily left her magic dirt, I think Claire and Aspen would enjoy a bit of size role reversal <3

love the story equal parts sexy as hell and really interesting plot and world building. Keep it up!

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: December 23 2017 6:48 PM Title: Chapter 7...Death and Rebirth Pt. 2

Great chapters, very suspenseful. Like I said in my last review, I figured there was a loophole to the curse. I like all the rules you came up with for how the magic works, how souls and bodies interact, and what happens to the soulless. Very creative.

The mention of Oberon was interesting. I wonder if they'll run into him and if so, how he would react to the death of his (ex?)wife, Titania.

And now a homunculus chapter! Another legend I've used in my stories. I look forward to seeing your take on it.

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