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Reviewer: FreemanCD Signed starstar [Report This]
Date: January 12 2017 6:40 AM Title: ACT I FOREVER Chapter 1 Hurt

Julia is great, I have to agree.

One question: why are you showing us the three acts? Wouldn't it keep interest more if we didn't know when it would end?

As a forewarning, most readers in GiantessWorld like a long chapter that they can skim through, as I've found in my time on here.

The three main characters might be a little too similar. What part of what made Julia interesting was the idea of five strangers being imprisoned together, and how they bonded over the course of time.

I'd say if you could, run the story through Microsoft Word, because there are a couple spelling errors (*Oy Vey) and grammatical errors ("What?" *Was the First Word).

I think you could really make this story your own from here on, but if you follow Jacksmith's footsteps to closely, you'll have the impossible job of bearing constant comparisons to his work

Author's Response:

thank you very much for your harsh consturtive critism, like I said this si my firist story and for soem reason it hasn't been taking my other chapters in.  the plan was to make this story 10 chapters and the basic idea of crazy ritch girl shrinking people is were it would of ended, like I said julia inspired this story. the difference well biggest differece is that each chapter usually would have each protaginest's point of view on the events they are experiencing, i.e. in chapter 2,  it would take paul's perspective who isn't the brightest guy in the shed,etc.


I guess that would be a better case, However liek is aid first story and time on here.  if longer chapters ar ebetter i guess i could add chapter 2 into chapter 1. thank you :)

Reviewer: eidasenix26 Signed [Report This]
Date: January 10 2017 6:49 PM Title: ACT I FOREVER Chapter 1 Hurt

I Hope I can improve and grow with this fun little idea.

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