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Reviewer: KentaRyu Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 03 2018 11:46 PM Title: Round Two...

Hi! I wanted to write the review sooner but work caught up quite fast.

One problem "fixed" and another to come. Really, Abby can't catch a breath. Throughout Casey and Eve's fight I kept trying to find a side to cheer on but got quite difficult, both of them were definetily on the wrong here and it shows since they start yelling at each other, throwing low blows all the time. Is good that there's not "good" side in this case.

Wonder what solution Eve came up with, and whether it'll keep them away enough for Ebon to do as she pleases. 

Poor Abby, she's the real victim on this one. Glad Kari snapped her out of victimizing herself. Though, I guess this kind of situation might help her in some way when choosing a mate in the future, there should be a lot to take in after all.

And well, Ebon back. Very cursiousin why she's going from a destroyer to kidnapper in this one. Maybe someone needs energy? Hope to get to know soon!

See ya!

Reviewer: KentaRyu Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 20 2018 12:52 AM Title: A Flower Among Weeds...

Hey, it's been a while! Got started in a new job and still getting used to it so took me a bit to get some time to read...

I think Abby thinking that way of Kari after hearing the news is the normal thing to do. Of course, is not a good thing, but is what's expected. Quite nice she managed to overcome her anger and inquire more on the matter, though.

Quite cute Abby and Kari's relationship, going more along the lines of mother and daughter but not being quite the same. It's also good for my heart that she isn't really another candidate for a lover, I already got enough trouble choosing for a favorite among the current ones...

"she watched Kari obey her like she always did. Like they all seemingly did." I wonder if this is foreshadowing for something.

The story is indeed quite depressing, especially the fact that the humans made sure that Kari observed her mother as the "trial" went on. Though, I'm unsure if I find this one or Casey's as the saddest. Nevertheless, I think it was quite interesting, even if sad.

And I'm glad the chapter ends on a happy note, as happy as it can get after that tale of course. Abby mentions ones again that she hopes Najia would let her stay so I wonder what the girl would do if Najia declined. Also, she will need to get the approval of Ebon and all the girls before that, or maybe she hopes Najia does something about her? Though it could also be that Abby didn't think that far yet.

So you said you're getting trouble for writing? Please take your time, you don't want to post something you're not satisfied because of a rush. Hope you manage to overcome your block or the trouble that you're having.

See ya!

Author's Response:

Thank you Kenta. Your reviews always make me feel better. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter, it was a harder one to write for some reason. I guess it was a combination of coming back in to writing and the darker theme with a character like Kari. Either way, i'm hoping the next chapter wont be as long. I already have the idea's prepared for it, i just need to sit down and sort them out in the proper order.

As for Abby and Kari's relationship, that was aout what i wanted to portray. Don't worry, not every girl is a candidate for lover, lol. When it comes to Najia however, I wouldn't put to much worry into it. It's best not to assume anything about a character you know nothing about. ;)

I'll try to keep this story updated as soon as I can.

Thank you again for another review. :)

And congratulations on your new job!

Reviewer: Lucia1312 Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: August 06 2018 2:05 AM Title: Doctor, doctor...

Nice to finally see Kari's background! Though for a second I really thought that Abby was going to be stuck at her size.

Although, promising that she would never abandon them when she is two inches tall and a dragon girl is trying to kill her continuously, is probably going to make it difficult to accomplish.

And the question from every review! When are you going to update next chapter? After a month, two? XD

Author's Response:

I'm glad you enjoyed Lucia. I honestly don't want to say. It could be a week, a month, I don't know. I've been having trouble writing. So I guess, it's kind of in the air at the moment.

Reviewer: KentaRyu Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 16 2018 10:58 PM Title: The Bad News...

Welcome back! Of course, I don't hate you. I'm really glad you're back to writing.

A bit refreshing to see Abby being the one making mistakes this time, even if it meant hurting Casey's feelings by not noticing her intentions ;_; Keep going Casey, I'm sure you will manage to surprise her at some point...

Liked the way the small teen moves around the dullahan, climbing and sliding down her. It's very cute. Makes it even cuter for when they're together.

Too bad the nice moments went downhill though. I noticed Casey had moments of self-blaming but didn't expect it to be that bad. That moment with Abby can be a start for a process of self-acceptance, hope they keep working things out together.

And well, the confession. The answer was as expected but is good that Casey hears it directly from Abby herself, especially now that she seems at a low point with her self-esteem. Cheers Casey, there's still chance. Hope she manages to call Abby Storen someday.

"This was the first time she had ever cried in happiness" This part got me a bit, is really sad to think someone never experienced bliss like that before. Now wonder how Eve will feel after learning Casey heard it first. Makes me also think about what Najia's opinion will be about this when she wakes up. Sounds like she could be very understanding about it but who knows.

As for Kari's secret. I expected something along those lines but still, poor her. Abby wasn't sure whether she or Casey was more excited about her growing back, but I'm not sure whether Kari or Abby is more devasted about the bad news.

And well, it's also a bit sad to hear the story might be coming to its end but is something expected from all stories, yet I'm glad to see there's still more to come. Though, I wonder if you have something planned with other girls than the ones you mentioned in the previous review?

Anyway, hope you manage to get back into writing pace, just don't overwork yourself!

See ya.

Author's Response: Iím really glad youíre still reading my story Kenta. Your reviews are always nice to read and reflect on. :D I wanted to show the closeness of the two this chapter so Iím glad that you got that vibe from it with how Abby and Casey interacted with one another. Even if it took a darker turn later on. Iím also glad though that you understood the weight behind her confessions and in turn Abbyís. I always worry Iím not writing a feeling strong enough sometimes... ;-; I guess I might have foreshadowed to much with Kari, didnít I? I hope it was still somewhat of a surprise. Weíll be going into that and into her next chapter so donít worry. Also donít think Iím not going to give any of the other girls any more attention. They werenít just there for filler after all. XD I promise I wonít overwork myself but I will be writing again soon! Donít you worry! Thanks again Kenta :D

Reviewer: Lucia1312 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 16 2018 9:22 AM Title: The Bad News...

Oh, wow, you are back! Nice chapter by the way, I totally didn't expect that the reason Kari was like that, was that she couldn't turn Abby back. ...Hmmm, I'm wondering how the others are going to react to this, Cassey seemed enthusiastic... Hey wait, did Eve knew? I mean she saw the future, or the paths that could lead to the future...?

Though it is cute how Cassey acts towards Abby, I still ship EveXAbby with all my heart.

Are you going to explain Kari's backstory in the next chapter?

Oh, and I almost forgot! When are you going to update next chapter? Hope it doesn't take over two months again xD

Author's Response: Donít worry about what Eve does or doesnít know. Kari has enough to worry about without an angry vampire hovering over her :3 I will go on to explain more of that later on. Donít think that I added in the clairvoyance for no reason. Iím glad you enjoy Eve & Abby together but it will be some tough decisions once the time comes. I will be going into Kariís past shortly, yes. As for if itís next chapter or not, youíll just have to wait and see. :P I-I promise I wonít take two months this time! M-Maybe...

Reviewer: Nothingness Signed [Report This]
Date: June 15 2018 6:17 PM Title: The Bad News...

I'm sooo glad you're back! T-T I was just thinking about your story and then... Boom! I see an update. Firgive me for not leaving reviews up frequently but I hope you know that I caught up and read this insane chapter! 


At this point, I'm with Abby. Both Casey and Eve put their heart and souls into their respective dates with Abby and truly loves her as she does them and this mate thing is really a sacred thing. I should have known there was more to Casey's past. I don't remember if I said this in a previous review or someone else said it but deep inside, Casey seems to be the most sensitive out of the girls despite her tough exterior. 


In all honesty, IMO I think Casey has the best powers. I alway thought the ability to manipulate shadows was pretty cool plus, her shadows seem to take on almost any shape or size so versatility plays a factor in that. 


I had a feeling that was what Kari was going to say :( but I was hoping against hope it might be something different. Perhaps Naija might have a solution?


And about Naija, I just have a speculation here but the gang seems to think Naija will let Abby stay in the cave but what's Naija's backstory? I may have overlooked something but she doesn't seem to have a huge disdain humans but what if she does deep inside her heart but doesn't show it in order to be a strong role model to her girls?


Lately, I haven't been seeing a lot of stories that catch my eyes pn the site so you do not know how happy I was when I saw an update from you! I love this story so so much and hope you can keep updating! :)

Author's Response: Iím glad you liked the chapter Nothingness, and Iím glad to be back and at it again. :D Iíll try to have a new chapter up shortly so Iím glad you caught up. I was worried everyone might have forgotten about my story but it doesnít look like that thankfully. ďXD As for Najia, donít think I plan on leaving her past unanswered. She will have some story time and there will most definitely be a point where she has a one on one with Abby about everything. That, I can assure you of. Thank you for leaving me a review. It really made me feel welcomed coming back to read it after all this time. :)

Reviewer: KentaRyu Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 30 2018 11:44 PM Title: Mine is yours.

I'm really sorry it took me this long to read the new chapter ;_;

Now with that out of my chest, onto the chapter.

Casey seems to be planning something special, with a kind of obvious intention. Meanwhile, Kari is acting more suspicious. I now have some idea of what she might be hiding but I'll have to wait and see.

Also, now we get to know Najia is waking up in 1 or 2 days. really wonder how will the story go from there. I'm a bit scared to ask but, does Najia's awakening means the story is getting to its end?

Now about the star of the chapter. Nya was very cute in this one. While reading her flashback for some reason I kind of pictured a Disney movie lol. Sadly, the ending wasn't as happy as a Disney movie...

While is good that Najia managed to pick her up, can't put away the thought of Nya's mother... Hope she's okay, though, that would only mean she's still looking for her child... Doesn't seem like a bright future either way. Also, I wonder if it was awkward to write scenes in which most of the dialogue was "Nyaa".

The ending with the belly rub was cute! Nice one that Abby decided to went onwards, to not hurt Nya's feelings.

Looking forward to the next one, specially since it seems it'll be Casey-centered. However, I'll be traveling in a couple of weeks so I'm unsure when I'll be able to read it... Still, I'm sure it'll be a nice one.

See ya~

Author's Response:

I'm really sorry it took me this long to write you back! I swear I wasn't being vindictive! I mean it! Please don't hate me. T^T

To answer your question, once Najia wake's up, the story will be at it's end. So in a sense, yes. But, that doesn't mean we're through with it just yet. There's a lot of stuff I need to get to. Kari, Ebon, and of course, Enya come to mind. I'm sure you're curious of at least one of three.

I'm glad you enjoyed Nya's back story. I wanted it to be clear why she is so attached to Abby so hopefully my sentiment was strong enough in it. But as for her mother, don't expect to see her in This, story.

And no... it was actually really fun writing the dialog for Nya and her mother. XD

I'm wondering how confused everyone else is when their sentences made perfect sense in my mind and no one elses. :3

I hope you read this next chapter soon and that you still enjoy the story.

Again, I'm really sorry I never replied back to you. I just had some personal stuff that kept me away from here. Sorry...


Reviewer: Lucia1312 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 16 2018 10:41 AM Title: Mine is yours.

Oh yes, I missed Nya! Glad to see she was alright... *Insert happy sigh*

However, I'm still dying to know about Kari! I'm getting more and more ideas about what's happening and its killing me, slowly. And I got a new question about Kari, is she going to be able to return Abby to normal? Maybe thats the lie? She can't turn her back to normal and she tricked Abby to help her? Or maybe it was the one of the other comment, maybe both? Ahhhggg, I'm going slowly crazy, getting more theories as the time goes...

Also, I think Casey has a date prepared for Abby, kind of obvious if you see how shy she is acting and all, and I'm guessing its a picnic or something like that, since she has a basket.

Though I ship EveXAbby, seeing her interactions with Casey is kind of fun. 

You said that next chapter shouldnt take as long as this one, but... When do you think you are going to update?

...Dont you really get tired of my comments? I feel like a spamer or something xD

Author's Response:

Who knows how far people will go for the ones they love. Whatever Kari did you'll just have to wait and see. I will say, that it MIGHT, be one of the things you've listed over the past few reviews... but I won't say which. X3

I'll keep my mouth closed on what Casey has planned to but I think you're on the right track. Not as much cloak and dagger with that mystery, :P 

I haven't started the new chapter yet since school started back up again but I'm also not going to have to re-write it either so I'm positive it won't take over two weeks this time. I had a chapter mix up with Casey and Nya and realized about halfway after writing it I did it backward's so that's why I took so long. As for a set date, I can't say. Sorry... :(

Also, I never get tired of your reviews. You constantly question things that go on meaning I'm doing my job right. :D 

Reviewer: KentaRyu Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 15 2018 10:21 PM Title: The Good News

Hey! This one took me waaay more than usual but finally managed to find time for reading the new chapter.

But first, I wanted to congratulate you on getting 100 reviews. So, congrats!

Now onto the chapter, well it was more of a transition chapter. Yu seems to have a full recovery, or close to one at least, and that's great. Very sweet her last interaction.

Eve had a short apparition but dropped the comment on how Ebon will never bother them again. Really curious on how she managed that. On other scenarios, I might think she lied in some way but I doubt she would do that to Abby.  I suppose there was some kind of blackmail going on? Also, indeed it seems Ebon still worried about the other girls and won't really harm them even when trying to get to Abby. I wonder if Casey also noticed this or just wrote it off as the dragon being tired or something. Oh, and I'm curious on how far will Casey get in terms of power, she seems to be doing nice progress.

For Kari, is nice to see her after so long. Cute as ever, but left us with the doubt of what she's hiding. I'm a bit out of ideas for this one, to be honest. I don't think there was space for Kari to do some foul play or something that would Abby in some way from the start. Maybe later on?

There's also the question of how will stuff proceed after Najia wakes up, and whether they'll try to unshrink Abby right after that. Though, I kind of would like her to stay like that of course, haha.

See ya~

Author's Response:

Glad to see your review after so long Kenta :D

I figured life got in the way or something was keeping you hanging. :)

I don't have much to say in regards to Eve and Ebon. That will come up later don't worry. And as for Kari, that will be coming up sooner than you might think. That's all I'll say :X

I hope you like the new chapter to and it doesn't take you so long to read it. xD

See ya next time :3

Reviewer: Lucia1312 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 04 2018 7:40 PM Title: Doctor, doctor...

Wait, wait, wait, you are telling me, that the assumption I just made, is correct, or a bit of it is!? Then, I must say that Kari is a fucking genious to plan all of that in her own.

Was her plan try to kidnap her without any magic, and then force her heal Najia? Or when Abby started screaming, she didnt know what to do, started panicking, and shrunk her in attemp to actually get her, and make her pass out? Or shrinking her was in her mind all along?

OH WAIT, Is this why she is scared of Eve? She is scared that she will hurt her when she finds out?! Though I think she is just scared about how, err, sadistic she was when the met for the first time? 

Has Kari been watching Abby like some kind of stalker or a teenager with a crush, before they actually met?

Aghhhh this is so frustrating, I didnt think that theory was actually going to be true! Now I'm even more confused... :'D


Author's Response:

I won't say. You'll just have to read the next chapter when I tell everyone~ :3

Reviewer: Lucia1312 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 04 2018 1:04 PM Title: The Good News

Oh, I've been thinking and... Is the truth that Kari did shrink and brought her on purpose, I mean, she went exactly for her help, as if she knew that she would help them, she could have gone to another doctor or something, someone who was actually experienced and such, I dont think it was a coincidence that just when the real doctor left, Kari appeared, maybe she saw her from afar or something... I mean, it doesn't seem like something Kari would do, she is so nice after all, but that is something that the readers aren't expecting, and she does seem like the type of person who would do anything to help someone she loves; Najia. And yeah, I don't think she ever wanted to put her in danger, she just wanted Abby to help them. That would also explain why she is feeling guilty everytime Abby gets hurt, since it wast part of her plan, though she could feel guilty because it was an accident aftter all. But still, I think it could be a possibility...

My theories are so crazy xD

Author's Response:

Perhaps, not as crazy as you think...

Reviewer: Lucia1312 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 03 2018 8:23 AM Title: The Good News

Hummm, I'm wondering if what Casey did was some kind of secret power that dullahans posses. And I'm still trying to figure out Kari's past, though I think I am close to discover it! And Ebon's too. I mean something must have caused the hatred she has towards humans, and I'm sure it has something to do with Ivy. Not sure how... Yet!

By the way I'm the comment number 100, it's an honour :'D.

I would ask when is the next update, but you did say you will try to update as soon as possible. However, it has become a routine to ask, so... When are you going to update, more or less?

Author's Response:

Glad to reach triple digits on reviews :D 

Thanks for being the 100th~ :3

As for Casey doing what she did, take it as character progression. More to come on that later, don't worry. 

And as for Kari and Ebon, both will be seeing spotlight soon enough, I assure you. Keep guessing though, I'm always a fan of speculations. ;3

I'll try to have an update by the end of the week. I made progress today in this chapter now that my direction's back to where I want it to be. Don't worry about asking, but don't expect a different answer either. xD

Reviewer: KentaRyu Signed [Report This]
Date: March 26 2018 8:47 PM Title: Doctor, doctor...

Oh, no, no, of course I like Yu, I even said I find her adorable. Didn't mean to say she had the intention of deceiving Clarette or doing any wrong to her, I know Yu's acts were out of pure love. Just wanted to point out that she was deceiving her in the end, and that most "humans" might have focused on that. Unlike Abby who had a different point of view.

Also, of course Abby having changes in her judgment in the normal thing in that situation, just pointing out how she's been going from one side to the other, nothing wrong with that.

And yes, I do agree that Clarette wasn't really a strong-willed person so her future without Yu didn't seem too shiny either.

Hope there were no misunderstandings in what I said D:

Author's Response: I didnít think I sounded accusatory, sorry about that. :( Youíre fine Kenta! I didnít take offense to what you said. Iím glad you still like Yu though. :3

Reviewer: KentaRyu Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 26 2018 12:17 AM Title: Grief, And Sorrow

This one took me a bit longer to read, I was even interrupted thrice while trying. But Anyway, I finally finished!

Nice to know a bit more about Yu's powers. She seems pretty powerful so I wonder what's her classification on the scale? Though, maybe her species isn't really classified as it's so mysterious.

For her past, it was indeed very sad. While it was interesting the way Yu managed to take the blonde's place, the outcome, well... Also, pretty brutal what the other girl did and how no one stopped her. Was it because of her being of the high class?

And, it was a nice touch Yu going to get in with her "real" appearance by the end but, well, it was too late...

I'm curious about Abby's way of seeing things now. At first, she was completely on the human's side and as the story moved on, she was going towards neutrality. Now, however, she seems to be completely on the others' side. I mean this because she didn't seem to think anything weird about the idea of Yu taking the other girl identity and actually deceiving Clarette. I was a bit bothered that not much of this was touch upon but glad to see Abby did mention it when lecturing Yu about how she should've told the truth and how it might have been worse if she didn't appear at the moment. And that's especially true since we don't know what might've been of Clarette if Yu didn't come into her life...

Also, I might know already why Yu can't really talk, was it the "price" she paid for that last help towards her mate?

I have to say Yu seems even more adorable each chapter. And is good that Abby finally made her mind. However, I feel things won't be that easy from now on anyways.

There was also a hint of where are Eve and the other girls I guess? Though no idea what place is lightened enough.

Eager to see what will be taking place on the next one.

See ya~

Author's Response:

Glad you were able to get to my story Kenta, I'm always eager to see your reviews. Their very insightful to read. :D

This story takes place in the mid-sixteenth century, so classifications in social status do come into play. So I would say yes, being in an upper cast does mean one tends to be a bit more... of a bitch. Pardon my language. :P

I think you have a good way of viewing Yu's past but let me turn that around so you see both sides please~

Yu is a being who literally gives up her identity to be with her love and mate. She'll become whatever she needs to be and give her mate everything she desires and more. This is the love depth of a Doppelganger. She is giving up, everything from her own life to fill the hole for her mate because Clarette, is now her purpose in life. While I don't disagree that Abby didn't bring it up, consider both situations. I hoped that Clarette was written in how I intended her to be and not as someone who could just pick herself back up after what had happened. 

Yu's intervention saved Clarette. But, it also doomed her as well. See where the coin comes into play? I do wonder and have toyed with what would have happened had she not shown up at all, but, if that happened then Yu wouldn't exist. 3:

I like your perspective on her intentions. No one else bothered to point that out. It was interesting to see what you thought. I hope that doesn't mean you don't like Yu anymore though...    ;-;

And as for the price she paid, don't worry about it. ;)

Also in regards to Abby's opinions on humans and monsters, I would think your opinions would change to if you learned that animals can talk, feel and act like humans, and show apathy and remorse for others. I've done something similar to this story as I did with my last but one stark difference is that Abby, could potentially be the cause of a lot of these girls problems inadvertently because of who she is and what shes's done. And this is one of the things that weigh's on her.  Sorry if a balance seems off but it's deliberate. And I don't plan on changing it either, much.

I'll be getting to the others soon as well, so don't worry about them either. Or... perhaps really worry! :D

I love keeping people guessing xD 


Talk to you later Kenta~ :3

Reviewer: babajo3 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 21 2018 7:08 PM Title: Doctor, doctor...

So... Wow, I have to say, just wow. I read this entire story up until this point in a single day because I really didn't want to put it down, very very good job. I honestly almost forgot it wasn't an actual writing submission instead of something posted on this website, so spectacular job in that. I actually was so floored by the quality I'm going to give it a more "actual" review instead of what I'd normally give to stores on this website, because this legit deserves it.

So first off, let me just say it, this story had legitemently one of the best character development of anything I've seen on this website, and honestly better than most things I've seen online regardless of their aim, which for a "giantess" focused story is exceptional, bravo. The time and focus you've taken on each character and the world building you have done is exceptional, and is the main reason this story has stuck out to me as much as it has. A lot of the time I was reading chapters and the fact that Abby was shrunken seemed like more a necessary plot point than anything else, which is impressive as normally that part of the story is kinda forced.

Another thing this story did extremely well is it didn't just force the giantess interaction down your throat, and take every single situation it could have to be fetish heavy and distract the story itself. It took itself seriously, and what elements there were of that fit into the overall world you had built. Sure, it seemed semi-forced when it first showed up, but accepting the world build as it was, it wasn't an unnecessary action which worked a lot better than most things this site features.

One thing I think the story kinda limits itself in oddly is the monster girls nature itself. Its kinda... odd, but I think early on the differences between the girls and "normal" humans was highlighted more, and they seemed more otherworldly, but until recently with Yu, it seemed like they were kinda... almost humanized too much in a way. I don't know exactly how to say it, but like with Casey, the fact that she is a dullahan was only really important in her backstory and early on, he "nature" as a monster girl really sort of got lost in a way later in the story. I kinda get that its because Abby is viewing them more like just regular "people" instead of monsters, which is part of the development in the story, but viewpoints aside they are actually different. Its not a bad thing, something I just noticed as I read the story. The quality picked up through the story it seemed, but in some ways the girls themselves were more humanized as time went on as well.

Overall though, easily my most enjoyed read on this website, and look forward for more updates in the future, really enjoying the direction of the story and can't wait to see how it develops in the future! Great job :)

Author's Response:

I'm floored... This review honestly raised my spirits more then I can express to you right now.  Especially considering the day I've had today. Thank you, honestly, thank you for taking the time to write all of this. It's insightful, fair, and points out area's that I can contemplate more. I'm glad you like my story Babajo, but in all honesty, a lot of the credit has to be shared with Franchise Writer. Quite a few of the things you're mentioning he's helped me with, one that comes to mind right away being that just because the story is Giantess oriented doesn't mean it has to be only about Giantess'.

I just wanted to say that it isn't all me. xD, But I'm really happy you've been as engrossed as you are up until this point. One thing I would like to clarify if it helps is that the humanization of the characters is meant by design. This story is meant to be read through the eyes of Abby and as time goes on I wanted to express how her views on their natures and personalities seem less foreign, and more natural because she understands them more now, hence her curiosity and urgency she exhibits to try and help the girls whenever she can. She has a want to help me, a need even. And I wanted to focus that subtly as the story went on. I do however see what you're getting at. I tried to keep the personalities of the girl's traits specific to their nature's as well. Amy's Crow like tendencies, Poppy's love of drinking and spender, and even the Twin's licentious personalities, bordering on playful and downright obscene at times. 

I suppose I could try to make them more noticeable, but I'm trying to reel it back little by little because, as I've said, this story is shown through Abby's eyes and it's her way of grasping these girls on how she views them. Starting with Kari being some kind of diabolic witch cursing her, to a ferocious Neko trying to eat her, and then on to A bloodthirsty Dragon like the ones she heard stories about. One thing I want to point out though is with Casey, she doesn't have just one nature but two. The one you see her more often is the gruffer one with her head on. When it's off, I try to orient it as a much different personality bordering on a different person entirely. This, however, is less noticeable considering how Casey now views Abby compared to the first time she took off her head in front of her. Perhaps, I'll have to do more focus on the two though as I'm trying to do with the others. I tried to do that with each of the girls, but Casey specifically was a challenge because her role in the story changed about 12 or so chapters in. Hopefully, that clarifies it a little. I'll try to adjust the girls a bit more so they don't seem simply Human. That was never my intention for any of them. Well, all but one of them I should say, but, no spoilers~.

I'll definitely look into their natures more though. I guess somewhere along the lines, personalities, and natures mixed too far...

Either way, I hope you stay with me until the end. We're not there yet and I don't plan on stopping till the final curtain falls. Even if this is just a story on a site like this, it means a lot more to me then just some smut fic. And that's the purpose of my stories. I want them to have meaning to the people who read them giving them the respect they deserve.

Thanks again for the wonderful review, it's given me some inspiration to continue writing more today. And it made my emotions a lot better then they were. :3



Reviewer: Coal Wingston Signed [Report This]
Date: March 21 2018 11:31 AM Title: Grief, And Sorrow

Another tragic story to pluck at my heart strings until all I heard was a cascading symphony of emotions. Thank you for another beautiful chapter.

Author's Response:

And thank you for a wonderfully lovely review Coal. :D

Reviewer: Lucia1312 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 19 2018 6:25 PM Title: Grief, And Sorrow

So, so, so, sad T-T, I figured Yu had a tragic story, but... It's so depressing. Though, the story kind of reminded me of Romeo and Juliet, (Not only because of the similar name xD), the thing that reminded me of it is that Romeo and Juliet, did kill theirselves, just like Clarette did, and Yu attempted to do, because of their love, AND misunderstandings. Romeo killed himself when he though Juliet died, and Clarette killed herself because she though that Yu didnt like her. I blame communication xD

However, it's still good that Abby is staying, I figured she would, but always expect the unexpected. :'D

Chapter summary in feeling: Expect a happy chapter because of how the chapter starts, then be depressed because of what Yu had to go through, and finally be happy because Abby is staying. Cough cough, if she is not killed before that actually happens... Cough cough

When are you going to update the next chapter? 

Author's Response:

Huh, I never thought about the concept of Romeo and Juliette when I wrote this actually but I can see where you're coming from with that idea. There are definitely similarities between them. Thanks for the new point of perspective. It was interesting to make the connections. :3 

I'll try to update sooner than last time. The next chapter shouldn't be as long as this one had been so it should take less time. Thank you for your review as always, they're very analytical. :D 

Reviewer: KentaRyu Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 12 2018 1:17 AM Title: Alone in the Dark?

Hi hi ^^

Yu is pure love! I fear she will make it more difficult for me to choose a favorite now since I was already having enough trouble. I liked doppels a lot already but this girl was just totally adorable.

Though, lots of mystery surrounds her. I can't conclude too much from the current chapter but it does seem like a really tragic past. Also, I wonder why she's helping Abby. Maybe she looks like her previous mate or something similar? Or maybe she's allied with Eve in some way. I suppose it should be really important since she's going through a lot for the tiny. Did she have some plan in case Abby didn't allow her to get her energy...? It's also uncertain for me if the other girls know about her.

Also, very interesting and mysterious way for her to collect energy. I wonder if Yu was just with her eyes closed or maybe took a different form...? Also from I can gather I think she vored Abby in some way to extract even her saliva or something similar to that.

On that note, is she really healed? I hope she's not just transforming and fooling Abby into believing she is indeed alright now...

Anyway, interesting chapter. Really does makes me want to know more about Yu in different ways. Though I also wonder what's going on on Ebon's side.. Whichever you're doing next, I'm sure it'll be interesting too.

As for the secrets, I don't know. Feels a bit frustrating not being able to guess some stuff in a bit. Though, if related to the imgur, maybe "..."? You might understand if so.

See ya~

Author's Response:

I'm surprised you asked that. Why she's helping her. Attention to detail always warrants my appreciation. :3

As for why though that will be shown as the chapters go on. Don't worry though, Yu still has time on her hands. And as for her hands, don't worry either. They're healed. Also, her plan never included taking essence from Abby, to begin with so if you think that's why she was helping her, think again. :P 

In regards to her intimate moment with Abby, that's all in the mind's eye. I wanted to make it questionable to the readers meaning, she could have swallowed her, could have inserted her, or perhaps even of drowned her. There is no definite answer for what she did and not even Abby knows herself... But, I know~ ;)

And lastly, as for Ebon, don't expect her to show up anytime soon. Angering a Vampire is a fatal mistake...


For this, I'll leave for now. Thank you for the in-depth review as always Kenta, they're always so wonderful to read. :) 


But, I will say this, considering only you seemed to catch it... As for my secret, I put into this post, you're on the right track.



Reviewer: Coal Wingston Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 05 2018 5:46 PM Title: Alone in the Dark?

Can’t wait!!!
P.S. don’t strain yourself

Author's Response: I never do. This story is one if my favorite activities. Lifeís more of a strain on it really, lol. Glad to see a new face, welcome to my world :D

Reviewer: Lucia1312 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 05 2018 4:05 PM Title: Alone in the Dark?

I was riiight~ The two moments were the ones I said, Im proud of myself... xD

Yu is so cute!a340;(*^▽^*)/ Though its sad that she lost her mate. I'm guessing that she lost her mate close before Najia found her, right? #PrayForYu

When are you going to update the next chapter?

Author's Response: Iíll be going more into Yuís past in the next chapter so youíll soon find out. As always the time frame tends to be between 1-2 weeks but I promise to try sooner! Also, you might have cheated because of my hint, :3 Also, I see what Yu did there :P

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