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Reviewer: newb Signed [Report This]
Date: May 22 2016 2:59 PM Title: Meet Your Characters!

Hey man! Hope the next chapter is coming along! Can't wait!! :)

Reviewer: Rianbas Signed [Report This]
Date: May 12 2016 9:54 PM Title: Meet Your Characters!

Hey all!

Quick update, I kust finished my finals today. So Im just working ahead right now. Im sorry this is taking long, I don't like to let things stay idle like this. Again, Im really sorry this has been delayed for two weeks (I think now?) 

Thanks for understanding, Have a Great day!

Reviewer: newb Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 03 2016 11:34 AM Title: Meet Your Characters!

Can't wait for the next addition!

Reviewer: Tigernach Signed starstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 01 2016 1:29 PM Title: Meet Your Characters!

Having now read up-to-date, I continue to enjoy your story. I have the same comments as before, but don't let it bother you too much. I spent many years as a technical writer, and such things catch my attention quickly. But I can still enjoy a story that is well thought out. It might be a little difficult for me to sync with young people and their ways of thinking now, but I try.

Re' your auto correct: Don't let it correct your spelling, itself. Use it to give you options, but make your own choices.

Reviewer: Tigernach Signed starstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: May 01 2016 12:52 PM Title: Meet Your Characters!

You've got a good story here, but if you want to be taken seriously as a writer, you should make an effort to improve your punctuation, and use of capitals, among other things. You have the talent, but for some of us, these things detract from the story, especially if we have to reread it to make sense of what you are saying. But keep up the effort, because your talent will keep you in the running!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 01 2016 12:35 PM Title: A Nice Day

What!!! Adopted brother and sister! You know, that makes sense, becuase Marissa acted like a friend instead of a sister.

Now when James shrinks, I won't feel that bad when Marissa has her way with him.

James shrinks next chapter! Oh boy, I can't wait!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 30 2016 7:31 PM Title: Moving Along

I get nervous when I hear girls giggling and looking my way. (However, usually it's a good sign that they are looking at me.)

I bet he is about to shrink. Or they are going to toy with him.

Good chapter, I can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response:

... Maybe?

And when girls giggle at me, I get nervous. i check myself over to see if something isnt wrong lol.

Thanks for reviewing, have a Great Day!


Reviewer: romaescipion Signed [Report This]
Date: April 29 2016 5:18 AM Title: Meet Your Characters!

Me ha PARECIDO Una historia genial, estoy Deseando leer el proximo capitulo, mi anhelo seria Que la Chica Que this enamorada de James BBW mar, un saludo

y animo!!!

Author's Response: Yo no hablo español muy bien. Pero pongo esto en un traductor, y si creo que lo que está diciendo salió como lo hizo en el traductor , ninguna de las chicas en este partido en realidad como James , es una estratagema broma de que James vengan a la fiesta. Lo siento. También me siento si esto se ve como basura en español . De todos modos , espero que disfrutar de la historia, y tienen un gran día

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 28 2016 6:01 PM Title: Meet Your Characters!

First of all, glad you are back on writing a new story!

Second, I'm amazed at how real these characters are. The emotions, the friends, the way each character comforts another, it's beautiful.

Interesting approach on making 2 protagonists. I'm guessing it's Alexa and James?

Hmm. A freshman 15 years old and a senior at 17 years old? Something seems off. Did Marrisa skip a grade or did James fall back? (I'm not sure if this was a mistake or you purposely did this. If it was your idea, then bravo.)

Man, I wish report cards were always given that fast. That way I don't have to dread waiting for that.

Very good thinking on making Marrissa have a car and James take a bus. It took me a second to realize that James is too young to drive yet.

I like the Ant-Man reference. I suspect what is coming soon. He said he even desires that job. Boy, will be get it.

In your last big paragraph, you said "everything likes to laugh at....". I think you meant "everyone". (I always hate when auto correct gets me like that.)

Yes, thank you! No giant men or shrinking women. High five on that. I like the shrinking guy being at the mercy of giant girls (or women). I also like it when the girls have unique personalities and it will help me decide who is my favorite giantess.

Fantastic start! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Im going to answer your questions in order. Every point I say is responding to your points

Yeah man. Thanks!

I mean, I didn't think my characterization was all that great. But Hey, thanks. much appreciated.

Maybe... I mean James is probaly going to be. But who else? Only time will tell, maybe you havent even meet the second protagonist. I also use that term loosely. Our Main Characters are James and someone else.

Those ages are a bit strange. I was 15 at the end of my Freshmen Year, and turned 18 at the End of Senior Year. So These ages are accurate(ish). 

No way! I hate how quick they come in already!

Marissa is a smart girl, and very hard working. Probaly passed on her first try.

I couldn't not with the Ant-Man. I read Irredemable Ant-Man the other day, which is what inspired me to do this. (I wont be taking more than a handful of ideas from it. Its great if you haven't read it by the way. I reccomend it) Also... Maybe he will... Maybe he wont...

Yeah. Damn You Machines trying to outhink me!

Its a point I have a prefferenc for. And Just you wait. I havent made up a place for Marissa to go, but it will be a decent sized school. AT least 10,000. 

Neither can I.

Hope you liked it, Hope I answered everything and gave you some interesting feedback. Have a great Day!


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