Reviews For World P - 1
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Reviewer: GFBJ99 Signed starstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 08 2015 10:30 PM Title: Chapter 1

The idea is interesting, and the whole "this isn't the level" being revealed to be the giant princess could work, but sometimes the diction is too vague, at least for me (i.e. it was hard to tell what body parts you referred to at times... I only picked up on her hair and what I think was her rear).

Anyways, to be honest, while there are some juicy ideas the princesses of the series could have, I kind of hate to see the beloved plummer mix with the smut I view here, but that's only a personal thing. Then again, I feel maybe some royal rivalry could work between Peach and Daisy or something. Nonetheless, okay story.

Author's Response:

That's pretty fair I think. I was trying to keep the story innocent and fun since I'm actually not too keen on seeing Mario involved in all the size smut around. Was aiming more towards silly than smutty for that very reason. The diction was a legitimate tough thing to handle though. I was trying to keep it semi-in Mario's perspective without overtly saying "Yeah he's running on her butt." so I can get that it might be a little hard to follow. 


Still, thank you for the feedback

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