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Reviewer: nono1 Anonymous [Report This]
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Reviewer: zhengguoguangxi Signed [Report This]
Date: July 22 2015 11:45 PM Title: Chapter 16

what next?
write more great story like this pls

Reviewer: mikie Signed [Report This]
Date: January 01 2012 7:20 PM Title: Chapter 1

I think this story has tremendous potential to be a giantess classic.The preview to the story is very exciting and promises lots of conflict and action between the giantesses and mankind.The story thus far has focused on one mega and the sheer destruction she can cause with little to no opposition by mankind.I hope the future will hold lots of giantess vs mankind battle for survival.There are ways to defeat even the largest giantess with a little imagination.I think the author has a great deal of good imagination and should use it in future stories.The destruction of towns and cities,the death of men and giantesses,the desperate battles between the two should be featured in future chapters,I hope!!


Reviewer: snuffle Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: December 28 2011 9:03 PM Title: Chapter 10

No,... I dont wa...dont want to review the stooorrry....(falls under overwhelming power of hypno-toad's gravelly, mesmerizing croak)...MUST REVIEW STORY. WILL REVIEW STORY. ALSO AM A CHICKEN. CLUCK!-CLUCK!....

Anyhoo, I very much enjoy this story. I like your detailed writing, which feels very cinematic to me. I like the varied points of view and the mind-boggling immensity of the woman-folk. i hope to see a steady stream of additions, hopefully. Keep on writing in the free world!

Reviewer: CommieBob Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 28 2011 4:50 PM Title: Chapter 1

Great Story. I am glad the additions are coming at a fast pace. Can't wait to see more and hear about the other giantess. Keep up the good work!!

Reviewer: ChompChomp Signed [Report This]
Date: December 28 2011 2:29 PM Title: Chapter 11

Sigh.............I've read every chapter of your story since it's began, but to be honest with you, I would've never commented on it if you hadn't (for lack of a better word) 'begged' for reviews. The reason that is can be summed up in one simple word.


Yes, a bore in its entirety I'd have to say. When I first read the summary I thought it sounded quite interesting (as I love stories dealing with megas and Micros), but as I said before, it proved to be a let down. I mean, I was told I was getting 'Beautiful women around the globe slowly turn into giants, one at a time, creating a world searching for answers. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Salma Hayak, Adriana Lima, Marisa Miller, Kelley Brook, Jennifer England, Gemma Atkinson and dozens more across the globe cause chaos as they discover a power that puts them above mankind' - what I got was 'One colossal woman following planes on all fours'.

Next paragraph- 'As chaos ensues and the god-like women start to become a threat to people around the world, Dr. Klein and his team must find an explanation, and a cure for these goddesses, while keeping the peace between the giants and the governments of the world. A fraying union that steadily declines by the day as more and more women obtain their god-like size' - what I got was 'Giantess Gisele crushing land following planes to the ocean, no dr. Klein, no team, no fraying unions, and no other titan women'.

'The Goddesses, enormous and powerful beyond human comprehension, are splintered, isolated and unorganized, making them submissive, vulnerable to infighting and fearful of their human counterparts. The people of the world are united, numerous and organized. But beneath the goddesses gaze, they are mere mortals and could be crushed, eaten, toyed with like playthings.'

It makes no sense that a 50,000 foot woman is of all things "FEARFUL" of humans?!! I could see being gentle and not wanting to hurt her family, or hometown, etc, but "FEARFUL"?!!
Then you go on to contradict that and say 'humans are merely mortals under her gaze and could be crushed, eaten, toyed with like playthings.' I have hardly seen any of the three things stated above unless you count the acres of land and rock formations she repeately crushes, and earthquakes she causes that you repetitivly talk about every chapter.

'Should war break out?' "YES, OF COURSE!!" I thought to myself. 'who will prevail?' "THE GODDESSES!!" I yelled internally. Do either of these things happen? NO.

'Conflict will ensue, people and goddesses alike will die and cities will be torn to pieces by women hundreds, even thousands of feet tall. But can Dr. Klein stop it before the impending conflict spreads and turns global?' - 'no real conflict ensues, cities HAVE NOT been torn to pieces, godesseses HAVE NOT died, and Dr. Klein HAS NOT made an appearance'.

This story hasn't delievered on any of the things that were stated in the summary for 11 consequtive chapters. It was basically a story of Cause & Effect. Giselle moves this part of her body, such and such happens to the humans, etc etc. Recipe for a total bore fest. Then you continue to switch to point of view of various humans, and the story takes the form of a written recollection of the film cloverfield, as humans gaze up at a Being exeedingly large as it stumbles along in a miniscule world it wasn't meant to inhabit.
I mean there's no action WHAT-SO-EVER. For those who read just so they can jerk themselves, there's close to nothing (no stimulus, no action & no sex), and for those who enjoy the plot aspect there's nothing. It's so dry and boring that you can't begin to like or get to know the characters. And if you're going at this in a star wars manner I can only guess that it'll get even slower and unappealing near the end if the 'Goddesses' (and I must point out that she is a sad excuse for a goddess) are just beginning to grow in size and are even more 'FEARFUL' of their less small human counterparts. And that's assuming that the rest of these 'Godesses' decide to show up in this halfearted creeping story.

Sigh...........I had plenty more to say about this snail paced yarn but sadly I've gone on for WAY longer than I intended, and I've typed enough for several reviews......

So there you go. You asked and so you received, whether you liked the review or not.


P.S - I checked your profile and you haven't written any reviews on any other author's work, so how can YOU be so adamant about them reviewing your own story?..........

Reviewer: Seeker Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 26 2011 11:32 PM Title: Chapter 1

Made an account just to review this.
I really like it! Please keep up the good work!

Reviewer: MrNoName637 Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 26 2011 3:47 PM Title: Chapter 1

I like it.



Author's Response:

Just ecstatic...


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