Responding to Reviews
I know some of you have had issues responding to reviews, that problem has no been fixed.

--AsukaFan2001 on March 19 2007 2:14 PM 6 Comments
New Themes!
Two new themes are now available for you to choose from. So now you can have some degree of control over what skin you want to use. Depending on what skin you are using the box to switch skins will differ in placement on the website.

--AsukaFan2001 on January 08 2007 12:58 AM 9 Comments

As you can probably tell the old giantess planet site is finally gone. I have decided instead of trying to move all the stories over from the old system and adding them into the system I would just leave the old archives available. You can view them by clicking on Old Archive and you can view all the stories there in there entirety as you always have.

I apologize for any inconvience this may cause you but time constraints prevent this from being done. The Old Archives contain all stories from 2005 and older.

The challenges section has also returned. Sorry for the delay in bringing that back.  

Have a great New Years everybody!

--AsukaFan2001 on December 31 2006 5:36 AM 9 Comments
Happy Holidays
I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! 

--AsukaFan2001 on December 24 2006 2:52 PM 7 Comments
The story database program has been updated. Some features have been added and a few things may not be quite where you remember them. Also, no content or reviews were lost in this upgrade and all your username and password information should still work fine. If you have any problems let me know.

--Asukafan2001 on December 09 2006 4:17 PM 14 Comments
New Interactive Stories
A all new system for interactive stories is now available. It's much improved over the old system and I encourage everyone to check it out. You can get to the page by clicking the link at the top of the page.

--Asukafan2001 on September 17 2006 11:15 PM 10 Comments
Submitting Stories

I have seen this asked a few places, and i found it a bit tricky at first as well. So i thought i would address it.

adding stories is done through your user account. the program allows you to actually manage your stories. you can update and change them around as you please.

So once you log in, if you click the account info button not only will you be able to manage your account, but you can add stories, manage your stories, and even put them into a series if you wish.

--Jacen Solo on February 17 2006 6:30 PM 11 Comments
Thank You
Thank You for trying out this program.

--Jacen Solo on February 17 2006 4:27 AM 10 Comments