Cushioned by your lab partner by Jamilton

In a science project your are partnered up with a cute nerd who hates you. She comes up with the idea of a shrink ray. You go along with it but she does all the work without letting you have a peak at it. What you didn't know was that you were the test subject. The first test is successful but your partner isn't comfortable on her chair. When the project is presented you are past around to her cute friends and her little sister who thinks your a cushion to be put down her panties.

Categories: Teenager (13-19), Butt, Entrapment, Growing/Shrinking out of clothes, Humiliation, Insertion, Instant Size Change, Odor, Unaware, Watersports
Characters: None
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Been paired up with a cute nerd for the science project sounds like a good thing, having her do all the work sounds like a great thing. 

I am sure that she is completely inoffensive and nothing bad would happen.

What? A shrink ray? Don't tell me you actually believe in a such a thing.

Yeah, this is a story were the protagonist gets what he wants. :)


Categories: Butt, Object, Unaware, Instant Size Change
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Challenges: Cushioned by your lab partner
Challenges: Cushioned by your lab partner
Challenges: Cushioned by your lab partner
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[Report This] Published: May 17 2019 Updated: May 17 2019