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Hi, I'm relatively new to design and writing, but not to living out the giantess fetish.

It is important to know when you read my stories that my preferences are on the cruel/gore side of giantess fetish and I am particularly concerned with the darkest side of the human soul.

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Cathy is a 19-year-old woman who is only months away from becoming a 20-year-old, but her life already seemed as good as over. Since childhood, she has been bullied for not being pretty to look at. Although she did very well in school at 16 despite this experience, months later, due to the loss of her parents in a terrorist attack, she completely succumbed to her sadistic lust, first in the form of fantasy of a gigantic goddess. After a tragic betrayal by her only friend, who only used Cathy for bullying, she locked two people in her basement for months, where Cathy tortured these people. These people did not survive the torture. However, when she went in search of a third victim, who had bullied Cathy for years, she was caught by the police. For this reason, she now had to spend the rest of her life in a maximum security prison. 

But fate was about to change when a giant goddess appeared in her supposed dream at night and appointed her to become one of her angels, with the mission addressed only to Cathy to "bring hell into your world".

Warning: The story will contain a lot of cruelty, sadism, vore and gore. While the story is roughly based on a "Classic GTS Rampage", the main character will have absolute power. With this absolute power, the character will not only grow, she will literally become a goddess and rule the laws of nature.

Categories: Giantess, Teenager (13-19), Young Adult 20-29, Breasts, Adult 30-39, Butt, Crush, Destruction, Fantasy, Feet, Growing/Shrinking Out of Clothes, Growing Woman, Humiliation, Insertion, Lesbians, Mouth Play, New World Order, Odor, Scat, Slave, Violent, Vore, Watersports
Characters: None
Growth: Amazon (7 ft. to 15 ft.), Brobdnignagian (51 ft. to 100 ft.), Giant (31 ft. to 50 ft.), Mini GTS (16-30ft), Titan (101 ft. to 500 ft.)
Shrink: None
Size Roles: F/f, F/m
Warnings: Following story may contain inappropriate material for certain audiences
Series: None
Chapters: 12 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 59816 Read Count: 39574
[Report This] Published: January 05 2022 Updated: July 27 2022