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Lurker who is starting to write. working on a Titan/Battletech crossover, at roughly chapter 15, when phase one is done I will likely post to GTS City, Dev and here.

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The positively beautiful sisters of Omega Pi are a selective sorority who possess a very curious secret, that being, they sustain their otherworldly looks by stealing the lives and life energy of unsuspecting young men.

Categories: Teenager (13-19), Breasts, Body Exploration, Entrapment, Footwear, Growing/Shrinking Out of Clothes, Insertion, Mouth Play, Slave, Unaware
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Shrink: Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
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Chapters: 128 Table of Contents
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[Report This] Published: September 21 2016 Updated: September 10 2020
Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: January 14 2019 Title: Chapter 114: Highway Run

Sam and her boys are going to have what a guess is going to be a long talk.  Sam will likely be burdened with guilt for the rest of her life even if all goes well with Oliver and Stan them and the other males being restored and they forgive her(which I am fairly certian they will).  During that talk Oliver's 'encounter' with the goddess may come up, responses should be intresting.  Another great chapter!!!  Thank you.

Author's Response:

It does look like a fairly clear path you've laid out. Unless of course, someone throws a wrench into it...  :)

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: December 13 2018 Title: Chapter 113: The Impossible Dream

Good Chapter!  Carrycommic thinks Gaia and Hecate both very protective of ALL children.  My view is a bit different my bet is either Hera like or Athena like.  The one you would figure being most beneficail to the girls at O Pi would be the most likely to hide them.  Hera is all about faithfulness beteewn partners... The guys are in the most part doing that, the girls...

If the goddess returns I don't think anyone initally is going to be in a good way with her, though what her 'boys' have gone through and what her 'girls' have done for their own selfish purposes, well any of the four goddesses listed would likely pity the boys and make life intresting for the girls.  but all this is speculation, the plot is being built, the story being told and we will see what happens.  Thank you for another great chapter!

Author's Response:

Yes the pose described was based off Athena imagery with a dash of Selene for color. Is it real or all in his head? Some residue left by the stone? If real, how will she be? Fun stuff ahead

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: February 07 2019 Title: Chapter 116: No Stone Unturned

Think maybe the goddess is making herself 'felt', maybe even making Lassira her avatar.  The women seem very 'ready' maybe the will be 'compelled' to restore the men and the men as well as the women will enjoy it?  Just keep us on the edge D!  More please!

Author's Response:

All I can offer is that soon the answers you seek will be revealed, however, no promises more questions wont arise :)


Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: January 31 2019 Title: Chapter 1: First Time Away From Home

Or the Warm feeling maybe him shrinking again?  From the myths and legends I am aware of goddesses (and gods) don't tend to reveal themselves to people they don't like, if they do the smiting is usaully instant and fatal.  If they don't like they send a minion or 'hero' to deal with you or in the best case turn you into an insect or snake woman.

Maybe Oliver could be her vessel, she has a OP daughter there in Sam, she has two sons in Stan and Olvier and Oliver was exposed to her enery twice (laugh manicailly does tend to suggest possesion... and looking up while doing so isnt usually a good sign either).  It's not over even if the goddess wants to make things 'right' her standards are going to be different then humans, perhaps since Sam is already on the path to 'redemption' she'll give a little push and point out her sin in giving into her carnel needs with her husband by further shrinking and/or possesing her boy, maybe make her yeild her life and soul to save her son?

At least she and Stan will have fun before headier issues arise (or fall), maybe all the 'activity' will channel the goddess into the materail world, Caddy and Deacon, Sam and Stan, Larrisa and Oliver?  Maybe once Larrisa and Oliver are done she comes into the world 'worlock 2' style and they all watch in horror as Larrisa's womb grows she gives birth and the baby instantly matures into the goddess where she can thank and smite them simoutenously and prepare them to deal with the real problems, Sams unreformed sisters...

Amazing Chapter, More please!!!!

Author's Response:

we've yet to see the goddess or her avatar yet, but it will be soon. The burning question will be is she aware of what her devotees are doing or are the mice at play while the cat is away?

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: December 07 2018 Title: Chapter 1: First Time Away From Home

Great story so far, even though the girls are careless and thoughtless they haven't killed anyone yet (I could be wrong only one questionable is Bear).  Hope Sam and family fix this and the sority as a whole.  Devine intervention would be nice, but selfish people (women in this case) have abused their powers and 'God' smiting them will only fix it short term.  The need leaders like Tomlinson, Agntha (spell is aweful I am sorry) and Sam to correct the wrongs folks like Sabina and Brooklyn have inflicted.

That being said as with other reviewers I would get a kick out their Goddess saying just how evil and stupid they are as she shrinks her "chosen" and lets the boys determine their punishment.

Keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response:

Thanks for taking the time to review. We shall see whether the goddess shows up and what kind of mood she might be . Cheers

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: February 28 2019 Title: Chapter 1: First Time Away From Home

Contray to Shrinkmeister comentary ;-) I found it a bit endearing, Sam truly loves Stan and Stan Truly love Sam.  That Sam's V is a bit hungry for her man and that Stan embraces it is in my view wonderful.  That said it was probably a good idea that Sam left her drawers on after the last line, not sure Stan could survive the additional tumbling and likely being shot like a cannon accros the bathroom (though the goddess may of helped him there...).

My Guess is Oliver and Larissa are next on deck and if Larissa is the 'avatar' and Oliver her 'chosen' one she and he may put Stan's and Sam's loving making to shame/  great story same it was only one chapter...  MORE PLEASE!

Author's Response:

Thanks, I appreciate the input. I was hoping to capture a more tender encounter between people that actually care and love one another though tempered by recent events. Next chapter will be Thomasin and Cam...

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: March 17 2019 Title: Chapter 1: First Time Away From Home

Cam and Thomasin, that makes three good women with good (if shrunken) men enjoying the other and bringing pleasure to each other (Cady and Deacon as well as Stan and Sam).  Maybe the goddess is making a point here?  Maybe if you love and respect your partner each and share paradise?

From the discription Thomasin need "IT!!!" fairly badly, the poor Vesper has likely been keep herself 'pure' for decades to both bring those 'brothers' she can back and likely cause she has some instantances were she used men like her sisters (can see her being like Harmony, she might of gotten some guilty pleasures but she knew they were wrong...).  Likely her exchange of engery(likely a part gets trapped when restoring) and her postion have kept her young and beautiful and she still has the needs of a young woman with the experence of much more mature beauty.

Either way Cam is doing what he can to please this gentle tigeress and seems to be having great sucess.  I sense Thomasin, if he is ready again will return the favor.

Now Larissa and Oliver, regardless if Larissa is the 'avatar of the goddess' or not, I believe Oliver is in for the ride of his life and if she is...  Well it may just be a 'devine' ecounter...

Great Chapter, Thank you.

Author's Response:

Thanks Bigdawg K! It would seem to appear they are pairing off... coincidence?

The Last Giantess by The Doctor Rated: G starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 20] New!

A conman named Remy comes across a giantess named Chrissie who is the last giant on the face of the Earth. He tries to use her to his advantage but will her bubbly personality rub off on this seasoned criminal?

Categories: Gentle, Adventure
Characters: None
Growth: Giant (31 ft. to 50 ft.), Mini GTS (16-30ft)
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Size Roles: F/m
Warnings: This story is for entertainment purposes only.
Series: None
Chapters: 165 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 674496 Read Count: 262366
[Report This] Published: April 12 2017 Updated: October 13 2021
Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: October 25 2018 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The Conman and the Giantess

An insufferably cute, yet pogiont story.  Remy Jr. and Chrissy are awesome and Remy just needs to get there and he'll be ok (Chrissy will alway be there to hug him even if he rather be hugging someone else LOL).  Keep up the great work!

Author's Response:

Thanks and I will keep up the story.

Inversion by littless Rated: X starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 158]

Sam's life undergoes some BIG changes when he gets back together with his high school sweetheart.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Categories: Giantess, Teenager (13-19), Young Adult 20-29, Breast Enlargement, Couples, Gentle, Growing Woman, Incest, Slow Size Change
Characters: None
Growth: Amazon (7 ft. to 15 ft.)
Shrink: Dwarf (3 ft. to 5 ft.)
Size Roles: FF/m
Warnings: Following story may contain inappropriate material for certain audiences
Series: None
Chapters: 102 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 518393 Read Count: 500719
[Report This] Published: May 16 2017 Updated: April 29 2019
Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed
Date: September 21 2018 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Reunion

No need for a shout out here,

Just hope all the Borgsford victums get cured, That Julie grows into a good, decent person who influnances poeple well, that Sam can keep it in his pants so he has a chance to be with Julie and help her and that the tall club gets a redemptive arc and I know all will be made clear over time...

Should have 1st book of my own writing done in october, if you don't mind lousy grammer, poor spelling and it taking place in two existing universes it would be helpful for another author's opionion.  Thank you

Author's Response:

Aren't you the boy scout. Thanks.

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed
Date: September 21 2018 Title: Chapter 75: Chapter 75 - And Now for Something Completely Different

Boy Scout?  Can't be I left out Jill (who I hope is well, and likely one of thoses twists), Erin, Fred and the others, whom I hope have good endings as well LOL!

Author's Response:

Perhaps boy scout is the wrong term, but you wish well for everyone. Let's say a good samaritan then. Anyway, we have not heard the last of Jill, Erin, Fred and the others. We'll find out who has good endings, or not.

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: March 19 2019 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Reunion

POOR Julie- the girl is broken, she says she doesn't want to love anymore.  She has to feel everything she touches turns to ashes and with Sam shrinking again it only brings it into sharper relief.  How can she find any happiness if she is so scared about hurting those she loves, if she would rather not love then hurt them and herself.

Sam's going to have to be paineint in her own way she's hurt herself alot worse then she's hurt him.  She doesn't want any more pain so she is going to flee anything that she doesn't need to do to merely survive.  If it gets much worse she may attempt to end her existance.

The girls need to back off of her, let her get back on her feet, everything that's happen she feels horrible for, but them sniping her from behind her back isn't helping anyone.

Basically all Sam can do is help, maybe find something to draw her out, Julie needs to find it within herself to do something or be something worthy and that means she's going to have to care again, enough that she can accidentailly hurt some one again.  That right now is a lot for her and she maybe very easily worried about what she does from here on out.  Which maybe a good thing as long as she can risk enough of herself to care.

Thank you.

Author's Response:

Wow, you think Julie may attempt to end her existance? Well, she is pretty down and she's not loving life. I hope it ain't so. How do think Sam would feel about that?

I think the only one sniping at Julie behind her back is Zoe, and she doesn't really mean it. Does she? The other girls love Julie and want her back too.

Now Julie does care, especially for Sam. Maybe too much and I think that's her problem. She's afraid of hurting him either accidently or not and until she figures out that it's worth the risk the two won't be getting back together. Can she come to her senses?

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: April 08 2019 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Reunion

Like the vibe that is buidling beteewn Julie and Sam.  Julie even if joking is being 'possive' of Sam and helped him out with 'Bettie'.

Think before Cindy leaves for AZ, everyone in the house should 'help' Sam and Julie... (more Julie).

Hope to see more growth in characters and in size, would like to see Julie after a long work out and everyone else getting on the inversion bench deciede to try it for 'old times sake'

Speaking of working out, would like to see Julie and Sam encourage and aid the other as much as their differing statures allow, not just physcially either.

Great Chapter, thank you.

Author's Response:

Thanks again for the comments, Bigdawg. Well, there's not too much more left but I like your idea of everyone getting on the inversion table 'for old times sake'.

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: December 02 2018 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Reunion

Someone has a felon after them, Succubuses, Julie wanting Sam to grow, Good Chapter, have to re-read with all that's going on.  Again sorry for your loss, I hope in time it gets better.

Again keep Julie, Sam and their harem together, also have Julie knock some sense into the Sunflower girls.  I know it's not going to happen and that Julie is "OK" with it, but have Sam keep "it" with Julie...

If you have time please check out my little piece of fiction "A war with no Graves" and if you would give me some feed back.

Thank you for a good chapter!

Author's Response:

Sunflower girls wont come for a while. Sorry. But I'm looking forward to reading your story. Thanks for the comment.

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: March 04 2019 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Reunion

I am a bit worried about Sam and Billy being at large, any normal sized person could take Sam.  I would hate to be Billy if he did hurt or kill Sam and Julie finds out.  All that angunish would become rage with a focus, someone other then herself had hurt Sam, I doubt Billy would enjoy or even survive that, not sure Julie would survive the gulit afterward.  She would likely see it as yet another sin she inflicted on her Love, after avenging him, she would berate herself for letting him come to harm.

Speaking of Julie, it's becoming ever more clear she has always needed Sam.  She is the poster child of 'Love makes you crazy' and 'Love makes you evil' (both from Tv Tropes).  She has been growing up (at times very slowly), her physical growth spurt didn't help matters, nor did Sam's enabling of her.  Though I doubt Julie of chapter one or fifty would have the moral courage she has now.

Don't particulary like the other girls trying to crowd Julie out of Sam's life.  Understand they believe they are protecting him, and that there are times when you have to retreat or even give up.  Even if Sam has reached that point Julie still needs him as a fellow human being.  His nature is to help and if something happened to her you know he would feel awful.  They should let Sam be Sam and if they can fix things they should be happy for him.  The once bitten twice shy rule doesn't completely cover this, Julie wasn't gloating over what she had done, she was geniuely remorseful and from Jill and others she is devestated by what she did.  It doesn't excuse it, but as mentioned before she did have a time when 'Love made her Crazy and Evil' don't think that applies any more to her.

In the end Julie needs Sam in her life (at least a friend) if she is to be happy.  He has been her anchor, her rock, her means of support.  She took ihim for granted and got jealous a fair bit. she also allowed other to mock him and took it out on him instead of them (Sunflower girls),but I hope that with her confession came an ephiny and that she know her emotional and mental growth are much more important then her physical growth.

Without Sam, what does she do, she won't be satified with the Sunflower Girls, will she work things out with Jill and do her utmost to treat those like she infected?  Will she become so desponent that she seeks out the same disease she gave Sam so she can return to the way things were in forlon hope for Sam?  Will her own growth perhaps provide a treatment or cure for Sam?  If so, and if he's cured would she try to get back together at that point or will her guilt stop her?  After her realiztion can she allow herself to be happy again?

I believe Julie will from here on out attempt to support and help Sam.  She will do it covertly, quietly and in sercert.  I think she has reached the point that she feels she no longer deserves him, or anything good in her life.  I think Sam being Sam will do the same for Julie, he will help where he can, support as he can, and wish her the best if they don't heal.

I think they should meet and let time and healing take them where they can go.  If it's friends that might be good enough, but Julie never had to tell the truth, one day, could of become one week, a month a year, maybe on his death bed (or hers).  She knew the pain it would cause both of them, but Sam deserved the truth.

Thank you for a great chapter, still want healing beteewn Sam and Julie...


Author's Response:

Hi Bigdawg, how's it going? Thanks again. You write your comments almost as long as I write my chapters. :)

With Billy out and about nobody's safe. I hope he stays hidden and we don't see him again. Or better yet, he gets caught and thrown back in jail.

I'm kind of wondering what Julie is doing with herself. Perhaps she doesn't need Sam. Maybe the Sunflower girls will keep her attention and be her new muse. Maybe Sam doesn't need Julie. He has plenty of girls around to look after his needs, doesn't he? I'm not so sure the other girls are trying to crowd Julie out of Sam's life, except for Zoe. It seems the little spitfire wants Sam to herself, or at least away from Julie. We'll see what happens.

One thing is for sure at this point: Julie seems to be drifting away from Sam, but Sam can't get Julie totally out of his mind. What's it going to take? Will he finally forget about her, will she come back to him, or will something else bring them together or apart? I know everyone wants to see Julie and Sam back together. But sometimes, shit happens.

Thanks for the comments and thoughts.

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: March 22 2019 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Reunion

Seems like slow progress for Julie and Sam.  Sam is trying a touch too hard, he needs to lay back and let Julie recover and come to him.  The moving day was a good sign and how fast she came to 'save' him when the 'hornets' attacked, it so she still cares a great deal about him and that she is willing to endure pain to ensure he is safe.  Also her getting 'naked' and hugging him for a couple of minutes even though at some level she didn't want to speaks to how she still wants him in her life, she just doesn't know how far.

Julie should do a couple of things have become more mature (hopefully), get with Zoe and try to figure what is best for Sam, keep some distance from Sam and let him know why, that she's hurt him and she needs to know it isn't Stockholm syndrome thats bringing him back.  That she's there for him when he needs her, even some when he wants her, but she needs to maintain some space so he can choose her rather then being 'compelled' to choose her.

If she feel not good enough for him, do things that will make her better.  Have Sam help her find colleges and universities where she can devolp her skills (or just online courses) have that as 'payment' for the incorpation paper work.

They need to become friends again first, if Julie knows this, they have a good shoot even with Sam being clingly right now.  Julie also needs to help him get over his worries about his size.

as an aside would think it humorous and awesome if Sam's phermones adds a few inches to few feet to Julie size (her sport's bar is tighter, she has to crane her neck to fit into the house).  Though it would likely make him feel even worse about his size, but if they could find a way he could grow from it...

Good chapter, thanks!

Author's Response:

I see you want a bigger Julie. Oh my! And if Sam shrinks even more ...

Julie knows deep down that she does love Sam but thinks she's no good for him. It may take some time before she realizes that Sam wants her no matter what.

Sam is trying hard but he knows this and tries to back off, only his desire for Julie is nearly overpowering his good judgement on this. I hope he doesn't spoil it.

It's a good idea about Julie taking courses to develop her skills and such, but Sam is taking a different tact to accomplish the same thing. You'll see.

They're still freinds and can still have good times together, as you'll also discover later. So stay tuned.

Thanks again for the feedback and comments.

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: April 11 2019 Title: Chapter 98: Chapter 98 - Happy, happy, happy

Wished they would be back together for good, but everytime they adapt and overcome another 'twist' drives them back down.  With roughly five chapters to go, I would hope that such twists would be a mininium, and that anything that happens can be worked through.  The story has been good, but heavy for a while, would really like it if the story ended like it began Julie and Sam in Love, having fun and making friends.

Thank you.

Author's Response:

Yep! Full of twists. They have to come to an end sometime though. And that sometime will be soon, I promise.

Thanks again for the comments. I love hearing from all of you. I do listen too, but I'm the author. I hope you like the last few chapters.

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed
Date: March 07 2019 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Reunion


I appericate your skill and writing also I am sorry for your loss and hope you are doing better.

With that said I really got into the story because of Sam and Julie, the first third really hooked me and I have been engaged because you do write well and maintain a good story.

In the end it is your story and you will end as you wish.

I can guess more or less where I think the story is going.  With your comments my guess about Julie she either going to fade away or be the 'villian' with the Sunflower Girls, considering everything that Sam has done for her and her for him that to me is a throughly unsatisfying ending.

I will give it a chapter or two, but it seems you have made up your mind and from what I have read of the story and the comments a rough path at least appears.  If it is the path I have guessed it is I can utlize my time working on my own stories rather then be disappointed.

Hope your life continues to get better and thank you for your time.

Author's Response:

I appreciate your sentiments, however I assure you, we have not heard the last of Julie. Perhaps this is dragging on too much -- for that I apologize. I promise we'll see more of Julie in Sam's life coming up. However, there are a couple more twists and turns first. I just hope there's no rebellion from my readers for the next chapter.

BTW, we won't hear much from the Sunflower girls from here on out. That should tell you something.

Thanks again, Bigdawg, for both the comments and condolenses for my loss. It's been four months since then and we all knew what was happening for a whole long year. It's over now so I'm moving on.

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed
Date: September 27 2018 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Reunion

Good chapter,

Still rooting for Sam and Julie, though for some reason Sam can't keep his wick dry...  If he can it's a no brainer they should be together again once Julie grows enough personally to put him first in physical encounters (which she seems she will)

I think Julie is starting to get a clue, she's still new to this whole I am big thing and is learning it's not always great for those she cares for, or even herself.  It is also no granentee of respect even from those who convinced her 'how great being big was'.  I hope she will continue to question these things and grow as person.  I think even if the spilt continues Sam will be her friend and she will be his.

As for Sam, again there is almost a supernatural (Dues Ex Machina) need for him to put it any where isnt there.  Though Julie did instruct him to help Zoe, Don't think it was that kind of help.

Seriously there is love beteewn the two, and they are being to feel thing out after masssive changes, Julie having been through the more benefically changes in size has to be more careful with Sam, and Sam having slowly deminished has to let Julie be in charge.  I think both can learn thier new roles, respect the other and make it work.  Sam (keep his wick dry) and Julie (remember just how big you are to others and adjust for thier comfort) please make it work.

On a personal note, Hope everyone gets better in your family, they should come first, it's a great story but if pausing it helps your family feel better, or better yet get better it's more then a fair trade.  Again hope you and your family heal and get better.  Thank you.

Author's Response:

"though for some reason Sam can't keep his wick dry". I wonder what that reason might be. I couldn't be because he's a guy who's given the chance, could it? Nah.

Julie has a clue about being big. But as you'll see in the latest chapter, she's acknowledging that maybe it's not all it cracked up to be. In fact, she's, ... well, just read the chapter (77).

It's funny that you mention respect. That's what it's all about, isn't it. Little people get no 'spect! Right?

Thanks for the review and kind wishes. I hope you don't mind the shout out in the latest chapter.

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: April 13 2019 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Reunion

Made the guess on the 17 of March that "Zoe was pregenant", looks like it was a right guess.

Julie and Sam are going to be at least shocked, both are going to wonder if 'one of Sam's Soldiers got through' or did Zoe stop taking her control meds.

Zoe being the blunt girl she is will like state the truth "she stopped taking them"

Zoe I know wants the child, Sam having lost a child will if not start at that postion get there quickly.

That leaves Julie, being married means more then just being with the one you love, it means the 'possiblity' of children.  I doubt with all this time she hasn't considered that and if she hadn't she will now.

Knowing how badly she hurt Sam when the Female Sam had an abortion will it even be an option in her mind, and if it is will she voice it?

Depending on Julie's current vindictiveness meter and measured against how she wishes to not harm Sam again.  She could do several things, though she knows she had given Sam premission to 'spend time' with Zoe, before and that he wasn't spending time(or as much) with her now (her and Gail).

One she could go off and demand Zoe gets an abortion, be pissed at her and Sam and make life very unhappy until she calmed down or pushed too far.  Hoping she having told Sam to have his way with Zoe, would be over time more amemable to his thoughts and if she has matured like you keep tell us, she knows she will gain nothing but greif and pain with that tact.

or She could support Sam and Zoe in two ways so as not to harm Sam:

1. Vindictively, The Child is innocent, he or she didn't choose to be born to that hussy Zoe, so Julie plays nice, takes care of her every need while planning her wedding.  She is there for the child at all times, shape and molding them and since it is half Sam she can love him or her for that.  With every smile, every bit of aid, every teachable moment she nudges, pushs or drags Zoe's child away from her and toward Julie places him or her with Julie children by Sam.  Julie every bit as calculating as she was with Sam and will when the time is right claim Zoe's child as hers (not litterally, but every way that matters).

2.  Compassionately, she accepts the child and Zoe into her 'larger' family and allows the child to be Zoe while 'helping' nearly as much as she does in one.

In the end Sam didn't know, Julie had 'hooked' them up and Zoe is the one who might of played games.  Julie I think understands if she losses it she losses Sam, and that I hope is too much for her to lose.  My guess is she starts with 1 and moves over time toward two.

Thank you.

Author's Response:

Yes, you did guess right. You'll see how it turns out soon; all of the questions will be answered.

A little preview though: remember that Julie already said yes to Sam's proposal. She didn't do this lightly. She knew what she was getting herself into.

Thanks for all of your comments, Bigdawg! I think you'll like how it ends.

Reviewer: Bigdawg K Signed
Date: September 13 2018 Title: Chapter 73: Chapter 73 - New house, new situations

Julie and Jill what to do what to do?

Both have severly screwed over Sam, Julie litterally, both know they are wrong and I believe both feel quite guility about.

Julie's little outburst followed by forced sex smells of transferance and projection, she knew she was wrong by not telling Sam that she was aware of him having the disease, she knew she was wrong to be pissed off at him having a good time, she knew she was wrong about freezing him out from the giantess club, she knew she was wrong for listening and at least tacidily agreeing with those who litterally belittle their love and want it to be broken up. By her reaction she KNEW she was WRONG RAPING THE HELL out of him. Finally I believe she know full well whats making everyone grow (and Play to GM it isn't the inverse bench, it's the fluids (sweet, oils and espeacily the semen) of infected males) and if she doesn't handle that well, her 'love' tap with his behind will be of equal concern rather then the dominate issue. In essence when folks are wrong to avoid being wrong they place blame on everyone but themselves, and when the screw up (or ups) involves a loved one, the person isn't thinking striaght and has domanance over the loved one well you get what Julie did.

Jill from chapter 72, she knows of the disease, she saw what happened to Julie, why do you think she volenteering at the clinic and still growing, a limitless growth potential by 'handling' the infected. There is likely a better cure is out there, but since most of the techs, nurses, and interns are female and are likely growing, I sure more safety testing and research is needed before such a cure can come out though, you know it's a growth industry...

What should they do, Julie needs to be confronted ironically enough by Jill and made to understand the one thing that's important 'who does Sam put first? regardless of the situation, why does he and what has he gotten in return' answer Julie, cause he LOVES her with all his HEART, a couple of ego boosting song sessions, and what every caring human being should get when they are sick a level of compassion and care. Julie I would hope would have her mind snap back and begin to recropicate even if she has to do it without him being her boyfriend, or even friend, that as badly as she's messed up she will always put him first even if he hates her.

This is strike two for Julie with the third coming down the plate, she's killed a man, Cindy and Zoe know what she did, the whole house will know Erin and Sams parents will know the dam is breached if she continues to be a *itch and not admit she is wrong and make amends Rape is a state crime (though it might be different in your universe) in the real world she could maybe plea it down to Agravated sexual assult and spend the next five years in jail with a felony record and in addition to be a giantess have the marker of sex offender on her. I hope and sense she will do right and try to correct what she's inflected on a man who loves her unconditionally.

Jill, knows the disease, knows how to spread it, and likely if there are any promising cures. If she is truly sorry she will first help her sister make things right with Sam and try to help everyone in the house, perhaps by having them in clinic trails and either curing them out right or restoring a bit of thier hieght while working behind the scenes for more effective drugs to be release before their "slated" to be.

Jill knowing Julie doesn't need the distraction will find her new "friends" at the giantess club and tell them to back off Julie's relationship, they've done enough damage already, and if they don't she knows of some strains of Borg that don't help them grow... That will infact make them quite tiny compared to Sam... she could be bluffing???? Likely not!!!

In essence the sisters I would hope acknowledge thier wrong doing and take fairly significate risks to fix what they have done to Sam and with enough effort and whole lot of Love the trust can be reesblished and the incident that could destory the relationship, Julie and catch Jill in the back wash can be set aside. While Julie keeps it in her mind as what never to do again!

Author's Response:

Wow, quite the analyst you are. Transferance and projection -- big words. There are likely some psychological issues here, but I like to think of it as people, being human, inevitably make mistakes. Is Julie's behavior Saturday night a honest mistake or something bigger that she's going to pay for later? And speaking of paying for it, yeah, I suppose it is rape which is illegal. I wonder if she'll go to jail. Of course girls hardly ever go to jail for rape except in cases where the boy is under age, and Sam is definitely under age. Hmmm, interesting idea.

You have an interesting theory on why and how the disease spreads and if Jill and Julie know all about it. I agree, more research needs to be done. Will it? 

Lot's of interesting ideas, Bigdawk. We'll see what happens, but I won't be getting too deep into motives and such; you'll just have to infer that yourself.

Thanks for the review!