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Aspiring writer and GTS fan! Loves endo, butt vore and f/m situations!

I am now taking fanfic-based story requests! You can shoot me a message and we can discuss details!

Can include:

* Giantess
* Shrinking Men
* Aware
* Unaware
* Gentle
* Female celebrities as giantesses
* Body Exploration (inside and out)
* Giantess-on-tiny sex (Anal sex is allowed and definitely a plus for me!)
* Tiny couples interacting with giantess (Man and women pairing only)
* Vore (Soft, Nasal and Anal)
* Endo
* Full Tour
* Insertion

Won't allow:
* Feet (WAY too overused)
* Furries/anthros
* Giant males
* Underage characters (Teenage or older ONLY)
* Cruel (unless the giantess is a villain character; otherwise no OOC behavior)
* Crush (Though getting sat on by accident is ok)
* Scat/Watersports
* Fart/Odor torture (Farts are only allowed for exiting a girl's butt if you wish)
* Unbirth
* Toilet (unless you REALLY want me to for leaving a girl's body)
* Anything weird (Armpit, sweat-licking, transformation, diapers, absorption, etc.)
* Death of any sort

If you are interested, contact me via the form on this site, or on Discord under the username MOVIELORD101#4102!
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