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Salutations my fellow readers and writers!

I am here to help and benifit from EVERYONE. I emphasize description, details, openness and even spelling and grammer. I will continue writing but only according to the equilibrium of my opinions as well as (but most importantly) yours, and if I am accepted well enough into the society that keeps this and websites like it thriving. Pardon my need for confidentiality, but I feel much more comfortable and outgoing as such. Due to this hard decision, I refuse to give my general opinion of anything written here not to insult, but rather to stay neutral within the confines of this site. My main and probably only reasons to write online at all is based on you. Motivation and perserverence are my only fuel. So, to all readers who can comprehend and derive the simple yet complex points in this bio:

Thank You!

You are all the people that refine and define me!


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