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I protest against all the stupid category bullshit that is required to upload a new "story".  This is for puerile DeviantArt roleplayers who have never read a non-chewable book, and whose entire idea of a story is "HERP, DERP, DROOL, I SAW BIG GIRL, SHE MAKE ME LICK HER SOCK".  Turning every bit of nothing into a Likert scale.  Would you say to Shakespeare: "we can't publish your Hamlet until you rate the scariness of the ghost 1, 5, 10"?

It kills the writers of real literature.  You're missing a five-star story with at least 4 completed chapters because I couldn't waste my time filling in all that crap.  (Don't e-mail me.  That address stopped working about a decade ago.  Just complain to the site admin about this anti-author bullshit.)

In the mean time: read a real good author like Vladimir Nabokov, or Mervyn Peake.

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