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I've had the GTS interest since I was 6 or 7 yrs old.  It's a part of me I can't shake.  I'm both ashamed of it and yet I embrace it.  I'm very private with whom I share it with. I used to hate reading and writing but when GTS ideas would overwhelm my thoughts, I had to write them down in a form of a story to purge them from my mind.  Because of the GTS ideas, that has changed that part of me.  This website is perfect for me.  It allows me to meet others with the same interests openly and yet I get to keep my anonymity.  It also lets me share my struggling effort to purge the GTS ideas out of my head (stories); making my efforts worth more than ideas on a page.  It gives others across the world a chance to enjoy them as I did.

My interest includes women being normal sized and shruken people at about 4-6 inches. Although women would act differently to shrunken people (mean or nurturing) I want to believe that they would exploit their power over the little people.  Instantly shrunk, feet, slavery, crush, entrapment, and insertion sums up my main interests.  You'll find those in my stories.

I came to this website with confidence in my writing prowess.  After reading a few other stories and seeing the popularity of other authors, I was quickly humbled.  Although I'm sad that I'm not as good as I thought, I'm also happy that there are better writers out there to enjoy stories of better quality.

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