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Challenges by KevinFred342

I thought of writing a cross-over between my two stories "The Life of a Giant" and the more recent "The Final Frontier", but then I saw that you could issue challenges on this site, and I immediately thought how interesting it would be to see someone else's take on the event.


So, the challenge is, incorporate a story that involves all the main characters from the Final Frontier and "The Life of a Giant". I won't make it a requirement, but I'd prefer if Arell (the antagonist in The Final Frontier) was not evil this time around. I WILL, however, require that the stories don't get too fetishy. The Life of a Giant was not a 'fetish' story, even though it had giants in it.  So no 'insertion', unnecessary nudity, or stuff like that.


In the Life of a Giant, the giants are 150ft. In the Final Frontier, Arell, and the rest of the Avakonians, are 535ft. For the sake of simplicity, in this story, all giants will be 200ft tall.


Sort of a weird challenge, I know, but I'd be interested to see if anyone is willing to give it a whirl.







Jennifer Stark

Valerie Bradson

Lorraine Pruess

Trent Berlinger


Normal Size People:


Raymond Bradson

Charles Anders

Bradley Peterson

Todd McFinnley

Sarah LaFluer

Randy Fredrickson

Colonel Edgar Stark (I just realized that he and Jennifer share the same last name)

Kevin Ward

Alfred Bowell

Mayor Terry Trayor

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