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Iím writing this Ďstoryí specifically to talk about my

Whether youíre a fan of my smut (letís be honest here) or not,
I want to thank anyone who is active on this website. Weíve got a niche thing
going on here and itíll only continue if people continue to create content for
it. If youíre not sure what youíre doing, just know the most important part of
writing is starting. You can edit a bad page, but not a blank one.

Now that statement may seem like Iím stepping out, and I kind
of am. Iím no longer taking commissions, but anyone can feel free to email me
(see my profile) and I can add you to the list if I start doing them again. I
do anticipate throwing out a short story every so often, I just canít stay

But I do need to step back. Both personal life and I
am working on a legitimate novel. Donít look too hard for it, itís pseudonym
time all the way.

Itís been an awesome time writing for our community. I step
back and look at the amount of content Iíve made an it really is astounding; I
think I started writing 3 years ago with ĎThe Littlest Winnerí and now Iíve got
multiple stories with over a dozen chapters. I never thought it would go so far
and Iím thrilled it has.

In the meantime:

Feel free to add onto any of my material, just keep the
general line/tone the same. Tiny Tinder is for hookups and generally nefarious
deeds. Not for making giants that take over the world, etc. Play in The Tunnel,
or if you see anywhere in my stuff you can build, go for it. Just please add a
note up front that youíre building off of my stories. And if you use characters
Iíve already established do your best to keep them consistent. 

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