Penname: Frizzle [Contact] Real name: Notcho Biznass
Member Since: September 16 2015
Membership status: Member

These are things I write about primarily in terms of fetish content:
- Vore (fatal & non fatal)
- Butt/Anal (worship/insertion/crush)
- Unaware & Aware
- Mouth Play
- Feet (worship/crush)
- Gentle & Cruel Giantesses/Women
- Domination, Humiliation, Cruelty, Enslavement etc.
- Gentle Fluff, Relationships etc.
- Boobs (worship/crush)
- Body Exploration (on rare occasion)
- Growth (on extremely rare occasions)
- Shrinking (1/2" to 2" primarily, occasionally a bit more)
- Incest

My status is CLOSED for all commissions at this time.

Email me your request, and provide the following details listed below.
- Name of all characters including a brief description (BRIEF, I never go into character details in my stories so I just need enough to get a good grasp)
- A summary of the story to encapsulate your needs (don't put too much detail, we can go over details in person
- The kinks that will be focused in your story, or aspects etc.

We can discuss pricing over email.

Beta-reader: No
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