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Challenges by cowboy27
Summary: I like the idea of a bunch of girls between the ages of 15-17 getting together and torture a said amount of tiny men. I want the girls to get sexually turned on from the pain caused upon the bugs. I'm also obsessed with girls with large round asses, it would be nice if the girls in the story had those. For torture you can be creative and maybe the girls rip apart some men with their hands, four girls each have a limb and they slowly pull at the same time, or they feed a couple to a fish tank full of piranhas and they all gather around to watch what happens while playing with eachother. Sorry if this is too much detail, have fun with it :)
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Summary: I'LL PAY YOU! I want A short story of a group of beautiful but very cruel girls getting together, who are about 16. I'm a butt man so I would like it if all the girls had large, round asses. I'm also really into torture so I'm basically asking for torture porn here. I would greatly greatly GREATLY appreciate it if someone takes on this challenge, thank you!
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