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Challenges by Footsteps
Summary: I would love to see a story where two women come into owning a tiny man (>2inches). How is not important, they could buy him at a store, he could be a former friend or boyfriend, etc. Any categories are fine, but feet and ass especially, along with confinement (sock insertion, ass insertion). One girl should be sadistic and the other should think he's cute and fun (but still think of him as less than human).....that, or she should be apprehensive about playing with/owning him but become convinced by her lover. I've seen some stories where one girl hates him and the other girl ends up saving him...happy endings and all that. this story shouldn't be like that! Lesbian get happy endings, not shrunken toys!
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Summary: I'm looking for a story about a normal sized woman, a tiny woman , and an even tinier man. This man would appear to be only an inch tall to the tiny woman, who is only an inch herself, so he would be WAY smaller than the normal sized woman. The circumstances under which the two shrink can be whatever you like. Some suggestions: -they are friends/enemies/acquaintances/strangers and just happen to shrink together -the normal woman gets the man as a gift for her tiny girl -anything else you like I am flexible on the size so long as the guy is the smallest and very small in comparison. I am open to literally anything and everything except for giant males but would like special focus on butt (anal vore/butt cheek vore) and feet if you can handle it. Humiliation too! Really emphasize the pecking order/hierarchy dynamic! It's the most important part!
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So, I'm looking for a story that follows a scientific experiment.  An experiment that sets out to determine whether or not men can be shrunken to live off the bodies of women.  If it is centered on feet, the man would live with a woman's feet permanently, living off her lint and toenails..if her ass..well..then obviously it will involve scat.  


Open to all categories and all themes except for giant male.  The reasons for the experiment and all other details are up to you!

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