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i kinda wanna read something about a couple where the girl can grow at will or under a very special condition and also with the guy 'growing' as well emphasis on the ' ' part if you get what i mean. to let the guy reader relate. doesnt have to be long story just curious to see what would pop up. thanks.

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something, anything having to do with either Bulma or Videl or both changing by some experiment gone wrong or wish to shenron. never seen anything like it on the web.

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to put it simply:

something where, everythime the couple has 'you know what' the girl grows a little bit and the guy's junk all together grows as well. preferably some lab experiment gone wrong on the guy's part. the girl should be very nice and gentle once she gets big.

the girl i think should be pretty busty to start out with like 34-19-34 34ddd measurements but real short like 5'2" but grows slowly to 7' and higher till you deem fit. and it should be in short incriments not 6" in one shot more like 2" or even 3"

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