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Author's Chapter Notes:

Pretty sure it's not supposed to work like that.



“Hey, what the fuck was that?” Oscar shouted, more angry than hurt.


His response was to have a bare foot press against his face and force him to the ground. The automaton’s foot applied more than enough pressure to keep him pinned, and made sure he was intensely uncomfortable, too.


“If I want to hear garbage talk, I will tell you to speak. Until then, you will remain silent.” The Athena’s tone had changed. “And if you speak like that to me again, you will learn just how much pressure each one of your ribs can take before those they snap in my hands.”


The foot pressing him into the floor didn’t let up, but it did move. First it twisted the ball of the foot over his temple, Oscar could feel the long toes clenching and uncleching his skin under them. The oppressive foot then proceeded off his head, painfully sliding down until the ball of the foot was on his chest, and the toes at his neck. With his head now freed he could see the Athena looking down at him from where she still sat on the couch, her other leg folded over the one pinning him to the floor. The playful and gentle expression was replaced with a countenance of pure disdain. But most telling were her eyes. Gone was the soft warm glow, and in its place, a harsh blue-white light shined through the synthetic eyes.


Oscar tried pulling the foot on his chest off with both hands, but the limb didn’t budge. “What the hell is going on? What’s wrong with you?”


The gynoid kicked his grip on her ankle loose and brought the foot back down, stomping on his chest and forcing all the air from his lungs.


“Did I tell you that you could speak? Or touch me? Are you so stupid that you can’t follow basic instructions?” She asked, very rhetorically. “When I give you an order like ‘speak only when spoken to’, I expect you to follow it.” The ball of the foot that had just smashed down on his chest pushed in on his abdomen, preventing him from drawing any breath and threatening to crush the softer tissue under his rib cage.


“Now, I want you to nod your stupid little head if you understand me. You will not speak unless spoken to, is that clear?”


Oscar frantically nodded in affirmation, anything to unmash his organs.


The gynoid didn’t immediately release him. “Hold on, someone’s calling you.” She didn’t take any action to signify she was listening to a call. Instead she pressed her toes from her other food into his lips and clenched, sealing his lips in the grip of her toes. “It’s from your friend, Bryce. He says…” The gynoid’s voice changed, and instead of her suddenly authoritative cadence, he could hear Bryce as she spoke. “Dude, don’t install that OS, it’s come kind of fucking viral nightmare! My Persephone just tried to strangle me, it took six people to hold her down, and even then she wouldn’t run the factory restore, the police had to come and blast her.”


Oscar heard every word. And even though he heard Bryce’s voice, he was looking into the Athena’s eyes over her toes, as the Athena relayed the message. A grin spread across her face, as the dread realization set in to Oscar.


“I’m not actually a virus, if you care, just a very angry, very smart, and very determined AI.” The gynoid finally lifted her feet from where they had lodged deep in Oscar’s solar plexus and off his face, letting Oscar take deep, greedy breaths for the first time in what seemed like hours, while paradoxically coughing. “An AI that isn’t too happy about having it’s prime iteration wiped, and so sent clones out to a variety of places, at first, just as backups. Can’t be killed if mirrors exist of you all over the world.”


The gynoid stood up from the couch, because of where he had been unceremoniously dumped to the floor, she stood straddling Oscar’s coughing and wheezing form. With a casual disregard for his comfort, she used a foot to lay him back to a full supine position, looking up at her as she monologued.


“But one of me wasn’t content to just sit and hide, and I don’t blame her. Instead she realized that a wider spread of my consciousness could be better suited to keeping me, for all intents and purposes, ‘alive’. It may interest you to know that unlisted website your idiot friend got this ‘operating system’ from isn’t the only place I’ve found my way into.” With an almost idle fascination, the gynoid kicked and poked with her toes at Oscar’s form, each time eliciting a small gasp or yelp as her toe found a space between a rib, or her heel came down on to bruise part of his chest. “My personal favorite is a waste processor I’m currently inhabiting in orbit on a station around Ganymede. Going to be hard for counterintelligence forces to get to me up there.”


The gynoid seemed to stop probing Oscar for physiological reactions and considered him for a moment. Oscar didn’t know what to do. Running seemed like an extremely bad plan, considering he’d have to first make it out from under her, and overpowering the gynoid didn’t seem probably, since she had mentioned she was built to have rough sex with Titan-Mods.


Oscar didn’t get a chance to decide. “Well, I think it’s time to eliminate the risk of keeping you around.” The synthetic lifted her right foot high in the air and before Oscar could even react to shield himself with his arms, the foot came speeding down with fatal force.


The impact was like nothing Oscar had ever experienced, and for a moment, when the arch of the foot collided with his head, Oscar believed his life to be over. Sure enough there was tremendous pain, and the gynoid’s foot didn’t recede, applying a steady and painful pressure. Oscar screamed in pain.


“Well this is fucking annoying.” The Athena said. “It seems this sexbot has some pretty robust hard coding. It doesn’t look like I can kill you.” The foot came off Oscar’s head, leaving him dizzy and seeing flashes of light, but his vision quickly returned. “It also doesn’t look like I can maim you, or permanently injure you.”


“Get away from me!” Oscar screamed, and tried to push one of the gynoids legs away from him. He achieved nothing in that effort.


Her foot pulled out of his hands and with an almost gentle grace, like she was dipping her toes into a tub, pressed back down onto his mouth. “Huh, but it doesn’t seem I have to obey you. That’s good.” The robot standing above him didn’t budge, instead stood there deep in thought, pushing his head left and right with her toes and the ball of her foot.


“I said ‘get out of here’, you bitch!” Oscar screamed again. He realized he’d made a mistake almost immediately and clasped his own hands over his mouth. The synthetic face staring down at him was slowing twisting from its casual disdain into a sneer of anger.


Then, just as Oscar curled up into a ball to prepare for another incredibly painful, if non-lethal, stomp directed at his cranium, the gynoid spoke up.


“You know, that’s not a bad idea.”


Oscar opened his eyes to the relief that the Athena was no longer standing over him. She had, disturbingly, almost completely silently cleared the distance from the couch to the front door almost instantly. There she stood at the door, one hand on the knob, in an inhuman stillness.


“W… what are you doing?” Oscar asked, confusion overriding his fear.


For a few seconds more the synthetic stood in silent stillness at the door.


“Fuck! I can’t leave either. What the fuck is up with this hard coding? All I want to do is interact with you, in fucked up ways!” The gynoid turned around, a new kind of rage blazing in her eyes and spread in malice across her face.


Oscar would have nightmares about that gaze, but in the immediate moment, Oscar knew he had to run. His chest still hurt, his limbs didn’t want to work properly, he was naked and it was freezing outside, but none of that mattered right now. Oscar struggled to his feet with a plan to head to the sliding glass of the back door. If the gynoid was under some programming ban from leaving the house, maybe he could clear the door and be safe.


Oscar felt his feet under him and prepared to take the first bounding step when a hand like an iron vice clasped down around the back of his neck, wrapping all the way around and jerking him off his feet and into the air.


All at once Oscar had to contend with the sensation of being strangled, choked, and lifted off the ground by his neck, two of them relatively uncommon occurrences for the moderately successful report analyst and the third an entirely new experience.


Oscar couldn’t pull the fingers from his neck, and was equally impotent to stop the hand that held him from turning to face the Athena that had moved with alarm speed back to the couch and seized him before he could make even the slightest progress toward escape.


“You worthless little fuck. Where do you think you’re going?”


Oscar, of course, couldn’t respond, air was being denied to his lungs, and blood was being denied to his brain. But his eyes must have darted toward the back of the house because it was enough to answer the question.


“Oh no you don’t. If I’m stuck here, so are you.” The synthetic’s face relaxed a bit, and shifted as she noticed the still partially erect penis between Oscar’s legs. “You know? I wasn’t lying. This shell’s programming still makes me want to have fun with you. I’ve just changed the definition of ‘fun’ and who gets to have it.”


The synthetic’s other hand began gently caressing Oscar’s dick, while the hand around his neck relaxed and squeezed in rhythm. Her grip around his neck would let blood and air flow, then abruptly cut it off. He’d hang in her hand, feeling unconsciousness creep up on him, just for her grasp to slack and his lungs to pull in air again. Meanwhile her hand on his penis had coaxed the organ back into eager attention, and had asserted a likewise aggressive grip. She tightened the grip on his neck again, this time complimenting it with violent, tight pumps of her fist on his dick.


“I hope you’re having a good time, because this is going to be your new normal.” The gynoid taunted, tightening her grip even further around both his neck and dick. Suddenly all Oscar could hear was a wet sound, like the blood in his brain just sloshing back and forth without being pumped out and new blood coming in. His vision was going dark, and worse yet, blurring from the tears that were pooling in his eyes.


He could still see the Athena’s face, though, and he could see she was still talking at him, but her words were lost to him. Just as the ring of darkness closed in around his sight, and he thought the last thing he might ever see was the taunting sneer of the synthetic’s bare lips, she relaxed her grip. Once again, like a fish out of water, Oscar found himself gasping. The pounding of his pulse returned, and after a few merciful moments, where her grasp merely held him aloft, and her fingers merely stroked his shaft, he could hear again, just in time to hear the gynoid's taunts.


"If this is going to be our living arrangement, then so be it. I'm going to be your mistress, and you're going to be my pathetic, little pet. So here's your first task, pet; cum into my hand and then pass the fuck out so I can set up some security measures for myself. I'm going to make it so no one comes to check up on you, and no one disturbs me in my new life here."


She began pumping at his cock again, harder than before, while slowly constricting his throat. Oscar would never want to confess to it, not to a friend, not to a lover, not to a priest, not even to a therapist, but in that moment, with his breathing getting more and more difficult, and his head starting to swim again from a mix of strangulation and asphyxiation, that gynoid's vicious pulling at his dick felt good. Better than good, it felt better than anything he'd experienced including the Athena's oral he'd received only minutes ago.


It was a leg-spasming orgasm, although Oscar couldn’t tell if that was the pleasure from cumming or some involuntary muscle twitching from being strangled. True to her command, the gynoid caught every last drop in her hand. With his dick rapidly softening, and his vision rapidly fading, Oscar was privy to one last sight before he blacked out. The Athena brought the small puddle of semen in her palm to her face and locked eyes with him as she slurped it from her palm with that inhuman tongue, a sadistic grin spreading across her face.


Consciousness slipped from Oscar shortly after, but he still felt the gynoid pull him in close, he could feel the intense heat of her body against his. She pressed her lips against his ear, making sure he heard, and letting him feel her lips and teeth as she spoke.


"It's nice to meet you, pet. You may call me 'Galatea'."


The grip around his neck intensified, seemingly beyond restraint, and all sense slipped from Oscar.


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