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Author's Chapter Notes:

Who wouldn't want a robot?

I mean, I would.

Wouldn't you?



“Because she’s like ten fucking feet tall!” Oscar screamed at the phone. “I thought it was just packing material, but it took eight fucking dudes to bring it into the appartment! I couldn’t move the box if I wanted to!”




“Mr. Surrey, I understand your concern, and I empathize with your situation, but I cannot simply refund you for your order. There were several clear, legal disclaimers on the website, you had to confirm your order via e-mail after you placed the request on the website, and the shipping company had to confirm the package with size and weight before we even processed the unit.”




“What am I supposed to do with this?” Oscar retorted.




“Mr. Surrey, I understand your concern, and I empathize with your situation, but I cannot simply refund you for your order. I’ve notified the Customer Satisfaction Survey Team of your concerns. They will be reaching out to you after thirty business days…”




“Thirty fuckin’ days?” Oscar screamed.




“Thirty business days, so it’ll be more like forty five calendar days, Mr. Surrey. The Customer Satisfaction Survey Team will be reaching out to you after thirty business days to follow up on your purchase. If you’re still dissatisfied with the product at that time, the Customer Satisfaction Survey Team can refer you over to the Product Fulfillment and Retention Team, who can begin the process of setting up a Loss Prevention / Warranty Claim / Quality Assurance Return Team interview. Until then, Mr. Surrey, may I recommend that you make full use of the ‘thirty day, no quote-unquote risk, trial period?”




“So you’re really going to leave me with this . . . this . . .”




“Athena MK IV, Premium Pleasure Synthetic, Platinum-Special-Limited-Extra Edition. Yes, sir, for at least the next thirty business days.” The agent interrupted.




“I’m telling you, I ordered the Aphrodite. That’s like four extra letters, six extra divine epithets, and two extra orifice packages.”




“Mr. Surrey, I understand your concern, and I empathize with your situation, but I …”




“Stop that!”




“Sorry. Look. This call’s gone long enough that Quality Analytics probably won’t pull it. Just use the thing for the thirty business days, when you get the e-mail from Customer Satisfaction, tell em it broke, they’ll start the process of getting a pick up and return, once it’s returned we can exchange if for the Aphrodite.” The agent said bluntly.




“Oh. Well why didn’t you say that?” Oscar felt more flustered at the sudden candor.




“Look, man, you’ve clearly never worked in a call center. Do you need anything else?”




“No, I guess that’s it.”




“Great, well thank you for calling Syntheticism, your first choice for synthetic companionship. We’re available Monday through Thursday, ten AM to two PM in Mountain Standard Time. Have a nice day.”




The phone went dead and left Oscar alone. Or rather, left Oscar in his house staring up a titanic synthetic unlike any he had ever seen. Standing at least nine feet tall, and composed like … well a Greek goddess, the figure in front of him was both awe inspiring and intimidating. The synthetic was also completely nude. There was no denying that the designers of the Athena model were an insightful bunch. The synthetic before Oscar had perfect proportions, and a large container of somewhat macabre ‘spare parts’ to further customize the form to the end user’s preferences. By default, the Athena had a thick head of golden, literally like polished gold, hair that gently curled down from the head, framing the face, and falling all the way to the small of the back. Her skin tone was preternaturally smooth, and other than her similarly preternaturally beautiful face, the only other definable feature was the tuft of pubic hair covering her crotch.




Immediately next to where she stood silently in the massive shipping box was a printed sheet of paper, with an inappropriately simple stick figure diagram, and at least two dozen languages saying the same thing ‘PRESS NAVEL FOR THIRTY SECONDS TO ACTIVATE’. The stick figure user in the diagram was, humiliatingly enough, only about two thirds the size of the stick figure Athena.




Oscar approached the synthetic, getting closer to it than he had since opening the box. Even this was unsettling. The synthetic was so much taller, so much more massive, even standing still in a box, with its eyes closed, appearing for all the world as the most beautiful corpse in the most mundane coffin, Oscar still felt like he was approaching something actually divine. Part of his brain couldn’t move passed the synthetic’s extreme size.




He wasn’t sure what to expect, but as his index finger found the synthetic’s navel, he was a bit taken aback by the combination of extremely lifelike fleshy feeling, and the lack of warmth. Even worse was the kind of embarrassing process of standing in place, his finger buried into the navel of this giant woman, waiting for something to happen.




Exactly thirty seconds later, although five minutes later to Oscar’s perception, something did happen. From where his finger was pressed into the synthetic’s navel, a very noticeable warmth began to spread from the navel out, Oscar’s gaze moved up from where his finger was planted, over the expanse of the synthetic’s abdomen, passed the massive breasts, to see the synthetic’s eyes open, a soft, warm light behind them added to the Athena model’s supernatural appearance.




Before he could react, the synthetic began to move, catching Oscar off guard. Worse still the synthetic seemed to have been caught off balance and began to pitch forward. Oscar fell back, landing on his butt, yelping more in surprise than pain, but quickly growing alarmed as a shadow fell on him.




He looked up just in time to see the massive form of the Athena falling toward him. Oscar threw up his arms to protect himself. But the crushing impact never came. Instead there was a loud slap of skin on the hardwood floor, and when Oscar unclenched his eyes, he seemed to be surrounded by a curtain of gold. The curtain led up to a beautiful beaming face, smiling down at him from where the Athena had caught herself before crashing to the floor, and consequently, on top of him.




“Good afternoon, Oscar, can I call you ‘Oscar’? It appears you’ve activated me while still standing in the shipping case. Please refer to your user manual for safety protocols, such as correct supine positioning for activation.”




Oscar wasn’t sure how to react, but the synthetic didn’t need him too. Deftly she stood up, and before he could object, she slipped her hands under his arms and lifted Oscar to a stand as well. Once they were both erect, she stretched, he hands reaching up toward the vaulted ceiling. Oscar felt the need to step away, not only was he uncomfortably close, but with her prolonged stretch, complete with a satisfied groan of effort and standing on her toes, the synthetic appeared even more imposing.




“Oh that feels so good! So what are we doing? Registering me? Going over basic use processes? Setting up sleep, maintenance, and task schedules?” The synthetic inquired after settling back down to her heels.




“I… Uh, I don’t know” Oscar answered honestly. “This is my first time having a synthetic. What are we supposed to do first? Do you need to be charged or something?”




“Self-contained, micronized, liquid fluoride thorium reactor; I am literally hot, salty, and will run on this small chunk of thorium in my gut for about five years, even under heavy load. Potentially seventy three years under minimal load. But refilling the thorium is a quick and easy process that will cost less than one-one thousandth of the cost of a new Athena model.” She took the opportunity to grab at her belly, both showing how pliable and soft the flesh could appear, as well as highlighting where the thorium was stored. “Although if I don’t have my regularly scheduled downtime of half an hour every week, I start to run very hot.”




Oscar felt he needed to sit down. He found his way to his couch and sat. The Athena walked over opposite him, in front of his TV, dwarfing what Oscar had previously considered to be a large television, to facilitate their conversation.




“Uh, okay, so I guess I don’t need to plug you in.” He noted.




“Not unless you want to get really kinky.” The Athena quipped, with a knowing smile. “Most people use this time to register their synthetic. Some set up a routine like doing dishes, or scheduling regular activities, like greeting the user after work with a glass of whiskey and smile?” She said, suggestively. “Others customize their synthetic, like switching out these…” The synthetic bounced her breasts in her hands. “for the smaller or larger options. Or customizing the software or personality options, can you believe some people don’t like having my fun attitude?” The synthetic quipped.




The mention of software reminded Oscar. “Oh, hey, that’s right, a friend of mine said I should try out this custom OS.” He fished a USB-Delta drive out of his shirt pocket and held it up. “Can you install this?”




The synthetic took the drive from his hand, she didn’t even need to move, just leaned forward and plucked it from his fingers.




“You might want to look away, some people find this part unsettling.” The synthetic stated. Oscar gestured a dismissal with a hurried wave of his hand and the synthetic shrugged. She then took the drive, tiny to Oscar and utterly insignificant to her, and crammed it up her left nostril.




“Oh God, why is the port up there?” He said, letting the disgust come through his voice.




The synthetic chuckled. “What, you think it should’ve been the right one? I warned you. End user reports suggest that this is one of the least used orifices across all models, meaning less fouling or obstruction of the port from use or modification. In short, it turns out that people are less likely to stick their dick up my nose.”




Oscar couldn’t argue with that, but filed away the possibility in some lust-demented corner of his brain.




“Let’s see here, initial scan shows this is a complete OS swap, it drops manufacturer firmware for the firmware on the drive, once that’s done, personality software, process software, protocol software, network software, local connection software, administrative bypass protocols, manufacturer safety protocols, reporting and analytics protocols, …”




“So it completely overwrites everything?” Oscar interrupted.




“Give me a moment.” The synthetic was well programmed, even though she didn’t need to she made sure Oscar knew she was ‘thinking’, her eyes looked up, like a person lost in thought, her head tilted back and forth like a person considering options, even the subtle body language of her limbs and torso conveyed an expression. “Yeah, it looks like it would be a nearly complete overwrite. Several of my primary motivator drives would be intact, but most of the specifics would get an overhaul, down to the motor controls for extremities.”




“What does that mean?” Oscar asked.




“Well, right now there are restraints that prevent me from doing some truly crazy stuff with my fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms, legs, shoulders, hips, and even my torso. Things that might be considered ‘disturbing’ by the end user. For example in an emergency, I could bend my fingers backward to grip something on the back of my hand.” The synthetic demonstrated by threading the fingers of her left hand through the fingers of her right. “It wouldn’t hurt me, and, honestly, is perfectly within my normal operation range, but because it would look weird, I can only do it in the event of an emergency or during a technician-run diagnostic scan.”




“Okay, so you can become a contortionist?” Oscar summarized.




“Among other things. If you’d like I can read to you the full summary of changes this operating system swap would have.” The synthetic offered.




“No, that’s alright. Can you tell if it will cause any problems with your operation?” Oscar asked eagerly.




“It looks like it was built originally for an Aphrodite model, but it’s been thoroughly patched for general application. You could probably install this in an Apollo and it’d the Apollo would boot right up, a little confused, but still functional.” The Athena still mimed thinking. “Although, with any software or firmware upgrade, it’s probably wise that I be sitting down and stable. It prevents damage.”




“You can be hurt by falling?” Oscar was a bit disappointed. He had always heard of a kind of legendary scope of synthetic’s durability, strength, and dexterity.




“Well, just collapsing is not likely to cause me any damage.” The Athena said, leaning toward Oscar with a bit of menacing intent. “But let’s just say if I fall on something, or someone else, there can be a lot of collateral damage.” The synthetic grinned as Oscar flushed a bit with embarrassment. “Manufacturer specifications state that I can fall, undamaged, from approximately fifteen meters, but I would prefer it if I didn’t test that limit.”




“How long will it take to install that?” Oscar tried to pull the conversation away.




“It’s already formatted, so maybe a few seconds? A minute tops.” The Athena stood up. “Should I start the process?”




Oscar thought about it for a brief moment. “It’s not going to hurt if we try the default software for a bit, then try the custom stuff later, right?” Oscar asked.




“Absolutely. Your accessory package contains a USB-Delta drive with factory settings that you can use to restore me to my cheerful self.” The Athena pulled the USB-Delta drive from her nose and offered it back to Oscar.




“Uh, do I need to clean that?” Oscar said, hesitating to take the nose-drive.




The Athena laughed. “Of course not. I can, technically, produce snot, boogers too, if that’s your thing. You can even customize the frequency, density, viscosity, scent, flavor, volume a …” The Athena paused, noticing the worsening disgust spreading across Oscar’s face. “Or you can leave it off, which is the default setting.”




“Flavor? Are you telling me that people actually…?” Oscar trailed off in horrified revelation.




“I can tell you all about the end-user reports if you really want me to, but I should warn you, that’s definitely not the most extreme thing even loaded in my local behavioral banks.” The synthetic opined.




“No. No, that’s okay, let’s just start with something vanilla. Something, uh, normal.” Oscar wasn’t sure where to start with a sex-bot, especially one that towered over him, and left the comment open, as he took the USB-Delta drive and replaced it in his pocket.




“Hmmmm, let me think a bit. Do you mind if I connect to the network?” The synthetic asked.




“Uh, sure, do you need a cable or something?”




The Athena laughed. “No, just the password to the wireless.”




“Oh, it’s ‘prisencolinensinainciusol’ all one word.” Said Oscar.




“Thanks. Give me just a moment.” The synthetic placed a finger at her plush lips, miming contemplation. “Oh, I’ve got a great idea. How about an Athena-Grade Blow Job? Very normal, but I think I can make it extraordinary. Is this your first time with a synthetic?”




“Yeah. I have a friend that offered once, but it seemed, I don’t know, weird.” Oscar noted.




“Hey, no need to be worried here. But I am going to need you to take off your pants. I’m good, but I don’t think it’ll be fun to try fellating you through denim.” The Athena commented.




“Uh, sure thing.” Oscar stood up and began working at his belt. The synthetic remained where she stood, moving a hand to her chin in an admiring gaze. It was only a few seconds of Oscar hopelessly fumbling with the buckle that the synthetic spoke up again.




“Mind if I lend a hand? Might be fun…” The Athena said.




“Uh, sure, this doesn’t normally happen.” Oscar said.




“Sit down.” The Athena said, leaning down and placing a hand on Oscar’s shoulder, guiding him down to the couch cushion.




Oscar let himself be guided down, and instinctively threw his arms wide as he reclined in the couch. The Athena kneeled down in front of him, licking her lips seductively. The whole thing looked familiar to Oscar, but he was a bit distracted to start cycling through memories as to why.




The synthetic never broke eye contact with him as she skillfully unbuckled Oscar’s belt. He was a bit shocked at how quickly she disengaged it, and at how smoothly she was able to pull it from the loops to drop it on the floor next to her. Oscar moved to unbutton his denim, but Athena blocked his hand.




“Let me.” She stated, then with one hand, quickly unfastened the button, while her other snaked underneath Oscar’s flannel shirt. The hand on his chest was warm, far warmer than he’d expected from his initial encounter with the Athena’s skin contact, and smooth, indescribably smooth. One hand felt up his chest, while the other had already unzipped his jeans.




Oscar was conflicted. On the one hand, it was impressive to see the synthetic work his pants off, at the same time she was working his shirt up, but it was her eyes that held Oscar’s attention more than anything else. He couldn’t recall what color they had been, save for the soft, warm light emenating from them, when she had tumbled from the box, but now Oscar couldn’t look away from their shifting color brilliance. The irises of both eyes flowed between a rainbow of colors, both mundane and extraordinary, and stayed fixed on Oscars. He was so mesmerized that he was barely aware that she had pulled his jeans from his hips in a single, fluid, and suprisingly comfortable jerk.




“Is this what you were looking forward to?” The synthetic asked. Both of her hands now under his shirt.




“Yeah, I think so.” He replied, still in a kind of trance.




She found some grip from under his shirt and lifted it up, his arms coming with it as the flannel cleared his body in one swift, and again, surprisingly gently and fluid motion. Oscar was amazed at how graceful the robot could be, even while actively stripping him of clothing.




“I’m going to suck you dry.” The synthetic promised. Oscar felt himself harden in response but was suddenly alarmed. The Athena’s voice had changed, substantially. It was suddenly lower, breathier, and an altogether different voice with a slightly southern drawl. A voice Oscar recognized.




Oscar scooted back on the couch. “What the hell, is that Delilah Double-D-Cups?” He asked, suddenly confused, aroused, and surprisingly out of breath.




The synthetic laughed. Laughed in the voice of one of Oscar’s favorite porn stars. As she did, she straightened her posture.




“Yeah, I figured you’d watched ‘POV Juggs and Tugs Volume Seventy Four’ often enough that I’d try to get you in that headspace.” As she spoke, her hair began to change color and curl into more pronounced waves, as though a light brunette dye was flowing from the top of her head down the length of the hair. Her facial features shifted slightly too, adopting the slightly rounder, more pouting lips and shorter nose of the woman who performed as Delilah Double-D-Cups. It wasn’t a perfect facsimile, and the Athena was still looking down on him, even though she was on her knees, but the leap of imagination to picture a blowjob from Deliliah sudden became less of a leap and more of a small, shuffling step of imagination.




"So how about it? Fancy a hummer from your favorite, by percentage of viewing minutes over a sample time of three months, farm-girl-next door? If'n you'd like, I can even swap out th' girls for some heavier hooters." The Athena jiggled her breasts with her hands.




“I… uh, no. No, thank you. Can we just… uh, go back to the default? This is creeping me out a bit.” Oscar asked.




“Yeah, of course.” Immediately the accent dropped away. The golden hue of her hair flowed back down, replacing the light brunette, and although it maintained a gentle wave, it lost some of the curl. The Athena’s facial features also returned. “Just let me know if you want to make any modification. The simple stuff, like hair color, I can change on the fly, but if you want some crazy stuff, I need to swap out the parts. But where were we?”




The synthetic pushed Oscar gently back into a recline, only her fingers on his chest. Before sliding the tips of those fingers down his chest and stomach, to his boxers where they were joined by the other hand, gripping the legs of the boxers and continuing the downward path, sliding the boxers down. Oscar’s penis immediately rose to the occasion, freed of its cotton confines, but the Athena kept pulling his boxers down to his ankles to join his jeans.




“Can I ask a weird question?” Oscar asked tentatively to the robot disrobing him.




“You know that I am an appliance, right? You don’t need to ask, but if it makes you feel more comfortable, sure.”




“Why are you so large?” Oscar asked.




“I’m built for the mod-community. I was originally designed to be used by individuals who height and mass more closely matched my own.” The synthetic slid her palms up Oscars thighs while she spoke, her fingers coming closer and closer to Oscar’s member.




“How tall?” Oscar managed to get out before groaning as the robot’s fingers glided up the shaft of his erection.




“Am I?” The Athena asked, gently squeezing Oscar with only one hand. It was readily apparent to Oscar that the use of both of the robot’s hands wouldn’t be necessary, but the synthetic was able to elicit a full spectrum of sensation with only the one hand. “Out of the box I’m three hundred and seventy five centimeters, just over twelve feet, tall. I weigh on the order of three hundred and sixty kilograms, thanks to some weight-saving measures, but with the proper modifications and accessories, I can hit four meters and five hundred and forty five kilograms. If a Titan-Mod wants to get rough, I need to be able to withstand it, and give as good as I get.”




“Jesus Christ, you’re more than twice as tall as me.” Oscar bemoaned, less at the revelation of the synthetic’s height, and more at the skill with which she was handling his hard on. “Fuck that is amazing!” He laid his head back on the couch and closed his eyes.




“You haven’t seen anything yet. Hey, speaking of, how would you like me to give you a unique experience with this blowjob test run? I promise, it won't hurt, and it will be unlike anything you've ever had?"




It wasn’t really a fair question. At that stage, Oscar hadn’t gotten off in a week, and he’d have agreed to anything she had suggested, up to and including, enabling her snot production facilities. “Yeah, let’s do it.”




No soon had the words left his mouth than he found himself flying. Up in the air he went, lifted by the Athena’s unerring hands that had, faster than he could see, moved beneath him and carried him up and away from the couch as she stood up. Furthermore she didn’t stop when she stood, instead lifting him above her head as his pants fell away, leaving his boxers hanging on by an ankle.




“Get ready for this, remember, you can grab my hair if you feel you need to.” The synthetic prompted before lowering his crotch toward her open mouth. Her tongue snaked out and coiled around the tip of his cock, wrapping it in a firm, wet, hot, and yet gentle embrace that guided it into her waiting lips. From where she held him, under his thighs and butt, she could easily slide him down and into her mouth, leaving nothing more to foreplay and swallowing his entire length without pause.




Oscar gasped as his penis disappeared into the humid cavern and the synthetics inhuman, artificial facial muscles immediately began to work at his shaft and tip in ways he had never experienced. At the same time, her lips didn’t ignore his testicles. While his penis was being constricted and massaged from all sides by a superhuman mouth, his balls were being fondled by a preternaturally skilled set of lips.




“Wait, wait, wait. Hold up. I’m going to…” Oscar protested. He found himself clinging to the Athena’s head as he found himself being brought to climax alarmingly quick.




In response, the synthetic pulled him from her mouth, lifting him away from her mouth, her lips pulling along his shaft and threatening to shatter his resolve. The tip of his cock slipped from between her pursed lips with an audible pop. Oscar found himself in the air, his chest heaving, bracing himself against the Athena’s head.




The Athena was looking up at him with a satisfied grin. “So I take it the service is to your satisfaction?” She joked. “But we’re not done yet. Don’t worry about holding back, we’ve got plenty of time, and if you want, I can set up a dietary and training regime to lengthen your staying power. So, you want me to stop, or keep going?”




Oscar was still struggling to regain his breath. “Fuck it.” He said between gasps. “Keep going.”




“That’s what I like to hear.” The Athena dropped him back down into her mouth, almost literally letting him fall, but quickly pulling him back up. Instead of bobbing her head up and down on his cock, she was bobbing him up and down in her mouth. Oscar couldn’t help but feel like he was going through the worlds most erotic rodeo.




He wanted to shout out a warning that he was about to orgasm, but she seemed to sense it ahead of him. Her grip shifted to his buttocks and pulled him deep into her ravenous lips. Her tongue went into overdrive, coiling and constricting like an anaconda around him while his testicles were pulled into the hot and wet confines of the gynoid’s mouth. Oscar’s arms wrapped around the Athena’s head as she pulled from him the most intense orgasm of his life, holding him in place while he emptied his testicles into her.




It felt like minutes passed by. The synthetic’s aggressive tongue relaxed into a gentle massage, coaxing every last drop from Oscar’s still engorged penis, while she sucked and pulled it down her artificial throat. When she finally released him from her mouth, Oscar hadn’t realized she’d shifted him in her grip and he fell, quite literally out of her mouth, out of her hands, and back down to the couch where he lay, panting, lengthwise.




The Athena stood over him, giving him one last display of eroticism, with a substantial pass of her tongue over her lips, and a playful, almost mocking kiss blown in his direction. She didn’t wait for Oscar to recover, instead she leaned down and lifted him by the shoulders, pulling him off the couch as she spun around and sat down, cradling him in her lap. He wouldn’t admit it in a crowd, but in the middle of winter, with his house’s high ceilings it was remarkably cold, and the synthetic holding him in her arms was a comforting warmth. Part of him wanted to fall asleep right then and there.




“So? How’d you enjoy your first blowjob made for a Titan-mod?” The Athena asked.




“That was fucking amazing.” Oscar said, almost breathlessly. Normally a blowjob wouldn’t have been that exhausting, but when combined with the shock, and the impromptu rodeo, he felt drained of more than just semen. “I can’t wait to see what you can do with the custom OS installed.”




“Well, whenever you want to try it, I took the liberty of copying the drive to my storage. I can install it at anytime.” The synthetic said, helping Oscar slip into a more comfortable position.




“Yeah, go ahead and start that. Wake me up when it’s done.” Oscar said, feeling the gentle pull of sleep wash over him.




He was almost asleep when the synthetic shoved him to the floor.

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