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Katie left her land of fun and walked toward the ocean. As she got closer, she entered an area full of tall hotels. In these hotel rooms were, of course, lots of people and they all had different opinions on the situation. Some of them were freaking out and cowering in fear. Others actually walked out on their balconies to see Katie with their own eyes. It was an unbelievable sight to see a toddler the size of a monster.


And then the monster began to grow even bigger. All of the people Katie just ate were making her grow after a delayed reaction. In fact, she was growing so big that she couldn’t fit between the buildings. She turned her body to squeeze through the last two buildings before she finally reached the beach and the ocean. Katie continued to grow until she was a whole 1500 feet tall! She stood on the beach with her toes in the water and stared out toward the ocean.


Katie then walked into the ocean for a few steps. Each footfall created massive waves that would’ve capsized any boat near them. Once the water came up to her ankles, Katie stopped and sat down, not caring about getting her clothes wet. Not much was happening in the ocean so she turned around toward the city. That was when she noticed a small house on the edge of the land.




The Nelson family was completely unaware of what had happened to the city near their beach house. Mrs. Nelson was busy preparing dinner while her husband and their two kids - Tim and Avery - were playing a board game. When the food was ready, they all sat around the table and got ready to dig in. Everything seemed so perfect and peaceful. As Mr. Nelson was about to take his first bite, he felt a tremor and noticed a ripple form in his dinner glass. He paused momentarily and then put the fork in his mouth. Another tremor. “What the...?” he said.


After a few tremors, they stopped. The whole family had stopped eating and were looking at each other. “That was strange,” Mrs. Nelson stated. 


Then they heard loud crashing from huge waves. “Since when are the waves that loud?” Mr. Nelson questioned.


After a few wave crashes, things were eerily silent again. The family looked around at each other again curiously. “Whatever could be going-“


*C R A C K*


The sound of nearly every board constructing the house breaking erupted. The family yelped at the sudden noise. Then the house started to rise up and the floor tilted. Everyone got up out of their seats as the furniture slid across the wooden floor.


“Daddy, what’s happening?!” Avery cried out while she hugged her fathers leg. 


“I don’t know! Hold on!” Avery continued to grab on to her dad who was leaning against a wall for support. Tim was also hugging his mother.


The house continued to rise like a sped up elevator. After a few hundred feet the floor tilted a different direction and the family was thrown into the hallway. The front door flung open and they could see outside while they lay in a heap. What they saw was a wall of denim. ...wait, no. A face!


“Oh, my goodness! It’s a little girl!” Mrs. Nelson shrieked.


“I’d hardly call her little!” Mr. Nelson retorted.


“You know what I mean! How on earth is she so big?!” They continued to look out the doorway at Katie’s curious face. Mrs. Nelson tried to talk to her. “Please put us back down! You’re putting my family in danger!”


But Katie couldn’t hear her. She couldn’t even see her through the tiny doorway of the half-inch house. She was only focused on the nice green home itself. She observed it for a bit, but that wasn’t why she picked it up.


“Did she hear you, Mommy?” Tim asked.


“I’m not sure. She didn’t respond.” Then Katie did something. She opened her mouth.


“Holy crap! She’s gonna eat us!” Mr. Nelson yelled. The rest of the family screamed in horror.


The house lurched forward toward the open mouth. The dark cave dripping with saliva was absolutely enormous. The family felt like a couple of insignificant specks. The house continued on it’s way until it entered and was placed on Katie’s tongue. The huge, wet muscle was now their lawn and looking through the front doorway gave a clear view of Katie’s uvula. With her mouth wide open, Katie naturally breathed out of it. It wasn’t powerful enough to move the family, but it did blast a mist of spit that doused their bodies in gross, sticky saliva.


All four family members pleaded that Katie let them out of this humid plain. But Katie’s only response was to use the tip of her tongue to push the house toward the back. The family was jolted forward and slid down the hallway toward the door. The house was now tilted at a 45 degree angle as it teetered on the back of Katie’s tongue. The people continued to slide until they reached the front wall. Mr. Nelson planted his feet on the wall and grabbed his wife’s arm before she fell out the door. However, neither of them were able to grab their children who exited the door and plummeted down Katie’s throat, screaming all the way.


“KIDS!!!” Mrs. Nelson shrieked. “NO!!!”


She didn’t have time to cry, though, because their house was no longer a safe haven. Katie closed her mouth and removed all of the moon’s light that shone through the house’s windows. Then she effortlessly swallowed the entire Nelson house in one single gulp. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson continued screaming as their house tumbled down Katie’s esophagus and soon landed with a splash in her stomach.


When the house landed, they were thrown against the floor. Somehow the house managed to land upright. They groaned and slowly stood up. Then they immediately ran over to the doorway and scoured the vast sea of stomach acid to look for their kids. They found them trying to stay afloat nearby. Without thinking, the parents dove into the acid and swam to save their kids. As quick as they could, they brought them back to the front porch of the house. They wanted to rest now from their death-defying swim, but that would have to wait.


The house was now sinking down. The family wasn’t sure if it was being digested or simply going under but either way they needed to get to higher ground. The parents grabbed the hands of their children and ran up the stairs to the second floor as the acid covered the first floor with a thin layer. Once upstairs, they ran to a bedroom and looked out the window to see that the first floor was now halfway under. Mr. Nelson opened the window and managed to climb out and around to get on top of the roof. He helped his wife and kids get up as well and then the family of four waited fearfully as the house slowly sank down. If they weren’t saved soon, they’d be goners.




Arthur and Charlotte were now in the city and were one of few cars that was actually driving toward Katie rather than away. On Arthur’s phone, the news woman said, “After another growth spurt, the giant toddler Katie has eaten an entire house. We can only hope no one was inside.”


“I guess that explains what happened to our Monopoly properties,” Arthur joked.


Charlotte couldn’t help but chuckle. “Very funny, but if Katie is big enough to eat a house then she could do some serious damage.”


“No kidding. A few more spurts and she could eat the whole planet.”


Charlotte thought for a second. “Hmm, eaten by a toddler. It certainly would be an unexpected situation for the end of the world.”


“But it won’t happen, because we’re almost there to stop her.”


“Right!” Charlotte squinted her eyes a bit. “Look I can see her now in the distance!”


“You’re right! Holy moly, she’s enormous!”


“Indeed she is. I certainly hope your dad has a plan.”


“Don’t worry, he will,” Arthur said confidently. “I hope...”


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