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Katie continued on her merry way down the main street that lead straight though the entire city. Soon she arrived in the business district. One might think that she was crushing many cars as she walked, but while she was busy in the residential area, a radio announcement warned all drivers to leave Main Street immediately. However, that doesn’t mean all of the people got the message.


A woman named Sandra finished work late and was on her way home. She left her business building planning to hail a cab, but was surprised to find no cars on the street. Everything was eerily quiet. Although confused, she chose to change plans and wait for a bus, so she began walking across the empty street to the bus stop on the other side. Halfway across the road, she felt the ground shake. Sandra looked in all directions for the source and saw something approaching. The area was not well lit at night, so she struggled to see exactly what this thing was.


The booms got louder and the shaking got stronger as the figure got closer. By the time Sandra realized this thing was a gigantic girl it was too late. Something plowed into her and sent her flying dozens of feet down the street. It was Katie’s soft yet firm big toe. During the stride of her right foot stepping she had accidentally kicked Sandra. The woman was injured from the impact and the landing and was unable to move her legs. Katie continued walking, oblivious, and raised her left foot above her. Sandra was too scared to even scream as the last thing she ever saw was the bottom of a toddler’s foot.


Several other unsuspecting people met similar fates while Katie casually walked between the tall buildings. The people were so small and insignificant to her now that she didn’t even feel them being crushed beneath her feet. She was also much too focused on her destination. The location in particular was a section of the entertainment district in the city. Bright neon lights advertised bars and casinos and lit up the street with a rainbow of color.


On this particular night, the main street of the district had a special event going on. Both ends of the street were blocked off to keep cars away, metal gates on one end and a semi truck on the other. This meant that the street was cluttered with hundreds of adults walking all around. Several food stands were on the sidewalk and a DJ was playing loud tunes. They were enjoying their night of fun and had no idea what was about to befall them. The music was so loud that they couldn’t hear Katie approaching, but once she got close, they started to feel odd vibrations.


Katie finally arrived at her destination and stood at the end of the street with the metal gates. She looked down at the many people who stared right back at her. The music stopped with a record scratch and an eerie silence came over the crowd as they were all too confused and scared to move or speak. After a few seconds, they all erupted in a panic simultaneously and screamed as they ran away from the humongous girl. The problem was that the opposite end of the street was blocked off by the truck, so they were completely trapped unless they could somehow get past Katie, which was unlikely. Therefore they ended up running in random directions.


Katie giggled at the sight of so many bugs running around. She loved watching the small creatures scurry about, almost as much as she loved eating them. The thought of doing so made her belly grumble loud enough for some people to cover their ears. However, it wasn’t just her thoughts making her hungry. She also smelled something delicious. It was the variety of fried foods in the hands of the people below. Katie bent down and changed her position from standing to kneeling. Then she bent forward and placed her hands properly to be on “all fours”. The people ran from her descending arms, but some were not quick enough and were smashed beneath her palms.


In an effort to get away from Katie’s hands, the people were corralled in a single large crowd. They were completely unprepared for what Katie did next. The gigantic girl lowered her face further until she was dangerously close to them. Then two vacuums began sucking them upward. These were, of course, Katie’s nostrils and she was smelling them. Most people were not affected, but those directly underneath her nostrils were lifted up. They almost went inside, but Katie finished smelling before that happened.


“You buggies smell tasty!” Katie exclaimed. She was really hungry now and didn’t care about sanitation. In a swift motion, her mouth opened and her tongue extended. The crowd knew what was happening and panicked again. They pushed each other out of the way to escape their predicament. But Katie wasn’t taking her time. She quickly lowered her face until her tongue made contact with the crowd. Over a dozen people were directly under the descending wet muscle and were nearly crushed from the impact. Then, in an effortless movement, Katie swiped her tongue forward and it plowed through the crowd. Almost fifty people were hit and easily stuck on to her tongue. Katie then slurped her tongue back in and gulped all of the people down.


Although Katie loved eating the bugs, the taste of the asphalt was unpleasant. She changed tactics and placed her right hand cupped on the ground. Then she used her other hand to push a section of the crowd onto it. Twenty-five people ended up on her palm which was promptly lifted up. The hand rose above Katie’s head while she adjusted to a kneeling position and then it tipped over. The people tumbled down the slope and fell down Katie’s throat below, bumping into each other on the way. Inside her stomach was one splash after another as they all landed in the lake of acid. After that, Katie let out a small, cute burp.


Katie was about to eat more bugs when she remembered something. One time when she was at the park she found an ant hill. While she was squatting down to observe it, some of the ants crawled onto her feet and tickled her. Now she wanted to recreate that situation. Katie performed her scooping process once again and the thirty-two people she caught feared she was going to eat them like the last batch. They were quite surprised when the giant hand they stood on was not brought up to Katie’s mouth, but instead around her back. Before they could even think about what could be going on, their hand platform turned upside down and they all fell off. They screamed and awaited a deadly impact, but they managed to not splat on the concrete.


They actually landed on the soles of Katie’s feet which faced upward since she was kneeling and sitting on her legs. The crowd was split in half between the two feet. Those who landed on her heels had a rougher landing. They couldn’t believe their lives were saved by a child’s foot. Then again, this same child was the one who put them in danger. Everyone collectively thought that they needed to get off ASAP. They got up and ran toward the toes since the sides were too high off the ground. It was a struggle to traverse the terrain of Katie’s soft, smooth soles and many people fell down as they ran. After a day full of adventure, Katie’s feet were quite dirty too, so those who fell down on them became equally filthy. 


While all of this was happening, Katie giggled loudly due to their running tickling her. Some people continued escaping while others paused. The ones who paused remembered that this creature isn’t a monster, she’s just a playful little girl. With that thought, they had an idea. The people who hadn’t escaped bent down and rubbed their hands into Katie’s foot flesh to tickle her on purpose. The girl’s giggling soon became a joyful laugh. The ticklers smiled at their work and were honestly having fun. But when Katie’s foot started to shake involuntarily, they hightailed it off of there.


All of the people in the tickle session were able to escape Katie completely now, but plenty of others were still trapped in her playpen. Or should I say dinner plate because she was hungry for more. Katie was about to eat more people when something hit her foot. It was a police car that was arriving on the scene to help. He wasn’t expecting the rush of the crowd escaping Katie’s feet and when he swerved to avoid them he crashed into the side of the right foot.


Katie looked behind her to see the car next to her foot. It was a little smaller than her normal toy cars, but she was still interested. She reached down toward her foot to grab it. The police officer saw the hand descending and quickly tried to escape but he was too slow. A finger and thumb gripped the sides of his car and kept the doors shut. The officer yelled “woahhh” as he was lifted up in his car around Katie and then placed in front of her. He wondered what this kid was planning to do with his car. He received his answer when he lurch forward toward the crowds of people. Katie was driving him around like a toy and plowing into the civilians. 


The playful girl make a “vroom” sound as she happily moved the car along the road. She didn’t understand that her toy was a dangerous weapon to the people below. They were forced to dive out of the way to avoid being run over. A few didn’t move in time and were severely injured from the impact. The officer attempted to slam on the breaks, but that did nothing. He could only sit and watch out his windshield as people fled in fear.


Katie could’ve played with her new toy longer, but she stopped when a voice came down from the sky. It said, “Little girl, you need to stop right now!” The voice came from a man on a helicopter that had flown into the area. He was speaking into a bullhorn and standing near the open door of the helicopter. The man was an official in the government who was called to stop her.


Katie ignored the man’s message and exclaimed, “Ooh! A hel-ee-copter!” She stood up from her kneeling position to get closer to the copter and took a step forward. When she did so, almost forty people in the crowd below were instantly pulverized under her sole. Katie then grabbed the helicopter in such a way that her palm covered the open side. Her hand was big enough to wrap around the whole thing.


“Whoa!” The man cried out. “What do you think you’re doing?! Let go!” She turned the vehicle on its side and the man fell out of the copter and onto her palm. The helicopter’s blades were now blowing air directly at Katie’s face. The girl, who was hot from all the city lights around her, liked the breeze and opened her mouth in happiness. The man on her palm yelled as the blades also blew at him and swept him off of her hand. He flew off and was pushed by the wind directly into Katie’s mouth and down her throat.


The pilot stopped the engine and the blades slowed down. Since this rendered the helicopter useless to Katie, she simply dropped it. She didn’t hit anyone in the crowd, but the pilot barely survived. Katie was still hot and wanted to cool off more so she looked around. What she saw was the ocean a few blocks away. Excited for a swim, she stepped forward toward the water and crushed several more helpless people. One more step took her out of the area and those who survived were finally safe.




Meanwhile, Charlotte was busy driving into the city while Arthur was watching a live steam of everything on his phone. “Whoa! This is crazy, Charlotte!” He said excitedly. “It’s like a monster movie. Katie’s eating and crushing people left and right! Vehicles too! She’s unstoppable!”


Charlotte thumped her boyfriend in the back of his head with her hand that wasn’t on the wheel. “This isn’t a movie, you knucklehead! Those are real people she’s killing!”


“Right, right. Sorry.” He paused. “But you’ve got to admit it’s kinda funny. I mean my three year old little sister is basically Godzilla.”


Charlotte struggled not to smile, but did anyway. “Maybe a little,” she admitted with a chuckle. Then she shook her head briefly and switched back to a serious tone. “But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop her.”


“Of course.” Arthur continued watching the news report and heard the announcer say that Katie was heading for the ocean. “Uh, oh. Things just got worse.”


“What do you mean? Isn’t it a good thing to get Katie away from the city?”


“Yes, but if she’s in the ocean, we can’t shrink her or she’ll drown. Plus we don’t exactly have a means of traversing water right now.”


“Oh, geez, I didn’t think about that!”


“Well, my dad should be close behind us now so let’s keep driving to the coast and figure out a plan when we get there.”


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