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After swallowing her candy, Katie was still the same size as before. This confused Arthur, who said, “That’s strange. She didn’t get any bigger.”


“Maybe the car didn’t digest since it’s made of metal,” Charlotte suggested.


“That would make sense.”


Even though Katie didn’t grow any bigger, she was still very dangerous at 100 feet tall. She was also very thirsty now. Katie looked around for something to drink and noticed a cup of water. She turned in its direction and took a step toward it.


Except it wasn’t a cup. It was actually an above ground pool in a family’s backyard and there were two people swimming in it. They were a teenager named Adam and his younger brother Lincoln. They were too busy swimming to notice Katie’s previous actions. While they were having fun, their mom Becky came out and told them, “Come inside, boys! It’s getting late.”


“Aw, but mom...” Lincoln whined.


“No buts. Dry yourselves off and-“




The ground shook and Becky nearly fell over. A ripple was created in the circular pool that moved from the center outward. The boys inside looked up and gasped at the sight of Katie looming over their house.  They were now frozen with fear. Becky didn’t see her but could see the shadow she created. She was about to look up at the cause of the shadow when a huge right foot slammed down to the right of her and made her yelp. Then a left foot came down to her left so that Katie was standing directly above her. Becky looked up in terror at the colossal being that dwarfed her, but it didn’t look back. Katie paid no mind to her and was staring at the pool instead. Becky wasn’t exactly sure what the girl’s intentions were, but she screamed, “Boys! Get out of the pool!”


The boys were jolted out of their trance and quickly swam toward the stairs of the pool. At the same time Katie bent down and grabbed the bowl-sized pool with both hands on either side. She lifted the plastic pool with ease and the boys inside were tossed around with the moving waves. The water kept them in the center, unable to escape. Although that didn’t matter anyway since they were dozens of feet in the air now. They only got a glimpse of Katie’s face before her mouth opened and she placed her lips on the edge of the pool. The pool tilted and water began to poor into the girl’s mouth as she gulped it down. “Swim for your life!” Adam yelled at his brother. The two fought against the current that tried to drag them into Katie’s mouth.


Down below, Becky was losing her mind. She ran over to the big toe on Katie’s right foot and pounded on it while screaming, “Stop! Let them go! Don’t eat my boys!” Katie felt something poking her toe, but instead of acknowledging it, she twitched her foot to push it away. Becky was shoved to the ground by the digit and had the wind knocked out of her. She gripped her stomach and stared up at the drinking girl. Becky saw the continuous bulges moving down Katie’s throat and knew any one of them could contain her sons.


Adam and Lincoln were still trying desperately to fight the current as the water disappeared. Things looked promising as they were able to swim fast enough. That is, until Katie changed her drinking tactics. Rather than sipping from the side, she switched to opening her mouth wide and letting the water pour in. She tilted the pool more to increase the flow and the boys couldn’t keep up. They continued swimming forward, but the current dragged them back. Lincoln was pulled faster than his brother and yelled, “Help me, Adam!” Adam looked back to see his brother disappear into Katie’s mouth. He swam faster in a panic but the water still inevitably pulled him all the way to Katie’s stomach.


Inside the stomach Jeff and Chelsea were also freaking out. The deluge of water was pouring in and tossed their car all around the stomach. Eventually a person landed followed by another. Adam and Lincoln saw the car and swam toward it as the acid started to burn. They banged on the doors and screamed for help, but the couple had to keep them shut to save themselves. They had to just sit and watch the two boys slowly dissolve to nothing outside of the car. Outside, Arthur and Charlotte got lightly wet from the water that dripped down Katie’s chin and into the pocket.


After Katie finished her drink, she placed the pool back where it was originally. Becky ran to it and looked inside, but all of the water and both boys were gone. She ran back to Katie’s foot and punched the side of it while crying out, “Give them back, you monster!” Rather than cause her pain, Becky’s punches made Katie’s foot itch. The girl lifted her foot up and scratch it. Becky watched the foot lift up and rise above her. The bare bottom was covered in dirt and grass from her backyard. But she only saw that for a second before the dirty foot descended on her and crushed her instantly, barely giving her time to scream.


Right after that, Katie grew once again, this time to 150 feet. Then her stomach gurgled again, except this time it wasn’t because she was hungry. Her stomach actually wanted to expel something: air. Katie opened her mouth and let out a short burp. At normal size this would be cute, but it was far more dangerous now. Every window in the nearby vicinity shattered from the vibration of the burp. Her body itself also shook which caused the people in her pocket to be jostled. Arthur was tossed to the side and Charlotte to the middle. This wouldn’t have been a big deal except that there was a small hole in the center of the bottom of the pocket. It used to be too small for either of them to fit though, but now it was big enough.


Charlotte grabbed on to a thread and held on below the pocket on the inside of the overalls. Arthur moved over quickly and looked in the hole. “Are you alright?”


“What kind of question is that?! Just pull me up.” Arthur grabbed the thread and hoisted Charlotte back into the pocket. “Thank you.” She hugged her boyfriend.


“You’re welcome, but maybe I should have let you go.”


Charlotte released her hug angrily. “Excuse me?!”


“No, no. Listen. We need to escape this pocket, right. Why don’t we use this hole?”


“Are you nuts? We’re a hundred feet high! We’ll never make it.”


“I think we can. Katie’s clothes should provide enough friction to slow our descent.”


“You make a good point. Alright, let’s do it.”


“Okay, I’ll go first.” Arthur sat down and placed his legs in the hole. “Here goes nothing!” She pushed himself into the hole and fell in. He then slid down between Katie’s shirt and the overalls. Then he reached her leg and slid between that and the overalls until he reached her soft foot.


“Are you alright?” Charlotte called down.


“Yeah, come on down. Just make sure you come down the outside of her underwear and not the inside.” Charlotte shuddered at the thought and then jumped in after Arthur. She followed the same path and landed on top of him. Both of them groaned from the impact. “Maybe you should have moved out of the way.”


The two slid off of Katie’s foot and quickly distanced themselves from her before they too became stains on her sole. They ran around the house and hid in the open garage, afraid of Katie seeing them and putting them back in her pocket. “So what should we do now?” Charlotte asked.


“We still have to wait for my dad. Hopefully Katie will stay put in the neighborhood until he can bring out the shrink ray.”



“Well she seems to be having fun here so I don’t think she’ll be going anywhere.” As if on cue, both of them heard a familiar musical tune, and this song was going to cause some major problems.


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