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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the alternate ending of the story. If you would like to read the good ending, then go back to the previous chapter.







Harold fired the growth ray at Arthur, but, to his horror, he somehow missed. The blue beam shot past him and out into the ocean. If it simply shot off into space, it wouldn’t be much of a problem. However, it changed into a huge problem when the beam hit Katie. Arthur, Charlotte, and Harold all stood there dumbfounded as Katie got even bigger. Soon she was an incredible 10,000 feet tall. She didn’t even look real anymore, more like a projection. The three grew afraid, but they weren’t the ones in actual danger yet...




The passengers on the ship witnessed Katie’s growth from a much closer perspective. She already dwarfed the cruise ship before, but now they felt like they were standing on a toy - and that is exactly how Katie viewed them. She didn’t understand why her boat was so much smaller now, but she did know that she was hungry and it was the only non-liquid thing nearby. It was about 3” long to her - perfect for swallowing. ...Well maybe not perfect, but that wasn’t going to stop her. Katie hoped that the boat tasted good and reached down toward it.




The passengers had no idea what to do after Katie got bigger. Most of them chose to continue hiding below deck, but some thought it would be better to jump ship. Neither was really a better choice because the waves were incredibly high due to Katie’s small movements. Some people who were above deck looked up to see Katie’s hand reach down. Unlike before, Katie was reaching from the top rather than underneath. Also, her hand was much bigger now. Instead of needing her whole hand to grasp the ship, she only needed two fingers. The enormous digits squeezed the sides of the boat and bent the metal with a loud creak. Then they lifted the ship with ease, like the claw in a prize machine.




Those below deck didn’t know what was going on, only that the boat was being lifted up. The captain, however, saw their destination. The cruise ship was placed on Katie’s tongue and stayed there as she closed her mouth. The lights on the ship illuminated the surroundings so the passengers could see every drop of saliva that adorned the cheeks on either side of the ship. The captain saw forward their destination: Katie’s throat. But Katie didn’t swallow them immediately. What actually happened is that she let the boat sit on her tongue while her mouth salivated for the upcoming snack. Saliva began to pool at the bottom of the mouth and rise up until it was higher than the tongue. The stationary ship was lifted by the sea of spit and began to float forward. The captain tried to think of a way to stop it, but the ship was unable to go in reverse. He watched Katie’s humongous uvula get closer and closer until it disappeared when the ship took a nosedive. 




The cruise ship quickly went from horizontal to vertical when it passed the back end of Katie’s tongue. The boat sailed down the esophagus, sending the passengers in a turmoil as gravity completely shifted. After a few seconds, a huge impact occurred when the head of the boat hit the stomach acid. The front half of the ship went underneath until it bobbed back up with a bounce. The ship steadied itself and was now floating in an ocean of stomach acid, not far from the airplane. Some people were injured by the swallowing ordeal but they were all still alive... for now. The metal ship was strong enough to defend the stomach acid, but when the digestive process continued, they’d be in trouble. It wasn’t a submarine after all.




Katie was still hungry after her morsel, but there was nothing else nearby to eat and she was very tired. She decided to go to sleep and eat something else in the morning. When she lay down, she rested her head on the coast. The last thing Arthur, Charlotte, and Harold saw was Katie’s pudgy cheek plummeting toward them like a meteor. Many other people were also crushed from Katie simply laying her head down. The shrinking machine was also crushed, which meant that there was no stopping her.




Overnight while Katie slept, people tried to get as far away from her as possible, but it would be a fruitless attempt in the end. Come morning, Katie awoke with a yawn. Her tired eyes slowly opened to see that things looked different. While she slept, she had grown to 300,000 feet tall. She could no longer comprehend what anything was. All she could understand is that she was lying in water and her head was on land. Katie stood up to look at the land and rose above the clouds. She fanned the clouds away and saw nothing but splotches of color below. Curious about it, she got down on all fours to look closer. Even then, she didn’t realize that her face was directly above an entire city.




The people in the city were losing their minds. They had heard on the news that a giant girl was attacking a nearby city, but at that time she was only 100 feet tall or so. Now her face alone spanned the entire city. The whole sky was blocked by her adorable yet horrifying face looking directly down at them. After a few seconds, the face tilted slightly upward. Nobody understood why until intense winds began. Katie was sniffing them! Everything that wasn’t attached to the ground, such as cars and people outside, were sucked up into the air and into two black holes, which were actually Katie’s nostrils. Some people hit the sides of her nostrils and adhered to the snot that coated them, while others continued through the tunnel until they ended up in Katie’s lungs. Either way, most people drowned, be it in snot or in the fluid of her lungs.




After a quick sniff, Katie felt a tickle in her nose. All of the stuff she inhaled was making her sneeze. She involuntary breathed in through her mouth during two “ahh”s and sucked up even more people. Then with a deafening “choo” she blasted the city with strong air that completely annihilated it in one fell swoop. Anyone who thought they were safe inside of a building was obliterated. Unaware of the mass destruction she caused, Katie wiped her nose on her sleeve and smeared some people on it. Very few were still alive in her nose at this point and they wouldn’t be much longer. Katie felt an accumulation of snot in her nose, which was of course a booger. She drilled her index finger into her nostril and plucked out the mass. Then, without a second thought, she placed her finger in her mouth and sent the booger - and the people attached - to the depths of her stomach.




That booger wasn’t nearly enough food, though. Katie was still very hungry, but there was nothing around to eat. Then she had an idea. She could try licking the weird ground. Maybe it would taste good. But she didn’t want to lick a gray spot. She stood up and took a few steps toward a much greener spot, which in reality was a rural area full of suburbs. She caused earthquakes all around from her steps. Also her feet were city-leveling weapons. Many people witnessed the soles of her feet as the last thing they’d ever see before their entire town was nothing but a footprint.




Similar to the city, everyone living in this rural area had no idea how big Katie was now. They barely had time to panic because as soon as Katie walked into view, she bent back down and stuck out her tongue. She effortlessly placed her tongue on the ground and ran it along the terrain. Houses, vehicles, trees, and people were all pried off of the ground and stuck on Katie’s tongue. Many people were crushed on impact, but some survived. It didn’t matter though because they knew where they were heading. Katie swallowed the mass of dirt, plants, and people and sent all of it to burn in her stomach acid.




Katie wasn’t very pleased with the taste of the ground. It tasted like the “broccoli” she ate yesterday. She promptly gathered saliva in her mouth and removed the dirt in a wad of spit. The spit ball fired out and landed on a nearby city which was instantly flooded by the disgusting liquid. Then Katie started to grow again. This time was the ultimate change of size. Katie grew so big that she exited Earth’s atmosphere and ended up in outer space. Somehow she was still able to breathe. Soon the entire planet was the size of a marble to her. And that’s just what she thought it was: a tasty-looking marble. Katie opened her mouth and moved her head forward so that the “floating marble” would enter her mouth. Her teeth traversed the skies around the planet before chomping down. Then one simple swallow sent the planet down her throat and into her belly where it sank in the acid. Everyone on Earth spent their final moments screaming and crying as their existence was snuffed out by a toddler.




Katie was ready to eat the moon next, but she stopped when a spacecraft suddenly appeared before her. A beam shot out of the front and she was teleported onboard. Two female aliens who looked just like humans greeted her. “Hello,” one of them said.




“Who are you?” Katie asked.




“We are beings who have observed your planet for awhile now. We never visited, though, because you were much too small. We aren’t entirely sure what caused you to get so big, but we have stabilized your growth so you won’t get any bigger. We also allowed you to breathe in outer space.”




“Uh, I don’t get it...”




“Understandably. You are quite young after all. We would like to observe you as you grow older if you don’t mind. You can live with us on our home planet which is very similar to yours, only much larger and technologically advanced.”




“But what about my family?”




The alien person didn’t have the heart to tell Katie that she had eaten everyone on Earth. She instead used a device to wipe her memory and fill her mind with new memories of living on their planet. Katie was now none the wiser and back to being blissfully ignorant of what she did. Her life was ready to begin anew.











Chapter End Notes:

Thank you so much for reading my story! I hope you enjoyed this alternate ending even though it was a bit weird at the end. I’ve always wanted to write a story like this, but I didn’t think many people would be interested in its concept. I was pleasantly surprised by all of the views and positive comments I received. Thanks again! More stories will come soon hopefully.

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