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Logan had met up with his blonde girlfriend Olivia at her place. He planned this camping trip for weeks now and felt excited beyond measure that his girlfriend was okay with this. It utterly shocked him when Olivia told him she wanted to include Zoey with their exploration of sexuality. Logan knew she was bisexual and open to kinks, but knew not many desired to engage with cross size relationship's for a number of reasons. Including the many horror story's of very one sided abuse over the years.


Seeing her boyfriend lost in thought Olivia pulled him arm begging, "Come on lets go! Our bags are packed!"


"You really are acting like a little kid waiting for candy!" Logan joked before he then said, "But I'm ready to drive!"


"Hey!" Olivia pouted grinning, "Your the one that wouldn't shut up about this for a week!"


"That's just because I am lucky to have such a hot understanding girlfriend!" Logan teased as he pulled her in for a quick kiss.


Olivia however went for a deep french make out session and pinned her boyfriend to the side of her SUV. The cool touch of metal sent chills down her spine as she was rolled over in the passionate affair. It lasted until a boy passing though laughing at the sight before him yelled, "I dare you both to fuck in public!"


Embarrassed they both went into the car as people walking down the street looked upon them with a telling glare. Shuffling into the bland mid life SUV Logan took the wheel and pulled out from the cracked driveway. Embarrassed he averted his eye's from the houses around him while driving down the street toward the main road.


Traffic flow was like a raging down pour filled with burst of cars suddenly entering into lanes, flooring the gas and tightly packing together in clumps until people spotted a blue, red and white car parked on the side of the road. Then almost like magic people drove in a more civil orderly fashion. The shame being that such graceful behavior was always short lived as Logan nearly got rear ended by a young guy flying between cars like a bat out of hell.


However the most stressful part was yet to come. Spotting the massive green display of text over the freeway that read (Caution: Entering giant district) Logan kept his eye's peeled in case a native decided to come "play" with them. Well other than his friend Zoey of course as he did trust her enough to go on a trip away from civilization. Both their and giant civilization alike that is. The skyscrapers in the background were nearly impossible to comprehend as they stretched into the abyss of the blue gentle sky above. Each building looked big enough to crush even the largest of city's and towered over what to him were mountain's, but to those towers were just small hills.


A deep rumble boiled over into a small quake from out of no where. It was shortly followed by ever more intense quakes as Logan spotted a giant woman in the distance heading toward the highway. Looking dead on he watched as her legs came to the edge of the road. Craning his neck up to see her face Logan realized she was quite young in appearance. Taking the exit ramp Logan watched as the giantess stepped onto highway crushing a car beneath her and several cars slammed into her foot.


A powerful feminine voice then said, "OW! Sorry little people......but I'm really late for collage."


Frightened Olivia looked around to see if other giant's were trying to cross their roads, but luckily this was still out in a sparsely populated area just outside city limit's. Nudging her boyfriend Olivia asked, "Do we really need to go though downtown or is there a way around?"


"I forgot you never visited a giant city before. This stuff sometimes happens, but most of them have no interest in harming us. That woman might be going to jail if those tiny's push charges." Logan replied nervously knowing it was still dangerous.


Then just when Olivia calmed down a deep growl came from the giant towering woman's belly. Seeing a little person out of their car waving their arms in anger she covered her mouth as the giant woman bent over to pick him up followed by two others. Olivia could only watch in horror from out the rear window as a number of her kind were picked up and eaten alive. Olivia didn't see much chewing before the first gulp the giant woman made followed swiftly by two more done in haste.


"That's what I'll do to any telling on me for this misunderstanding." The giant woman threatened before quickly running off toward a building in the distance.


Olivia then nervously asked, "How did you come to the giant city the first time and not run away from seeing something like this?"


"Like I said that doesn't happen all the time, but it's because I've always been drawn to giant women. Even before I realized it was my kink it just felt comforting somehow." Logan replied keeping his eye's fixed on the road driving.


Giggling Olivia teasingly pouted, "Do I need to become a giant then before you put a ring on me."


"Hell no you are a giant enough pain as is!" Logan joked, "If you became a giant then I'd never escape from you and that tv show you bleach my eye's out with!"


"Hey!" Olivia pouted, "It's a good old B rated show and I like having someone watch it with me to laugh until I pop."


Taking a hand off the wheel Logan reached his arm over to his girlfriend and smiled, "I'm kidding baby, I love that old sci-fi shit."


"And me too or just old shit on TV?" Olivia teased as she put her arm over his back.

Getting close to the next turn Logan joked, "Yeah after my sweet gaming rig and my lively mother you love even more than I do."


"That old wind bag thinks no one is good enough for you." Olivia laughed, "Even if I was the virgin Mary and blessed the ground I walked on she could find a way to bitch about it."


"Your parent's are the same way baby." Logan remarked, "It's their special way of loving even when they are being dicks and bitches about it. If I had a daughter I'd likely be just like your dad with his dead eye glare whenever I check out your ass."


"No wonder he thinks your a pervert!" Olivia burst out laughing, "Didn't your mother teach you better than that!"


"Who ever said I wasn't a pervert." Logan teased, "Would I ever pose a trip like this if I wasn't one my dirty little angel."


"Now don't get carried away with her. You better remember who is number one here or else..........." Olivia warned before a chilling thought flashed in her mind.


Seeing her dazed Logan said, "As I told you a million times don't worry baby. She is my best friend and you are my girlfriend. The three of us together exploring our sexuality will be fun and safe I promise."


"I trust your judgment Logan, but I want you to promise me you won't expect her to do this again. Because after catching that glimmer in your eyes I know what that giant woman back there did turned you on big time." Olivia stated firmly as she calmed down from what she had thought of.


"What?" Logan spat before he collecting himself lied, "Vore is a big kink of mine, but those were real people that died and I could never get aroused to that."


"Bullshit!" Olivia pressed, "You had me role play as a giantess for over a month and really liked it when I swallowed. Vore is your biggest kink by a fucking mile!"


"Role play is much different than hurting people to get off." Logan replied shamefully as he doubted those words.


Seeing him feel concern over his desires Olivia comforted, "It's okay to feel aroused. You can't shut that off and pretend it doesn't happen. You have been nothing but a good person since we dated and I needed that after all the real assholes I've been with. There's just nothing for you be ashamed over. Well besides playing your PC gaming rig in the middle of the night instead of fucking me."


"That was one fucking time that I played until four in the morning when you needed a good fuck and then you refused me for a week believing that would fix not getting fucked." Logan retorted attempting to set the record straight.


"Pro life tip here Logan, women hate it more than anything when video games are why they aren't getting laid by their man." Olivia lectured with a playful tone.


"How's that fair! You play video games too dammit!" Logan snapped back


"It's just how the cards of life, the universe and everything was dealt Logan." Olivia replied causally before she puckering her lips grinned, "So roll with the flow and deal with it."


On the rest of the interesting drive the couple kept arguing tongue in cheek with no winner resulting from their contest. Now pulling up to a rusted trailer with one beat to hell truck in the gravel drive way Logan said, "Zoey prefers to live alone so she got this place that fit within her rent budget."


"It's huge Logan! How are we going to get to her door step?" Olivia asked while rubbing strands of her golden hair together between her fingers.


Keeping his focus Logan drove while he explained, "Olivia she made a tiny path for me off this road since her driveway is filled with massive white boulders. It was the first thing she did when moving in with some left over concrete from her dad's job."


Having her question answered only caused a lump in her throat to grow as she couldn't think of what to say next. The place was massive compared to them and even with the paved road Olivia felt nervous as it cracked under the weight of their SUV. While the sharp blades of grass towered around them like trees instead of background vegetation.


After what seemed like forever to Olivia they pulled up to where a smooth wide ramp had been created seemingly just for them. Feeling the pit of her gut move as the SUV accelerated with a burst of speed she complained, "This feels too fast! Slow it down a bit!"


"It's alright baby, I'm just having a little fun with the gas since there's no speed limit here." Logan replied easing up on the gas.


Moment's later they drove up onto the platform with a doorway mat ready to welcome giant visitor's. Parking near the massive towering screened doorway next to the dirty side panel Logan made sure to keep out of the foot path and then got out with his nervous girlfriend. As he walked toward a hole the fear on Olivia's face popped into clear view.


"No I won't go in that hole! It's dirty! It's dark and who fucking knows what bugs might attack us in some rotten hole in the wall!" Olivia shouted as she backed away from Logan.


Gently pulling her arm Logan said, "It's safe baby, I promise it will be fine and no bugs will attack us."


"NO! Just call her and tell her we are here!" Olivia scowled in anger because she unsurprisingly finds going though a literal hole in the wall to be disgusting.


"I texted her in the car, but she hasn't responded yet. So do you want to wait here with the birds or go inside." Logan replied keeping his composure


"Birds?" Olivia mumbled


With a causal grin Logan answered, "Yeah some awful big ones come by here and cause trouble for our kind traveling by foot. They aren't common, but show up once in a blue moon on their way south or north based on their migration patterns."


Grabbing tight onto his arm just thinking about the other not common thing happening resulting in three people getting eaten Olivia said, "On second thought let's go inside."


Pulling her in Logan walked carefully toward the rotting hole. He told Zoey about it and she decided to just cover it up with duct tape she would rip off whenever she expected him. So it being exposed meant she remembered they were coming today. Taking his first step though the hole Logan turned his phone's flash LED on to light up the darkness. As they both walked though the champed space between walls Logan felt his girlfriend holding on tight as she clearly wasn't a fan of this.


However it wasn't long before natural light poured in from a hole leading inside. Coming out the first thing staring them in the face was a black plastic bug trap loaded with poison. Walking around it they could see the white expansive laminated floor unobstructed. The table, chair's and appliances were massive compared to their miniature bodies. It was bigger than a stadium yet clearly was just a plain normal kitchen painted yellow with old white appliances.


"Oh shit!" A female voice suddenly boomed from a closed door nearby.


"Is that her!" Olivia jumped taken by surprise of the loud voice.


Then a loud wet fart bellowed from behind the closed door followed by a deep groan. This was clearly not the right time to come Logan thought, but they were here and couldn't really do much about knowing Zoey is taking a painful shit. It wasn't like it could be helped as everyone has at least one at some point in their lives after all. Embarrassment did flash across his face regardless as this wasn't the first impression he wanted his girlfriend to have of her.


"Damn that fucking old milk!" The female voice boomed again as more loud bowel movement's exploded from behind the closed door.


Logan finding a break in the commotion briefly answered, "That's her"


After 5 minutes passed the sounds of a bowel in distress ended followed by a loud flush. It was now burned into the memories of both tiny humans as there just wasn't a way to ignore it or hear themselves think for that matter. The once sealed door began to open revealing a beautiful woman with soft chocolate hair that matched her eye's. Her skin tan creamy perfection with bare feet painted with scarlet polish. The colossal woman had a figure like that of a perfectly cut statue for the world to marvel over. Yet her current outfit was simply a blue t-shirt not quite covering her flat belly and black panties that left her fine smooth long legs exposed.


Olivia saw picture's of Zoey, but seeing in her in the flesh caused her to gawk in amazement. She was monolithic compared to her. It was like watching a skyscraper walking. The giants were truly a different breed even if they both looked human. Not only that, but Zoey was smoking hot and stirred the most confusing mixture of envy, lust and shock Olivia ever experienced. It was more than worth coming out here just to see this she couldn't help thinking.


Looking upon his friend's body with a perverted eye Logan took in the view able to fully appreciate it as both a work of art worthy of praise and just downright sexy. It's not like he never noticed before or anything like that. Instead topic's surrounding sex were hard due to her upbringing and Logan didn't see a way to reasonably open up for a long time. It was just simply too embarrassing until Zoey took interest in his sexual desires leading up to conversations that made this special camping trip possible in the first place.


They both soon realized Zoey kept walking toward them without so much as acknowledging their presence. Massive feet were now upon them both as the carefree giantess lazed into her kitchen. Once their host stopped near the table Logan walked up to one of the massive bare feet and touched it's cool moist surface. It smelled like soap as though she just washed her feet off under cold water. Pounding on the appendage Logan tried to her attention without a response.


Then one of the giant moist feet lifted up over them. Moment's later it pushed Olivia down as she screamed for help.

Chapter End Notes:



Will Olivia come out of this unharmed or become a mere red stain under a carefree giantess?

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