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A brief 2nd person story. Enjoy.

“You know, the first time was an accident. I know, ‘how do you eat someone on accident?’, but it really was.

I think I knew he had a giantess fetish when I first met him in that support group, and after we got to know each other a bit better he was always asking me to take photos with him in precarious situations. The first photo was under my shoe. I wasn’t even wearing the thing, he just wanted to experience it. From there he managed to convince me to do more and more weird photos. I’ve got thousands of shots of him under my soles, squished between my tits, pressed up against my lips.

Eventually they got more explicit, and more . . . well let’s call them targeted to the fetish. I started making sure that when he was under my bare foot, he was really close to getting squashed. When I’d press him between my tits, he’d be struggling to breathe. The kissing shots turned into him getting assaulted by my tongue. We upgraded to videos at some point, and I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t starting to get into it. Our role play in the videos, all short, like thirty second clips at that point, were more and more domme and sub, and I think it was during the shoot where I was rubbing him up and down my panties that I realized his fetish had become mine as well.

This was only a few months into our relationship, but at that point caution was still very much a part of our routine, we had an established safeword, there were definitely lines I wouldn’t cross, and although we messed around that’s really all it was. I think we really turned the corner the first time I let him worship my vagina.

I never crammed him inside me, and I kinda regret that now, I think it would have been amazing to feel him inside. But we were doing one of our normal shoots, he was on a chair, between my legs kissing and stroking my panties. Don't know what really came over me, other than to say that I was already soaking wet. The camera could see the spreading wetness on my panties, and I just pulled them aside and gave him the very basic command to 'lick'.

He obeyed. I didn't have any real worry that he wouldn't. By that point his tongue had already been between my toes, he had drank my spit from a bottle cap, he had already pressed his lips to the crack of my ass, all at my order. But this was something new, this was a decree of sexual that we had not hit before.

While he began to worship me, unobstructed for the first time, I started masturbating. I remember after I came, he almost got washed off the chair, but there he was, exhausted, soaking in my lust, fighting to breathe and stay awake. I had never been more turned on, and I'd just orgasmed.

We were filming a vore clip when it happened, of course, he was in my mouth, holding on to my tongue while I filmed selfie style from my phone. Oh it was great, he was really selling it, looking back on it and watching the video I can't be sure if he wasn't genuinely a little bit afraid. The whole bit is going to culminate with me lifting my chin and closing my mouth, the camera cutting, him climbing out, resuming filming, me making a big show of gulping him down, and then showing the camera my now empty mouth. Simple, easy, low cost camera tricks for a good high quality vore show.

Unfortunately for him, there was a knock at the door. The Nile delivery guy was delivering a new set of toys for me to use for our films. I don't know why he didn't ring the doorbell, which I think would have startled me less, but no, the delivery guy chose to knock really hard, and really loud.

I've watched that video thousands of times since then, although I've never uploaded it anywhere. Even though I turn my head to the door, when the knock came, you can see it happen. You can see the fear in his eyes as I accidentally gulp him down in one startled swallow. I've came so many times to that freeze frame shot of his eyes going wide just before he disappears down my throat.

At the time I wish I could say that I was distraught. I wish I could tell you that I tried desperately to get him out, that I induced vomiting, or that I called the emergency services. But I don't have any reason to lie to you. When I felt him slide down my gullet, and fold gently into my stomach, it made me hornier than I'd ever been. I don't know if I could actually hear him screaming and begging for the next couple of minutes, but I think I really could.

And I know I could feel him, there's nothing else in the world like it. The impotent struggling, the futile attempt to lash out against the inevitable. The very subtle slowing and weakening of his writhing inside of me. Honestly, before I came to grips with what had happened one hand was already on my stomach keen to feel more of his struggling, and the other hand was down my pants.

By the time he finally stopped, when all of his squirming, kicking, and pleading fell still and silent, I had already laid back on the bed, and let my Hitachi start doing its work. I lost count of how many times I came that night, before I eventually passed out from exhaustion.

I recovered his remains. At first I did it because I was worried about getting caught, but I've learned that once one of you goes missing, no one really looks for you. I was able to keep his skull, and his hip intact. Perfect, tiny, bleached white bones. I thought about trying to dissolve them, but again, no one really cared. So now I keep what's left of him suspended in a resin pendant hanging from my neck. See?

You're quite a bit smaller than he was though, I don't think you'd make for good necklace jewelry. But I do have a plan for you, or what's left of you when I'm done. I'm quite good at this resin casting now, and I think I can make a cute little toe ring with your skull right in the center. It'll be almost unnoticeable to anyone not giving me a foot massage or well, you know, being crushed under my foot, but I'll know it's there. And that's what really matters.

Speaking of 'your remains', I think story time is over, I think it's snack time. Oh don't cry, I don't think it hurts very much. Certainly by the time the stomach starts digesting you, you'll be long gone. Asphyxiated or drowned, but you're not really likely to get dissolved until well after you've expired. But do me a favor, and really struggle like it hurts the whole time.

Goodbye, snack, I hope you'll be able to hear me masturbating my clit off out here, and know in your last few moments that I really enjoyed it."

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