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Added Spice

By Supernova


A commissioned work


        Darkness gripped the bedroom, bathing it in shadow. A consistent background noise hummed as rain drummed over the apartment’s roof.



        “I’m just not feeling anything. Nothing.” Vanessa’s long, straight black hair stretched over the surface of the queen-sized bed, making her look like a pale angel floating over a hole of endless depth. Staring up into her girlfriend’s eyes, her vision began to blur with tears. “I want to. I really, really do.” She placed her quivering hands over her face as the wetness began to leak from her eyes. “I’m sorry.” 



        McKayla, rolling off of Vanessa, laid next to her on the comforter. The dreary gloom of the day outside matched the mood of the room. Wrapping her arms around her love and laying a nude leg around Vanessa’s waist, McKayla lightly kissed her cheek and whispered. “It’s okay. It’s okay” in a calming, reassuring tone as she swept her long, black hair behind her ears. Being careful not to painfully push any of her long strands into the bed, McKayla knew how to position herself so that she wouldn’t tug on anything.



        Now sobbing, Vanessa wiped tears from her eyes as she turned her body towards her long-term girlfriend, their nude limbs tangled in an intricate web. “I know, I know, I’m just sorry. I didn’t want it to be like this.”



        McKayla, feeling her short, bright red hair intermingle with Vanessa’s, smiled gently as she looked into her bloodshot eyes. Placing a finger forward, she gently caressed Vanessa’s lips, almost as if to sensually shush her. “I don’t want you getting all weepy on my account. It happens.” Leaning towards Vanessa’s face, McKayla kissed her extremely softly, unable to keep from feeling a level of excitement between her legs that she knew Vanessa lacked right now. Though she was somewhat disappointed that her girlfriend wasn’t “In the mood” - and hasn’t been for over six weeks at this point - McKayla’s genuine affection for Vanessa didn’t dwindle even in the slightest. She knew the deep want for togetherness was still there, the most important part, but there was some esoteric sexual element that was lacking. Though she knew it was probably nothing, the darkest, deepest parts of McKayla’s mind considered the fact that their relationship might be fraying. That, after all this time, she was actually incompatible with who she thought was her soul mate. “The important thing is that I love you. That’s all that matters to me right now.”



        Having been a couple for a half-decade now, Vanessa and McKayla had been living together comfortably for a large portion of that time. Though the “M” word had been discussed, there was a mutual, unspoken decision that they were happy the way they were. At least until the dry spell.



        Now breathing more heavily, the salty drips came gushing from Vanessa’s eyes. “I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried doing it by myself. Nothing.” Her speaking became more frantic, almost as if she were panicking. “I’ve tried looking at porn. Nothing. I’ve used the Hitachi until it fucking hurt! I…” She sniffed. “I feel so fucking powerless. Over my own body. I can’t even make you happy.”



        McKayla playfully bapped Vanessa’s nose with her fingertip and grinned. “Oh, please. You make me happy every day.” Rain continued to pound on the roof. It was 10:23 AM and it looked like it was dusk. The low rumble of thunder boomed in the distance. 



        Vanessa just stared back at McKayla in silence. Her flow of tears ceased, though she responded with such stillness it was almost as if she wasn’t breathing. McKayla gazed upon Vanessa’s long, regal, aquiline facial structure, the quietude making her seem like a Roman sculpture. A wise goddess experiencing a profound sorrow as she tries to contemplate something just beyond her reach. Lightly running her fingers along Vanessa’s bony cheeks, McKayla wondered how she got so lucky as to be able to find someone of such extreme beauty. Pursing her lips, McKayla knew that Vanessa was almost out of her league, as she herself was only five foot one, Vanessa was nearly a foot taller than her. Where Vanessa was tall, thin, and statuesque, McKayla looked like a short, muscular, dykey redhead.



After what felt like several minutes of them staring into each other’s eyes, Vanessa blinked. “Is this… bed death? Is this what the stereotype is about?”



McKayla raised her eyebrows, almost in shock. “No! Don’t even say that! That’s not what this is, I promise!”



        “What is it then, McKayla? Two bitches living in the same place for a long ass time and we just. Can’t. Fuck! What else would you call it?” Though tone was almost pointed, McKayla could tell that she was still blunting the full wrath of her honest frustration. 



        “It’s just a test. We’ve gotten through worse.”



        “You think I’m testing you?”



        McKayla sighed. “Nothing like that.” She sat up, feeling the darkness of the room infect her heart as the bed squeaked underneath her. Biting her lower lip, she looked down at Vanessa, still looking distraught, her face twisted with a strange expression that McKayla couldn’t read. This was untenable. 



        A flood of thoughts flitted through McKayla’s mind. The memories of how she met Vanessa back in college when they were both studying graphic design. How they were both rather shy at first, but her dominant personality and spunky attitude managed to win her over. How they had their first kiss while under a full moon on Halloween, of all times, bonding after a party that neither of them wore costumes to. These are enchanted memories worth defending and she wouldn’t sully them with a breakup over something as visceral and shallow as sex. Something would need to be done. Something drastic.



Hoisting herself off of the bed, McKayla walked slowly towards the dresser. Her heart, already hanging low from the tense situation, dropped to oceanic depths as she slowly opened the drawer. This was an extreme situation and a deep, burning fire was pulsing within her. Losing Vanessa wasn’t an option. Digging through the wooden hollow, McKayla unlatched the fake bottom and felt a pang of brightness in her chest as she found it. The only secret she had kept from Vanessa. The weapon.



        Lifting it up from the bottom of the drawer, Vanessa sat up and watched as McKayla turned around. 



        “What’s that?” the black-haired woman asked, lightly cocking her head.



        A wild look came over McKayla as she stared down at the small object she was holding between her fingertips: a small, glowing pink ring.






        A muggy haze covered the park the next day, disguising the green surroundings with a grey mist. In spite of this, Camila was still delighted to be able to spend the Sunday with her twins, Briana and Sophia. As she trailed just a few feet behind her blonde daughters, she couldn’t help but think how proud she was that both of them would be headed to Stanford University in just a few weeks. Each time it crossed her mind, she wanted to cry. Camila hadn’t even gone to college and now her daughters, both now beautiful young women, would be headed to an Ivy. 



        “Hey, over there! A gazebo!” Briana shouted, wearing a short, white dress that hugged her figure. “Yeah! It’s perfect!” responded Sophia. Both of them identical eighteen-year-olds, they barely tried to distinguish their styles, as it was simply easier to simply share clothes. Wearing a dress of a similar shape to Briana’s, Sophia’s black-and-white horizontal stripes were almost indistinguishable in the thick, grey fog. Both carrying bags of fast food, Briana and Sophia smiled at each other as they stepped up the wooden stairs with their mother right behind them.



        As they sat in the center of the wooden structure, it was almost as if a grey veil had surrounded them. 



        “This is the thickest fog I’ve ever seen in my life.” Noted Camila as her daughters were crinkling the paper bags, hungrily grabbing for the burgers before neatly setting them down on the wooden table in the center of the gazebo. 



        “Yeah!” Both of them responded using the same exact inflection and tone, to the point that it sounded like a single amplified voice. 



        Almost never leaving each other’s sides, Sophia and Briana shared every single class back in high school, though it did involve some string-pulling from their mother. Especially similar, even for identical twins, they both had very similar hairstyles: long, blonde hair with a characteristic “Swoop” in the front. Both extremely pretty, they managed to both avoid romantic lives, instead choosing to focus on school work and excelling in track-and-field. One of Camila’s proudest moments as a mother was when they both managed to beat the state Varsity record for girl’s 400m dash, finding themselves in the national spotlight because they had both tied for first - down to a thousandth of a second. Having already graduated high school, all three of them knew it was a good idea to take it easy in the months directly preceding going to the university. Working extremely hard in high school and, inevitably, working extremely hard in college meant that they deserved a break in between. No academics, no job, just indulging in as much fast food as they wanted.



        All three of them sank their teeth into the big, greasy burgers. The thick, humid air carried the scent of the fast food much more effectively than it otherwise would. Humid, heavy, soupy air gave them a sense of privacy that they wouldn’t otherwise get on a normal Summer day. 



        “It’s still wet all over the place!” exclaimed Briana, in her usual, squeaky tone that helped both her and her sister earn the reputation of being “Happy-go-lucky.” 



        “Yeah, well, I mean, it did rain pretty hard yesterday! And, I mean, it’s true that it’s harder for water to evaporate in humid environments, don’cha know!” Sophia responded in the same exact tone of voice.



        Camila raised her eyebrows. “I didn’t know that! See? I learn from you girls every day.”



        Both girls smiled at their mother, cocking their heads in opposite directions. “Ya, mom! Like, the humidity level of the air correlates with how much water is being held within it!” Sophia said.



        “Yes! And when it reaches sufficient humidity, that’s when it starts raining!” Briana stated, still excitedly.



        “Oh, well maybe you two could go for meteorology, then?” Camila smiled before scooping up a few fries.



        Briana and Sophia raised one eyebrow each. Strangely, the one they raised was opposite for each of them. “We already told you, mom.” Said Sophia. 



        “We’re going for Bioinformatics!” Briana exclaimed, putting an emphasis on the last word.



        “What does that mean, though? I know you told me, but, uh, I didn’t quite get it.” Camila couldn’t help but feel a little stupid, both not knowing what Bio-info-whatever was or why her adult children would pick such a field.



        “It means money!” Sophia exclaimed. “Lots and lots of it!” Added Briana.



        “Oh, well, I mean, in that case, so long as that makes you happy!” 



        “It will! I talked to a few people in the field already, I mean, my senior research project kind of touched on it a little bit, but uh, I’m gonna be taking a lot of computer science!” Sophia noted.



        “And chemistry! And biology! And then mix them together.” They were both beaming. Camila smiled, knowing that they were challenging themselves, planning for the future, and making realistic goals with the desire to achieve them.



        “Mhm! It’s gonna be great! I already looked up the professors I’m gonna be talking to, I’m wondering if I should email them or -- hey, what’s that?” Briana squeaked as she pointed forward.



        The three of them all faced the front of the gazebo in silence and looked beyond the veil of fog that clouded everything around them. “I don’t see anything.” Camila stated, plainly. “Maybe a squirrel?”



        “No, it definitely wasn’t a squirrel, it was, uh…” 



        A pink glow emanated from beyond the thick layer of fog. 



        “It’s that! You see it?” Briana said.



        “Hey! You! What’s that? Some kinda pink flashlight?” Sophia yelled into the mist. No response. The glowing grew brighter and closer, and yet the source of it was still a mystery.



        What felt like a bright, quick flash of lightning blinded all three of them.






        McKayla led Vanessa forward by gently grabbing her wrist and guiding her through the thick fog. “It really works, I promise.” The reassurance felt hollow, even to her.



        As the two of them walked up to the gazebo itself, McKayla could feel her girlfriend’s pulse through her soft skin. Upon reaching the bottom stairs, the redhead felt Vanessa’s hand slide up her palm and gripped her with tremendous force. “Oh my fucking God. It worked. It fucking worked.” Vanessa inhaled several times through her nose as her chest rose and fell, McKayla could tell that anxiety was beginning to grip her.



        “It’s okay, babe. Just watch. I’ve done this before.” She turned to her taller girlfriend and stared up into her deep, dark eyes. “This is what we need. Believe me.” Her heart was fluttering, almost as if she were entranced by a wicked, demonic darkness. Taking on an uncanny, serious tone, she took both of Vanessa’s hands and intertwined their fingers, grabbing her with great strength. An air of tension built up for several seconds before McKayla snapped it with a softly-spoken “You just have to trust me. Come.”



        As they both entered the gazebo, McKayla grinned as Vanessa gasped, letting go of her hands before covering her mouth. “They’re so small!”



        On the table before them were three miniscule, naked women. Their clothes randomly strewn around the gazebo, the three blonde women were scattered throughout the detritus of a mostly-finished fast food meal. 



        McKayla walked right up to the table and snatched up a few fries before gobbling them up immediately. “Hmm!” She said, hearing the diminutive squeaking from the tabletop, she picked up a french fry roughly the size of one of the women and placed it next to her. “Look, Vanessa!” She said with her mouth still half-full. “She’s like two inches tall.”



        Vanessa continued standing in complete shock with her hand over her mouth.



        “Come, take a look!” McKayla beckoned over her black-haired girlfriend. “Look at how cute they are!”



        Visibly shivering, Vanessa walked beside McKayla and finally put her hands down from her mouth, instead deciding to cover her heart. “Who… who are you?” She asked, breathily, as she leaned forward. Squinting her eyes, she saw that one looked older than the other two. A mother and daughters? They sure looked alike. Perhaps they were twins?



        “What the fuck is going on?” The older woman screamed as she crab-walked backwards on the table, her eyes widened, her naked chest blushed red. 



        “What the fuck is going on?” McKayla squeaked, mockingly. “Look at me, I’m obviously tiny and I don’t know what the fuck is going on!” She did a little dance as Vanessa continued shaking. She couldn’t help but grin as she watched the three nude women all huddled together, the mother in the center, embracing her two daughters, one under each arm.



        “Who are you? What the fuck do you want? What the fuck did you do to us?” The woman below continued screeching. McKayla sighed and looked over to Vanessa.



        “This bitch asks so many fucking questions.” She said as she rolled her eyes.



        “I really, really think we should go.” Vanessa said, frantically.



        “You know, I think you’re right.” Opening her palm widely, she snatched the three squeaking women off the table, muffling their beeping. “But I need you to do me a favor, sweetie.” She walked extremely close to her tall girlfriend and placed her free hand over her left breast, squeezing gently. Exhaling, she slowly dragged the three women over her midsection and slid them lower and lower until they reached the cusp of her skirt. With a practiced precision, McKayla slipped her fingers under the waistband of Vanessa’s skirt before easily slipping her full hand into her panties. She closed her eyes and exhaled as she dropped the three women into the abyss of Vanessa’s unshaved crotch.



        Lifting her empty hands out of Vanessa’s skirt, McKayla couldn’t help but smirk at her girlfriend’s shocked expression. She was blushing so hard she was almost beet red. Gasping, they both embraced each other with an aggressive passion and locked lips tightly and strongly, pressing their warm, wet tongues together in an expression of pure lust.



        With a wild excitement coloring her facial expression, Vanessa whispered loudly. “Seriously, we gotta go.” McKayla felt her arm grabbed harshly, as it was now Vanessa who was pulling her along out of the gazebo towards their car.






        The three women, entangled in a foul forest of black, curly pubic hair, were all writhing in humiliation and terror. In spite of them being somewhat close to each other, Camila, Sophia, and Briana thrashed, pressing their limbs in random directions, unable to find where any of them were in the warm darkness.



        An incessant stabbing sensation pierced Camila’s chest as she felt the stranger’s coiled hairs caress her bare skin. She could smell nothing but a sick combination of urine, the deep musky scent of crotch sweat, and the fishy overtone of vaginal fluid. Feeling intensely unclean, she wished, more than anything, to help her daughters, but in the tightness between the woman’s immense legs, she couldn’t see, nor touch them. However, their terrified shrieks were like nails dragging against her very soul. Both Sophia and Briana, her sweet girls, both of whom would never hurt anyone or anything, were now stuck in the warm embrace of some disgusting stranger who shrunk them and trapped them within her underwear.



        Camila continued thrashing, but she felt her throat become weirdly sore as she slipped down the cotton front of her panties, feeling a wrinkly, sticky wall of flesh before her. Her head felt as though it was buzzing. She coughed as she realized that these strange sensations were a result of her own screaming as her nude skin came into direct contact with the stranger’s pussy lips. Any attempt to push away just caused her to slip further and further down. Horrifyingly, the longer she spent within this trap, the wetter it became. Having never been anywhere near another woman’s snatch before, the leaking fluid was especially horrifying. The warm, liquid goo slathered over her whole naked body as it spluttered through the fleshy slit.



        Almost without warning, the thighs that pressed against her on both sides stopped moving and a quick sensation of descent overwhelmed her before the immense vagina itself seemed to almost tackle her. The wet ropes of the stranger’s bush slid against Camila’s skin as she found herself firmly lodged between the wet lips of one of her kidnappers. Like the filling of a taco, she found herself wrapped in the wrinkly, wet pussy lips. As the stranger’s vaginal fluid plugged her ears, she was no longer able to hear the screaming, nor whimpering, of her two daughters. Muffled completely by hot, wet flesh, Camila felt as though she were being flayed alive, as if the intense sensation of being “unclean” was leaking into her skin, making it feel as though it weren’t her own. As if the very flesh that was bonded to her wasn’t truly her, as if it belonged to the woman that trapped her. She wished she could scratch it all off and peel every inch of it away, revealing her pure self.



        Gritting her teeth, she paused and breathed deeply. She needed to get a hold of herself, even though the situation was beyond desperate. She needed to stay strong for what was to come. For Sophia. For Briana.



        Knowing that she was literally being sat upon, she could do nothing but wait. Still experiencing the pulsing energy of mortal terror, Camila attempted to steel herself, knowing that any resistance would just be a complete waste of energy in the heat of the darkness. She had no idea how long she had been trapped for, but it already felt like an eternity.






        Upon reaching their apartment, McKayla could sense Vanessa’s giddiness. It was working. This ring. This scheme. This… act. All already worth it. 



        Practically dragging her into the bedroom after slamming the door behind them, McKayla gave Vanessa another passionate kiss. The loving tingle of their lips interlocking and their tongues sliding against each other sent McKayla into almost immediate ecstasy. The loud, wet smooching continued as McKayla quickly unbuttoned her flannel top and undid her jeans, feeling them loosen and slide down to her feet. The familiar warmth in her crotch coincided with the obvious erotic passion that was flowing through Vanessa at that very moment. Gripping the underside of Vanessa’s shirt, McKayla tore it off, with the only response being more impassioned kissing. It worked. All it took was some added spice.



        McKayla deftly grabbed the sides of Vanessa’s skirt and peeled them away from her beautifully round hips before letting them fall to the floor. Without letting even one second slip by, McKayla felt her hands almost magnetized to the back of Vanessa’s bra. Unhooking it was pure reflex, like breathing. Though Vanessa’s breasts were somewhat small, the slight jiggle they gave when freed from their coverings was always so, so satisfying.



        McKayla couldn’t help but let out a relieved breath as she looked down at Vanessa’s blue, striped panties to see a wet stain right where tiny lumps were poking and prodding. Licking her lips, she hooked away her own bra and panties and tossed them across the room so fast that she didn’t care how loudly they shook the blinds.



        Jumping in shock as Vanessa aggressively shoved her on to the bed itself, she found herself liking this assertive side to her girlfriend. She had never really seen Vanessa take a dominant role in the bedroom, as it was always her on top.



        “I feel so fucking powerful right now. I’m a fucking goddess.” Vanessa crawled up onto the bed, still wearing her writhing panties, and dragged her long, black hair along McKayla’s bare skin, causing her to shiver.



        Feeling Vanessa’s bodily warmth radiating over her, McKayla grunted as her tall girlfriend practically collapsed over her, forcing the air from her lungs. She couldn’t help but enjoy it.



        Lifting up her legs, she hooked her big toes on the sides of Vanessa’s panties and peeled them back. As Vanessa lifted herself up slightly, both of them looked back to the panties to see no tiny women. A horrified look overcame McKayla’s face. “Did they… fall out?”



        Vanessa just smiled as she leaned forward and whispered into McKayla’s ear close enough that she could feel her hot breath waft over her neck. “I’m so fucking wet. They’re sticking to my cunt.”



        McKayla’s heart pounded in her chest as she felt another pulse flood into her crotch. She almost rolled her eyes back into her head. She could only lay back stunned as she watched a goo-covered teenager slip from her girlfriend’s crotch and land directly on her fiery bush. She could only gasp as she watched the other two quickly follow suit, landing in a pile of wet limbs. As she felt the three of them struggle on her mons, she could only lie there completely still as their delicate movements stimulated her perilously close to her clitoris.



        Vanessa dove upon her and lightly suckled on her neck, forcing a moan out of McKayla’s throat. Giving a line of kisses all the way down her chest, between her breasts, over her belly button, and near the top of her crotch, Vanessa then sat fully upright and stared at the three women desperately attempting to unbind themselves from each other, fighting against the sticky mess of vaginal fluid and sweat.



        Both women looked down at the trio as they finally detached themselves from each other on the trimmed lawn of bright red pubic hairs. One of the teenagers was coughing up globs of vaginal fluid as her mother rubbed her back. The other woman cried hysterically. 



        “Let us go! Don’t do this! Please!”



        Vanessa plucked the three of them from McKayla’s crotch as a string of fluid stretched between them and broke, snapping back on one of the teenager’s faces. Both of them giggled as the tiny one let out a pathetic squeak.



        McKayla and Vanessa both sat upwards and formed a diamond shape with their legs as the three shrunken women were placed between them. Their legs essentially forming a giant wall, they entrapped the three with nothing but their own pale flesh. Fully exposing their spread pussies to the three of them. McKayla, still not quite repositioned to be fully sitting up, wanted to make sure that the three of them could clearly see her puckering asshole.






        Camila embraced both Sophia and Briana as she watched the walls around them rise. As if sheer, white cliffs had been constructed over any possible exit. The three of them shivered and Camila felt a stain on her heart, a terror both for her own self and that of her daughters. Feeling an intense nausea, Camila’s heart was pounding painfully against the inside of her chest. Not only did it feel as though the world was spinning around her as she saw the vast swathes of nakedness before and above her, but she had to keep swallowing over and over to prevent herself from literally vomiting. Blood was rushing so quickly through her body to the point that the area under her tongue felt severely painful. It was as though she were running a marathon, the very act of sitting on this stranger’s bed was exhausting and she wasn’t even moving. 



        A voice boomed from above. The horse-faced woman with the long, greasy black hair began sputtering her poison. As the long, spindly finger pointed towards them, the immense woman smiled as she said “So I take it you three know each other.”



        Camila embraced her daughters tightly, to the point that it almost hurt. A protective instinct coursed through her. Though they were adults, Camila knew that she’d always feel that element of responsibility for them. She loved them more than life itself. “Fuck you!” Camila shouted, feeling her voice crack painfully.



        “Oh, spicy mama!” The other bitch interjected, Camila turned her head and saw the tremendous redhead sneering down upon them.



        “Leave my girls alone! Let us go!” Camila didn’t know what else to say as both Briana and Sophia were leaning into her with a terrified intensity. 



        Both of the tremendous, ugly whores laughed. Camila had to keep herself from dry heaving as she saw their pussies leak with excitement at their predicament. She couldn’t help but feel extraordinarily violated as she felt a stranger’s intimate fluids cling to her daughter’s skin as she rubbed it reassuringly.



        The black-haired cunt put her pointer finger on her chin and looked up, in a mocking thinking voice. “You know McKayla, I think we should let them go.” She stated in an obviously sarcastic tone.



        “Yah think?” The redhead dyke, McKayla, apparently responded in an equally playful tone. Their joy almost sent Camila exploding with rage, but terror tempered that response. “I agree, honestly. But I want to play first, Vanessa!”



        The big-nosed bitch sighed, her greasy black hair falling over her small, mosquito bite-like tits. “I guess. But what should we play together? Five is such a crowd!”



        “Oh, I know, we can have a little test!” McKayla exclaimed excitedly. 



        The three women screeched as the redhead’s fingers pried Briana away from Sophia and Camila. Vanessa raised her eyebrows and smiled. 



        The mother widened her eyes and stood up with near rocket-force. Her knees felt painful and an explosion of soreness jetted through her legs as she reached up to try to grab Briana, whose screech was quickly made quieter with distance. “Aiiiyeee!” The teenager screamed as McKayla positioned her above her head.



        Camila couldn’t help but give out a pained, shrieking cry as she watched McKayla’s tongue snake out from between her gross, thin lips and slither against her sweet daughter’s bare skin. She couldn’t imagine the terror her own blood was going through at that point. She’d do anything to trade places with her, to take the brunt of the abuse. Covering her mouth, she couldn’t help but wince as McKayla wrapped her lips around Briana, coating her with a thick layer of bubbly, transparent filth.



        After excising the writhing teenager from her mouth, McKayla lowered her down her torso, leaving a trail of slime. 



        “What kinda test are you thinking about, McKayla?” Vanessa cocked her head to the side.



        “I wanna see how much the two on the bed really love the one in my ass.” McKayla perked up. “Oh, wait. I’m getting a little ahead of myself.”



        “McKayla!” Vanessa said in mock-offense. “That’s so dirty!”



        The redhead only responded with a sultry raising of her eyebrows. 



        Camila’s heart pounded. A low whooshing sound droned between her ears. Her eyes were fluttering so hard that she couldn’t focus on anything. Did she just say… 



        Gritting her teeth hard enough for her to feel a crack vibrate her jaw, Camila collapsed on the bed, her knees giving out, as she watched Briana forced to slide against McKayla’s sweaty taint before being slithered over the brown, wrinkly asshole. “N-N-N’gk!” Words were caught in her throat as she watched Briana screech and writhe, desperately pressing against the wall of winking flesh. “No! My baby! Don’t do this to her! Please! No!” Her knees and elbows jiggled as she attempted to crawl across the bed, such a sense of pure horror blasting through her core that she lost any perception of color. Blinking, Camila realized that she was now viewing the world in a sickening, drowned-out monochrome. 



        As she watched her own daughter leave a glistening trail of saliva over the stranger’s immense asshole, she grit her teeth as her face slipped out of sight. Completely submerged into the pulsing flesh. 



        “No! Stop!” Camila felt the cords in her throat creak as she watched Briana’s wriggling body slide further into McKayla’s asshole. 



        “Ungh!” Was the only response from above. A deep, passionate, sexual moan. “Oh yeah. She’s really fucking squirming.”



        Camila’s skin felt as though it was composed of a vibrating beehive. Just a relentless, deep itching that stretched down to her core. Still on all fours, she crawled using jiggling, weak limbs over to the foul, hot sack that now half-consumed her daughter. As McKayla’s fingers lifted away, Camila could only gasp as she saw the horrifying sight of her daughter’s bare legs kicking wildly as the round hole kissed her waist. The subtle movements of the sphincter itself were vile, as the red, coily hairs shifted with each pucker.



        “Briana! Please! No! Let her fucking go!” Each word Camila eeke out of her throat felt as though she were scorching her throat with a blowtorch. She couldn’t scream, but she felt as though she had to. The blood within her continued to pulse so quickly she could feel her heartbeat within her eyeballs. “No! Don’t!” She eked out in a gravely shout as she watched McKayla’s immense, whale-like body flip forward as she stuck her backside in the air. As McKayla’s face lowered closer to Camila’s tiny form, the shrunken woman couldn’t help but let her joints fall flat onto the bed below. She felt completely defeated, there was absolutely no way to rescue her daughter, as, to Camila’s perspective, she was held hundreds of feet in the air. 



        “Take her out of there, you crazy bitch! Fuck you!” Camila knew that her pleas wouldn’t do anything, but the compulsion to do so was far too great.



        McKayla raised her eyebrows as her tremendous eyes looked down at both Sophia and Camila. “Mommy and daughter, huh.” The redhead mused.



        “They kind of look alike.” Vanessa added in a matter-of-fact tone. 



        McKayla scoffed playfully. “Yah, they’re both blondes, but mommy is obviously dying her hair.”



        “Even her pussy. What a whore.” Vanessa smirked.



        “Anyway, we need to start your little test. And if you pass, I’ll let… who did you say?  I’ll let little Briana out of my asshole. She’s being super squirmy. I think she might like it in there.” McKayla bit her lip and moaned breathily. “Ungh. She goes extra hard when I clench.”



        Vanessa rolled her eyes. “Just tell them what they gotta do! I wanna know, too, ya know.”



        As McKayla’s breasts dangled forward, Camila could tell that her chest was blushed red. She was breathing heavily. Camila’s eye twitched as she realized how much this cunt was enjoying this. She wanted to growl. To scream. To hurt her somehow, but the knowledge in how powerless she felt gave the same sensation as molten metal being poured over her heart.



        Two immense fingers gripped Camila’s back and flipped her around so she was sitting up, unable to move. Camila’s ass was on the blanket, stuck in the grasp between two of McKayla’s fingers. “Sophia! Run! Now!” She couldn’t think to scream anything else. 



        Still seeing nothing but a monochrome field, her vision blurred with tears, she felt a short stab of relief as she saw her daughter get up and run the opposite direction. Though she knew that they were both stuck within the walled prison of the women’s legs, at least her daughter hadn’t given up.



        “Ah, ah, ah!” McKayla put a palm down in front of Sophia, forming a tall wall from where she couldn’t flee. “Sophia, is it?” The redhead pushed her hand forward and forced the tiny, blonde teenager to roughly an inch away from her mother before she pinched her back in the same way she did Camila. 



        The immense redhead was breathing extremely heavily as a wet “sq’ck sq’ck sq’ck” sound came from behind them. As both tiny women turned their heads, they could see Vanessa, hypnotized by her own lust, slide her long fingers near her clitoris. 



        Looking into her daughter’s terrified eyes, Camila attempted to calm her. “It’s okay, sweetie. It’s okay. Just know whatever happens, I love you. Deeply.”



        “M-m-mom. What’s she gonna do? What’s she gonna do!” Sophia’s words were punctuated by deep, pained sobbing as tears filled her eyes. 



        McKayla let out a fake-sounding gasp. “Did you hear that, mommy? Little Sophia didn’t even say she loves you back! Now she’s gonna have to prove it. That’s the test!”



        A pained confusion snapped through Camila’s brain. She blinked uncontrollably. 



        Looking up at Vanessa, McKayla licked her lips. “That sound like a good test, hun?” 



        Vanessa responded only with a moan as she furiously swirled her wrist over her crotch, which had leaked a large, round stain into the comforter below.



        Breathily, McKayla responded “I’ll take that as a yes.” The immense woman was quivering herself as she stared down upon the two with a wild, uncanny expression.



        “Sophia.” McKayla stated, deeply and commandingly. “You ever lick a pussy before?”



        A trio of sounds formed a spine-chilling chord: Sophia and Camila’s gasps mixed with a deep, throaty moan from Vanessa. 



        McKayla sighed. “Well, I can read people pretty well. That seems like a ‘no’ to me.” McKayla was now breathing so heavily her breasts jiggled each time she filled her lungs. “I’ll only let Briana out if you lick mommy’s pussy until she cums.”



        Vanessa shrieked as soon as the last word came out of McKayla’s mouth. Her hand was jetting so fast over her crotch it almost looked like a blur. A deep, ecstatic, sexual release that caused a gushing spray of warm liquid to eject over the mattress, reaching far enough to splatter Sophia and Camila with some stray droplets. 



        As the warm splatterings of fluid covered her skin, Camila still felt as though she were in a daze, barely feeling any sensation, the phrase “lick mommy’s pussy” repeating in her head.



        “Come on! Come on! Don’t you love your sister?” McKayla stated sweetly, forcing Sophia closer to her mother as Vanessa’s masturbation continued back to a steady “Sch’lck sch’lck sch’lck.”



        Sophia was bawling, her face so red that it almost matched her leaking, bloodshot eyes. “No! No! Don’t make me do this! Please! Fuck! No!”



        Camila snapped her legs shut as hard as she could as McKayla hovered her own daughter’s face so close to her crotch that she could feel her body heat radiate on her skin. She couldn’t say anything other than “I love you. I love you. I love you” in a teary, warped tone. In spite of her attempting to press her knees together, just one of McKayla’s fingers was strong enough to pry them open.



        “If you don’t eat mommy out, your sister’s gonna die in my ass.” McKayla whispered. “You have to do it. I can already feel her giving up.”



        Camila couldn’t think, nor speak under her own command. As McKayla forced Sophia’s face closer to her crotch, she continued stating the phrase “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I lo-- AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIYYYYYYYYYYYeeeEEEEEEEEE!”



        The wet, tender warmth of her own daughter’s lips caressing her bare vagina nearly sent Camila into a seizure. Every inch of her body felt as though it was on fire. She wished she could turn inside out. 



        “Lick it! Lick mommy’s cunt!” Vanessa whispered breathily between moans as her masturbation turned quick and pointed. 



        McKayla was almost as red as Sophia as she whispered “Listen to her or Briana’s gonna die. I’ll leave her in there until I shit out her corpse.”



        Camila shivered relentlessly as a shattering warmth slid over the most sensitive area of her crotch as Sophia glided her tongue deep between her own mother’s pussy lips, ending with the clit. A sensation of physical pleasure was so apparent and so unwanted within Camila’s body that the feeling literally reversed itself. It was as if she were being dipped in melted glass. In fact, she would rather be dipped in molten glass. She wanted to stop breathing as she looked down between her legs and saw Sophia’s swooping blonde hair jostle in a rhythmic motion as her crying face bounced up and down between her thighs. Each slide of her daughter’s tongue sent a painful shiver up her spine.



        “Mmm! Does that taste good, bitch? Really get in there!” One of McKayla’s fingers pressed down the top of Sophia’s head, forcing her mouth to widen over Camila’s crotch. As Sophia let out a muffled screech, Camila felt her chest explode in shame as she couldn’t repress a moan. A moan caused by unwanted physical stimulation, but a loud, deep, breathy moan that scratched her sore throat nonetheless. Sophia’s eyes darted up as her lips spread over her mother’s clitoris, looking horrified at what she just heard. Camila was so shattered she couldn’t say anything other than “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.” Sophia just screamed.



        “Stick your tongue all the way up mommy’s cunt!” McKayla nearly shouted as she pressed Sophia’s head even further down her mother’s crotch.



        Sophia let out another muffled yelp just as Camile felt a long, slithering tongue worm its way into her pussy. 



        “Really lick it! Make mommy cum! If you don’t make mommy cum, you’re killing your sister!” McKayla said in a mockingly sympathetic tone.



        Camila couldn’t help but breathe heavily, letting out moan after moan as Sophia’s tongue slid in and out of her pussy with such a fervor it was almost as if she were using a vibrator. To her horror, she was gushing, even as she saw an immense finger press down her daughter’s head between her legs. She wanted to die as she saw her own pussy fluid glisten off her daughter’s face. “I love y- UNGH - I love you. I -UNGH- love you. I l-UNGH! UNGH! L-l-l-l-love y-y-y-you.”



        Camila’s vision turned from monochrome to pure white as Sophia’s tongue vigorously splattered warm saliva in and around her vagina. Her very bones felt as though they were vibrating on their own, attempting to flee her body. The orgasm her own daughter had given her had forced her body into uncontrollable spasms. Pleasure and pain were both one, both causing her to experience a confusing, horrific depth. Emotions which she had not ever wanted to feel. 



        “I love. I love. I love. I love.” Camila slumped in a pile as Sophia’s mouth detached from her mother’s cunt with a “Sh’ck.” Cords of pussy fluid and saliva stretched and snapped between mother and daughter as Sophia leaned back and collapsed, weeping.



        “Okay, you two! Looks like you pass!” McKayla let both of them go as they both laid motionless, breathing deeply on a damp, dark circle. 



        McKayla then turned around, her shadow passing over them, and stuck her ass all the way up in the air. Both Camila and Sophia looked up as tremendous, tree-like knees warped the blanket on either side of them. Camila saw the kicking legs of Briana in silhouette. Unable to do anything but lift her arm up pathetically, she saw it shiver as it collapsed back on her body.



        “I said I’d let her go. Vanessa, can you help little Briana out of my asshole, please?”



        The black haired woman practically dove forward, grabbing both of McKayla’s ass cheeks, as she stuck her tongue out towards Briana’s kicking legs. Briana’s thrashing renewed with a terrified strength as Vanessa’s slithering tongue caressed the tiny, kicking limbs.



        A smooching, kissing sound emanated from the fleshy connection as Vanessa’s lips wrapped around the kicking legs. Vanessa began to suck.



        “K’plck!” A tiny, terrified Briana found herself between Vanessa’s puckering lips as her face left the space between McKayla’s cheeks. In an unceremonious gesture, Vanessa rolled her tongue and slipped tiny Briana within her mouth before she closed her eyes and gulped, sending the teenager down her throat.



        Camila’s mind was set ablaze. Her daughter was now sliding to her death within a sadistic stranger and she couldn’t even eke out a single word of resistance. The only thing she could do was inch her hand over her crotch and use some base instinct to cover up what felt like a painful injury. 



        “See? She’s not in my ass anymore. At least the three of you are gonna be together forever!” McKayla teased the two remaining women as she relaxed her chin on her palms. “You hear that, Vanessa? Give them a family reunion!”



        Wordlessly, Vanessa picked up both Sophia and Camila in her left and right hands, respectively. As they left the comforter, neither of them said anything. They didn’t scream, they didn’t gasp. They were simply silent.



        As they dangled above Vanessa’s open mouth, Camila’s mind slipped into near-complete darkness. She ruminated upon how she failed. She failed as a mother. She failed as a human being. One of her last acts on this Earth was to let her own daughter bring her to orgasm. She wasn’t even strong enough to control her own body.



        The stranger’s lips approached as both of them felt Vanessa’s body heat waft over their tiny bodies. As Camila came into contact with Vanessa’s tongue, she couldn’t even shiver. She felt a sense of relief that she was going to die. How she wouldn’t have to live her years saddled with the burden of what just happened.



        Vanessa’s mouth closed as the two limp, conscious bodies collapsed on the immense tongue. Feeling the soft taste buds glide against her bare skin, she felt as though it was almost cleansing. Cleaning Sophia’s saliva off of her crotch. Cleaning her fluids off of Sophia’s face. As the cluster of saliva bubbles gathered around them, lubricating them for their descent, Camila let every one of her muscles lay as flaccid as she could. Releasing all tension would make her easier to swallow. Easier for her to die.



        The stranger’s body heat pulsed against both of them as the arch of Vanessa’s throat relaxed and contracted with a loud gulp. Pressed against Sophia’s body, she was forced into a tight, slithering tunnel. The quick, excited heartbeat almost filled her with rage, but there was some mental filter within her that shattered in some overwhelming emotional burst from earlier. She felt both everything and nothing.



        As she landed in the pool of digesting slurry with her daughter, she could hear the soul-piercing screams of Briana as Sophia simply bubbled in the mixture. 



        “Mommy! Mommy! Please help me! Mommy! AAIIIYEEE!” Briana’s shrieks were those of true, agonizing pain. Camile could tell that the acid of this woman’s stomach had likely pared away several layers of her skin by now. Something that she would soon experience.



        The hot soup that surrounded them was of an unknown composition, but the stench felt as though it were splitting Camile’s nostrils wide open. The acidic fog that surrounded them burned her eyes, her genitals, and her ears. She couldn’t help but grow even more limp, relieved as the churning ocean slid over her like quicksand.



        As the puke filled her eardrums, she could still hear Briana’s screeches of agony as she continued to slip down into the sour, bubbling mixture. As Vanessa’s stomach contents entered her mouth, Camila just wanted this experience to be over. To not hear her daughters in pain anymore. To become one with them.



        Feeling the wrinkled stomach floor under her back, she inhaled as hard as she could, letting the mucus and vomit flood her lungs. Though she could have held her breath for much longer, she had no desire to prolong her suffering. As bright flashes of light filled her vision, she knew it was over. Her last thoughts being that she wished she could do the same for Sophia and Briana. 






        “See? Wasn’t that so, so worth it?” McKayla whispered as Vanessa sucked her neck before giving her a line of kisses down her belly, towards her crotch.



        McKayla moaned in ecstasy as she felt her love’s tongue slide against her pussy for the first time in weeks. “Ungh! Yeah!” As the wet sounds filled the room, Vanessa slid two fingers far up McKayla’s cunt as the tip of her tongue tickled under her clit’s hood. “Yeah! Yeah! I should have made them do that! Keep doing that! Yeah!”



        In the throes of ecstasy, McKayla felt true serenity. She and Vanessa truly were soul mates.

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