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By Supernova

A commissioned work

Ji-yeon stumbled over a wire as it looped around her pale big toe. As she carried her sensitive microphone, her round, oversized wire-frame glasses shifted down her nose. Unable to fix its positioning, they hung low until she plopped the expensive equipment on her large desk, warping the decorative doilies slightly. She sighed as she used her pointer finger to place the crossbar up the bridge of her nose as she swept her dyed auburn hair behind her left ear. Placing her hands on her hips, she scanned through the darkness of her room. Barely able to scout through the various cables and other pieces of recording equipment, she couldn’t help but feel a pang of anxiety. 

In spite of doing this for well over two years now, Ji-yeon always felt overwhelmed before her “special” ASMR recordings. Both because she’d be making herself vulnerable, as one did in any performance, but also because she was always nervous that her audience would be let on to the reality of what they were watching. Relying on her viewers suspending their belief as to what was truly happening, perhaps thinking it was a special effect, Ji-yeon knew full well the truth behind what she was doing. Shrinking actual human beings and consuming them alive for both her own pleasure and the money she gained from Internet subscribers and donations. 

Gaining notoriety online as the “Pink Ring ASMR Mommy,” or PRAM as her followers liked to call her, Ji-yeon used her extremely apparent facial beauty to her advantage. With delicate, “kind” features, luscious red lips, an entrancing smile, a cute button nose, and an adorable sense of style, she had gained viral popularity rather quickly, with over 70,000 Twitter followers. Not bad for someone whose content revolved around making people’s skin tingle with her voice! Though she’d always try to rotate cute outfits, her main “signature” piece was a rather gaudy hot pink ring she wore on her right ring finger, which appeared in every one of her videos and live streams. Trying to maintain a kind, “wholesome” community, she always presented herself with a motherly persona, calling her viewers “Her sweeties” while consistently providing an element of confident calmness.

Specializing in ASMR, or “autonomous sensory meridian response,” she would spend hours live streaming herself as she whispered into a sensitive camera, crinkled plastic bags, or tapped her nails on resonant surfaces like wood. These sounds would apparently give her viewers a pleasant tingling sensation over their skin, though Ji-yeon had never truly experienced it herself. Despite the tapping videos having a phenomenally faithful viewership, the Youtube metrics did not lie. Most people switched to her channel to listen to her mouth sounds as she ate. Whenever she pulled out a bag of chips, a bowl of ramen, or even just her chopsticks, the chat to the right of her video feed would always go wild with the “Drooling” emoji: a small, anime-like depiction of Ji-yeon with a line of spit dripping from the corner of her mouth. :Pramdrool: it was called. The more :Pramdrool: she saw spamming the chat, the better she was doing. In her most recent stream, which ended just minutes earlier, she had probably seen more of that emoji than she ever had in her life after she loudly slurped up an entire bowl of shrimp ramen. 

After transporting the last of her equipment from her live streaming desk to her recording table, she knew she should have turned the light off after she carried the sensitive electronics across the room and not before. She pursed her lips, feeling somewhat disappointed in herself, but smiled nonetheless as she caught sight of the little glass jar in the darkness, filled with two dozen pieces of her favorite toppings. Fiddling her pink ring, the anxiety flushed away as she instead experienced a sensation of raw power. 

Always extremely soft-spoken and polite, Ji-yeon once felt as though her demeanor, at least in public, was far too passive. A little over two years earlier, she had met a young woman through social media named Maggie. Though they haven’t spoken for months, Ji-yeon still smiled whenever she thought of her, given that she had been the one responsible for giving her the pink ring and therefore jump-started her career as a thriving Internet content producer. After Ji-yeon had complained that her social anxiety and depression were causing her life to spiral downwards, Maggie swooped in, almost as though she were guided by some guardian angel or some other benevolent otherworldly force. Becoming fast friends, Maggie eventually felt comfortable enough to mail her this gaudy piece of jewelry. In a literal blink, Ji-yeon understood how unfounded her self-esteem issues were after being given this tool of near-unfathomable power. It was as if a new world had opened up for her.

Placing her face in front of her jar of “toppings,” she licked her lips as she saw they were all still completely unconscious. Having zapped twenty four women to around a centimeter in height using the sophisticated technology within her pink ring, she felt a thrilling form of excitement as she remembered the last time she sent a handful of victims wiggling down her throat. With shrinking tech still a complete secret, it wouldn’t even occur to her viewers to think that the tiny, squirming people were anything but computer generated, which is why she always stuck to pre-recorded Youtube videos for her “special” sessions. Though shrinking was an extant technology, the addition of real-time photorealistic human beings that responded intelligently to situations in a live stream was not.

Turning on the iMac with her fancy USB camera, she couldn’t help but try to suppress her grin as she set up the ring light next to the monitor. Though her live streams were always done when the room was brightly lit, showing off the cute decor, the Youtube recordings were done with a mysterious black background. Wanting to highlight her face, specifically her lips, as she recorded the video, she made sure to set up the lighting in such a way as to emphasize both her natural beauty and the texture of her mouth. Leaning over, she felt her short, floral dress touch her shins as she constructed the other studio light for the second phase of the video itself. Despite it not being technically ASMR, she wondered if she would get extra views by utilizing another microphone to record whatever sounds emanated from her stomach. Looking at the jar, she became fascinated with what would happen to the toppings after they were swallowed.

Now her smile almost beaming, she opened the recording software and embraced how she didn’t have to change a single thing about her outfit for this session. She swept her hair out from behind her ear so that both sides of her cute bob cut would frame her adorable, slightly-puffy cheeks. She bat her long eyelashes, as if she was trying to be flirtatious, before leaning over the side of the table and finding the subject of her consumption. Dessert. A jumbo-sized bar of imported chocolate: a real “Cadbury Dairy Milk” shipped straight from the UK per request of one of her biggest donors. Clattering it on the table before her, she already knew exactly how to tease and titillate her viewership with it. Her mouth watered as her stomach let out a soft, bubbling sound.


Britney ran through the open spring meadow with a smile on her face. Prancing over the rolling hills of pink wildflowers, she breathed in lungful after lungful of pristine, fresh mountain air fully in the nude. She somehow had the knowledge that, just a few minutes earlier, she was carrying groceries back to her rental house to share with her sister and roommates, but she was so enchanted by a sense of peace that she did not care. 

She jumped like a ballerina and did somersaults over the soft ground, feeling the grass press into her bright-blonde hair. Now laying down on the side of a steep hill, she clenched her large breasts, feeling the skin press through her fingers. Inhaling through her somewhat large nose, she felt all tension melt from her body. She had no worries, not of her recent fight with her parents, not of the D-grade she had gotten on her recent calculus quiz, not even the fact that she still hadn’t declared a major in the middle of her sophomore year at the university. Complete peace. Opening her eyes over the valley, she raised an eyebrow as she noticed the grass itself turning pink. Oh well, that happens sometimes! Perfectly normal.

She jumped in shock as a large, steel cage fell from the sky out of nowhere! Her anxieties and fears came rushing back as it boomed over the ground around her, sinking into the dirt. Immediately standing up, Britney rushed to the bars, her bright blue eyes twisting into a horrified expression. “Hey! Wait! What’s going on? Let me out!” She stared between the iron bars and screamed as she watched the pink hillside scorch as if it were covered in gasoline and lit with a match. Bright pink flames crusting the grass into a pitch black. “AAAIII-”

Britney sat up “IIYEEE!!” Immediately hyperventilating, she couldn’t comprehend the world around her as she was ripped from her dream. What looked like dozens of dead bodies were all scattered around her over a glinting, cold, glass floor. All women roughly the same age as her, some with darker skin, some slightly heavier. There was one redhead with a big mop of red, curly hair, as well. Shooting upwards and standing in panic, she could feel her chest rise and fall so fast and so harshly that she felt an uncanny exhaustion in her trachea. Now experiencing such panic that the area under her tongue felt numb, she darted towards one of the transparent, concave walls, tripping on one of the bodies below, bonking her head on the glass with a thud.

Still breathing heavily, she let out a soft whine with each pant as she scanned the environment beyond the glass. “Hey!” She pounded on the thin surface with one hand, covering her crotch with another. “What’s going on?” Her voice was so frantic that it cracked embarrassingly. Darting her eyes in an attempt to look through the transparent sheen, all Britney could make out was an immense white screen and an oval-shaped light. Some kind of ring light? For selfies? Was she in a theater of some kind?

Time almost slowed down for her as she turned her neck the other direction. What looked like an immense keyboard was stretching before her, the keys looking strange and monolith-like, as if she were staring at a graveyard. Clearly on a mat made of rope-woven doilies, the keyboard itself was glowing a light pink color.

“Wh… what’s going on?” She asked, to no one in particular. 

A loud thud shook her prison, causing a light vibration to buzz under her feet. The doilies shifted almost like an avalanche as a tremendous, purple rectangle crashed on the surface outside the jar.

Britney’s eyes widened as she felt drips of fluid run down her cheeks. Words became caught in her throat. “I… I…” She squeaked as her mental reality collapsed, everything feeling like radio haze.

A figure loomed before the glass. A tremendous, impossibly-sized woman’s face. Alive, breathing, and staring down upon her through glasses so large they almost looked like cathedral windows. Her pores were so tightly knit, her features were incredibly attractive, but at this size, she looked like a monster.

Britney sensed movement behind her a split-second before she realized how sore her throat was. So subsumed with her attempt to comprehend her situation, she didn’t realize that she was screaming, nevermind in a chorus of other high-pitched shouting.

Looking behind her, she saw that the crowd of once-unconscious women were all standing with petrified expressions coloring their faces. Britney knew she looked the same. 

Plopping both her palms on the glass, any attempt at modesty was now moot, given that all of the other women were nude, as well. A flood of emotion rushed through Britney, mostly a combination of terror and a sense of supreme violation, as if she were trapped in some serial killer’s basement. Though the immense woman who trapped her did not look like any serial killer she had seen in any of her true crime documentaries, she definitely came across as one in Britney’s soul.

She could feel her eye twitching involuntarily as she watched the tremendous woman’s tongue snake out of her mouth and run along her lips. Britney’s jaw now quivered so hard that her teeth were clattering together.

It was almost as though screaming had become a normalized state in the few seconds in which Britney realized she had been somehow shrunken down to a remarkably tiny size. She had to actively, consciously force herself to stop yelling at the top of her lungs. Inhaling a jagged breath, she instead started crying harder than she ever remembered in her life. She thought herself to be brave, that she could remain calm during a crisis, but this was just crushing. Looking upward, she saw the lid of the jar was still attached. She was trapped. Defeated. The property of some stranger.


Ji-yeon hit record after seeing all the little women had woken up from their naps. Feeling a certain freedom both in the fact that she could edit the footage together later and the power she had over the twenty four women she had shrunk earlier in the day, Ji-yeon couldn’t help but keep a wry grin twisted into her face. An almost arrogant smugness had come over her as she picked up the purple chocolate wrapper and began fiddling with the edges loudly enough for the microphone to hear.

Trying to maximize the ASMR input into the audio equipment, she lingered on the crinkling aspect of the unwrapping. As she did so, she whispered “Okay, so, as you see, I bought myself a lovely treat today and I’m going to cover it in my favorite toppings.” She broke open the top of the wrapper, exposing the brown bar. Still fiddling around the edges, obviously taking “Too long” to remove the candy from its container, Ji-yeon attempted to wipe the smugness from her face, but she couldn’t. She’d rather appear as though she were keeping a sick joke to herself as opposed to having an awkward lip-purse the entire video.

Slowly peeling back the wrapper in an unusual method, as if it were a banana, Ji-yeon then ran her pink, wet tongue over the lumpy surface of the chocolate bar. Emphasizing the wet, slick sounds while smacking her lips, she giggled for effect. Whispering “Thank you to Pramfan forty seven for the dono’ and suggestion.” She breathed heavily over the bar, forcing her hot breath to linger over the sweet. 

“This is actually imported chocolate from Britain.” In spite of her breathy voice with the chocolate close to her mouth, she knew that the audience could tell how high-pitched and “cute-sounding” her voice was. She reveled in it as she started licking the candy wetly. “He insisted that this chocolate was imported. He kept talking about how he didn’t want to see me suffer with American chocolate.” A smear of brown slid into her tongue as she unwrapped the chocolate some more, never biting it, only softening the surface. Smacking her tongue against the roof of her mouth loudly, swirling the flavor in her mouth, she continued whispering. “This is so much better than Hershey. It’s like butter in my mouth, almost. I can’t imagine how beautiful it will taste with some fresh toppings.”

She turned her head towards the jar, unscrewing the loose lid as she continued breathing over the chocolate. 

By now, the surface of half the bar was extremely soft to the touch. Her tongue could make a dent in it without even trying, leaving an impression of her tiny taste buds. Gently lifting the small container, she lowered the chocolate bar in front of the camera, making sure to crinkle the wrapper with each movement, as she carefully spilled the tiny, screaming women on to the softened surface. As each of them landed, she saw that they had each plopped waist-deep or worse into the surface, just as she’d planned.

“Oh! They are squirming to get away.” She whispered. “I’d almost feel sorry for them.” Her breath continued to blast them, blowing back their hair. One even had a colorful red puff covering her scalp. How interesting! “But toppings are toppings. Food is food. They should be happy they are squirming in chocolate right now. I’m kinda jealous of them.” She ran her tongue over the redhead, soaking her orange mop with a brown stain.

Ji-yeon felt her insides almost glowing. Her heart was beating so fast in the excitement and thrill of complete domination over the scattered people that now littered the surface of the candy she was about to consume. She smacked her lips as hard as she could, both in an attempt to titillate her audience and terrify the women below. Life and death. Pleasure and fear. She couldn’t help but feel all-encompassing, both figuratively and literally.

She dove her head forward and sank her teeth into the bar, making sure not to crush any of the tiny women with her teeth. Now rolling the mass of sugary confection in her mouth, she made sure never to quite close her lips. She knew her viewers loved to see the mess between her cheeks. Brown slop smeared over her tongue and over the inside of her lips. Soft crackling was picked up by the sensitive microphone, inevitably sending shivers down the spines of the lucky viewers who watched it. 

Trying to perform as sensually as possible, she closed her eyes, looked upwards, and gulped as loudly as she possibly could, tracing the path of the chewed chocolate down her throat. “Ahh!” She whispered, before looking back to the bar itself.


Britney could almost feel the pure terror coursing through her veins. It was as if she was on some kind of hallucinogenic drug. Her vision became overwhelmed with some kind of uncanny vibration. Her sight was framed with black. Staring upwards, she found herself looking up the nose of a complete stranger that had just pierced a cruise ship-sized bar of warm chocolate inches from her squirming body. An ache pierced her chest, her heart pounding to the point that it literally felt electrifyingly painful. As she heard the low, wet gulp of the woman’s throat, Britney’s sanity fractured.

The chocolate she was embedded in hardened rather quickly, even as she squeezed her fingers through the surface. Her palms now pressing lines of chocolate between her digits, she found herself to be so tense that she felt a strange level of tooth pain as she clenched her jaw as strongly as she could. Torn between the physical and the mental, she had to resist the urge to roll her eyes back into her head. To be both aware of her danger and to avoid fleeing it in the only way possible: by passing out.

Trying not to heave, she knew what was coming next. After being shrunken down somehow, kidnapped, and dropped on this bar of candy, she was going to be consumed by a stranger with extremely bad table manners. The sounds she was making with her mouth were both horrifying and disgusting, forcing an extremely uncomfortable chill to jolt down her spine. 

The giant womans’ face turned towards the bar again. Britney gulped. Was this it? Was this the end? To be chewed up in some woman’s disgusting, chocolate-filled mouth like a snack? She couldn’t help but reminisce on her life as memories involuntarily flitted before her eyes almost like a slideshow. She cringed as she realized that her sister would never see her again. She’d be truly devastated. She’d never be able to resolve the fight with her parents. She’d never be able to hang out with her roommates. She’d never even be able to refill their fucking fridge! How did this even happen?

An overwhelmingly large pair of lips parted before Britney. As she saw the wet, pink, slightly brown-stained orifice open before her, she saw the light directly beam into the dark cavern, seeing cords of chocolate saliva drip from the roof of her mouth to her tongue. Chocolate splattered in the pits of her molars. A sickly sweet scent continued to inundate her nostrils. “No! Don’t do this! Please! No! Fuck! No!” The mouth seemed to be headed right for her as she watched the hot, wet, undulating tongue get closer.

She put her hands up as she desperately covered her face, as though something were going to hit her. Instinctively whimpering as a form of death-terror continued to pulse through her, she grunted as the chocolate below her vibrated with the piercing of the woman’s teeth inches away from her. Screaming abruptly muffled, she turned her head quickly enough to feel a sharp pain in her neck. The woman missed. She wasn’t in her mouth just yet.

Watching the lips close and smear over the chocolate itself, Britney let out a series of panicked gasps as she saw the woman’s face lift away. As the giant woman’s jaw slackened, she saw that there were three of her fellow victims embedded in the brown chunk sitting within the wet chamber being carried away. 

Britney covered her ears as the slimy sputtering commenced. Now being rolled around in the woman’s mouth, Britney stared upwards, seeing the chocolate become infused with a large amount of saliva, softening with the three women washed around in the center of it. She ran her fingers through her hair, reaching up from her ears, not caring if any mess got into it. She knew, in her heart of hearts, that she would never be taking a shower ever again.

“Aughh! Oh, God!” She screamed as the woman above smacked her lips together and continued rolling the ball of candy around with her mouth wide open. The women within were so small and so distant she couldn’t even hear their screams. 

A strange stillness came over the towering figure as she finally closed her lips at the same time she closed her mouth. 

Britney whimpered, attempting to kick her legs, but unable to move a single muscle within. The chocolate, now fully hardened, trapped her entirely. As the woman gulped again, Britney couldn’t help but scream while using all of her might to attempt to push away, perhaps even swim in the opposite direction. Watching the bolus of rolled-up chocolate descend the woman’s throat, a pulse of whiteness nearly obscured her vision each time her heart beat. 

Staring at the woman exhaling slowly as the ball of sweet descended behind her chest, Britney’s ears were spiked with a sharp tinnitus. Her stomach felt as though it were being twisted upside-down as a strange gurgling emanated from the woman’s abdomen.

“Whoops.” The woman whispered as she rubbed her belly in a mock-embarrassment. “The surprise is going to be spoiled for later!” 

Britney had no idea what she was talking about, nor even knew that the woman was filming herself. Having never heard of ASMR before, even the very concept of the video type she was “guest starring” in was a mystery to her. The entirety of the situation was outside her frame of reference.

“G’uurrRR’k’K’K’K’G’g’luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu’K!” Another strange, low bubbling sound burst from the woman’s gut. “Oh, wow. My tummy is noisy today. Keep it down, ladies!” She rubbed her belly and licked her lips with a brown-stained tongue. “Good thing I have room for more! It’ll be like an orgy in there.” She giggled fakely. “I’m sorry.” She grew slightly red. “That was a bit lewd for this channel. I’ll have to stuff my face in the next bite so I don’t say anything else so inappropriate.”

Britney’s vision blurred almost immediately as she watched the woman’s mouth widen, looking like a mountainous cave. Strings of spit stretched and broke. A river of chocolate flowed down the center crevice. Brown bubbles scattered below the uvula, dripping into the throat below in a stalactite of mucus. The woman about to consume her looked strangely unattractive at this angle, as her mouth was now opened so wide as to make a slight double-chin in spite of the fact that she wasn’t overweight at all. She could see the peach fuzz over her soft skin. She could see every tiny wrinkle in her lips. The closer she came to her face, the more detail Britney could absorb. 

She wailed. Her voice quickly grew gravelly in the intense pressure of her lungs against the vocal cords. Somehow, she even vocalized as she inhaled before her voice completely cracked, forcing her to cough as she felt the stranger’s hot breath waft over her. Thinking she’d be smelling only chocolate, the rank saliva was thick with a fish-like aroma; the mixture forced a sense of pure disgust into Britney’s mind.

Watching the dark nostrils pass overhead, Britney grit her teeth as she saw the dark nose hairs lining their insides. The intimacy of this situation struck her as violating and perverse. 

“Sk’l’uuuuuuuck!” The chocolate bar was slid over the surface of the woman’s tongue as Britney coughed, her ears ringing with the sounds of the other women screaming. Light still pouring in from between the lips, it was quickly pinched away with a quick bite as a set of tremendous incisors clicked together. Britney breathed in a humid lungful of air thick with the fishy, rank haze of the bespectacled stranger’s mouth odor.

Attempting to eject this gas through her throat in a panicked shout, Britney still hacked away panicked coughs. Desperate to even eke out a whimper, she simply wasn’t able to as the mouthful began to shift due to the strength of the warping, wet tongue below.

Pure disgust.

Britney was forced upwards, her hair immediately sticking to the stranger’s hard palate, hot ooze quickly soaking through her blonde locks. Pressing up against the warm surface, she dry heaved in horror as she felt her palms make contact with the saliva-coated flesh of this strangely-textured bodily surface. 

A jet downwards and Britney was blanketed in warm, brown slime. The chocolate flooded into her mouth and up her nose, tasting sickly sweet, though having the distinct, fishy flavor of the gushing saliva. Light and darkness pulsed through the giant woman’s mouth like a slow strobe effect. A wet sizzling sound echoed from every surface as the sticky candy broke free from all the surfaces. Cheeks, teeth, palate, gums, and human bodies. 

“S’hl’ck. Pl’ck! Kli’k! Pl’uk!” The sounds were beyond the level of someone chewing with their mouth open. It was as if someone found the messiest eater and gave them a megaphone. Wet crackling buffeted Britney’s ears as her bare skin slid along the surface of the stranger’s tongue, building up the scum-chocolate mixture over her body. Now feeling desperately unclean, Britney wiped away the goo from her arms, sensing a revolting level of lubrication, as the slime covered her again immediately.

Bounced up from the tongue to the roof of the mouth, she found herself actually sticking on the rippled surface for several seconds, suspended over the ball of softening chocolate. Wet stickiness now drizzling down below, she grit her teeth, knowing she’d fall any second.

A jolt of surprise as the warm, slick ball gathered her, almost grappling her body as it dragged her away from the roof of the woman’s mouth. She covered her face with her palms, feeling the saliva squelch between her fingers. As she coughed, bubbles of fishy, chocolate-laden spit built up around her mouth and popped, causing Britney to dry heave again.

The caress of the hot tongue over her nude skin was a violating sensation as she felt the taste buds grow larger. Knowing she was close to the throat, she wanted to shout or cry, but her vocal cords didn’t let her. She could only squeeze her teeth together until she felt one crack in her mouth as a wet, bubbling “G’lu’K!” shattered her sanity as she slid through the arch under some stranger’s uvula.

The warm grip of the rippling esophagus glided over Britney as she writhed. Feeling as though the walls were almost too soft for something so powerful, the moist clicking of the saliva lubricating her down into the stranger’s core sent waves of horror through tiny Britney. A tremendous heart continued to beat before her, slow and steady. So calm, in fact, that it almost filled the tiny woman with rage.

“G’plut! Skl’UR’p’p’p!” The bolus of saliva-laden chocolate abruptly stopped as it spluttered through the stomach entrance. The ring, expanding and contracting, spattered out the three women she was consumed with before it glided over her with a wet squelch. 

A soul-destroying, agonizing odor flayed the inside of Britney’s nostrils as she plopped down through the open gas of the stranger’s stomach. Inhaling the haze again, she felt trapped within her own body, forced to experience this Hell. To say it smelled of vomit would be an understatement. Swimming within an ocean of undigested ramen noodles, chewed bits of shrimp, and freshly-swallowed chocolate, the wet squelching and stomach bubbling was an ever-present factor.

Britney’s eyes burned as she attempted to wade through the mixture, feeling the noodles slither against her skin like wet snakes. Inhaling the toxic fumes, her brain screamed in alarm as it read violently fishy, acidic odors mixed with immediately curdling milk as pure poison. The oddly merciful taste of chocolate was washed away in a split-second, replaced with a headache-inducing sourness carried by the stranger’s chunky vomit. The calm heart beat continued, even as more rolled-up balls of chocolate continued to splatter in from above, mixed with the shouts of mortally terrified women.

A cacophony of hellish screams, grumbling sloshing, and a calm, drum-like heartbeat forced a sense of unreality into Britney’s mind. The sensory experience was too much for her tiny body to truly handle. She grit her teeth again, now tasting blood from her cracked tooth on top of the acrid, acidic flavor she was surrounded with.

Pure, unadulterated stench continued to haze through her sinuses. It was as if every time she inhaled through her nose, she was committing an act of unparalleled self-harm. Her mind didn’t read it as an ordinary aroma, it was more like the essence of toxicity. Something that every involuntary system within her body was begging her to get away from, which translated only to pathetic, desperate banging on the mucus-laden stomach lining of some stranger’s digestive tract.

Pressed into the ocean through a sudden press of the wrinkled stomach wall, Britney immediately lost all sense of direction. Caught within the dark confines of the stomach of this unknown woman, she retched while flailing her arms in arbitrary directions. Because she was completely surrounded by the hot soup of thick puke, sound continued to travel loudly and quickly through the sloppy mixture. 



Holding the sensitive ASMR microphone to her exposed midriff, Ji-yeon smiled as it picked up a small, bubbling “gr’n.”

Extremely satisfied with the various glorps, groans, slashes, bubbles, and rumbles she was picking up, she couldn’t help but whisper “See? I told you this new surprise would be worth it.” Thankful she wasn’t picking up any screaming, she dragged the microphone up to her stomach, recording another series of moist pops. 

A wetness grew between her legs and a confidence burst in her chest as she knew that, just inches away from that microphone, the lives of twenty four women were being snuffed out and she didn’t have to put any effort into it at all. As her body sounded off with “Gr’lp!” she knew that some poor souls were exposed to that at a much closer range, though they didn’t have to suffer for very much longer.

“Sq’ch’ch’ch’ch’ch’ch’guuuuuuuuuuuuu’RP!” A squeezing sound emanated from her abdomen as she stared at her pink ring. Thinking of Maggie, the woman who bestowed upon her with a newfound strength and lucrative hobby, Ji-yeon wondered if there was any way she could repay her. “W’r’P! F’t!” Smiling, upon catching another loud squelch, Ji-yeon figured that she’d message Maggie after the recording session and fill her in on what she’d been up to. She sighed again, feeling a sense of ease and contentment as another wet splash was recorded through the microphone.


Britney couldn’t find air, so she was forced to inhale puke. The mysterious woman’s bodily fluids flooded her chest, bursting her with a new form of brilliant agony. Soft noodles flitted against her skin and bubbles coursed over her body as she sank deeper into the pit.

As her back landed upon the writhing, wrinkled stomach floor, Britney’s mind did not blink out mercifully. Echoes of spluttering and groaning continued to pound through her ears. Most people would want to have the last few seconds of their consciousness last for eternity, but for Britney it couldn’t be over soon enough.

Burning sludge coated her body, both inside and out, as pink flashes of light began to blink into her vision. In the last few electrical impulses her brain could muster, Britney could feel nothing but horror as the last sight she pictured before being snuffed out forever were two large, round swirling eyes.

Then darkness.


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