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Author's Chapter Notes:

Phillip is coming to the realization of what the game has done to his life>

Phillip woke in the morning feeling strangely refreshed. He was planning for some more matches with his friends tonight cause he finished his homework for the week during the first part of the weekend. He was going to enjoy this week to the fullest with his parents gone. He got out of bed, put on some briefs, and went to the door. He remembered last night that his friends left early because they did not complete their homework. So what did he do for the rest of the night. He reached up for the door knob to open it.

“I reached up for this??” He thought.

Suddenly everything came back to him last night with the boardgame. Hu pulled the door open and rushed to the stairs and down. He had nearly tripped down the stairs but caught himself and adjusted to his new height. He ran into the living room to check the game. It was still there where he left it. The screen in the corner read

“You came down pretty fast after sleeping in.” a sweet voice said behind him.

Phillip turned around to see the most beautiful woman he had ever seen behind the counter in the kitchen. He could not see all of her because the counter blocked the view from his height. She had red hair flowing down her back. She was seven feet tall and a few feet away from the ceiling. She had big breasts that would be F-cup on a normal size person but were D-cup for her size. I could see that she was wearing an apron. The smoke from what she was cooking made her smoking hot

“Judy has already left for school about five minutes ago. You do not have enough time for the first bell but we can get in by second for attendance.” Lily said as she was cooking.

I was dumbstruck as this hot woman just last night was my younger sister. She had become an adult and was prepping breakfast. She noticed that I paused for a moment staring at her in unbelief. She saw this and smiled at me.

“I am the adult around here for the time being because of the game.” Lily said. “So you have to listen to what I say until the game is over. I have to apply to jobs later since I am jobless and you have to go to school. So eat your breakfast while it is warm.”

She walked over to the table carrying she had on the stove and placed it on a plate of pancakes on a table. I was once again left agape by my sister. She was only wearing the apron, nothing underneath. Her back was to me and in full view once she wasn’t blocked by the counter. The ass was big as well and plump. I had a boner immediately. She peered over her shoulder, happy at the result and went back into the kitchen. I went over to the table and pulled myself up to see that it was pancakes and sausage. 

I was hungry and so ate up the food quickly. I wonder if she meant any ideas by the sausages and pancakes. Once I was finished, I turned to the kitchen to see Lily just standing there in the apron. The apron went just above the thigh and barely around the rim of the breast. She looked smug about herself. Then I saw her raise her hand up, she had a large peeled banana. She puckered her lips at the tip of the banana and peeled almost all of it away. She tilted her head back and pushed the banana down her throat. She had swallowed it whole. 

Lily had transformed from the annoying brat when she was younger to a sexually active predator adult. She was a lioness hunting for prey and I wonder if I was it. I walked over to the sink to put my dishes away. I had to step on a stool to put it in the sink. I turned around still on the stool to see Lily behind me. I was caught.

“Judy and I last night, after checking sizes, we checked the other parts of our body that had changed from game.” Lily said as she put one arm under her breast and the other to her cheek. She would have looked smart and sexy if it wasn’t for the apron. “We wanted to know what it did. And do you know what happened?”

I just stared up at the giantess, in awe. She had so much power over me at my size of 2’6”. All I could do was mutter. “What happened?”

“Judy checked her asshole because it got bigger and I checked my vagina.” Lily beamed. “My one felt so good because it was so sensitive but Judy just pondered over her ass. We then decided to see how big each got. We got a water that was a foot long and put it inside of ourselves. I completely got the water bottle up my pussy before pulling it out. The water bottle went really far up Judy’s ass that she had to push really hard to get it out.”

Judith had become a teenager during the game and I had become small. Lily was so proud of the fact that she had something about a foot in her pussy. She had become a sexuall addict. I put my head down and left the kitchen and went upstairs. I was tiny and was going to be laughed at the school. I was so mediocre before that no one bothered me or paid much attention to me, now I was being this small. I went to the bathroom, went on my stool, and stared at my reflection. 

It was a good several minutes of me staring that I did not notice Lily coming up in the apron with some clothes for me.

“You have to go to school, so get ready. The shower won’t take you that long. I can drive to the school when you're done.” Lily said.

“I am not going.” I replied

Lily looked back into the bathroom. Seemingly shocked that I talked back to her. “You are going to school. I am in charge.”

“I am not!”

Lily went into the restroom I was in, taking a good section of it. She put the clothes down on the sink and put her hands on her hip as a sign of dominance.

“You are going to school. Judy has gone already. She is living normally with these changes and so will you. If you do not get dressed, I will make it so that you want to take a shower.” angerly

“I am not going.” I pouted

“Last warning” Lily said, waving her finger.


Lily suddenly grabbed the back of my head with one hand and lifted the apron with the other. I saw her pussy glowing with her juices and it appeared she had been waiting for this. I forgot for a moment as my face was getting closer to it, Lily was pulling me to it. I couldn’t raise my hands in time as my face rammed straight into it. 

“Ohh Yeah!” Lily moaned “That is the spot.”

Lily kept her hand on the back of my head as she humped my head. She was made so sensitive from the night before that this felt amazing to her and me. She kept pushing with her hips and hand of my head into her pussy. I slowly felt the pressure increasing around my head as my ears went in. She was trying to take my whole head into her.

“You are just the right size for this. I can’t believe I didn’t do it last night.” Lily voice echoed from inside her.

She had position herself completely over me by now. The stool had brought my head to the level of her pussy. She paused for a moment before giving one hard push at the back of my head. That is all it took for my head to go in. 

“AAAHHHH!” Lily yelled. 

I heard her voice as she yelled. Her heartbeat all around me. Her fold pressing my head. He juices filling my lungs. I was enjoying every bit of this as I felt her close to climaxing. I felt my feet go out from beneath me but I did not fall out. A hand grabbed my arm to keep me there. I suddenly heard her moan, the walls collapse, and a lot of her juice filled my stomach. She had cum. 


Lily was feeling proud and strong at the same time. She was in charge of Phillip while mom and dad were gone and his entire head was in her pussy. This game had given her so much that she didn’t want to finish it. She returned back to her pussy that had gripped her smaller brother. She was having jolts of pleasure course through her body from her pussy. She was going up and down his head on the stool. It felt so good. She decided to kick the stool away to have her pussy carry him. It did. Philip wass left hanging from her vagina. She felt so powerful having a man in her pussy but she wasn’t feeling the same pleasure as before when she was humping. Lily grabbed his arm and started to pull him up and down. This is what she needed. She let a loud moan as her pussy pushed down on her brother's head.

She sat down on the floor with Phillip’s head still inside her . This was the best orgasm she ever had. She only had two so far but there was a lot to look forward to. She felt Phillip’s hand along her thighs as he was pushing himself out. With a loud smack, Phillip’s head popped out covered in her juices. He looked cute and disappointed at the same time. She had completely dominated him with her pussy. He was downcast realizing that she had total control of him. The cuteness was her opinion.

“Why did you do that? I am all messy now.” Phillip said as he rubbed the cum out of his eye.

“I did exactly as I said. You have to take shower to clean it off.” Lily said standing up. “Now take your shower.”

“Yes Ma’am” Phil said dejectedly.

Lily started to leave the bathroom but turned around and gave one more glance at Phillip. He was licking his lips and put his fingers in his mouth that were covered in her cum. Lily smiled knowing she was getting him addicted to this as well.


Nobody stared at him when Lily dropped Phillip at school, but they stared at Lily as she drove off in his car. Phillip walked to class like normal. His appearance did not affect anyone. His desk had been changed to match his height in all of his classes. After lunch, Phillip went to his locker that was next to one of his friends from last night. He waved as I approached him.

“Last night's match was so close. If i did not charge across the open field to the enemy base we would have won.” Phillip's friend, Greg, said.

Phillip was surprised that Greg was treating him regularly as if he wasn’t small.

“You need to teach me to look out for where snipers hide.” He continued, “If I am a charger I need to know where they are so I can shoot them first.”

“yeah , I will give you a few tips. But change of topics, do I look different to you? Phillip changed the topic to what mattered to him.

“Nothing unusual. Did you grow a little? I know you are touchy about that subject.”

“Do I appear shorter to you?” I asked again.

“Nope, usual height for you.” Greg replied.

Everyone viewed me as a short person. They treated it as normal. I was way taller before the weekend. I looked back up to Greg to ask him another question.

“Is it okay if I talk with Phil alone?” A voice said behind me.

I spun around to see Judith standing over me. She was in a black blouse that did not match her tan body. Remembering what happened last night, Judith had grown into a teenager with a nice body.

“Sure thing, I leave you two alone with your magicy stuff.” Greg said as he grabbed his books and left down the hallway whispering. “Hot sister and tan goth girl. Man he has it.”

I looked back up at Judith and said “What are you doing here aren’t you in elementary school? How are you in high school?”

She lifted her hand up to stop me even though it was pointing down. She spoke of the insight she had received.

“When we woke up this morning, the universe changed itself to match our current forms. The clothes we wear all change to our size so we didn’t need to order anything. Our minds changed along with it, I suddenly had the knowledge of a teenager and Lily of an adult. You practically only changed in size so your situation wasn’t as drastic as ours.” 

I stared up at her in shock. It totally made sense. The universe changed to match us. That is why my clothes fit and everything at school accommodates my size. 

“How do we get back to normal and how long is this going to stay?” I asked

“I do not know but I believe we have to finish the board game to find out.” She replied. “So do not talk about this with anyone else besides Lily and me. So wait until tonight.”

Judith walked off after that. She got several glances from several guys as she walked away. I closed my locker and went back to my normal day being short.

The rest of the day went by fast. Came home in the bus with Judith. We walked in to see Lily on the phone talking to someone. She looked up and saw me.

“Job call, be with you soon. Mom left a voicemail on your cell phone.” Lily said returning to the phone.

I went upstairs to my room to find my phone. I left it here because I was distraught about being small. I picked it up and went to voicemail.

“Hey son, hope you are doing well. We arrived safely in Rome and we're taking a train to the alps now. Your dad has had a slight cough since coming up. He says it is the cold but I hope it is nothing. Remember to listen to your big sister. She might be jobless right now but she is an adult. I am so glad we took this trip. See you in a while, little prince.” Mom said over the voicemail. 

My mother viewed me as small and helpless as well. The game had changed everything. Lily was bigger and older than me.Early today she showed me how much power she had over me. My head in her pussy was frightful and terrifying but at the same time exhilarating and pleasurable. Her love juice smelled and tasted really good. Her heartbeat all around me. Gosh! I had to stop thinking about this. I curled up on my bed and went to sleep.

I woke up with Lily calling me for dinner. I got up and walked downstairs. I had gotten used to being this small in this short time period. Lily had cooked some casserole for all of us to eat. Judith was staying one more night before she had to spend a night at home. Judith was still wearing her black blouse with white slacks. Lily looked amazing as always now. Wearing a red soccer shirt with dark blue soccer shorts. Her breasts were pressing against the shirt that he could see the design of the bra. After eating the meal we put the dishes away. The sky was dark now. Lily turned around to us and said.


“Ready to play the game?”

Chapter End Notes:

willing to take suggestion and advice for how the story goes. First story. updates might be fast or slow. What is going to happen to Phillip?

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