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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is part 3 of 3 womans fun.  This part is a little longer.  My parts should be on the longer side moving forward, and I am double checking them before bein submitted now. Enjoy part 3 of this story.

This story conains some sensitive contet for some viewers.


Like I said before the next parts will focus more on the 3 woman’s different personalities.  For a quick refresher.  I also decided to break this story up into multiple sessions. For a brief time, I use to do speed sessions where I would type around 750 words and make smaller parts that would be very good and intense, but would be short.  It seems after I wrote this part my scenes now in the future will take longer to be released, but will be double checked. This also means they will be about 3 to 4 times as long.  So anticipate the next Chelsea part to be longer, and more intense.  The reasons for this?

Kat: 5ft 2 inches red head, big ass, big bust, chubby, happier and up beat, curious

Kristi: 5ft 7 inches, blonde, toned body, sadistic, impulsive, athletic

Sam: 5ft 6 inches, black hair, thin, calm, forgiving,

Kat: The red headed 32-year-old was now getting close to her home as she decided to be nicer on her drive home.  She currently had the man in her glove box container instead of her stinky bum, but it did not save him at all from the crampness, and trying to be let go.  Kat wondered if he was going to like her next little fun game to be had.  Not really 100% with it, the slave was still recovering from her booty stench.  The sweat really started to build up.  And he though to himself that he was the lucky one?  What are the others feeling right now?  Kat then reached into the glove box to take out the slave as the light started to hurt his eyes.  She then went into her house as he was plucked into her hand.  No one was going to be able to see him, and let alone identify a shrunken man.  She opened the door to her house, and the house had a nice air freshening smell to it. The slave had a tired look on his face. She could see it too, she wondered what his actual thoughts were with everything going on.  She then started to walk over to her couch as she sat down.

“Aww it is okay.  I promise we are only doing this for experimentation, it is such a shame that an innocent man is caught in the cross fire.”

The man started to crying from the whole experience.  He also understood that smelling the fresh linen will be a rare experience.  

“Do not cry little guy this can not be so bad; my butt isn’t that stinky is it?”

Kat naively was not aware that her ass was a little bit on the more junk in the trunk side and added extra sweat to make it smell worse. Her grocery store trip also accumulated more sweat.

“Well that is too bad, we paid for you and it said you’re not a human anymore after the experimentation.  You probably signed up for this too, and I can not reverse this.  You will just have to get used to the test run until this is all over.”

Kat let out a little bit of a fart that vibrated off the cushion a bit.  The smell was muffled but her big ass and leggings, but still leaked out a bit. She saw the little guy try to cover his nose, but her fingers had his arm pinned.

“Oh sorry little guy that one was a little stinky.  Stop squirming it can not be that bad for you. You better not make me get the impression you do not like my farts or my ass.  I do not take criticism too well.”

The little man sat there sulking.  She was trying to think of what to do next, and then she got an idea.  She then started to lower the man near her panties again as she dropped him in.  The first thing the man thought was that he was able to move his arms again and that immediately made him cover his nose as he landed on the pink fabric.  His gravity was shifted quickly from all the new movements from Kat.  She now was sitting down watching TV.  

“Okay were going to play a little bit of some fun games. Now I will be taking some notes on how much your struggle with everything going on.”

The man was a little confused what did that mean. While he was covering her nose her fat butt cheeks ripped a booty blast.  This made him try to cover his nose even more.  The stench was strong, and Kat was not really preparing for that one. 

“Oh that one reeked a bit.  Now keep in mind how you were covering your nose.  I need to take notes on this.”

She then started to reach back and grab him. He now had his arms pinned to his side. She was now trying to feel the difference between both get ups now.  She then let out another fart that mimicked the last one, but this time he had to smell it. 

“Oh I can feel you wiggling this must have been a good one.”

This went on for about 8 minutes until Kat thought of something else.

Kristi:  Kristi was currently walking out of the changing room in the gym as she was getting ready for her workout.  The man was still struggling from the stench of her dump she took.  Now because Kristi was in the gym she would not really be able to fart like she promised, but the sweat really started to build up to make her booty stink, and the sweat started to sting her little guy’s eyes.  Kristi with every walk could feel the little guy struggling as he was starting to get used to his new life now.  Kristi thought to her self what would work up the most sweat today.  She needed to do a little bit of some deadlifts and cardio, but she really did not know what else to do.  She walked over to the squat rack area, as no one was really around she needed to first do some warm ups sets to get used to the form.  It did not matter for her little friend he was getting smashed by her stinky ass cheeks while he was down there.  Every now and then he would scream because he would accidently lick it and the taste was very sour from all the sweat. It really did not register what was going on with his life now.  He would scream every now and then to let him out of there, that she would not get away with this, and he will eventually call someone.  Kristi in between sets would also plug him up her ass crack as she would push on her leggings to try and push him inside to shut him up.  As this was happening he would start to scream, but she had headphones in so it did not matter.  When Kristi eventually would get to heaver weight she would have to squeeze her butt cheeks harder together to control the weight.  It would start to squeeze her captive, and make it very hard to breathe. Eventually she would be done with the deadlifts, but it did not matter the damage has been done.  Her new little play toy was all covered in sweat, and he thought to himself what was she going to be like when he saw her face again. It has been a while and she was very cruel.  He started to to cry thinking about.  What would be next.  He eventually felt her hand reach in as he was all sticky for her to pick him up as he was pulled out of her ass he saw the giantess face.

“That was one hot and stinky workout I feel.  I really did not push the boundaries, at all the sweat was not too bad this time.”

As she was him completely drenched in sweat and was breathing harder.  He started to cry as she was talking about how that was nothing compared to anything.

“HEY stop fucking crying it was not that bad for you.  I did not even fart at all.  But you will smell some later.”

The tiny was begging to be let go, he did not deserve this treatment he was taken against his will.  Kristi really did no care though about his little complains.

“I do not really give a shit about this.  Wait till we get home I have a little game for use to play involving logs.”


Sam watched as the man that was completely bound and gaged squirming from the stench of everything else.  She slowly started to bring the man over to her couch as he knew it was time and have been preparing himself for this.  Sam was still digesting her last meal, so he would not get the gas from her meal right now, but he knew that would come eventually.  Sam did not really have the best diet, so he probably was not going to like any wind out of her ass. 

“Ooff I think I feel my stomach getting knotted.”

Sam bent over and a loud wet fart came out. Which immediately filled up the small area that her and the tiny were apart of.  The stench burnt his lungs from a distance as wondering what would happen later to him.

“Oh that stinks so bad, I feel sorry for you.  I really do not know how that is going to smell inside there.”

The man started to squirm as he was getting a hint of chili and nachos that hit his nose.  He started to scream now even with the gag in his mouth to try and get her attention.

“Mhmmpphhmhmhpp” (Please let me go I will do anything)

“OH I am sorry that one smelled really bad.  You also have that gag in too.  Well I do not know how to really remove that, so sorry about that for you.”

She then started to move the man by her ass hole.  Her ass was not as big as the others, so sweat did not accumulate as much, but that completely is changed when he has the gag in his mouth and he farts are way worse than the smell of sweat.  She dropped him in as he really had no choice, but to really sit there and do nothing.  His mind was anticipating when she will fart again, the good thing is she said she would warn him, but that was about to change.  Sam was walking over to her table and started to pack a bowl of weed. And this would completely screw her captive.  As she started to pack it she would warn him about how this might make her forget about him. She will try hard to remember. She then started to smoke it as she started to get the effects in about 15 minutes.  There was not really much sweat buildup and the man started to get use to the smell just trying to breathe, and much as he can without passing out, but he knew what was coming.  He also started to smell a little bit of a fart leak out, and she gave him no warning. The fart burnt his nostrils a bit as he begged for mercy.

“Mhjjdhmmmmmjdhdmm” (pleass let me go, I can not breathe)

“Oh my god that was silent one, it snuck on me.  I will try to warn you next time.”

Sam then noticed that she felt she needed to take a dump.

“Oh little guy that might have been a sign of a good thing. I need to take a dump.”

  She started to walk over to the bathroom and she dropped her panties to the ground.  The little slave was just happy to get a little bit of relief.  He the heard her fart a lot from getting the shit out of her.  It stunk, but he was not around it at least.

“Oh I needed that out of me”

  Sam then when she was done started to pick up the little slave, and jokingly showed him her shit that was in the toilet.  It looked disgusting as it was mostly shits and not really anything solid.  However, the slave noticed something scary that she did not notice.  She started to flush the toilet after she was done. 

“Mhhmmmhmm mhhmmhm” (You forgot to wipe. YOU FORGOT TO WIPE)

“I know I know you do not want to be around the poop, I will put you back stop complain.”

“Mhhhmm ghmmmm hhggg mmeghhh”  (PLEASE LET ME GO, IT STINKS SO BAD)

Sam then started to walk away as she put the little squirming man on the table, as she pulled up her pants and looked at the little guy.

“Sorry little man I have to do this to you, but your going back in.”

She started to pick up the little man as he was being shoved up her pooey ass crack that now did have a stench 

“Mhhmsmssm hmmmm”  (I MISS MY MOMMY PLEASE LET ME GO)

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