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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter will show how the 3 shrunken men fare with theit new owners.  Expect more of the same with a heavier focus on farts, and smells now.

This next perspective for the story will be focused on all 3 other the woman’s daily lives. I will only give you a sneak peak of what all 3 of them are going through. You will be able to compare and contrast in your head what all 3 little men are going through. I will also say this all 3 will have different scenarios, so one part will be more exciting for another girl than another part.


A reminder


Kat: 5ft 2 inches red head, big ass, big bust, chubby, happier and up beat, curious


Kristi: 5ft 7 inches, blonde, toned body, sadistic, impulsive, athletic


Sam: 5ft 6 inches, black hair, thin, calm, forgiving,




The 32-year-old casually walked around her local grocery store. She was about 5 ft 2 inches, and like the intro talked about her rear end was the biggest one of all. Kat remembered that she showered earlier, so the stench would be okay right now. To her own judgment that was. She went on her business greeting everyone at the store with her sweat pants and tea shirt right now. Her little captive technically had his arm and leg movement privileges, but that did not help because he was crammed up her big fat butt cheeks. It has a weird aroma where he was at least able to cover his nose for now. He knew he would have to breathe eventually, but for now this was his coping mechanism. The man really did not know how he got here, but for now he was just trying to focus on getting air. Every now and then he would scream to let him out, but her ass had way too much cushioning so his cries turned into little muffled cries. It was not effective and it really did not matter that much to her. As she was now getting ready to move to the car. He knew that she was getting closer to the car, because he would feel her body switch, but she then dug into her fat but cheeks to pull him out. She looked at her little slave covering his nose as it was putrid in there.


Kat: Oh what is that!! Stop covering your nose.


She then started to move back her back seat so she could get a good idea of how much room she needed. When she was ready she then took her hand and forced him to have his arms pinned down to the sides. She then tensed and let out a fart that was noticeable. She then started to move the man by her ass hole as he was crining at the stench with un able to cover his nose.


Kat: Oh that was a stinky one I bet. That Chinese might get to my stomach a bit. You might need to have an addition done to you. We will see how I feel when I get home. I need a way for you to smell my ass more.




Kristi was currently walking out side to her car getting ready to go to the gym. Her man was secured and could not move as he was begging for his life. He kept on being tossed around from her moving back and forth walking around her tight spandex leggings. Kristi would smirk as she would be walking with her little captive not being able to sit still. Eventually he would by not his choice of his own. Kristi walked into the gym as she was getting ready to check in at the front desk. When she got there she went to the changing room so she could get ready for her workout. As she would be walking her toned ass would get the attention of all the cute guys in her mind. Little did they know about her little slave though. As she got to the bathroom she looked down at her pink panties to see the man looking up at her hand coming to pick him up. The man squirmed as he was placed right by her face.


Kristi: The best part about this is no one is going to know your in here, come look for you, and care for you.


She then started to lick her little slave. As she was whispering this the whole time.


Kristi: The sweat from my dead lifts will be in your eyes, and I will have my own little surprises today.


The man looked utterly terrified from the look on his face. His mind was running crazy from what is coming next. Kristi then placed the man back into her panties where he will be staying for the remainder of the time. She snapped them back in place sealing her little captive only trying to squirm free. As she walked out of the bathroom she then slightly thought in her head how gassy the protein shake will make her.




The man that was completely contained in a plastic baggy on the table was not able to move and he could barely breathe. Sam did poke some holes in the bag though. She knew that she got the wrong man and this was not going to be fun for him at all. She was curious how long it was going to last for him to crack. The website said they are immortal after the potion. They website even said that they tried to crush them and nothing happened. Sam sat by her table eating a Burrito bowl from Chipotle. The man was already crying, but this would be terrible in the next coming hours. He watched as she was eating her burrito that had a strong aroma. He was in the bag and could still smell it. It made him hungry wondering what normal food used to taste like. What it used to be a normal human. After bite after bite he saw her take a filthy burp would come out that he was lucky he was not in the blast zone. At one point she saw her lift up her ass and release a muffled fart that he could smell just a little bit from the other side, but it was not strong. He dreaded seeing that close up soon though. Sam eventually started to reach into the bag and she felt a little bad for the little guy. He was begging to be let go, but she was curious her self. She knew that Kristi was way worse than her with mercy, and she knew limits would be kept, but it was going to get ugly quick. She just hoped he did not pass out.


Sam: Sorry little guy for the bad breath I forget that you have the gag in. I do not know if you want me to smoke a little first or we could do this now. If I smoke I might never hear you for the night, which will be hard any ways. I will try to remember to check on you.


She could see the mans face was begging at least for a little mercy, but she was not able to fully see it at his tiny size.


Sam: Sorry little guy here we go.


So you made it through this. Now let’s make this a little fun. Answer a couple questions to see your opinions.


1) Who is the right girl for you?


2) What do you think will happen next?


3) How will their diet effect this?

Chapter End Notes:

Okay the next part will continue the three respective womans fun.

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