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“Dan... I totally got you! Aha ha!” Olivia started laughing so hard that Megan nearly fell off her thigh from all the shaking. Her and Dan were both very confused.


“What are you talking about?” Megan asked.


“Ho- Hold on. I won’t be able to hear Dan at his current size.” Olivia created two new portals on the floor and ceiling and then dropped Megan into one to bring her back to normal size.


Dan was still shrunk, but not as much as before. “Alright, would you mind telling us what’s so funny?” He asked.


“I pranked you! You never actually broke my invention; it’s waterproof. I just pretended like you did so I could create portals to send you through and make it seem random.”


“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Are you telling me that everything that happened today was on purpose because of you?”


“That’s right! I used two extra secret portals to spy on you and carefully place portals to mess with you.”


“Why would you do that?!”


“Because even though you didn’t break my machine you almost did, so I wanted to teach you a lesson.”


“But don’t you think you took it WAY too far?!”


“Yeah, maybe a little. I was actually just going to do the cereal thing but that was so much fun that I kept going. I just couldn’t stop myself.”


“A little?! I almost died several times, I was pooped on and sucked into someone’s butt, and you put me in my own sister’s vagina while she masturbated for crying out loud!”


“Oh, that last one was actually me. I’m not THAT crazy. And I was extremely careful to make sure you didn’t get badly hurt. But yeah, I took things too far. Sorry.” Olivia leaned over and kissed Dan with lips that dwarfed his entire head. “Do you forgive me?”


Dan groaned. “Yeah, I guess so. As crazy as today was I can’t deny that it was super interesting.”


“I’m happy to hear that.”


Finally Megan interjected. “Hold on a minute. Are you forgetting about putting me in your shoe? I didn’t do anything wrong, so why did you rope me into this. Even though I did love being fifty feet tall.”


“Sorry about that,” Olivia said. “Once again, I got carried away. How can I make it up to you?”


“Can I try out your invention?”


“Sure! Let me show you how it works.” Olivia demonstrated her machine by making Daniel big again. “Just like that.”


“Hold on!” Dan said emphatically. “Why does she get to use your invention when I didn’t.”


“Simple. She asked first.”


“Fine. But can you get rid of Megan’s poop first. It smells like a barn in here.”


Megan looked over at the gigantic feces. “Oh, that’s mine? I thought I took a huge dump this morning but this is ridiculous. Ha ha!”


Olivia chuckled and said, “Yeah, I can remove it quite easily. I can choose to only put certain things through the portals, so all I have to do is scan the whole living room with a selective portal and dump the waste elsewhere.” Olivia tapped away at the tablet and did just that. All of the waste was shrunken and dumped in the upstairs bathroom.


“Much better,” Megan stated. “Now it’s time for some fun.”


Dan sighed. “How small do I have to be?”


“Actually I’d like to focus on the growing side of things.” Megan tapped on the screen and created two portals, but Dan couldn’t see either.


“Where are they?” He asked.


“Turn around.”


Dan did so and saw a large portal on the wall behind him. Beyond that portal was a giant pair of vagina lips stretching from the floor to the ceiling. In fact, the lips were reaching out of the portal somewhat. Before he could make a remark, Dan was pushed forward at the portal by Megan. He smacked right into the vagina and the entire front of his body was engulfed. He pushed away and unstuck himself from the lips. Upon escape he lost his balance and fell back on his butt.


“How do you like my pussy, Dan?”


“Are you nuts?! What’s the matter with you?!”


“Just kidding! That was Olivia’s again. This is mine, though.” Megan put her index finger through a new portal that led to one on the ceiling. Her now tree-like finger slammed down on Dan and pinned him to the ground. “How does it feel to be trapped under my single finger?”


Dan felt powerless. He tried to get away, but the giant finger was too strong. Laughing, Megan removed her finger. She left the exit portal on the ceiling, but moved the entry one to the floor. Dan was freed, but instead of escaping, he just looked over at Megan. “What now?”


Without a word, Megan lifted her foot and pulled off her sock. She dropped it into the portal and the damp white sock landed on Dan at a size so big he could pitch it as a tent. Dan quickly tossed the smelly sock off of him, which was harder to do than he expected. Immediately after, something else landed on him. Something much heavier. It was Megan’s foot. She had stepped one foot into the portal and trapped him under her sole. The huge foot was the size of a small car and engulfed his entire body.


Megan laughed as she rolled Dan back and forth under her foot. Her sole was very sweaty and at times his mouth was forced open which made him involuntarily lick it. The salty taste was nauseating but he was unable to spit anything out. Megan could feel his tongue and laughed harder. “How does my foot taste, Dan? All this recent excitement has made me really sweaty!” After a dozen seconds of rolling, Megan adjusted her foot so that Dan’s head was now between her big and middle toes while his body was still underneath. “Hey, Dan. Do you remember that game we used to play as kids?”


Dan knew exactly what she was talking about. “No. No, Megan, please don’t.”


Megan responded to his pleas by snorting into her throat some snot. That snot entered her mouth and mixed with some saliva to create a familiar concoction. She leaned over the portal and let the mixture ooze out of her mouth. It slowly dropped down toward the ground while Dan squirmed to get away. The glob entered the portal and appeared over Dan’s head at a much larger size. The loogie gingerly touched down and covered his entire head in the gross liquid. Dan held his breath and fought against the spit glob that was trying to drown him.


Megan and Olivia were both laughing at Dan’s predicament. After a few seconds, though, Olivia slowed her laughter and then stopped. “Megan, you might want to let him go.”


“Oh, right!” Megan lifted her foot off of Dan and let him move. Dan rapidly sat up and wiped the goop off his face so he could breathe. He gasped for air and looked at Megan angrily. His hair was now soaked with saliva and mucus.


“Okay, Megan, I think he’s had enough now.” Olivia said as she took away her machine.


“Aw, but I wanted to suck on him and see how he tastes.”


“Maybe later. To be completely honest, seeing you dominate Dan like that was really hot. I’d like to have some alone time with him so we can... you know. And since these portals can make things bigger-”



“Woah! Too much information! I’m gonna go hang out in my bedroom then. See ya later!” Megan went upstairs and left the other two alone.


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