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Olivia hugged her boyfriend tightly and said, “Dan, I don’t like being small. It’s scary.”


“Yeah, but you kinda get used to it,” he responded, even though he was also afraid of his evilly laughing sister.


Megan stopped laughing and looked at the duo, who were still naked. A devious grin stretched from ear to ear. “Look at how small you are. I could simply clench my fist and crush you.” Olivia held Dan tighter. Both were shaking in fear. “Or maybe I could eat you. One chomp and you’d be gone.” Dan held on to Olivia now. “Or maybe- Okay, I can’t do this anymore.” Megan started laughing again, but this time it was much more joyful. Olivia and Dan were now less afraid and more confused. “I was totally joking, guys. I could never hurt you like that. You should’ve seen the looks on your faces though!”


The tiny couple let go of each other and chuckled. They had to admit, she got them good. “Okay, you got your revenge. We’re even now,” Dan claimed.


“Not so fast my tiny brother. That was for scaring me with your giant penis. As for being swallowed, I have something else in mind.”


“And what might that be?” Olivia asked.


“Well, seeing as how I’m covered in vomit now, I think you two should also get covered in gross stuff.” Megan picked Dan up and brought him to her nose. He could feel her breath coming out of her nostril.


Dan groaned. “Aw, Megan, please don’t do this.” Megan ignored him and shoved Dan into her nostril headfirst. He entered a narrow cave of snot that plastered onto his entire head. He felt like a crayon in the hand of a small child. Megan rotated him and pushed him in and out to really coat his naked body with mucus. The disgusting goo attached to his skin and absolutely grossed him out. Then she let go and left him stuck in her nostril facing a huge booger.


“Okay, Dan, hold tight in there while I clean my ears.” Olivia cringed when she realized what that meant for her. She was picked up and moved to Megan’s ear. Megan shoved her inside and proceeded to perform similar motions as she did with Dan. Olivia’s face dug into the earwax and it stuck into her hair like the fluff of a cotton swab. After collecting a bunch of wax, she was pulled out and dropped onto Megan’s palm once again. Megan did the same with Dan except that instead of pulling him out, she closed her other nostril and blew him out. The tiny couple was now thoroughly grossed out as they stood on Megan’s hand covered in her bodily excretions.


“Alright Megan, now we’re even right?” Dan asked hopefully.


“Nope. Not yet. There’s still the matter of you destroying my bedroom.”


Dan sighed. “Let me guess. You’re going to destroy my room too somehow.”


“Bingo! But first you need to be in it.” Megan created two new portals to send Dan to his room at normal size. Then she reached in and used her giant hand to move his bed and block the doorway. She also placed his dresser in front of the window. “Are you ready?”


“Does it even matter if I am? What are you filling my room with anyway?”


“Well I wish I could take a huge dump like I did with the living room, but I don’t actually have to go now. So here’s the next best thing.” Megan pulled down her pants and sat over the small portal next to her. Dan watched as her butt descended above through the large portal on his bedroom ceiling. Her huge anus was clearly visible to him once again. He braced for impact when he realized what her plan was. 


Megan squeezed her lower abdomen and pushed along all of the air trapped in her intestines. Her anus opened up and Dan was blasted with hurricane level winds. It was similar to earlier except that this wasn’t a simple quick blast. Megan had a lot of gas built up and was releasing all of it. The force of the wind pushed Dan to the ground flat on his back. It was strong enough to remove the snot from his body. His mouth was blown open and he began to taste the rancid fart as much as he could smell it. The portal not only made the fart bigger, but also made the smell even stronger. Dan actually began to cry involuntary from the smell. After thirteen excruciating seconds Megan had released all of her pent up gas.


Megan stood and pulled her pants back up. Then she turned around to look into the portal and said, “I’ll let you out in a bit. Have fun!” She closed the portals and sealed Dan away in his bedroom. Dan was starting to feel woozy from the smell and stood up to try and escape or at least open the window, but neither was possible due to Megan’s preparations. He fell to his knees and then face first as he passed out.


Unaware of how extreme Dan’s reaction to her fart was, Megan turned her attention to Olivia. “As for you, I sadly can’t destroy your room, but I do have a different revenge plan.” Without any explanation, Megan sat on the couch and pulled off her left sock (the one she didn’t throw through the portal at Dan). She pulled open the opening of it with her free hand and tilted the other hand toward it. Olivia began to slide down Megan’s palm so she tried desperately to grab on to her skin. Megan simply tilted even more and Olivia slipped off and fell into her sock. She screamed as she tumbled down the cloth interior of the garment, soon landing in the toe section. The putrid smell immediately hit her on all sides. Then five wiggling toes appeared above and descended upon her. Soon Olivia was trapped between Megan’s big and middle toes and the smell around her increased.


Megan began to crack up. Her brother was stuck in a gas chamber of her farts while his girlfriend was trapped in her sweaty, smelly sock. This was the greatest prank she had ever pulled. She moved her toes to lightly squeeze Olivia and play around with her like a pebble in her shoe. Olivia hated the feeling of Megan’s toes massaging her naked body, but the action was at least cleaning most of the earwax off. After a few seconds, Megan realized that this wasn’t just funny to her. It was actually kind of hot. Something about the sheer power she held was turning her on. Her panties began to get wet and she knew what she had to do.


But first she did something else. She released Olivia from her toes and let her fall beneath her sole. Then she readjusted her position on the couch so that she was laying on her stomach and her soles pointed up. She sent Olivia through a new portal that sent her to her other sole (the sockless one) and shrank her to 1/100 of an inch tall. Olivia was now terrified. The bottom of Megan’s sole was a smelly barren landscape to her. But that was the least of her problems. Megan had now begun to finger herself which caused her body to heat up and begin sweating. It wasn’t long before a sweat droplet burst from her pore near Olivia. The nearly microscopic girl shrieked as the drop rolled toward her. She ran and jumped out of the way just in time. If she was caught in that droplet, she would likely drown in the salty foot sweat blob.


While she was masturbating, Megan’s leg spazzed from the pleasure and launched Olivia into the air. She screamed as she soared through the sky and eventually landed directly in Megan’s butt crack dangerously close to her hole. The enormous anus was a deep and wide canyon that could easily swallow her up. Directly above was Megan’s wrist which was moving back and forth as she continued to masturbate. This caused the terrain to shake like an earthquake. But Olivia had bigger things to worry about when more sweat droplets were produced and started to roll down Megan’s cheeks. Olivia dodged a droplet that was heading directly toward her, but in her panic she leapt toward the cavernous butthole. She was now laying on the rim of the anus and began to slide down from the slimy grease of the sphincter.


“MEGAN!!!” Olivia called out at the top of her lungs. “Stop! I’m going to die!” She continued to slip into the cavern no matter how much he clawed at the skin. She was about to be eaten by Megan’s colossal anus.


Megan couldn’t hear a thing of course. She was busy pumping her fingers in and out of her vagina. In the process she accidentally knocked the portal machine onto the floor. By sheer luck the machine activated an emergency system that Olivia had installed to save her. This system created two portals: a large one in the living room and a very small one directly below Olivia. Olivia fell into the portal and landed in the living room at normal size. She immediately ran over to Megan and slapped her face.


“What the-?!” Megan exclaimed and stopped her pleasuring.


“You moron! You almost killed me! What’s the matter with you?!”


Megan shook her head and snapped back to reality. “Oh, my gosh! I’m SO sorry, Olivia. I don’t know what came over me. I was drunk with power.”


Olivia took a second to calm down and replied, “Well, to be fair I kind of did the same thing with Dan so I can’t really blame you. Apology accepted.”


“Thank you!”


“Now let’s get Dan out of his death chamber.” Olivia created some portals so she could move Dan’s bedroom stuff back and let him out. However, when she saw him passed out she reached in to grab him and pulled him into the living room. “Dan! Wake up!”


When Dan didn’t wake up, Olivia tried plan B which was to give him a great big lick. Dan still didn’t wake up, so Megan said, “Let me try.” Olivia aimed her boyfriend at his sister as Megan got close to him and opened her mouth. Dan finally came to as a delayed reaction from the lick. The first think he saw was Megan’s giant wide-open mouth. Before he could ask what was going on, a burst of air sailed out of Megan’s throat as she gave a heavy belch. The burp was as strong as her fart and blew Dan’s head back. He felt like it was going to pop off as the burp continued for almost as long as the fart. The smell of digested cereal and milk blew past him and made his hair go wild.


After her burp concluded Megan looked to see if it worked. A disoriented Dan was enough proof that it did. One portal usage later and all three of them were at normal size. “And now we’re even,” Megan stated.


“I guess we are,” Dan admitted. “So what do we do now?”


“How about the three of us stop all the pranking and just have some fun together?” Megan suggested.


“Great idea!” Olivia exclaimed. “I actually am hungry for lunch, so why don’t we grow some giant snacks.”


“Sounds good,” Dan agreed. “But don’t forget we have to clean up this house.”


“Of course. I’ll clean everything with portals. And I’ll replace the broken stuff with all the money I’ll be getting from my invention soon.”


“Excellent! Let’s eat!” Dan looked down at himself. “Uh, after we put our clothes back on that is.” The trio laughed together as they walked to the kitchen.








Chapter End Notes:

Thank you all so much for reading!

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