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Daniel decided that going to see Olivia was his best option. He started to head for the garage to talk to her, but then something completely unexpected happened. He heard a deafening thud that shook the entire house. It sounded like an elephant had landed in his backyard.


“Whoa! What just happened?!” A voice boomed from outside and Dan’s blood ran cold. There was no mistaking the voice of his sister. And there was only one way she could be that loud. He turned around and ran out the sliding glass door to the backyard. His jaw dropped at the sight of Megan standing there around 50 feet tall. He had already seen her at a similar size difference, but it was a different feeling when he was normal sized.


Megan didn’t notice her brother yet. “Wow! I’m enormous! I can see the whole neighborhood at this height.” She looked down into the neighbor’s backyard and saw a lady with headphones on sunbathing on a lounge chair. “Hi, Mrs. Rosa!” Megan said as she bent over her. The woman was trying to ignore the girl but noticed the lack of sunlight from her shadow and opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was a gigantic smiling girl towering over her. Her eyes shot all the way open and she ran inside her house screaming in terror.


“Oops. Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you.” Megan then directed her attention to her house. “I can’t believe I’m bigger than my own house now. This is crazy!” She glanced a bit further down and saw her brother standing there next to the back door. “And look who we have here.” Megan crouched down and reached out for her brother. Dan quickly fled inside the house to escape, but this didn’t stop Megan as she reached into the doorway and grabbed him in the living room before he could get away. Dan’s whole body was squeezed tightly in his sister’s grip and he was yanked back outside and high into the air.


Megan stood up and brought Dan close to her face to look at him closer. “You look so small now, Dan! You’re, like, 6 inches tall to me. I guess I’m your big sister now. Ha ha!”


Dan smelled Megan’s breath as she spoke to him. She clearly didn’t brush her teeth as it reeked of cereal and milk from breakfast. “Yes, yes. You’re hilarious. Now can you please loosen your grip before you break my ribs.”


“Oh, yeah. Sorry!” Megan lightened her grip on her brother.


“Thanks. Now how exactly did you get this big?”


“I don’t really know. I was chilling in my room when this weird portal appeared on the floor. Out of curiosity I jumped in and the next thing I knew I was huge.”


“Yeah, that’s pretty much what I expected.” Dan looked up to see the giant portal up in the sky which Megan came out of. As soon as he saw it it disappeared. “Great. I hope Liv can fix this later. It’s bad enough I have to explain the living room to Mom and Dad. Now I might have a giant sister on top of that.”


“Wait, what happened to the living room?”


“Never mind that. Right now I need you to put me down. I’m getting queasy this high up.”


“Oh, sure thing, Dan. I’ll put you down.”


Daniel didn’t like the way Megan said that. Before he could respond, though, he was released from her grip. He slipped through her fingers and feared imminent death from splattering on the grass below. However, he only fell a few feet before he landed in a narrow and warm valley. Megan had dropped him into her cleavage, which was exposed by her low-cut top.


Megan was now cracking up. “Oh, my gosh! This is hilarious! You’re stuck between my boobies!” With every laugh her boobs shook and so did Daniel.


“Megan! This isn’t funny! Get me out of here!” Megan continued laughing and pushed on his shoulders to send him deeper between her breasts. Dan shouted at her to stop but the flesh muffled his voice. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”


Megan continued to laugh at her brother’s misfortune as she felt him squirm around. Then she was abruptly sent falling through a portal that appeared at her feet. She yelped at the sudden drop and soon landed on something squishy. The only light source came from the portal above. She pulled Dan up to his chest so he could see.


“Dan, where are we?” Megan asked, a little afraid.


“I have no clue. See this is why I told you to stop messing around. Those portals are appearing randomly and they can be very dangerous.”


“I’m sorry. I should have listened. Now seriously, where are we? It’s kinda dark and it smells like a locker room.”


“You’re not kidding. It smells like a dirty gym bag.”


“The ground feels squishy,” Megan bent down and felt the ground, “and damp.”


Dan thought a moment. “Wait. Damp, squishy floor, the bad smell, and-” The portal disappeared and revealed a source of light in the form of a circle above. “Uh, oh. I think we’re inside of-”


“Whew! I think that does it!” Olivia stated. Her voiced bellowed from above the sibling duo. “The portal machine is finally fixed. Time to get back to Dan and chew him out. Gotta put my shoes on first.”


Dan panicked. “Megan! Run!”


“Run?! Run where? What’s going on?” Just then a white socked foot appeared above and Megan put it all together. She was about an inch tall inside of Olivia’s tennis shoe. The foot descended and Megan sped away toward the toe section of the shoe. Due to the unusual terrain, though, she tripped and fell face first into the sweat-soaked lining of the shoe. Olivia’s foot glided over her back as she slid it all the way into the shoe. Seconds later she was pressed down and sandwiched between the socked foot and shoe. This caused her breasts to squish, which also created a problem for Dan who was now being crushed on either side. The smell also increased ten fold as all fresh air was sealed off.


“Olivia stop! Let us out!” Megan cried out. But she received no response. The foot was blocking her voice.


Olivia stood up and grabbed her invention which increased the pressure on both tiny people. Then she walked out of the garage and into the house. Every step caused extreme pain to Megan and Daniel. Upon reaching the front door she shouted, “What the-?! What happened?” She looked around at the broken glass and items plus the gigantic log of poop which she had to climb over to get inside. “Dan, where are you?”


Olivia sat on the couch and took in the scene. She tapped her foot as she looked all around the room. Dan and Megan were thrown up and down as she did so. “Where is he? And what is in my shoe?” Olivia pulled off her sneaker and turned it upside down over her lap. Megan tumbled out onto her thigh and Olivia gasped. “Megan?! Is that you?”


Megan picked herself up and sat upright on Olivia’s thigh. “Yep, it’s me.”


“How did you get in my shoe?”


“I don’t really know. Some weird portal I guess. Dan understands it more than me.”


“Dan? Where is he?”


“Right here,” Megan answered, pointing to her cleavage.


“Oh, wow! He’s really tiny.”


“He sure is.”


“Well, tiny or not, I have something to say to you.” Olivia said sternly.


Dan looked nervously at his girlfriend's humongous face. He was about to get chewed out for sure.

Chapter End Notes:

The portal machine may be fixed, but this story isn't over yet!

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