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Author's Chapter Notes:

For this chapter and some later ones it helps to understand the basic layout of the house I’m imagining for the story. Here’s my best attempt at a description:



The house has two floors.  The first floor is a nearly-square rectangle, where the front and back sides of the house are longer. This floor has two rooms, a living room and a kitchen. The living room is an L shape that is 3/4 of the layout while the kitchen takes up the other quarter. In a top-down view, with the bottom being the front of the house, the top-left is the kitchen quarter. There are two open doorways connecting these rooms, both of which are where the inner walls meet the outer ones. (Imagine a rectangular clock showing 9:00 and the hands are the inner walls) Notable details are: The front door is at the bottom left, next to it is a large window. A sliding glass door leads to the backyard from the living room. The couch is in the center of the bottom portion of the living room and faces the right wall. Stairs leading up are on the left wall near one of the kitchen doorways.




Daniel grabbed a blanket and dried his milk-soaked hair. “I can’t believe I almost got eaten by my sister. That’s pretty crazy,” Dan said to himself while standing in front of the couch. Just then a new portal appeared on the inner wall to the left of the couch, directly in line with him. “Well at least this one didn’t suck me in.” Dan walked up to the portal and looked closer. It was fairly large on his end, stretching almost from the floor to the ceiling. He could easily step through if he wanted to.




“Hmm, I wonder where this leads.” From his point of view, Dan could only see a distant ceiling. That only told him that the portal was facing upward. He decided to get a closer look and stuck his head inside. He could now see that the other portal was small and inside of a large white bowl filled with water. The portal lay flat just above the water’s surface. “I have no idea where this is. It reminds me of the cereal bowl but-“ A shadow loomed overhead and darkened the water he was looking at. He looked up (relative to the new location) and saw what brought forth the darkness.




“You can’t be serious...” Dan said dumbfounded. The object in question was an enormous butt, which he could only assume belonged to his sister. That meant the bowl itself was the toilet. Dan quickly pulled his head out of the portal in fear. “Boy am I glad I didn’t end up stuck in there. The thought of Megan peeing on me... or worse... would be horrendous.” Dan breathed a sigh of relief, but quickly realized a different problem. “Wait a minute. If this portal is at the bottom of the toilet, then that means-“








Dan, who was still standing in front of the portal, was blasted with a torrent of urine. The stream was almost the same width as the entry portal, so it came out the exit portal at a width of at least 4 feet. Dan felt like he was being attacked with a fire hose as the force of the urine pushed him back and slammed him against the opposing wall. The warm liquid doused his entire body as Megan casually relieved herself. The stream held Dan against the wall, unable to get away. It forced his mouth open and he guzzled a disgusting volume of the incredibly salty liquid.




After about ten seconds, Dan was able to escape, but not because the peeing stopped. It was actually because the entire first floor of the house was now flooded with urine. The portal then closed, keeping all of it contained in the living room and kitchen. Unable to breathe, Dan swam toward the surface. Unfortunately, this only resulted in him hitting the ceiling. With little oxygen left, he had to think quickly. He opened his eyes and was immediately assaulted by the urine. His eyes stung horribly, but he kept them open to see through the light yellow liquid. He searched for the front door and then swam toward it. Grabbing the doorknob and planting his feet on the wall, he attempted to pull open the door. However, the water pressure was too strong.




With no other option, he swam to the nearby window and kicked it. The glass broke and Dan sailed with the current outside. The urine poured out and soaked the entire front lawn. Dan himself was pushed all the way to the curb where he promptly vomited out most of the pee he drank. A bit dizzy, he stood up, rubbed his burning eyes and waded through the flowing urine to get to the front door. Opening it caused the rest of the urine, which was below the window line, to escape as well.




Dan walked across the soaked and lightly sticky carpet to the middle the room. He stopped in front of the couch and looked around at the mess. The couch was the only thing that had stayed exactly in place. Everything else, such as lamps and paintings, was either scattered across the floor or out in the yard. Dan smacked his palms against his temples. “How am I ever going to explain this to Mom and Dad?”




Before he could come up with an excuse, another portal appeared. This one was the same size as the last and also on a wall, but this time it was the wall which the couch faced. “What now?” Dan peered into the portal, but couldn’t make anything out. Whatever he was looking at was very dark. He moved closer for a better look and used his smart phone to light it up. It appeared to be some kind of closed hole. But what could it... “Oh, no...”








Dan was too slow to figure out that he was staring directly at his sister’s butthole. The portal had appeared merely an inch away from her anus. The hole opened briefly to let out a gust of air rivaling a hurricane. Dan was once against blasted backward by the forced of the fart and landed directly on the couch, rocking it back but not all the way over. The room filled with the awful scent of Megan’s intestines. Sitting on the couch, Dan coughed and fanned away the fumes. He could hardly breathe in the dense fog. In fact, he could actually feel the smell as his hand waved threw the air. The portal had expanded the fart to make it much thicker. Luckily the window let out the fumes quick enough that Dan didn’t suffocate.




Soon Dan could open his eyes again and shouted out, “First a flood, and then I get gassed in my own home. What’s next?!” The portal on the wall disappeared only to reappear directly above him. Dan looked up to see that the other end remained where it was. “No... No, Megan... please don’t do it.” Of course his sister couldn’t hear him and went on with her business. Her anus opened as a brown mass began to creep out.




Dan took a big step to the side. He couldn’t stop Megan from taking a giant dump in the living room, but he certainly wasn’t going to be trapped underneath it. Then something weird happened. The portal moved right above him. “What?!” Dan took another step and the portal followed suit. “This is ridiculous!” At this point, Megan’s turd had made it through the portal a little bit. It had grown to be almost 3 feet in diameter. Horrified by his predicament, Dan took off running. He ran around the perimeter of the first floor, too freaked out to think about going outside. 




The portal continued to follow him and Megan’s log eventually reached the ground near the base of the steps. Dan kept running around the floor while looking back to watch the brown sludge seep through the portal. The long turd snaked around the floor, following Dan’s path. Soon he reached the location where the mass first touched down and, because he wasn’t looking forward, ran directly into it. It was like running into yourself in a game of Snake. The log was waist high to him, so the upper half of his body flopped down on top of the mass. He yelped as he fell which opened his mouth for poop to get in on impact. The portal continued to move past him and dropped the other end of the turd on top of him. This pushed him further down and shoved the poop in his mouth down his throat. He shed a tear due to how nasty the substance tasted. Dan was now sandwiched between the two ends of an incredibly long log of poop that lined the entire perimeter of his house’s first floor.




The portals disappeared before Megan wiped herself clean. Dan lay in shame for a bit until he realized that he couldn’t breathe. He considered simply dying then and there but ended up pushing the top portion of poop off of his back. It took all the strength he had to move the huge mass, though. Standing back up, he was appalled at the sight of his own body. He was covered from head to toe in poop. The brown goop stuck to his clothes, his skin, even his hair. He might never get clean. Not to mention the portion that made it inside his stomach. He would have puked again, but he didn’t have the energy. “Ugh, I really need a shower.”

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